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Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

Published on Apr 28, 2015 17,779,522 views

That's how it looked like just after the German surrender! Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945 and daily life in the ruins.
Watch here the preview of the brandnew documentary "Spirit of liberation", restored original color and High Definition:

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Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 7 months ago Hard times create hard men Hard men create easy times Easy times create weak men Weak men create hard times.
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 13 hours ago @Søren Markov write some other verses copyright it...and you have a song.. or at least the lyrics
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 13 hours ago @Luis Phelipe Carvalho and so tell us what's going to happen with the fourth Reich
  • PetePlayz - Norsk Gaming
    PetePlayz - Norsk Gaming 13 hours ago So weak men create hard men
  • Joshua Rutledge
    Joshua Rutledge 18 hours ago @gardensofthegods just 99.99999999999999999999999% of the time
  • Joshua Rutledge
    Joshua Rutledge 18 hours ago @Triana Lee the saying is talking about human kind, calm down.
  • Елена Любимая
    Елена Любимая 22 hours ago Трудные времена создают трудных людей Трудные люди создают легкие времена Легкие времена создают слабых мужчин Слабые люди создают трудные времена.
  • Patrick Star loves you
    Patrick Star loves you 1 day ago and the cycle goes on
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  • Santiago
    Santiago 1 day ago But no time before WW 2 was easy lol
  • Bro Napartay
    Bro Napartay 2 days ago (edited) Modern version is as follows: Hard times create strong men. Strong man create good times. Good times empower women. "Empowered" women create weak men. Weak men create hard times...
  • rutger5000
    rutger5000 2 days ago @Renata Ostertag We've been in them for the past 30 years, but yeah now those weak men are making especially hard times.
  • Red army
    Red army 2 days ago @High school Hottie yes it was very hard for the russians Respect to them
  • Big Prick
    Big Prick 2 days ago @demOOn K *poland
  • VeroMithril
    VeroMithril 2 days ago Stoicism and aristocracy created those horrific wars so your point doesn't stand.
  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano 4 weeks ago Hard times create hard men 1910s-1930s Hard men create easy times 1940s-1960s Easy times create easy men 1970s-2000s Weak men create hard times 2010s-2xxx For the us at least
  • T. Skye
    T. Skye 1 month ago Whered you get this from?
  • Justicar Tiberius
    Justicar Tiberius 1 month ago The term "men" can also be applied to women. It can either mean more than one man or be another word for "humans"
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    Carloselo 4 1 month ago True words man.
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  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago Quiel Evolution Gameplays hahaha why?
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago Reason i would still argue that some people are worth more than others, also you don’t know anything about me
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago Veiga Man 👨 i have a girlfriend who i treat very nice, im just stating facts
  • Quiel Evolution Gameplays
    Quiel Evolution Gameplays 1 month ago @Clorox Bleach You are fucking disgusting
  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith 1 month ago (edited) @Manuel Müller yep people now think bieng offended is somhing to call the police about. These commie leftists who support forcred equality of outcomes, employment quotas and think any slight obstacle or challenge is "oppression" or that any criticism is "racist/homo/trans/LGBTQ/Multi gender/whatever phobic". The men who fought ww2 would be pretty embarrassed by most of today's generation.
  • Manuel Müller
    Manuel Müller 1 month ago @bobby ray of the family smith If your grandpa was your role model... you know exactly what he did say to you! Stop complaining and fight!
  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo 1 month ago That's why we have this gay leftarded generation, lazy, irresponsible shit that want everything for nothing.
  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith 1 month ago (edited) @Manuel Müller I guess people would say I'm a current gen "weak" man but I've worked whatever jobs I had to do to provide. Working a full time job coming home and doing another job all night and going back to 1st job again without sleeping at one point. My grandad was my role model as a hard working man willing to do anything to support a family. I aspired to be like him in this respect. Most people now are weak lefties who call police when offended and think the government should hand everything to them.
  • Reason
    Reason 1 month ago @Clorox BleachNobody is useless in the "grand scheme of history" and especially not the future. you seem pretty useless and i don't even care if you are a man or a women, being a dumb human being makes you useless not your gender.
  • Giorgio Д Джалал Munaro
    Giorgio Д Джалал Munaro 1 month ago Javier Martinez , ma va a cagare
  • bb Zw
    bb Zw 1 month ago And this is called democracy. Vote whoever promises no work and just beautiful life. This is what happening.