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Kart Racers - Designing Fun for Everyone ~ Design Doc

Published on Oct 4, 2018 134,792 views

Kart racers have such a wide appeal compared to most other genres. What do they do to draw in such a large audience? Let's look at the tools used by Mario Kart, Sonic All-Stars, Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing to appeal to so many people.

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  • Bayu Swatama
    Bayu Swatama 9 months ago "The Sonic & SEGA & All-Star & Racing & Transform & Knuckle" That joke never died, i guess
  • NarcissBlue
    NarcissBlue 6 months ago I cracked up when I read this rofl, I love this meme.
  • shadow0416
    shadow0416 8 months ago featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series!
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 9 months ago Legends never die.
  • iPeteEE
    iPeteEE 9 months ago Just ad 06’ at the end of the title, and you’re good!
  • Jim Bim Bum
    Jim Bim Bum 9 months ago The Android version isn't updated anymore even though nowadays phones should be able to handle it very easily :/
  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 9 months ago This joke stays and never leave
  • ikagura
    ikagura 9 months ago This joke should never die
  • Rainpooper
    Rainpooper 9 months ago Bayu Swatama At least this guy is using it in a context where it’s actually kind of funny and doesn’t just scream „& Knuckles“ in the comment sections of unrelated videos.
  • Fish
    Fish 9 months ago Did you imply Garfield Kart Racing™ was bad?
  • Gizensha Fox
    Gizensha Fox 9 months ago There's one aspect of item design that you didn't bring up - skill (rather than item) based countering, such as how in Double-dash and DS a correctly timed mini-turbo could dodge the blue shell.
  • But It's Poorly Animated
    But It's Poorly Animated 1 month ago @Jason Blalock that was also in DS
  • Ashlynn Anderson
    Ashlynn Anderson 8 months ago @Tom Crawley that's one of my favorite mechanics in MKWii, the loose red shell tracking that lets you manipulate them just a bit at a higher skill level like the video says, MKWii is a bit too hectic at times, but there were a couple nice things like that which just never saw the light of day in other mario kart games That said, the POW blocks suck either you don't know how to dodge them and they kick your ass, or you know how to counter them and they actually become interesting. A prompt that says "Shake!" would be really useful there, because once you know how to counter them, when one pops up you actually have to think about how you're driving since it makes you glide in the direction of your momentum in a completely straight line for a bit and can really disrupt the race, plus if you're too in the middle of something to shake your wiimote you get hit by the more powerful uncountered POW block :)
  • Tom Crawley
    Tom Crawley 9 months ago In Mario Kart Wii, you can destroy a red shell against a flat wall if you drift to it and immediately drift away. It's really hard to do but extremely rewarding if you do it consistently. In MK8, it's nearly impossible to dodge them without an item.
  • DDD
    DDD 9 months ago You can still dodge a blue shell via mushroom in mk8d
  • VGF80
    VGF80 9 months ago I think those are just exploits that the developers might have missed.
  • Jason Blalock
    Jason Blalock 9 months ago (edited) MK7 makes things REALLY interesting because everyone can see what items everyone else was holding. Back before the online became a swamp of hackers, there were entire metas just revolving around what happens once a blue shell enters play. Like, it became viable (but not 100% reliable) to deliberately dive down a pit just after the shell was fired, so that -- hopefully -- the #2 player ends up in first just in time to take the hit. Then you get fished out, hit the boost landing, and sail back by them.
  • Randy Shackleford
    Randy Shackleford 9 months ago I liked blue shell dodging better in double dash, because the timing was a 1 frame window. So while it's possible to dodge , it's EXTREMELY hard to do consistently, especially with how loose the handling is in that game. In DS, it's laughable how easy it is to dodge blue shell, which makes first place absolutely untouchable if they can also snake (which is also simplified from double dash). I love both games though!