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Amberlynn and Her Past Diets

Published on Feb 4, 2019 401,471 views

Lets take a look at some of her past videos talking about diets.

  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago I love how she calls them “weight loss updates”, like GORL... let’s be real, they’re weight gain updates.
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 6 days ago Plenty of people agreed with me anyway lololol
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 6 days ago @Hailey babe you're not 125 pounds. If you are I must be 2000
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 6 days ago @Hailey babe lol I'm not Amber. It's very ironic that you bag Amber, who I dont like anyway, and look like that.
  • 100 subs with no videos
    100 subs with no videos 6 days ago @ByeBitch 《 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  • angie btw
    angie btw 2 weeks ago Hailey lmao I read “Pinned By some thot” and I was like laughing and wheezing cause it sounded so weird.
  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 3 weeks ago Sunshine Buffalo Dont even come for her like that lol. Even if your assumptions were correct 125 is average weight for a 5 ft female
  • Angelica Preston
    Angelica Preston 1 month ago The amount of people who hate this girl and wanna put her down just because she’s beautiful is alarming. Are you all honestly that insecure about yourselves?
  • taya daniels
    taya daniels 1 month ago Hailey from your face, you don’t look overweight AT ALL idk wtf these people are seeing.
  • Wing Wong
    Wing Wong 1 month ago ByeBitch 《 ur one to talk
  • 8/10 was an inside job
    8/10 was an inside job 1 month ago (edited) SAVAGE. I'm snitching, you just murdered that bitch!
  • Leonie Brown
    Leonie Brown 1 month ago NISA HAASE I suggest you read my comment again. You don’t know the girls weight, or what her body even looks like, other than a picture from her profile of her FACE. Stop assuming shit just because she spoke the truth that you clearly can’t handle
  • Peachrocker
    Peachrocker 1 month ago can someone tell me what gorl means? i googled it and found nothing.
    NISA HAASE 1 month ago @Leonie Brown bruh. She's fat
  • Leonie Brown
    Leonie Brown 1 month ago Dr.Debunked these comments are disgusting. You’re attempting to judge someone’s weight based on a picture of their FACE, without ever seeing their full body in a pic. Bit childish to assume someone’s weight without ever knowing their actual weight. Yikes, you just sound insecure, honestly. You should go see a therapist, my dude.
  • moot _
    moot _ 2 months ago She also says "binge eating" as if there's ever a period where she isn't stuffing food in the meat flaps
    NISA HAASE 2 months ago Tea
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 3 months ago holo it’s me 💀💀💀
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 3 months ago YEEEE
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago tbonedude12 her physical “disabilities” are self-inflicted, and she refuses to get help for her mental ones. SHE puts her life on the internet, and therefore should be aware she’ll receive criticism. In the vid she even says it’s a weight gain journey 😂💀 what are you even talking about. You obviously have never watched this girl and you resort to petty insults because you know how delusional your argument is. Sssaaaaaddddd.
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago tbonedude12 imagine being this delusional 😂
  • Flashback Mary
    Flashback Mary 4 months ago Successful weight gains
  • tbonedude12
    tbonedude12 4 months ago Hahahaha fucking ewww, a pink haired plastic cunt obsessing over ABL to make themselves feel better. Maybe you should pick on someone without a disability and stop obsessing over your looks so much as if that makes you perfect. You're a fuckwit without a logical thought in their head and just drone on and on about drama all fucking day. The reality you live is morally so fucking gross, especially compared to someone just living their life and posting update videos. Killlllll yoursellffff.
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago (edited) U A thank you 🙏🏻 I don’t exploit my life and weight gain journey on YouTube for money. I’m merely stating a fact. She even admits it’s a weight gain journey. 🐸☕️ and I’m not gonna sit here and defend what I look like from a small pic when we’ve seen AL’s full body. We have facts on our side, they’ve just got hurt feelings because they’re ambabies.
  • U A
    U A 4 months ago (edited) Hailey yeah. I immediately thought of my sister when ppl were accusing you of actually being fat. Her face is rounder but she’s skinny. I think people just get kicks out of being mean to a pretty girl 🤷🏽‍♀️ just my 2 cents. Your comment is still valid whether you’re overweight or not..soo...
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago Brianna Jones I really appreciate you defending me love. If you want to follow me on Instagram I’ll message you directly 😂 I’m not going to defend myself to people who are delusional
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago Brianna Jones apparently only round faces belong to fat people 😂😂😂 what are these people on about
  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago U A I know right, what the hell hahaha
  • U A
    U A 4 months ago Hailey i don’t understand why you’re getting so much hate for this comment lol. Tons of people have said this and amberlynn pretty much did too. Sheesh
  • char sta
    char sta 4 months ago For real like no diet will work . She does everything in an obese fashion.
  • Sunshine Buffalo
    Sunshine Buffalo 5 months ago Her face is round, and her mouth is small compared to her ballooned face. Plus, her jaw isn't chiseled and you can't see hollows of cheeks. She's probably 5 foot zero, 125 pounds so BINGOOO she's overweight.
  • Megan Hicks
    Megan Hicks 5 months ago @ByeBitch 《 ikr
  • Daisy Duke
    Daisy Duke 5 months ago 🤣👍⭐🏆🏆⭐👍😂
  • sonya v
    sonya v 5 months ago 😭😭😭
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago anothergrill even you haven’t seen her in real life you don’t know if she’s lieing
  • anothergrill
    anothergrill 5 months ago Brianna Jones woa relax lady I never said anything about her looks, she’s just clearly lying about her weight like amber does. I could care less what she weighs or looks like. Simmer down, friend.
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago anothergrill and girl btw even if she is overweight some guys like curves and ass and tits rather than looking like you. A stick figure. Don’t think because youre skinny that you’re attractive because if you look at models they have a coke bottle figure not a pencil figure
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago anothergrill lmao if you could actually see that’s her neck underneath her chin. and why are you so concerned about the way she looks. You must be really insecure to comment on people’s looks do you hate yourself?
  • anothergrill
    anothergrill 5 months ago Brianna Jones point me in the direction of any 125 pound woman who has 2 chins
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago Dr.Debunked have you seen her in real life? Do you know what she looks like?🤨 nope and 125 pounds isn’t overweight lmao it’s very healthy and normal. Wtf do you look like🤔
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago anothergrill lmao you have no idea what she looks like besides her face. Keep doing your cringe video game videos
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago Dr.Debunked being overweight shouldn’t matter unless it personally affects you. And it doesn’t matter if I’m small or not I can judge who I want it’s a free country
  • anothergrill
    anothergrill 5 months ago Hailey you and amber have a lot more in common than you might think it seems... 🙈
  • Kenny OG
    Kenny OG 5 months ago Ooooo girl ? Or ....
  • Kenny OG
    Kenny OG 5 months ago Gorl?
  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago Brianna Jones 😘😘😘 people judge by a pic of my face lmao
  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago Dr.Debunked I’m 125 pounds I’m not 600 😂😂
  • Dr.Debunked
    Dr.Debunked 5 months ago (edited) Brianna Jones is overweight okey? IM just saying dont judge someone for their weight If you Arent small yourself
  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 5 months ago Hailey LMAOOOO THIS KILLED ME and btw you aren’t fat at all you’re absolutely gorgeous
  • Dr.Debunked
    Dr.Debunked 5 months ago (edited) Dont comment on someones weight when u are overweight yourself
  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago Hayley she calls them weight loss updates in every video
  • Hayley
    Hayley 5 months ago She literally said at :46 "it's been nothing but a weight gain journey, we all know this" so what is the point of this comment lol
  • kimberly s
    kimberly s 5 months ago More like weight gain updates
  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago ByeBitch 《 can’t say I’m a fan of your videos, but I think you should delete the alt accounts, you’re not fooling anyone
  • Jordan Tyler
    Jordan Tyler 5 months ago ByeBitch 《 weak bait
  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 months ago ByeBitch 《 HI AMBERLYNN!!!!!!!!
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 5 months ago @I’m Canuck not 4 u
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 5 months ago Says the chick who looks chubby asf in her pic lol
  • holo it's me
    holo it's me 5 months ago "pinned by some thot"
  • Jordan Tyler
    Jordan Tyler 5 months ago k9 FreakZ shoot it homie
  • I’m Canuck
    I’m Canuck 5 months ago Hailey u got snap?
  • H Joanna B.
    H Joanna B. 5 months ago She's tried "everything" except controlling her portions, exercising more, and seeing a professional for her binging disorder
  • Groaty McOats
    Groaty McOats 1 week ago Shes done everything except the things that will work.
  • joy torrey
    joy torrey 2 weeks ago Joanna Boes exactly. she could lose weight just by decreasing portions. that’s how I’m losing weight.
  • Thomas Beebe
    Thomas Beebe 2 weeks ago (edited) @lovingblueboy yes, exactly an eating disorder, not a binge eating disorder. As far as I know she hasn't been diagnosed by a professional with binge eating disorder. She's addicted to food.
  • lovingblueboy
    lovingblueboy 3 weeks ago Thomas Beebe that is an eating disorder. Binging is the result of being addicted to food, and/or an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 weeks ago She also didn't try surgery. Surgery + seeing a therapist would work.
  • Thomas Beebe
    Thomas Beebe 4 weeks ago Except she doesnt have a binge disorder. She's plain ol addicted to food.
  • Twilight Sparkitup
    Twilight Sparkitup 1 month ago Saying it straight is the way to be
  • Suicidalpenguin
    Suicidalpenguin 1 month ago She doesn’t even have binge eating disorder. She just decided she does because she refuses to have self control.
  • vitalya
    vitalya 1 month ago shes tried everything except actually sticking to any of the things shes tried
  • direct Charge
    direct Charge 1 month ago If she actually followed any of the diets mentioned in the video they would have worked
  • Kyle Crocker
    Kyle Crocker 2 months ago That would mean she couldn't gorge
  • Jessica Graham
    Jessica Graham 2 months ago Exactly smh she just gains and gains. I think she’s going do die which is sad. She could have lost so much weight by now is she actually got some real help and self discipline
  • Haley T
    Haley T 2 months ago Me
  • Lauren Wallace
    Lauren Wallace 2 months ago 👏👏👏👏
  • dont do school do drugs
    dont do school do drugs 3 months ago My 600 pound life***
  • yxmmy
    yxmmy 3 months ago Joanna Boes lmao right?
  • Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn 5 months ago she just looks like she smells like hotdog water
  • Jayda Colon
    Jayda Colon 1 day ago // lee // UM WTF
  • Jayda Colon
    Jayda Colon 1 day ago Samantha thats someone from bts- OMG YOUR SO🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Jayda Colon
    Jayda Colon 1 day ago Samantha um- wtf? Bag of di- i don’t even wanna know what that smells or looks like 😫🧐
  • I am milan
    I am milan 5 days ago 😂😂😂
  • MisiaMafia8
    MisiaMafia8 5 days ago BRUHHHH
  • Michael Alguire
    Michael Alguire 6 days ago Yes, you are absolutely correct. That's what I was thinking.
  • Maryam Khalil
    Maryam Khalil 1 week ago This is disgusting
  • Black Honey
    Black Honey 1 week ago 🤣🤣
  • ghost 305
    ghost 305 2 weeks ago And fritos. The nasty store brand
  • supcharlie1774928847
    supcharlie1774928847 2 weeks ago Samantha you look like a smelly fishy vagina. And what’s with the fucked yo face. A common street whore if ever I saw one!
  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper 1 month ago Maybe she's born with it Maybe it's Oscar Meyer
  • Beth K
    Beth K 1 month ago Lmfao
  • Poofie lil potato
    Poofie lil potato 1 month ago Yup
  • Arianna Heart
    Arianna Heart 1 month ago this is kinda mean but i really can't disagree.
  • r m
    r m 1 month ago @Samantha Sammy is triggered. Are you morbidly obese too?
  • Seo changbin
    Seo changbin 1 month ago @Samantha You look like you smell of a bag of rotten cheese
  • jikookie uwu
    jikookie uwu 1 month ago // lee // SAWKJSJSJS
  • // lee //
    // lee // 1 month ago Samantha you look like you smell like a cum sock i found in my big brother’s bed room 5 month ago
  • Saphire Wiliams
    Saphire Wiliams 1 month ago Chelsea Lynn omg you're right btw I don't want to be creepy but you look hella good in the picture(I really don't want to sound creepy)
  • YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou
    YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou 1 month ago @Samantha aw you didn't have anything better to say thot?
  • Pernille Kopatz
    Pernille Kopatz 1 month ago Lmafo
  • Jaydon hammock
    Jaydon hammock 1 month ago you look like you smell like T H O T
  • sarah lang
    sarah lang 1 month ago HOT DOG WATER😂
  • Jdie Juice
    Jdie Juice 1 month ago Winner👌🏼😂😂
  • joy torrey
    joy torrey 2 months ago @MEME REVIEW hotdog water you know what hotdog water is lmao
    MEME REVIEW 2 months ago Didnt knew water had a smell
  • Elijah Åhr
    Elijah Åhr 2 months ago @Samantha hoes mad
  • joy torrey
    joy torrey 2 months ago @Samantha you look like you smell like youre jealous oooo girl
  • Raquel986
    Raquel986 2 months ago Bih I hollered at this comment!!
  • A random human being on the internet
    A random human being on the internet 2 months ago Monica Hall lmaooo
  • Iwasbornwiththegay
    Iwasbornwiththegay 3 months ago Samantha some people don’t want their face to be all over the internet?
  • Amy Park
    Amy Park 3 months ago two girls both with filters but obvs ones uglier than the other. yes you with the yeast infection. GET DAT SHIT TREATEDDD
  • yxmmy
    yxmmy 3 months ago Wow I never thought about what she smelt like.. yuck
  • Loyxi Fen
    Loyxi Fen 3 months ago Ew lmao that's so wrong
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 3 months ago 🤢🤢🤢
  • Ya Boi Diglett thank you pewdiepie
    Ya Boi Diglett thank you pewdiepie 3 months ago @Samantha a bag of comedy!
  • Ellieee
    Ellieee 3 months ago Ew. Just imagine. Ew.
  • marlon thomas
    marlon thomas 3 months ago Chelsea Lynn fubu snaps?
  • Clara's Wonderland
    Clara's Wonderland 3 months ago Now I can't unsee this thank u
  • xIzzayyx
    xIzzayyx 3 months ago Emily Cress right
  • Tania Meza
    Tania Meza 3 months ago Eww lol
  • Адренохро́м _.
    Адренохро́м _. 4 months ago The comments are gold
  • Nichole
    Nichole 4 months ago Oh god 🤢
  • M.K. L.
    M.K. L. 4 months ago More like ass and cat food.
  • Mr. Yeetersons
    Mr. Yeetersons 4 months ago @To Release is To Resolve honestly
  • Emily Cress
    Emily Cress 4 months ago while that’s funny, she probably smells a lot more like body odor, sweat, mildew and filth bc heavier people tend to not shower daily and do laundry or change clothes often bc of laziness and/or depression
  • Bella ostrovksy
    Bella ostrovksy 4 months ago Monica Hall “eternal yeast infection” LMFAOOO
  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok 4 months ago @Samantha Filter thot.
  • Jackie Muccilli
    Jackie Muccilli 4 months ago Chelsea Lynn and underboob sweatv
  • Kevin is here
    Kevin is here 4 months ago She looks like she'd smell like sweaty heat after 80 pacers, no offense to becky but she looks like she would smell like hotdog water
  • cashews _
    cashews _ 4 months ago @Samantha yummy.
  • Geoisme
    Geoisme 5 months ago Rude
  • lJadeJollyLovel
    lJadeJollyLovel 5 months ago @Monica Hall LMAOO
  • louise valiquette
    louise valiquette 5 months ago omg i nearly pissed myself. too funny
  • Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn 5 months ago ava 😂😂
  • ava
  • To Release is To Resolve
    To Release is To Resolve 5 months ago Lmao bunch of grumpy hoes
  • ___ SAD ___
    ___ SAD ___ 5 months ago Samantha you look like you smell like a thot GET OUT
  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 months ago Ewww Lol 😆
  • Fragile Hands
    Fragile Hands 5 months ago @Angst by Numbers Touche 😂
  • Angst by Numbers
    Angst by Numbers 5 months ago Im sure hotdog water smells better
  • Samantha
    Samantha 5 months ago YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou but hold on ... where’s your pic hahahah let’s be real
  • Fragile Hands
    Fragile Hands 5 months ago Omg 😂
  • YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou
    YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou 5 months ago @Samantha You're one to talk lol.
  • Monica Hall
    Monica Hall 5 months ago Samantha you look like you smell like an eternal yeast infection.
  • Samantha
    Samantha 5 months ago You look like you smell like a bag of dicks 😬😷
  • Anna
    Anna 5 months ago Lol that’s actually pretty accurate
  • Trash :l
    Trash :l 1 month ago (edited) She is my motivation. I’m afraid to be her, that’s why I try my best to make healthy choices and I’m exercising now bc yes I’m overweight but I don’t want to be like that. To the point where I give up and barely keep up on a diet. That is why she motivates me to exercise, she sets an example of what I don’t want to be. Thanks for the motivation and likes guys! It’s been 4 weeks and I’ve started a diet and been working out on the daily, I lost 8 pounds! Which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is a lot for me.
  • Elliee Howard
    Elliee Howard 18 hours ago Same as me :) I’m on my second week of working out and eating good. It’s hard but I feel so much better in myself. I’m going to do this for 2 more weeks and then start adding in like a takeaway or a cheat day a week. This is my motivation aswell I don’t want to wake up and barley be able to walk and just have my skin wiggling in the air 😂😂 don’t give up.
  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 1 day ago You can do it.Great job already!💕💕
  • ᴍɪʀxʜ ᴠ.
    ᴍɪʀxʜ ᴠ. 3 days ago @Arielle Johnson I'm a 13yr old girl and I'm skinny even though I weigh 130Ibs yet I'm scared to become like Amberlynn so Everytime I eat I exercise after. my parents say I'm really skinny and based on my height "5'8" at 13 that it's going to be really hard for me to ever be overweight or obese. Even though all of this I still try to pay attention to my weight.
  • Dreazya Morgan
    Dreazya Morgan 6 days ago Omg dude you literally explained me in your words. I'm so on the same page
  • megan _ thomas
    megan _ thomas 1 week ago Good for you! Keep it up!
  • Dragony Demise
    Dragony Demise 1 week ago 8 pounds is a lot! You keep going, we are all cheering for you!
  • T E A - AngelaRøsè.
    T E A - AngelaRøsè. 1 week ago Same. I lost 13kgs. 😭 Still going for more.
  • ar k
    ar k 1 week ago Congrats on trying to change yourself so you don’t end up like that, keep going love!
  • Here to Have Fun
    Here to Have Fun 1 week ago I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started watching her 2 months ago
  • fluffysaik
    fluffysaik 2 weeks ago u go dude ✊🏻
  • Rylie Joelner
    Rylie Joelner 2 weeks ago yasss ive started my new diet today!!!
  • The. ApexWolf
    The. ApexWolf 2 weeks ago Girl me too! Just an overweight girl tryna be healthy using scare tactics 😹
  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 2 weeks ago Good job! I hope you have a healthy journey 💕 best of luck
  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol 2 weeks ago Girl me too
  • Nintendo Switch
    Nintendo Switch 2 weeks ago same im 245 at the moment and im trying to get to 140 for highshool :)
  • KJthaKing _
    KJthaKing _ 3 weeks ago I have way more confidence in you than I have in her
  • Loris Jeremy
    Loris Jeremy 3 weeks ago Im in love with your profile😂😂😂😂😍😍
  • Arielle Johnson
    Arielle Johnson 4 weeks ago I watch her videos for what I could have been if I had kept blaming my medicine on my weight gain. Thankfully, I hit 13 and knowing I was becoming older I was like yeah nope I'm going to get into shape. Turns out exercising and eating in moderation keeps me tiny (I'm really short and small ) and while yes the medicine contributes to 60ib weight gain over 4 years, (lose about 30) it just increased my hunger signals. I had to mentally tell myself that I didnt need to get seconds or thirds. Now I count calories for myself (1500-2300 depends on how much I exercise) which allows keep track food both healthy and unhealthy
  • Iara Luna Portugal
    Iara Luna Portugal 1 month ago SAME also because I relate with her lazyness to exercise and binge. It's really a sad situation and actually I hope one day she stop the cycle, but yeah seeing her is a red flag to me
  • sam charlie
    sam charlie 1 month ago LITERALLY same i watch her videos while im running or on the elliptical or if i want to eat food i shouldnt have
  • Lily is gay
    Lily is gay 1 month ago You can do it I believe in you!
  • Nicole Bagniefski
    Nicole Bagniefski 4 months ago "I don't wanna do keto... I've heard so many people get high cholesterol from that" girl you probably already have high cholesterol
  • Elliee Howard
    Elliee Howard 18 hours ago Have a diet that works for you. That’s just what I do listen to ur body don’t listen to all of the keto diets n shh it’s all bs. Everyone needs different types of food to keep them healthy just make sure you eat healthy and up to ur expectations. Exactly what I’m doing and it’s working just fine :)
  • I am milan
    I am milan 5 days ago blank stare what? Even if that were true (it's not) Umm she's 600 pounds. Health is not priority for her anyways.
  • Andrea Ordoñez
    Andrea Ordoñez 4 weeks ago Agree. She must have the whole metabolic syndrome.
  • banana milk
    banana milk 1 month ago Her: I’m going to start a YouTube channel to track down my health Also her: *gains 200 pounds*
  • JoelleisAce
    JoelleisAce 4 months ago She's tried fasting?! For how long an hour?!
  • I am milan
    I am milan 5 days ago 😂😂😂
  • Amiyah Whindam
    Amiyah Whindam 1 week ago @Ann R 😂😂😂 WOOOWWW
  • Ann R
    Ann R 1 week ago @Amiyah Whindam one time she said she fasted because she didn't eat all day cus she was sleeping 😂
  • Black Honey
    Black Honey 1 week ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Amiyah Whindam
    Amiyah Whindam 2 weeks ago Amber: *doesn't eat for 10 minutes Also amber:IM FASTING
  • Kay Hope
    Kay Hope 2 weeks ago @5SOS Trash how long did it take you?
  • Jomana Ahmed
    Jomana Ahmed 2 weeks ago JoelleisAce I lost 15 pounds from fasting 🤠😌👊🏻
  • 5SOS Trash
    5SOS Trash 3 weeks ago @Hermyonee i'm also doing intermittent fasting. Went from 155 to 145 and still trying to lose more👍
  • Sash
    Sash 3 weeks ago @Katrina i think he was being sarcastic.
  • Hermyonee
    Hermyonee 3 weeks ago Katrina Shirks you can also do intermittent fasting. That’s what I do
  • Katrina
    Katrina 4 weeks ago @G R fasting is any time you don't consume calories within 24+ hours. It's definitely not a week or more.
  • G R
    G R 1 month ago numberof thedevil when you only drink water for like a week or more
  • numberof thedevil
    numberof thedevil 1 month ago What's fasting?
  • G R
    G R 1 month ago JoelleisAce 20 minutes
  • Dust Buggy
    Dust Buggy 5 months ago (edited) How does our gorl count calories for years and still end up gaining over 150 pounds?? ...its the binge monster 😭😂😂😂
  • Black Honey
    Black Honey 1 week ago 😂😂
  • Anne Quiet
    Anne Quiet 2 months ago She only counts her calories go up and the food she eats at night don't count.
  • Mellissa Eddinger
    Mellissa Eddinger 3 months ago @Learnlivelaugh ROTFLMAO!!!
  • Luka 16102017
    Luka 16102017 4 months ago Geoisme calorie deficit=weight loss
  • Learnlivelaugh
    Learnlivelaugh 4 months ago She said that she counted them , she didn’t say she was cutting them Lol
  • TheGoldenAge
    TheGoldenAge 4 months ago She just has trouble counting past 6,000 a day
  • Geoisme
    Geoisme 5 months ago Dust Buggy just cuz you count calories doesn't necessarily mean you will lose weight, you need more motivation than just tracking your calories
  • Liz Nguyen
    Liz Nguyen 5 months ago keto isn't the answer either!!! just practice a balance diet and excercise!!!
  • h
    h 6 days ago @Nichole keto is retarded. enjoy your heart disease tho i guess
  • samara
    samara 4 weeks ago keto would be a GREAT way for her to lose the weight, it’s the fact that once she got off of it she would go crazy and most likely binge. if she did keto, lost the weight she needed, got off keto and ate a balanced diet (as well as exercised) her health would be in great shape. the only problem is that keto long term promotes heart disease and can actually greater your chances of developing cancer. if anyone in this comment section is on keto and is using it as a lifestyle, PLEASE get off as soon as you can. eventually your weight loss will plateau and the negative affects of keto will start to emerge. i was on keto and i lost weight but i started to do research and quickly switched to veganism, which has so far helped me lose weight but in a healthy way where i’m not depriving my body of an energy source.
  • taipo griz
    taipo griz 1 month ago (edited) I don't think keto is the best. Just IE, and this if she sticks with any diet. The reason I say this is because she needs to learn how to respect food as well as having a positive relationship with it. And as someone else mentioned, she doesn't have the discipline and is too lazy to do research into it. Let's be serious, she probably doesn't even know her TDEE/maintenance levels or CICO. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if she used the symptoms relating to entering keto or carb cravings as a means to justify a binge.
  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 1 month ago @Mermaid Life I realize this but I am rooting for her.
  • Mermaid Life
    Mermaid Life 1 month ago Maria Sanchez Congrats Maria! Unfortunately our gorl is not able to stick to anything longer than 2-3 days
  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 1 month ago I've lost over 100lbs on keto. Keto could work for her.
  • Mermaid Life
    Mermaid Life 1 month ago Keto isn’t the answer for her at least at this time. That requires research, discipline, ambition and planning. You know....all the things she’s not willing to implement.
  • rihah
    rihah 1 month ago Yeah she’s focusing a lot more than food than physical activity
  • IDK UnitRblx
    IDK UnitRblx 2 months ago (edited) Keto works for me I lost 15 pounds doing this diet but I need to keep goin :3
  • Lynnie Lynn
    Lynnie Lynn 2 months ago What a load of crap. It is for me!
  • Anna C
    Anna C 2 months ago Any diet has to be healthier than what she’s eating now
  • Lauren Wallace
    Lauren Wallace 2 months ago Balance that is the key
  • Stay Smacked
    Stay Smacked 3 months ago The thing is she doesn't want to lol ... She dont care about her life just look at her...
  • Jamie Samolyk
    Jamie Samolyk 3 months ago LOL you're asking too much from her. Shes really toxic & doesn't want to do the work.
  • Alicia Keys
    Alicia Keys 3 months ago Nichole Well i dont do a keto diet i have a balance diet i lost 5kg each month and its great i eat salmon pasta and brown Bread sometimes i can eat a chocolate but thats it, but i am proud of you keep going!💗
  • Adrian Garza
    Adrian Garza 4 months ago @Nichole I think she is just saying that loosing weigth is about the caloric deficit.
  • Nichole
    Nichole 4 months ago Minni Are you saying 170 calories in cookies is as healthy as 170 calories in grilled chicken and broccoli?
  • Minni
    Minni 4 months ago Nichole actually, the research shows that it doesn’t matter if you cut carbs or just watch your calories, the most important thing is being in a calorie deficit. There is no difference in long term, so do whatever feels best for you. I tried keto years ago but I didn’t have energy to excercise and never felt satisfied after eating just protein+fat+veggies. Now I eat everything in moderation and maintain bmi ~21 without even trying.
  • Nichole
    Nichole 4 months ago (edited) Liz Nguyen Yes it is sustainable. I live this way now. About to enjoy a veggie omelette with sautéed veggies in olive oil and grass fed butter. Lost 41 pounds and will not stop.
  • Nichole
    Nichole 4 months ago Keto is an excellent way of managing your weight. The research supports this.
  • Potato Senpai
    Potato Senpai 4 months ago Liz Nguyen Keto can be maintained as a lifestyle lol
  • Lucid Dreams
    Lucid Dreams 4 months ago (edited) Keto is the answer for me lol and you can control your portion sizes and the keto will help you fix all that I’ve lost soooo much
  • Morning Sunshine
    Morning Sunshine 4 months ago @Amanda Roloson I agree with your point and yea that also makes my soul shiver
  • Amanda Roloson
    Amanda Roloson 4 months ago @Morning Sunshine if she truly has gallstones she cannot be on the keto diet. She CAN however be on a low carb high protein diet. The extra protein would keep her fuller (in theory) and allow her body to get into ketosis without all the extra fat consumption. That, plus a daily regimen of traditionally fermented foods would be life changing. The thought of what kind of microbes are dying in her system and slowly poisoning her makes me shudder.
  • Angel Stokes
    Angel Stokes 5 months ago In her case I don’t think anything will work if she doesn’t stick to it. But I do understand with her mentality that once she came off of the keto diet she would probably just go nuts and gain the weight back. She needs a lifestyle change.
  • Liz Nguyen
    Liz Nguyen 5 months ago @Morning Sunshine yeah however its short term and not sustainable for the rest of your life..
  • Morning Sunshine
    Morning Sunshine 5 months ago Keto can be the answer if she stuck to it
  • Noah Foley
    Noah Foley 4 months ago If she just drank water. JUST WATER. Man the changes you'd see
  • Amiyah Whindam
    Amiyah Whindam 2 weeks ago Exactly!! Give up the diet sodas and sugary drinks AND SHE WILL SEE RESULTS!!!
  • Jane 26
    Jane 26 2 weeks ago Ikr! This woman lives on diet soda and then wonders why she isnt losing any sis just because it has 0 calories doesnt mean its healthy!!!
  • Thiccc Sprite
    Thiccc Sprite 2 weeks ago Noah Foley bruh she probably would say “drinking water made me sick” or sum shit like girl stfu
  • Sophie Kelly
    Sophie Kelly 3 weeks ago I just realised how much 2 litre is and I probably drink a lot more than that lol
  • Sophie Kelly
    Sophie Kelly 3 weeks ago LazySkull so many people use this excuse saying that they drink pop because they can’t stand water. My boyfriend HATED water and would literally never drink it, whereas I drink like 2 litres a day I’m addicted to it lol. I have a bottle that keeps water cold and it took me like 30 mins to get him to even TRY the water from the bottle. And then he’s like ‘wow it Acctually tastes okay when it’s cold and stays cold in the bottle . Since then he drinks a lot more water but only from this fucking special bottle , otherwise he only drinks Dr Pepper :/ it’s so gross !!!
  • IIsuperstarII
    IIsuperstarII 3 weeks ago @left for lionheart lmao true
  • left for lionheart
    left for lionheart 1 month ago @LazySkull I've had little kids tell me they dont like water cause it tastes bad. stfu and dehydrate then little bitch
  • LazySkull
    LazySkull 1 month ago @left for lionheart Yeah I know. But fat people still think its disgusting. In reality its probably their own mouth.
  • left for lionheart
    left for lionheart 1 month ago @LazySkull water literally has no taste like,
  • LazySkull
    LazySkull 1 month ago "Water tastes disgusting". Would be a guaranteed reply. Its an excuse a lot of fat people use.
  • left for lionheart
    left for lionheart 3 months ago She probably stuck to it for a day and gave up
  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 5 months ago She eats hot Cheetos for a “challenge” like gorl your only eating them because you want to cheat
  • WuTangPuTang
    WuTangPuTang 1 month ago “So can we have a thumbs up for a cheat meal ?!” No bitch... you need the thumbs up to get a fuckin treadmill !
  • iam atoaster
    iam atoaster 1 month ago I like the little cat at the beginning and end.
  • -• Pastereł -•
    -• Pastereł -• 1 month ago (edited) “ can we have a thumbs up for a cheat meal? like omg is this real life? “ 5:26
  • Deanna Lykoff
    Deanna Lykoff 1 month ago I guess you could say that she wanted to cheeto
  • Audrey Hockman
    Audrey Hockman 1 month ago Like nobody is making her do it You can just say no if someone is
  • 南雲Haruya
    南雲Haruya 1 month ago Cheese puffs or hot cheetos aren't even that good. They taste like garbage, because it is.
  • Amy Park
    Amy Park 3 months ago Its just one of her small steps to the reach 700lbs challenge
  • Tommy Twonuts
    Tommy Twonuts 4 months ago It was a supposed challenge with some girl I saw the other video. But she was just trolling AL
  • J
    J 4 months ago Is it really a challenge when you're 500 lbs?
  • Lady Kusani
    Lady Kusani 5 months ago She calls it a "challenge" but it's literally her everyday diet lol
  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 5 months ago Purrezi ikr
  • Purrezi
    Purrezi 5 months ago (edited) i also like how she called it a “challenge” and acts like she’s struggling to finish it even tho,, she has eaten full bags of Cheetos before. like come on amber, sweetheart you seem to forget that we remember at least 2 “mukbangs” you’ve had so far where you’ve eaten an entire bag of Cheetos (a family size bag on Cheeto puffs in one and a large bag of hot Cheetos in another + additional junk food)
  • Miss KayKay
    Miss KayKay 1 month ago (edited) She looks like the older version of honey boo boo in the thumbnail…
  • MB vigario
    MB vigario 1 month ago i gotta say shes horrible at following diets but girl teach me the ways of the perfect wing
  • joy torrey
    joy torrey 2 weeks ago Thomas Beebe no it’s not but her eyeliner is pretty good I guess. better eyeliner than I could do haha 😂
  • LaShawn Rodriguez
    LaShawn Rodriguez 2 weeks ago MB vigario yasss... her eyeliner is poppin!!! 😜😍
  • Thomas Beebe
    Thomas Beebe 2 weeks ago @Katrina it's not great for her eye or face shape. It makes her eyes look smaller and beadier than they already are. My wife is a makeup artist and she teaches me stuff about makeup. But if I absolutely had to pick a "good" thing about her makeup it would be her eyeliner
  • whomst
    whomst 3 weeks ago Try using a white pencil liner and then going over it in (LIQUID!!) black liner. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it and can cut out the entire white liner step.
  • Katrina
    Katrina 4 weeks ago @Thomas Beebe her wing is actually pretty great all the time.
  • Thomas Beebe
    Thomas Beebe 4 weeks ago Her makeup really isnt good
  • itpaystobeme
    itpaystobeme 1 month ago True.
  • KillerKikyo5
    KillerKikyo5 4 months ago “Flamin hot cheeto challenge” Gorl it’s not a challenge for you, it’s a hobby.
  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson 3 months ago It's a deep inhale.
  • Nicol Steyn
    Nicol Steyn 4 months ago the way she pronounces things really maroons my five
  • Zea
    Zea 5 months ago "i tried going vegan" GORL U ATE PROTEIN COOKIES FOR LIKE A DAY U DID NOT TRY TO BE VEGAN GTFO
  • Daniel Sohn
    Daniel Sohn 1 month ago (edited) I went vegan for months (Can't remember when I started) consisting of steamed brown rice with assorted beans, with nothing but vegetable side dishes, small controlled portions and with only two meals a day and I went from 73kg to 60kg (61.5 now due to catching a stomach flu of sorts). During my time with it, my body had so much excess energy that I was waking up to 5:25am. I felt great, my constipation was gone (Had one when I started it) and did I mention that I felt GREAT? But, Amberlynn? Bitch please. She seriously said she tried going vegan after just ONE DAY?! WITH A PROTEIN COOKIE???? GORL, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT LAME ASS EXCUSE.
  • Pearl Vilakazi
    Pearl Vilakazi 1 month ago 😂😂
  • 8/10 was an inside job
    8/10 was an inside job 1 month ago Hey, go easy on her. Our gorl thought about veganism as she choked down her 15th chicken wing.
  • Centuro Relcoral
    Centuro Relcoral 1 month ago @ElTerroristaSurvival they never said eating protein cookies was bad. They were saying she basically "went vegan" for a day eating vegan junk food.
  • Cruz
    Cruz 2 months ago Sis u r cute af
  • chloe mcilroy
    chloe mcilroy 3 months ago As a vegan it’s perfectly insulting for people like her to make out like veganism is a diet for weight loss. She is so uneducated it’s crazy 🙄
  • LexTalk
    LexTalk 4 months ago All of her diets are made up of super processed foods. If it's not ready made she won't eat it.
  • Nele Rennecke
    Nele Rennecke 4 months ago @ElTerroristaSurvival There are many other ways to get vegan protein
  • Finn The Goldfish
    Finn The Goldfish 4 months ago (edited) SUGARFEST ZEA that is vegan but she didn’t try to do a plant based Whole Foods diet.
  • ElTerroristaSurvival
    ElTerroristaSurvival 4 months ago and just for adding more information: protein cookies or protein bars are most buyed from real vegan people, so again, search more please.
  • ElTerroristaSurvival
    ElTerroristaSurvival 4 months ago so if you think that taking any kind of protein is unhealthy or bad you are so wrong
  • ElTerroristaSurvival
    ElTerroristaSurvival 4 months ago hi, eating protein cookies is not meat, if u dont get enough protein for your body during the day in some way as a vegan or not you will lose muscle mass
  • Soopy Gril
    Soopy Gril 4 months ago I'm not even a vegan but that got me mad
  • virgoblade
    virgoblade 4 months ago SUGARFEST ZEA gonna follow u too :P
  • Zea
    Zea 4 months ago @YOITSSELENA @_world.princess I'm having trouble getting into my acc rn but when I'm able to ill follow you back!! <3
    YOITSSELENA 4 months ago OMG yaaa work it gurlll! Btw what's your IG?
  • Zea
    Zea 4 months ago @YOITSSELENA me too girl! Im actually at the gym rn. #vegainism
    YOITSSELENA 4 months ago Thats soo true..... It's disgusting how she blames everything on her eating disorder...... She actually motivates me to work harder on myself......
  • Zea
    Zea 4 months ago @YOITSSELENA she the type to eat vegan junk food for a week straight then say veganism made her sick lmfaoo
    YOITSSELENA 4 months ago ..... I bet she wouldn't be able to be vegan for 5 hours...... And by the way I'm vegan
  • Lisa Sabrina
    Lisa Sabrina 4 months ago thank you
  • A N
    A N 5 months ago I feel like food doesn’t even taste good for her she just has to full-fill some instinct to eat . Smh sad. Her and Eugenia are the extremes of YouTube
  • Sukkulents
    Sukkulents 1 month ago Wow, I didn’t think YouTube allowed self harm
  • CloudTae
    CloudTae 4 months ago Solution: •Eat balanced meals with average portions and focus on eating veg and protein. •try to work out at least 2-3 times a week for ten to twenty minutes. You will see a huge difference at the end of the month
  • Emily El
    Emily El 4 months ago “If you can choose bacon over a banana then there’s something wrong” BRO u literally do exactly THAT