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Trying Emma Chamberlain Diet & Workout For A Week!

Published on Feb 6, 2019 423,704 views

I follows Emma Chamberlains diet & workout for a week & uh it was kinda really hard

Loren Gray diet & workout routine:
Instagram celeberties diet & workout:

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  • Tatum Miller
    Tatum Miller 3 months ago (edited) I didn’t even know Emma had a diet/workout I- Edit: tysm for the likes
  • Veronica Frasca
    Veronica Frasca 3 months ago Emily Berns she’s doesn’t lol idk where she got it because Emma even said herself she doesn’t have one she eats whatever especially postmates she’s probably looking at very old videos
  • Elyse
    Elyse 3 months ago Veronica Frasca she definitely works out still, she just shares less of her life now. It’s her “brand” to be lazy or whatever so thats probably why she doesn’t share the healthy aspects of her life. The girl has a six-pack. She definitely has to eat well and workout enough to maintain that.
  • AJ Farraj
    AJ Farraj 3 months ago (edited) Mean either...... But it does make sense how she is in pretty GOOD shape.
  • Phe Sori
    Phe Sori 3 months ago Neither me
  • Cake lady
    Cake lady 3 months ago Elyse so true she mentioned it in some of her old videos but doesn’t now bc being lazy is her brand
  • wink wonk
    wink wonk 3 months ago AJ Farraj probably because she has fast metabolism
  • Ant Olczyk
    Ant Olczyk 3 months ago same
  • Amy Dart
    Amy Dart 2 months ago Same
  • Gracie Brooks
    Gracie Brooks 2 months ago Tatum Miller ik dame i was like how is she so skinny... i knew she was a vegetarian tho
  • Jorja Odorczuk
    Jorja Odorczuk 2 months ago Tatum Miller I mean how is she so fit?
  • Mrinali Gowda
    Mrinali Gowda 2 months ago She literally doesn't
  • Jorja Odorczuk
    Jorja Odorczuk 2 months ago Mrinali Gowda she doesn’t work out? How do you know? Lol.
  • Hana Hussein
    Hana Hussein 2 months ago Me too 😂😂😂
  • Sophabella
    Sophabella 2 months ago I’m a vegetarian but I don’t eat that healthy and I don’t work out very often or have like a set workout plan but somehow I kinda have a six pack
  • rashi
    rashi 2 months ago I was like "emma seeing right".... Pathetic joke
  • Marla
    Marla 2 months ago Jorja Vlogs she used to be a cheerleader, like a big one
  • Tatum Miller
    Tatum Miller 2 months ago Marla she was a high school cheerleader like 2 years ago, not a huge athlete now
  • Raye Moc
    Raye Moc 2 months ago She does soul cycle really often
  • Patricia 02
    Patricia 02 2 months ago Each like equals 2 squats. I need motivation!!
  • Rachel C
    Rachel C 2 months ago Patricia 02 eAcH LiKe EqUaLs TwO sQuAtS motivate yourself
  • Izzy Coneybeare
    Izzy Coneybeare 2 months ago @Rachel C rude
  • Hailey Romero
    Hailey Romero 2 months ago Have fun doing 179 squats
  • olivia tran
    olivia tran 2 months ago u at 722 rn... g’looks
  • Hailey Romero
    Hailey Romero 2 months ago olivia tran ???
  • olivia tran
    olivia tran 2 months ago Hailey Romero what?
  • Hufflepuff Queen
    Hufflepuff Queen 2 months ago 820 squats Good luck 👍
  • Jazoster
    Jazoster 2 months ago Have fun doing 209 squats
  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 2 months ago Jazoster ???
  • Jumanah Asiri
    Jumanah Asiri 1 month ago 970 push up 💀 rip 😭
  • debtu
    debtu 1 month ago haha good luck
  • Emma Poliakova
    Emma Poliakova 1 month ago (edited) Girl u are dead over 1000 squats😂
  • RN S
    RN S 1 month ago 1252 squats
  • Fluffy unicorn ASMR
    Fluffy unicorn ASMR 3 weeks ago Have fun doing 1430 squats🤣🤣👑
  • Dreamlight Gacha
    Dreamlight Gacha 3 months ago Girl you look fit even without workout! How?! I can’t even get fit by exercising!
  • Aiden Lily
    Aiden Lily 3 months ago XxStarQueenxX probably her diet is healthy enough for her to be fit but I’m sure she does exercise at least once a week considering she does these videos
  • Dreamlight Gacha
    Dreamlight Gacha 3 months ago Aiden Lily true, i can’t keep a diet for more that 2 weeks UwU.
  • Lina Ortmann
    Lina Ortmann 3 months ago XxStarQueenxX you don’t have to be on a specific ‘diet’ to be healthy, lol. Just try to eat some whole foods, and don’t worry if you eat some ‘unhealthy’ food every now & again. :)
  • Julia H
    Julia H 3 months ago (edited) I don’t workout but eat a Whole Foods plant based diet and am toned and have abs, so thankful for my lifestyle because diets don’t work in the long run haha
  • Giselle's Life!
    Giselle's Life! 3 months ago XxStarQueenxX Same
  • Monse Mendoza
    Monse Mendoza 3 months ago XxStarQueenxX sameee
  • jas
    jas 3 months ago It all literally depends on how fast your metabolism is.
  • Princess Scott
    Princess Scott 3 months ago lol same
  • Zoe Whitaker
    Zoe Whitaker 3 months ago Same
  • Mabel
    Mabel 3 months ago I am on a weight loss thing rn and I cut my food in half and barely workout and I’m halfway there
  • jenelle
    jenelle 2 months ago i barely eat and work out once a day but i’m still really big
  • pumpkin spice latte
    pumpkin spice latte 2 months ago Same guurl
  • Zunaira Rashid
    Zunaira Rashid 2 months ago lmaoooo meeeeee. mood
  • Queen Cookie
    Queen Cookie 2 months ago Struggles but I feel you hun
  • Hedda Tvedt
    Hedda Tvedt 2 months ago jenelle don’t starve yourself just to be fit
  • Au Raven
    Au Raven 2 months ago @jenelle that won't work cause your body is going to hold on to what it can and make it last so it will just be harder to lose weight and when you start eating more again its ganna make it suck cause your body will need to be used to eating more again to let you lose weight properly
  • curley fry
    curley fry 3 months ago (edited) Who else agrees she is so fricken pretty 😍 (for those asking Brianna and Emma 😂)
  • Breeza Rodriguez
    Breeza Rodriguez 3 months ago ME!!!
  • Stella W
    Stella W 3 months ago Alma Kassab fuck off u sensitive sally😂
  • gxta cOmPiLaTiOnS
    gxta cOmPiLaTiOnS 3 months ago Alma Kassab me?
  • xoxo._ana
    xoxo._ana 3 months ago Emma chamberlain yes, Brianna no
  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 3 months ago Carley Hayes meeeeeeeer!!!
  • zaylee jo
    zaylee jo 3 months ago Alma Kassab wtf everyone just started attacking you I’m sorry 💞
  • Sister Squad
    Sister Squad 3 months ago Emma or Brianna
  • Yesenia Herrera
    Yesenia Herrera 3 months ago Me
  • Zan Love
    Zan Love 3 months ago Like #600 :)))
  • SOAP UwU
    SOAP UwU 3 months ago Official_.ana. Then why are you watching her videos god dammit!
  • curley fry
    curley fry 2 months ago @Alma Kassab sorry I miss understood your comment no hate :)
  • Mystical ASMR
    Mystical ASMR 2 months ago Meeeee
  • nina richon
    nina richon 2 months ago Brianna is better
  • Sammy Plays
    Sammy Plays 1 month ago Official_.ana. Geez rude much your on this girls channel
  • Itzchloeee A
    Itzchloeee A 3 weeks ago xoxo._ana ur pfp is really ugly, no offense
  • Nikki Blasi
    Nikki Blasi 3 months ago this was so interesting i wanna try it
  • marla mi
    marla mi 3 months ago Nikki Blasi i see ur comments everywhere😂
  • Awesome Abbie
    Awesome Abbie 2 months ago U do u
  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 2 months ago Same
  • Lydia Hall
    Lydia Hall 3 months ago The only thing i can relate to is Brianna pressing STOP
  • Katie Claire
    Katie Claire 3 months ago ?
  • Nola
    Nola 3 months ago @Katie Claire On the cardio machine
  • Blueberry Black hole
    Blueberry Black hole 2 months ago Nola Treadmill*
  • Rachel x
    Rachel x 2 months ago Lmao
  • Grace Howard
    Grace Howard 3 months ago I don’t know this for sure, but I think Emma was eating noodles with a toothbrush because she was in a hotel room and couldn’t find a fork. A toothbrush was her best option lol
  • Ed Murrow
    Ed Murrow 3 months ago It was the day she was waiting to see if Tanacon would be cancelled, which it was, so she couldn't leave yet.
  • Gwen smiling
    Gwen smiling 3 months ago Either way it makes me want to throw up lol don't @ me I'm not a hater
  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 3 months ago Grace Howard same thoooo
  • Nola
    Nola 3 months ago @Gwen smiling lets just hope nobody has used it
  • Gabrielle Sharp
    Gabrielle Sharp 2 months ago Okay she looks AND sounds like Mia Stammer! Long lost twin? 🤔
  • Magsstrat23
    Magsstrat23 2 months ago Gabrielle Sharp i was literally thinking the same thing and looking if anyone else thought what I was thinking hahahah
  • Olivia McNeil
    Olivia McNeil 2 months ago Gabrielle Sharp I THOUGHT THE SAME THING
  • Rachelle
    Rachelle 1 month ago Yes! Especially when she smiles. They did a collab i think last year
  • Rachelle
    Rachelle 1 month ago Also she looks like a combination of Meredith Foster and Mia Stammer
  • Cooper The Dog
    Cooper The Dog 5 days ago Gabrielle Sharp Mia did a video where they did makeup the same way and tried to prank Alisha and some others, pretending Brianna was Mia’s twin.
  • I stan more groups than my mom's age
    I stan more groups than my mom's age 3 months ago OMG I really wanna loose weight but I am too lazy it's like I don't have any motivation. Any tips?
  • Tatum Miller
    Tatum Miller 3 months ago Download “lifesum” I lost 5 pounds in a week! And it’s easy
  • I stan more groups than my mom's age
    I stan more groups than my mom's age 3 months ago @Tatum Miller I already have lifesum and even though it is good to keep track of my meals and exercises and stuff it doesn't help that much, I mean it's good but it doesn't work for me I guess
  • Tatum Miller
    Tatum Miller 3 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age. okay, I see what you mean when you say you’re lazy and not willing to try anything
  • Cassie Osness
    Cassie Osness 3 months ago I think of the food i am going to eat after my work out lol like what i am going to eat for lunch or dinner
  • Kate Rossiter
    Kate Rossiter 3 months ago start small and get biger
  • Ashlyn Barrera
    Ashlyn Barrera 3 months ago Make someone get a cake and let them say do you want it well do 20 pushups lol random thought for lazy people like me and you i guess
  • Leigha Sweet
    Leigha Sweet 3 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age the way I look at it is, a year from now, you'd wished you'd started today, so whenever you try, just remember this will be totally worth it, u got it girl!
  • galacctea
    galacctea 3 months ago Jump roping is a fun way too lose weight. You’ll see the difference in like 1-2weeks of doing it. It also depends on how long you do it and intensity of it. Good luck !
  • Probably Zayra
    Probably Zayra 3 months ago (edited) Same but i want to learn to be healthy and gain muscle in my legs but then again I'm lazy
  • Stephanie Rancourt
    Stephanie Rancourt 3 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age if I were you I would start by just eating really healthy! Then once ur motivated u can start to workout
  • Saba Fatemi
    Saba Fatemi 3 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age i always had a problem with my weight. i always wanted to lose the weight but after a week i would lose my motivation. but now i signed up for a gym membership i've been working out since new year and i've seen my progress. i would never expect me saying this but after 2 weeks if you start, you basically can't stop and once you see progress you'll want to keep going. i believe in you! the hardest part is the beginning, if you start you'll want to keep going. i wish you good luck and you can do it!!!👍
  • sunnytae
    sunnytae 3 months ago Just do it for no reason and if you keep at it, you might be able to find your reason someway along the journey.
  • Ilovecatz Rawr
    Ilovecatz Rawr 3 months ago This may sound weird but take a shower. After you feel clean and like you can take on anything
  • Miriam Kucharek
    Miriam Kucharek 3 months ago Drink lots of water
  • Miriam Kucharek
    Miriam Kucharek 3 months ago Also check out #notspons
  • Juli Quiroga
    Juli Quiroga 3 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age gabriella whited
  • Ava Grookett
    Ava Grookett 3 months ago i mean. tbh for me. if u get yourself to do a really good workout once, you will feel really good after and that’s enough motivation for me. but idk
  • Tessa Rae
    Tessa Rae 3 months ago I don’t know if you are in school, but I would join a sport! It really motivates you, you could also join a dance class or something at a gym!
  • AnnieBear
    AnnieBear 3 months ago Go vegan thats what I did
  • Jo ASMR
    Jo ASMR 3 months ago Eat a very large breakfast and small lunches and dinners
  • The Beauty Of Dance Moms
    The Beauty Of Dance Moms 2 months ago You can't lose weight if you're lazy and have no motivation. Watch a video, read a novel, download an app, get something to inspire you. You're not going to lose weight any other way. You have to put in the effort to get results. Every else did, you're not going to find an easy way around it.
  • elizabet e
    elizabet e 2 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age literally my best motivation comes from emmas edits on ig , she looks so ripped and i’m like fuck yeah i want to look like thsi
  • Jaylin Harvey
    Jaylin Harvey 2 months ago Hang up small mirrors in places where the most junk food or bad things for your body are, seeing yourself doing something makes you rethink and choose a healthy decision
  • The Beauty Of Dance Moms
    The Beauty Of Dance Moms 2 months ago @Jaylin Harvey that's actually so smart omg
  • Katelyn 123
    Katelyn 123 2 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age a tip is to write down a workout on a piece of paper. Remind yourself that if you want it enough you would do it. If so don’t want it then I can’t help you. Just try your best!
  • Eva Grace
    Eva Grace 2 months ago I stan more groups than my mom's age don’t starve yourself eat over 1500 calories a day just eat healthy and go on runs
  • Charis Nathali
    Charis Nathali 1 month ago @Probably Zayra same!!!! Then, I make an excuse that I don't have time😂
  • Jumanah Asiri
    Jumanah Asiri 1 month ago 💛DRINK LOADS OF WATER💛
  • Z Mango
    Z Mango 5 days ago I stan more groups than my mom's age same
  • Shreks Titties
    Shreks Titties 3 months ago Can you do a video of your self? Like workout and diet?
  • Allie's Corner Gacha Vids
    Allie's Corner Gacha Vids 3 months ago Yass
  • Milly Foley
    Milly Foley 3 months ago thats a great idea
  • Apricot Sunset
    Apricot Sunset 2 months ago Omg your name and profile pic are killing me 😂
  • Not Me
    Not Me 2 months ago She says she doesn’t have a diet and work out but I would love to see a video even if she made it up haha
  • Child of Jesus
    Child of Jesus 2 weeks ago Shreks Titties - She doesn’t workout but she eats relatively healthy.
  • Lotti C
    Lotti C 3 months ago Anyone else liked straight away because they knew they'd love this?
  • Sarah and Emma
    Sarah and Emma 3 months ago Me!!!
  • Kelly Flores
    Kelly Flores 3 months ago Not me :)
  • Lotti C
    Lotti C 3 months ago Hello hi fair enough 😂
  • Alessia Orrico
    Alessia Orrico 3 months ago Lotti C yesssss omfg
  • Amy Dart
    Amy Dart 2 months ago Omg meeee
  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 2 months ago Not me ....).... lol
  • Amelia Adams
    Amelia Adams 2 months ago Anyone else sitting in bed like a fatty while watching her workout saying "I'mma try this" But ur really not?
  • Candy Hernandez
    Candy Hernandez 2 months ago Mood
  • Samantha L
    Samantha L 3 months ago Omg who else was going to ask where she got the puma shirt?! I just remembered she made it in a video! It came out SOOO AMAZING 😉
  • Samantha L
    Samantha L 3 months ago Omg!!! Thx so muuucccchhhhh Bri! Love you soooo much!!!!! 😻 ❤️ 😘 You are such a big inspiration to me! You’re so sweet and crafty!!!! Love ya! Can’t wait to see more vids as soon as they upload!
  • Samantha L
    Samantha L 3 months ago Thx for the 41 likes!!!! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten! ❤️ Love y’all 😘
  • Samantha L
    Samantha L 3 months ago Omg 143 likes!!! I don’t even know what to say! Tysm i love you guys so much! Also, I just want you to know, I’m not the type of person who begs for likes on the internet. I could honestly care less. I’m just so happy everyone agrees with me Briana is basically AMAZEBALLS ❤️ Lol 😂
  • Abbey Callison
    Abbey Callison 3 months ago Love when you make these kind of videos!!❤️
  • Lizzy T
    Lizzy T 3 months ago lol I click on these videos right away! They’re seriously SO entertaining!! ❤️
  • mynameisliana
    mynameisliana 3 months ago Woah, you can exercise WHILE cleaning your floor! I gotta try that one.
  • Becca Marie
    Becca Marie 3 months ago Omg she kinda reminds me of Mia stammer!!!
  • Amanda Muttonen
    Amanda Muttonen 2 months ago Becca Marie sameee this is the first time I’m watching her videos and that was honestly my first taught
  • Mary Peterman
    Mary Peterman 2 weeks ago Omg same
  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING 2 months ago I never thought Emma was the type of a girl who works out or like has a strict diet considering the fact that she's kinda a mess (not in a bad way).
  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose 2 months ago Supreme KING she doesn’t. She does soul cycling and she eats literally junk food from postmates lol. She drinks coffee and eats any unhealthy vegetarian good lol
  • devilinbluejeans xx
    devilinbluejeans xx 1 month ago she kinda has a sixpack tho so I guess she does care about what she’s eating.
  • Literally Lacey
    Literally Lacey 3 months ago I love it how I’m literally eating candy while watching this😂
  • keke11
    keke11 3 months ago Sameeeee
  • sik gang
    sik gang 3 months ago Literally Lacey I literally love how you used the word literally and your name is " Literally Lucey" hahaha
  • Tasha Thomson
    Tasha Thomson 3 months ago Literally Lacey same the new skittles lol
  • Mya Khatri
    Mya Khatri 2 months ago omg same
  • ViVi 06
    ViVi 06 3 months ago This makes me wanna try to be healthy