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One Woman’s Extreme Weight Loss on the Keto Diet

Published on Nov 13, 2018 362,628 views

Suzanne Ryan shares how she lost 100 pounds after following the keto diet for one year. Plus, she reveals what she typically eats in a day and how easy it is to substitute traditional foods for low-carb, healthier choices.

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  • Kim Komando
    Kim Komando 7 hours ago I've been doing intermittent fastening, apple cider vinegar, and better food choices daily and lost 56 lbs in 3 months. I finally reached my goal and will continue to go strong. It takes a lot of willpower and determination, but I did it and so can anyone💪 Go here to learn more:
  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams 7 hours ago Anyone can lose 1 Pound Per Day by using this method
  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman 8 months ago (edited) I've been doing keto for over 12 weeks, and I've lost 30 pounds. I have about 25 more pounds to go. And I have no doubt that I'm going to get there. Easiest lifestyle change I've ever done.
  • Susan Alexander
    Susan Alexander 1 week ago I’ve been doing Keto for 8 weeks and have lost 21lbs. I’ve still got a ways to go. This is the nicest way to loose weight and eat healthy.
  • Candy C
    Candy C 1 month ago Did you achieve your goal
  • Kim Anei
    Kim Anei 1 month ago Where do you find meal plans
  • Mommee Moore
    Mommee Moore 1 month ago Yes, I agree. I love the keto diet! Great job on your progress!
  • Robin Luich
    Robin Luich 2 months ago It is easy and worth if pounds are falling off. I didnt grow up eating pasta We had potatoes in every form so thats the only thing I might have missed besides milk. Its not a restrictive lifestyle,I never think about what I cant eat but focus the many whole foods I can eat, not that you need much food on keto.
  • Michelle Thomas
    Michelle Thomas 2 months ago jennifer wellman I’m going to start now
  • yashaswi pradhan
    yashaswi pradhan 2 months ago Jennifer, what dosage did you follow?
  • Nargis Nargis
    Nargis Nargis 3 months ago Do you exercise with keto diet??
  • VANESA Cattaneo
    VANESA Cattaneo 3 months ago jennifer wellman do you track at all!? Also do you intermittent fasting!? What are your foods!? I have tried keto in the past but seems now I just can’t get a hang of it!... so frustrating
  • Nicole Pena
    Nicole Pena 4 months ago ẉḙḯḡḥṭ ḷợṣṣ ṭṛạṇṣḟợṛṃạṭḯợṇ
  • Simran Cruz
    Simran Cruz 4 months ago What did you do.... 😨😨😨😨
  • Gingerlei Petelu
    Gingerlei Petelu 4 months ago jennifer wellman I don’t have money to buy it I’m so sadddd😭😭😭😭
  • Carina Davalos
    Carina Davalos 4 months ago Try The Fit For Life Meal Plan
  • Tiffany Pena
    Tiffany Pena 5 months ago eggs, bacon, cheese, meat ( beef, chicken, fish, sea food), vegetables ( cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, ect.) you can find cheap keto books on
  • Lamar Searsk
    Lamar Searsk 5 months ago Hello
  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman 5 months ago heywood jablome Done!!!! I’m never going off of it so it doesn’t matter really what I call it.. Why would I quit something that’s actually working? That would be stupid
  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman 5 months ago Nature Owl I eat 50% vegetables 25% fat and 25% protein ( and I walk over 6 miles a day )
  • Nature Owl
    Nature Owl 6 months ago Are you eating 20 carbs a day ?
  • N N
    N N 6 months ago Good job Jennifer! 👏 Well done! 👌 All the best for the rest!!! 💃🏽💋
  • Kim Komando
    Kim Komando 7 months ago Here's a great diet plan that I used to lose over 15 pounds last month:
  • Robin
    Robin 7 months ago I can't figure out what to eat,how is it easy?
  • heywood jablome
    heywood jablome 8 months ago please don't call it a diet call it a lifestyle like any so called "diet" it assumes that you will one day go off it-- you know what happens then!!!
  • Growing Up Young
    Growing Up Young 8 months ago jennifer wellman wish I could get some help! Maybe a diet plan for beginners?!
  • Jewell Flaherty
    Jewell Flaherty 3 weeks ago Anyone can lose 1 Pound Per Day by taking this
  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 5 days ago Jewell Flaherty I keep hearing about these pills, but I have been ripped off by shark tank before, how can I be sure?
  • Amanda McGregor
    Amanda McGregor 8 months ago Dr BERG is your best go to Dr for Keto info. I’m down almost 90lbs in less than 9 months thanks to him
  • Mark Silva
    Mark Silva 2 weeks ago Good for you! Im a week and a half, and Im finally consistently in ketosis.
  • Andy B
    Andy B 1 month ago Dr Berg is the man I agree and Tom Delauer is great
  • face poo
    face poo 3 months ago Dr berg is the original he gave him Dr oz all his info in preparation for a show they invited Dr berg to to talk about keto. Then Dr oz cancelled it used all Dr bergs info and hired an actor replace Dr berg.. Look it up on Dr berg channel if u don't believe me
  • Ann Rose
    Ann Rose 5 months ago He likes intermittent fasting with KETO. So hard😰
  • David Jenson
    David Jenson 7 months ago If I may ask, what did you do for fiber?
  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights 8 months ago Amanda Godin Thank you so much for your advice! I’ll definitely take it into consideration, I’ll pick you updates when I get half way there! Feel free to update me as well! ❤️
  • Amanda McGregor
    Amanda McGregor 8 months ago Ocean lights you’re so welcome. Try and get down gradually on the carb amount, and you totally can. It is hard but you and I know how hard it is to be as overweight as we are. It’s painful, physically and emotionally but we can do this ♥️ Sean a little wee bit down at a time to make it more manageable. You got this, I believe in you! And keep me updated if ya like, I’m a very empathetic person and despite not knowing you I care about your success 🤗
  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights 8 months ago Amanda Godin Thanks girl! I want to lose a lot around 120, I think I’m going to try it for faster results!
  • Amanda McGregor
    Amanda McGregor 8 months ago Ocean lights Hey you, can I ask how much weight you have to lose? I stared higher and went lower, I’m at let’s say 30- and you CAN do it! I know it’s hard, but it pays off so fast. And it feels so good. Do you have any Keto support friends? If you’re at 50 right now, try 45, then 40. Keep pushin.
  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights 8 months ago Amanda Godin how low do you keep your carbs? I just started and I’m doing 50, I still find it a little difficult, so I’m not sure if I could do 20 lol
  • emiea patel
    emiea patel 8 months ago Dr Oz you missed the boat on this. You should have had Dr. Berg on when you had the chance. I’m with HIM!
  • Lillian Merancio-Crisp
    Lillian Merancio-Crisp 3 months ago Yes by far Dr Oz why did you cancel on Dr. Berg who has all the information on the KETO Diet and in a way you can understand.
  • Adam Richardson
    Adam Richardson 5 months ago I used to be severely overweight. But now over the last 2 months I have lost 30 pounds! Learn how I did it here:
  • L M
    L M 5 months ago BR BERG IS AMAZING!
  • 8-bitBishop
    8-bitBishop 7 months ago Yeah healthy keto is the way to go. This is excessive fat.
  • Orchid Komando
    Orchid Komando 8 months ago I lost over 20 pounds in the past month. Learn how I did it here:
  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman 8 months ago emiea patel he was too busy stealing Dr. Berg's material
  • CandyKeesh
    CandyKeesh 8 months ago Yes!!!! Dr.Berg on YouTube teaches you all the info u need abt this!!