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kpop journal with me '6 // BTS Jin 🌙

Published on Jun 8, 2019 8,324 views

Hi friends of the Sun 🌻✨

Seokjins new song “tonight” was so so beautiful that I had to make a journal spread about it and I thought I could film the process of the journal spread ! Please give Seokjin loots of love because he deserves all the love and support and this song is just so so beautiful and emotional and has such a deep meaning 💕
Thank you for watching , hope you enjoy

Lots of love,

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  • milkcloud
    milkcloud 1 week ago Our plants name is milo noooow !! Thank you so much for the name suggestions ❤️ we will definitely consider the other ideas as names for our many other plants 🌻✨
  • a n n a e s t h e t i c
    a n n a e s t h e t i c 2 weeks ago facts about milkcloud: • aesthetic • calming • her hand writing is gorgeous • i bet she’s the most amazing aesthetic person ;-;
  • whalenote
    whalenote 2 weeks ago Trueee
  • -YoomiXTae -
    -YoomiXTae - 2 weeks ago Your very inspiring✨ I love how you decorate your work area and how calming the background music is💭
  • milkcloud
    milkcloud 2 weeks ago I would be so so happy if we could name the plant (in the beginning of the video) together 🌱 Please drop some name suggestions ✨
  • Goaty xd
    Goaty xd 1 week ago milkcloud hehe xd
  • Annet
    Annet 1 week ago @milkcloud yay!
  • milkcloud
    milkcloud 1 week ago @Annet Milo was too cute to not be chosen as a name so our plant is called milo now !!! thank you so much for the cute name suggestion ❤️
  • milkcloud
    milkcloud 1 week ago @Goaty xd we decided to choose milo for the nameee !! thank you so much for the suggestion <3
  • Donna French
    Donna French 1 week ago How about Dana😁
  • Min Yoonmin
    Min Yoonmin 1 week ago jie sound cute right
  • licorne colorée
    licorne colorée 1 week ago Greenie or Yoongi
  • chaotic jin is my aesthetic
    chaotic jin is my aesthetic 2 weeks ago Rena, Reina, Reyna, Rina (Reyna means queen in my language)
  • -_-
    -_- 2 weeks ago Earl or Fletcher lol
  • a n n a e s t h e t i c
    a n n a e s t h e t i c 2 weeks ago DC_THEBRO 27 peter pan 😂
  • Pornesian Parrapio
    Pornesian Parrapio 2 weeks ago Shrubby
  • DC_THEBRO 27
    DC_THEBRO 27 2 weeks ago Peter
  • Annet
    Annet 2 weeks ago @Goaty xd i was literally thinking milo
  • Seulggiu xx
    Seulggiu xx 2 weeks ago milkcloud maybe you could name it Dionysus? ❤️❤️
  • emi
    emi 2 weeks ago name it Bob lmaoo
  • a n n a e s t h e t i c
    a n n a e s t h e t i c 2 weeks ago milky ;-;
  • Goaty xd
    Goaty xd 2 weeks ago milkcloud Milo / Sora / Joel o-o
  • Blackpink is my life
    Blackpink is my life 2 weeks ago @honeyluv yea I think luna
  • lydia kpop bee
    lydia kpop bee 2 weeks ago Mailo
  • kaitlin :D
    kaitlin :D 2 weeks ago Iris
  • you know bts?
    you know bts? 2 weeks ago Idk but i like the name brody :3
  • Poopy Poopypoo
    Poopy Poopypoo 2 weeks ago robert or hank
  • urte lukoseviciute
    urte lukoseviciute 2 weeks ago what about Greenie the plant?? BTW how are you so good at making these spreads.. I just doon't get it!!!
  • honeyluv
    honeyluv 2 weeks ago milkcloud Luna
  • cecilia
    cecilia 2 weeks ago NIJ! (backwards for jin) (:
  • 준수민
    준수민 2 weeks ago 빨리 이런 영상 많이 만들어줘ㅠㅠㅠ Please make more videos like this soon
  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon Tree 2 weeks ago How about Toko for the plant name? :D Hope you choose a name that feels right for you!
  • chimiverse
    chimiverse 1 week ago ahhhh i love this sm 🥺❤️ akskwnsks btw! have you named the plant yet?????
  • Herminia Altamirano
    Herminia Altamirano 2 weeks ago This is the first video I watch of your work, and Let me tell you its pretty nice how you work I really like it Waiting for more videos ☄️❤️
  • Alinaé
    Alinaé 1 week ago What about a plant themed name? Delilah, Fleur, Flora or Prim
  • tae tae
    tae tae 2 weeks ago Haha we have the same notebook!😅👌🏻from miniso right!😅💗 I loved ur video btw!!🤭💓 And ummm for the plant’s name, hmmm what about.. spike ?😆😅
  • Mont Poland
    Mont Poland 2 weeks ago Name for plant: Chimyeon Luna Moonie
  • milkyvegan
    milkyvegan 2 weeks ago amazing 😭💞 you’re super talented and this spread is so inspiring!!
  • stardustyoongi
    stardustyoongi 2 weeks ago this is so cute and calming ☁️✨
  • softkookies
    softkookies 2 weeks ago i got so inspired by your channel and now here i am, starting own channel too 💜 i've always been in love with your aesthetically pleasing videos
  • Vkookminseok Y
    Vkookminseok Y 2 weeks ago Hmm I was thinking Jinnie, tonight or Jinight.(Jinight is supposed to be Jin and Tonight together) 💜🌃
  • 복숭아PEACHY
    복숭아PEACHY 2 weeks ago T h i s i s s o c u t e 🌙✨
  • Shanzeh Mirza
    Shanzeh Mirza 2 weeks ago Ah this is such a soothing video~~ love it!
  • i cannot
    i cannot 2 weeks ago I love your plant, you're soooooo creative, I'm getting inspired but I hope not cuz I suck at this 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
  • Jimin’s wife
    Jimin’s wife 2 weeks ago Aww this was super calming!! I’m also super motivated rn to journal a bit but I sadly still have some school stuff to do 😔✨ Bcs of the plant’s name..what about planty, milky or mrs plant? ☺️💓🌱
  • Emily Elisa
    Emily Elisa 2 weeks ago Jeremy the plant :)