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Women Oil Their Pubic Hair For A Week • Ladylike

Published on May 15, 2016 5,967,714 views

Cater to your pubes!

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  • Hello There
    Hello There 3 years ago I honestly don't even care about my pubes, I mean it's not like anyone is going to see them #foreveralone
  • Skinny Jeans
    Skinny Jeans 2 months ago @Colestercamps It actually doesn't seem like a gentlemen to keep razors and shaving cream for women it just brings them down.
  • Colestercamps
    Colestercamps 3 months ago Ellie Blunden no it’s 2019 guys still hate pubes .
  • Ellie Blunden
    Ellie Blunden 4 months ago @Colestercamps you are an absolutely garbage person. I hope you've grown up in the two years since you've made these comments, if not then allow me to apologize to all of the women who encounter you.
  • Angeline Anthony
    Angeline Anthony 2 years ago Hello There same here
  • Mia Gucci
    Mia Gucci 2 years ago Crazy Horse that is a personal question
  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 2 years ago @local tøp trash Do you have a bush now?
  • Guest 9099
    Guest 9099 2 years ago Hello There i only shaved down there once and I cut myself. yep never shaving again ✋🏼
  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 2 years ago @Hello There I'm pretty sure you responded to the wrong person there. 😝
  • Michelle Smirnova
    Michelle Smirnova 2 years ago Same omg!
  • BiOlm
    BiOlm 3 years ago same
  • Chicken Salad
    Chicken Salad 3 years ago Aaaah😂😂😂😂😂
  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 3 years ago @Hello There I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying she won't be alone forever.
  • Colestercamps
    Colestercamps 3 years ago @Hello There exactly, it doesn't matter how gorgeous you are if you have pubes most guys under the age of 30 will be discussed, some have lower standards and Will still sleep with them I ask them to shave or get out (I keep some disposable razors and women's shaving cream around like a true gentleman )
  • Hello There
    Hello There 3 years ago @Crazy Horse Cause people who have pubes aren't attractive?
  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 3 years ago @Garianne LaVie Idk. You look pretty good in your pictures. On a side note, you look part Asian.
  • Garianne
    Garianne 3 years ago Urgh, same
  • Scemo Person
    Scemo Person 3 years ago LMAO... me too maaan. Me tooo
  • Colestercamps
    Colestercamps 3 years ago @Maurice H no she lives in the Dominican and Arizona 8 months of the year when I live in Canada and am in Saudi Arabia , Pakistan , Texas, Kuwait most of the year
  • Alice Adelaide
    Alice Adelaide 3 years ago +Maurice H 😂
  • Maurice H
    Maurice H 3 years ago +Colestercamps And then your mom yells "stop yelling"
  • Colestercamps
    Colestercamps 3 years ago +Hello There if I take a girl home and she has a bush this is how the conversation goes (in stern voice ) "get out of my house ....NOW!!"
  • Cloe_MCIP
    Cloe_MCIP 3 years ago +umi sonoda umi-umi-uu~ ♪
  • alex
    alex 3 years ago nico
  • Lola Bint
    Lola Bint 3 years ago +Dorii But who does that, you gotta at least trim in yknow.
  • Flowless
    Flowless 3 years ago @Dorii But that doesn't mean everyone's pubes are going to be that long.
  • Driamera
    Driamera 3 years ago +vsk Vixen are you kidding me? the record for the longest pubes is 2 m of 2 women, thry braided it togheter
  • Flowless
    Flowless 3 years ago +Get outta My face WTC XD Pubes aren't growing that big. Seems like you have never seen genitals in your life.
  • kelli_zzz
    kelli_zzz 3 years ago or u could find someone who doesn't mind the pubes
  • Grumpy Pandy
    Grumpy Pandy 3 years ago same
  • Girl On Fire
    Girl On Fire 3 years ago SAME
  • Count Pastacreep
    Count Pastacreep 3 years ago Ive ended up on PubeTube.
  • H I
    H I 3 weeks ago I’ve always said youpube
  • Sophia Vasquez
    Sophia Vasquez 2 years ago puppy
  • Rock with Arms
    Rock with Arms 3 years ago YouPube
  • swiggityswooty4dabooty
    swiggityswooty4dabooty 3 years ago hehe
  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 3 years ago What am I doing here.. guess I've gone on an all-known buzzfeedtrip
  • Alanna Olives
    Alanna Olives 3 years ago "Best comment award goes to" 😂🎭
  • Silvia Aavistu
    Silvia Aavistu 3 years ago LMAO
  • Donna Leheny
    Donna Leheny 3 years ago 😂
  • Adeline Marie
    Adeline Marie 3 years ago I can't believe I am actually watching this video...
  • AileyDrawss
    AileyDrawss 2 months ago Adeline Marie me either.
  • Kaija Tetrev
    Kaija Tetrev 1 year ago Adeline Marie same
  • J Embrr
    J Embrr 1 year ago Adeline Marie 777th like
  • mxrshmallow dinosaur
    mxrshmallow dinosaur 2 years ago 606th like 😂😂😂😂
  • Adeline Marie
    Adeline Marie 2 years ago (edited) Be proud of you, you deserve it !
  • Aurora Sparks
    Aurora Sparks 2 years ago 420th like ;)
  • Babies 101
    Babies 101 2 years ago Adeline Marie ikr
  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody 2 years ago Adeline Marie same
  • Esther Meeks
    Esther Meeks 3 years ago Same!!!
  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 3 years ago I came here from a video-game video... what am I doing with my life..
  • It's me And You
    It's me And You 3 years ago same ....
  • hello everybody
    hello everybody 3 years ago samee
  • Pee pee in the Poo poo
    Pee pee in the Poo poo 3 years ago oh no i got lost in YouTube again how did i end up here
  • namtiddies enthusiast
    namtiddies enthusiast 2 weeks ago You know, your username says a lot about you
  • Nikki naik
    Nikki naik 3 months ago Because its high time to u to shave ur pubic i guess
  • Bobby Bro
    Bobby Bro 6 months ago How to feel with us weirdos
  • pallas
    pallas 1 year ago ME TOO
  • Tim Horner
    Tim Horner 1 year ago Marianna Prl same
  • Kamryn Nicole
    Kamryn Nicole 1 year ago You clicked on the video :P
  • Jimins dimple
    Jimins dimple 1 year ago Marianna Prl same
  • Leah Tragico
    Leah Tragico 1 year ago Because, emma watson
  • Sally Dagger
    Sally Dagger 2 years ago Marianna Prl it's pubetube
  • NekoBunny.Jpg
    NekoBunny.Jpg 2 years ago It's BUZZFEED, THEY DO THIS STUFF.
  • T.
    T. 2 years ago +Audra Kelly true
  • Audra Kelly
    Audra Kelly 3 years ago R U KIDDING THIS IS LADYLIKE!! #amazing
  • Spider woman
    Spider woman 3 years ago Cuz buzzfeed is great!
  • Hunter Nikel
    Hunter Nikel 3 years ago same bruhh
  • Gwen Gonzales
    Gwen Gonzales 3 years ago +jordyn miller I LOVE YOU BAHAHHA
  • fluteblower2000
    fluteblower2000 3 years ago IM AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN, PRAY FOR ME!
  • jordyn miller
    jordyn miller 3 years ago HOW DID WE END UP HERE
  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 3 years ago Trying pube oil together is a relationship goal tbh
  • DinckelMan
    DinckelMan 3 years ago BuzzFeed employees apparently get paid for putting oil on their pubes
  • Rachel Mackin
    Rachel Mackin 2 years ago DinckelMan They don't...they have jobs there, you know, this is just something else they do, they all work there as well
  • Mia Montford
    Mia Montford 2 years ago Want to apply?
  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago DinckelMan relax in knowing they're only making enough to count it as barely worth it.
  • Krys S
    Krys S 3 years ago +DinckelMan Dream job
  • homie93
    homie93 3 years ago +DinckelMan well, only these 3 did...
  • Kimmy Dooley
    Kimmy Dooley 3 years ago +TheTexasRangerNamedDeath okay this is odd to ask, cuz I'm assuming obviously not, but you never know. I'm curious, most dudes that'd say they love the bush probably wouldn't be going down on her though right?
  • noirdymind
    noirdymind 3 years ago +Ice cream waster Aleks ikr!
  • 김 가다시안
    김 가다시안 3 years ago It's better than poop tank cleaning job. They can apply pubic hair oil on their pubes and get salery. I wish I could work in BuzzFeed.
  • Hebba Lazim
    Hebba Lazim 3 years ago +cookie 1999 Ye I do :)
  • Leslie Muniz
    Leslie Muniz 3 years ago +Joshua Walker why is it eww its party of the human body I'm pretty sure you grow pubes
  • Kimbap Kidding
    Kimbap Kidding 3 years ago calm down people it's just a troll dicking around.
  • Megan Lawlor
    Megan Lawlor 3 years ago +Joshua Walker girls have pubes??? Just like guys?? Oh the shock
  • ayana khan
    ayana khan 3 years ago +Hebba Lazim same same hey do you had wattpad
  • Hebba Lazim
    Hebba Lazim 3 years ago +cookie 1999 oh he'll nah
  • Zimonicc Sick fandom
    Zimonicc Sick fandom 3 years ago Hahahhaahaha
  • Robert Cremin
    Robert Cremin 3 years ago They're making it more moistrous
  • ThisIsNotAMarisa
    ThisIsNotAMarisa 3 years ago +DinckelMan No, they get paid for creating video content that gets 64k views in two hours
  • Dot Pr
    Dot Pr 3 years ago Yep they do 😄😃
  • nimrat17
    nimrat17 3 years ago +DinckelMan Technically, they get paid for producing, writing, directing, etc.
  • ayana khan
    ayana khan 3 years ago +Hebba Lazim do you like arzaylea or na
  • ayana khan
    ayana khan 3 years ago +Hebba Lazim fam
  • Trinity Chen
    Trinity Chen 3 years ago Ikr
  • boes be
    boes be 3 years ago Goals
  • Hebba Lazim
    Hebba Lazim 3 years ago We're can I SIGHN up
  • 24HourMotel
    24HourMotel 3 years ago lol
  • Miss Britt K.
    Miss Britt K. 3 years ago 😂😂😂
  • Miister Cloud
    Miister Cloud 3 years ago I use the same damn stuff on my beard looool
  • HungryCat
    HungryCat 1 week ago LMAO
  • Erin Rusmi
    Erin Rusmi 2 weeks ago i've been using beard oil on my pubes and have taken to referring to my pubic hair as my beard :D
  • jamless toast
    jamless toast 1 year ago Miister Cloud XDXDXD
  • Real_ Deal
    Real_ Deal 2 years ago Girl yes
  • Narges
    Narges 2 years ago y do i find u every-where i go
  • AllyMsp X
    AllyMsp X 3 years ago I used men's beard softener and it works nicely...
  • Zaina Emad
    Zaina Emad 3 years ago Imfao
  • Clearly Platonic
    Clearly Platonic 2 years ago Freddie looks great in dutch braids!
  • Scarlett사랑해
    Scarlett사랑해 10 months ago Clearly Platonic true, she looks so good😍
  • Amelie Brown
    Amelie Brown 1 year ago Clearly Platonic Freddie looks good in anything! Their all beautiful!
  • chanaella
    chanaella 1 year ago You mean cornrows
  • The Johnnos
    The Johnnos 1 year ago Clearly Platonic I agree
  • blep blep cat
    blep blep cat 1 year ago Freddie looks adorable in anything
  • Taylor Honea
    Taylor Honea 1 year ago Clearly Platonic Freddie looks great with everything
  • Sofia DIY
    Sofia DIY 2 years ago Clearly Platonic yassss
  • Lola Verk
    Lola Verk 3 years ago ''Let it grow"💀
  • Ava Schmidt
    Ava Schmidt 1 month ago Lola Verk The Lorax
  • Дженни к
    Дженни к 1 year ago A bush never bothered me anyway
  • bionic limanov
    bionic limanov 3 years ago don't hold it back anymore
  • Gamer PandaGPDigital
    Gamer PandaGPDigital 3 years ago +Lola Verk let it grow,let it grow,let it growww
  • mavi 1k
    mavi 1k 3 years ago "I kinda felt like um.. Justin beiber" lmao
  • Matilde Cadau
    Matilde Cadau 2 years ago (edited) based mavi G *Bieber sorry.
  • Valeria Valencia
    Valeria Valencia 3 years ago "So you have a bush right now?" "Let it grow" lmao, dead
  • Nikki naik
    Nikki naik 3 months ago I love bushes do u
  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray 3 years ago At 1:32 you can see Saf's wardrobe full of her black clothes 😂
  • singing in purple rain and a lot more
    singing in purple rain and a lot more 1 year ago Lily Gray lol
  • Miss SavvyCat
    Miss SavvyCat 1 year ago Lily Gray 😂😂😂😂 typical saf
  • rebecca
    rebecca 3 years ago me
  • Abbie Langton
    Abbie Langton 3 years ago +Dania Sharaf saymme literally me 😂
  • Q P
    Q P 3 years ago Lmao I'm Saf
  • Katie
  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva 2 years ago Katie Guerra me too lol
  • Morkie Lover
    Morkie Lover 2 years ago WHAT! WHY
  • Morkie Lover
    Morkie Lover 2 years ago Ikr
  • Madison Kae
    Madison Kae 2 years ago She left buzzed😫
  • Vine
    Vine 2 years ago Katie Guerra I love saf she is my favorite ladylike and just buzzfeed person
  • grace summer
    grace summer 2 years ago +jedi_doge gr8 English skillz
  • randomchannel
    randomchannel 3 years ago safiya is sexy thts y i clicked
  • Katie
    Katie 3 years ago @ForCommentingMusic&Etc. :D♥ Yasss
  • aye
    aye 3 years ago SAAAME SAFIYA IS BAE ❤️❤️
  • Siera Bowen
    Siera Bowen 3 years ago 1:40 "so you have a bush right now?" Idk why but I kinda wanted to punch him in the face for saying that? Like why is it any of your business for one, and two, it's a bit sexest because I'm sure he has a busy too.
  • Mbeepy
    Mbeepy 1 month ago I totally get you. Why be so amazed that a woman hasn't shaved her pubes
  • anaki
    anaki 6 months ago Do you know what sexist means ?
  • Diana Duenas
    Diana Duenas 6 months ago I don’t think he meant it in that way to me it sounded more like he liked it so like a fetish
  • Shannon Ryan
    Shannon Ryan 6 months ago It was rude yeah
  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 6 months ago Yeah... bit problematic.
  • Auguratricis
    Auguratricis 6 months ago Same i wanted to punch him in the faceee :)
  • Alyssa Orrick
    Alyssa Orrick 7 months ago I think he said it more as a question not a sexism statement or anything
  • Laura Reid
    Laura Reid 10 months ago Maybe it was weird to him because he himself doesn’t grow a bush plus why don’t get easily offended oh my god
  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose 1 year ago SNHC09 well why aren't you a feminist
  • Chance Da Puppy
    Chance Da Puppy 1 year ago Siera Bowen he is gay so it is fune
  • Independence In Mind
    Independence In Mind 1 year ago Siera Bowen first of all learn to spell Secondly don't get so triggered lol it was just a question relating to what they were doing it's not sexist
  • BeezWax
    BeezWax 1 year ago no its not
  • amira
    amira 2 years ago lmao yall get mad at everything
  • Karma
    Karma 2 years ago Shanna I personally shave because I don't like pubic hair on my body. As for the women I date I tell them I'd prefer it to be bare but you can do what you want and they just usually shave as well.
  • **Aurora**
    **Aurora** 2 years ago Shanna lol I can't believe you compared a mans pubic hair to an afro. black people's hair type
  • Laura González
    Laura González 2 years ago For me sound more like a friend Who knows that you don't usually have pubic hair, and know if you have to oil It, It means you let It grow
  • my name chloe nice 2 met u
    my name chloe nice 2 met u 2 years ago He bats for the other team calm down love
  • Joker puff Lukez
    Joker puff Lukez 2 years ago being a feminist means you believe in equal rights fro men and women. are you saying men and women shouldnt have equal rights? not being a feminist means you believe that.
  • Karma
    Karma 3 years ago Maybe becuz men won't make a big deal and shave it off women are the one that complain.
  • Hunter Nikel
    Hunter Nikel 3 years ago can relate
  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic 3 years ago Sexist, racist, nazi, communist, fascist, chauvinistic, not PC, child molesting and just plain evil! Damn, get a lawyer son before you say anything! Jesus Christ, everyone gets offended these days by every single stupid question..
  • sophia smith
    sophia smith 3 years ago +Shanna Clowser feminist: someone who supports the legal, social, and economical equality of the sexes. are you really not a feminist in the least?
  • Sardonix
    Sardonix 3 years ago you look like the kind of guy that would ask that.
  • Ethan S.
    Ethan S. 3 years ago Are there several offended tumblr users here right now?
  • Lucky Lex
    Lucky Lex 3 years ago +Dylan Smith exactly my thought lol he wouldn't be thinking of fetishes with females...
  • Thilo
    Thilo 3 years ago +Siera Bowen (WitchCraft) You can see when you watch the buzzfeed videos, that they are much more open than other people, when it comes to these kind of questions. Nobody will get punched for asking this there.
  • Sardonix
    Sardonix 3 years ago +Siera Bowen (WitchCraft) I can see how it's offensive. It's because it's the only thing he could say about the situation, and it's totally something you'd expect a dude to say. I think thats why it annoyed me. I can't pinpoint it, all I know is it pissed me off.
  • SNHC09
    SNHC09 3 years ago i'm not feminist in the least but it drives me crazy when guys want girls to be clean shaven like a 5 year old girl yet they have a giant afro in there pants and no one says a word about it.If you don't understand that then please excuse yourself from the conversation because you're obviously ignorant.
  • Bryley Petzoldt
    Bryley Petzoldt 3 years ago It isn't even a little sexist.
  • le ah
    le ah 3 years ago omFg feminist jfc
  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 3 years ago +Alison Lee isn't he gay tho?
  • TheUzziest
    TheUzziest 3 years ago #Feminazis
  • Siera Bowen
    Siera Bowen 3 years ago +funch I know, shame of me
  • funch
    funch 3 years ago smh sharing your opinions on the internet
  • Siera Bowen
    Siera Bowen 3 years ago +Shanna Clowser exactly!
  • Alison Lee
    Alison Lee 3 years ago +Siera Bowen (WitchCraft) It seemed a little fetish-y to me. It bothered me, too.
  • Siera Bowen
    Siera Bowen 3 years ago +OMG_ITZ_KYLIE mcpe not specifically, but how he said it irritated me a little. Like this video is supporting the fact that it's okay for girls to have pubic hair and hearing him say that is the whole reason some girls shave, it's "socially unacceptable" to have pubic hair if your a girl for whatever reason.
  • Elenor Corano
    Elenor Corano 3 years ago "Let it grow, let it grow, can't hold it back anymore ..." "Do you wanna build a bush man?" ... Ahahaahah xD Let the bad puns begin ^^
  • Nikki naik
    Nikki naik 3 months ago Will u use this product anytime
  • Matilde Cadau
    Matilde Cadau 2 years ago "*knock knock knock* Pube, I know you're in there!" -ingrown hair problem.
  • Ayesha King
    Ayesha King 2 years ago (edited) These comments are hilarious 😂😂😂.
  • Danny Thiessen
    Danny Thiessen 2 years ago Lol dying
  • Vanessa Shahini
    Vanessa Shahini 3 years ago +Levi Ackerman Captain Levi why are you here?
  • Tonya Gates
    Tonya Gates 3 years ago +VixenviaX This is the best 😂😂😂
  • BTS_ Fangurl999
    BTS_ Fangurl999 3 years ago +Chance Dahan 😂
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
    Aelin Ashryver Galathynius 3 years ago +VixenviaX 😂😂 I love Mulan so much! Good one!
  • candilover 13
    candilover 13 3 years ago Oh my god I love Mulan !! This comment is amazing!!
  • Flower 17
    Flower 17 3 years ago Yaassss
  • Katelyn .ß
    Katelyn .ß 3 years ago +Sonia Nde 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • VixenviaX
    VixenviaX 3 years ago Did they send me razors? When I asked for sheers... Shame the men among me, as my crotch grows a beard... You're the saddest pubes I've ever grown, no regaine could help you through. How can I, make a bush, out of you?!
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
    Aelin Ashryver Galathynius 3 years ago Let it grow let it grow can't cut it down anymore Let it fur let it fuurrr, that baldy pube is gooone. Here we grow in the oil of pubes Let the shaving rage oooonnnnn! The hairs never bothered me anyway! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Dobby The Elf
    Dobby The Elf 3 years ago +Krysa Ascencio yes
  • firstforeign
    firstforeign 3 years ago +Elenor Corano actually wanted to comment that, but then I saw your comment xD
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
    Aelin Ashryver Galathynius 3 years ago Her pubes are growing on this oily storm on her.😂
  • Jay Antonio
    Jay Antonio 3 years ago @Elenor Corano yasss! You win internet comment of the day
  • Elenor Corano
    Elenor Corano 3 years ago Keep the good stuff coming, guys 😁😂 This shall be the most amazing frozen pube song EVER
  • Elenor Corano
    Elenor Corano 3 years ago @PandaSchwagg It's perfect 😂 Sorry ... it's fur-fect 😁
  • Jay Antonio
    Jay Antonio 3 years ago +Elenor Corano "Couldn't keep it slick. Heaven knows she tried. Don't let it fuzz. Don't let them see. Be the good pube you always have to be. Oil down don't pop up. Don't let them know. Well know they know." 😂😁I'm sorry I had to add on no matter how terrible my addition is.
  • Elenor Corano
    Elenor Corano 3 years ago @Chance Dahan ... "Not an ingrown to be seen, A kingdom of moisture slickness, and her skin a healthy sheen" 😂😁😎
  • Krysa Ascencio
    Krysa Ascencio 3 years ago +Chance Dahan Really?😂
  • Dobby The Elf
    Dobby The Elf 3 years ago "The oil glows bright on her pubics tonight"
  • MinecraftServersMojang
    MinecraftServersMojang 3 years ago Yay
  • NetherwingEgg
    NetherwingEgg 3 years ago Honestly I hate hair removal down there, its so time consuming and it just grows back after a day. I started using Jojoba oil because my hair was so coarse and so dark, and it has made a huuuuuuge difference. The hair is now much softer, much finer and has turned a blondish colour. Idc what anyone thinks, I think it looks great, and I would recommend it to all girls (and guys, I dont judge).
  • Isabel Albarran
    Isabel Albarran 2 months ago NetherwingEgg What specific brand for Jojoba oil you use? I am curious to know. Mine is coarse and dark, and they grow faster next day after I shave. Sometimes it can be annoying. I would like to know if any brand of jojoba oil can be used or...the one you use is the best one? let me know.
  • mookie loc
    mookie loc 11 months ago Noted
  • Pia Dylan
    Pia Dylan 1 year ago I never had problems with shaving my pubs, just a lotion after shaving and that’s all. never got ingrown hair or razor burn. tbh I don’t really like pubic hair .. I think it’s kinda gross
  • Kimmy Dooley
    Kimmy Dooley 3 years ago And the oil doesn't make you like.. Oily? Haha I'm afraid I'd have like an oil stain on my panties. Not hot x) And did you notice it help with razor burn at all when you try to shave?
  • NetherwingEgg
    NetherwingEgg 3 years ago +Zan Ali I have definitely noticed a big difference, but not everyone is the same, so I'd keep that in mind. And I usually use it after a shower to replace your natural oils that the soap washes away. It also smells really good haha. I'd say it's definitely worth a try :)
  • Ali
    Ali 3 years ago +Zan Ali pubic **
  • Ali
    Ali 3 years ago So you just put jojoba oil on your public hair every night and it became thinner? Asking for a friend LOL jk I'm really curious and might try it.
  • kaitlyn danielle
    kaitlyn danielle 2 years ago Freddie was so into the pube oil lol
  • Abby Emrich
    Abby Emrich 3 years ago The word "fur" describing any part of the human body just makes me uncomfortable.
  • mya ?
    mya ? 3 years ago your profile pic matches perfectly with ur comment omg and same it such an uncomfortable way to describe body hair of any kind
  • Xander Mykah
    Xander Mykah 3 years ago Why? 😂 that's essentially what it is. We're a close cousin to apes. We evolved from a common ancestor that had fur. 😂
  • Glory M
    Glory M 3 years ago Crazy, went from OCD parody video to furry vaginas.. I need stop randomly clicking, ocd instincts kicking in.
  • Nikki naik
    Nikki naik 3 months ago Hey do u use that product for ur pubic hair
  • Annie Thrash
    Annie Thrash 2 years ago @LylacProductions look in the video description
  • Lylac
    Lylac 2 years ago Ugh that song is catchy but it bothers me lol because of the way they portray OCD (even though they said it was sarcastic) but some people take it seriously
  • Christina Pedrani
    Christina Pedrani 3 years ago I love that song so much. I've seen it a million and ten times.
  • Glory M
    Glory M 3 years ago @FireCracker3240 Think is one from years ago .
  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 3 years ago @Annie Thrash Ahh, ok. Thanks! :-)
  • Annie Thrash
    Annie Thrash 3 years ago Old one
  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 3 years ago Hey, wait... Rhett & Link have a new parody video? Or is it the one from years ago?
  • Glory M
    Glory M 3 years ago @Annie Thrash Yes!!
  • Annie Thrash
    Annie Thrash 3 years ago Was is the Rhett and Link one?
  • Kati e
    Kati e 3 years ago If this will make it possible to shave without extreme pain and ingrown hairs then I will gladly fork over my goddamn money for it.
  • Gumball The Monkey
    Gumball The Monkey 2 years ago ingrown hairs down their are the WORSTTTTT
  • Skylar Barnett
    Skylar Barnett 2 years ago I just use an electric shaver so it's not so short
  • Katie B.
    Katie B. 2 years ago YES
  • Nikki
    Nikki 2 years ago @iiLord Crystal i personally don't, but yeah thats a good idea too :P
  • y t
    y t 2 years ago @Nikki Or just don't do it.
  • Nikki
    Nikki 2 years ago why do you guys even get rid of the hair if it causes so much pain and suffering? just do a nice little trim and its soo much better for you.
  • iccerox2000
    iccerox2000 2 years ago +A O'Neal yesss honey👌👌
  • TheLodjur
    TheLodjur 3 years ago @nomoredickpics He he, yeah if he/she can't handle a natural bush of pubes it ain't much to hitch your wagon nor rely on 😉. Would be really relaxed too, you don't have to do yours, I don't have to do mine. Equality 👍
  • nomoredickpics
    nomoredickpics 3 years ago @TheLodjur I'm pretty sure it bled bc I had already shaved like a week before so my skin was already more sensitive and with ingrown hairs but I guess trimming is what I can do.. if waxing wasn't so painful and money consuming I'd do it lol whoever gets with me gotta be mature enough to deal with it lmao
  • TheLodjur
    TheLodjur 3 years ago @nomoredickpics Ouch, no that's not what I would consider normal/common, I have never experienced that. I just came out of the shower, freshly shaved and it's smooth and nice, no red spots. Sadly I think you're right, some may have too thick hair (straws) for it not to be problems with lots of spots and ingrown hair. Oh well, a nice trim looks great as well 😊
  • nomoredickpics
    nomoredickpics 3 years ago @A O'Neal only like red spot like blood that's about to come out or actually dripping blood? cuz mine was dripping and i don't think that that should have happened lol
  • A O'Neal
    A O'Neal 3 years ago +nomoredickpics i think everyone bleeds like that. I always have a few random follicles bleed from shaving and waxing
  • nomoredickpics
    nomoredickpics 3 years ago I've tried shaving so many times with so many different things, condicioner, oils, shaving creams etc none of them have worked. Once I even bled from my ingrown hairs and after that I never tried again lol this must have to do with the fact that I have naturally a lot more hair than 90% of the girls out there and it's also thicker sigh
  • Anny T
    Anny T 3 years ago rn im feeling pain because 2 days ago it was razor time 😢😢
  • A O'Neal
    A O'Neal 3 years ago +Hannah Jade I just use it as shaving cream. Exfoliate a bit and then rub it in to melt it. I still get a few on my legs sometimes but never on the pubic area anymore
  • A O'Neal
    A O'Neal 3 years ago Coconut oil for everything. Furever.
  • SongofBeauty
    SongofBeauty 3 years ago So true!
  • Aliya Fazal
    Aliya Fazal 3 years ago +Kati e to prevent ingrowns use a soft exfoliating brush and use a body exfoliating scrub with acetylsalicyclic acid. Neutrogena has a great pink grape fruit body scrub with acetylsalicyclic acid that you can buy for less than $10- you can get this at walmart or any drug store. If you have a problem with bumps, use tea tree oil- a bit on the expensive side ($20 for a small bottle) but you only use a few drops and it works like a charm If you insist on shaving, using hair conditioner is the better alternative in comparison to shaving cream BUT i really don't recommend shaving as your hair grows back thicker and less manageable. I also don't recommended waxing, its extremely painful and if you don't go to a professional, you can really end up injuring yourself. I do sugaring, and its only not THAT painful, it pulls hair out from the root (rather than breaking off hair like waxing does), and your hair turns out much thinner and takes a really long time to grow back.
  • Leticia Heron
    Leticia Heron 3 years ago +Madeline Angel still get ingrown hairs with conditioner though
  • MissPennyLane91
    MissPennyLane91 3 years ago +Kati e "Tend Skin" (The Skin Care Solution) You're welcome. ;)
  • draleelee apsinspin
    draleelee apsinspin 3 years ago +VioletSkye It doesn't help me at all, I still get it anyways
  • Madeline Angel
    Madeline Angel 3 years ago dude use conditioner instead of shaving cream it's softer
  • Aileen
    Aileen 3 years ago use organic coconut oil for shaving cream down there hellooooo
  • monezzy05
    monezzy05 3 years ago Use tea tree oil after.
  • Nicole Pimenta
    Nicole Pimenta 3 years ago +Robert Nicholson (Bobby) what I meant by "what you use it on" is the type of razor you use.
  • Nicole Pimenta
    Nicole Pimenta 3 years ago +Robert Nicholson (Bobby) i mean women's shaving cream is not meant for your face since your a guy( i don't know what you use it on) but I shave with EOS shaving cream and it feels like heaven.
  • Robert Nicholson
    Robert Nicholson 3 years ago @Daggeira I just know it is a lot better than  the average women's shaving cream and better than most men's shaving cream. I've used women's shaving cream before to shave my face and that was probably the worst shaving cream I've ever used in my life.
  • Robert Nicholson
    Robert Nicholson 3 years ago +VioletSkye Try Men's Aveeno shaving cream. I used that to shave my face and it is by far the shaving cream I have ever used in my life. It doesn't even feel like I'm shaving. It just feels like the hair is falling off
  • PurpleViolet
    PurpleViolet 3 years ago Shave downwards and you won't get ingrown hairs and red bumps. Also always use shaving gel or even conditioner and invest in a good razor :)
  • Suki Linares
    Suki Linares 3 years ago +Kati e You can use cream instead of shaving
  • Ranch
    Ranch 3 years ago same
  • Meggymoo
    Meggymoo 3 years ago Same! 😂