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How to Debone a Chicken in 18seconds?

Published on Nov 27, 2009 3,135,017 views

Martin Yan is a celebrated host of over 3,000 cooking shows, broadcast worldwide. He enjoys distinction as a certified Master Chef, a highly respected food consultant, a cooking instructor and a prolific author.

His diverse talents have found expression in 30 cookbooks, including the award-winning Martin Yans Feast, Martin Yans Asian Favorites, Chinese Cooking for Dummies, Martin Yans Chinatown Cooking (intro by Julia Child), Martin Yans Quick & Easy, and his latest, Martin Yans China (a cookbook that documents his travels throughout the far reaches of China, and his culinary discoveries).


  • FroopieLoopies
    FroopieLoopies 3 years ago Title should have been: "How to Debone a chicken while leaving the bones in"
  • AtomicDog
    AtomicDog 3 days ago @C D Kennedy You will never forget that ancient Chinese secret. Nice.
  • ARK 143
    ARK 143 4 days ago how to lie to the viewers coz fuc.king expensive to eat this shity resto.
  • Joey Ramos
    Joey Ramos 2 months ago Hahahaha! Debone with bones. lot's of talking...
  • Marcia Voster
    Marcia Voster 2 months ago Thought he was gonna debone a complete chicken to make a chicken roll was dissapointed
  • C D Kennedy
    C D Kennedy 2 months ago (edited) I was taught how to do this by a Chinese chef/restaurant owner, however a slightly different technique, but still very similar. In a busy restaurant you don't have time to relax the chicken and they were semi frozen as to reduce bacteria forming since chicken is sensitive to that at a certain temperature. I'll never forget how painful it was to debone 60 semi frozen chickens I was able to completely debone a chicken in 30 seconds or less including breast, tenders thighs and legs as well as lollipop the wings. I was considered slow by their standard, but was a novice cook/meat cutter at that time. I ended up leaving that job for a better paying job in a different industry, but still I cut whole chicken the same way I never forgot how to do it this way.
  • Radiobeatle
    Radiobeatle 3 months ago Extracto!
  • Roshan Manilal
    Roshan Manilal 3 months ago Alrighty then
  • Lou Kweiser
    Lou Kweiser 5 months ago FroopieLoopies
  • Phonfeis
    Phonfeis 5 months ago Jexaxtily
  • Blue Blaze
    Blue Blaze 8 months ago Some ppl are impressed by anything
  • Wood Wood
    Wood Wood 10 months ago Life hacks
  • Greg Cyrus
    Greg Cyrus 10 months ago ...and keeping your own finger bones unharmed.
  • Rafael
    Rafael 11 months ago or how to fuck up a chicken in 8 mins
  • Virginia Conway
    Virginia Conway 11 months ago Leaving a bit of the leg is customary it adds a special touch, food is first eaten with the eyes first to see the delectability/
  • 이영우
    이영우 1 year ago FroopieLoopies
    HEIR CLOTHING 1 year ago Eggs Akh Lee
  • CakeDzigner
    CakeDzigner 1 year ago Thank you.. u said it
  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 2 years ago exactly ... i was surprised actually
  • WeeJoe 46
    WeeJoe 46 2 years ago Exxxcellent...DOH!
  • JP Galz
    JP Galz 2 years ago TRUE!... WRONG TITLE..
  • cobra sixtysix
    cobra sixtysix 2 years ago eggsakori
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    . 3 years ago @Vikram Sharma you broke the chain :( EGGSZAQUERI
  • Vikram Sharma
    Vikram Sharma 3 years ago Correct, Time waster. Nonsense speaker.
  • Bart Bartel
    Bart Bartel 3 years ago egzackerie
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    . 3 years ago Xcakri
  • Scott Crider
    Scott Crider 3 years ago Ecxacry
  • Paul
    Paul 3 years ago That's not deboned, that's just sectioning it.
  • Skanda Baby
    Skanda Baby 1 month ago @Jammin Clemmons You have a good point, no one cares about your stupid fucking pretentious advice... Hows that? Did I counter "balance" correctly, fuckface?
  • Karma Changchup
    Karma Changchup 3 months ago Exactly