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Get LEAN & Build MUSCLE Diet Plan | My Weekly Meal Plan & Prep | Alpha M. Diet VLOG

Published on Jul 27, 2017 1,773,690 views

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Have you ever wondered what Alpha eats on a weekly basis? Yes? Then you'll love this video. The key is planning and preparation as he 'sucks' winging it! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is first taking you shopping at Costco and the grocery store.

Chicken and fish (salmon, tilapia) are staples. He also picks up some quinoa which has a low hypoglycemic index. He gets apples, avocados, sweet potatoes, bagged salads, oatmeal, and egg whites at the grocery store. Once he gets home, he preps. Sunday is also the day he makes his Blue Apron which hes' been using since 2015.

First thing in the morning, he performs fasted cardio and then eats breakfast around 10am - 11am (egg whites, avocado, fruit -or- chocolate oatmeal, fruit). Lunch is around 3pm, consisting of a chicken or salmon salad (his 'power salad'). Then around 6pm, before the gym, he has protein bar or shake. Dinner is Blue Apron -or- chicken breast or fish, sweet potato or quinoa, and vegetable. At night, he always has low calorie ice cream.

He doesn't measure anything, and this diet works for him. He refrains from red meat, and he uses S&P, fresh herbs, hot sauce, ketchup, sriracha, and red wine vinegar. Commit to yourself by preparing your meals.

Blue Apron
Alpha loves this meal service because you get three super sexy meals. You also get locally grown and sourced ingredients. You get 'just enough' so there's no waste! There's nothing sexier than a guy who knows his way around the kitchen, and Blue Apron definitely helps you with that. You can make these awesome meals super quick and easy. No commitment and free shipping too!

  • alpha m.
    alpha m. 2 years ago UPDATE: If you haven't noticed, I am increasing my upload frequency to 5 days per week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat. I just felt like I needed to push my limits and comfort zone. I'll do my best to make the content not suck (some will suck). Thank you all for being a part of this and for watching my videos. You're Awesome!
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    Nicole Andrew Correa 2 years ago all of your videos are very helpful. thank you for doing this. more power alpha
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    Logiic 2 years ago alpha m. If you enjoy it Alpha go ahead bro. But please don't feel pressured to do so, quality over quantity.
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    William Liegel 2 years ago Thanks alpha we appreciate the extra content
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    Rishav Saraf 2 years ago alpha m. You are always great Alpha!
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    Fish Freak 2 years ago (edited) alpha m. Thank you! That's awesome!
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    aLeYoMaXo 2 years ago I agree, you should go with quality over quantity.
  • Simon Brunnauer
    Simon Brunnauer 2 years ago I think that your content is getting better everytime. Please never stop youtubing, I enjoy your videos so much and can implement so much of your advice in my life. Thank you for doing what you do.
  • Szilágyi Péter
    Szilágyi Péter 2 years ago Always great to see your videos Aaron. I've been following since your first few videos. Awesome advice and enjoyable content all around :D Entertainment & Learning in the same place. Keep it up :D
  • Blake Harrison
    Blake Harrison 2 years ago Please bring back the Like a Gentleman series!
  • Blake Harrison
    Blake Harrison 2 years ago Also have you thought about doing a throwback Thursday type thing and go over your old videos and see how you react years later?
  • Julian Krenn
    Julian Krenn 2 years ago alpha m. Why don't you eat real eggs?
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    abhishek singh 2 years ago alpha m. i love all ur videos....i am kind of addicted to ur videos.... love you from INDIA
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    music always 2 years ago (edited) abhishek singh u r not the only...😊😊
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    Ricardo Hernandez 2 years ago alpha m. So glad you increased your uploads I tune in every day and really take every piece of advice thank you!
  • TheGood Life
    TheGood Life 2 years ago alpha m. Cooking on the grill is worse than smoking cigarettes bro, apparently aluminum foil is bad too cook with also. It's tricky trying to be a healthy man my brother 😒😂
  • ElliotPRSN
    ElliotPRSN 2 years ago alpha m. Amazing, mabye a vlog once a week on a specific day? I do not believe you can make a bad video, so no need to worry
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  • Jorge Almazan
    Jorge Almazan 2 years ago So you cook all the meat and quinoa on Sunday. I'm assuming you would need to store about half of that in the freezer instead of fridge? If so, how long do you typically defrost or do you just throw it in the oven/microwave?
  • The Homie Als
    The Homie Als 2 years ago None of it will suck, we are talking about alpha m
  • Fredd 777
    Fredd 777 2 years ago I eat healthy bro 😃
  • Nolan Lemon
    Nolan Lemon 2 years ago Yus, we have indeed noticed, these kinds of videos where you show us what you do are pretty good, just don't switch your content to vlogging like other youtubers XD
  • Musa Bhatti
    Musa Bhatti 2 years ago alpha m. You have said you are married In previous videos.... Still you make your meals yourself? Why? Just curious....
  • John Tibaldi
    John Tibaldi 2 years ago alpha m. I'd suggest you use flaxseed that is cold milled(increases absorption), and switch your current vinegar to Apple cider vinegar. Make sure your salmon is wild cut (sockeye would be great). Take care!
  • exwife called
    exwife called 2 years ago Maybe he and his wife have different schedules, or he buys it and she cooks it, or he likes cooking.
  • Dubstep._.Drops
    Dubstep._.Drops 2 years ago Your content never suck always enjoy watching your stuff keep it up btw maybe soemtime you can do i vid on how to loose wait for teens? since we cant really go to the gym all that much thanks keep it up!
  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 years ago because he's independent and doesn't rely on his wife to do it
  • foniko1
    foniko1 2 years ago make a video with your watch collection plzzzzzzzzz love the rose gold you are wearing!!!
  • Ocean Man
    Ocean Man 2 years ago alpha m. I'm having some trouble finding a light, military style jacket. Something like an M-65 but a shorter like an Ike style jacket. Any tips?
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    Jorrit Kuperus 2 years ago Can u make a video on how to not give a fuck
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    Alpha M 2 years ago thank you very much Alpha ......And btw this video is freaking awsome😄😄😄😄😄😄
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    the individual 2 years ago great job man....consistency is the reason why u r here ryt now
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    All these snitches 2 years ago alpha m. If it sucks just use Tiege Hanley
  • Jason Cavanaugh
    Jason Cavanaugh 2 years ago alpha m. If I were you, I would decrease the upload frequency. It's not that people don't enjoy the content; it's simply the fact that nobody needs any single Youtuber to upload 5 days a week. When you're popping up in your subscribers' feed Monday to Friday, you decrease the view potential on each of the videos because there are so many of them in such a short span of time. Your videos become common and each one is less special. In other words, too much of a good thing can be bad. If you were to, perhaps, decrease the upload frequency to two or thee times a week, it would give you more time to think about the videos and develop the content, you wouldn't risk burning out, you wouldn't risk running out of ideas, the value associated with each video would go up, and the viewers would have more time to watch each video and enjoy them.
  • Luke Gecko Guy
    Luke Gecko Guy 2 years ago alpha m. None of your videos suck man! You should TOTALLY have a T.V. Channel! Thanks for all the great content, please don't stop!
  • Aldo Roccatti
    Aldo Roccatti 2 years ago Hey Alpha!! I don't know if you can tell by my profile picture, but I'm a chef. I had to stop de video a 2:17 because I got worried for you man!! You should not have or prep different produce on the same board!!! It's called cross contamination (I'm sure you can read a lot online about it). One of the things that happens is that the bacteria that inhabits the chicken is getting onto the salmon and viceversa (also flavor). I know you probably cook them all the way and that should kill any bacteria, but if you where going to cook the salmon medium or medium-well, you will be risking your health. As a cook and someone that serves food to other people, I had to give you this advise. Be careful!!
  • Tommy Pham
    Tommy Pham 2 years ago alpha m. Lookin forward to watching ur vids everyday keep grinding
  • Nick Yousif
  • Blinkshot
    Blinkshot 2 years ago Heres a good way to push your limit. Change up your thumbnails. You always have the same background
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    Leo G. 2 years ago alpha m. Hey alpha! Quality over quantity! Some of the best youtubers I've seen even only upload once a month. (: good luck, don't overwork yourself.
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    SquareBraceX2 2 years ago He's just being self-deprecating with his humor
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    cocacolavsdrpepper 2 years ago alpha m. I am really loving the daily videos. I have been very impressed with the content. Please keep it up!
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    Nameless Assassin 2 years ago alpha m. I would be really happy if you upload everyday :)
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    Alejandro Fierro 2 years ago alpha m. Do you ever have cheat days? Or you just straight out eat like this every single day? Love your content by the way👏👍
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    Chris_K02 2 years ago Alexthetics 10 Well, he has said to have a cheat MEAL and not a cheat DAY. If that helps you...
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    Tahir Mehar 2 years ago Gosh thats what i want i wanna se u #EveryDamnDay.. :P luv u Alpha.. Just wonder arent u planning to have any kids...??Why not?
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    Vishnu Chhabra 2 years ago alpha m. Plz make video if possible "How to overcome from friendzone with a girl"...
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    Matt Camp 2 years ago alpha m. Thank you, your videos are amazing
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    yash mane 2 years ago Vishnu Chhabra there is no such thing like a friendzone. Don't treat her like a friend if you don't want to be in the "friendzone"
  • yash mane
    yash mane 2 years ago Vishnu Chhabra make your intentions clear don't dilly dally
  • Vishnu Chhabra
    Vishnu Chhabra 2 years ago yash mane hmm thanku for ur response.. 😊
  • ShotAlive
    ShotAlive 2 years ago Just wondering. So where do you fit in eating with your wife? Seems like everything on the go and all protein. haha. I doubt you eat out everyday for dinner.
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    John m 2 years ago would you mind making a video on where men should where there pants on them to fit Correctly, and if there's any differences on the type of pants being worn. Thanks man, I really appreciate the videos and all the hard work.
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    Dorktoys 2 years ago shawn taylor He did his top ten picks for supps in a previous video
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    Ahmed Zakaria 2 years ago and thank you Alpha for helping us! :)
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  • ThisIsMyFullName
    ThisIsMyFullName 2 years ago Overall it looks like a pretty good diet for someone who works our regularly. However, you're lacking a lot of vegetables in your diet, which you need around 400 grams a day (potatoes are not a vegetable). Also, this looks rather boring to eat, you could easily make a lot more varied food, then just grilled salmon and chicken. If you want high protein foods, there are plenty of alternatives like sardines, shrimp, tuna, cod roe, smoked salmon, turkey, roastbeef, beans, lenses, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, cashew, and so on. Not to mention you can cook food in various ways, to make it more delicious. So instead of cooking all your salmon on the grill, you can take half of it, and dress it with herbs and spices mixed with olive oil, then bake it in the oven. You can also melt some butter on a pan, and add some sage to it, then fry some of the chicken in the butter for added flavour. If you like vinegars, then have a lookout for 'fruit vinegar' like apple, pear, raspberry, or even elderflower. These will lift your salad dressings to a whole new level. Also, make sure you only add the vinegar to your salad right before you're going to eat it, so the salad doesn't become soggy from the vinegar.
  • Dunedan
    Dunedan 2 years ago What do you mean by wing it?
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    tendy boi 2 years ago thank you!
  • Will Zipf
    Will Zipf 2 years ago alpha m. Yo alpha you gotta grind up the flax seeds because the shell is very tough and isn't easy for your body to break down and you don't get the most out of it, so grind them up
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    Abdullah Khan 2 years ago alpha m. i am never bored of watching ur videos. your videos are like an addiction
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    7S Creationz 2 years ago alpha m. of course we're Awesome Dude
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    • Esteban •. 2 years ago Thank you Alpha. Love your content. This one about meals, I really needed it. I will do this. :)
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    Zitt 2 years ago 5:24 What is the Last ingredient in the oat meal? What Kind of seeds are those?
  • JFRED254
    JFRED254 2 years ago Flax Seeds
  • Zitt
    Zitt 2 years ago DiamondViper1984 thanks
  • Un-Joshed
    Un-Joshed 2 years ago Alpha for a low calorie ice cream there is a better one than halo top. Its vegan. fat free. Low calorie and it tastes delicious
  • TreyProGamerHD
    TreyProGamerHD 2 years ago alpha m.You don't look 40 u look like ur 33-37 tiege hanley has done you well
  • Денислав Русанов
    Денислав Русанов 2 years ago alpha m. I advise you to use flaxseed powder, because if not chewed well, flaxseeds cannot be digested.
  • Akshay Bolakani
    Akshay Bolakani 2 years ago Alpha what glasses are you wearing in this video?
  • MrYnoter
    MrYnoter 2 years ago +alpha m. Bro, if you really want to be healthy you need to go vegan.
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    drjerkigan 2 years ago alpha m. What sunglasses are you wearing??
  • TempleMoon
    TempleMoon 2 years ago alpha m. Wow now a months worth of food. I just don't have the space to freeze that much. Week by weeks a little easier. Love a good bit of grilled fish tho!
  • U J
    U J 1 year ago Hey alpa m. Do you have a shake post workout? or do you skip it?
  • elchapman1966
    elchapman1966 1 year ago Alpha do you cook on Sunday and eat the meals thought the week? If so what to you do to keep them fresh?
  • Chris Legaspi
    Chris Legaspi 1 year ago Bro did you just cross contaminate chicken and salmon? What a fukin savage. (Obvs jokes, since you're cooking right away)
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    Shashank 1 year ago alpha m. You are awesome man
  • Nicholas Ovel
    Nicholas Ovel 1 year ago Hey Alpha, doubt you will see this since it's over 6mo old, BUT it kind of feels like you're honest about your sponsors, no matter what the truth is. So I've seen a bunch of these type fresh delivery for groceries to eat healthier and taste amazing! So here is my question, does EVERYTHING ALWAYS come as fresh looking as it shows? Will my ingredients look as fresh as yours when I receive them? Specifically the herbs. I noticed your cilantro (and I'm a Chef; professional, experienced, tested... Not a fry cook at a fast food restaurant) looks damn fresh...
  • Mandofouronefive
    Mandofouronefive 1 year ago alpha m. Not really fresh. If it's been frozen.....
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    TrickDalSanto 1 year ago I love those sunglasses... what kind are they?
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    Brandon Broaddus 1 year ago Awesome videos and great tips!
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    Ernesto Flores 1 year ago alpha m hey amigo. Microwaves take the nutricional value of the food. Am a oatmeal slave and what I saw broke my heart, you cooked oatmeal in a radiotive fashioned seriously amigo, not cool.
  • CLick Here:16000 woodworking plans
    CLick Here:16000 woodworking plans 1 year ago I have been dropping weight like never before, applying the diet plan > . It's been the most successful strategy I've ever implemented....
  • When you don't edit dat out
    When you don't edit dat out 1 year ago I didn't know you eat at 10am for breakfast, mine is at 7am.
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    Kiki 1 year ago alpha m. Hey man can you do a full day of eating video also do you fasting
  • Lokendra Thapa
    Lokendra Thapa 1 year ago +alpha m. Cheers for this, been searching for "how much cardio per week to get ripped" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Dondeline Yeyyan Domination - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.
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    Ian Graham-White 1 year ago alpha m. get lean and build muslce mass with the power of tiege hanley
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    Ashish Verma 1 year ago Sir please make a video on coffee benefits for muscle & testosterone, when to take & how much to take ? And Can we take it before bed if we don’t have any sleeping problem. & what should be time gap between meals, micro nutritions supplements & coffee or tea or green tea ?
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    Idaneli Ramos 1 year ago alpha m. Well my goal is to gain weight while getting lean but I'm guessing calories is very important right Soo I would like to know how many calories your meal are
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    Andres Cottin 11 months ago I'm curious why you wait to have breakfast at 10am if you've been awake since 530am. Is this planned based on fasting? Maybe I missed a video.
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    Reef2480 9 months ago My wife and I do hello fresh there’s some awesome meals in there as well if you haven’t tried them! Thanks for content
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    Moroccan EpicTV 5 months ago I'm in love with your videos. I just turned 28. I'm going to commit to the diet you've recommended for two weeks. One of my dream goals is to learn how to cook while making those abs show. Pray fo me.
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    James Bone 2 years ago I made the chocolate oatmeal but forgot to look back at exactly what alpha used (measurements). I added 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 2 tbsp flax seeds instead of teaspoons. I shit a mortar the next morning.
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    Liam Wright 2 years ago Alpha, I'm sure this comment will get lost amongst the noise but I needed to put it out there that you have truly given me the tools to choose better for myself and my family. After struggling through cancer treatment and coming out the other side with my life, I should've seen a fresh start and a blessing. But all I felt I had was a shattered mess and a dependency to medication. I spent a while letting myself and my family down, feeling almost justified and full of excuses. A number of months ago I came across your channel and what started as a surface encounter based on how to make myself look like anything but death, became an opportunity for me to change my life. These videos have shown me that whether it's style, health, fitness or whatever that the topic is, what you actually create, knowingly or not, is a simple, easy to follow set of methods to become the best version of yourself. You have helped me become the best version of myself and as corny as it might sound, I thank you for that. You are helping dudes like me just be something other than a bundle of what ifs and excuses. Keep it up man, you're the boss
  • Kwin McCollum
    Kwin McCollum 1 year ago Good for you man
  • Korey k.
    Korey k. 11 months ago (edited) I'm 16 and I have been watching "Alpha Males" videos for almost 2 years and even though I can't buy all the things I want to, or do everything he does; I've had the opportunity to better myself, and have become a much more confident, and socially capable young man. Who can articulate and speak freely whatever the topic may be, what I really trying to get to is that I appreciate all you've done to better me, and I thank you for all you have and will continue to do.
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    Ultra Instinct Jon Jones 9 months ago That is beautiful man
  • Sandra Walters
    Sandra Walters 6 months ago I've been doing intermittent fastening, apple cider vinegar, and better food choices daily and lost over 50 lbs in 3 months. I finally reached my goal and will continue to go strong. It takes a lot of willpower and determination, but I did it and so can anyone💪 Go here to learn more:
  • Kris Keeney
    Kris Keeney 6 months ago Im a cancer survivor for 15 years now myself, i only recently found alfa. I have to say, i completely agree with this statement. Ive never seen a youtuber work so hard to get all the great deals with their sponsors for the viewers that thia gentleman does. And im truly impressed by how positive and uplifting alphas content is. Ive been binge watching these videos for a few days now. I really get the feeling that alpha "i believe his names aaron. Sorry" i believe he really cares about his viewers and takes very seriously the products he promotes. Integrity is something in short supply these days, so its worth respect. Great content alpha. Keep up the awesome work brother. And to the original poster of this comment, having cancer is like being in a club that noone ever wants to join. But beating it is an amazing, hard won victory. Congratulations on winning the battle brother. God bless you and stay on it.
  • Ammon Ng
    Ammon Ng 5 months ago Respect to you man
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    LaVa Kaidono 3 months ago Liam Wright dont thank alpha. Thank tiege hanley
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    Mike G 2 years ago Yo Alpha, Just wanted to let you know I've lost 74lbs so far in the past eight months along with making some solid gains at the gym and you are one of the people in my life I can thank for the motivation. Keep doing what your doing! Respectfully -Mike G (Brooklyn ny)
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    StraightUpJoe 6 months ago This video is what started my weight loss a little bit over a year ago, I've lost ~50 pounds so far, while I have stagnated a bit, I need to get back into the swing, this is a great refresher :)
  • Hayden Stephan
    Hayden Stephan 2 years ago I just ran Alpha's diet thru MyFitnessPal and he is getting 1450-1650 cals/day. (I obviously couldn't count the blue apron meals or cheat days.) For a person that does an hour of cardio every day (burning, let's say, 600 calories) as well as an hour of weight training most days, that amount of cals is insanely low. Granted, he's getting enough protein (about 160g/day) but I don't see how he has enough energy. With that amount of exercise and his muscle mass, his TDEE is roughly 2300-2500 cals/day, I would say. So if this really was his diet, he would probably be losing 1-2lbs/wk. Something is off.
  • Ethan Cha
    Ethan Cha 2 years ago That's the exact same thing I thought about. It seems like his calorie intake is way too low.
    FTW OUTLAW 1 year ago Hayden Stephan ..a little trt never
  • UsefullPig
    UsefullPig 1 year ago Yeah. You didn't include the cheat day and blue apron variables. Also, measuring calories is a wildly inaccurate science. Here is a video:
  • Artem R
    Artem R 1 year ago Isn't he super short like 5'3 I'd say he's about in the right range. For me I'm about 200lbs and I eat 1700 calories a day to loose 2 lbs per week while doing intense cardio. And his "piece of fish" doesn't specify, is it 4 OZ or 8OZ so I think he eats more than that
  • Ya Boi Trapezius
    Ya Boi Trapezius 1 year ago its different for every one...based on age,weight, height...i think this video serves as more of an example as to what are great choices for your diet he never said follow this diet and you will reach your individual fitmess works for him his body shows cant depend on other peoples examples go and figure out your own macros amd calorie intake intake
  • MeesterSun
    MeesterSun 1 year ago yeah and he's 40. At that age you need to eat less and exercise more to maintain anything.
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    Crunch Buttsteak 1 year ago Hayden Stephan you forgot to calculate the Tiege Hanley.
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    Spectra 1 year ago tf why are u everywhere on yt sayin that everyone in mens lifestyle community has too low cal intake xd
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    Kyooza Kise 1 year ago 1500 calorie is not "low" when he's short and probably not weighing that much
  • unwankster unwankster
    unwankster unwankster 1 year ago I am having a hell of a time losing weight my pic is when i was 35 ish . I am now 39 6-2 i think i am going to try a 1800 calorie diet.
  • josh knix
    josh knix 1 year ago Kyooza Kise for that amount of muscle and his exercise routine, yes it is low. That being said I doubt he eats that much. He probably snacks every now and then and goes out to eat and eat that blue apron meal or a meal similar to it.
  • eddiesm6
    eddiesm6 1 year ago Keep in mind that number crunching is a general guideline, but every single person metabolizes food differently, and your diet should be altered to fit YOUR needs. If you just copy and paste diet plans into a caloric calculator you’re doing it wrong. Start with a plan, see how your body reacts to it, and adjust accordingly
  • BRKN
    BRKN 1 year ago (edited) UsefullPig That's why you calculate your TDEE and track your weight loss from week to week. Not losing fat or gaining fat ? Simple, cut down a little bit more until you find the sweet spot. Calories in Calories out, it's that simple. Don't eat shitty fast food and stick to clean foods.
  • Nikola
    Nikola 1 year ago No way he eats that little, I eat a similar diet to his and I get around 2000-2200
  • GiantsFan
    GiantsFan 1 year ago Hes like 5'4 or some shit.
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    Giordano Capovilla 1 year ago Solid break down. Completely agree
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    bob marley 1 year ago GiantsFan 5"6.5 he said
  • agodelianshock
    agodelianshock 9 months ago He’s got a wife, they’ve gotta be doing some meals and snacking together. The blue apron/regular dinner probably makes up the difference. He probably just gave us his “healthy” portion of the meal plan.
  • Pat
    Pat 9 months ago Hayden Stephan he’s short as fuck
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    BS59 7 months ago Chances are hes on a cut but he probably shoula said that
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    keair walker 6 months ago Hayden Stephan he’s probably cutting
  • Apple Daily
    Apple Daily 6 months ago Don’t base it off an app Ask a doctor Preferable one that uses tiege Hanley Those are the best doctors
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    CountBeetle 2 months ago @unwankster unwankster did you get there? Whats ypur diet workout etc?
  • Alperen 0485
    Alperen 0485 5 days ago He drinks lots of coffee(idk if it is sweetened) (also how do you measure the weight)(also high carb proteins have tons of calories)
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    Fatty Catty 2 years ago My wife just gave birth to twins, welcome to the world Pete and Pedro
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