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i ate like Victora Secret Model Romee Strijd (i lost 8 lbs)

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  • Sara R
    Sara R 3 months ago If Lana Del Rey and Debbie Ryan had a daughter
  • Sara S
    Sara S 3 months ago ExpertSav EXACTLY I knew she looked like Lana but I couldn’t figure out the second
  • jom
    jom 3 months ago I've been trying to put this together forever thank you for this
  • Alondra Galloza
    Alondra Galloza 3 months ago YES i thought she looked like debbie ryan as soon as i saw her but no one else commented that so i thought it was just me lmao
  • skinny gurl
    skinny gurl 3 months ago she is becky from you
  • Indie
    Indie 3 months ago Yes yes yes😂😂😂
  • kirstin A
    kirstin A 3 months ago THANK U
  • Rose Storch
    Rose Storch 3 months ago Sara R oh my gosh yes! Couldn’t figure who she looked like 😭
  • RexSixteen
    RexSixteen 3 months ago Young Amanda Bynes is in there somewhere too!
  • Maddy
    Maddy 3 months ago She actually kind of reminds me of that blond girl from Camp Rock. I think the actress' name is Meaghan martin
  • rosegvnn
    rosegvnn 3 months ago Lana? Hell no I dont see it
  • 3 Week Diet Guide
    3 Week Diet Guide 3 months ago Can you take a look at this? How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days
  • Alyssa Salinas
    Alyssa Salinas 3 months ago I was thinking Kesha and Lana
  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 2 months ago wait-
  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 2 months ago WHAT DID YOU JUST DO
  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 2 months ago @rosegvnn ur literally the only person on her channel who doesn't think so but go on, you do you sis
  • Kylee Pappas
    Kylee Pappas 2 months ago Wait why is this the most accurate thing ever
  • Marana Blake
    Marana Blake 1 month ago Oh mY GoD
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago I wish you wouldn't have
  • Bri
    Bri 1 month ago YES
  • Krista Wiegand
    Krista Wiegand 2 weeks ago Lana and Amanda Bynes!
  • Oello👽
    Oello👽 2 weeks ago 100%!!!
  • AnD sPriTe
    AnD sPriTe 2 hours ago I fucking love lana del ray
  • Maliha Intikhab
    Maliha Intikhab 3 months ago OMG why has it taken me so long to find you?!
  • acc
    acc 3 months ago His name is Adam is a gift for. 5
  • Little princess Jasmine
    Little princess Jasmine 3 months ago Right??
  • Leah Doherty
    Leah Doherty 3 months ago Ikr
  • Avery Wilder
    Avery Wilder 3 months ago OMG sammeeee
  • Anetus 23
    Anetus 23 2 months ago (edited) SSSAAMMMMEEE
  • April Sarabia
    April Sarabia 2 months ago Little princess Jasmine cancion.espana
  • April Sarabia
    April Sarabia 2 months ago Cansionespana
  • Andrew E
    Andrew E 1 month ago gay
  • Echelon Betha
    Echelon Betha 3 weeks ago IKR!!!!!!
  • Julia Fennell
    Julia Fennell 2 months ago Blair: “ pillowcase” Me: * runs to store in robe and wet hair to get a silk pillow case at 12:30am *
  • Kasey Chau
    Kasey Chau 1 month ago same
  • Kasey Chau
    Kasey Chau 1 month ago same
  • Kasey Chau
    Kasey Chau 1 month ago same
  • Pepe
    Pepe 1 month ago What sort of shop is open at twelve thirty at night??
  • Pepe
    Pepe 1 month ago @Julia Fennell ...but why?
  • Emily Zanzola
    Emily Zanzola 3 months ago (edited) do you even realize how funny you are??? ur literally the only youtuber that can make me genuinely laugh out loud
  • Hosanna Lorenzen
    Hosanna Lorenzen 3 months ago Emily Zanzola seconded! I laughed out loud multiple times which is actually hard to make me do.
  • theoatmilk
    theoatmilk 2 months ago Emily Zanzola that’s the true tea!
  • Meaaah Meaaah
    Meaaah Meaaah 2 months ago What other YouTube’s do you watch?!🤪
  • Avarie Miller
    Avarie Miller 2 months ago shane can too
  • theoatmilk
    theoatmilk 2 months ago Avarie Miller they are emphasizing Blair at the moment. This user never said Shane couldn’t. It’s a way of expressing their admiration for Blair I’m certain.
  • Avarie Miller
    Avarie Miller 2 months ago theoatmilk omg go somewhere💀 it was clearly a joke
  • mabdhdbd
    mabdhdbd 1 month ago how was that a joke literally it wasn't funny or had a point, you go somewhere and learn to be funny
  • Jesse Pepper
    Jesse Pepper 2 months ago Vegetables Eggs Protein Almonds Organic chicken Chickpeas Fruit Bread Alomond milk Your welcome :)
  • JosieTron
    JosieTron 1 month ago Jesse Pepper is this what she ate the whole week
  • Sabrina عبدي
    Sabrina عبدي 1 month ago No. the videos better. good effort though 🙂
  • Edith Rendon
    Edith Rendon 3 months ago "And my grandmother no longer considers disowning for being fat child" lmao!!! I cant with her!!!😂😂😂😂
  • Cvetelina Todorova
    Cvetelina Todorova 3 months ago (edited) This is my first time here. Imagine how shocked i was when you started to talk to your grandma in Bulgarian out of nowhere 😃❤️🇧🇬
  • amber bradshaw
    amber bradshaw 2 months ago Ikr lol
  • Elif Etemova
    Elif Etemova 2 months ago Има български канал bits by bee
  • Elif Etemova
    Elif Etemova 1 week ago tomatovamp Явно ги е изтрила,което е много жалко...Страшно позитивно момиче със зареждащи и много полезни видеа.Има общ клип с Olive’s Branch,който мисля,че е все още онлайн в канала на Olive’s 😊
  • Lori Raye
    Lori Raye 1 month ago I got so distracted by your teddy bear in the background omg it looks like it's about to eat the table lmao
  • Sly Saint
    Sly Saint 4 weeks ago "I have no idea why I gained weight" flashback to all of the junk food you've eaten in the past week "oh... that makes since actually"
  • `
    ` 3 months ago thank you for being a normal weird person on youtube. so many people on here are so fake, i'm so glad i found your channel!
  • Alexa Potcovaru
    Alexa Potcovaru 3 months ago michelle FR
  • theoatmilk
    theoatmilk 2 months ago ` we stan a real queen ^_^!
  • Emmanuel & Mariela.
    Emmanuel & Mariela. 2 months ago This is my first time watching you and when you said “ for you and your thick daddy” I was likeee “ Lmaoooo I’m gonna like this girl”. -Mariela.
  • Glam By Dayysi
    Glam By Dayysi 3 months ago (edited) You’re probably not the first one to lick that salt wall which now that I’m thinking that .. GROSS 🤮😹😹
  • Freak OnFleek
    Freak OnFleek 2 months ago 4:58 she... she didn't actually lick the wall though
  • Her Sons & Arrows
    Her Sons & Arrows 1 day ago 🤔
  • Garlic Silky
    Garlic Silky 3 months ago Uh I love you please don’t change after u get famous 😭
  • Leah Dolan
    Leah Dolan 3 months ago 9:32 this is my third time commenting but I can’t get over how hilarious u are 😂😂
  • Lauren DeStefanis
    Lauren DeStefanis 1 month ago Wait but her tongue doesn’t touch the wall 4:59 lmao 😂
  • Rhi xo
    Rhi xo 1 month ago It touched the lighter brick on the left side
  • idk_Yara
    idk_Yara 3 months ago (edited) Just for people wondering. Romee Strijd is Dutch. The 'ij' is a vowel in Dutch. It used to be written as 'y', but not anymore. It is pronounced exactly the same as 'ei' or like the English 'i' in 'light' for example. So 'Romee Strijd' is pronounced as '' R (rolling R)-omay Str (rolling R)- ight '' Lmao don't even know why I took the time to type this out
  • nadia winthrop
    nadia winthrop 1 month ago Thank you so much
  • Bunny Exo-light
    Bunny Exo-light 3 weeks ago I have been pronouncing her name in the wrong way😂
  • Olivia H Caballero
    Olivia H Caballero 2 weeks ago I thought she was norweigan?
  • idk_Yara
    idk_Yara 2 weeks ago Olivia H Caballero nope, she’s Dutch
  • Alexis Sargent
    Alexis Sargent 3 months ago Idfk how I stumbled upon this channel but I’m so fkn happy I did THIS CHICK IS COMEDY
  • Tina Savcheva
    Tina Savcheva 2 months ago I literally just subbed and then I saw you speak to your grams на български!! 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • theoatmilk
    theoatmilk 2 months ago Not unpacking from two months ago is iconic!