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How were the pyramids of egypt really built - Part 1

Published on Jun 14, 2012 3,638,431 views

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About the book:

When construction project manager Chris Massey set off on a surprise trip to Egypt it seemed he was in for a relaxing time - a cruise down the Nile, a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, sunbathing by the Red Sea and guided tours of the most spectacular ancient structures in the world...

But wherever he looked, he saw problems with the perceived wisdom on how the pyramids, temples and tombs of the pharaohs were built:

If limestone blocks were dragged up a mud brick ramp to be placed at the top of the Great Pyramid, where is the evidence of this huge ramp? How could materials such as wooden rollers and mud bricks take the strain put on them by tons of stone? Thousands of men are supposed to have dragged the building blocks across the desert in the searing heat - how did the ancient project managers keep morale up amongst the dusty and tired workforce?

Surely there must have been an easier way? Massey looked around him and saw the greatest resource available to the Egyptians - the waters of the mighty Nile.

This engaging account is the result of Massey's pool-side ponderings, in which he gives a detailed alternative theory of how the ancient Egyptians could have used water to their advantage to make pyramid building much easier.

  • kay ma
    kay ma 1 year ago This whole system is more difficult to build than the pyramid itself
  • Elvis Joseph Ignacio
    Elvis Joseph Ignacio 11 months ago Yup this would of been more work lol
  • Renegade warrior
    Renegade warrior 11 months ago Excellent one-liner.👏👏👏
    LET IT RAIN REGENWATEROPSLAG EN GEBRUIK 10 months ago Yes your right about would they keep it waterproof.........where would they get all that water from........1 single river ? every pyramid had his own water transportsystem ??? looks like a walt Disney story
  • Sufyan Jafary
    Sufyan Jafary 10 months ago You are right lol
  • Vitali Tribunn
    Vitali Tribunn 9 months ago Сам то что можешь предложить?
  • Almedin Zivojevic
    Almedin Zivojevic 9 months ago You are right
  • Savin Delmonte
    Savin Delmonte 9 months ago kay ma LOL
  • Hmmm
    Hmmm 8 months ago (edited) @LET IT RAIN REGENWATEROPSLAG EN GEBRUIK The Nile is actually a pretty big river, so yeah, just one river. Also it stands to reason that the system for building the incredibly hard building to build would also be complex. You all must not be able to think things through very well.
  • white tiger
    white tiger 8 months ago @LET IT RAIN REGENWATEROPSLAG EN GEBRUIK . What about the pumps needed to pump the water up the Pyramid as it's being built... You need more than one pump...
  • Feltaaah Abuklbb
    Feltaaah Abuklbb 7 months ago (28:38) Pharaoh said: “O Chiefs! no god do I know for you but myself: therefore, O Haman! light me a (kiln to bake bricks) out of clay, and build me a lofty palace, that I may mount up to the god of Moses: but as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!”
  • Angkor Tour
    Angkor Tour 7 months ago (edited) I have never know about that. Thanks so much for your videos. @Angkor, Cambodia.
  • Jos B
    Jos B 7 months ago yes it is
  • Harold Morris
    Harold Morris 7 months ago @Feltaaah Abuklbb ...and the Pyramids and Temples are not made from 'bricks'...
  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 7 months ago Indeed ahahahah.
  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 7 months ago @Hmmm Yea but the thing is there's no such evidence that ancient Egyptians were such capable engineers as to build such a system. Their tools were pretty primitive. The Pyramids and the Sphinx are the only things that were of such scale and complexity and they don't fit into that era at all.
  • Stephen Bermingham
    Stephen Bermingham 7 months ago Yep.
  • Micheal Tim
    Micheal Tim 7 months ago YES
  • Piyush Rai
    Piyush Rai 7 months ago Exactly
  • lorabenz
    lorabenz 7 months ago i work whit aqua digs , all day if the "causeway" is around 200-300 meters and set as a 25- 34 grade up slope the water will press at to lowest gate be to great , 1 kubic of water is around 998 kg and if it were tru that the causeway were 3meters x 3 meters so the max water perss on the gate will be 998 kg x 9 x 300 =2694 tons , in egypt at that time wood were not long straight and massiv if ther were used normal pine whit a dencity of 2,8 the gate will have been 1,67 meters thick and a weight of 6 tons
  • mate10 hw
    mate10 hw 7 months ago the author must be day dreaming alot....
  • Paul Stovall
    Paul Stovall 7 months ago It's about as feasible as the 'ramp theory'.
  • samkom33
    samkom33 7 months ago (edited) @white tiger why more than 1 pump? ALL YOU NEED is an old tecnology cald a chain-rope bucket wheel.. driven by say horses-cows and so on.. here is an example of an old bucketwheel driven by the river itself.. but all you need to bring water higher is a wheel on top and bottom and ropes with buckets on it making it cind of like a conveyer belt. how many buckets you hut on the rope, and the size of the buckets, and how high you can bring the water,, is only limited by how many horses-cows you have, and how hard they are willing to pull. hehe
  • 6 months ago LOL!!! I agree!
  • Brud No 1
    Brud No 1 6 months ago @lorabenz ++ Well, the gate would not hold the entire weight of the water, some of that weight would be supported by the floor and the walls of the causeway. Still, this theory defies belief. A failure rate of 1% would destroy the system including the gates. The volume of the floats needed to support 10 ton stones would exceed the size of any possible shaft.
  • lorabenz
    lorabenz 6 months ago @Brud No 1 well yes the wall and floor will take take some of the weight of the water if it were level but sins it slope up and do to gravity the gate in the lowest end will take all the weight
  • StellarBlue1
    StellarBlue1 6 months ago ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Building a hydraulic system like this would be more complicated (and hard to undo) as the Pyramid itself!...
  • timothy longmore
    timothy longmore 6 months ago @StellarBlue1 I commented before reading the posts and said exactly the same thing.
  • Stoney Williams
    Stoney Williams 6 months ago @Hmmm did they use pumps to get the water up high in the pyramid since water seams its own level?
  • J Austin
    J Austin 6 months ago @white tiger It's done one teacup at a time, silly.
  • jesse merrill
    jesse merrill 6 months ago kay ma are just lazy
  • GrumblingGrognard
    GrumblingGrognard 6 months ago Bullshit. ...and gee-wiz no magical flying saucers from another dimension...but people will believe whatever the hell they want.
  • Zenme Yangzi
    Zenme Yangzi 6 months ago @lorabenz If by some miracle they could get the stone and float system into the column of water, 400 feet high, it would shoot like a rocket out the top and go into orbit. As the stone ascended the column the decreased pressure would accelerate the Stone.
  • Jester KnockOut
    Jester KnockOut 6 months ago @Zenme Yangzi You are correct and also make my day XD
  • Is You Ma Pappy?
    Is You Ma Pappy? 6 months ago EXACTLY!!!!! Hahahahah man i had a good laugh at this fanciful video.
  • Is You Ma Pappy?
    Is You Ma Pappy? 6 months ago Still though, gotta give em points for ingenuity huh.
  • Cairo99 Med
    Cairo99 Med 6 months ago The most eff thing about pyramid of Egypt is that the people who live there now think there old families build them
  • Adam Zaidi
    Adam Zaidi 6 months ago It is not that difficult. It looks difficult to the untrained eye.
  • Hmmm
    Hmmm 6 months ago (edited) @Nanof Urbiznis see post below
  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 6 months ago @Hmmm Actually no there's no actual evidence that it was the Egyptians that built anything. There's evidence that the Sphinx is much much older than Ancient Egypt itself. It's more likely they found them as is. I think the ancient civilization theory is far more credible than the alien theory. Just because the Egyptians didn't build them doesn't mean aliens did it. Maybe humans were once advanced enough to have the machines and the infrastructure to build such a thing but it was all lost because of the 'flood' that nearly wiped out most life on Earth.