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How were the pyramids of egypt really built - Part 1

Published on Jun 14, 2012 3,343,945 views

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About the book:

When construction project manager Chris Massey set off on a surprise trip to Egypt it seemed he was in for a relaxing time - a cruise down the Nile, a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, sunbathing by the Red Sea and guided tours of the most spectacular ancient structures in the world...

But wherever he looked, he saw problems with the perceived wisdom on how the pyramids, temples and tombs of the pharaohs were built:

If limestone blocks were dragged up a mud brick ramp to be placed at the top of the Great Pyramid, where is the evidence of this huge ramp? How could materials such as wooden rollers and mud bricks take the strain put on them by tons of stone? Thousands of men are supposed to have dragged the building blocks across the desert in the searing heat - how did the ancient project managers keep morale up amongst the dusty and tired workforce?

Surely there must have been an easier way? Massey looked around him and saw the greatest resource available to the Egyptians - the waters of the mighty Nile.

This engaging account is the result of Massey's pool-side ponderings, in which he gives a detailed alternative theory of how the ancient Egyptians could have used water to their advantage to make pyramid building much easier.

  • Henry Win
    Henry Win 3 months ago This video should be renamed “How the pyramids were NOT built”
  • Brian Rollins
    Brian Rollins 2 weeks ago Lmfao....funny
  • Ratko Milutinović
    Ratko Milutinović 3 weeks ago @bOB dAbUILDER you can't fix stupid. 😂😂
  • Ratko Milutinović
    Ratko Milutinović 3 weeks ago @bOB dAbUILDER he thinks the aliens bild it 😂 fkn primitive ppl... Like animals.
  • David Link
    David Link 3 weeks ago Turboman 2244 it doesnt "flow upwards" if you float something in a tight space it will always go up if it has buoyancy. They used the locks to hold the water steady, opening another gate so they could receive the blocks at the new water level.
  • nick
    nick 4 weeks ago If u believe this your the idiot lmao
  • Anthony Penza
    Anthony Penza 4 weeks ago awoken V There is also a theory that only the outer casings and inner halls and chambers are made of cut stone blocks and the interior is mostly the rubble left over from that cut stone. Also coral is limestone much softer, lighter full of air pockets and easy to cut so no comparison to granite. Been working with stone for 50 yrs.
  • glen1arthur
    glen1arthur 4 weeks ago @bOB dAbUILDER
  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 1 month ago Yeah...
  • Turboman 2244
    Turboman 2244 1 month ago (edited) I’m sorry but how is the water able to go upward on a flat surface and how is water able to make a stone that weighs 2 tons float. It doesn’t seem possible. Can someone explain it to me.
  • vamsi krishna Manchukonda
    vamsi krishna Manchukonda 1 month ago 😊 😊 😊 😊
  • Henry Win
    Henry Win 1 month ago @Twilight Gardens presentations No the earth is not flat
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago Henry Win I bet you’re a flerfeer
  • tom tom
    tom tom 1 month ago (edited) watch "How the pyramids where built in Egypt " by Geopolymer Institute on youtube. the blocks were made from an ancient type of concrete.
  • David Barber
    David Barber 1 month ago Perhaps they were built from the pyramidial down now that would be amazing
  • id 4
    id 4 1 month ago @bOB dAbUILDER ok why this guy-owner-building-company-for-a-reason not actually test skin bag fill with air can lift tons kg of stone. i like to see that.
  • Mr. Vazquez
    Mr. Vazquez 1 month ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • awoken V
    awoken V 1 month ago @bOB dAbUILDER this method wpuld never work. Mathmaticians did the math and a stone/brick would of had to been put in place perfectly every 5 mintutes 24 hours a day for 100 years! Not to mention , this doesnt include the 300 to 600 ton bricks in the center of the pyramids! Look.up coral castle and thats how it was built with sound frequencys!!
  • Julien M.
    Julien M. 1 month ago NO! thats not true
    OKRA YOLA 1 month ago it cant just float like that
  • Yusuf Aegistone
    Yusuf Aegistone 1 month ago (edited) Please take a look againt the true size of one stone to build piramid...are you sure it can be floated by goat skin?
  • Anish Bonthu
    Anish Bonthu 2 months ago bOB dAbUILDER I agree
    OKRA YOLA 2 months ago im not buying this theory
  • William WAGENER
    William WAGENER 2 months ago Most IMPORTANT ignored News Item from U.S.A. in 2018... EXCLUSIVE - √ BUNDY's Fighting on home ground against an abusive Government.
  • the cartoon
    the cartoon 2 months ago True hahahahahaha
    bOB dAbUILDER 3 months ago @Henry Win hahaha you really are a DUMBASS LOOOOOOL
  • Henry Win
    Henry Win 3 months ago Whoa! bOB derrrbUILDER im not even gonna argue with you anymore... you're so smart!
    bOB dAbUILDER 3 months ago @Henry Win there are balls of air attached to that goat skin dumbass
  • Henry Win
    Henry Win 3 months ago (edited) Yes because its totally possible to float multi ton blocks of stone with goat skin sacks right? :P
    bOB dAbUILDER 3 months ago You are really dumb . This is a method and this method works . The guy owns a building company for a reason . If you have a brain you can see this is a possibility
    GAZi EMRA 3 weeks ago Computer graphics very well done But definitely this is not how pyramids were build
  • Jeremy Adinugraha
    Jeremy Adinugraha 8 hours ago GAZi EMRA then how?
  • Jim Murphy
    Jim Murphy 3 months ago (edited) Send me some of what you have been smoking
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    Juancho Bellaco 1 day ago : )
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    TriggerHappy Jay 4 days ago Lmao
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    haj pop 1 week ago hahahah ههههههههههههه
  • M P
    M P 3 months ago After seeing part 1... I think it’s safe to say their will be no need to watch part 2!🙈😩😂
  • petar krapic
    petar krapic 1 month ago @id 4 , why goat only, all animals are in service.
  • id 4
    id 4 1 month ago (edited) u watched part 1 till the end? WOW, i stop at 2.30. laughing my ass off. 70 tons of stone lift by goat balls. Edit: i mean goat skin filled with air.
  • David Barber
    David Barber 2 months ago And considering it was finished in less time than it took to build Spurs new stadium highly unlikely this theory would work
  • Dave Dörenberg-Veltman
    Dave Dörenberg-Veltman 3 months ago I skipped through. By the time with the water I went nope it's bogus.
  • kay ma
    kay ma 1 year ago This whole system is more difficult to build than the pyramid itself
  • Sold to be Diers
    Sold to be Diers 2 weeks ago As per the ''Gatun Locks'' of Panama? -6219
  • Eduardo Nunez
    Eduardo Nunez 3 weeks ago @Manohar Reddy Nandamuri thats the truth high tec was on earth and the owner took it when they left
  • Eduardo Nunez
    Eduardo Nunez 3 weeks ago lol they try to find hardest way to do it is better if the truth is revealed
  • Manohar Reddy Nandamuri
    Manohar Reddy Nandamuri 3 weeks ago Pyramids was built by Aliens
  • Nic Barrett
    Nic Barrett 3 weeks ago Haha you're obviously not a builder. The building process is always massively more complex than the finished building itself even in this modern day. People have been using canals to build for thousands of years so its not as ridiculous concept as you might think. The two things i would question about this process are the amount of animal skins needed for the build. Also how they constantly get new water to the top of the pyramid. There is a theory that the hanging gardens of Babylon were created using an Archimedes screw, way before Archimedes existed. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of this tho.
  • Mike Rupertus
    Mike Rupertus 3 weeks ago HA HA HA
  • Zane Reed
    Zane Reed 1 month ago So true, but still cool thought.
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago Nanof Urbiznis they built the pyramids, you can’t even think of how, and you call them primitive and incapable of architectural marvels... sad.
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago Jos B using water to carry things is harder? Why do we have cargo ships then
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago white tiger you don’t need even a single pump when water falls from the sky in seasonal torrents but they did have Archimedes methods of water lifting. I feel the lifting screw was used more for moving sand though.
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago Hmmm nobody brought water from the Nile, they just redirected the seasonal floods that their agricultural system relied on as well. Way easier
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago paul moes seasonal monsoon flooding, clay is water sealant (bentonite), the water went to the river not from it. They didn’t haul the water, they let gravity and buoyancy do the work. Even the limestone is softer to cut when wet. How is this easier than building a seven mile ramp of sand, using three thousand men to drag each block, then removing that seven mile sand ramp? You tie balloons to weights and let the floatation carry the heavy pieces
  • Twilight Gardens presentations
    Twilight Gardens presentations 1 month ago kay ma not much of a worker or a thinker are you. Everything must seem like hard work to you
  • howdyhowdyhow
    howdyhowdyhow 1 month ago Yeah this doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • prum chhangsreng
    prum chhangsreng 1 month ago Well a truck, and all machine use to build a house is more complex than the house itself
  • Rocky Escobedo
    Rocky Escobedo 1 month ago What a bunch of crap. Now explain how they used copper tools to chisel GRANIT in the grand gallery. N explain how everything was so precise. REAL GENIUS.
  • jubna zuzee
    jubna zuzee 1 month ago Yes this is true
  • Social Network
    Social Network 2 months ago You have obviously never worked construction. Floating and using buoyancy uses almost no energy. I would eat around 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day when i did construction. That energy was just for me to perform my duties, but think about all the energy it took to get that food to me: fertilizers, farming, harvesting, shipping, etc. The Egyptians would have taken into account the entire energy process of the project, including human labor needs. To feed a huge workforce would have been a major issue. Using water would have solved all the energy needs.
  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 2 months ago Yeah, this is one of those things not everyone can understand or accept. I mean.. It would seem impossible that multi-ton metal objects full of people are flying all over the world...
  • c Richard
    c Richard 3 months ago As a mason, I can tell you that it takes almost 3 times longer to set up scaffolding and stage a work area than it does to do the actual masonry work. So their theory really isn't that implausible.
  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 3 months ago @Hmmm it seems like you didn't read my reply...