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Originally aired in December 2013. Doug takes a look at Tron.

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  • Warrior Studios
    Warrior Studios 3 years ago Am I the only one who thought Tron Legacy wasn't that bad?
  • rambly chapper
    rambly chapper 3 years ago +Warrior Studios ( •–•)/ Nope, I enjoyed it as a Tron fan, sure it wasn't groundbreaking but, it's more Tron and an enjoyable movie.
  • Hooded Roxas
    Hooded Roxas 3 years ago +Warrior Studios I thought it was really enjoyable. Plus, it getting into KH 3D was a bonus for me, so...
  • dreamlandnightmare
    dreamlandnightmare 3 years ago +Warrior Studios I thought it was superb. One of my all-time favorite movies, actually. I thought it was infinitely better - both visually and thematically - than Avatar.
  • FlyingFocs
    FlyingFocs 3 years ago Me too. It wasn't perfect, but it could have been my h worse than it was. It had some intelligence to it.
  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 3 years ago +Warrior Studios I liked Legacy but I felt it lost something... Too Dark, Lacked Style, a bit bland... The story was also very weak... Good film but a worthy successor? Sadly - No... Which is a shame!
  • LockeWick
    LockeWick 3 years ago +Warren “Phoenix” Marris If they made it bright, it would of been too bright considering Tron uses neon. Even the original is dark, not as dark but it is still dark. I also have to disagree on the style part, that film oozed neon style, from the buildings right down to the outfits... the film was basically just eye candy.
  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 3 years ago +John Klein And that's what I have against it. Eye candy and action. No real consistent and intelligent story. Not that the original is a masterpiece, but it's plot is still much better.
  • Vegeta Solo
    Vegeta Solo 3 years ago +Warrior Studios It's plain underrated
  • Sofia Matos
    Sofia Matos 2 years ago I loved it.
  • Some Skinny Guy
    Some Skinny Guy 2 years ago Warrior Studios No
  • Brady Postma
    Brady Postma 2 years ago It's beautiful and entertaining. It's not well-written, but it's a lot of fun. And I gotta repeat: it is beautiful.
  • chase ross
    chase ross 2 years ago Warrior Studios well no. I genuinely thought it was fun and truth be told it was my intro into the tron mythos. I'm sure it has its problems and I'd be lying if I said the story was flawless and it's probably not the sequel everybody expected it to be. But for what I saw it was good eye candy and a not great but good movie. Just wish I could say the same for us video game
  • ilopominecrafter
    ilopominecrafter 1 year ago I kinda liked legacy ( i aint seen the first yet). But just by the sets i will say i like legacy's a lot better
  • Tristan Hartup
    Tristan Hartup 1 year ago I saw it recently and yeah I enjoyed it
  • RedRobLikzDisney Studios
    RedRobLikzDisney Studios 1 year ago No you are not alone we are above the crowd for liking Tron Legacy
  • Pumpkin Smasher
    Pumpkin Smasher 1 year ago i saw it in 3d in films and I thought it was awesome ... then again I was 11 so anything fast and explody was awesome
  • Caliber
    Caliber 1 year ago It’s not bad imo I love both
  • Punch/Counterpunch 2000
    Punch/Counterpunch 2000 1 year ago I liked that one
  • drakocarrion
    drakocarrion 1 year ago It was awesome.
  • Matt Fabbs
    Matt Fabbs 10 months ago Warrior Studios I also liked it too, the visuals and the soundtrack was amazing, hell, it even has a great story to it, it’s just that the characters was the only problem with it
  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 9 months ago Yes.
  • Tachyon Hummingbird
    Tachyon Hummingbird 9 months ago No!
  • DOSRetroGamer
    DOSRetroGamer 7 months ago No you aren't. But I am probably the only one who truly hated it.
  • Andy Rosene
    Andy Rosene 6 months ago Nah I loved it
  • Chocolatchips
    Chocolatchips 5 months ago It was the most highly anticipated film of my life and it was a great theater experience in 3D. I've always felt a much stronger connection to the Tron story than the stories of other films. I hope the next Tron "film" is modeled into a VR experience instead of a film. That could be ground-breaking on the level of the first Tron film, if it's done right.
  • Andy Rosene
    Andy Rosene 5 months ago @Chocolatchips I thought about that. I think it would be the best thing since the world wide web.
  • Living History
    Living History 4 months ago It was good
  • Chocolatchips
    Chocolatchips 4 months ago @Andy Rosene I'd live there. :D
  • ForceMaximus84
    ForceMaximus84 3 months ago I liked it, but it was definitely flawed. Maybe if it didn’t take nearly three decades to make, they put more effort into the CG Young Flynn/CLU or if they put more focus on Tron (he’s the title character, after all), then it’d be a better movie. Having said that, the production design and the soundtrack are superb.
  • Hromovlad1
    Hromovlad1 3 years ago Doug, you just have problems following plots in general
  • Ultrai Breaker
    Ultrai Breaker 3 years ago Relax, not every single solitary person has high intel on following plots.
  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 3 years ago +Hromovlad1 Definitely! Should read more coplex novels. Suggest start with Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Piers Baauw
    Piers Baauw 3 years ago +Ultrai Breaker the problem is that its one of the biggest credentials you need as a critic, which he is
  • Chris Brasel
    Chris Brasel 1 year ago Just like most movie goers following films like blade runner 2049.
  • Foebane72
    Foebane72 1 year ago You can say that again. That's maybe why he panned The Black Hole so much.
  • Purp Merc
    Purp Merc 3 years ago I've never seen this movie, but there were so many places in it that i recognized from Kingdom Hearts 2. Lol
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago +ThePurpleJD Kingdom Hearts fan! You really should see Tron, even though it's different that Kingdom Hearts, it's still a good movie
  • MrGamernova
    MrGamernova 3 years ago +Claire Firedragon If you can follow Kingdom Hearts, You can follow Tron.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @MrGamernova True, though remember the Kingdom Hearts worlds of the movies arent always the same as the actual movie. But hey, who's your fav KH person?
  • MrGamernova
    MrGamernova 3 years ago @Claire Firedragon Scrooge Mc Duck, But if we're only counting Characters ONLY from the Kingdom Hearts series, then Sora.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @MrGamernova Riku is my favorite character 
  • Allronix
    Allronix 3 years ago +ThePurpleJD I will warn you; it is pure 80's cheese. We're talking Journey on the soundtrack, godawful coke bottle glasses, neon colors everywhere, soundtrack by the lady who inspired half of the era's New Wave bands with her Clockwork Orange soundtrack...And it is f'ing glorious! Because it was 1982, the Internet hadn't been invented, computers were in their infancy, video games were just starting to get big, and everything we "know" about cyberpunk, VR, etc. wasn't invented. This film was the trope codifier for a ton of modern sci fi partly because no one knew what the hell they were doing. (I think Warner was the only guy who had sci fi experience at that point) The downside is that it does have corny dialogue on par with a George Lucas script,, the plotline is a little strange, and the sequels (yes, there were more than just Legacy) are incredibly depressing.
    AMIGO 3 years ago +Claire Firedragon Guys guys, Axel anyone? Xion? Xigbar? no? ok
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @Sasquatch Mcgee Axel it pretty cool. Though Riku will always be my favorite. 
  • Purp Merc
    Purp Merc 3 years ago +Sasquatch Mcgee Sephiroth. That is all.
    AMIGO 3 years ago @ThePurpleJD oooh Sephiroth, how i love/hate him
    AMIGO 3 years ago @Claire Firedragon Riku is great, i love characters that are ambiguous towards good and evil. Plus he is simply badass
  • MrGamernova
    MrGamernova 3 years ago @Sasquatch Mcgee Riku's clearly just good period. At least I don't recall Riku doing anything more evil then Sora, Everything he's done from my memory was for the greater good unless he was being controlled by someone else who's evil.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @MrGamernova He did willingly give himself into the darkness in the first game and also betrayed Sora. (but that was due to Maleficent's deceiving.)
  • MrGamernova
    MrGamernova 3 years ago @Claire Firedragon  Darkness doesn't equal evil, & like I said, that was all when he was being tricked or highjacked. He's still a good person in the end.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @MrGamernova true very true. 
    AMIGO 3 years ago +MrGamernova Probably not evil, but more emotionaly developed, Sora wanted to save Kairi, but Riku is the one that went the farthest by letting the Darkness inside him (even thou he was tricked) And yeah, he was being controlled most of the time, and if you play Chains Of Memories in Riku's side of story you can kinda see what he goes through and finds a solution very clever (if you have played you know what it is, if not SPOILERS AHEAD) He manages to control and do good using the dark side, which is nice. Embracing that is important to have the balance between Dark and Light... IMO
  • MrGamernova
    MrGamernova 3 years ago @Sasquatch Mcgee  I wouldn't say Riku went farther, I mean Sora without being tricked turned into a Heartless for Kairi, You don't go much deeper into darkness then that.
  • StatingTheObviousDude
    StatingTheObviousDude 2 years ago The 80s were far better than the faggy 2010s. Fact: Everything sucks in the 2010s. Movies suck, music sucks, T.V. sucks, fashion sucks, video games suck, society sucks, etc. The 80s, 90s and 00s were far superior to the shitty 2010s. If you disagree, you have shitty taste.
  • MegaSpideyman
    MegaSpideyman 1 year ago DANCIN' TRON!
  • gokusondbz
    gokusondbz 1 year ago Personally this is an amazing film 😍 . Also easily one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters is a specific villain from organization XIII Xemnas .
  • Milkyway2099
    Milkyway2099 1 year ago This movie looks like shit compared to its appearance in Kingdom Hearts II. I get it's an 80s movie and an early pioneer in its ambitions but that should have been no excuse for Disney. But it does have a classic feel, I'll give it that.
  • NailStrafer
    NailStrafer 3 years ago I'm a computer programmer myself in real life. Doug is completely right when he says that can add another layer of enjoyment and understanding to the movie. My favorite bit about this movie is how when you write a program, the program looks like you inside the computer and it has a similar personality. The way a program is written can reflect its creator's thinking and personality, just like an author writing a book. So it makes perfect sense that any programs you make will look and behave like you do in the virtual world. Also, CLU in Tron Legacy shows how a program you made a long time ago can be a reflection of you in the past. I look at my old code a lot and I go "Man...what was I thinking when I made this? I really didn't know what I was doing." Just like how Flynn regrets how he made CLU in Legacy.
  • The Titan
    The Titan 2 years ago NailStrafer that's deep
  • Kei Nishimaru
    Kei Nishimaru 2 years ago But then again, computers are deep, especially when they have a world of their own.
  • The Titan
    The Titan 2 years ago @Mygingerguy that's deeper
  • Chris Brasel
    Chris Brasel 1 year ago Glad you like it as I find Tron to be one of the most important pop culture icons of all time and like the film too.
  • Ysckemia
    Ysckemia 9 months ago (edited) "my favorite bit " heuheuheu :D (sorry^^)
  • Bobby Carillo
    Bobby Carillo 3 years ago This movie looks sooooo freakin 80s
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago +Bobby Carillo and the 80's were a cool time. Some cool music came from the 80's
  • Andrew Singleton
    Andrew Singleton 3 years ago +Bobby Carillo I should hope so given it came out in '82.
  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 3 years ago +Bobby Carillo One of those films where the costumes look out of date but the Stylised Visuals actually still work even today - If you think about it from a certain way of course... Yeah! We can do far better CGI Today, but in their own "Comic Book Styled" vision... Even now they work really well... It was a good movie, if you get the chance to give it a viewing, I do recommend it. The CGI is better in TRON: Legacy, but I always felt it lost some of its style...
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @Warren Marris I agree that the CGI has gotten better...but so many movies today over use it. They use a lot fo CGI to make things look cool and show of the CGI, which annoys me a little. I like this because it's simple looking today but really impressive for the time that it was made. 
    BRIDGEBURNERDU94 3 years ago +Bobby Carillo it pretty much invented the 80s look
  • Andrew Singleton
    Andrew Singleton 3 years ago @Foulaisedé Rédi It and Blade Runner.
  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 3 years ago +Claire Firedragon Actually, this one is got a much more consistent story and intelligent than Tron Legacy. Legacy god so boggled down with the resentful brat story that it ruined the movie for me. Also Flynn turning into a sort of Zen monk was totally out of character, and his constant use of 80s slang was tremendously annoying. He doesn't talk like that in the original movie, which was actually made in the 80s! It's like that Simpsons episode where Homer and Margie are telling their kids about when they got married, and several details are added to make it look like the 80s, 60's and the late 19th century. In The Simpsons it's commedic, in Legacy it was just silly and forced. Also the plot involving the villain make little sense, and in the end he was just a spoiled child that resented his father, and rightfully, because - once again out of character - Flynn didn't trully try to interact with his own creation and simply assumed he would do everything he wanted. But all those plot details are nothing compared to turning Tron into an overblown action movie for Millenials.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago I know. I prefer the original movie. I was just taking about how I like the animation in the old one compared to the over used CGI in the new one.
  • Andrew Singleton
    Andrew Singleton 3 years ago @Claire Firedragon Would it surprise you to learn that a lot of the sets had a large amount of practical components? I'm talking where the actors were and what they interacted with, and then the backgrounds penciled in, or structural elements removed so you would get floating steps or other oddities.Tron Legacy had a LOT of practical to it, and the director was an architect before taking this movie on.
  • Claire Firedragon
    Claire Firedragon 3 years ago @Andrew Singleton I know, but there is also a lot of CGI and stuff, I dont hate the movie. It's fine and all but I still prefer the original 
  • Allronix
    Allronix 3 years ago +Alexandre Martins I was disappointed by Legacy more because it was depressing and there was so much that was just plain wring about it. It fell back on the whole "OMG! Technology is BAD!!!" which has no place in Lisberger's universe. Flynn turned into a jackass who sat in lotus position while the world burned around him. No explanation about why the Iso was worth saving and to hell with everyone else. And at the end, Sam trudges off to a corporate job where he's explicitly seen as a stand in for his jerk of a dad, not a leader in his own right where Quorra has no analog world skills or identity. I much prefer the plotline of the sequel Disney discarded (Tron 2.0), where the Programs were trying to defend themselves against a threat posed by greedy, stupid humans.
  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 3 years ago @Allronix Played that! It was AWESOME and would have made a great movie!
  • Allronix
    Allronix 3 years ago It would have, or find a dodge around Lora/Ma3a and incorporated it into canon. Put Jet as Sam's lancer,  and work a plot of Jet hooking up with the Resistance so that we get a look at some "good" Programs. Or maybe Clu had some help from F-Con...that sort of thing.
  • DextremeArrow
    DextremeArrow 3 years ago Well no $h!t sherlock
  • Chris Brasel
    Chris Brasel 1 year ago I heard Disney is rebooting the series as hope they don't since we got to many remakes being made at Disney right now.
  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 9 months ago Way better than the freakin 70's.
  • crimson bolt
    crimson bolt 3 years ago I named my dog flynn after this movie
  • AGrayPhantom
    AGrayPhantom 3 years ago You automatically have a cool dog!
  • Kobe Rosenberg
    Kobe Rosenberg 1 year ago Super
  • TheTinFoilHatter
    TheTinFoilHatter 3 years ago ONLY ONE TRON. He's gonna do the sequel, isn't he?
  • Tris ghoul
    Tris ghoul 3 years ago Allready did TRON Legacy
  • dcgh96
    dcgh96 3 years ago He already reviewed the sequel (and this movie) a couple of years ago back in the other channels.
  • GameHopping
    GameHopping 3 years ago I don't remember how many times I saw this in the theater when I was a kid. :)
  • maplebob23
    maplebob23 3 years ago Isn't the story essentially Alice in Wonderland? Flynn is chasing his rabbit, which is his intellectual property, he falls down the digital rabbit hole, leads a revolution against the Red Moses, and then comes back to the alleged Real World(TM) learning that the bluebird of happiness was in his backyard the whole time? I guess, in a way, it's the same story as The Big Lebowski.
  • The True and Rightful
    The True and Rightful 3 years ago The rug being the rabbit?
  • TheSufferingDarkness
    TheSufferingDarkness 1 year ago Johnson?
  • rct3isepic
    rct3isepic 2 years ago actually, this movie only has a total of about 20 minutes of CGI. a lot of it was handpainted and lit up overseas.
  • YossarianVanDriver
    YossarianVanDriver 3 years ago This was not my generation (born in 1995), nor my area of expertise (couldn't do a single line of code), but man I love this movie so much. I actually forgot how much I liked it until this video reminded me...
  • Liam Aspinall
    Liam Aspinall 2 years ago Tron lost the special effects award when it was released because it was done on a computer...
  • Nido Hime
    Nido Hime 1 year ago liam aspinall Irony!🎵
  • ForceMaximus84
    ForceMaximus84 9 months ago That’s correct! The Academy felt the filmmakers “cheated” by using computers.
  • Stabbity Joe
    Stabbity Joe 3 years ago I want a sequel to Tron Legacy.. Or a spinoff or something. Not a reboot though.
  • Chris Padua
    Chris Padua 3 years ago There actually was a pretty damn decent but short lived Tron TV show. It was called Tron: Uprising taking place before Tron Legacy, showing CLU's rise to power.
  • TGameCo
    TGameCo 3 years ago +Stabbity Joe There were plans for a third movie, but they were scrapped recently
  • Guardian
    Guardian 3 years ago +TGameCo wattt? nooo
  • Alexander Sinclaire
    Alexander Sinclaire 3 years ago +Guardian Yeah. They scrapped it because they had no timeslot to show it with all the Marvel and Star Wars movies etc. That was their explanation. :(
  • Kylo Spencer
    Kylo Spencer 3 years ago +Alexander Sinclaire They did had a cartoon series called "TRON: UPRISING" on TOON DISNEY (DISNEY XD...yeah I know but I still call it TOON DISNEY) and Disney straight up cancelled the show way too early.
  • MegaSpideyman
    MegaSpideyman 1 year ago Here's what Jared Leto says about a reboot:
  • DOSRetroGamer
    DOSRetroGamer 3 years ago I'm sorry, but even my 8-year old me had no problem understanding this simple story back then.
  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 3 years ago +DOSRetroGamer Yes, me too. Never understood when Critic says a plot (any plot) is hard to follow. Some plots are hard to follow at first, or require more attention, because they're told out of order. There's an anime series called Baccano where you have stories of three time lines in the lives of the characters told at the same time, so you have to pay careful attention to the dates and then piece the stories together, because they are interpolated. But Tron?!?
  • Jonathan Pinzon
    Jonathan Pinzon 3 years ago Man this movie is the most 80s thing ever! But it's still a good movie.
  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 2 years ago I understood Tron more because I played Kingdom Hearts 2 and then I sought out the movie. Kingdom Hearts got me interested in the world of Tron. I had never heard of it before then.
  • Moon
    Moon 3 years ago I remember the video game (2003) of this movie. Was actually pretty good.
  • cum consumer
    cum consumer 3 years ago and tron:uprising?
  • Milo Crespi
    Milo Crespi 3 years ago Still continues to be my favorite Disney Movie!
  • Karstens Creations
    Karstens Creations 1 year ago I find the notion of this film being 'hard to follow' absolutely hilarious. It's a work of original genius, and I'm glad it finally found an audience.