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I ate my daughters diet for a day

Published on Mar 25, 2019 190,113 views






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  • Saffron Barker
    Saffron Barker 1 month ago Hahahah Harlow 😩😂 She’s playing you!!😂💕
  • Mokhtear Singh
    Mokhtear Singh 1 month ago Aaaww it's so adorable!!!
  • christie life
    christie life 1 month ago I love u lol
  • Katie Star stables
    Katie Star stables 1 month ago 🤣
  • Caitlan Harding
    Caitlan Harding 1 month ago She's too funny, clearly has the Barker humour! xx
  • Riverdale Lover no.1 forever
    Riverdale Lover no.1 forever 1 month ago Ilysm saffron
  • Beauty Tutorials Xx
    Beauty Tutorials Xx 1 month ago Saffron Barker she clearly has your funny barker humour 🤣 she’s so cute! 💕
  • Bestie blast With Evie & Faye
    Bestie blast With Evie & Faye 1 month ago I know but I must admit your videos are the best plz reply saffy
  • Jessica shuttleworth
    Jessica shuttleworth 1 month ago Saffron Barker was laughing soo hard it made my day xx
  • George Chalke
    George Chalke 1 month ago Hi saffron❤️❤️
  • Miriam Quick
    Miriam Quick 1 month ago hi
  • Smiley Y
    Smiley Y 1 month ago Now Harlow is older you should do Harlow controls my life for the day
  • Zoey Curray
    Zoey Curray 1 month ago Lol
  • Millie's life xxx
    Millie's life xxx 1 month ago Love u
  • XxYour XxQueenXx
    XxYour XxQueenXx 1 month ago Omg I love all f the barkers ❤️❤️ Jed is so cute 💓💓😘
  • Dawn Wheeler
    Dawn Wheeler 1 month ago Love u
  • Emily Denton
    Emily Denton 1 month ago love you so much saffron
  • Sneha Datta
    Sneha Datta 1 month ago i know right shes a smart baby oh and also cute
  • Abubakr Tanveer
    Abubakr Tanveer 1 month ago Saffron Barker b
  • XxxLRose🌹1222
    XxxLRose🌹1222 1 day ago Saffron Barker 🥶
  • Georgia Smith
    Georgia Smith 1 month ago Casey: “you cant eat it like that, you’ll get it everywhere” Currently saying that when the yoghurt is on his cheek 😂
  • Teigan Kelley
    Teigan Kelley 1 month ago True
  • Billie-Mai Charters
    Billie-Mai Charters 1 month ago That’s true
  • Esiri Eya'ufe
    Esiri Eya'ufe 1 month ago 😭😭😭😭😭
  • Tiffany Askham
    Tiffany Askham 1 month ago I think it would be good if you did Jed’s diet ( have fun eating McDonald’s and everything that’s unhealthy) (ahah basically describing myself) 😂😂xxxxx
  • Caitlan Harding
    Caitlan Harding 1 month ago omg yes!
  • Megan Temple
    Megan Temple 1 month ago yes !!
  • Jaime-lee Black
    Jaime-lee Black 1 month ago Same! 😂
  • Jade Rangphet
    Jade Rangphet 1 month ago Jed made chicken raps on his sc story recently😂x
  • Tiffany Askham
    Tiffany Askham 1 month ago Jade ra yeah I saw it xxx
  • Sophie Miah
    Sophie Miah 1 month ago He’s diabetic so not a great idea
  • Ultra Fortnite Mega Man
    Ultra Fortnite Mega Man 1 month ago Do Saffy's DIET
  • Sumbum Jones
    Sumbum Jones 1 month ago Tiffany Askham This is such a good idea!!
  • Ultra Fortnite Mega Man
    Ultra Fortnite Mega Man 1 month ago Do saffys diet
  • Phoebe Moyes
    Phoebe Moyes 1 month ago When Harlow says cheers when she’s eating the bagel is so cute ♥️
  • Torieee X
    Torieee X 4 weeks ago Phoebe Moyes and when she’s eating the pair
  • Fariha Begum
    Fariha Begum 1 month ago (edited) harlow winding casey up is actually too funny. i love u nasey fam
  • Lauren Chloe Wilson
    Lauren Chloe Wilson 1 month ago so funny Harlow teasing you pretending she was eating it 😂
  • Shanda Mell
    Shanda Mell 1 month ago I think you passed because technically her day is over when she goes to bed so the challenge ends there 🙌
  • Marshalldude
    Marshalldude 1 month ago I think you passed, she is a tiny human and clearly your nutritional needs are very different. You did well not to snack during the day though.
  • Megan Fisher
    Megan Fisher 1 month ago 4:42 I thought Harlow was going to fall off the bed
  • Taya Njo
    Taya Njo 1 month ago Megan Fisher lol same 😂
  • The invisible parrot
    The invisible parrot 1 month ago Same
  • Sophie
    Sophie 1 month ago You and nicole should swap diets or eat things you both wouldn't usually go for
  • Aimee O’Neil
    Aimee O’Neil 1 month ago Omgggg you drank that milk so so so so fast 😂😂 I was like what the heck
  • jord xo
    jord xo 1 month ago Harlow teasing Casey was the best part of this video by far😂she’s so adorable!! You and Ni are such incredible parents💛
  • Erica Leah
    Erica Leah 1 month ago Omggg i read this as.. “i ate my daughter in a day”😂😂😳😳 Think i need my eyes checking😂😝
  • Ella McGrady
    Ella McGrady 1 month ago Erica Leah omg same 🤣😭
  • HaiganJade
    HaiganJade 1 month ago 12:00 Watch Casey's face.... He literally looks like he's going to give up bless him "no no eat it"
  • Amber Gattie
    Amber Gattie 1 month ago 12:59 Harlow saying 'oh no' is the cutest ❤️
  • indi TTB
    indi TTB 1 month ago I can't believe Harlow is only 18 months old and she is already walking and everything P.S She is soooo cute especially when she cheers.... :D
  • Dominyka Micyte
    Dominyka Micyte 1 month ago I can't handle it... this girl is soooo cute. Bless her 💕💕
  • Isla Carpenter
    Isla Carpenter 1 month ago Harlow is the cutest and u and Nicole are the best parents ❤️❤️❤️
  • Imogen Haines
    Imogen Haines 1 month ago I love it when Harlow 'cheers' her food. It's adorable!
  • Ruby
    Ruby 1 month ago Barkers are the best family on YouTube Harlow is adorable 💖❤️💖❤️