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Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

Published on Apr 28, 2015 16,902,030 views

That's how it looked like just after the German surrender! Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945 and daily life in the ruins.
Watch here the preview of the brandnew documentary "Spirit of liberation", restored original color and High Definition:

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Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

  • Guy
    Guy 1 year ago I don't know about you guys, but I marvel at videos like this. They are tiny time capsules from an almost forgotten time not so long ago. We must remember this era of human history. Those who lived through it will inevitably soon be no more. Thank you to whomever posted this. I appreciate it.
  • Nate Rivers
    Nate Rivers 1 year ago Guy Smiley can't agree more
  • Tsumikiri
    Tsumikiri 1 year ago Guy Smiley You can feel the emotion of the people who lived there during that time. You hear all the surrounding sounds as you watch the raw footage of a country rebuilding
  • Guy
    Guy 1 year ago It's amazing. You can almost feel the somber atmosphere of a people whose paths are marked with unreadiness and an uncertain future, and those people, almost robotically, had in some small way remained steadfast.
  • Eric Wade
    Eric Wade 1 year ago I agree completely. I wish the audio was real. I could watch these almost endlessly, thinking of what they went through and was was still to come in the world from then to 2017; significant events.
  • mark jones
    mark jones 1 year ago Wow amazing so sad Think of all the people that died ... lots of heroes in Europe that stood and fought for there countries but What was it all for ? we now have a new enemy called immigrants from the Middle East and Africa there the opposite mainly all cowards fleeing leaving there wife's and we pay them to come and try to change Europe without a shot fired .
  • proteusx
    proteusx 1 year ago Berlin then looks just like the Syrian cities today.
  • AwesomeAlex! Adam
    AwesomeAlex! Adam 1 year ago We have our own time
  • Javier
    Javier 1 year ago Thorn20062 thanks for sharing your story mate. It is indeed a magical treasure, brings me chills all over my spine when I realize how long but not at the same time its been since all that happened.
  • Alberto Trelles
    Alberto Trelles 1 year ago I get exactly the same feeling
  • Susanne Rydvald
    Susanne Rydvald 1 year ago But Merkel still refuses to sell war wapons to Arabia who sells them back to the IS
  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 1 year ago its not era of human history, its the shameful history of europe.
  • Theresa Shaw
    Theresa Shaw 1 year ago So true, the airplane filming like our modern day drones
  • Christine Caudill
    Christine Caudill 1 year ago Guy Smiley
  • L.B. Jefferies
    L.B. Jefferies 1 year ago Guy Smiley good words
  • Seekthetruth H
    Seekthetruth H 1 year ago Guy Smiley I completely agree!!
  • Will Sankey
    Will Sankey 1 year ago The sooner we, as White Western countries, are honest & frank about the dangers of the Jewish people, the safer & happier we will be as a society.
  • The Godless
    The Godless 1 year ago Imagine....Jewish Bolshevism coming from one side...Jewish Zionism coming from the other side....The German Race never stood a chance.
  • Pekka Paco
    Pekka Paco 1 year ago The sound effects were added in post.
  • askjiir
    askjiir 1 year ago Yeah.. it's not a forgotten time
  • OldFury
    OldFury 10 months ago I don't know about you guys, but I like to post meaningless feel-good inanities on social media for validation and likes.
  • PhilosophicalFowl
    PhilosophicalFowl 9 months ago Guy Smiley almost forgotten? Huh? By who?
  • Renata Ostertag
    Renata Ostertag 5 months ago Hmm Guy! Yet, there is still quite a few around, but the younger generations don't seem to be interested to hear their harrowing stories first-hand!
  • last chance blueprint
    last chance blueprint 3 days ago (edited) @mark jones you got racist real quick. Can't you see that violence is a human trait? Stop hating the victims of it
  • Jacek Kleban5j l
    Jacek Kleban5j l 1 day ago Damage in Berlin compact to damage Warsaw its nothing.Polish capotol was damaged in 93%.And rebuild without any help From USA.When Germany gry bilions of dolars help From USA .
  • greveeen
    greveeen 23 hours ago Guy You’re not alone, these kind of videos fascinate me so much.
  • Tyler Chaney
    Tyler Chaney 2 weeks ago Not too many men of "fighting age" in this video....complete loss of a generation...
  • Succ The hedgehog
    Succ The hedgehog 1 week ago Tragic isnt it, and to think it was all because of one man
  • Kamran Abbasov
    Kamran Abbasov 1 week ago More died in Soviet labor camps in terrible conditions than war
  • rixille
    rixille 1 week ago It was even worse when the Allied powers rushed aid such as food to France but neglected Germany for some time, starving out millions of German citizens uninvolved in the war.
  • E to the squared
    E to the squared 1 week ago @Succ The hedgehog that is a very misinformed statement. He specifically called for preemptive peace over 10 times. The Soviets had converted there Western border into a launchpad for the invasion of all of Europe, before the war the Soviets had moved light infantry vehicles and the largest amount of soldiers they had trained to be paratroopers. Both are indicators of an offensive warfare. There's so much more but there's no point to write it all out unless you request more.
  • Goj Ira
    Goj Ira 1 week ago rixille so bc the Allies gave aid to France, they’re the cause of the Germans starving?
  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez 1 week ago @Kamran Abbasov 1-4 million does not equal 27 million.
  • troll jones
    troll jones 1 week ago The German men got put in POW camps or were killed in combat.
  • Cameron scott
    Cameron scott 1 week ago More pussy for the rest of us
  • Rektified
    Rektified 1 week ago @Cameron scott yes, very mature observant point made...
  • In Defence Of Marxism-Leninism
    In Defence Of Marxism-Leninism 1 week ago @Kamran Abbasov How can one be this historically illiterate?
  • Armands Sviķis
    Armands Sviķis 1 week ago @In Defence Of Marxism-Leninism what are you talking about? It is a well known fact that many many more died under communist regimes, with estimates up to 60 million dying under Stalin. 100 million overall when factoring in China's system under Chairman Mao.
    LA FRANCE TITANIC 1 week ago @Succ The hedgehog That is a stupid statement, do a research about the versaille treaty and what was the price of butter in deutchmark before the second reich.
  • Armands Sviķis
    Armands Sviķis 1 week ago @LA FRANCE TITANIC rentenmark
  • Succ The hedgehog
    Succ The hedgehog 1 week ago @LA FRANCE TITANIC Shut the fuck up
  • A Half Assed Username
    A Half Assed Username 6 days ago (edited) Really is sad. Most of the people left to do the work are women, children, and old men. It was hard to find a face that looked older than 15 and younger than 40. To think that the Soviets lost twice the men is really unthinkable.
  • Michal Hornicek
    Michal Hornicek 5 days ago You mean generations...
  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 4 days ago @Succ The hedgehog nope. You need to remember, history is written by the victor
  • Succ The hedgehog
    Succ The hedgehog 4 days ago @Eric Smith Anyone can make shit up, but facts are backed by evidence
  • Alex Carrara
    Alex Carrara 3 days ago (edited) It's easy to reduce everything to a single man, an easy scapegoat. Like in any war, there is a way bigger power involved, the kind of power that cashes in on the slaughter of nations and is the first one to find the "it was all his fault" excuse very convenient.
  • Super
    Super 2 days ago Young men die because of society 's ego.
  • Abhishek Maurya
    Abhishek Maurya 2 weeks ago (edited) just listen to that calmness, at the price of millions of lives
  • Cackless
    Cackless 2 weeks ago Abhishek Maurya makes for good white noise
  • Raw Thinktank
    Raw Thinktank 2 weeks ago naa, its for the BANKSTERS FAT Profits
  • Flavio Ponce
    Flavio Ponce 2 weeks ago In these years were not usual to ha ve cameras which record audio. The audio in this video was added by recreated sound
  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores 2 weeks ago Audio was added in post. That’s not the original audio you’re hearing.
  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 1 week ago (edited) Its calm because it wasn't a city anymore. The normal hussle and bustle of a city wasn't there.
  • Ninja
    Ninja 1 week ago @Abhishek Maurya rofl this moron trying to prove a point thinking the audio in this clip is real.
  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez 1 week ago @JSK yes the soviets who suffered massive loss of life didn't actually happen. Only German soldiers died.
  • Heimdall1999
    Heimdall1999 1 week ago War no war, war crimes no crimes.Life has to go on.Simple is that, like it or nott0.People were to busy surviving to worry about other things.
  • TheFBH
    TheFBH 2 days ago @SavageArfad No, it's calm because it's not the real audio. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • gameexpert2011
    gameexpert2011 1 week ago You know, one thing in history they never teach us at school is, how people lived after a war. This is a great footage.
  • Hugo Gomes
    Hugo Gomes 5 days ago (edited) They dont even teach you the truth of ww2.
  • Brian
    Brian 5 days ago @Hugo Gomes so what's that truth?
  • Luminosity
    Luminosity 5 days ago Depends where you live. In Germany they teach you a lot about it. About the occupation zones, the Wirtschaftswunder, the DDR and BRD, and so on. Ww2 will follow you through your whole school career basically.
  • gameexpert2011
    gameexpert2011 5 days ago @Luminosity I was taught World War II from the American perspective/American education. The American perspective talks about World War II starting from the invasion of Poland and ending with the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I'm genuinely interested in learning it from the German and Soviet perspective since those two nations suffered huge causalities. Unfortunately I don't speak neither German nor Russian so I'll either have to learn those languages or rely on a good translator.
  • Игорь Борисов
    Игорь Борисов 3 days ago That's what made world Jewry. Destroyed 11 states and killed 71.170. 000 people. Death to world Jewry !!!
  • Krayzie Stryker
    Krayzie Stryker 3 days ago @gameexpert2011 well its best to self study it. I believe there are Books all translated in English. I do even have a Collection of DvDs covering all about the war most from the German perspective its English too. Maybe you can still buy it, its called Der zweite Weltkrieg: Die komplette Geschichte. Its been 10 years that I bought it though.
  • abu Qadr
    abu Qadr 3 days ago (edited) @Luminosity yeah, but this isnt so good at all. Almost 3 year did we talked about this shit. But never about the holy Roman empire, napoleon, prussia, WW1, history of the global Powers like The USA, russia an China, Otto von Bismarck and so on. So many important topics..but hey, why not talking for 3 years about nationalsocialism.
  • Luminosity
    Luminosity 3 days ago @abu Qadr well, I totally agree with you. We barely talked about WW1. Our school system teaches nothing about Asia, which is a total shame (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia too, would have been so interesting and important), England and Russia also weren't a very big topic sadly (how they did after the war). It's all about Germany.
  • shamailah1
    shamailah1 1 day ago Praise da lard ! You is right ?!!
  • min jae
    min jae 23 hours ago In France they do
  • Usama Nain
    Usama Nain 1 month ago It's so amazing to see footage of 1945 in color and 1080p HD.
  • Crystallus Ex
    Crystallus Ex 2 weeks ago high quality but not many people seem to realize that high definition is very new and it would be impossible for this to be in HD, let alone 1080p. You can lower the resolution on the video and it doesn't change at all.
  • Renault Leaking Again
    Renault Leaking Again 2 weeks ago @Crystallus Ex i agree but with the new nvidia AI software maybe the videos could be upscaled to 1080p
  • welp yea, no
    welp yea, no 2 weeks ago (edited) @Crystallus Ex It actually does change the quality though, upping the resolution of the video also ups the bitrate which lowers the compression.
  • Bartooc
    Bartooc 1 week ago It is not even close to FullHD. more like 240p or 360p
  • TbSaysNo
    TbSaysNo 2 days ago Bartooc its still better than pewdiepie resolution
  • Pancho ᛋᛋ
    Pancho ᛋᛋ 10 hours ago @TbSaysNo JAJAJAJA
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago The city was just recently razed to the ground by russians and american B-29..and the streets are cleaner than Chicago...
  • hermenutic
    hermenutic 5 months ago I was taken by the young boy repairing the cobblestone pavement with rocks and a hammer.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff Facts: there are not many car and people beside plastic wasnt out yet, you compare this with 2018 is like you are comparing a dog with a cat
  • Random Person
    Random Person 5 months ago @Thats Guy Plastic did exist then.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Random Person It is but i mean it isnt out yet that time, read the sentence clearly before denny my comment
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago And i mean plastic bottle, stuff werent got used a lot back then
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago paper and all its derivate existed, and there was still problem with trash back then, your comment still make no sense, plastic just replaced the old trash.@Thats Guy
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago Yeah i was taken too by that, thats some real dedication to your country/city.@hermenutic
  • hermenutic
    hermenutic 5 months ago @Gurdjieff I think of it more as solidarity with ones fellow humans and having nothing to do with city or country.I am not a nationalist!
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago I was talking about the kid tho, not about you.@hermenutic
  • hermenutic
    hermenutic 5 months ago @Gurdjieff My thoughts while watching was this is what it is like when the 'horrible happens' We were watching a shell shocked population going through the motion of making life become normal again in the midst of abnormal circumstances of an occupying army. I also thought this scenario will happen again when the juan defuca plate hiccups or Donald Trump get's jilted by his wife and starts a war. When the worst happens the people will pull together to put things together again..
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago (edited) If you love your country yes, you pull togheter, if not you pack your bags and immigrate to a richer country, like many cowards do.@hermenutic
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff but Plastic got use a lot now because there are more people and the city got richer so there are more plastic got wasted, the past and the present is totally different, you should try to compare you from 1 years old with now and i think that you are kind of person that didnt get fat enough and want to jealous with the past(the past that people starving and war everywhere) man you should respect ur life, anyway you see the past dont have many trash like plastic bottle, chip, or other plastic thing because very least people use it that time and dude it was 1940s and now 2018 plastic are everywhere on the beach, the sea, the yard,... because there are 7Billions people and many of them rich enough to buy plastic and plastic got cheaper and got make more by many company. Time change everything, if you want to compare who is cleaner then compare with Prehistoric with now, that will work!
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago Exactly, in Prehistory they live in shit and piss. I love how you make comparisons by technology, but refuse to acknowledge that the capacity to get rid of dump and waste was less compared to now, as you say, we are in 2018 and they were in 1940, you are looking at it one sided.@Thats Guy
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago Also Berlin in 1945 was a big ass city.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff More city in the US now have more population than Berlin 1940s and plastic get used a lot, it is simple to think. Have you ever heard that the old world are not as polluted as the modern world? Make china as an example thanks.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff You compared how polluted between the past and the modern world which is stupid because everyone know the past are less polluted than the modern world because of plastic, many people drove bike back then, there was just millions of people instead of hundred millions in the city, the population grow a lot from 1940s to now.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago You cant compared how Chicago streets are more polluted than Berlin street in 1940s because in that time no one us plastic bottle, many people like walk or ride bike, less drive car beside the world now have more billions people than the world in 1940s, so there are less building and people back then and no company like coca,pepsi,KFC selling food with plastic stuff, the only thing that polluted back then is smoke and some stuff.
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago you are misinformed at the very least, back in those years, big cities were very dirty , there were little to no regulation and you literally had factories and steel plants inside the cities, also who cares about plastic, the roads were still dirty back then, pollution is another thing.@Thats Guy
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago (edited) Also are you tryng to imply that ppl didnt produce waste because they didnt use plastic? man you should study ancient Rome and how polluted it was, they were so desperate that from time to time they burned down entire neighboroods and rebuilt them again over and over.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff Dirty is polluted the more it got dirty the more serious it is, "who care about plastic?" Oh then Chicago got many plastic rubbish if you dont care about that then dont compare them beside there are more beautiful place that you didn't compare, you just compare the bad with the good which is hilarious, also dirty on the street nowaday called polluted like dirty air that is not good for your health call polluted air, polluted mean dirty enviroment and it is the next level of dirty and dirty got changed by time and turn into polluted.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff I didn't even say that the old era is dirty and polluted and we are getting no where but anyways in old time there are less reason to make the world less polluted and dirty due to less population and not many bad materials got used back then, you said the street in Chicago is dirtier than Berlin 1940s because Chicago have many trash and high population meanwhile Berlin 1940s just ends the war, less population and reason make everything polluted, that is a terrible competition! If you say dirty is not like polluted then if the water and air is not dirty but you call it polluted? LOL
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago How old are you? damn...not only you twisted my words but yours too. :O@Thats Guy
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago (edited) And sigh...Chicago is smaller than Berlin of the 40's, by alot too, almost 2 million less, i hate to repeat myself but plastic is not the only source of dirtiness, it only replaced what ppl used back then and yes they still shitted all over the place and produced dirt and waste.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff i didnt even twist your word wth!
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff Plastic is worse then old time trash and it got used by many people now i repeat "more population" and yea if you said Chicago is small then you shouldnt compare it to a big city, it is like you comparing between developed county with developing country(this is just an EX) and yea of couse big country or city are cleaner and also America is cleaner than my country because it is "bigger" and developed same as Chicago and Berlin.
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago Well you said Berlin had less population than Chicago, which is not true.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff yes and you say that Berlin is cleaner than Chicago(smaller than Berlin) which is ironic
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 5 months ago why is it ironic?@Thats Guy
  • John Quintanilla
    John Quintanilla 5 months ago There weren’t B29s over Berlin
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 5 months ago Gurdjieff You compared a big city to a small city(like you said) then say the big city is better just to show the old goverment is better beside you didnt even compare Berlin to other bigger city, that is ironic!
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 4 months ago (edited) lol?it doesnt matter, you get the idea..@John Quintanilla
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 4 months ago (edited) What? Chicago is not a small city at all? what the heck.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Gurdjieff but IT IS still smaller than Berlin 😂 i said smaller not small!
  • Personal E
    Personal E 4 months ago America today is far away from being a dreamland
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago (edited) Personal Email really? Yea right, you got the internet, food and house while others in poor country get starved, every country always want to be developed and rich like America even many people in my town got jealous when someone can get to the US, US is always a dream land for many people around the world, it is just not for people that are pig who cant respect what they have and keep wanting more. Get a life!
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 4 months ago you are a little kid.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Gurdjieff Great! You should say to the one that argue with an insult.
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 4 months ago i know, but your arguments are lacking too.@Thats Guy
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago (edited) Gurdjieff yea because we argue with each other like a circle which make me kinda confuse!
  • Warsie
    Warsie 4 months ago I mean it's like summer in that video of course it'll be cleaner than Chicago
  • 4./JG26_Onebad
    4./JG26_Onebad 4 months ago B-17 and B-24s. B-29 saw no service in Europe.
  • Иван Фёдоров
    Иван Фёдоров 4 months ago Because the Americans have only been there a few days.
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago Russians* and American* B-29's*
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Thats Guy There*, cars*, besides*, it's*.
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Thats Guy denying*
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Steve Giardini When you have nothing to say with a discussion so you starting caught my small typo just to start another unnecessary discussion, what an old classic child action!
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Steve Giardini "Russian" with "s" but not with "America" so you mean there are only one American and millions of Russians? I like how kid these day try to be smart and want attention!
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Steve Giardini "besides*" beside doesn't have the "s" at the end lmfao, learn grammar before being a grammar police!
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Thats Guy English teachers around the world are silently weeping...
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago Steve Giardini there is a different between english teacher and troll or i should say attention seeker.
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Thats Guy difference*
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago (edited) Steve Giardini best 2018 excuse for children and people who act smart are dumb, i have never seen a mature person who act like that in some discussions i have been in so good luck with life.
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Thats Guy SMH 😔
  • Dominik K
    Dominik K 4 months ago Berlin have to be destroyed as Warsaw.
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago @Dominik K Berlin had* to be
  • Ken Alexandre Meridi
    Ken Alexandre Meridi 4 months ago You've obviously never been to Chicago.
  • Joseph Miner
    Joseph Miner 4 months ago hermenutic only the finest of men can be nationalists
  • Majkel8668
    Majkel8668 4 months ago Shouldnt have destroyed Warsaw completely I guess
  • Alejandro García
    Alejandro García 4 months ago Gurdjieff cause they are German not lazy blacks
  • Dane Dudlicek
    Dane Dudlicek 4 months ago True, at least cleaner than up here in rodgerspark lmao
  • Domenico Fossati
    Domenico Fossati 4 months ago B-29 ???? i don't speak english well but the B-29 were used only against Japan. it is very strange to see that normally streets. i agreed with you
  • Glenn Perry
    Glenn Perry 4 months ago hermenutic You are delusional. Trump 2020
  • Donkey Cong
    Donkey Cong 4 months ago Everything about it, including the buildings, are nicer and in better condition than Detroit. Amazing difference when a city is inhabited by Europeans instead of Africans.
  • VT -800
    VT -800 4 months ago that's because it had zero blacks
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 4 months ago (edited) Savage Truth Yea sure and till this day we are still fighting and being jealous from the past and forget about what our ancestor fought for btw you tell me to fix my grammar just because you dont like my argument, yea keep getting jealous with the past and do nothing except being a warrior keyboard so you cant do nothing good to our world
  • Joe Mann
    Joe Mann 4 months ago B-29s? Bzzzzzt! Wrong answer! I don't think there were many (or any) B-29s in the European theatre. Americans flew B-29s in the Pacific theatre. Americans flew B-17s and B-24s over Berlin.
  • Anthony Somerville
    Anthony Somerville 4 months ago There were no black people to ruin it
  • Herbie Schwartz
    Herbie Schwartz 4 months ago We should try that in Chicago. Oy Vey!
  • P C
    P C 4 months ago Gurdjieff It’s Germany gotta say that it’s one of the cleanest countries I’ve ever been to.
  • SlavKommando
    SlavKommando 4 months ago See what fcking germans did to Warsaw
  • Kronos my account got hacked
    Kronos my account got hacked 4 months ago Gurdjieff Actually Churchill was the catalyst
  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago *b-17s
  • MuddyApatosaurus 6777
    MuddyApatosaurus 6777 4 months ago Jochen was a legend
  • happymopinc
    happymopinc 3 months ago B-29's never bombed Germany.....
    YUSKHAN 3 months ago No B29s flew over Germany
  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 months ago and British... Australian, Canadian etc...
  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 months ago @Gurdjieff rubbish... (lol everything is over packaged these daze and plastics take decades to break down, releasing harmful chemicals into the environment as they decay.
  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 months ago @hermenutic you should be.
  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 months ago @Thats Guy it was a joke.
  • Thats Guy
    Thats Guy 3 months ago bipola telly The guy commented this said that it wasnt
  • Zx Jaguar
    Zx Jaguar 3 months ago then there were no Arabs in Berlin and blacks !!!!!
  • Michael P
    Michael P 3 months ago Cuz black people.
  • Zx Jaguar
    Zx Jaguar 3 months ago @Michael P NO BECAUSE MUSLIMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Иллюминат
    Иллюминат 3 months ago Bloody hell, not russians, soviets, mind the difference.
  • Алла Пугачева
  • Вадим Кан
    Вадим Кан 3 months ago USA=ISIS
  • R 3rd
    R 3rd 3 months ago no B29s in Europe
  • Happy Hertzair
    Happy Hertzair 3 months ago Gurdjieff : German culture...clean it up, rebuild it, become an economic power in a few short years...
  • Pinguino Penguin
    Pinguino Penguin 3 months ago hermenutic man of culture
  • Dan
    Dan 3 months ago Savage!!
  • Chris Boone
    Chris Boone 3 months ago I disagree. Chicago is pretty clean tbh. But the streets are definitely cleaner than NYC
  • Tomek 1985
    Tomek 1985 3 months ago B-29 was never used above Europe during WWII
  • kAn3
    kAn3 3 months ago Gurdjieff go out and do something for the roads then, just like the people in the video do.
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 3 months ago you are so fucking smart my mind is blowing!!@kAn3
  • Юрий Николаевич
    Юрий Николаевич 3 months ago Скоро всей вашей Америке Кирдык будет.
  • Movie Trailers
    Movie Trailers 3 months ago It’s called hard work,something you Americans know nothing about
  • Alienvolt 77
    Alienvolt 77 3 months ago i was the one thousand like
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 3 months ago (edited) Im not even american but i took a piss on them, yes, when i visited the US i found it surprisingly dirty, like i said Chicago, but then i went to Texas and it was much better. " " no where else but Texas" :D@Movie Trailers
  • tallamkho
    tallamkho 3 months ago 👍👍
  • Gurdjieff
    Gurdjieff 3 months ago lol its ok, i dindu it for the likes :D@Alienvolt 77
  • 5 .J
    5 .J 3 months ago Gurdjieff you sure ? 4:17
  • 5 .J
    5 .J 3 months ago Thats Guy You’re talking about the post-war era like it’s 1000 years ago . . . you can’t say “ The old world “ , it’s just 70 years ago , thousands of people from 1945 are still alive today .
  • Evin Jacobs
    Evin Jacobs 3 months ago Gurdjieff actually Chicago is a very clean city there is just alot of crime. You rarely see liter and there is no garbage on the sidewalks like new york
  • ноу ноу
    ноу ноу 3 months ago Да, да, американцами, как бы ни так...
  • David Tucker
    David Tucker 3 months ago You got that right.
  • Killerspieler0815
    Killerspieler0815 2 months ago @Gurdjieff - Today the cleanest streets are in the capital of North Korea
  • m9078jk3
    m9078jk3 2 months ago No B-29's bombed targets in Berlin. It was either B-17's or B-24's. most likely from either the 8th A.F. or 15th A.F. if it was American
  • John Watson
    John Watson 1 day ago Gurdjieff European cities are much cleaner than NYC.
  • Jeschitown
    Jeschitown 6 hours ago Not sure what you mean maybe the Chicago of that time and even that's pretty silly comment, much less Chicago today which is miticiously up kept
  • Aleks G
    Aleks G 2 weeks ago When you go from Prussian to Russian
  • taggerung
    taggerung 2 weeks ago 6/10 There was an effort
  • Panzer Tank
    Panzer Tank 2 weeks ago You mean going from Prussian to Muslim.
  • Peter G.
    Peter G. 1 week ago @Panzer Tank no that's wrong
  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez 1 week ago @Panzer Tank this was before that.
  • Alex Snow
    Alex Snow 1 week ago Panzer Tank lmao!
  • Alok1905
    Alok1905 1 week ago @Panzer Tank yup. We Muslims invaded Germany and France, destroyed EU and now we're coming for YOU.
  • Plamie
    Plamie 1 week ago @Alok1905 Prussia was a State of Germany and Without prussia germany wouldnt be united, so Prussia is Germany, so you are saying you are comming twice to Germany?
  • Witching Mushroom
    Witching Mushroom 1 week ago Preußen
  • xCry
    xCry 2 days ago (edited) @Plamie what? Prussia does not exist anymore lol and he didnt even mention it lol
  • Plamie
    Plamie 2 days ago @xCry he said '' yup. We Muslims invaded Germany and France, destroyed EU and now we're coming for YOU.'' wich was for this msg: ''You mean going from Prussian to Muslim.'' with that Alok said ''yup we Muslims Invaded Germany and France, destroyed EU and now we're commung for Prussia'' since the other guy said ''You mean going from Prussian to Muslim.'' also ik that Prussia dont exist, Unfortunate though because i would rather life in Prussia then Living in a fucking New GDR likie germany turns rn...
  • XY ME
    XY ME 1 week ago My grandfather said: We had nothing but good mood.
  • T Ta
    T Ta 1 week ago This is international slogan of the youth))
  • ElectKoopa
    ElectKoopa 3 days ago @Игорь Борисов kys
  • Ck lemri
    Ck lemri 3 weeks ago (edited) Watch in .75 speed, and you will feel you are there
  • HystericalTuber
    HystericalTuber 3 weeks ago yeah auctully
  • Magomed Achmatov
    Magomed Achmatov 2 weeks ago 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • karim ferraresi
    karim ferraresi 2 weeks ago 👍
  • Carlo Censi
    Carlo Censi 2 weeks ago The correct speed would be like .85 I think, but yes, close enough
  • Armon H
    Armon H 2 weeks ago Carlo Censi , I agree
  • Harshvardhan singh
    Harshvardhan singh 1 week ago I love u
  • Ruben Elfrink
    Ruben Elfrink 1 week ago You high?
  • n. monk
    n. monk 1 week ago Thank you. It's good.
  • Lupus Albus
    Lupus Albus 1 week ago This is due to 24 fps analog speed up for 60fps. Good call
  • Чак Норрис
    Чак Норрис 1 week ago @Carlo Censi open the "dev tools" with <f12> key, then click to console tab and paste this code: document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0].playbackRate = 0.85
  • Gabriel Barnada
    Gabriel Barnada 1 week ago i haven't smoked enough weed
  • mercie!
    mercie! 1 week ago 👀
  • Rewolon
    Rewolon 2 weeks ago (edited) Sehr interessantes Video und ich muss sagen das die Qualität super ist 👍
  • GaBro #
    GaBro # 2 weeks ago Rewolon Es ist nach koloriert , oder?
  • I M
    I M 2 weeks ago GaBro # ja
  • Sir Nicklnack
    Sir Nicklnack 2 weeks ago @GaBro # digga wie soll das gehen das Video hat 42 FPS und jedes Bild soll angemalt werden und das bei 7 Minuten rechne das mal aus wer macht sich die mühe und lässt alles einzelnt nach malen und dann auch noch so das jede Farbe auf die vorherige passt Deutschland hätte halt die Technik dazu
  • Daniel Padilla
    Daniel Padilla 1 week ago Ich sprichst nicht deutsch aber, Ja du rechst die Qualität sehr gut ist
  • LuisGijon
    LuisGijon 6 days ago Estoy de acuerdo colega ;)
  • Luis kpi
    Luis kpi 5 days ago okay
  • Игорь Борисов
    Игорь Борисов 3 days ago That's what made world Jewry. Destroyed 11 states and killed 71.170. 000 people. Death to world Jewry !!!
  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 5 months ago Hard times create hard men Hard men create easy times Easy times create weak men Weak men create hard times.
  • Renata Ostertag
    Renata Ostertag 5 months ago Javier Martinez - great comment. I copied it. "Weak men create hard times"! We are presently in this time period.
  • demOOn K
    demOOn K 5 months ago But Russia always hard)
  • jim morgan
    jim morgan 5 months ago (edited) Hard. Create. Men. Times.
  • Anayansi B.
    Anayansi B. 5 months ago And because easy time create weak men then nobody want to do anything because they want everything easy peasy.
  • jltaco85
    jltaco85 5 months ago you could have added Hard cock brock thick dick rick long wong hong
  • Demetrius Prince
    Demetrius Prince 5 months ago #Barz
  • Triana Lee
    Triana Lee 5 months ago Ok, what about women though?
  • The Devil's Advocate
    The Devil's Advocate 5 months ago Women can't be president
  • This Sucks
    This Sucks 5 months ago Smoke another one, Cheech.
  • Longsmoke O Elfo
    Longsmoke O Elfo 5 months ago Niice!!
  • Judgy Judgerton
    Judgy Judgerton 5 months ago Javier Martinez smart thoughtful men, create peace. No other equation needed
  • Looun Lao Bottomsby
    Looun Lao Bottomsby 5 months ago uh uh : The beginning of Barbarosa and germans killed you off by the millions; Lend Lease and many battles to come and you toughened up into the hard men history knew for WW2??
  • Marco Wilkenson
    Marco Wilkenson 5 months ago Gute Worte...
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 months ago @Triana Lee Women are useless in the grand scheme of history, other than supplying more men.
  • Sorrowful Spaceship
    Sorrowful Spaceship 5 months ago @Triana Lee When it says 'men' it doesn't literally mean the gender but mankind.
  • Roger Hughes
    Roger Hughes 5 months ago Can't believe ANYONE would have anything derogatory to say about this quote. Then again, I suppose it emphasises your point...f*ck trolls slowly, and thank YOU for this comment 👍
  • Steve Higgins
    Steve Higgins 5 months ago Filthy mexican animal. Die
  • Sorrowful Spaceship
    Sorrowful Spaceship 5 months ago @Steve Higgins Lmao go hate somewhere else
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago Javier Martinez Not all of that is true all of the time
  • Lord Hapu Okami
    Lord Hapu Okami 5 months ago weak men like the leftists of the western countries?
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago (edited) Lord Hapu Okami They need to wake up... before it's too late.. but they need to get rid of their corrupt leaders who do not care about the safety of their their own country and people... who have sold them out... they need to get rid of those weak leaders.. stop voting for them. Weak leaders create hard times for good people .
  • Scott Laux
    Scott Laux 5 months ago So true. I'm thinking of our easy times. 4% unemployment and weak scared men created Trump. America deserves to be wrecked for its idiocy.
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago (edited) GW76 M I agree and the problem with catchy sayings like this is too many people not only repeat them for far too many scenarios and situations but they also believe that it actually does apply to each and every scenario and situation , which is not the truth
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago Judgy Judgerton - not too many of them around! Please introduce me to a few....
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago Sorrowful Spaceship -it should be: humankind.
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago gardensofthegods - I think sharpshooters are equipped for that; voting is not working....
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago Scott Laux - America has been wrecked since 2007....
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago (edited) Anna Lisa Anna Lisa I don't normally condone murder but I condone shunning bad leaders , outcasting them ; if nobody would even look at them; nobody would talk to them , nobody would ever serve them or bring them food in a restaurant or do ANYTHING for them... if they walked into the country club none of the friends, none of the people who knew them would give them the time of the day... and to be treated like that wherever they go.. that would be great if people were able to treat them like that where they were , to render then invisible and insignificant , powerless. Yes they act like they really care and it's a lot of lip service but really all they want are the votes ... being shunned and outcasted should be the punishment the penalty for being a shitty leader . I used to think that was a good punishment and then one day I actually saw it in aTwilight Zone episode... I can't remember if they shunned you for all crimes or murder or what but it was a good episode
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago gardensofthegods - that’s a good fairytale or movie script but it’s not gonna happen. You gotta get real. We have a huge toxic problem.
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago (edited) Anna Lisa Yup.. we're living in the age of greed... it's causing a lot of problems , I know.
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago gardensofthegods - we gotta realize that greed has been with humanity for millennia. The real problem is TOO MANY Humans ! Less humans = less greed. Therefore, we all need reproductive education, birth control and freedom to abortion without restrictions. The main stumbling blocks are religions of all sorts, and fascist corporations who try to control the people’s minds. And let us not forget toxic patriarchy !!!!😳😳😳😁
  • gardensofthegods
    gardensofthegods 5 months ago Anna Lisa Yes greed has always been with people but it seems like it's gotten worse.. not sure if you can blame it on more people it just seems that some people who are already making millions a year are not happy... some of the ones who are making billions a year are not happy enough with what they have.. some people are just a bottomless pit of want.
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago gardensofthegods - agreed. And my point is, less people, less greed.
  • engr wahab
    engr wahab 5 months ago Outstanding words
  • E
    E 5 months ago Renata Ostertag what? Do you all don’t pay bills and take care of your own? Shame
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago engr wahab - whose words are you talking about ?
  • qwertz6502
    qwertz6502 5 months ago Javier Martinez Good Comment. History repeats if we dont learn from it. We are now at the beginning of a new World War....
  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 5 months ago qwertz6502 - yes. The insanity of potus is angering almost every major nation on planet earth 🌍. He’s got NPD. A mental disordered person is posing as the mouthpiece for USA. Frankly I don’t want him speaking for me. Smart humans know that he does not !!!
  • 漢仔
    漢仔 5 months ago A cyclic cycle
  • Raymond Dunne
    Raymond Dunne 5 months ago @Triana Lee easy times allow feminists to rule making weak men, so the hard times are near but hard men will rise. Go Trump.
  • n7s8
    n7s8 5 months ago where western philosophy does not apply @demOOn K
  • demOOn K
    demOOn K 5 months ago (edited) n7s8 Russia doesn't knowing what is the slavery.
  • Ken Lompart
    Ken Lompart 5 months ago @Sorrowful Spaceship Man is short for human but feminists can't accept that.
  • Ken Lompart
    Ken Lompart 5 months ago It's a vicious circle.
  • Sao Salazar
    Sao Salazar 5 months ago Bit over used
  • Major Hippo
    Major Hippo 5 months ago I disagree with this statement and i've heard it said many times. "Hard Times" is dependant on the person. If your thinking about America, you might think the men walking down the street are weak but that is irrelevant when you have a bad ass volunteer military force of strong men that deliberately put themselves through hard times to make them stronger.
  • dave berry
    dave berry 5 months ago i agree fully once ships where made of wood and men of steel, now ships are made of steel and men are made of wood. @Renata Ostertag
  • X G
    X G 5 months ago oh fuck off..We all know the US is a bully, never had a hard on...cucks one and all
  • ClioMako
    ClioMako 5 months ago And while all that is happening, women are just chilling.
  • Glymee
    Glymee 5 months ago GREAT!
  • U mad Bro
    U mad Bro 5 months ago woman did and will never have the same influence on worlds history. which doesnt mean they are less important.
  • Scott Laux
    Scott Laux 5 months ago @Anna Lisa I think people can learn to be less gluttonous. Have lots of kids is a form of gluttony. More thing. Bigger house. Bigger car. Bigger families.
  • French Toad
    French Toad 5 months ago and we all jnow what the next step will be : WW3
    LLIP DER 5 months ago Whow!!!
    LLIP DER 5 months ago @gardensofthegods Its to easy for them to replace all traders with a few bucs never ending supply of people that will do anything for $$$$
    LLIP DER 5 months ago @Major Hippo Remember the war against Great Britain We held our ground with a ragtag army of farmers and citizen's.With whatever guns bayonets we could muster.With a little help from France.
  • Valdo Casa
    Valdo Casa 5 months ago 👏👏👏
  • zoro zoro
    zoro zoro 5 months ago (edited) Quote by : Ibn khaldoun, a muslem amzigh scholar
  • Ernst Heinrich Aftmann
    Ernst Heinrich Aftmann 5 months ago And the internet creates stupid sayings.
  • Stouffer
    Stouffer 5 months ago Here in the UK we are at step 4 - but can we go back to step 1?
  • Mark
    Mark 5 months ago Woah bro don't increase my consciousness like that
  • Ken Sturm
    Ken Sturm 5 months ago Lord Hapu Okami By that you must mean America? And how many decades is your world behind sandman?
  • Aadiyogi:- The Yogi Revamping Hinduism
    Aadiyogi:- The Yogi Revamping Hinduism 5 months ago Javier Martinez you've your this brainchild is the best quote that I've ever come across.
  • Abig Dongo
    Abig Dongo 5 months ago The good guys lost in WW2
  • Sean Matusin
    Sean Matusin 5 months ago "Weak men" were not responsible for World War II.
  • Monster Youngii
    Monster Youngii 5 months ago and so history repeats.
  • Peter Hsiao
    Peter Hsiao 5 months ago Great comment.
  • M. Benstein
    M. Benstein 4 months ago Javier Martinez Easy women creates hard men
  • Death to Anime Avatars
    Death to Anime Avatars 4 months ago Youtubers copy & paste dumb sayings as old as the internet
  • V1per_ 226
    V1per_ 226 4 months ago Wtf
  • Ninoslav Radic
    Ninoslav Radic 4 months ago Very nice. I like it. Is it yours?
  • potato boy
    potato boy 4 months ago nice facebook repost loser
  • Arman Ar
    Arman Ar 4 months ago Получается заколдованный круг, не так ли?
  • Jǫrmungandr
    Jǫrmungandr 4 months ago I think it's supposed to be "strong" men. not "hard".
  • blue_covfefe
    blue_covfefe 4 months ago why are you so fascist?
  • Aristyo Rahardiyan
    Aristyo Rahardiyan 4 months ago Hard men should've created hard times!
  • Justin
    Justin 4 months ago @demOOn K They surrendered in WW1...
  • Цзин Кэ
    Цзин Кэ 4 months ago Then Russia should be already a paradise.
  • What
    What 4 months ago "Men times hard create."
  • Steve K
    Steve K 4 months ago @demOOn K Not according to the Japanese & Finish.
  • Steve K
    Steve K 4 months ago @Looun Lao Bottomsby What lend lease? Soviets were given material.
  • Kim Bailey
    Kim Bailey 4 months ago Only the black race refuses to amount to anything. Every race has had it's own share of war and strife but the blacj people still hold on to "we were slaves"
  • Jan Richter
    Jan Richter 4 months ago It’s not fitting in this case the war in Europe started as a result of the hard conditions of the Versailles treaty after WWI and poor living conditions in Germany. After both left wing and right wing extremists promised to get rid of those problems and clean up the mess of the Republic of Weimar eventually the NSDAP got elected. So in this case hard times created even harder times.
  • Riley Welton
    Riley Welton 4 months ago Saved
  • Manuel Arriaga
    Manuel Arriaga 4 months ago Amazing!
  • TheWhoopwhoop21
    TheWhoopwhoop21 4 months ago Spot on!
  • MissMiriamka
    MissMiriamka 4 months ago Javier Martinez 👏👏👏
  • Edward Goose
    Edward Goose 4 months ago One of the most ignorant comments I've ever read.
  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 4 months ago @Steve Higgins son of a bitch
  • Gabriela Ispas
    Gabriela Ispas 4 months ago @Clorox Bleach For women were not charged with political powers in the past, so many men could do so many stupid things and could "write" the History the way they did it (I mean starting wars).
  • Gabriela Ispas
    Gabriela Ispas 4 months ago @The Devil's Advocate Watch it: the future is ours! In our Parliament more women entered, we have now the first Premier-woman in our country's hystory (But she was not the best choise!!! It should have been another one...) and two women-mairs. Also we have clever and strong women candidates that could run for Presidency.
  • Argiris Milonas
    Argiris Milonas 4 months ago In greece we call such a man "malakas".
  • Gabriela Ispas
    Gabriela Ispas 4 months ago @Argiris MilonasKalispera! Malaka means stupid, I know a few words în Greek. I have a relative in Athens and Every summer I go on the islands (in Cyclades, especially: Paros-Antiparos, Naxos, Mykonos - so many LGBD there, Santorini, Kufonisia,...)in Aegean Sea, but also in Adriatic Sea.
  • Argiris Milonas
    Argiris Milonas 4 months ago @Gabriela Ispas Malakas means the soft.
  • Argiris Milonas
    Argiris Milonas 4 months ago @Gabriela Ispas perfect for you! if you are able to go to the paradise every summer
  • Marco Bruno
    Marco Bruno 4 months ago High times create red eye men.
  • Christophe Reolon
    Christophe Reolon 4 months ago The truly best comment on YouTube!
  • Gabriel Pieratti
    Gabriel Pieratti 4 months ago we live in a society
  • Reply Soon
    Reply Soon 4 months ago @jltaco85 Long Dong Kim?
  • Daniel Agoston
    Daniel Agoston 4 months ago seems like we're at the end of the cycle again.
  • I Have 22 Subscribers
    I Have 22 Subscribers 4 months ago hard men create satisfied women
  • Leet Cunt
    Leet Cunt 4 months ago @Judgy Judgerton ahahahahhahaha ohnononono
  • Greg Van Gaasbeek
    Greg Van Gaasbeek 4 months ago @Triana Lee Just switch times with Women.
  • franggio
    franggio 3 months ago 3rd one soon?
  • Li Jiong
    Li Jiong 1 month ago Strong men create strong sylent type and happyness!!!!!
  • Veiga Man
    Veiga Man 1 month ago @Clorox Bleach fucking incel
  • Kayn The Cosmic shadow
    Kayn The Cosmic shadow 3 weeks ago Triana Lee women won’t change shit in this world lol they would just make it worst
  • Ben Whazoo
    Ben Whazoo 2 weeks ago Nice copypasta
  • Manuel Müller
    Manuel Müller 2 weeks ago Germany is full of weak men. We have millions of Nichtskönner (can do nothing)
  • Krayzie Stryker
    Krayzie Stryker 2 weeks ago And in the End all Men dies.
  • Charlotte Katakuri
    Charlotte Katakuri 2 weeks ago (edited) Triana Lee Women ruin civilizations.
  • Barbeque Sauced
    Barbeque Sauced 2 weeks ago That's so true
  • Succ The hedgehog
    Succ The hedgehog 1 week ago @The Devil's Advocate No yet , but they are ruining the world
  • Luis Phelipe Carvalho
    Luis Phelipe Carvalho 1 week ago That says a lot about society..
  • Luis Phelipe Carvalho
    Luis Phelipe Carvalho 1 week ago @Manuel Müller Bro you have my condolences... The fourth reich will rise someday... Believe it!!!
  • Luis Phelipe Carvalho
    Luis Phelipe Carvalho 1 week ago (edited) @Gabriela Ispas Yeah sure... There's no womens involved on wars in history whatsoever, god bless the peaceful England queen!!'
    MABUS SUBAM 1 week ago Hard men creates hard times for the weak men.
  • Manuel Müller
    Manuel Müller 1 week ago @Krayzie Stryker I don't know how you understand the word "hard". But it has nothing to do with death. If i use the word "hard men" i see my grandpas. they worked after 1950 really hard to get bread on the table. your words are insulting to me. Today most men are sissy. They don't walk the extra mile and some of them aren't able to survive in a modern society.
  • Luis Phelipe Carvalho
    Luis Phelipe Carvalho 1 week ago (edited) @MABUS SUBAM "Booo look at me, i live in a society where i have Netflix, internet, fast food, good economy and sociopolitical stability on the world, but no way i'm weak, i'm not like the others 😎👌👌 (tu edgy for u)"
    MABUS SUBAM 1 week ago @Luis Phelipe Carvalho Sadly this is coming from a teenager.
  • Derin Elmas
    Derin Elmas 1 week ago Well said Javier Martinez we are in the 4 th line now but Im 17,and I have so many years to live(If I dont die in a bike crash or car crash)I hope I ll be one of the inspiring people of future that change the human life.
  • Foxima Centauri
    Foxima Centauri 1 day ago Did you get that from Facebook?
  • kaveh Fr
    kaveh Fr 1 day ago Better off put in a it goes forever which is true actually 😂
  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 1 day ago That's the greatest thing I've ever read on YouTubes comments section.
  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 1 day ago @Lord Hapu Okamibut it was the right wing of Germany that caused all this.
  • Sujit Warkari
    Sujit Warkari 2 hours ago ग्रेट माहीती आहे जर्मन लोक कष्टाळु आहेत
  • Dombrovschi Catalin
    Dombrovschi Catalin 1 week ago They still managed to beat Brazil 7-1
  • Lupus Albus
    Lupus Albus 1 week ago Oof
  • Lunoky
    Lunoky 1 week ago :v
  • Пујо Шотка
    Пујо Шотка 5 days ago That was a real crime.
  • Lucas Moraes
    Lucas Moraes 2 days ago Oof
  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez 1 day ago Really? Here....?
  • Dombrovschi Catalin
    Dombrovschi Catalin 21 hours ago @Sergio Rodriguez U weren't even in the war by ur name... Sergio... Rodriguez... Yes I did it again, I played with youtube.. bla bla etc
  • Matt Cruse
    Matt Cruse 19 hours ago Haaaaaaa and they still lose to mexico😂😂😂
  • G S
    G S 3 weeks ago Wow! All these people are dead by now. Little did they know that someday people from all over the world will watch them on a device called smartphone.
  • Bruce Goblenosh
    Bruce Goblenosh 2 weeks ago Sad isn't it
  • G S
    G S 2 weeks ago (edited) @Bruce Goblenosh Yes,very sad one day people in the future would watch video of our times in similar fashion on their own platforms and might even chat like the way we are doing right now. One thing is definitely true and cannot be negated, irrespective of anyone's believes/ inclination/faith and views, it is DEATH the inevitable and no one has ever conquered THE DEATH . It might be evaded but cannot be conquered.
  • loubna meknessia
    loubna meknessia 2 weeks ago Not all are dead some are kids some are babies who would be 60 70
    HANS ARMSTARK 1 week ago You will die too.
  • Salvador Henriquez
    Salvador Henriquez 1 week ago Maybe there are a few hundreds alive
  • Marta Lempa
    Marta Lempa 1 week ago Why all? Some of the children are maybe still alive. They will be now in their 80ies
  • Gabriel Barnada
    Gabriel Barnada 1 week ago What about pc's?
    EMINEM ONELOVE 1 week ago Not all
    EMINEM ONELOVE 1 week ago @Marta Lempa like my grandmom
  • Armchair Christian
    Armchair Christian 5 days ago I wonder if you realize in a hundred years when you’re nothing but dust people will read your comment
  • paulos2019
    paulos2019 1 week ago (edited) The lesson I get from this video: life is too short and war is a waste and useless thing. Love Germany and Berlin. ❤
  • Игорь Борисов
    Игорь Борисов 3 days ago That's what made world Jewry. Destroyed 11 states and killed 71 170 000 people. Death to world Jewry !!!
  • Gabriel A.
    Gabriel A. 21 hours ago Lmao your a fucking delusional faggot. War is a inevitable event of humanity. It will always happen from time to time, it’s almost a necessary thing for evolution of mankind.
  • bolt man
    bolt man 6 days ago How interesting is it that in a little over 50 yrs Germany has accomplished its dominence in Europe. Dictating economic policies and the like to other European nations. All without firing a single bullet.
  • sandeep varma
    sandeep varma 15 hours ago And opened border for Rapist refugees and teaching them sex education , Germany is puppet of NWO🙃
  • Madani Mokrane
    Madani Mokrane 8 months ago Halep in Syria looks like this now, Mousol in Irak too. Humans never learn that war is a mistake.
  • Michael Adamidis Art Channel
    Michael Adamidis Art Channel 8 months ago (edited) Madani Mokrane this is right.. Maybe we have first to accept that there are maybe indeed demons and they do this to us all.. Like Jesus said.......
  • Ram1 za3tr
    Ram1 za3tr 8 months ago America and zionist Jewish world order
  • Thomas Suter
  • theMcWOPPER
    theMcWOPPER 8 months ago (edited) Madani Mokrane its not a mistake if you have something to fight for.
  • SycheRyder
    SycheRyder 8 months ago War is not a mistake, it's a racket. Someone always does profit from it. If we wanr to end war, we must learn to identify and punish those who perpetuate it for their own gain.
  • Ceiling
    Ceiling 8 months ago Madani Mokrane when will you learn, when will you learn, that your actions have consequences
  • Teresa Wright
    Teresa Wright 8 months ago Madani Mokrane The banksters give generously to promote all wars!
  • Ksawera Gunia
    Ksawera Gunia 8 months ago Madani Mokrane Zobacz Warszawę w Polsce z roku 1945 co Niemcy zrobili.
    OZGE ULAS 8 months ago Iam sexy turkish girl,ı need sex,ı love muslims,fuck you west girl.............
    OZGE ULAS 8 months ago Americans soldiers can be breath,because ı want to have second baby from american soldiers.
  • A
    A 7 months ago By who’s definition is it a mistake?
  • Madani Mokrane
    Madani Mokrane 7 months ago @A Mr. Heart abd Ms Humanity
  • Дми́трий WesternSpy
    Дми́трий WesternSpy 7 months ago But Syrian cities never were as nice as Berlin. Look at those marvellous buildings all wrecked. The Reichskanzlei was my favorite from the inside
  • The Marinist
    The Marinist 7 months ago (edited) Agree to pay 5$ per galon, then there will be no wars in middle east. Any takers? :-)
  • Dank Betsy
    Dank Betsy 7 months ago Madani Mokrane No one cares about Muslims though.
  • Mir Ratul
    Mir Ratul 7 months ago @SycheRyder But we can mutual the situation..but not war..
  • Саша
    Саша 7 months ago The main reason of similar situation in Syria (or iraq) is only in syrians. They are haven't basical civilization's institutes of riches.
  • Lars Pears
    Lars Pears 7 months ago lol you wish it had looked like that . more like a blown tent and a dead camel.
  • Ovsjah Schweinefresser
    Ovsjah Schweinefresser 7 months ago War is our nature look around, life itself is a total massecre, there are lots of almost identical insects but they kill each other, and the reason is the total domination of one hive.)
  • sssht
    sssht 7 months ago Until your whole family gets killed. I wonder what you would have done.
  • Choppa Gunna
    Choppa Gunna 7 months ago Humans??? Politics!!!!!
  • Rich Panini
    Rich Panini 7 months ago as long as people are beeing raised to follow, there will be war. There is no good obedience, obedience is the root of all evil.
  • Jenga1312 We
    Jenga1312 We 7 months ago americans never learn that war is a mistake
  • Erdem Taskin
    Erdem Taskin 7 months ago @Kalaschy yup ofc you never met a syrian person and ofc they are bombing and killing their own country it makes so much sense or i bet america isreal germany etc has nothing to do with it...
  • mane771000
    mane771000 7 months ago Muslims are wild barbarians they never stop killing each other sheeits and sunnits just can't live together with peace like Christians even in middle age Christians dont killing so much people for other version of their faith this war never ends they start this massacre a thousand year ago and why they should stop it now?
  • Jenga1312 We
    Jenga1312 We 7 months ago americans are idiots
  • Annabel L.L. Olsen
    Annabel L.L. Olsen 7 months ago Horrific!!
  • Cartoon CN
    Cartoon CN 7 months ago Violence is a cycle that has no end.. Humans are a violent war waging species, if we don't have problems, we go out and look for them some way or the other.. Thats how it is. The worst part about history is that we never learned. We saw it still we repeat it without thinking twice.
  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks 7 months ago But us Europeans didn't go to other countries to cry and bomb people. Us Europeans stayed at our homes and rebuilt those wrecked cities. Unlike some middle east countries today.
  • Annabel L.L. Olsen
    Annabel L.L. Olsen 7 months ago Indeed!
  • اللاعب
    اللاعب 7 months ago Yeah and humans never learn how to spell
  • Sagar Goad
    Sagar Goad 7 months ago (edited) Muslims must learn to stop killing innocent humans/animals on the name of Allah.
  • I am Out
    I am Out 7 months ago And the same people are behind the destruction of syria as Beautiful Germany 😞
  • webformssuck
    webformssuck 7 months ago I beg to differ. There was no depleted Uranium ammunition back then...
  • munchitheguy 95
    munchitheguy 95 7 months ago Well said brother
  • hdjd ؛
    hdjd ؛ 7 months ago This is true I am from Mosul city destroyed
  • ArrigAutist
    ArrigAutist 7 months ago @Rich Panini Interesting.. When police or ambulance crew follow or give orders to save your anarchistic ass everything is fine?
  • ArrigAutist
    ArrigAutist 7 months ago Major differences : How much will muslims rebuild by own resources in 10 years? How many will run to Europe demanding help from a culture they love to hate..? Germans took their fate upon them, not running hateful around in strange cultures!
  • RST
    RST 7 months ago No,a bunch of asshole how lead the world like this. Nobody want war. Only this satanic leadera
  • john enalstos
    john enalstos 7 months ago The mass population you mean. The rest of the corporate world utilises war for profit and business opportunities, never mind the loss of life. Most military services today are provided by civilian companies. THere is more profit to rage wars on forever that not. Hence we have had over a 100 years of continuous wars, all under a false pretence pushed to the people via mass media. Trump's first measures was to triple bombs dropped daily. Each bullet, after used needs to be replaced, that generates business and profit. It's disgusting.. . It all boils down to money and power... Dumb and disgusting....
  • Madani Mokrane
    Madani Mokrane 7 months ago @ArrigAutist totally agreed
  • john enalstos
    john enalstos 7 months ago SycheRyder  yep, it all part of business plan by the elites. It has been the way since the beginning of times. Thankfully now we are more educated and have more information. Finally the population is beginning to wake, but now way near fast enough. I salute your comment, it shows insight! We need more!
  • Rich Panini
    Rich Panini 7 months ago ArrigAutist No it`s not. I choose death over any "help" from obedient "people".
  • Ayman Lebzar
    Ayman Lebzar 7 months ago I don t think they do learn that war is a mistake ....
  • restoe bumi
    restoe bumi 7 months ago Madani Mokrane yeah, i always hope that someday people will understand each other like long ago ini damascus
  • Christer Söderlund
    Christer Söderlund 7 months ago Grow up
  • D T
    D T 6 months ago ask your muslim brothers and sisters to help
  • 1. Luftlandebrigade Fallschrimjäger
    1. Luftlandebrigade Fallschrimjäger 6 months ago Yes but Syrians flee like pussies but germans stay and rebuild their County
  • Sylvain
    Sylvain 6 months ago @SycheRyder There is no good side or bad side in war.
  • Erodoeht
    Erodoeht 6 months ago The only mistake is fucking with the U S of A! Aloha Snackbar
  • Ruslan Kazimov
    Ruslan Kazimov 6 months ago People never learn that "mistake" makes money for someone.
  • PillowHugger
    PillowHugger 6 months ago mane771000 The 30 years war started BECAUSE of the emergence of protestants. To say christians never fought eachother over religion is bullshit. Religion is cancer.
  • Max M Maxen
    Max M Maxen 6 months ago It may look better in the future🇸🇪
  • Baraa Khalaf
    Baraa Khalaf 6 months ago @Дми́трий WesternSpy Damascus in early 1940s WAS one of the most beautiful and delicately designed cities in the world you poor illeterate little boy. Seems like you don't read history! Or know anything about Syria.
  • ijw z
    ijw z 6 months ago Because war generally is an unavoidable consequence of a chain of events with an unstoppable momentum.
  • RKPCH Reactions!
    RKPCH Reactions! 6 months ago Who give a Fuck nobody was giving a Fuck about Poland everybody betray us Fuck all who need help now
  • Adriana K
    Adriana K 6 months ago American should fuck off.
  • Folkard Heimeirick
    Folkard Heimeirick 6 months ago So. . If you hurt me, you kill my parents, my children... if you destroy my country, disrespect my tradition, what shall I do? Of course I'll react, I'll declare war as well. This is human nature, this is being proud and it is not a mistake.
  • Unchallenged
    Unchallenged 6 months ago Madani Mokrane so it looks pretty nice. Warsaw in 1945 was nothing more than bricks...
  • An Easy-Bake Oven
    An Easy-Bake Oven 6 months ago Lmao it's rich bankers that are forcing us into war.
  • Hassan Droubi
    Hassan Droubi 6 months ago Damascus is the oldest continually inhabitat city in the world n its beautiful
  • Hassan Droubi
    Hassan Droubi 6 months ago This is not Islam
  • 2 Timothy 2:19
    2 Timothy 2:19 6 months ago Humans generally dont want war, but (((some))) do
  • Liciane Kasper
    Liciane Kasper 6 months ago people who dont know each other and do not hate each other are forced to kill themselves because of politicians who know and hate each other but do not have the courage to kill themselves
  • GOD
    GOD 6 months ago Lmao Original poster says humans never learn that war is a mistake after he pointed out the religious wars in arab countries and the first comment he gets is this idiot Michael Adamidis Art Channel who then replys with one of the most ridiculously retarded religious propaganda. What a fucking dump. Take your religious bullshit and put it up your asshole idiot
    RockMAN CHANNEL 5 months ago War is a business of US, even WW was.
  • KKK77 VVV77
    KKK77 VVV77 5 months ago everybody including me will dont give a fuck if all the freaking Syria is blown to hell along with its fucking monkey dwellers who do not deserve life, I hope all of you will be shot with drones ... Amen
  • KKK77 VVV77
    KKK77 VVV77 5 months ago ​@Дми́трий WesternSpy syrian cities always been piece of shit like rusians
  • Дми́трий WesternSpy
    Дми́трий WesternSpy 5 months ago @KKK77 VVV77 yes Russian cities are crap. But I live in Vienna so I don't care. Vienna is the most beautiful city.
  • Skuuna
    Skuuna 5 months ago And after wwii millions of Germans flooded arab countries to live off wellfare? While nowadays Syrians men and women and children stay and rebuild their homeland just like in this video? Yes? Sure.
  • ka ppa
    ka ppa 4 months ago Skuuna two different worlds, dont compare them lmao
  • Mer Av
    Mer Av 4 months ago @Ram1 za3tr And with that kind of belief, WW2 began.
  • Gu Lu
    Gu Lu 3 months ago ✡️=💩 En Argentina correrá sangre. Argentina será la tumba de Israel!
  • Jim Touretzsky
    Jim Touretzsky 3 months ago This is exactly what the ruling class wants, for the lower classes to keep fighting with each other while they keep fucking you over
  • The Albanian National Socialist
    The Albanian National Socialist 2 months ago Bcuz ( the god chosen peoples ) don't give a fuck about the goyim !
  • fayssal benhebba
    fayssal benhebba 2 weeks ago @Michael Adamidis Art Channel or just greed
  • arthur Schmidt
    arthur Schmidt 2 weeks ago But the Germans don’t run away like this sissy as dudes in Syria or Irak cause the are men.
  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 1 week ago There was always war in the world, nothing that unusual.
  • Tekiechan
    Tekiechan 1 week ago OZGE ULAS ne osnd9ddh8ddh8fif8f aq kaşarı
  • BBCpower
    BBCpower 2 days ago And the different is: germans build up her country. arabic people dont.
  • Dobriy Ludoed
    Dobriy Ludoed 1 day ago The Marinist looks like you are only one
  • Liam Samuels
    Liam Samuels 1 week ago Berlin in July 1945 colourized...oh wait
  • Damage-Beats
    Damage-Beats 1 week ago WOAH.
  • Damage-Beats
    Damage-Beats 1 week ago WHOA.
  • Damage-Beats
    Damage-Beats 1 week ago WHOA!
  • Gabriel Barnada
    Gabriel Barnada 1 week ago OHWA!
  • Ex Rk
    Ex Rk 1 week ago My grandfather was 8 when these videos where taken and is still alive
  • Алексей УУ
    Алексей УУ 1 week ago .haoW
  • Dolfy Fegelein
    Dolfy Fegelein 1 week ago WHOOOAAAH!!!
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 3 weeks ago 1:38 hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 this girl make me laugh 😂
  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 2 weeks ago she has no clue that 70 years later millions of people from the whole world will see her :D
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 2 weeks ago Maxwell yeah xD
  • The LinuxUser
    The LinuxUser 2 weeks ago Finde ich nicht
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 2 weeks ago The LinuxUser why? What do you mean?
  • The LinuxUser
    The LinuxUser 2 weeks ago @Just_Sham... die Hintergrund Geschichte, warum die das machten.
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 2 weeks ago The LinuxUser Dude, I get it, war is a terrible thing, and I know what Germany's been through. This is terrible. But I love Germany. Germany is a great and beautiful country. so let's be optimistic like this girl. Anyway I fell sorry for Germans. I saw the new song-video Rammstein - Deutschland also
  • The LinuxUser
    The LinuxUser 2 weeks ago @Just_Sham... Dann ist alles gut 😂😘
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 2 weeks ago The LinuxUser God bless you ❤️
  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... 2 weeks ago The LinuxUser Ich betrachte Deutschland als das beste Land der Welt! und deutsches engineering ist das beste der Welt. Ich besitze auch einen BMW M3 F80 ✌️😁😅
  • King Tiger Tank
    King Tiger Tank 2 weeks ago She's pretty too
  • Philly Price
    Philly Price 1 week ago My Grandmother born in Philly PA USA of German immigrants used to make the same sign all the time haha.
  • Lunoky
    Lunoky 1 week ago She sent a dab
  • IEVoINiX
    IEVoINiX 1 week ago she is hot
  • Xrep x2
    Xrep x2 18 hours ago shes probably someone's grandmother now XD
  • wayushayin
    wayushayin 2 weeks ago I always think of old eras as black and white, it’s nice to see Berlin in colour for a change
  • MoNNeh & MeMMoh
    MoNNeh & MeMMoh 5 days ago It feels weird when you think that almost all the people in these scenes are dead today