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Crazy Diet Fad Challenge

Published on Jan 11, 2019 1,481,072 views

We're challenging our knowledge on the craziest diet fads we could find. GMM #1458

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  • Sebby Soli
    Sebby Soli 4 months ago Anus Candy is also what they called Rhett in high school
  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 4 months ago Sebby Soli missed opportunity
  • MrsCurioCheerio
    MrsCurioCheerio 4 months ago That sounds like a prison name
  • SgtKates
    SgtKates 4 months ago I'm dead! 😂
  • ThePlatGamer
    ThePlatGamer 4 months ago Now imagine how he got said nick name
  • Hana Farrington
    Hana Farrington 4 months ago Sebby Soli that seriously made me laugh so hard thank you for that blessing 😂😂😂
  • Harmley A.
    Harmley A. 4 months ago 😂
  • Toni Maria
    Toni Maria 4 months ago Woah...
  • louise white
    louise white 4 months ago I wanna like but it’s at 666 rn 🤣
  • Breadmaker
    Breadmaker 1 month ago That’s what cotton candy randy gives kids on Halloween
  • Ace Gamer
    Ace Gamer 4 months ago When that girl bit into the pot my whole body felt pain
  • MrAranton
    MrAranton 4 months ago I heard of people eating pot; but I thought what they meant was more cookie-like.
  • Billy Jimmy
    Billy Jimmy 3 months ago I eat clay it taste like cookie
  • MrAranton
    MrAranton 3 months ago @Billy Jimmy Whoever makes the cookies you eat needs a better recipe.
  • Just Kittens Being Kittens
    Just Kittens Being Kittens 2 months ago Omg... I was using earbuds. I ripped em out of my ears ASAP. That was immensely uncomfortable...
  • TheAnanyo
    TheAnanyo 4 months ago Wait a minute... so Xenu IS a clay dieter??
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 4 months ago Seems like it
  • Nikki Bass
    Nikki Bass 6 days ago All jokes aside, it's sad people do this diet.
  • Smileyhat
    Smileyhat 4 months ago I feel like if anyone gives any sort of health advice that involves the word "toxins," that advice can be safely ignored.
  • Joo Jingle
    Joo Jingle 4 months ago don't eat hemlock, it contains neurotoxins.
  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit 4 months ago Unless it is a scientific term like neurotoxins, “toxins” can definitely be ignored lol
  • _Bren _
    _Bren _ 4 months ago I know! When people say “it cleans your body of toxins” I instantly shut off what they’re saying.
  • A Adams
    A Adams 4 months ago You know how to remove toxins? Drink water. They come out in your pee.
  • Estrella Casias
    Estrella Casias 4 months ago The pot belly joke was like the highlight of my day by far
  • Kyle K
    Kyle K 4 months ago Same
  • Logic Monkey
    Logic Monkey 4 months ago 2:33 when you're dead inside but you try to be high energy.
  • TehDankKnight
    TehDankKnight 4 months ago Happy GMM. Can we have an episode (maybe a few) of Rhett feeding a blindfolded Link, seemingly normal foods that Link thinks he doesn't like, but has never actually tried? Guessing there are quite a lot of foods. (Going to keep posting till it happens) Link's revenge can be feeding Rhett random animal livers. Please leave a like :) Thank you to those who continue to do so!
  • Nucleo Negro
    Nucleo Negro 4 months ago (edited) TehDankKnight that would be awesome!, i hope this becomes an actual episode someday (i already gave a like to your comment to help it stand out)
  • Nathaniel La Valley
    Nathaniel La Valley 4 months ago That actually sounds realy entertaining. I love the idea
  • n/a_talie
    n/a_talie 4 months ago I’m pretty sure eating dog liver makes the soles of your feet fall off... yikes 🤮
  • oX3aMeRXo
    oX3aMeRXo 4 months ago Im also going to keep liking your comment until they make the episode 👍
  • emma3400 emma3400
    emma3400 emma3400 4 months ago I hate a LOT of foods that i’ve never tried.
  • snowkit33 warriorsfan
    snowkit33 warriorsfan 4 months ago Rhett link this has to be a thing!! It's awesome
  • hadley vevo
    hadley vevo 4 months ago this is a kink thing isnt it
  • TehDankKnight
    TehDankKnight 4 months ago @hadley vevo Stop reading my mind!!! JK. More of a, I'm as picky as Link but less daring and love seeing Rhett ruin Link's day, sorta thing
  • Having Tea With the Devil
    Having Tea With the Devil 4 months ago I was hoping that would happen eventually...I would love to see that omg.
  • Netropolis Green
    Netropolis Green 4 months ago Yaaa!
  • TheMajestic Sailboat
    TheMajestic Sailboat 4 months ago (edited) Hi TehDankKnight, can I post this around too? (I'll give you credit) I really hope they make this video!!
  • Madi RoseT
    Madi RoseT 4 months ago Seeing things as "blue" could definitely make food less appetizing. There's a case study published by neurologist Oliver Sacks about a man who developed complete achromotopsia (the inability to see color) after a small car accident. The man described eating as disgusting and unbearable, because the colors were all wrong and food looked bad.
  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller 4 months ago Also not a lot of foods are blue so eating from blue plates also tends to make people eat less from what I’ve heard
  • Silentgrace11
    Silentgrace11 4 months ago To add onto that, blue in food is something we automatically associate as bad (ie mold) so instinctively it doesn’t seem appetizing since it’s our bodies trying to tell us we’re about to make a terrible decision ;u;
  • MrKneller
    MrKneller 4 months ago (edited) @Peter Müller oh so that's why I hate blue raspberry
  • Raemnant
    Raemnant 4 months ago Theres a few dishes in my family that we make that might look like vomit to anyone else, and I have a habit of mixing my foods together and it also might look unappetizing to others, so I dont have this problem lol. I will eat it as long as it tastes good
  • Alexandra Huang
    Alexandra Huang 4 months ago Interesting!!!
  • A Adams
    A Adams 4 months ago @Raemnant Plating is really important to me. Anything that looks like dog food or compost I go out of my way not to eat. It's why I don't buy "dump dinners" books or make Hamburger Helper or most casseroles.
  • Phazz
    Phazz 4 months ago Examples for the red/yellow making stuff appealing can also be found in basically any supermarket ever. Just go to the butcher portion of the market or check out the fruit and you'll see that the light is a neat orange in most cases, making the food more delicious-looking.
  • Sophie J.
    Sophie J. 3 months ago @Raemnant Same here I eat just pots of whatever I find and throw together. Does it look good? Not really. Does it tastes good? No, it tastes freaking amazing. I love cooking.
  • Victoria Nicholls
    Victoria Nicholls 3 months ago Lol, this is making me think of Percy Jackson with the blue food
  • Muy Bueno
    Muy Bueno 3 months ago That sounds ridiculous. I can still enjoy food with my eyes closed. How is it less appetizing if the man can't see colors? It dosen't affect his taste or olfactory senses. His food should taste the same. He was probably an unbearable picky eater before that and now he's an insufferable man who hates to eat! It's just crazy to me. Eating is half the reason I stick around.
  • Victoria Nicholls
    Victoria Nicholls 3 months ago (edited) ​@Muy Bueno I admit, the food probably wouldn't taste bad but it might not taste as good. I'm pretty sure there is science to show that the taste of food depends on more senses than just your taste buds. The smell and look of food and its texture too can affect how good the food is perceived as tasting as well. EDIT: Here's a quick article I just found:
  • Jacob St.Clair
    Jacob St.Clair 2 months ago (edited) @Peter Müller I eat off of blue plates all of the time.
  • Autumn Lindsey
    Autumn Lindsey 3 weeks ago That's interesting, because blue is actually my favorite flavor lol. Granted, the blue foods I like aren't natural. They're things like candy and drinks. But blue raspberry is my favorite flavor for most things. Blue Gatorade is the best flavor, blueberry flavored things are better (like muffins and stuff), blue raspberry candy is the best, etc. But idk how I'd feel if I got a blue steak lol.
  • Redzo T
    Redzo T 4 months ago Why did i just today find out about this amazing youtube channel its already my favorite great job guys
  • Everything Ana
    Everything Ana 4 months ago Lol "if you hold your food near your mouth without eating it; you'll actually loose weight" 😂😂
  • Lambda
    Lambda 4 months ago Son, eat your sunlight. But mom! Its good for you! MOM!!
  • HereforRandL
    HereforRandL 4 months ago Eats while watching them talk about diets
  • Co2 LIQUID
    Co2 LIQUID 4 months ago im do it right now
  • Elaro
    Elaro 4 months ago HereforRandL Ace Fam
  • Pink Snake
    Pink Snake 4 months ago Waw madlad
  • Foodie Eats
    Foodie Eats 4 months ago I just ate a rice crispy treats bar while I watched the entire video lmaooo
  • i really Love You
    i really Love You 4 months ago @Foodie Eats did you lick your fingers???
  • ᎽօʊᏒ ᏢᎬᏁᎥᏕ
    ᎽօʊᏒ ᏢᎬᏁᎥᏕ 4 months ago I wish
  • muhammad rafka
    muhammad rafka 4 months ago (edited) Found you! And Happy new year! Edit:Sorry for stalking you 😅
  • Foodie Eats
    Foodie Eats 4 months ago @i really Love You you bet I did 😋😂
    ROCKxCOCO 4 months ago I was Eating a pizza and a hot pocket while watching this XD
  • HereforRandL
    HereforRandL 4 months ago @muhammad rafka Happy New year to you too!
  • DarkLucifer37
    DarkLucifer37 4 months ago Same
  • Marshmallows UwU
    Marshmallows UwU 4 months ago XD me too
  • Marshmallows UwU
    Marshmallows UwU 4 months ago I was eating cheesecake :P
  • CrazyMegaOmega
    CrazyMegaOmega 4 months ago whats worse was that I was eating a baconator
  • Valzalel
    Valzalel 4 months ago I literally just ate a footlong, bag of chips and a cookie all from subway while watching this.
  • gymnsastnail art
    gymnsastnail art 4 months ago HereforRandL lol same
  • Kal El
    Kal El 4 months ago I used to be a tree.... 🌳 Now I’m someones toilet paper 🧻 💩
  • Actual Corgi
    Actual Corgi 4 months ago S 👏 A 👏 M 👏 E
  • DoctorHWB // Gaming And More
    DoctorHWB // Gaming And More 4 months ago "That wasn't a tapeworm." -Creed Bratton, The Office
  • Dawson Mallicoat
    Dawson Mallicoat 4 months ago I wish they would credit the clips they use.
  • Zube Tube
    Zube Tube 4 months ago If anyone’s wondering, the guy feeding watermelon to the wolves has an Instagram, it’s “kirillpotapov” I recommend you guys all follow him 👍
  • Thomas Barfield
    Thomas Barfield 4 months ago The lighter colored one looked more like a coyote to me.
  • sean lintermoot
    sean lintermoot 4 months ago Shots shots shots shots shots shots
  • A Furry
    A Furry 4 months ago EVERYBODY EAT ICE
  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 3 months ago E V E R Y B O D Y AhHhhHhhH
  • Loading
    Loading 4 months ago "Summers only a Stone throw away" It's -30 outside right now
  • TheDerpinator 66
    TheDerpinator 66 3 weeks ago Loading Oof
  • Dik dik
    Dik dik 4 months ago i really liked the idea of taking the shots as punishment for this episode
  • Xhojelo Plays
    Xhojelo Plays 4 months ago What did the librarian say to his children Read more
  • Blank2000
    Blank2000 4 months ago Almost fell for that
  • Watty25
    Watty25 4 months ago ...
  • Watty25
    Watty25 4 months ago ..
  • Watty25
    Watty25 4 months ago ..
  • Watty25
    Watty25 4 months ago .
  • Donnie
    Donnie 4 months ago (edited) Xhojelo Arts This was almost funny the first ten times I saw it copied and pasted.
  • Xhojelo Plays
    Xhojelo Plays 4 months ago @Donnie hey its all about the likes isnt it?😉
  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 4 months ago Xhojelo Arts i fell for it
  • BroGaming ZJGDude05
    BroGaming ZJGDude05 4 months ago ..
  • BroGaming ZJGDude05
    BroGaming ZJGDude05 4 months ago ..
  • BroGaming ZJGDude05
    BroGaming ZJGDude05 4 months ago .
  • Rainbow bubba
    Rainbow bubba 3 months ago I’ve seen this enough times to stop falling for it.
  • Military Rat
    Military Rat 3 months ago I'm surprised I didn't fall for it
  • Military Rat
    Military Rat 3 months ago @BroGaming ZJGDude05 I know this is kind of stupid but hey World conqueror
  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 4 months ago (edited) You complain about 72 degree weather while I'm in Canada frozen as a Popsicle @ 15 degree weather. Update: and now we’re buried under 4 feet of snow
  • Irma
    Irma 1 week ago He didnt he implied it was warm and therefor forgot is was winter
  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones 4 months ago (edited) We gonna just forget that Rhett called link an " Internet Daddy "?
  • Part-Time Party Time
    Part-Time Party Time 4 months ago well, Link is a father, and he's on the internet so... He's not wrong?
  • Pink Snake
    Pink Snake 4 months ago Yes.
  • Edward Lorn
    Edward Lorn 4 months ago #neverforget
  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 4 months ago "Happy Cotton Candy Day, Daddies!" - Cotton Candy Randy, every time he makes an entrance
  • Frozen FireFox Page
    Frozen FireFox Page 4 months ago They call each other daddy all the time. Its a reoccuring title gag. Also they are both in fact dads.
  • ironicnut
    ironicnut 4 months ago I mean lets be fair they are DILFs XD