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Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat

Published on Oct 12, 2018 950,438 views

Professional athlete Tim Tebow gives insight into what he eats on the ketogenic diet. Plus, find out what’s in Tim’s favorite “fat bomb” dessert and his go-to snack.

  • Revelry
    Revelry 6 months ago The audience claps for everything, even the avocados
  • Cindy Russi
    Cindy Russi 6 months ago Revelry lmao
  • Militia 4546
    Militia 4546 6 months ago This will cause cancer.. ( audience clapping)
  • Mike Bracciodieta
    Mike Bracciodieta 6 months ago Revelry cause they are directed too....much how sugar eaters get directions from the bad gut bacteria lmao Right off the top....he makes the error of saying eating high fats burns off your body he describes Keto later is eat fat more to train your body to run off of its own fat during fasting periods
  • RayBbaby
    RayBbaby 6 months ago 40% of the audience are avocados, so it makes sense...
  • JillyBean860
    JillyBean860 6 months ago 😂
  • Menia Frazier
    Menia Frazier 5 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫
  • MissMaggieLicious
    MissMaggieLicious 5 months ago I laughed so damn hardddd hahahaha
  • Ray Cyst
    Ray Cyst 5 months ago Revelry dumb bitches in in the audience
  • J O
    J O 5 months ago I eat bacon : claps 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Dauna Sprowls
    Dauna Sprowls 5 months ago i found this keto ultra worked for me yahoo !!
  • Dauna Sprowls
    Dauna Sprowls 5 months ago if you have any question please ask but you know one thing i bought keto ultra with above link it really helped me to burn my fat within 14 days... happy to share
  • S. Champ
    S. Champ 5 months ago Revelry hahahha
  • Stacy Stalstone
    Stacy Stalstone 5 months ago Avocados deserve a standing ovation
  • *wishmeluck*
    *wishmeluck* 4 months ago They're white. Of course they clap for avocados
  • gina lee
    gina lee 4 months ago 😁😊😎
  • Leyla Matyakubova
    Leyla Matyakubova 4 months ago 🤣
  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers 4 months ago If it was Oprah they would be bleating like sheep.(I think that's what it's called.)
  • leon kennedy
    leon kennedy 4 months ago Lol, he asks them to put their hands up and they clap instead ... Wtf
  • Moi S
    Moi S 4 months ago There is a guy who is hired by the show to start them! Sad really.
  • Billy Sobelman
    Billy Sobelman 4 months ago *clapping to comment*
  • Hunt Project
    Hunt Project 3 months ago Hahalol
  • Ivy Rose Almanza Davis
    Ivy Rose Almanza Davis 3 months ago Yeah. They even clap for the weird way he keeps pronouncing Reese’s. Smh
  • t Beaker
    t Beaker 2 months ago 🎵Avocados from Mexico!🎵
  • Justin Peters
    Justin Peters 2 months ago Lmao.....even the avacodos get praise
  • purringinmyear
    purringinmyear 2 months ago In another Dr OZ keto show, they clapped when they said “Brazil nuts”. The audience are being to D to clap and managed like show dogs.
  • Aurora Marthens
    Aurora Marthens 1 month ago who wouldn’t clap for avocados?! 😀
  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 1 month ago 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 gotta clap for those avocados
  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 1 month ago I'm clapping for the handsome athlete😂
  • mohammed jasil vm
    mohammed jasil vm 3 weeks ago 😂😂
  • Derick Secrist
    Derick Secrist 2 weeks ago Nobody can even prove that keto is a diet that works. I get tired of everyone screaming about this horse crap!
  • Roland Regidor
    Roland Regidor 3 days ago Revelry someone even yelled “whoaa”
  • Dan Jarvis
    Dan Jarvis 3 days ago Why doesn't this guy shut up, get off camera and let Tebow explain Keto. I would kike to know more about it. Why have a guest and then try to verbally dominate and stay in the camera lens when someone more qualified is at hand ?
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago Dont be fooled, dr oz knows nothing about keto. Dr berg is the best keto information with 100s of awesome videos.
  • keto cycler
    keto cycler 7 months ago When he said you have to exercise to "burn calories", I knew he was clueless about how it works.
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago @keto cycler he used to be against keto and constantly push his low cal whole grains six meals a day, but now that it is getting more popular he has to to act like he is all hip with keto.
  • Contrition
    Contrition 7 months ago Dr.Berg is a D.C., Dr.Oz is a M.D. F.A.C.S. (cardiology surgeon); he's well aware, he has to down play for the audience
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago @Contrition he knows nothing about keto regardless of degrees. Thats what i have observed, take it or leave it.
  • Brian L
    Brian L 7 months ago Hack doctor bringing on hack experts for views so the sheep are entertained.
  • Contrition
    Contrition 7 months ago @Andy Dressler Believe it or not, you don't graduate medical school without learning about it! Ketosis has been studied and utilized to treat epilepsy and arterial-stiffening since the 1920s; also, on the flip side, people with renal issues generally are advised to steer-clear of keto given the potential for ketoacidosis!
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago @Contrition i understand that. But im telling you, dr oz has speaked AGAINST keto before. Now that it has grown he is acting hip to it. Dr berg does not have a similar degree but his knowledge on kego eclipses ozs by miles and miles.
  • abeautyfreak
    abeautyfreak 7 months ago Dr. Berg is a DC, doctor of chiropractic. Try Dr. BERRY
  • Bid Now
    Bid Now 7 months ago I believe that Dr. Oz knows plenty about ketosis. What he knows and what he hawks on his TV show may be two different things.
  • Shveta
    Shveta 7 months ago Comments from people that know nothing about keto 🙄😂 ya go follow Dr Oz for Keto 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 7 months ago (edited) I think dr. Berg knows his stuff but he's definitely not the best at explaining this if you want people that are the Chiefs of this that have been doing this the longest you look at dr. Steven Pheeney dr. Jeff volek dr. Eric Westman dr. Atkins these are the people that have been doing this the longest and if you want to go even further back than that you look at William Banting in the 1860s and even further back than that John Rollo in 1797 Dr. Berg knows his stuff but he's also very flashy he's also geared by a lot of social media pushing supplements and I found several things in his videos lately to be too rushed and not true at all like recently he called sucralose Splenda Splenda is not sucralose, Splenda is maltodextrin dextrose and Sucralose stuff like that is easily confusing to people so dr. Berg's mind is not necessarily like it was when he first started and it was all about just helping people, he's out there making money now especially with this new seminar that he's putting on this keto Summit where the cheapest ticket you can buy is $500 and that is utterly ridiculous
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 7 months ago And remember this is the same doctor that promotes 7 to 10 cups of vegetables per day which 75% of the vegetables out there aren't even fit for people to be eating I don't know how many people come to my keto groups that I run and I have to have them back off on all the vegetables just so they can heal their digestive tract properly
  • J J
    J J 7 months ago @Contritiona a lot of ignorant MD's think a ketosis diet will give you ketoacidosis which shows they no hardly nothing about nutrition!. You have to be diabetic type 1 with poor kidney function to get extremely high blood sugar and acidic ketones in the blood at the same time to be in life threatening danger of ketoacidosis. Aalmost impossible situation for the average person of normal health and not diabetic type 1 for that to happen. Unless an MD has studied and lives a ketosis lifestyle, I would not trust anything they tell me.
  • 🐈
    🐈 7 months ago Contrition he knows and let’s his guest answer questions and explain .
  • Ursula Eissner
    Ursula Eissner 7 months ago Andy Dressler yes , Dr Oz is clueless ! I don’t like Dr Berg , he keeps trying to sell me his products . He’s a chiropractor peddling products . Dr Berry is my Keto guru .
  • CRED Designmatters
    CRED Designmatters 7 months ago Yep, and he cracks the odd very dry joke too!
  • Learnzz
    Learnzz 7 months ago Dr.oz is a real doctor
  • Ursula Eissner
    Ursula Eissner 7 months ago Learnzz Dr oz is a heart surgeon , that doesn’t make him an expert of nutrition
  • Learnzz
    Learnzz 7 months ago Ursula diets are different and different experts will give different opinions. But he is still a real medical doctor. All his shows are about diets
  • Vicki More
    Vicki More 7 months ago so called DR.berg is actually a chirapractor. don't even have a medical license. 😂😂😂Google dr.berg and you will find all kinds of fraud alert.
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago @Vicki More i encourage you to check out his actual content. And he has helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight in a way that is different than most diets, a way they dont gain it back that doesnt require hours of excersise a day and an outrageous calorie deficit.
  • Clarity
    Clarity 7 months ago Dr. Berg shares some good insights but he is not an M.D., he is a chiropractor. You can't shortcut medical school, his old videos stated that fact/disclaimer.
  • Vicki More
    Vicki More 7 months ago +Clarity I did watch his video, but with doubts also. his final goal is to have you buy his supplements. he also has a health and wellness center in Virginia charging people 4 to 5k for 7 sessions depending on what you want to do.i watch his video for info but never buy his product.
  • Clarity
    Clarity 7 months ago @Vicki More Wow, I did not know that, thank you for bringing that to light.
  • Jennifer Romero
    Jennifer Romero 7 months ago I would like Dr Berg to interview Tim instead of this guy
  • Luvufirst
    Luvufirst 7 months ago Andy Dressler truth
  • Fa_ti_ma A
    Fa_ti_ma A 7 months ago keto cycler that’s what I was thinking
  • Sonia R
    Sonia R 7 months ago 😂 Right? Considering that he was vouching for the green tea pill and was in court over that 😒🙄
  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 7 months ago i like Dr Berg, but Dr Berg does not look energetic and vibrant...oddly most nutritional doctors like Fhurman, McDougal...they dont look like people I want to emulate
  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 7 months ago @The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home i still follow drs who look vibrant and healthy. Dr Atkins always looked ly death.
  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 7 months ago @Learnzz So is your family doctor who will prescribe you statins in a heart beat.
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 7 months ago @lucaboden your use to seeing him old thays why But vegans look like death as well and people idolize them lol Looking old has no bar on knowledge lol Wow
  • 1972xlh
    1972xlh 7 months ago Andy Dressler And ironically the doctor Oz show completely ripped off Dr. Berg a couple of years ago! He was set to be on the show and then they brought someone else on who said bergs material!! Go look through Dr. Berg‘s Videos and you can find more info
  • 1972xlh
    1972xlh 7 months ago lucaboden check out dr ken d Berry
  • JB 503
    JB 503 7 months ago I agree, some of his comments were flat wrong about the keto diet! I thought he was going to have Tim explain it!!!!
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 7 months ago @1972xlh
  • TeddaTv
    TeddaTv 7 months ago #Facts
  • Brenda Moody
    Brenda Moody 7 months ago Dr Oz invited Dr Berg to come and be on his show then asked him to send a transcript of what he was going to talk about THEN Oz’s show canceled with Dr Berg and still did the segment and used Dr. Bergs Transcript almost verbatim.
  • The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home
    The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home 7 months ago @Brenda Moody I posted the video 2 above your comment
  • Bi Tran
    Bi Tran 7 months ago You are an idiot! Dr. Berg is chiropractor (they don’t attend med school) so he is as much a doctor as my Juris Doctorate. As much as I believe that an injured person should seek treatment from a chiropractor, I wouldn’t recommend listening to Dr. Berg over Dr. Oz!
  • Andy Dressler
    Andy Dressler 7 months ago @Bi Tran it has nothing to do with degree. He doesnt practice anymore anyways. The ones with mds who reccomend the western diet know nothing! Their nutrition info is garbage and the reason most people cant lose weight
  • 777
    777 7 months ago Bi Tran Dr Oz is a proven fraud, old people and homosexuals watch the show. Mr magic pill is going to hell on an Express flight. Way to toot your Juris Doctorate you fucking lunatic, yet here you are commenting on videos like an idiot. The difference between me and you: I give zero fucks. Go eat a bag of dicks and jerk off on your grandma's grave.
  • Daniel Melgoza Jr
    Daniel Melgoza Jr 7 months ago Dr. Berg, is way better for info on keto diet!!!
  • Cee-Lina foster
    Cee-Lina foster 7 months ago He is fake. He had Gary Taubes on there and tried to make a fool out of him.
    EVERETT MANESS 7 months ago (edited) Dr Berg does teach Keto, but he is in it for the money, notice how he tries to sell you his products.... go to someone like Butter Bob who teaches keto without trying to get your money scam. Don't make it complicated ,, mainly just eat less than 20 grams of carbs a day of greens and NO sugar or starch....
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 7 months ago Oz is a appropriate name for him. He's as qualified/competent a doctor as The wizard was an actual wizard..
  • TiMalice2009
    TiMalice2009 7 months ago Yep
  • Sheli Smith598
    Sheli Smith598 7 months ago Andy Dressler Dr Berg is the one who sent Dr QuackOz all of the information on the ketogenic diet. QuackOz stole his information that he sent in to be on his show. I can’t stand QuackOz at all. He’s a phony and don’t know wtf he’s talking about.
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 7 months ago He's also totally incompetent.