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UPDATE March 14th, 2019 || New site, New show!

Published on Mar 14, 2019 1,330 views

New Site:

  • Shawn Paul
    Shawn Paul 2 months ago Aww i wanted to see his reaction highschool dxd.
  • Hero killer
    Hero killer 2 months ago Are you gonna finish OVERLORD?
  • Hunter 4522
    Hunter 4522 2 months ago for real
  • JJ Gilmore
    JJ Gilmore 2 months ago I love your new site but there’s still some stuff you need to react to like A certain magical index season 3 and I hope you’ll react to it soon because I love that anime and I can’t wait for you to react to it
  • MinecraftPro15
    MinecraftPro15 2 months ago Me too. But I don't think he needs to react to until the dub version is at least finished.
  • JJ Gilmore
    JJ Gilmore 2 months ago MinecraftPro15 but he can react to it now because it already has 20 episodes and if he reacts to it now it’ll probably be finished
  • MinecraftPro15
    MinecraftPro15 2 months ago But isn't the dub lagging behind sub?
  • JJ Gilmore
    JJ Gilmore 2 months ago Most of the anime has dubbed that is behind the dubbed but he should still watch it or react to it be when I watch it the episodes turn out fine
  • Angel Quintero
    Angel Quintero 2 months ago Lol, he said ‘give me a day until I get all the shows on the site’ and there’s already people asking for Overlord. Guys if you want Overlord, stop asking for it, he’ll get to it soon enough.
  • URBOI Leto
    URBOI Leto 2 months ago Angel Quintero it’s almost been 3 months... I think asking for Overlord is justified
  • Bo_3abes
    Bo_3abes 2 months ago This is amazing😍good job . And hope your hard work pays off good👌
  • Natsu VI Britannia
    Natsu VI Britannia 2 months ago Hopefully many youtubers join then I can watch a bunch of them in the same place Love the new site hope for the best and hopefully it will grow to be the greatest
  • PerfectDark
    PerfectDark 2 months ago Nice site and hopefully more reactors will participate, but I have to ask. Maybe I missed something, but Overlord was dropped? Because it's not even listed on the new site.
  • lord drakkon
    lord drakkon 2 months ago keep on going cobra much love! thx for the update.
  • kibert135
    kibert135 2 months ago Do you plan to go back to gen:LOCK now that the whole first season was aired or did you drop it
  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos 2 months ago Finish OverLord and Start Sword Art Alicization... like we speak on last live
  • Thomas Gabriel White
    Thomas Gabriel White 2 months ago The design is better, and more organized.
  • Jac Jacob Israel
    Jac Jacob Israel 2 months ago Thank you for the new site
  • Strphen Price
    Strphen Price 2 months ago Is there away to watch the gdrive reactions on phone
  • Ruslan Khairullin
    Ruslan Khairullin 2 months ago Finish my registration on the But still using good old ^_^
  • lop90ful1
    lop90ful1 2 months ago Paycho pass meh
  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres 2 months ago Where's overlord
  • Briana S
    Briana S 2 months ago Glad its not goblin slayer lol i think I’m the only one who couldn’t make it past the first episode
  • Pale Blue
    Pale Blue 2 months ago The first episode was awful. You can be edgy without drifting into laughable stupid, and they have missed the mark by a lot. But after this initial stupidness they had a good balance going with some genuinely good episodes and character moments.
  • Excho None
    Excho None 2 months ago Id like to see a reaction to Haikyuu, i dont know if you have to be a patreon to make a suggestion though.
  • Tri
    Tri 2 months ago It was on the poll a few times and never got a lot of votes
  • Excho None
    Excho None 2 months ago @Tri Well thats a shame.. Thanks for the info.
  • jose M
    jose M 2 months ago Nice new site , looks a lot more manageable than the old one and of course it is in your power now which is the best thing about this new site ( other than the fact you need to fix every problem that occurs ) . Question , what's going on with overlord , if something happened you can just tell us I think the majority of the community will defend your actions but keeping us in the dark is not fun .
  • Tri
    Tri 2 months ago He'll get to it eventually, as you know it doesnt have its own schedule so other shows take priority and he has been busy lately
  • Mehmet Bakircioglu
    Mehmet Bakircioglu 2 months ago Overlord?