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6 Bizarre Implications Of The Gremlins Films - Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

Published on Jun 26, 2017 770,762 views

Why does nobody seem to care that the dad from Gremlins just brought home a previously undiscovered species of goblin-animal?

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6 Reasons Why Gremlins Is Straight Up Bizarre

  • Josh Fredrickson
    Josh Fredrickson 1 year ago It always pissed me off how you can't feed 'em after midnight. Like what's the cutoff point? All time is technically "after midnight" so you just can't feed gremlins at all.
  • Chad Carraway
    Chad Carraway 3 months ago Might have something to do with position of sun or moon is only thing i can think of...
  • Cowmangii
    Cowmangii 3 months ago no shit lol
  • FangsFirst
    FangsFirst 5 months ago Wow. Took a while for someone to bring up the fact that Gremlins 2 already addressed this--ie, mocked the idea for itself--when it was released...
  • Gouki JT
    Gouki JT 5 months ago And what about timezones or daylight saving?
  • RottenDoctorGonzo
    RottenDoctorGonzo 9 months ago Was funny how the sequel flagged the crazy "logic" of the rules. Time-zone-crossing, sesame seed stuck in teeth that loosens after midnight, etc. xD.
  • Ian Hollis
    Ian Hollis 9 months ago I always took it to mean "Don't feed them after midnight, before sunrise."
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 10 months ago Graham:  exactly.  Thank you.
  • GrahamChapman
    GrahamChapman 10 months ago (edited) +Jillian Smith Pretty much, yeah... Asking why feeding Mogwai after midnight is a big NO-NO and getting caught up in stuff about time zones and food getting stuck in their teeth and stuff like that is like asking why ghosts and monsters in movies always appear at night instead of in the middle of the day and getting caught up in how Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers can keep coming back to life after they're killed.
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 10 months ago Graham: which is true: Mogwai rules make NO sense in the real world.  Once you cross over into movie fantasy, you can pretend they are whatever you like.  They need have no internal consistency, as that is a requirement of reality, not fantasy.  Making rational sense was never the point of that movie.
  • GrahamChapman
    GrahamChapman 10 months ago I side with Roger Ebert on this issue: Trying to make sense of the Mogwai rules is missing the point. For all practical intents and purposes, Gizmo was an Eastern fay bought in a Mysterious Little Shop in Chinatown, where, as per trope conventions, the ordinary rules of the visible universe cease to operate and magic is a reality. If you have problems with the tropes about the witching hour, then you're looking at the movie all wrong.
  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 10 months ago I thought the instructions for care were beyond pitiful.  Like WHAT do you feed them?  Opossums are very hard to feed properly in there proper Gremlin Chow?  What kind of ailments do they get you should be aware of?  How do you housebreak them?  What temperature range is okay for them?  Should you use a leash and collar?  Can they be kept in a cage, and if so, how large should it be?  Do they  need particular exercise?  What about vaccinations?  What vet would be able to deal with injuries?  I mean, come on, Dad, this is irresponsible as hell!
  • okokok throwaway
    okokok throwaway 1 year ago This is an old comment and I'm on a throwaway and tipsy, but here I am contributing anyway because Gremlins i legit my favorite movie. The cutoff point is supposedly sunrise. From midnight local time (IE, as little solar radiation as possible) til 6am (sunrise-ish) is the window there. Fucked if I recall where I read that (maybe the novelization?) but there you go.
  • AlteranTech
    AlteranTech 1 year ago Oh my God! This has been my thought about this movie ever since I saw it! I've always wondered. Does it mean you can start feeding them at sun up, or can you always feed them because at 1 second past midnight is technically before midnight of the new day, or can you never feed them because it's always after midnight of the day before? If I put as much thought into my education as I have into this, I'd have several PhDs by now.
  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 1 year ago Silly, its based on the stars (or something)
  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea
    Gamergirl4AyaBrea 1 year ago Josh Fredrickson omg that is genius. I never realized that.
  • Elliott Barth
    Elliott Barth 1 year ago Don't mess with Gizmo's circadian rythym
  • Carewolf
    Carewolf 1 year ago They bring that up in the second movie. Also love the question: "What if you feed it before midnight, but something got stuck in his teeth, and he swallowed that after midnight?"
  • MoonShadowWolfe
    MoonShadowWolfe 1 year ago There's a companion book that explains this, and I got super into this movie when I was eleven so I can still tell you that it's about a gremlin's internal clock. The creatures need to have a good sense of time, and a region-sensitive one at that, so that the sunrise doesn't surprise them. They sense when it's past the part of the night that they can trigger the metamorphosis by eating sufficient quantities. Theoretically, putting them on a plane to the other side of the world might be enough to throw that clock off and their 'after midnight' time would actually be around noon at the local time. But, maybe that internal clock is sensitive enough that they can make very quick adjustments; it stands to reason they have a better sense of time than any creature because no earthly creature would literally die if caught outside after sunrise.
  • Max Power
    Max Power 1 year ago Josh Fredrickson yeah man.. as a kid i always wondered that too..
  • Joseph Webster
    Joseph Webster 1 year ago i think its just that hour of midnight from 12:00:01 to 12:59:59
  • wildcard749
    wildcard749 1 year ago Josh Fredrickson i thought it was a metaphor for what happens to kids if you feed them too late, they turn into gremlins
  • christopherscottb
    christopherscottb 1 year ago @Josh Fredrickson: LOL! Fuck, I never thought of that! You're right! When could you actually start feeding them? 6:00AM? 7:00? 5:00? Hilarious!
  • Max Paradise
    Max Paradise 1 year ago Just play safe, only feed them if the sun is in the sky.
  • Michael Novielli
    Michael Novielli 1 year ago It bothered me too but I figure it's "Don't feed em between midnight and dawn" since light is important. Also they are magical creatures, and dawn and midnight both play major roles in most magical universes.
  • meh meh
    meh meh 1 year ago Yeah. It should be something like after midnight but before six you can't feed them. Or some other arbitrary hour of the morning, just pick one.
  • Wouter Cloetens
    Wouter Cloetens 1 year ago Exactly! Also, Gizmo came from another timezone. So, not after midnight in China? What about DST? The Mogwai's biology is aware of all these random, region-specific human conventions on the organisation of the planet's revolution around its axis?
  • Joseph Willes
    Joseph Willes 1 year ago Hey Jack and the rest of Cracked, there is no OPCD without Daniel O'Brien. You fire him, consider my subscription removed. I will never visit your site again.
  • KillerPink Art
    KillerPink Art 4 months ago @Scottish Stunt Comps. huh?
  • Scottish Stunt Comps.
    Scottish Stunt Comps. 4 months ago @KillerPink Art nazi
  • KillerPink Art
    KillerPink Art 5 months ago This guy isnt there anymore? Good. He sucks.
  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 1 year ago Have you unsubbed yet?
  • Max Hyde
    Max Hyde 1 year ago Jack wasn't the bad guy, he was holding everything together
  • Pear Head
    Pear Head 1 year ago (edited) jack doesn't work there anymore... but neither does Dan.
  • chelsea brown
    chelsea brown 1 year ago I don't leave internet comments. I just wanted to say this is the best episode and we (collectively, the internet) fully support dissecting weirdly specific moments in pop culture. its why we're all here. pls more pls.
  • đøPpƏłĞāŅģƏŔ ānøņ
    đøPpƏłĞāŅģƏŔ ānøņ 6 months ago ^
  • Joseph Webster
    Joseph Webster 1 year ago you don't speak for me
  • gagnashdiak x
    gagnashdiak x 1 year ago (edited) When you realise Cracked threatening Daniel being fired was not just a bad joke.
  • Save Our Socials
    Save Our Socials 1 year ago Dear Jack, Daniel could do an episode on literally anything and we would watch it because Daniel! Also Cody, Cody too!
  • Ja frost
    Ja frost 1 year ago Robert Riter what? Hasn't swaim been around forever?
  • JR Andrade
    JR Andrade 1 year ago As a Mexican, I can't wait till he makes a OPCD episode on how Latin American races are inferior, I'd probably end up being on his side, fuck this O'Brian guy and fuck his awesome I love this guy
  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 1 year ago Love me some Daniel
  • Forest Armstrong
    Forest Armstrong 1 year ago Well, Jack will be missed
  • Nieru
    Nieru 1 year ago Cody's the guy who does Some News and the guy you're talking about is Michael Swaim.
  • ThePapermage
    ThePapermage 1 year ago I'm still waiting for the Gremlins 2 video.
  • Ness G
    Ness G 1 year ago Save Our Socials agreed i actually got into cracked cuz of brian haha
  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB 1 year ago Save Our Socials to be honest this is one of my favorite Cracked video series.
  • Landon Eden
    Landon Eden 1 year ago Yes to Daniel. Cody is meh.
  • Save Our Socials
    Save Our Socials 1 year ago never fear Nieru, God Damn did make a Jack Daniels reference, we were all thinking it really lol
  • Nieru
    Nieru 1 year ago I'm disappointed. All of these comments, and not one "Jack Daniels" joke.
  • Bonnybedlam
    Bonnybedlam 1 year ago There's a great video with two Black guys (one of them maybe gay?) and an Asian woman talking about the new Black Panther movie.
  • Spencer Cadogan
    Spencer Cadogan 1 year ago Save Our Socials. Agreed.
  • han090
    han090 1 year ago When the channel itself consistently makes points about under representation in media, surely they should at least be living up to their own standards? At a certain point Jack O'Brien's "white guys am I right?" commentary becomes redundant when he, a white male in a position of authority ran a media business that skewed male and white just as much as the things they're complaining about.
  • Dru Nature
    Dru Nature 1 year ago Joshua Patrick lol rude. news flash. we are all millennials it's a 20 year long window. also get a clue, just because you are white and from suburbia that doesn't inherently make you ignorant with limited world experience. maybe find someone who represents u. then u can feel included.
  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 1 year ago Got any people who aren't white millennials from suburbia that we can watch on this site? No? Just checkin....
  • WSG Man
    WSG Man 1 year ago RIP Jack
  • Jimmy Wrangler
    Jimmy Wrangler 1 year ago Save Our Socials SWAIM
  • UltimateTheReject
    UltimateTheReject 1 year ago Save Our Socials like. actually true tho. we still love ya tho jack
  • Hungarian Rhapsody
    Hungarian Rhapsody 1 year ago But Predators whole thing is using guns all the other monsters have other abilities.
  • JustCozItsMe
    JustCozItsMe 1 year ago (edited) Throwing my support onto this pile. And my cat is named Stripe because he had a stripe that made me think of Stripe. My cat is named after the Top Grem, (my cats like 16 yo) so, yea, the movie isnt completely out there for the audience, still one of my fav nostalgic monster movies.
  • amanatee27
    amanatee27 1 year ago agreed. i have never seen gremlins, don't care about it, but if DOB is talking, i'm listening!
  • PiecesMissing
    PiecesMissing 1 year ago At first I misread these comments and thought Dan was leaving the site, not Jack, so I was like "This is the last one ever? At least he's leaving on a joke..." but no, Jack apparently left the site he restarted.
  • Sam Bargeron
    Sam Bargeron 1 year ago this
  • Justin Helm
    Justin Helm 1 year ago Seriously dude your the best keep it up
  • Hagar853
    Hagar853 1 year ago Couldn't have said it better myself Save Our Souls
  • howwitty
    howwitty 1 year ago Good thing Daniel risked his job to make this episode about gremlins!
  • Ryan McMenamim
    Ryan McMenamim 1 year ago Not fired, but Daniel should face punishment for this. Perhaps the next OPD is on volcano movies and he has to do it while eating hot wings seasoned with ghost pepper sauce.
  • Save Our Socials
    Save Our Socials 1 year ago Dorie Bixby where is Michael Swaim!!?😩😢
  • Save Our Socials
    Save Our Socials 1 year ago God Damn lol I also thought this as I wrote it lol
  • Save Our Socials
    Save Our Socials 1 year ago Chris Pope loool agree I'm really "enjoying" Some News with Cody as much as in it's supposed to be enjoyed before one falls into an almost irreversible depression.👌
  • Azivegu
    Azivegu 1 year ago Mr. Orpheus you got to get the message out man. And maybe you should check out the cracked podcast. That's why I am going to miss him.
  • kyubii972
    kyubii972 1 year ago And sometimes you just need to fucking talk about gremlins. SO LET YOUR MAN TALK ABOUT GREMLINS.
  • Robert Riter
    Robert Riter 1 year ago (edited) He's probably jealous because literally everybody at Cracked but Cody, Swain, Soren and Roger suck and are largely responsible for the nosedive in quality the site took.
  • Dorie Bixby
    Dorie Bixby 1 year ago also sarge, where is that kid?
  • Euphemia25
    Euphemia25 1 year ago The Original Gamer yeah youtube comment section seems to have some kind of hate boner for Jack. I always really liked him. Oh well
  • Jeff Hughes
    Jeff Hughes 1 year ago People hate Jack?
  • The Original Gamer
    The Original Gamer 1 year ago I almost feel bad for Jack because everybody seems to hate him as much as they love Daniel. I won't feel sorry if Daniel ever gets fired though, nobody feels sorry for the idiot that kills the goose that lays the golden egg.
  • Wuzi Mu
    Wuzi Mu 1 year ago agreed
  • When your ma Takes away your pop tarts
    When your ma Takes away your pop tarts 1 year ago Jack, Daniel Jack Daniel Jack Daniels
  • Chris Loree
    Chris Loree 1 year ago Anything Danial, ALMOST anything Cody, but I probably wouldn't sit here watching Cody talking about Gremlins for this long. He's too affected by the things he says. Danial can state that something he loves sucks and it's fun. Cody says something sucks and you just kind of agree with him and become sad about the state of the world... which, really, we all should be I guess.
  • Zoya Phillips
    Zoya Phillips 1 year ago +
  • Daddy Hart
    Daddy Hart 1 year ago Predator is a monster that uses a gun
  • Mortal thoughts
    Mortal thoughts 1 year ago Save Our Socials TOOL
  • Rose BPOS
    Rose BPOS 1 year ago Save Our Socials Cracked don't you dare fire an after hours member, in fact we want TWO of these episodes a month! One of Daniels choice and one cracked chooses.
  • Orpheus Prime
    Orpheus Prime 1 year ago ayoub dadouche What does that have to do with what I asked that other guy? =/
  • ayoub dadouche
    ayoub dadouche 1 year ago Mr. Orpheus no he actually left cracked it was a few weeks ago and there was a long goodbye "speech" on the cracked website
  • Orpheus Prime
    Orpheus Prime 1 year ago Azivegu What's with you replying to a lot of comments mocking the fact that "the unfunny O'Brien" doesn't work at Cracked anymore? Do you have a grudge against him or what? o.O
  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 1 year ago who is it?
  • Azivegu
    Azivegu 1 year ago Jack is the wrong guy to talk to now
  • artistwithouttalent
    artistwithouttalent 1 year ago (edited) So Jack was concerned that the Internet doesn't care enough about Gremlins to do an OPCD episode, and now it's trending. EDIT: Holt Shit! Mike from Breaking Bad was a cop in Gremlins? Is this why he went to work for Gus Fring?
  • Duane Barrett
    Duane Barrett 1 year ago And now Dan O'Brien has been fired as well. As well as all the video staff at Cracked.
  • Sopheap Meas
  • Sopheap Meas
    Sopheap Meas 1 year ago Check Gremlins 2. The delivery man who learns Gizmo's tune is Raymond Cruz (I think that's his name), the guy that plays Tuco Salamanca (I think).
  • Geoff Bosco
    Geoff Bosco 1 year ago For more Jonathan Banks from that time period, check out the TV Sci-Fi series Otherword.
  • ChaoticGamer
    ChaoticGamer 1 year ago "Side step into some context that might explain why I don't have a job here anymore if I'm ever fired in the future" ooooh...too soon :c
  • Greg Merritt
    Greg Merritt 3 months ago Voridori I can see his sense of humor in that show, upon mention of that fact.
  • katsunada
    katsunada 4 months ago That explains why i stopped watching cracked
  • Voridori
    Voridori 5 months ago @Danny 6798 Daniel here writes on John Oliver's show now. That's kinda cool.
  • Danny 6798
    Danny 6798 5 months ago @Yousexythang wait, seriously?! That makes me so sad... I loved these guys.... On a different note that probably explains why no videos have been uploaded to the channel for a year
  • Yousexythang
    Yousexythang 7 months ago @Sebastián Muñoz Rubilar They all got fired about a year ago
  • Sebastián Muñoz Rubilar
    Sebastián Muñoz Rubilar 7 months ago (edited) Wait, what? That's why there isn't new OPCD? D:
  • Yousexythang
    Yousexythang 8 months ago It didn't, unfortunately
  • Movie Man Fan
    Movie Man Fan 1 year ago I showed my 8 1/2 yr old  this move! I saw it as a kid and thought it'd be ok.... WRONG! OMGosh! I forgot about some of the crazy sh!t in this movie! That old lady scene scared me as a child but I forgot about some of the OTHER over the top bat - sh!t crazy stuff that I must still be repressing as and adult.   Love this video BTW. We're on your side Dan Obi wan Brien... you are strong with the movie force.
  • Wraith Black
    Wraith Black 4 months ago You not lying
  • S. Tenise Reynolds
    S. Tenise Reynolds 1 year ago points and laughs...i didnt...its haunted me for years
  • toposeasher
    toposeasher 1 year ago lmao liked for the "problem with authority" alone. <3
  • Wes H
    Wes H 1 year ago "War is complicated, and I'm wise for noticing that."
  • Vandal Savage
    Vandal Savage 1 year ago Still one of my favorite episodes, really sad that Cracked exploded and fired all the creatives and video staff.
  • Scott Toland
    Scott Toland 1 year ago How about the biggest plot hole I can think of... "Don't feed them after midnight".... Whose midnight where? Local time? Zulu? Japan time? When can you resume feeding them? Can you just never feed a Mogwai? So confusing...
  • GrahamChapman
    GrahamChapman 10 months ago I side with Roger Ebert on this issue: Trying to make sense of the Mogwai rules is missing the point. For all practical intents and purposes, Gizmo was an Eastern faerie bought in a Mysterious Little Shop in Chinatown, where, as per trope conventions, the ordinary rules of the visible universe cease to operate and magic is a reality. If you have problems with feeding Mogwai after the witching hour, then you're looking at the movie all wrong.
  • will mcnichols
    will mcnichols 1 year ago (edited) I haven't liked a video of cracked for probably a year now but I liked this one because I support your reckless decision making and lack of respect for authority keep wearing that crooked tie good sir. do whatever you want and screw only one opcd a month do 3 I'll watch at least 2 even if it's about some seemingly pointless bs after all that is what I come here for I far prefer it to the political stuff
  • Joseph Corridon
    Joseph Corridon 1 year ago 4:10 Her phrasing "I don't celebrate Christmas" which does sound like something you'd say if you were part of a religion that didn't celebrate Christmas.
  • Um Bongo
    Um Bongo 1 year ago They should try an OPCD with no title at all to see who clicks just for Daniel
  • Hinatachan360
    Hinatachan360 1 year ago I'll always click for Daniel. He's adorkable.
  • meh meh
    meh meh 1 year ago I would.
  • Peter
    Peter 1 year ago Um Bongo I would.
  • Sailor Quinzel
    Sailor Quinzel 1 year ago /everyone/
  • sleep is for the weak
    sleep is for the weak 1 year ago Um Bongo everyone
  • Manner Music Productions
    Manner Music Productions 1 year ago Um Bongo I would click it
  • J 5 mobile
    J 5 mobile 1 year ago you want the truth you can't handle the truth Son
  • Wyatt Skinner
    Wyatt Skinner 1 year ago Who wouldn't, the only shows on Cracked regularly worth watching (After Hours, OPCD, EPCD) are his.
  • Blake Wenzhou
    Blake Wenzhou 1 year ago +Drifter Carbon (Masterwriter42) yes
  • Bethgael
    Bethgael 1 year ago I would like to say "I'd always click for Daniel"... but... that's kind of creepy, now that I think about it.
  • Drifter Carbon
    Drifter Carbon 1 year ago OPCD is basically a /part/ of pop culture at this point, or Cracked at least certainly is, so on April Fools he could release an episode of OPCD about OPCD. I don't know why not.
  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 1 year ago me too
  • Anna Mozatee
    Anna Mozatee 1 year ago You having almost 300 thumbs up should be an indicator.
  • cragnog
    cragnog 1 year ago I would
  • Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña 1 year ago Um Bongo he makes mumbling hot
  • cordeliaistheone
    cordeliaistheone 1 year ago lol exactly! I haven't even seen Gremlins but had to click and of course then enjoyed it :)
  • Dave Bertrand
    Dave Bertrand 1 year ago Exactly what I thought!
  • Mr Evan
    Mr Evan 1 year ago I would
  • Sarah Lady Weaver
    Sarah Lady Weaver 1 year ago Um Bongo I'm down!
  • Klm49
    Klm49 1 year ago Um Bongo -> I certainly would still click. Daniel is amazing!
  • Charles Grimmer
    Charles Grimmer 1 year ago Um Bongo Id watch that, everybodied watch that.
  • Derin Edala
    Derin Edala 1 year ago Me: "Oh, Gremlins? Never mind. Oh wait, it's OPCD? Okay then!"
  • Jeffery Duke
    Jeffery Duke 1 year ago As long as it's an OPCD episode I'm watching it!
  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 1 year ago WE ALL DO!
  • Kaiju Master
    Kaiju Master 5 months ago "Im.trying to get fired" Dark
  • dowingba
    dowingba 1 year ago This episode got everyone fired. Way to go, DOB.
  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 10 months ago This is my favorite episode of OPCD.
  • DarthWells
    DarthWells 1 year ago "I have issues with authority...and sometimes you have to talk about Gremlins" I actually lol'd
  • HandcuffGirl2
    HandcuffGirl2 1 year ago Also, why is there only one episode of OCD a month? It's the best show on Cracked. Do at least one a week.
  • Gustavo Arias
    Gustavo Arias 1 year ago Elijah Webb but only for this guy
  • Elijah Webb
    Elijah Webb 1 year ago Opcd and after hours are tied for me
  • cragnog
    cragnog 1 year ago True, the humour is deep
  • Viquie Tentakelleibe
    Viquie Tentakelleibe 1 year ago this is one of the shows I willing don't skip ads for
  • Zinc Addict
    Zinc Addict 1 year ago It's called OPCD. Daniel Brien has made this joke before
  • Victoria Dolan
    Victoria Dolan 1 year ago This whole thread is just Yes. Yes I want more. But, Yes it's good because they take their time. But, Yes I want more. And Yes, he's busy with other things. But Yes I want more. Also Yes, more valid reasons. And yet, YASSSS I want MORRRR! Lol <3s
  • parkin13
    parkin13 1 year ago Less of your logical arguments, more OCD :P
  • morlock19
    morlock19 1 year ago i want there to be a new episode of dragon ball Z abridged every week, but i know i get them every few months because they spend the time making them good. also... isn't Deezy O Breezy in charge of video production? he has other shit to do
  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole 1 year ago (edited) It's the best show on Cracked BECAUSE they only do it once a month.