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Death of a Game: The EverQuest Franchise

Published on Aug 20, 2018 392,122 views

Norrath, how we once knew ye.

Thanks to Joshua Sloan for helping edit the script :)

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  • N.S.
    N.S. 11 months ago Thank you for the support as always everyone and I hoped you like my rendition of the story of EverQuest. I realize my pronunciation seems to be triggering some people, and just to be completely transparent I have always had a speech impediment pronouncing R's it's been like that since i started the channel but due to my increased popularity and saying WoW like 100 times this video it was more obvious :D. Also I forgot to mention in terms of games like EverQuest, you guys should check out Project Gorgon. It's very EQ1 esque and it has quite good reviews around it!
  • Surf Surfing
    Surf Surfing 3 months ago Daybreak.... What good titles do Daybreak have?
  • Geezer Warrior
    Geezer Warrior 3 months ago Belated viewing & comment Just recently found your channel glad I did! A, AA, and AAA game companies seem to lay it on thick about the tribulations of creating a game whether it be a MMO, or stand alone title, and that is true; however, they should be embarrassed since a small indie company Nine Dots Studio created a game (split-screen co-op) with only a 10 member team. While it's graphics, a few bugs-n-glitches with not-so-good voice-over acting are present it is quite an achievement that it came off so well, and the release was a quiet one huge marketing/ad campaign budget. Outward is a cool RPG e.g., the usual exploration, dungeons, mobs, looting, and so on with survival elements thrown into the mix. Not for everyone, but you might want to check it out...................
  • zomgl2pnoobffs
    zomgl2pnoobffs 4 months ago The only thing I noticed about your pronunciation is "Wdvwarcraf" but I've noticed a lot of people doing that, not just you!
  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam 7 months ago I hate you for skipping over Tanarus.
  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam 7 months ago what the horse shit is this? Why is there NO MENTION of Tanarus being the game that the 3D engine for EQ was built and tested on?
  • Baneful
    Baneful 8 months ago The ward of warcraft thing was distracting but its clearly not your fault lol.
  • James Z. S
    James Z. S 8 months ago @N.S. can you provide the source for data at 6:27? or are you just making up numbers?
  • N.S.
    N.S. 8 months ago Not really. Because it doesn't change the point of my video. It would still be a miniscule fraction of its original scope and popularity.
  • lostalien9
    lostalien9 8 months ago Yeah, didn't sound like a speech impediment...just rushing.
  • Deadronin1969
    Deadronin1969 9 months ago nerdSlayer ll
  • dralithi
    dralithi 9 months ago Well researched and edited. While I might be one of the annoying people who thought the pronunciation thing was a tiny bit distracting - like you said, you had to say it 100ish times - overall, I think you did a great job.
  • James Z. S
    James Z. S 10 months ago where is the data from 6:27 gathered from? and how do you know it's legitimate?
  • J Moua
    J Moua 10 months ago nerdSlayer Everquest didn't just die, it was murdered.
  • Monster Workshop
    Monster Workshop 10 months ago Awesome video of one of my most cherished gaming experiences - discovering EQ and the world of the internet. Thank you.
  • apartmentaquariums
    apartmentaquariums 10 months ago I miss the quest being given by repeating a [key word] back in a question form. And having to have food and drink in inventory or risk starvation, as it took food regularly with out prompting.
  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 10 months ago Technically EQNext was never a thing to be canceled. It was purely in the "presentation" stage. EQNext existed to increase the value of SOE stock and for no other reason.
  • Rittler128
    Rittler128 10 months ago Talk about pantheon: rise of the fallen and it's going back to the roots of early mmorpg. Possibly the next "EQ 3" a true successor.
  • Fyuri LeBlanc
    Fyuri LeBlanc 10 months ago really? i found your pronounciation just fine and enjoyed your commentary and the scenes. i just think that not everyone wants the same thing out of the game that you did. many of us are very happy with the game. ignore the "pronunciation police" - there are always those who quibble over minor stuff while ignoring content.
  • Greg Wolking
    Greg Wolking 10 months ago (edited) nerdSlayer I think the real problem is that you're pushing too hard to keep the runtime down. To my ear, you're rushing yourself instead of speaking naturally. Your diction suffers as a result (and no, it's not just with the letter "r") . I think you'd get better results if you were to just relax and slow down a bit. Just a thought -- not a slam. The content itself was just fine. Although I've never played any of the games mentioned, I totally got what you were saying about them, so a tip of the hat to you for that! :) Yes, this sounds picky and it probably is, but it's meant to be helpful, for whatever that's worth.
  • Pantheon Radio
    Pantheon Radio 10 months ago Great video nerdSlayer, - enjoyed it!. You really have captured some mmorpg history.
  • Vincent Vendetta
    Vincent Vendetta 10 months ago Please do a #DOAG on Dark Age of Camelot! Love your vids!
  • Ballavar
    Ballavar 10 months ago as someone with the same speech impediment, it didn't make me mad, just upset me because of my own personal feelings. didn't take away from the video, just reminded me i have that impediment and brought it out as i tryed to talked after the end. either way great video and i was always told to strengthen my tongue to reduce the R's issues. the exercise i was given was to cut gummy bears in half with my tongue against the roof of my mouth.
  • Kelly Mcgrath
    Kelly Mcgrath 10 months ago p99 has a great community, and a large population. because the pay-2-play sucks ass, didnt stop me from playing my SK today
  • J Glass
    J Glass 10 months ago This will be a funny video in 10 years when expansion pack 50 drops 😎
  • kungfujoe
    kungfujoe 10 months ago what downtime? i play necro (and shamy)
  • kungfujoe
    kungfujoe 10 months ago when i started wow i knew 90% of the game mechanics and keyboard shortcuts because they wer the same as eq
  • Jari Haukilahti
    Jari Haukilahti 10 months ago Everques didnt look that for me when i played the game on a 56k modem in 1998 The looked more like a game done for commodore 64 well try it out with 2 mb Ati mach 64. Maybe i should play the game now.
  • N.S.
    N.S. 10 months ago Thank you so much :)
  • N.S.
    N.S. 10 months ago I guess it's more enjoyable then the actual content for some lol
  • Jesse Rogalski
    Jesse Rogalski 10 months ago Hey guy. Was just busting. Wasn't meant to be taken as mean spirited in any way.
  • Reb Brown
    Reb Brown 10 months ago Great vid. Never noticed anything of the sorts, perhaps because I was happily enjoying the actual content of the vid.
  • Tomi
    Tomi 10 months ago Who the heck would be triggered by pronunciation ? OCD types or very bitter people venting their disappointment of life upon others.
  • Syntania
    Syntania 11 months ago I met my current husband while playing Everquest. His Iksar monk killed my Dark Elf Shadowknight. We've been married for 10 years now.
  • That Weird Kid From High School
    That Weird Kid From High School 3 weeks ago @G Q I just got back from vegas 2 days ago, I sprayed a hookers face. Good to hear we are stimulating the economy
  • martin winther
    martin winther 2 months ago That is one thin EQ series could(can?) that no other game ive ever seen. It could create true and deep lifelasting bonds IRL. Grats on your 10 years ;)
  • VooDoo Wiz
    VooDoo Wiz 3 months ago this is beautiful! how games connect people and give positive benefits to peoples lives
  • Theforbiddenname Z
    Theforbiddenname Z 3 months ago Cringe
  • RadiantNinja
    RadiantNinja 3 months ago Ew
  • william pratt
    william pratt 3 months ago @Aggressive Tubesock ?!?!!?
  • G Q
    G Q 4 months ago I sprayed my dna on a stomach of a hooker yesterday, has nothing to do with this thread but I still wanted to share it.
  • judge parker
    judge parker 4 months ago and now his dagger is piercing your armor
  • That One Fuckwit
    That One Fuckwit 4 months ago CURRENT
  • Vigilant AQ3D
    Vigilant AQ3D 6 months ago @EQOAnostalgia nothing will ever be eqoa lol
  • Joey Lee
    Joey Lee 6 months ago Syntania my wife and I met through EQ. We were in the same guild on Morell Thule server. I was a Barb Shaman and she was a DE Cleric. We’ve been married 14yrs and have 2 kids.
  • Nick
    Nick 7 months ago I got married in game. I would have married her IRL if I was old enough.
  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason 7 months ago @Pete Conrad Jr. lmao I mean, that's kinda what I was thinking except not so coarse xD
  • Pete Conrad Jr.
    Pete Conrad Jr. 7 months ago Hey kids, want to know how to spot a gold digging prostitute? Look for if she uses the adjective "current" to modify "husband."
  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason 7 months ago @Syntania "I don't deal in absolutes" is an absolute.
  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason 7 months ago current husband? that makes it sound like you're planning on the possibility of having another husband in the future, as if you go through them like shoes.
  • Caspa Cz
    Caspa Cz 7 months ago Dark Elves and DKs 4 lyfe ESO only has dragon knights :-(
  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 7 months ago I met a dude on osrs who I e dated and he gave me a mythrill greatsword and then me and my school friends ganked him in the wilderness. I miss osrs
  • The Jester - Fool Of Hearts
    The Jester - Fool Of Hearts 7 months ago I remember people taking EverQuest WAY further than WoW. In it's hayday it was even referred to as "EverCrack" because it was so addictive. But as a note about just how far people took EQ... well there was a story that circulated on the news decades ago. It was about a girl who spent every day on the game and hung out with her E-boyfriend. He broke up with her on the game, and she hung herself. I remember seeing her at the time and thinking she actually was a real decent looking girl who probably could have easily found a real fucking boyfriend if she wasn't such an introvert and got out a little, but then again I'm no one to talk as far as introverts go.
  • Marc Rover
    Marc Rover 7 months ago What server did y'all play on?
  • Bear Gribble
    Bear Gribble 7 months ago Jelly
  • Morgan Sparhawk
    Morgan Sparhawk 7 months ago kangsun201 a druid that's a karana gal no less 🤗 We still raid as well 😁
  • Birgit
    Birgit 8 months ago @Random Guy that's cause she knows where to find you :)
  • Birgit
    Birgit 8 months ago (edited) Same we met in Crushbone, chanter & wizzy gnomes married now for 15yrs and still game together daily
  • Jared P
    Jared P 9 months ago epic!
  • Mogul DaMongrel
    Mogul DaMongrel 9 months ago eq the real
  • Enosh Starcrod
    Enosh Starcrod 9 months ago thats too funny
  • Itz Swifty
    Itz Swifty 9 months ago (edited) sounds about right iksar monk VS Shadowknight! thats like DPS vs punching bag! <3 Meet a girl from classic EQ it was a trainwreck and i highly regret it. lol
  • kangsun201
    kangsun201 9 months ago @Morgan Sparhawk human sk and hef druid. You both have strange tastes lol. Definitely taking the path less traveled. I also had a hef druid. I only ever met one high end human sk. He was badass, but I'm sure it was a struggle.
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 10 months ago Cool, my wife doesn't play anything but she is the only woman I dated who didn't care how many hours I spent gaming. Married for 12 years now.
  • Syntania
    Syntania 10 months ago TheZenbudda  I hadn't been expecting it; I was running through the wood elf area trying to get somewhere else.
  • Syntania
    Syntania 10 months ago thoughtank101  I'm not a Sith; I don't deal in absolutes. =)
  • Syntania
    Syntania 10 months ago kebas239  He met me later in PoK on another of his characters and apologized.
  • Syntania
    Syntania 10 months ago Aggressive Tubesock  No.
  • Syntania
    Syntania 10 months ago Crow's Bridge  Tribunal
  • Crow's Bridge
    Crow's Bridge 10 months ago which server?
  • TheZenbudda
    TheZenbudda 10 months ago Lol that's tough hearing considering how much OP shadowknights were in pvp.
  • OneGone Arm
    OneGone Arm 10 months ago Ever notice EQ had less gender swapped players back then? My guild ended up having all the main tanks actually living in the same metro area. We didn't raid weekends so we all went out drinking all the time.
  • despair83
    despair83 10 months ago I met my husband playing EQ as well! I played a Mage and he played a Wizard. Been married for 8 year and had 2 kids 🙂.
  • vahsharo1980
    vahsharo1980 10 months ago and this is why i love eq and game just like it u never know who u will meet.
  • swiftbear
    swiftbear 10 months ago Not Everquest but met my wife of 18 years ago in Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption.
  • Alicia GriffonLady
    Alicia GriffonLady 10 months ago I met my hubby in EQ2. ^_^ It'll be our tenth anniversary on Halloween. His first words to me were "Your hair is big and shiny".
  • J Moua
    J Moua 10 months ago Syntania Wow what a shit love story( slightly better than twlight), but I'm happy for you, fam. Hope you two are together for another 10.
  • Morgan Sparhawk
    Morgan Sparhawk 10 months ago Syntania grats! My human SK husband and I met in game 19 years ago and he & I, a hef druid, still play to this day.
  • kebas239
    kebas239 10 months ago How did you ever forgive him for killing your dark elf shadowknight?
  • thoughtank101
    thoughtank101 10 months ago Your current husband? Meaning that can change? LOL.
  • Ghostiebun
    Ghostiebun 10 months ago I have heard so many stories like this, it's always so sweet!!! 😊
  • KalHimself
    KalHimself 10 months ago Couples that slay together, stay together.
  • wixom01
    wixom01 10 months ago In my guild we had two marriages! I had friends I kept in touch with for YEARS after I stopped playing (2003). Easily the best social MMORPG ever!
  • Nicole Manko Levite
    Nicole Manko Levite 10 months ago Same here, married since 2006 one kid.
  • dimp10
    dimp10 10 months ago Same here! I met my husband when our guilds merged. We've been married 13 years!
  • Teresa Montgomery
    Teresa Montgomery 10 months ago Met my husband on EQ 1. We were in the same guild for 4 years before we just clicked one day. I think it was the day he was helping me find a mob for my epic and my pet bear ate his epic. That was about 20 years ago and we've been married for 14.
  • Kaitlin Meuse
    Kaitlin Meuse 10 months ago My folks aswell. My first MMORPG was EQ
  • EQOAnostalgia
    EQOAnostalgia 10 months ago Same, met my wife on EQOA, EverQuest for the PS2... if you think you got the shaft on PC... we didn't even make it past one expac lol. Odus opened up to us about 1500 years in the past from EQ 1. Great place, never got anything else. Not Feydwer, not Kunark, Luclin... NONE OF IT. We even had our latest expansion called "Underfoot" roughly 90% complete when SoE pulled the plug and shot the ideas over to PC EQ... we are a couple without a home. Well we were, until i got her into WoW this expac lol. FOR THE ALLIANCE!
  • Spock
    Spock 10 months ago I met my wife playing the game. Here we are, 14 years later with four kids and still together.
  • wyrmswyrd
    wyrmswyrd 10 months ago I hear you Syntania. I witnessed many a case as you describe, and many long term rl friendships grow out of playing together. EQ had a very close knit community since it was necessary to cooperate to achieve almost everything in game. People developed real bonds of friendship due to that, unlike modern day soloable-content MMO's where the toxicity is generally unbearable.
  • Josh Jacobs
    Josh Jacobs 10 months ago That’s really sweet. Thanks for sharing guys and gals
  • Kris Bunch
    Kris Bunch 11 months ago Syntania awesome. My wife and I didn’t meet in EQ but we cemented our early relationship via 12 hour marathon sessions.
  • Damien
    Damien 11 months ago Syntania I met my wife in EQ2. I was an Iksar monk, too. Married 7 years.
  • Sonnabend00
    Sonnabend00 9 months ago Ah yes, Evercrack, the game that defined game addiction.