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アコウダイのさばき方~握りになるまでとアクアパッツァの作り方 how to fillet a Rockfish and make sushi and acqua pazza

Published on Mar 4, 2018 3,237,579 views


  • Luis Yngar Liñan
    Luis Yngar Liñan 1 year ago The incredible thing bout this kind of videos is that it's not clickbait
  • LilNaruto9tails
    LilNaruto9tails 1 year ago It's so pretty!
  • Julian 300
    Julian 300 1 year ago but the fish got the clickbait
  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧
    𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 1 year ago Wouldn’t matter, I can’t read Japanese.
  • Antoine Mignucci
    Antoine Mignucci 1 year ago Caca
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 1 year ago Julian 300 🤣🤣🤣👌😬
  • Marcondes Lima
    Marcondes Lima 11 months ago LilNaruto9tails hb
  • Elnapa
    Elnapa 11 months ago And it's almost asmr
  • _anxiety_
    _anxiety_ 10 months ago fseeeee xD
  • Ray Dillon
    Ray Dillon 9 months ago Luis Yngar Liñan *
  • Rico g
    Rico g 1 year ago Honestly, if I caught a fish that looks like that, I'd throw it back...
  • I’m Not cool
    I’m Not cool 1 year ago Iro Vera omg shut the fuck up you racist bitch
  • Arashi Mokuzai
    Arashi Mokuzai 1 year ago next time you see some one making a racist comment, report it, even if you consider it snitching, that shit is not cool, I had youtube staff remove the comment.
  • Tong Tong
    Tong Tong 1 year ago lol, yes,The fish looks horrible。
  • uriel galindo orozco
    uriel galindo orozco 1 year ago It's a Fucking rockfish you idiots They're kind of dangerous if I'm not mistaken them
  • Frank Ma
    Frank Ma 1 year ago Iro Vera hella true
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 1 year ago 😂
  • Jhunttah Katana
    Jhunttah Katana 1 year ago if i saw a fish looks like you.. i'll put it in a toilet bowl
  • prisxcilla
    prisxcilla 1 year ago Frank Ma nice. racist, ignorant and an utter bigoted idiot all in one. I thought I’ll never live to see another after Trump.
  • Frank Ma
    Frank Ma 1 year ago prisxcilla pls use your tiny brain to analyse what I implied. Your idiots use stupid and easy way to swear, try to be as good as Asian
  • Kachigga my Nigga
    Kachigga my Nigga 1 year ago @Frank Ma shut the hell up ya racist scum
  • prisxcilla
    prisxcilla 1 year ago Frank Ma nice attempt at putting me down when you have zero idea what my actual race is. try again, with some form of intelligence this time :)
  • Frank Ma
    Frank Ma 1 year ago prisxcilla that's why I said you have tiny or even no brain. never talk to me again when you can't analysis the content of my words. Stop pretending to be a friendly nerd and try to improve your IQ and evolve to something that actually got a brain like ant or dragonfly not a monoplast which the thing you are right now.
  • Frank Ma
    Frank Ma 1 year ago (edited) there is nothing to do with difficult vocab, you are just suck at understanding. you are not Asian you are just a monoplast.
    XXX GOLD XXX 1 year ago I’m Not cool
  • Josh Tse
    Josh Tse 1 year ago uriel galindo orozco you're confusing rockfish with scorpion fish. Rockfish can't kill anything with the venom in their spines, it only makes it hurt more if you gt poked. They also taste really good too.
  • ChrisOmar23🙏💜🌴🔥
    ChrisOmar23🙏💜🌴🔥 1 year ago The fish looks cool the comment is not racist 😅 y'all funny
  • Kachigga my Nigga
    Kachigga my Nigga 1 year ago (edited) @ChrisOmar23🙏💜🌴🔥 we're not talking abt the dam fish we're talking abouy somebody calling the commenter a nigger with big lips, and calling him a slave
  • Arwen Phoenix
    Arwen Phoenix 1 year ago's a good fish
  • Justin Orwen
    Justin Orwen 1 year ago Fukushima fish.
  • Sad_Juice RBX
    Sad_Juice RBX 11 months ago @I’m Not cool wait.. how was it racist
  • Sad_Juice RBX
    Sad_Juice RBX 11 months ago @I’m Not cool oh wait.. nvm a deleted comment
  • jeon jon
    jeon jon 11 months ago i respect... GBU
  • Beer Beer
    Beer Beer 11 months ago @I’m Not cool i think you hate black people he didnt said nothing racist , you are the racist i think...
  • Beer Beer
    Beer Beer 11 months ago @Jhunttah Katana u r not a good person.
  • Key Lee
    Key Lee 11 months ago 😂😂😂That seriously looks scary
  • Hoon Lee
    Hoon Lee 11 months ago Rico g you will be shocked to find more about tilapia which is pretty popular on the table. Those fish are very tough that they will survive in sewerage. Rockfish is considered to be high end compare to them.
  • Naaz Parween
    Naaz Parween 11 months ago Rico g u r right
  • Levi Burns
    Levi Burns 11 months ago When fish are brought up from deep waters, the air in their bodies expand. Giving it a balloon like appearance. Most fish do this.
  • I’m Not cool
    I’m Not cool 11 months ago Beer Beer I’m not racist and the comment I said it to was deleted
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago @I’m Not cool You're right, this man is racist because he thinks a certain fish is uugly!
  • kalpana TAMANG
    kalpana TAMANG 11 months ago Just shut up you fucking bitch I'm sure you'll never caught this beautiful type of fish
  • Ironmonkey103
    Ironmonkey103 11 months ago uriel galindo orozco---These are Rock Cod. The reason there eye's are puffed out is because of how deep they are. It's the change of pressure that does it while bringing them up. By the time you get them half way up to the boat, there dead weight. I know because I have fished for these before.
  • Germán Rivas
    Germán Rivas 11 months ago Many groupers look like that when fished.
  • max enzo
    max enzo 11 months ago the fish looks like that because of rapid decompression.
  • trashy director
    trashy director 11 months ago Its cause it was so deep and got pulled up so fast. Its eyes popped out
  • JDubss TV
    JDubss TV 10 months ago (edited) @Frank Ma You sound like a school shooter
  • Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera
    Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera 10 months ago Same here XD
  • Faradiba Akmal
    Faradiba Akmal 10 months ago People fish is not a race
  • john
    john 10 months ago That makes you a fool! One of the highest quality fish in the ocean!
  • 가릉룰루
    가릉룰루 10 months ago ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I agree with you. The fish just looks like an alien fish.
  • Cankuwicasa
    Cankuwicasa 10 months ago Japan is an island nation. Fishing has been at the center of its culture for millennia. Such peoples are more intimately aware of the primary food sources around them than are those who may have come from a more continental locale. Pretty much everything that came up with a net was subject to consumption. To me that is part of the appeal of the Japanese aesthetic. Use what you are provided, and use it wisely, for it is a miracle for it to have come to you. Traditionally, they took what we frequently shun as base and undesirable (usually for the basest, most ridiculous reasons imaginable) and converted it into high cuisine. Now we are compelled to pay homage to its authenticity.
  • El condor
    El condor 10 months ago xD
  • Julia Freisberg
    Julia Freisberg 10 months ago Hallo
  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson 10 months ago Rico g The fishes eye looks like that because it’s “popped” it’s what happens when fish get pulled up from the deep too fast.
  • Steven Zimmerman
    Steven Zimmerman 10 months ago @Mark Thomson Yeah but he didn't state he doesn't understand why it looks like that, he implied he wasn't fond of how it looked, that's all.
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 10 months ago @Arashi Mokuzai No need to get all upset and snitch on people. Just don't let it bother you and go about your day, it's that simple. If you get all mad and upset over some random comment that is your problem 100%.
  • s r
    s r 10 months ago Respect you brother 💛
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 10 months ago @Arashi MokuzaiHahaha Wow that's pathetic, you just love snitching and telling on people don't you? "Condsider this your notice" is the most pathetic response I have ever got. Now that you got your feelings all hurt and you are crying over my comment please snitch on me Mrs. YouTube police. You will feel so much better about yourself once you do.
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 10 months ago @Arashi Mokuzai Stop responding to me and just go snitch already. You are wasting your time by responding and if you keep responding, keep expecting a response. Now go tell the teacher on me you kid.
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 10 months ago @Arashi Mokuzai After you snitch on me don't forget to let the teacher know that she forgot to give us homework.
  • Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards 10 months ago Ironmonkey103 That is interesting. So are you saying that beause of the change in pressure, they are dead about halfway up from the deep? And where did you go fishing for these. Im not one to fish, im just curious.
  • Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards 10 months ago Cankuwicasa Well put. This is only one of the many reasons I like to learn about Asian people. Their sense of culinary skills amazes me. They can take something really strange looking and make it taste amazing. What an art!
  • 21MarketaDiva
    21MarketaDiva 10 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂 right
  • 21MarketaDiva
    21MarketaDiva 10 months ago @uriel galindo orozco lol the fish's name is in the title. Did you just have to seem smart for some reason 😂😂
  • 21MarketaDiva
    21MarketaDiva 10 months ago Congrats on 610 likes lol they agree
  • M M
    M M 10 months ago 😂😂 saame!
  • kristin_446
    kristin_446 10 months ago @ChrisOmar23🙏💜🌴🔥 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • kristin_446
    kristin_446 10 months ago @kalpana TAMANG well I'm in the same idea i had not chance to see or eat this amazing fish .and i think respect the all around the world culture is the best thing to do as a real.humen .i wish i could visit there with beautiful fish's😍😍😍
  • kristin_446
    kristin_446 10 months ago @Erik Larson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 10 months ago How dare black person have an opposing opinion, let's attack his race! This comment section is creepy and digusting.
  • MisoAarts
    MisoAarts 10 months ago 666th like
  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 10 months ago @MisoAarts No you're not
  • MisoAarts
    MisoAarts 10 months ago @SizzleZix uh yeah I am
  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 10 months ago @MisoAarts look again
  • MisoAarts
    MisoAarts 10 months ago @SizzleZix did you just unlike the comment?😑
  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 10 months ago @MisoAarts Lol no😏
  • broken cells
    broken cells 10 months ago (What was said? I'm so confused) and I'm the 666th like
  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 10 months ago @broken cells No you're not look again!
  • Franklin Lewis
    Franklin Lewis 9 months ago Id keep it as a pet!
  • All about Prank
    All about Prank 9 months ago Same here
  • Candyce Saturday
    Candyce Saturday 9 months ago U and me both...those eyes!!..and the color is so weird...
  • zapril makara
    zapril makara 9 months ago @uriel galindo orozco no it isnt
  • dredaylarue
    dredaylarue 9 months ago these fish can live up to 200 years old
  • Thanse
    Thanse 9 months ago @Arashi Mokuzai Now im confused
  • Arashi Mokuzai
    Arashi Mokuzai 9 months ago @Thanse why? lmao
  • SnippleSnapple
    SnippleSnapple 8 months ago Then you'd be stupid.
  • Misaki Muerto
    Misaki Muerto 8 months ago (edited) Fish looks hella scary. I didn't know what this fish was. The comment isn't racist #Trump2020 and 10/10 would throw it back. NEXT 👏👏
  • jenifer fain fegal
    jenifer fain fegal 8 months ago _Jesus!!!You have no idea how good and tasty those kind of fish.
  • Lana Jhara
    Lana Jhara 7 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • 敏斗
    敏斗 7 months ago お前らはドブ川の淡水魚だけ食っとけ
  • Maiky Souza
    Maiky Souza 6 months ago A betina é muito chata
  • Seema Parihar
    Seema Parihar 6 months ago 🤣
  • xzerocodex
    xzerocodex 6 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Laurent Courtois
    Laurent Courtois 5 months ago And you would do something stupid because it is a very good fish. It is a delicacy. One has to try before making a choice. You might not like it, but you'll never know if you don't experiment.
  • bohemoth1
    bohemoth1 5 months ago @uriel galindo orozco Dangerous how so?
  • Matthias Leßner
    Matthias Leßner 4 months ago How the hell did this comment turn into a discussion about racism?
  • Oliver Bagada
    Oliver Bagada 3 months ago Absolutely 😎
  • luki nuryadin
    luki nuryadin 3 months ago In case someone doesnt know yet. The fish eyes (sometimes even the guts) explode or came out of the fish body because of sudden pressure difference. Most fish who got caught from deeper ocean usually had this kinda look. CMIIW
  • Det Dan Tanna
    Det Dan Tanna 2 months ago @uriel galindo orozco most people DONT fish
  • Det Dan Tanna
    Det Dan Tanna 2 months ago @Matthias Leßner everything on YouTube does or turns into left right that's how the land of United state's of Americants is I just read comment and shake my head
  • Det Dan Tanna
    Det Dan Tanna 2 months ago You tube should make it where comment sections are disabled on everything
  • Sexmetalbarbie__
    Sexmetalbarbie__ 2 months ago Rico g LOLLL
  • Shin Jisoo
    Shin Jisoo 11 months ago If aliens landed on japan. They gonna be extinct real fast.
  • Cerulean Sealpup
    Cerulean Sealpup 8 months ago Lets send the caravan that way
  • Lancelot Stny
    Lancelot Stny 8 months ago @Great Leader what the fuck ',D
  • S.A ProDuctions
    S.A ProDuctions 8 months ago Us has contact with aliens so shut up because usa will be respobsable for our death stupid ignorant
  • elijahthesamurai
    elijahthesamurai 7 months ago In China they would eat aliens alive by barely searing them in turtle piss then having them with snake wine
  • Tylor Cardinal
    Tylor Cardinal 7 months ago Romo Nietszche learn proper spelling and grammar stupid fuck............
  • Clara Alebrook
    Clara Alebrook 7 months ago Gee, I wonder what aliens taste like
  • That’s SO LIMAH
    That’s SO LIMAH 4 months ago Lmao 😂
  • Just Another Weeb
    Just Another Weeb 1 year ago Rip magikarp
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago It's not dead. It just fainted. Dummy.
  • Just Another Weeb
    Just Another Weeb 11 months ago @Cheeta Joe xD
  • Brandon Leon
    Brandon Leon 11 months ago Hahaha
  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie 11 months ago Cheeta Joe so it was cooked and cut alive!?
  • Brandon Leon
    Brandon Leon 11 months ago HAHAHAHA
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago @Lauren Pinkie Pie yes...
  • ต๊อด เฮาร์ดี้
    ต๊อด เฮาร์ดี้ 11 months ago มึงคือสิเหลือโตนมันคักเนาะปลานั้น มีฮอด อาไอผอก อาไอพี หืย
  • GaiaDarkAngel
    GaiaDarkAngel 10 months ago He would never be a Gyarados
  • phanter 009
    phanter 009 10 months ago Hahahaha pokemon
  • Snails40
    Snails40 10 months ago Magikarps are a delicacy.
    FINAL OMEGA 9 months ago Lol!!!
  • Ezequiel Martinez
    Ezequiel Martinez 9 months ago Kyc Otaku culiado >:V
  • *Carmen* #Sierra#
    *Carmen* #Sierra# 8 months ago No me había dado cuenta de que ese pez era magikarp.
  • Lancelot Stny
    Lancelot Stny 8 months ago You fucking weeb ',^)
  • Gisele Helena
    Gisele Helena 7 months ago Hahahahahaha
  • Captain Cookbook
    Captain Cookbook 7 months ago He needs 399 more and it's on
  • Matthias Leßner
    Matthias Leßner 4 months ago Well atleast now it is somewhat useful.
  • Sandy Mosquete
    Sandy Mosquete 1 year ago The reason for those bulging eyes are some sort of rapid decompression. That fish is living in very deep part of sea, then when it was caught it was hoisted up very fast in the surface resulting in bulging eyes and bloated belly
  • R.costa cos
    R.costa cos 1 year ago Prefiro churrasco
  • Unfitproduct Airborne
    Unfitproduct Airborne 1 year ago fish stock, yumm
  • Kimmie K
    Kimmie K 1 year ago Hey thanks 👍
  • EddyBv
    EddyBv 1 year ago Ok
  • Phillip Nicolas
    Phillip Nicolas 1 year ago I like comments that are very informative like this i find them interesting for some reason thanks 😁
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 1 year ago Oh ok! So... bulging eyes and bloated belly= painful death then. Got it
  • Funky Chicken
    Funky Chicken 1 year ago Baby Gurl And yet delicious down to the last bite. 😊
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 1 year ago @Funky Chicken 😁😋🤣
  • #NastyWomen
    #NastyWomen 1 year ago THANK YOU LOVE YOUR POSTS
  • panic! kitten
    panic! kitten 1 year ago (edited) Okay. I was siting here trying to figure that out😂
  • Key Lee
    Key Lee 11 months ago Thank you mate
  • Jesantoni Hevileon
    Jesantoni Hevileon 11 months ago Not matter how dip in the oceans they try to hidden,the " humans" will go there to devoured all of them. If life is discovered in the moon,soon will be street food too!
  • luky nuryadin
    luky nuryadin 11 months ago And sometimes the guts comes out of their mouth because of rapid decompression
  • Indie Boy
    Indie Boy 11 months ago @R.costa cos tbm
  • Boss Romos
    Boss Romos 11 months ago That’s why it’s eyes are all pale, the liquids quickly decompressed
  • Kam
    Kam 10 months ago Oh my, that sounds painful... poor thing. :(
  • Tiyas Wahyu
    Tiyas Wahyu 10 months ago (edited) Sandy Mosquete i met his parent last week in deep sea. They have bulging eyes. So, its just genetical.
  • maria das graças martins pedrosa
    maria das graças martins pedrosa 10 months ago Essas comidas da Coreia é horrível que nojo peixe cru
  • Save The Donuts
    Save The Donuts 10 months ago @Jesantoni Hevileon I read once that if someone gets to clone dinosaurs, there would be no Jurassic Park, instead we would get farms of raptors and that's totally true x'D
    KINGxTERRY 10 months ago @Baby Gurl but baby gurl
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 10 months ago @luky nuryadin oh yum that's appetizing!
  • Ryan Keith
    Ryan Keith 10 months ago @Jesantoni Hevileon If any predators are allowed to eat it, why we cannot do the same?
  • Michelle Ba
    Michelle Ba 10 months ago Baby Gurl i bet you eat chicken sis. Dont try it.
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 10 months ago @Michelle Ba you don't know anything about me. Girl, bye 👋🏽
  • All about Prank
    All about Prank 9 months ago Nice knowledge
  • Cody Cooper
    Cody Cooper 9 months ago I thought it was because those eyes allow for more light to come in allowing more illumination
  • Sütkei Ádám
    Sütkei Ádám 8 months ago I have thought the same at the first sight. Thank you.
  • Sakamoto Shinonome
    Sakamoto Shinonome 8 months ago @Baby Gurl They dont really feel pain as we do...
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 8 months ago @Sakamoto Shinonome I find it really odd when people say that.. how can one really know for sure what they feel? Unless you remember being a fish in a past life and can recalll dying, how can you say that?, anything that dies looking like THAT could not have had a pleasant death...
  • Sakamoto Shinonome
    Sakamoto Shinonome 8 months ago @Baby Gurl We know for sure dear, is just that im not going to take the time to explaint to you, and you will probably wont belive me so....
  • Islander 95
    Islander 95 8 months ago Exactly...
  • Funk Shiz
    Funk Shiz 8 months ago What if this comment was false and the fish was just a lil ugly
  • Liza
    Liza 7 months ago Baby Gurl Scientific experimentation, studies of neurological systems of fish/crustaceans, etc. has shown that they don't experience "pain" like we and other mammals do. Educate yourself. Do you feel bad for the mosquito or fly you smash to goo, ending its life?
  • Sugar Free
    Sugar Free 3 months ago What's up with from the bends
  • angel rottman
    angel rottman 1 year ago I have a feeling that was a deep sea fish, and that's why it's eyes are like that
  • FIFA MadHD
    FIFA MadHD 1 year ago V
  • Diego Hancco
    Diego Hancco 1 year ago no
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago Yep
  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie 11 months ago angel rottman probably bulged out as the net was being reeled in and it exploded
  • Jumpy Cat
    Jumpy Cat 10 months ago I have a feeling that you're an angel, cause you have beautiful eyes:)<3
  • Islander 95
    Islander 95 8 months ago Was pulled up too fast...
  • Ramen Seller
    Ramen Seller 1 year ago I just want to poke it’s eye
  • hultonclint
    hultonclint 1 year ago I want to eat its eye.
    CLOUDY GIRL 1 year ago Tae tae 😍
  • gile
    gile 1 year ago Nooooooooo
  • jun rego villa
    jun rego villa 1 year ago (edited) that fish is delicious a remember eating that fish when we visit my aunt in Osaka.
  • Schantall Grauv-Erlauf-Ilter
    Schantall Grauv-Erlauf-Ilter 1 year ago That is gross
  • Renold Joseph
    Renold Joseph 1 year ago Schantall Grauv-Erlauf-Ilter i agree
  • Juana Maldonado
    Juana Maldonado 1 year ago Ramen Seller lol
    XXX GOLD XXX 1 year ago Vania Liste gay gay
  • Shadow
    Shadow 11 months ago Man what's up with kpop fans? I see a person with a kpop profile pic post one comment and loads of fangirls come out of nowhere just praising that profile pic... Just go to Korea, damn
  • SicaQueen
    SicaQueen 11 months ago @Shadow It's so annoying. I'm a kpop fan and I agree. I always see BTS fans saying "Army xD" in every video.
  • Naaz Parween
    Naaz Parween 11 months ago Ramen Seller also me
  • Shadow
    Shadow 11 months ago @SicaQueen Yeah, it makes me cringe
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago Psst. Hey buddy.. Can you sell me some ramen.
  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie 11 months ago Ramen Seller. .. ... .... Same
  • daAnder71
    daAnder71 11 months ago Ramen Seller its* eye not it‘s ( = it is) eye.
  • Joshua Clinton
    Joshua Clinton 10 months ago Xxx Goldxxx how’s that gay?
  • Anju Sharma
    Anju Sharma 10 months ago Nooooo........I can't even think of doing that...eewwwwwwwwww
  • Jayden Niezgoda
    Jayden Niezgoda 10 months ago I wanna poke it with my toungue
  • Christy Her
    Christy Her 10 months ago me too
  • Farah Ahmed
    Farah Ahmed 9 months ago 88ششششض11
  • jazzy the gamer
    jazzy the gamer 9 months ago Squish lol 😂
  • Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)
    Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) 9 months ago because u r a cat
  • hjenx
    hjenx 9 months ago *its
  • suleman Shaikh
    suleman Shaikh 8 months ago @Shadow it's just our choice we kpop fans are amazed that that kpop is so famous but kpop fans get so much hate in county's like indian im sad to see that now it's in country's like America too American's are just not welcoming to people from different countries
  • Shadow
    Shadow 8 months ago @suleman Shaikh Yeah it's your choice and everyone's entitled to like whatever the heck they want but I find it annoying when you go around praising random people who probably don't even know you exist... In the end they're doing it for money and fame, I never got why people idolize other people... My issue isn't with people liking K-pop, its when they turn into obsessive fangirls
  • Attila Horvath
    Attila Horvath 10 months ago Hello to the person scrolling! 👋
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    Sister Salem 10 months ago 👋🏼
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    Sasha Thomas 9 months ago Hello 👋
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    Sata Dova 9 months ago 👋
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    BigMoonDawg1 9 months ago 👋
  • Aurelia Astrea
    Aurelia Astrea 9 months ago Hello
  • This Is Fallacious
    This Is Fallacious 9 months ago Hii
  • Adrian Satya
    Adrian Satya 8 months ago Attila Horvath hi
  • S O M E B O D Y E L S E
    S O M E B O D Y E L S E 8 months ago Hi :D
  • GalaxieDraws
    GalaxieDraws 8 months ago 👋
  • rinky tripathi
    rinky tripathi 8 months ago Hii
  • Георгий Жирков
    Георгий Жирков 8 months ago Hi u hi s vami ivan gay
  • MrBimos555
    MrBimos555 7 months ago hi
  • Ce Beard
    Ce Beard 7 months ago hi
  • César Vill
    César Vill 7 months ago Hola
  • Ellis Kwakernaak-Bajna
    Ellis Kwakernaak-Bajna 7 months ago 🙋🏽‍♀️ from Amsterdam
  • AndTronic
    AndTronic 6 months ago hi :)
  • Palabras Necias
    Palabras Necias 4 months ago Hola que tal
  • Snagaroth
    Snagaroth 3 months ago Salut !👋
  • High Probably
    High Probably 1 year ago why do we all watch these videos? i hate sea food but they are so fun to watch cook!
  • Luna Noona
    Luna Noona 11 months ago Im relatimg to this so hard right now
  • royaldoggo
    royaldoggo 10 months ago I agree
  • Marlon S.G.
    Marlon S.G. 9 months ago Same here
  • kosayen2
    kosayen2 9 months ago High Probably how can you hate seafood!
  • Lancelot Stny
    Lancelot Stny 8 months ago Because I like watching them get cooked alive ',^)
  • bilibull
    bilibull 1 year ago How to cook a real life Magikarp!
  • Cheeta Joe
    Cheeta Joe 11 months ago It fainted
  • 飛行機または
    飛行機または 1 year ago Sexy eyes you have buddy
  • Waheediqbal Mayo
    Waheediqbal Mayo 3 months ago Ikr
    LEONEUZA SANTOS 10 months ago 🚿💧💧gastando muita água 🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱🚱
  • ChrisDraws
    ChrisDraws 9 months ago The fish, to be cooked, need that water to clean him, stupid
    LEONEUZA SANTOS 9 months ago @ChrisDraws 👩☹
  • breno rozao
    breno rozao 7 months ago Mais um brasileiro perdido aqui comigo, vem aqui e me abraça zjsbsjshsjshshs
    LEONEUZA SANTOS 7 months ago @breno rozao oxi kkkkk😆😆😆😆😆
  • Cristina M
    Cristina M 1 year ago Those eyes take away my appetite
  • BuffaloSpirit
    BuffaloSpirit 1 year ago Cristina M huh? They look like that because they live so deep in the ocean water; as you hook one and real it in the pressure changes so their eyes pop out.
  • Cristina M
    Cristina M 1 year ago BuffaloSpirit Yes, but that look ... Better prepared
  • BuffaloSpirit
    BuffaloSpirit 1 year ago Cristina M ...lmao...I know that's right😝
  • Akmal Hisyam
    Akmal Hisyam 1 year ago awww ahhaa lol
  • CrazyKayaker
    CrazyKayaker 1 year ago fish eyes are tasty
  • Jerry Bot
    Jerry Bot 1 year ago Yeah, but mostly because it doesn't look fresh.
  • daAnder71
    daAnder71 1 year ago Jerry Bot Right, because the eyes are cloudly, and clear eyes are one sign for freshness. But there‘s another sign - dark red gills. When the gills are cut out you can see they are a nice dark red, so this fish is perfectly fresh.
  • Doggo_87 __
    Doggo_87 __ 1 year ago This fish has seen some shit..
  • A F
    A F 1 year ago So that no one wants to eat it? You know, ... self defense?
  • Leonardo Ruvalcaba
    Leonardo Ruvalcaba 1 year ago Doggo_87 __ some shite cannot be unseen
  • Shortythepresident
    Shortythepresident 1 year ago Nothing to worry about. The reason why the eyes look like that is because its a deep water fish and when they get pulled up too quickly their body depressurises cause the eyes to bulge out. Some deep water fishes eyes even explode because of the depressurization so quickly.
  • Cobra 03 PCP Hunter
    Cobra 03 PCP Hunter 1 year ago Shortythepresident you’re right. I go fishing often for rock fish and every time I’ve hook one, the eyes pop out. But they are a delicious fish.
  • Shortythepresident
    Shortythepresident 1 year ago (edited) I know i'm right baby. I'm a REAL fisherman. Deep water fish are a whole different animal. But the problem is that people like to eat fish and don't know a damn thing about the ocean or why certain fish are so expensive..... Or even know the fish in this matter. God bless.... Deep water is where the health is at. Love it. We come from fish.
  • Ice Bong
    Ice Bong 1 year ago hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Benjamin Padilla
    Benjamin Padilla 1 year ago Shortythepresident you come from fish I come from the almighty man upstairs!