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Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat

Published on Oct 12, 2018 1,044,552 views

Professional athlete Tim Tebow gives insight into what he eats on the ketogenic diet. Plus, find out what’s in Tim’s favorite “fat bomb” dessert and his go-to snack.

  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 9 months ago Dont be fooled, dr oz knows nothing about keto. Dr berg is the best keto information with 100s of awesome videos.
  • Rus ridge
    Rus ridge 6 days ago Andy Dressler You are 100% correct. He’s a douche Oprah pussyboy
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  • kerrmann
    kerrmann 3 weeks ago Yeah this TV evangelist back peddles on a lot of content. He just follows the heard. And steals content.
  • Epsie Shapley
    Epsie Shapley 1 month ago Andy Dressler yeah, but I’ll clap for most anything if Tim Tebow will stand there.
  • Josh Carrillo
    Josh Carrillo 2 months ago @MADEINUSA I think dr. oz is a moron too, I think keto itself is stupid. I dislike chiropractors using the title of doctor to fool naive people.
    MADEINUSA 2 months ago @Josh Carrillo lmao Dr. Berg has more information and experience with nutrition in his pinky than Dr. Oz has in his entire existence...Dr. Berg is not some pioneer in Keto dear...try Google. There's plenty of Doctors who agree with Dr. Berg, educate yourself on the topic and you'll realize Dr. Oz knows nothing about nutrition. 🙄🤦‍♀️
  • Josh Carrillo
    Josh Carrillo 2 months ago "Dr." Berg is a chiropractor
    MADEINUSA 2 months ago Ben lamo, idgaf...I'd rather have the truth about my health, k thks.
  • roughrider ben
    roughrider ben 2 months ago Andy Dressler Dr Berg has no personality
    MADEINUSA 2 months ago @lucaboden he looks amazing for a 55 yr old who grew up on sad diet...🤦‍♀️
  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 2 months ago Dr Berg doesn't look like the picture of vibrancy and health either though.
    MADEINUSA 3 months ago TRUTH!!!
  • Catie Gus
    Catie Gus 4 months ago @Andy Dressler He did it just the other Morning! On Fox & Friends! BASHED it ..Unbelievable.. These Pill Pushing Pimps in White Coats are Pharma MINIONS.. And I'm speaking from being a CHF Patient.. They almost took me out!
  • Catie Gus
    Catie Gus 4 months ago Amen to that! He knows NOTHING about the Science about it.. Definitely stick with Dr. Berg! I was a Heart Patient ( CHF) and EVERYTHING they told me to do and take made me SICK.. Heart Meds.. BP Meds.. Diabetes.. and Cancer are the Big Pharmas BIG MONEY MAKERS.. They want to Keep You SICK.. So Yeah.. I Fired my Pill Pushing Pimp in a White Coat... KETO FOR LIFE! NOTE to On Lookers.. This is NOT ATKINS! And Beware of BAD SUGAR SUBSTITUTES! STEVIA in POWDERED Form is NOT GOOD! Only Liquid.. Erythritol .. SWERVE is my FAV! Stay away from anything that has MALTODEXTRIN! It's POISON!
  • John Newby
    John Newby 4 months ago MDs have almost no nutritional training, worked beside them for years. Oz has learned some stuff but knows almost nothing about nutrition compared to Berg plus DCs go to school longer than MDs so your point about education in lacking plas DC have way more nutritional training
  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown 4 months ago Lol exercise I changed nothing but my eating keto way and at 49 lost 17 pound so far after 2 months. 153 to 136 and I feel awesome. I may be more energetic than before but no exercise regime.
  • JJ’sgamingYT
    JJ’sgamingYT 5 months ago I know! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Benny
    Benny 5 months ago @Andy Dressler We also don't know the long term effects of keto. What happens when you stay on keto for 20 years? We don't know yet. Oh well. I guess when people start having heart attacks we will know then. BTW, I'm all for keto but lets not be ignorant. We just don't know.
  • BCuda2010
    BCuda2010 5 months ago Dr. Berg is a fraud who tries to sell supplements to people who lack nutrients from this stupid ass diet. Plus he recently added D.C. to his youtube because me and a group of people kept calling him out for it on all of his videos. Dr. Berg is a chiropractor and a straight up fraud.
  • Bowl Cut
    Bowl Cut 5 months ago Andy Dressler 1000th like
  • Andy Arvai
    Andy Arvai 5 months ago he is s surgeon, not a nutrition specialist
  • Prasad Raju
  • Fernando Acereto
    Fernando Acereto 6 months ago Keto360 Keto capsules Keto bars etc marketed everywhere now. My formula is homemade and not only better than these Keto products but cheaper and you can make it anytime. Stops the cravings during your fast. Eat it during your6-8 hour window
  • Aymen Aziz
    Aymen Aziz 6 months ago Dr berg ? Srsly 😂
  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella 6 months ago Absolutely Dr. Oz is clueless about keto. Dr.Berg here on youtube saved my life!!!!
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 6 months ago @KL B Dr Berg is good but he is far from the best, he has his OWN version of keto
  • KL B
    KL B 6 months ago I was a patient of Dr. Bergs several years ago. He wasn't always keto. He had me on a low-fat high protein diet that made me very ill.
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 6 months ago Dr. Eric Westman is the original keto doctor from way before any of these doctors that we see on social media a lot of their information comes from him
  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers 6 months ago @Andy Dressler......I can't like your comment enough. As soon as I see his name, the clip loses credibility. Dr. Berg is much better. That Dom D'augostino(I'm sure I butchered that) is really good too.
  • Cam DAhawkdriver
    Cam DAhawkdriver 6 months ago Dr. Oz is using a trend that’s catching popularity, but I agree, he knows what he’s been taught in med school - nothing about ketones, krebbs cycle, mitochondria, etc. I’m glad he’s bringing folks on that are doing it, but he really needs to brush up on the research supporting Tim’s healthy craving of avocados. Tim is not worried at all about calories and looks great. Understand the process behind the body’s nearly exclusive use of fat, you unlock your potential to be very lean/healthy.
  • Cynthia Robinson
    Cynthia Robinson 6 months ago Love Dr. Berg!!?
  • N Valdez
    N Valdez 7 months ago Dr. Ken Berry who is an MD promotes this also, as well as Dr. Jason Fung . . check out their videos . .
  • Shelly W
    Shelly W 7 months ago yes yes yes Dr. Berg😍😍😍👍🏿👍🏿get him on the show w apology Dr Ozzz
  • Benjamin Fowler
    Benjamin Fowler 7 months ago use keto ultra diet :
  • Alae Khaldi
    Alae Khaldi 7 months ago Absolutely True!
  • Ray Cyst
    Ray Cyst 7 months ago Andy Dressler it's all ridiculous bullshit for fat ass house wives. very simple. eat less exercise more. Case closed
  • Riovenf F
    Riovenf F 7 months ago Misleading representation of food proportions that are shown on the table, It should be the calories that you can get from each food groups and not the amount. Dr.Berg explained this.
  • M K
    M K 7 months ago Dr. Berg is a hack internet troll to get your money
  • Leighann Brown
    Leighann Brown 7 months ago So glad to see this comment! Dr Oz also screwed Dr berg over by telling him he wanted him on his show, then taking the notes he sent to the show prior to appearing and bringing in some other quack to quote dr berg theories. He called and told dr berg he was going another route and didn't need him! Dr Oz is a traitor and a thief!
  • itsmepuja
    itsmepuja 7 months ago Andy Dressler- right on!!
  • Forthelove OfTruthPls-question
    Forthelove OfTruthPls-question 8 months ago @abeautyfreak SO? you are conditioned to believe medical doctors know better-when in fact the research shows they are taught very little on nutrition while in school. Think outside the box- watch a few documentaries- starting with "The Magic Pill" and your eyes will be opened.
  • Forthelove OfTruthPls-question
    Forthelove OfTruthPls-question 8 months ago And Dr. Berg was suppose to be on the show but got booted in place of a medical doctor- this is why you need to be able to think for yourself outside the box- everything they tell you is not always the whole story. This segment would have been much much more accurate and informative with a keto expert like Dr. Berg or the diet doctors.
  • The Mature Nurse
    The Mature Nurse 8 months ago Dr. Oz is a cardiologist! He def knows about Keto. I would listen to him before anyone. In med school you learn about nutrition and its effects in the body. Even in nursing school I learned this.
  • txguynnh
    txguynnh 8 months ago Andy Dressler Oz is an idiot. He screwed Dr Berg around on body types and got some idiot on in his place. Hey Oz! You don’t smell ketones because once your adapt you burn your acetal acetate up and don’t have excess! Duh!
  • Coolest Guy On The Internet
    Coolest Guy On The Internet 8 months ago Contrition uhhh since when does being an MD make you a nutritionist?
  • Lauren McW
    Lauren McW 8 months ago @Melissa Walker ~ If you are already at the weight you'd like to be, you can adjust your "macros" (fats, proteins, and carbs) + your daily caloric intake to maintain right where you are. After losing all but two of the pounds I'd like to lose, I plan to alter my own macros in the next week or so, however, I definitely plan to stay in nutritional ketosis because my body works so well on it. I'll boost my caloric intake (I look at it as a rough idea... the only thing I'm strict about is net carbs) as I start building muscle. Congratulations on the 20# weight loss!
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 8 months ago @Unkindnessof Ravens your a little late to the party there bud
  • Unkindnessof Ravens
    Unkindnessof Ravens 8 months ago Andy Dressler “dr” Berg is a chiropractor 🤣 Try Dr. Westman, Dr. Barry, Dr. Scher. Scientists like Dr. Phinney. Or Anyone on “Low Carb down under”. Or “Diet Doctor “ online (he’s a real doctor too!)
  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 8 months ago @Lauren McW Thank you Lauren for your thorough reply. It is much appreciated. I have tried the no-carb route several times with very little success because frankly, about the 4-6 day mark, I turn into a very unhappy person and am totally miserable, not to mention I have no energy. I have read that if you can just get over that "hump" then all will be smooth sailing but that "hump" for me is like Mt. Everest. LOL. The keto diet so far seems much more doable and I have lost approx. 20 pounds. Unfortunately, I don't just have 20 more to lose. I will definitely watch the videos you recommended. Good information is sure hard to come by.
  • ketogenic diet
    ketogenic diet 8 months ago if you know about the keto thruth visit me dr oz nothing about keto
  • ketogenic diet
    ketogenic diet 8 months ago if you know about the keto thruth visit me dr oz nothing about keto
  • Lauren McW
    Lauren McW 8 months ago @Garth Burnett ~ That couple is Keto Connect, Matt Gaedke and Megha Barot. They describe themselves as "just some random people on the internet," but they're both smart cookies and there's usually a lot of research behind their videos. The sugar alternatives video they did is one of my favorites. 90% of the recipes I live on come from their videos and cookbooks.
  • Lauren McW
    Lauren McW 8 months ago @Melissa Walker ~ A short answer to what you say is your biggest question: The way nutritional ketosis is different is that it is low carb, adequate or moderate protein, and high fat. The people who suffered adverse reactions on the Adkins diet did so because the recommended protein was too high. He was on the right track, but the latest research and findings show that too much protein causes your body to convert it to glucose, keeping you out of true ketosis. See Dr. Stephen Phinney's excellent series introducing what he describes as a "well formulated ketogenic diet." As he states in the first (of 4) Virta presentations, "Nutritional ketosis is a powerful tool," and shouldn't be entered into without knowledge. I promise you, he'll draw you in within the first 3 minutes of that 21-minute video. Virta, by the way, is an organization he and Dr. Jeff Volek began, along with some of my other favorite authorities on keto (like Dr. Sarah Hallberg) to finally provide the medical field with the studies they need to start making radical changes in the status quo. The status quo being what caused the diabetes epidemic in this country to sky-rocket.
  • Sruthy Sreenivasan
    Sruthy Sreenivasan 8 months ago has Anyone used any of Ms_Pancho's meal plans,heard that they really work and is affordable! checkit now>>
  • Garth Burnett
    Garth Burnett 8 months ago And Doc Boz on YouTube! They are my go too's. And there is a couple who do a lot of videos on keto stuff. I like the one they did about sugar replacements and their effect on blood sugar and ketone levels! Dr. Berg also does one on the degree of insulin response that different foods have on the body.....Cream Cheese creates an insulin response!! Remember that with your fat bombs!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!
  • Nd Ken
    Nd Ken 8 months ago Is that the guy dr oz stole from?
  • Sean Bouterie
    Sean Bouterie 8 months ago Agreed
  • ketogenic diet
    ketogenic diet 8 months ago if you kwnow about the keto truth click here and know about diet http://zeshan48db.livingthin.hop.clic...
  • Scott Garcia
    Scott Garcia 8 months ago Na. Dr. Berg clips on fasting, keto, and such are just ok. Check out Thomas DeLauer who was over weight, if you want to see how it actually works.
  • Topher Magellan
    Topher Magellan 8 months ago @abeautyfreak yep, so?? You need to watch his videos! It might help you.
  • Topher Magellan
    Topher Magellan 8 months ago @Contrition very rare.
  • Topher Magellan
    Topher Magellan 8 months ago @Contrition he is a sell out!
  • Sarah 0000
    Sarah 0000 8 months ago He looks like a twitter star to me, which has no credibility....
  • Topher Magellan
    Topher Magellan 8 months ago Yes, he stole Dr Berg idea.
  • Presley Chamberlain
    Presley Chamberlain 8 months ago Are you a doctor? Hell na!
  • Full Time Vegan
    Full Time Vegan 8 months ago (edited) @The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home wow, "vegans look like death as well" Well you got me there. Dr ellsworth wareham was born in 1914 making him 104 years old. Listen to this guy talk and tell me he's on deaths door
  • Full Time Vegan
    Full Time Vegan 8 months ago @Darth Keto I don't think 60 lbs overweight with CAD is considered looking "vibrant"
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 8 months ago @Melissa Walker lol then why do you feel the need to protest the statement dr berg has better info. Lol have a nice day and have fun getting terrible health advice from a hack big pharma dr.
  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 8 months ago @Andy Dressler O.K. Where did Oz say to eat a ton of cashews? That was Tim's idea of his example. No one said "This is what you should eat exactly" Even Oz questioned Tim when he indicated that he ate a lot of bacon. It was obvious that he did not agree with that himself. Main point here is no one show is meant to be a holy grail, follow this advice to the letter proposition. It is a general type show to introduce people to different health topics in a short amount of time. After watching this show, anyone who is interested further will do further research. I have already watched a few others and intend to watch more, but one should not just watch one show or read one thing regardless of how well put together it is. My biggest question is, "How is this diet essentially different from the South Beach or its predecessor the Atkins? I have read that the Atkins was more restrictive but other than that, they all seem to be essentially low carb, high protein, high good fats.
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 8 months ago @Melissa Walker if you like misinformation and bad advice (cashews) then go ahead.
  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 8 months ago @Andy Dressler We will definitely leave it. The diet is the same regardless whether you listen to Oz or Berg or any of the other "experts" out there. Anyhow, if someone is interested, they will research it more. This is not meant to be an in-depth, comprehensive show, just a quick overview. I found it very informative for the type of program it is and its intended purpose.
  • Austin Yipeo
    Austin Yipeo 8 months ago keto cycler yes for sure he’s definitely sponsored by big pharma
  • Dolores Rivera
    Dolores Rivera 8 months ago KETOGENIC DIET Meal Plan - 7 DAY FULL MEAL PLAN for Beginners >
  • squidgaming742 sacs
    squidgaming742 sacs 8 months ago It literally can make you just skin and bone. My dad did it and he was grumpy and it made his belly suck in. Awful
  • Sel Are
    Sel Are 9 months ago (edited) If a shill like Dr Oz is promoting Keto, it must be nonsense! The benefit of Keto is the fact that you're eating real foods and avoiding a lot of the bad stuff.. but running on glucose is less stressful on the body! Just eat real, clean, nutritious foods and don't worry about this whole Keto avoiding carbs BS
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 9 months ago abeautyfreak Dr Berry is AWESOME!
  • Lara M
    Lara M 9 months ago (edited) Tim looks amazing, Dr. Oz does not. so, I want to eat like Tim, not Dr. Oz. But Also, please give Dr. Oz a break. He just reads a script a lot of times, and listens to conventional research papers by other PHDs, which is wrong a lot. He seems to be trying to help people.
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 9 months ago @Bi Tran He may be a Chiropractor but he's still more of a doctor than the Wizard of Oz.
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 9 months ago @lucaboden You're joking, right? Dr Atkins ALWAYS looked energetic and vibrant. He was also SEVENTY YEARS OLD!