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Journal With Me | Daiso Japan Summer Stationery Haul ☀️ | ほぼ日手帳2019 | Rainbowholic

Published on Jun 7, 2019 12,462 views

Hi all! Here are some of my new stationery from Daiso (100 yen / dollar store) in Japan. Enjoy! 🌈


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  • hannah d
    hannah d 2 weeks ago i didnt know that daiso had all of these cute stuff~keep of the good work!
  • Hey Bidadary!
    Hey Bidadary! 5 days ago Wow everything is almost 5000yen right? I calculated 😅
  • Novaster
    Novaster 2 weeks ago Daiso truly is a wonderland for cute stationery 🌟✨⭐️✨
  • Belinda Hawj
    Belinda Hawj 2 weeks ago Omg. My heart cried when I saw the hedgehog stationary pouch and stickers
  • Imke Crauwels
    Imke Crauwels 2 weeks ago I love your channel, I love that you show other what you made and what you bought, you're really good and and have a lot of patience ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
  • Free Soul
    Free Soul 2 weeks ago The sunflower washi is so beautiful oh my heart!
  • Artsy Med
    Artsy Med 2 weeks ago Love the candies!!! I'll be going to Osaka sometime this year, any suggestions where I can find cute stationery and craft supplies besides Daiso?
  • KC Sacramento
    KC Sacramento 2 weeks ago Hi Kaila! May I know kung sang branch po kayo ng Daiso sa Japan nag punta? Thanks! 🌈
  • teresa o
    teresa o 2 weeks ago i always love your hauls ❤️❤️
  • Free Soul
    Free Soul 2 weeks ago I love it when you let us see every product with it's details!
  • LeeAngel DeGuzman
    LeeAngel DeGuzman 2 weeks ago I love your vids! Your the best!
  • Lara Senja
    Lara Senja 1 week ago Kawaii 😍😍
  • andie
    andie 2 weeks ago Omggg statio overload!!!! I loveee omgg 😍😍😍😍
  • Sandy-Ann
    Sandy-Ann 1 week ago So many lovely things, hard to choose which one was the cutest. :) The hedgehog pouch and the sticker flakes I think were pretty yummy.
  • Lydian Hernandez
    Lydian Hernandez 1 week ago my closest Diaso never has cute stuff.
  • sprinkle of glitters
    sprinkle of glitters 6 days ago such an inspiration😍🤩
  • cheesemiss
    cheesemiss 2 weeks ago ... waiting to see those videos 🤩
  • 쵀ᅣᅥ디ᅵᅧᅮ
    쵀ᅣᅥ디ᅵᅧᅮ 2 weeks ago Love. You. Video ♥️🥰
  • rugirl
    rugirl 2 weeks ago Aaah I wish we had a Daiso in my country 💓
  • Marjie blackblue
    Marjie blackblue 1 week ago they are all so cute I hope they sell like that near my place...