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People Try Weird Kardashian Food Hacks

Published on May 7, 2017 7,526,165 views

Ya'll Didn't Start Breaking Off a Kit Kat!


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Premiere of Open Road Films’ ‘The Promise’ - Arrivals
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Khloe Kardashian Kicks Off KYBELLA Movement At Allergan Event
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Kylie Jenner Appearance At Sugar Factory American Brasserie
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  • Yelly Samara
    Yelly Samara 2 years ago I love that black woman she was speaking facts
  • Just Joshin
    Just Joshin 3 weeks ago @lu sky bruh how😂
  • Amber Jenoko
    Amber Jenoko 4 weeks ago “Black women” Which one? And is this what we refer to each other as? Black ,white?!
  • Darrel Leger
    Darrel Leger 1 month ago I cant tel if this is racist or just rude. Saying "that black girls" isn't racist but just sorta rude and impolite. Not hateing just clearing the air.
  • Skye the drawing girl / that gurl you know
    Skye the drawing girl / that gurl you know 1 month ago @2024: Valeria Franco They just said they loved her how is this racist??? They didn't insult anyone
  • JustRhyssie
    JustRhyssie 2 months ago 2024: Valeria Franco how is she racist??
  • anu 99
    anu 99 2 months ago Yaa but a little arrogance
  • Your playlist
    Your playlist 3 months ago 2024: Valeria Franco that’s not racist she’s black and he doesn’t know her name so he is referring to her skin tone it’s as if me saying you white/black/other it’s not racist it’s truth ful
  • C G
    C G 4 months ago lu sky “hater”🤣
  • Panha Teng
    Panha Teng 4 months ago Oh yass she should be the star of buzz feed
  • Ria Joseph
    Ria Joseph 4 months ago @2024: Valeria Franco I'm not sure if you know what racism is
  • MiBelLy C
    MiBelLy C 1 year ago Yep
  • Catherine M.
    Catherine M. 1 year ago 2024: Valeria Franco How?
  • Yamyam
    Yamyam 1 year ago Asvp Yells kardashians never said they started it. It's the ppl who think that
  • Aran
    Aran 1 year ago Asvp Yells essence*
  • LUNA
    LUNA 1 year ago Asvp Yells SAME
  • 2024: Valeria Franco
    2024: Valeria Franco 1 year ago Your racist
  • Sunshinee drea
    Sunshinee drea 2 years ago Asvp Yells of course lmao
  • Negative Or else
    Negative Or else 2 years ago Asvp Yells I was the 1k like
  • lu sky
    lu sky 2 years ago mh i think she was the typical hater
  • Hi_Its_maggie
    Hi_Its_maggie 2 years ago Asvp Yells she had some sense
  • A K
    A K 2 years ago Asvp Yells she was the best, watched this for her 😂😂
  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose 1 year ago 1958: in the future, we'll have flying cars and robots. 2018: I'm gonna show you how to eat a KitKat
  • Amber Jenoko
    Amber Jenoko 4 weeks ago 😂
  • Rosie Nugent
    Rosie Nugent 1 month ago Maya Hello I’m from 2019. This video was actually made in 2017.
  • no yes
    no yes 8 months ago lmaoooo
  • Fairy Rachie
    Fairy Rachie 8 months ago 2016*
  • Maiyori Arroyo
    Maiyori Arroyo 8 months ago 😂😂😂i can’t this is hailarious
  • Janice Salgado
    Janice Salgado 9 months ago They do have flying cars now lmao
  • pastel maria
    pastel maria 9 months ago But we do have robots (no hate)
  • caelyn
    caelyn 10 months ago IM DYING AHHA GENIUS
  • Latashia Thompson
    Latashia Thompson 10 months ago Hahaha LMAO I'm dead
  • Laney Uribe
    Laney Uribe 10 months ago Lol
  • pizdhets
    pizdhets 1 year ago Kardashian: breaths People: OMG SUCH TALENT
  • Nelly Santiago
    Nelly Santiago 3 weeks ago Perv
  • Eva Mcauley
    Eva Mcauley 1 month ago *breathes
  • Angela Ramos
    Angela Ramos 1 month ago pizdhets Exacly
  • T.R
    T.R 1 month ago IKR! It's actually really annoying
  • Kristian Fabian
    Kristian Fabian 2 months ago @kayleen marie no theres 1.3k likes
  • Amr Khalil
    Amr Khalil 2 months ago pizdhets 😂😂
  • Rosie's Productions
    Rosie's Productions 3 months ago I know I breath too
  • Heating with Hicks
    Heating with Hicks 3 months ago kylie Jenner hits puberty and wears extra tight clothing and makes her hurt way bigger on picture Fans : OMG IS IT PLASTIC SURGERY OR IS SHE BIG BUTT NOW
  • Heating with Hicks
    Heating with Hicks 3 months ago so iconic
  • hyunjins wifey
    hyunjins wifey 5 months ago Ryan Taylor Ariana grande CREATED BREATHINGGGGG
  • sania nana
    sania nana 5 months ago 666 likes..
  • kayleen marie
    kayleen marie 5 months ago I'm the 666 like oml
  • Ghvetto
    Ghvetto 9 months ago FACCCTSSTTSTSTSS
  • Izzy Life
    Izzy Life 10 months ago 😂😂😂😥
  • Lucianna_Playz_
    Lucianna_Playz_ 10 months ago Lol
  • Tess s
    Tess s 11 months ago pizdhets 😂😂
  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 11 months ago pizdhets they invented breathing
  • Mediocre Really
    Mediocre Really 1 year ago Here’s a better six steps to eat a kitkat 1 open the packet 2 break it in two 3 put it in your mouth 4 chew 5 swallow 6 repeat with the other half You’re welcome internet
  • Kristin Hoffmann
    Kristin Hoffmann 3 weeks ago What if it's king sized OmG fOuR pEiCeS
  • Anabelle Colangelo
    Anabelle Colangelo 3 weeks ago Open the package Put it in your mouth BOOM
  • Amr Khalil
    Amr Khalil 2 months ago Wow it so smart ^SaRcAsTiC^
  • Pickle the Dinosaur
    Pickle the Dinosaur 2 months ago But I didn’t say thank you
  • Cyrille Macadaeg
    Cyrille Macadaeg 3 months ago @Amanda Torrez ohh logic lol
  • Amanda Torrez
    Amanda Torrez 3 months ago But you didn't buy it...
  • Cyrille Macadaeg
    Cyrille Macadaeg 3 months ago Lol
  • Ai sha_737
    Ai sha_737 4 months ago lil waddling penguin so trueeee
  • The A Channel
    The A Channel 1 year ago lil waddling penguin 👌👌
  • Cats4LifeGaming
    Cats4LifeGaming 1 year ago Is it weird but I never even saw her “KitKat” hack but I eat it the same way as she does?
  • Liona
    Liona 1 month ago I actually do that with most chocolate type candys along with other things like chicken nuggets beef jerky and more
  • Maricela Kanter
    Maricela Kanter 1 month ago Same
  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 2 months ago I always do that too lol
  • Pamela McDermott
    Pamela McDermott 2 months ago Cats4LifeGaming I eat mine in a “better” way but I still eat it strangely. Idk if I’ve done that forever though?
  • Darsana Suresh
    Darsana Suresh 2 months ago Me too..
  • yoga cats
    yoga cats 3 months ago No because it's not a hack. Knowing how to open a Kit Kat is common knowledge.
  • Fabulous Killjoy
    Fabulous Killjoy 3 months ago Everyone does shes just famous so she can pretend she was the first person who thought of it
  • Lucja Swietoslawska
    Lucja Swietoslawska 4 months ago Sammmeeee
  • Skyla Riopelle
    Skyla Riopelle 4 months ago I do the same thing
  • Amanda Pans
    Amanda Pans 4 months ago (edited) Omg me too! My sister has been eating it like that ever since she was little and she’s older than Kourteney!! Sorry, Kourt you’re not an inventor or something lol
  • saturn
    saturn 4 months ago same i like breaking things apart when i eat yknow
  • Maranjelys Vargas
    Maranjelys Vargas 5 months ago Omg me 2😂😂
  • Hello People
    Hello People 5 months ago Same
  • Catalina Ortiz
    Catalina Ortiz 5 months ago Same
  • Adrian Alvarez
    Adrian Alvarez 6 months ago Cats4LifeGaming your a kardashian
  • Rare Mono
    Rare Mono 7 months ago You can call me crazy but I taste the difference because the wafer tastes better without the chocolate
  • Max B
    Max B 8 months ago Yes.
  • Barbeque Sauce
    Barbeque Sauce 10 months ago Nope! I do that too. I have this thing about dismantling my food.
  • Mr. Ripper
    Mr. Ripper 9 months ago (edited) New Title: People shading the Kardashians for 5 minutes straight
  • Taelor Myrie
    Taelor Myrie 1 year ago Essence is so funny, she had me dying 😂😂
  • Pineapples don’t belong on pizza
    Pineapples don’t belong on pizza 1 year ago (edited) "I feel like a squirrel "
  • aishhwithluv
    aishhwithluv 1 month ago armyyy
  • Malak Cutie
    Malak Cutie 4 months ago Pineapples don’t belong on pizza ok........ummm.........great
  • Agustina D
    Agustina D 1 year ago The girl with bandana was done😅😂😂😂
  • aishhwithluv
    aishhwithluv 1 month ago min yoonji 🙈
  • jimin's lost jams and accidents
    jimin's lost jams and accidents 2 months ago @Ronald Bilius Weasley duhhhh xDD
  • Ronald Bilius Weasley
    Ronald Bilius Weasley 5 months ago Agustina D ARMY?
  • Chanel K
    Chanel K 1 year ago I loveeeeeee Essence she was funny
  • Trinity Desforges
    Trinity Desforges 2 months ago James Alphaleone Oml why would you call her that? How dare you!
  • James Alphaleone
    James Alphaleone 5 months ago is she the negro girl?
  • Max Spargo
    Max Spargo 1 year ago “So the first step is you grab the food item than lift your hand while grabbing the so called food item and put it in your mouth and you move your jaw upwards and downwards exactly 7 times then you swallow and repeat”—Kim Kardashian
  • Bero Felo
    Bero Felo 6 months ago Max Spargo and repeat 🤣🤣🤣
  • Leopard Lying
    Leopard Lying 1 year ago The hackiest of the hacks - Essence
  • Jon Honesty
    Jon Honesty 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂 the black girl is hilarious
  • Keara Gregg
    Keara Gregg 4 months ago Jon Honesty she has a name
  • TheAppleIsAlive _
    TheAppleIsAlive _ 4 months ago Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero dude how is it racist he didn't know her name so he used the most obvious form of recognition
  • IloveD
    IloveD 4 months ago I’m black and it really wasn’t racist I mean she is the only black girl up there 😂😂😂
  • Chocolate Donut
    Chocolate Donut 5 months ago Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero it's not racist. It's only racist to criticize her😒
  • poyy
    poyy 7 months ago @Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero How is saying somebody is hilarious a bad thing? He/she obviously meant it in a good context. Y'all just throw the word "racist" when you don't even know what it means.
  • Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero
    Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero 7 months ago @poyy it's not because I'm offended by nothing it's because he doesn't have to say the black girl's hilarious he can use other words he can describe her or something but he doesn't have to go say the black girl is hilarious that's just racist you're offending her
  • poyy
    poyy 7 months ago @Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero HOW IS THAT RACIST LMAOO. Y'ALL ARE OFFENDED BY LITERALLY ANYTHING.
  • Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero
    Tashleen Irianiz Torres Marrero 8 months ago Racist
  • Super Uniyana
    Super Uniyana 9 months ago Bruh she has a name
  • Ngumanwi Che
    Ngumanwi Che 11 months ago Jonathon Warren You mean Essence
  • T Dennis
    T Dennis 11 months ago throw them joints in there, like so
  • Allison Sun
    Allison Sun 6 months ago Kardashian‘s: eats People: OMG, talent
  • uni corn21
    uni corn21 1 year ago omg Essence is so funny😂
  • sherpdolma 456
    sherpdolma 456 4 months ago James Alphaleone no she’s the African American lady
  • James Alphaleone
    James Alphaleone 5 months ago Is she the negro girl?
  • Waynesdae Qui
    Waynesdae Qui 1 month ago Essence: I'm already irritated. 😂😂😂
  • Kyle DC
    Kyle DC 2 years ago Can we get an Essence hack series
  • Space Girl10
    Space Girl10 2 years ago That would be one of the best series ever !! <3
  • lupus.gelida
    lupus.gelida 2 years ago YAAAS PLEASE
  • applecinnamon
    applecinnamon 2 years ago Kyle DC I was just about to write the same exact comment 😂😂😂
  • C.M
    C.M 2 years ago yaaassss agreed I'm loving essence lol
  • Alexis H
    Alexis H 2 years ago Kyle DC YAAASSSSSS
  • Haykal Arsya
    Haykal Arsya 2 years ago Kyle DC I love her omg
  • Sydney Conley
    Sydney Conley 2 years ago yes omg im crying
  • Hey_Its_Brookie
    Hey_Its_Brookie 2 years ago Kyle DC lol
  • ShannonIsNotCool
    ShannonIsNotCool 2 years ago Kyle DC yas
  • Drunk Lizardd
    Drunk Lizardd 2 years ago Kyle DC YES PLEASE
  • Ocean Observations with Joseph
    Ocean Observations with Joseph 2 years ago Kyle DC omg yessssssssssssssssssssssss
  • Boiii Bai
    Boiii Bai 2 years ago YES
  • tiffany love
    tiffany love 2 years ago yess
  • Beth mia
    Beth mia 2 years ago Kyle DC YES
  • Milly
    Milly 2 years ago she's my new fav buzzfeed-er tbh
  • Bethany Talbot
    Bethany Talbot 2 years ago YEEEEEEESSSSSS
  • Siphelele Mbekushe
    Siphelele Mbekushe 1 year ago Kylie’s hack is good. Khloe’s is too. She didn’t say it would taste different. It’s just neater and honestly so beautiful. I like that too. But Kourtney’s? It was stupid.
  • Paola Palma
    Paola Palma 1 week ago I tried it it was good now thats how i eat it now
  • Liona
    Liona 1 month ago @Hufflepuff 12 I've actually eaten kit Kats among other things including chicken nuggets and beef jerky sticks like that ever since I was young and I can say that it definitely makes things taste different and better in my experience but its also not a hack just a preference
  • xuan hi
    xuan hi 1 month ago they were all stupid and a waste of time lmao🙄
  • Sidhantha neogi
    Sidhantha neogi 5 months ago Putting cookies in a jar is not a hack...
  • Heating with Hicks
    Heating with Hicks 5 months ago Elyse Reed no one creates hacks in the 21st century they’ve all been thought of by the other billions of people, hacks are some cool shortcut ideas that we spread to other, we don’t invent hacks, they’ve litterally already been discovered by st least one person. Needless to say khloe and kourtney wasn’t really a hack, but Kylie’s was a hack.
  • miss M
    miss M 6 months ago Thing is.. Its all about making unhealty food last longer or not make you want to eat them..
  • Hufflepuff 12
    Hufflepuff 12 7 months ago I think they were all stupid. Let's arrange cookies in a jar! Let's eat a KitKat in an over complicated way! Let's use a hack that I didn't create, but am copying!! Yay!
  • Ronald Bilius Weasley
    Ronald Bilius Weasley 5 months ago Essence was the only reason I continued watching the video man...