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Guy Tries 7 DAY WATER FAST DIET💧 No Food for A Week Results

Published on Dec 9, 2018 1,473,953 views

Check our what happens AFTER THE WATER FAST here:

❌ is under 18 years old
❌ has an eating disorder
❌ is underweight
❌ is pregnant or breast-feeding
❌ has heart problems
❌ has type 1 diabetes
❌ has an autoimmune disease
❌ has uncontrolled migraines
❌ is undergoing a blood transfusion
❌ is taking specific medication; seek the advice of a doctor

I am in no way a medical expert on fasting, nor am I instructing anyone to try a 7 day fast. This video was made for documentation purposes ONLY. I've made my own choice to fast, knowing all of the health risks that may be involved. If anyone attempts this fast, they do so at their own risk and shall not hold On The Cheap Tip, LLC liable for one's own health issues before, during, or after their fast. Please speak to your doctor before attempting any type of fast or diet plan.

There is a clear difference between Fasting and an Eating Disorder. Someone does NOT develop an eating disorder from dieting or fasting. An eating disorder is developed in the psyche of an individual, usually well before they decide to diet or fast. People who enter a fast or diet with a clear perception of body image and health goals, know there is a means to an end. With an Eating Disorder, there is no end. People with an Eating Disorder suffer from a psychological standpoint, in which they have an un-realistic perception of body image. Therefore, they may take dieting, fasting, or binging, to an extreme to “achieve” their desired weight goals. In the end, a person with in eating disorder may never be satisfied with their body, no matter how skinny or unhealthy they may be making themselves. If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY FAST OR DIET. Please be advised by a medical professional.

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  • saya x
    saya x 3 months ago whenever i do stuff like this, my mom suddenly turns into a 5 star chef who wants to cook every single food i like
  • enter name
    enter name 2 days ago Because a water fast is just a different way of saying STARVE YOURSELF
  • Hari Lesnar
    Hari Lesnar 2 days ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • MariVille
    MariVille 5 days ago BRUHHHHHH FRRRRRR
  • sambar dosa
    sambar dosa 1 week ago that's the only problem everyone starts panicking in my house as soon as i tell my mom dont cook food........and then i get emotional and have to eat food...!
  • Ashley Jeremy
    Ashley Jeremy 1 week ago Lmao so true
  • Nostalgia King
    Nostalgia King 1 week ago MY LIIIIFFFEEEE
  • mapuii tlau
    mapuii tlau 1 week ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 1 week ago Fuckingg sameee!!!!!!
  • Kinetic Satomb Ent
    Kinetic Satomb Ent 1 week ago Every time I try to do this my mom starts buying all my favorite fast food stuff like WTF I'm happy and thankful that you did buy this but then again I'm like I'm trying to lose weight like those is one week where I had the whole thing planned out and then my mom goes ahead and buys Pizza Cheesecake Factory McDonald's Taco Bell Chick-fil-A and a bunch of other stuff and I'm just thinking to myself does my mom know that I'm trying to do this I think that's why she's does it
  • Weekends Foreva
    Weekends Foreva 1 week ago MINAiki Oal ikr
    GRAFFITI 1 week ago (edited) saya x omggggg why do we live the same life, and when I try to leave the tell her that I’m not hungry she says that I should probably eat something(I think it’s devil)
  • JerinExtreme
    JerinExtreme 1 week ago Exactly
  • Stephanie Doe
    Stephanie Doe 1 week ago omfg this is exsactly what im going trough right now lmfao. Im on day 2 and she never cooks now its like hey i made burgers and fries. Steak and rice like wth -_-
  • Little miss coconutᴖ ᴥ ᴖ
    Little miss coconutᴖ ᴥ ᴖ 1 week ago saya x IKR
  • Paki MaN
    Paki MaN 2 weeks ago Sane
  • Frank Gonçalves
    Frank Gonçalves 2 weeks ago Story of my life!
  • Cam F
    Cam F 2 weeks ago Ha same
  • Briana Keller
    Briana Keller 2 weeks ago Holy crap same skkskw
  • Kennadi Niles
    Kennadi Niles 3 weeks ago I relate to this on a whole other level😭
  • Blake Westwater
    Blake Westwater 3 weeks ago Lol same
  • 1k subs with no vids challenge
    1k subs with no vids challenge 3 weeks ago yep
  • Penguin
    Penguin 3 weeks ago Exactly i started it today she wants to make burgers the same day WTF mom
  • SubscribeToPewdiepie
    SubscribeToPewdiepie 3 weeks ago nah her food just is a lot better when your hungry
  • Hana Delić
    Hana Delić 3 weeks ago Sameee
  • Damian Santiago
    Damian Santiago 4 weeks ago She be like “y u not eating? It’s bad for you if u don’t eat.” 😂
  • x P e a c h y _ c l o u x
    x P e a c h y _ c l o u x 4 weeks ago Very truu
  • Inka
    Inka 4 weeks ago That`s so funny 😂
  • wazeem ahamed
    wazeem ahamed 4 weeks ago Same here and it happens so instantly ..😂😂
  • ZeStr0Kes
    ZeStr0Kes 1 month ago LOL
  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 1 month ago saya x SAME OMFGGGGGGGG
  • Angelic Gemini
    Angelic Gemini 1 month ago So true 🤣🤣
  • Great Samson
    Great Samson 1 month ago Lol 😂 food all around my face.
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago saya x ikr
  • S2 WO
    S2 WO 1 month ago I swear ikr
  • John John
    John John 1 month ago She's jealous
  • Queen of Random vids
    Queen of Random vids 1 month ago EXACTLLYYYY
  • Gatchastrawberry Kawaii
    Gatchastrawberry Kawaii 1 month ago saya x UGH I KNOW
  • Mandell Hawkins
    Mandell Hawkins 1 month ago I tried doing this and on my third day all of a sudden people are cooking good food in my house so I couldn’t resist and broke the diet
  • Jayden Ingame
    Jayden Ingame 1 month ago saya x true
  • watermelon munch studio Sharief
    watermelon munch studio Sharief 1 month ago Ima person that doesn't eat alot and like my gramma is jamaican and cooks alot and makes you eat even if your full so I went from the tiny little girl at school to the a little bit over weight, foot ball loving, shy, smart girl I am. I do want to lose a little bit of weight though and I'm not going to use this since I'm under 18
  • Arzoo Naderi
    Arzoo Naderi 1 month ago True af
  • Alexx _2435
    Alexx _2435 1 month ago saya x on god
  • Juan Rijo
    Juan Rijo 1 month ago saya x i hear you !!!
  • Kiky
    Kiky 1 month ago You made my day, thanks xD
  • D e n n i s s s
    D e n n i s s s 1 month ago saya x big facts
  • Yvonne P.
    Yvonne P. 1 month ago saya x lol 😂
  • Jenny S
    Jenny S 1 month ago Tbhhh yo
  • Bryan C
    Bryan C 1 month ago So true
  • a bAD bInCh
    a bAD bInCh 1 month ago saya x IKR
  • Mrudul Addipalli
    Mrudul Addipalli 1 month ago Same
  • Beulping SRH
    Beulping SRH 1 month ago omg right this is so my mom
  • Jake Pettit
    Jake Pettit 1 month ago FACT
  • Finn Wolfhard
    Finn Wolfhard 1 month ago Same 💀
  • Arianna Heart
    Arianna Heart 1 month ago my mom doesn't even cook anymore but as soon as I started dieting, she decided to cook my favorite meal and buy all of my favorite chips and make brownies. Like, thank you I'm trying to lose weight 😂
  • Cavble
    Cavble 1 month ago SAMEEEE
  • Kween SH
    Kween SH 1 month ago I wish I could relate XD
  • Amber Democko
    Amber Democko 2 months ago For real tho
  • Needarshana
    Needarshana 2 months ago Hehe
  • David Boucard
    David Boucard 2 months ago lmao why is this true? The sabotage is real.
  • Heeed Heel
    Heeed Heel 2 months ago Yea
  • GammerGirl 123
    GammerGirl 123 2 months ago Omg right ?! Like so true
  • Kaela Vinuya
    Kaela Vinuya 2 months ago Right?!?!?!?
  • Zeus
    Zeus 2 months ago So true😂
  • Rogelio Zuniga
    Rogelio Zuniga 2 months ago Big facts
  • Asdaf
  • MINAiki Oal
    MINAiki Oal 2 months ago My mom always inviting me to eat and eat again, that's why I can't do my water fast.😑😪
  • Javier Rivera
    Javier Rivera 2 months ago You made me laugh so hard ahahahhahahahahahah
  • Shax_xahs
    Shax_xahs 2 months ago I know right! 😤
  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 4 months ago whenever i try fasting, i end up feasting. what the hell.
  • banna and eggs
    banna and eggs 1 week ago The body releasing chemicals that tell you to eat you need to have self discipline to do it
  • ヅMYS71C
    ヅMYS71C 1 month ago U want to chew right just get crushed ice helps me
  • Alpha Hunter
    Alpha Hunter 1 month ago @Lyla Cin so what happend?
  • enraiha18
    enraiha18 1 month ago saaaame
  • xingchen Chen
    xingchen Chen 1 month ago hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Jensila Sharon
    Jensila Sharon 1 month ago Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Hyren Peterson
    Hyren Peterson 2 months ago CRYING OF THE LAUGHTER!
  • Betül Yıldız
    Betül Yıldız 2 months ago Same lol
  • Carmeun
    Carmeun 2 months ago Sasuke Uchiha I was the 667th like Thank me Later🤗
  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams 2 months ago Sasuke Uchiha LMAOOO
  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams 2 months ago Kereen Bucheeri lmao
  • Rahm and Sha
    Rahm and Sha 2 months ago Sasuke Uchiha I’m cryin😂
  • KeKaDa and Friends
    KeKaDa and Friends 3 months ago Same. It was exactly 48 hours but then boooooiii, I ate 1 Krispy Kreme oreo donut, 12 pcs light biscuits, 2 cups of rice, 1 chicken breast, milk fish, and A LOT of nuts. I'm sssooooo full rn. Gonna start again tomorrow.
  • Rudeboi 023
    Rudeboi 023 3 months ago Sasuke Uchiha straight faxs it like as soon as you eat 1 small thing right after that you just start eating a lot because that keeps on happening to me
    NAYELI AVILA 3 months ago omg . 😂🤣
  • Morgan
    Morgan 3 months ago Sasuke Uchiha i fucking screamed
  • Leksa
    Leksa 3 months ago Same lmao
  • Adriana Schneider
    Adriana Schneider 3 months ago Sasuke Uchiha me to 😭
  • grace
    grace 3 months ago mood
  • Taylor Line
    Taylor Line 3 months ago It happens to everyone you’re stomach is used to eating like that so once your diet is over you will stuff your face and gain all the wait back
  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 4 months ago Same here. But it's day 2 for me today. I'm glad I was able to get over day 1. So I'm just going to do one day at a time, see how long I could go for. Hopefully I get to finish seven days.
  • Animation Studio
    Animation Studio 4 months ago Try getting rid of the 'e'
  • David H
    David H 4 months ago Weak will
  • pepe
    pepe 4 months ago Food addictions
  • Queen Napper
    Queen Napper 3 months ago it’s harder to not eat when you live with parents that make you eat!
  • presley
    presley 8 hours ago Yupp
  • sav123456 yuh
    sav123456 yuh 2 days ago I live with my parents but they genuinely don't care if I just stop eating lmfao like my mom is just like are you eating? And I'm like no and she's like k
  • Moutasm Musleh
    Moutasm Musleh 2 days ago That’s my fucken problem
  • Rex Gaming
    Rex Gaming 3 days ago Exactly..
  • Sushiwolf !
    Sushiwolf ! 3 days ago so true
  • A Hooman
    A Hooman 6 days ago Frr my mom wants to lose weight aswell yet this woman cooks everynight for like 200 people when we only have 4 people lmao
    PRIMAL-PIKACHU -12 6 days ago # Chullin2121 i just say no thanks i went to mcdonalds
  • Mariangel Ortiz
    Mariangel Ortiz 1 week ago Finally amen someone said it
  • Mariangel Ortiz
    Mariangel Ortiz 1 week ago Queen Napper exactly
  • Rach Samuraii Rach
    Rach Samuraii Rach 1 week ago It's easier to not eat when your mom never cooks lol
  • Evelyn Carver
    Evelyn Carver 1 week ago For real
  • Mean Swaeg
    Mean Swaeg 1 week ago Same!
  • Trash talker
    Trash talker 1 week ago Queen Napper ikr!!!! I was doing it and my mom came in my room and said eat these tacos that I made or else I’ll hit you and I was like noooooooooo I already did 12 hours without eating
  • Josh Jacobs
    Josh Jacobs 2 weeks ago Must be nice child. Go to the kids part of YouTube
  • Lorena Gonzalez
    Lorena Gonzalez 3 weeks ago I know they think their something wrong with you if you don't eat every single minute ahhhh I really wanted to try but I can't because of them
  • Amya Hambrick
    Amya Hambrick 3 weeks ago Queen Napper my mom gets mad at me when I don’t eat😂 (she burns everything she cooks)
  • Narasimha Pechetti
    Narasimha Pechetti 1 month ago Yep that's true I am doing water fasting from three days now my mom is ever eagerly waiting for me to break my fasting right from the sec I told her that I am doing it
  • Zoey Goen
    Zoey Goen 1 month ago Queen Napper bruh I no right it sucks
  • Soul Snatched
    Soul Snatched 1 month ago Queen Napper frfr tho lol
  • Tünde
    Tünde 1 month ago Ikr
  • Marie Hicks
    Marie Hicks 1 month ago If I have a kid and there not hungry why make them eat
  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez 1 month ago especially if you have a Filipino family or a Mexican family like mine lol. You can’t step 5 feet with out food in a Filipino/Mexican party
  • Juliana Demaurez
    Juliana Demaurez 2 months ago I know right! ;-;
  • Lorelie Mae Robis
    Lorelie Mae Robis 2 months ago Feel you 😂😔
  • Leslie Chiang
    Leslie Chiang 2 months ago Aiyeeeee same......
  • Pink Lasagna
    Pink Lasagna 2 months ago Exactly
  • iameliangarcia
    iameliangarcia 2 months ago BRO THATS EXACTLY WHY I CANT COMPLETE THE WEEK
  • ariana e
    ariana e 2 months ago @# Chullin2121 would you share your ways?
  • ꧁boqak g꧂
    ꧁boqak g꧂ 2 months ago Ikr
  • ThatOneDog
    ThatOneDog 2 months ago Queen Napper EXCUSES!! Just kidding
  • Exotiic_ Frost
    Exotiic_ Frost 3 months ago IKR!!!
  • SRose .fournillier
    SRose .fournillier 3 months ago Yes. I tried to go for 1 week fast but had to cook for my husband and kids. About food and snacks 5 times a day. I did 3 days. It was great. I ate my kids leftovers on day 4 and it was bad bc my mouth felt raw. I think i needed to start back with fruit n oatmeal
  • Caden Wafford
    Caden Wafford 3 months ago Facts
  • And I oop
    And I oop 3 months ago Exactly
  • KbH JAfue
    KbH JAfue 3 months ago ikr
  • # Chullin2121
    # Chullin2121 3 months ago I felt this but I got my ways
  • anjuman banu
    anjuman banu 3 months ago I get u. 😂😂
  • Khair khalid
    Khair khalid 3 months ago Omg that's true
  • Ozone v
    Ozone v 3 months ago Big fax
  • its Davidsa
    its Davidsa 3 months ago For real 😭😭
  • Paige by the book
    Paige by the book 3 months ago Queen Napper ikr!!!!
  • cargo pants
    cargo pants 5 months ago Are you sure you didn't just read instructions on how to take care of plants
  • brenda oh
    brenda oh 1 month ago Lmfao
  • tj nexus
    tj nexus 1 month ago But ima still try it starting tomorrow
  • tj nexus
    tj nexus 1 month ago Lol
  • Natalia Hernandez
    Natalia Hernandez 2 months ago You just killed me!! 🤣
  • Ełłe
    Ełłe 3 months ago cargo pants ahahaha
  • Charlaine Wong
    Charlaine Wong 3 months ago OMG HAHAHAHAHA
  • Allison Clark
    Allison Clark 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Kerri Bear
    Kerri Bear 4 months ago 😄
  • MrsButtersworth82
    MrsButtersworth82 4 months ago 😂
  • Zay Brown
    Zay Brown 4 months ago cargo pants 😂😂
  • Monisha Shields
    Monisha Shields 4 months ago Lmaoo
  • Sage N.
    Sage N. 5 months ago Lol😂😂😂😂
  • Aimee McCulley
    Aimee McCulley 5 months ago lmao
  • gaming with junior
    gaming with junior 4 months ago Me:ok lets begin Family:we got pizza Me:ok thanks (quits dieet)
  • Evelyn Carver
    Evelyn Carver 1 week ago That's the exact same thing that happened to me except I had dairy queen.
  • Treyvon Lopez
    Treyvon Lopez 2 weeks ago gaming with junior I can relate 110%
  • Lexi V
    Lexi V 4 weeks ago Literally happened to me on the first day 😂
  • Archana Singh
    Archana Singh 1 month ago @Dude I’m trying 6
  • Angelic Gemini
    Angelic Gemini 1 month ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Susiss.
    Susiss. 1 month ago gaming with junior ew I hate pizza💀🤢
  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 3 months ago gaming with junior Im saying 😂💀
  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson 3 months ago gaming with junior yes as same
  • sayali dighe
    sayali dighe 3 months ago My life.i couldnt even do the juice thing
  • Rudeboi 023
    Rudeboi 023 3 months ago gaming with junior bro fax’s it’s like when I try to go on an fasting diet my parents always get or make my favorite foods that why it’s so fucking hard for me
  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 3 months ago happened to me once too, lol
  • OnTheCheapTip
    OnTheCheapTip 3 months ago @keiharris332 Actually, we are seeing a rise in European obesity lately.
  • keiharris332
    keiharris332 3 months ago Reasons why a majority of Americans are over weight.
    LA CHARGERS 3 months ago Me Everytimeeee
  • Rudy Villanueva
    Rudy Villanueva 3 months ago gaming with junior BRUH SAME
  • Venessa Bosquez
    Venessa Bosquez 3 months ago Hahahahaha EVERY TIME.
  • Dude I’m trying
    Dude I’m trying 3 months ago Let’s just... fast next week :D Parents: Dinner is spaghetti! ... ....who am I trying to impress here? I’m doing this for myself but I’m not impressed >.>
  • Rakish News Network 2.0
    Rakish News Network 2.0 3 months ago I tried this for 4 hours and almost saw the light!!!!
  • —-——
    —-—— 6 days ago I laughed at this and my stomach fat giggled
  • Phantom Slapzz
    Phantom Slapzz 1 week ago 😂😂
  • 구다린
    구다린 1 week ago I was watching seriously then saw your comment. Lol 😂
  • it's Lakendra
    it's Lakendra 1 week ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Trash talker
    Trash talker 1 week ago Rakish News Network 2.0 lmao 😂I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🦴😂🦴
  • build it!
    build it! 2 weeks ago I tried this for 10 minutes and almost blacked out
  • Elly Brown
    Elly Brown 2 weeks ago @Gedion Kinaadman it means he almost saw light to heaven
    JB HUSSLE 1 month ago Rakish News Network 2.0 yu fat
  • Joseph Jenkins Jr.
    Joseph Jenkins Jr. 1 month ago LMFAO!
  • alexandria
    alexandria 1 month ago 😂😂😂
  • Judith Irizar
    Judith Irizar 1 month ago Rakish News Network 2.0 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Shaquasha Grant
    Shaquasha Grant 1 month ago Rakish News Network 2.0 😂
  • Gedion Kinaadman
    Gedion Kinaadman 1 month ago Am i missing something? I didn't find this funny.Can you please explain the joke?
  • Sun Beritto
    Sun Beritto 1 month ago 😂😂 best comment !!
  • Yvonne P.
    Yvonne P. 1 month ago Rakish News Network 2.0 omg lol 🤣 😂 hahahah!!!
  • Naomi Okpara
    Naomi Okpara 1 month ago I lasted 19 hours and gave up
  • Janet Ohara
    Janet Ohara 1 month ago 😂
  • Cavble
    Cavble 1 month ago YO BROO
  • Nathan Yuri Assmann Pinto
    Nathan Yuri Assmann Pinto 2 months ago that's cause you got your body used to eating at certain parts of the day, you think you need food but in reality the nutrients are not needed yet (depends on what you eat too). Although fasting takes all toxins out, this water one is kinda dangerous because u don't get many minerals(he would get more minerals with spring water). The Fasting that Sebi teaches is far safer than this one.
  • Eja Loh
    Eja Loh 2 months ago 😂😂😭
  • melissa Moore
    melissa Moore 2 months ago U funny
  • Dorcas Gbassa
    Dorcas Gbassa 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • MINAiki Oal
    MINAiki Oal 2 months ago I'm laughing!😂
  • Kowhai Harakeke
    Kowhai Harakeke 2 months ago Omg 😂😂😂
  • Dezmon Monroe
    Dezmon Monroe 2 months ago 😭😂😩
  • Yellow Synth
    Yellow Synth 2 months ago oh man this made my day
  • Denise La
    Denise La 2 months ago 😭😭🤣🤣
  • Veronica Soto
    Veronica Soto 2 months ago Rakish News Network 2.0 loo
  • Adiza Rasheed
    Adiza Rasheed 2 months ago lol
  • Gorgeous Frazier
    Gorgeous Frazier 2 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Mykee-Ali Shabazz
    Mykee-Ali Shabazz 2 months ago LMAO😂😂😂😂
  • Jennie DaWeirdo
    Jennie DaWeirdo 2 months ago me when I don’t eat 😂
  • Amz Azevedo
    Amz Azevedo 3 months ago 🤣
  • Chan May
    Chan May 2 weeks ago only started 30 minutes ago My stomach: feed me now, it’s been 5 years.
  • David Rabino
    David Rabino 1 day ago LMAO 😂SKSKSK
  • Paisley
    Paisley 5 months ago I was 126 pounds at 5’5 and then I got the flu for 5 days and lost 15 pounds. So if u don’t have the willpower to do this then just get the flu :D Just kidding don’t attempt that lol
  • presley
    presley 7 hours ago Now I kinda want it, but like I dont want it😂
  • tsu
    tsu 3 days ago Paisley I had the flu as well and in 2 days I lost 7 pounds because I didn’t feel like eating I was actually pretty happy that I got it lol
  • Skill 009
    Skill 009 4 days ago Cute
  • Melanie Lee
    Melanie Lee 1 week ago Same here i lost weight
  • Yhog tu
    Yhog tu 2 weeks ago I have thought of that tho and regret it afterwards LMAO
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago Paisley lol
  • Michayla Owens
    Michayla Owens 5 months ago His complaints all sounded like pregnancy symptoms 😂
  • Deserae Ward
    Deserae Ward 1 week ago You are right 😍😍😍
  • Irene Tootsie
    Irene Tootsie 2 weeks ago More like menopause symptoms
  • xthreestarx123
    xthreestarx123 1 month ago Michayla Owens 😂😂😂
  • MinajShades
    MinajShades 3 months ago I’m just trying to water fast because a bisssss is broke and I don’t get paid till Friday 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 1 week ago Same. I don't get paid till the 17th
  • Pretty Desii
    Pretty Desii 1 week ago You watch Stephanie soo
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago MinajShades xD
  • Alberto Cesar
    Alberto Cesar 2 months ago Ha
  • Moneka Bryant
    Moneka Bryant 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Cat face Meow
    Cat face Meow 2 months ago Bruh me fuckin too lol dead ass dont have shit at home
  • binay minj
    binay minj 3 months ago I did water fasting for seven days and it was really amazing . I was craving for food on the first day but I kept motivited myself by watching different videos on water fasting and meditating on the word of God. Mathew 4:4 "one does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." and believe me it really helped me a lot Guys.
  • Jane Castro
    Jane Castro 5 days ago How much weight did u lose
  • Luv Rei
    Luv Rei 1 week ago Im AthEiSt. Lmao no one asked he was just sharing scripture that he felt fit in his comment.
  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina 1 week ago I don't think the interpretation is the way you're interpreting it as, also an atheist. But I will consider doing the seven days.
  • Jordan Low
    Jordan Low 2 weeks ago PREACH!
  • Jordan Low
    Jordan Low 2 weeks ago Amen!
  • johann kalu
    johann kalu 3 weeks ago @MsTL3N_x no
  • MsTL3N_x
    MsTL3N_x 1 month ago How did the word of God taste ? Also I'm gonna do it but only with water no word of God or anything else is it safe ?
  • Project Human
    Project Human 1 month ago Too bad I'm an atheist lol. HeLp MeH eVoLuTiOn.
  • Ruderaksha Karwa
    Ruderaksha Karwa 1 month ago I love my mum, she’s only been cooking things I don’t like. Love the way she supports me
  • Sweethoney Bloom
    Sweethoney Bloom 3 days ago Yhog tu omg same lol 😂 whenever I try to do ANY diets my mom buys burger cooks a tasty 😋 meal ugh
  • Yhog tu
    Yhog tu 2 weeks ago I have 5 star chef mom whenever I start this Lmao
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago xD
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago I'm on my fourth day and my trick is to watch every single one of YouTube video that's doing water fasting so it keeps me motivating
  • no -gracias
    no -gracias 1 week ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith 4kg wow i want to try it😏
  • Victoria Korduner
    Victoria Korduner 1 week ago Mr'Joe Somvichith couldn’t agree more! What I do!
  • Monica Aragon
    Monica Aragon 1 week ago This is unhealthy
  • Vibez Hyp3r
    Vibez Hyp3r 2 weeks ago I’m starting tomorrow. Wish me luck. Can I go to the gym???
  • Samantha Verney
    Samantha Verney 3 weeks ago i’m on my first day and i love watching these videos too😂
  • princess lia
    princess lia 1 month ago 4 kg whatt
  • Kerstin
    Kerstin 1 month ago Day 1 and already watching these videos
  • Sovereign Principal
    Sovereign Principal 1 month ago It works
  • Tahani Nasser
    Tahani Nasser 1 month ago Mr'Joe Somvichith ...does it actually work ?
  • Ruderaksha Karwa
    Ruderaksha Karwa 1 month ago I am doing the same
  • Yvonne P.
    Yvonne P. 1 month ago Mr'Joe Somvichith great idea 💡
  • Dela Rocha
    Dela Rocha 1 month ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith thats it? Guess everyone is different.
  • Jenny S
    Jenny S 1 month ago So far what’s helping me is watching mukbangs lmao
  • MsTL3N_x
    MsTL3N_x 1 month ago Guess you died
  • Bink
    Bink 1 month ago Awesome tip! I'm just getting ready to do a 48 fast, then next week I am going to do a 72 hour fast (to JumpStart my Keto). My hardest thing will be skipping caffeine more than the food.
  • uzi
    uzi 2 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith i mean, you don’t have to starve yourself, you can always do the military diet and repeat it if you’d like.
  • april thompson
    april thompson 2 months ago Update me?
  • John wick
    John wick 2 months ago Yo bruh GV me some tips on surviving the second and third day😢😢😂...I am going for my third attempt on WF...I always fall either on day three(1stattempt) or day 2(2attempt)😢😢😢😤
  • Tine’s Life
    Tine’s Life 2 months ago We are the same😂
  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 2 months ago @Layleena77 Yuuuuck! Why did you call salt water thaaat?! Now thatname is stuck in my head!
  • .
    . 2 months ago 000pp0p0’kk
  • Gorgeous Frazier
    Gorgeous Frazier 2 months ago Niceeee
  • Idkwtfux
    Idkwtfux 2 months ago Lmfao. Water fasting pushes out the electrolytes out of your body and keeps you hungry af
  • Christina Chang
    Christina Chang 2 months ago Same
  • kani_mar
    kani_mar 2 months ago Just completed hour 28 fml
  • Andrizzle
    Andrizzle 3 months ago Nice
  • Wet em up
    Wet em up 3 months ago priscilla priscilla how did it go
  • Wet em up
    Wet em up 3 months ago Ally R did u go threw with it
  • Lana Favors
    Lana Favors 3 months ago @lyla cin..drink the snake juice. it has electrolytes. look it kept my headaches and dizziness away
  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 4 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith Hi! I'm on day 2 of my fasting today. I had really bad headache yesterday, day 1. I'm not doing pure water, I drink it with tea and vitamins because I'm new to this. Hopefully, as I do this more, that I will be able to drink just water.
  • Karlen Harutyunyan
    Karlen Harutyunyan 4 months ago Lol this is my first day alot more to go but so far i havnt had too much trouble
  • Srijan Tripathi
    Srijan Tripathi 4 months ago Dude ur helpful af
  • Brittany Harper
    Brittany Harper 4 months ago Thanks for this advice!
  • Dakota Eaze
    Dakota Eaze 4 months ago I’m on day 5 and I keep watching mukbangs 😭
  • Travel Jac
    Travel Jac 4 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith bruh I think I’ve been kinda fasting for eight months. One uncrustable and a cup of milk a day...
  • Gfriend's Sunrise stole my weaveᅲᅲ
    Gfriend's Sunrise stole my weaveᅲᅲ 4 months ago @Sabrina same lmao
  • Spirit of Vlad the Impaler
    Spirit of Vlad the Impaler 4 months ago Day 2 for me. Taking it light by only doing 4 or 5 days. First time so I'm setting a bar...
  • El pacman :v
    El pacman :v 5 months ago Guys don’t do it pls, it’s not hate it’s just your needs food eat if you want to lose weight just do a normal diet and excercise
  • love life wander
    love life wander 5 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith youre still having coffee thats why
  • love life wander
    love life wander 5 months ago @Layleena77 yes i read about this
  • Space Dawg
    Space Dawg 5 months ago I look at photos of myself
  • Paulette
    Paulette 5 months ago priscilla priscilla How did it go?
  • Yumiko
    Yumiko 5 months ago i will try the same one day, but i life by my mom, she will feed me when i'm not eating xD
  • Abeer Ali
    Abeer Ali 5 months ago I will do it tomrw
  • Amrit Preet
    Amrit Preet 5 months ago @Namam Puri whats your's weight now?
  • Sam Milun
    Sam Milun 6 months ago same here... i tried to start today but😭😭my mom cooks tasty food and k couldn't control my hunger
  • Dr. LauraReflex D.O M.S.
    Dr. LauraReflex D.O M.S. 6 months ago Hahaha same. I'm on a water fast right now
  • mxchic05
    mxchic05 6 months ago That's a great tip
  • Jocelyn Rodriguez
    Jocelyn Rodriguez 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith sum question but how much is kg in plbs? 😂 I never knew.
  • Armaan khan
    Armaan khan 6 months ago Need help did you loose belly fat my birthday is coming up I need this fat gone. It is my 4th day on water fast, I'm all cleaned I think I'll do 21days or full month, I'm foodoholic/ alcoholic and was chain smoker 2packs a day,.. I quit smoking last year in feb 14/2018 my birthday as I was dared and challenged. Now I got call fat cause of beer belly. So I'm not eating drinking 2am Sunday 4th day in.. jan 20/2019 hopefully I will be slim and in shape by feb 1st..
  • C Smith
    C Smith 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith same!
  • Ryan McAdam
    Ryan McAdam 6 months ago That's what I'm here for lol I ate on the 3rd day last time I tried and today is my third day
  • Waterlillyjjj
    Waterlillyjjj 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith that’s what I’m doing 😂 I’m on my 3rd day !
  • Angel Vos
    Angel Vos 6 months ago omg same. i also watch cooking shows, don't know why
  • Sara Cass
    Sara Cass 6 months ago Robert Gibbs I literally die if I do that cause I literally go out and buy all the food I saw Then I feel guilty
  • Sara Cass
    Sara Cass 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith I love how no one is alone in doing this
  • The Devon Dash
    The Devon Dash 6 months ago The end had me HELL NO haha you have another subi love🌸✌
  • Tanairy
    Tanairy 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith omg that's actually a really good tip I'm going to just keep watching fasting videos to keep motivated
  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith i couldn't do that cus my mum cooks every day
  • Kenny Pasato
    Kenny Pasato 6 months ago (edited) @Mr'Joe Somvichith Hello, I know that you want to lose weight and all but I really don't think this is the right way to do it. I have water fasted before, not as much as you but for around 8 days. When I stopped I ended up trying to eat slowly which I did for around 3 weeks but once I was started eating around what I should have ate(calories wise). I saw that my metabolism went down drastically and I put on weight easily. I tried fasting again but It made my metabolism even worse. I think that you should just clean up your diet, eat less, and excercise instead of just fasting. I have started eating healthier and exercising more and I am way more healthier than I used to be while fasting. Edit: I forgot to mention that while fasting you lose so much muscle even if you excercise them a little to try and maintain them. If you lose muscle then you will also make your body burn less calories which restricts you from eating after the fast.
  • Kenny Pasato
    Kenny Pasato 6 months ago @Gabo9929 omg I just laughed so hard
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Light Geass find some motivation and keep your goal straight or you'll end up quit half way
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Allie Bee keep fighting
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @amesophie YT good luck with first 3 days of hell 😂, if u can get through that you'll be fine
  • Perfectly Incomplete
    Perfectly Incomplete 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith k
  • Allie Bee
    Allie Bee 6 months ago FACTS here I am day one
  • amesophie YT
    amesophie YT 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith i will do this after my exams because now I need my energy! But I want to lose 15 kg...
  • Gabo9929
    Gabo9929 6 months ago This is called natural selection
  • Callum’s sister Amy
    Callum’s sister Amy 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith 8th day it’s a 7 day fast you gotta eat or you gonna die
    DARK GAMES 6 months ago smart
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Sandy im on my 12th day btw
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Sandy i will when i broke my fast, but right now i lost like 15Kg im on 75kg from 90kg, i do light workout drink avc with seasalt along with black coffee to get rid of the hunger and burning more fat 👍🏻
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Desiree2401 im on 12th day, and im still well and strong 😘
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @byebitch bye do your research before u spit 😒
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Layleena77 that is what i did , thank you.
  • Light Geass
    Light Geass 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith holy shit I need to do that I am way to overweight I’m 6 foot and I’m at 200 pounds
  • Sandy
    Sandy 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith please give us an update at the end
  • LittleQueen_ 43526
    LittleQueen_ 43526 6 months ago Don't hurt yourself x
  • Jr
    Jr 6 months ago Desiree2401 telling other people that they're stupid, doesn't make you any smarter than them.
  • Huge Disappointment
    Huge Disappointment 6 months ago Dudes, tbh I’m kinda worried that you’re trying this diet bc it can get quite addictive and while it says it does help with blood and stuff your bound to not be getting enough energy and heat throughout the week
  • Desiree2401
    Desiree2401 6 months ago Not to mention, you will regain alot of weight right after. Your body will get ready for the next starvation. Retarded way of losing weight. Good luck with the sudden weight gain!
  • Desiree2401
    Desiree2401 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith You are all so stupid, I'm sorry. This is so bad for your body. The sudden starvation could have unfixable and possibly deadly aftermath. You can and might surely get ulcer if your stomach is already pretty weak. Heartburn, migraine, numb body parts etc. I've heard of a close relative of mine who didn't eat anything for around 5 days and had a heart attack, that's how weakened her body became.
  • byebitch bye
    byebitch bye 6 months ago This is cheating way to loose weight do it right. Y’all are disgustingly unhealthy
  • darrie de beuf
    darrie de beuf 6 months ago Omg van you really eat no food for 7 Days WoW i didn’t know that
  • Karlie Stoddard
    Karlie Stoddard 6 months ago Thinspiration lmao
  • Layleena77
    Layleena77 6 months ago Should look into using only snake juice (salt water) because doing a water fast on plain water is very dangerous (you lose electrolytes and when you start eating again you can die of shock). Just some friendly advice! 😊
  • Namam Puri
    Namam Puri 6 months ago @My last name is Bob don't do it bro, its not good u will obviously gain the weight back , try omad anyday better i am on my 7th day I'll break fast tmrw
  • My last name is Bob
    My last name is Bob 6 months ago did it work ?
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Namam Puri i will start walking treadmil and do light weight tomorrow, to keep my muscle, i think u should do that too, but dont over do it!!
  • Namam Puri
    Namam Puri 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith ty bro, but i have seen skinny guyz loose 6/7 kgs in a week hoping atleast 10 kg to loose in 10 days , i hope i do loose
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Namam Puri i could be wrong, after all i'm not an expert though
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Namam Puri i think u might not lose that much, but im sure u will lose around 5-7Kg no more than that, good luck fasting 😘
  • Namam Puri
    Namam Puri 6 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith hey i am on my 4th day 3rd day was hardh i am going 10 days , i was like 97 kgs when i started, so what should be the wieght i should expect? I am hoping I'll be 85? Possible?
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Miguel Robb nice, slowly increase your calorie intake, so u wont gain your weight back 👍🏻
  • Miguel Robb
    Miguel Robb 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith I broke mines half way into the 8th day. I gained some weight back in overweight. But other that, it was a good run. Not only that, it taught me some self control. Now I don't over eat anymore and I feel full in a short amount of time
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Rahim Miah so cool im starting 28 days but im still on 5th day good luck!
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @David Montoya lol
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Yasmine Ara hehe 👌🏻
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Miguel Robbafter day 8th i'm still well and fine, but i have some reason to break my fast, you'll be fine too, im starting my 28 days fast now and im on day 5th
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Aimee Luna lol
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @phatgirlz rule 😂 yub count me on that, every cooking videos i watched it all
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @Bea Ner 😂
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago @No One good for u, now how was it? What day did u break your fast?
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 6 months ago Hey guys, i just want to you guys to know that i broke my fast on day 8th and lost 6Kg, now im start again and im on my day 5th my new goal is to get to 28 days fast, and since the first time i done this until now i lost 10Kg already which mean I'm at 80kg now, i'm trying to get to 65-70kg marks i'll keep u guys update later, or u can contact me on facebook Mr'Joe Somvichith, good luck fasting guys!!!😘
  • 신세영
    신세영 6 months ago me too...
  • phatgirlz rule
    phatgirlz rule 6 months ago When I get hungry I watch people eating tons of food makes me feel better
  • Bea Ner
    Bea Ner 6 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith that’s exactly what I’m doing lmao
  • Aritul
    Aritul 6 months ago Good tip.
  • Aimee Luna
    Aimee Luna 6 months ago 😂same
  • No One
    No One 6 months ago I found myself fasting buddies on youtube and started with them today .... I am sure we'll keep each other motivated along the way .... Doing it with someone makes it much easier
  • Miguel Robb
    Miguel Robb 7 months ago wavyzav I'm on my 5th day right now. I'm shooting for 10 days. How are you holding up?
  • Yasmine Ara
    Yasmine Ara 7 months ago I'm on my first day and i doing the same lol u'r not alone body
  • David Montoya
    David Montoya 7 months ago FACTS LOL
  • wavyzav
    wavyzav 7 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith I’m on then 2 day
  • Rahim Miah
    Rahim Miah 7 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith im starting 21 day right now
  • Love Commit
    Love Commit 7 months ago Mr'Joe Somvichith can give ur whatsapp no
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago @Suhail i reached 8th day already, i dont have the time to weigh myself yet as i'm on family trip i'll get back to u as soon as I can
  • Suhail
    Suhail 7 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith guess your 7 days are done. How much did you loose?
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago @priscilla priscilla get ready for the next 2 days of hell 😂, anyway good luck to u, stay strong
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago @Ally R be prepare don't give in to hunger, try to get through first 3 days of hell, im on my 7th day now and most of all good luck
  • priscilla priscilla
    priscilla priscilla 7 months ago I'm on my first day😭😭
  • Ally R
    Ally R 7 months ago I’m very nervous.... I’m starting tomorrow😳with me luck 😁
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago @Black Escanor ohh i watch that too b Believe me or not, im still fine lol
  • Black Escanor
    Black Escanor 7 months ago My secret to doing fasts over 7 days is watching cooking channels xD.
  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 7 months ago @Mr'Joe Somvichith im doing the exact thing! i am on my second day
  • Mr'Joe Somvichith
    Mr'Joe Somvichith 7 months ago Today is 6th day i lost 4Kg already
  • Maddy :x
    Maddy :x 7 months ago how much weight did you lose?
  • Amber Griffin
    Amber Griffin 5 months ago “I literally had to take a nap on the floor of my bathroom” mmhm it be like that sometime
  • PubLic 69
    PubLic 69 4 days ago My man probably dead fam
  • Tünde
    Tünde 1 month ago I just took a nap on my bathroom floor too :>
  • Tony Lopez
    Tony Lopez 2 months ago It do be like that sometime
  • George Hafiz
    George Hafiz 4 months ago it do
  • Linda Chinda
    Linda Chinda 5 months ago How's it going? I broke my 50 hour fast..starting back tomorrow
  • MrsButtersworth82
    MrsButtersworth82 4 months ago Guess what I’m having for breakfast... WATER! 😂
  • Dogs 4 Life
    Dogs 4 Life 2 weeks ago Guess what I'm having for lunch......... WATER and dinner....... WATER....... For seven days!
  • Marie Hicks
    Marie Hicks 1 month ago Same girl lool
  • Andrea Molina
    Andrea Molina 3 months ago someone: what are you doing? me: trying to become a plant•_•
  • Leana
    Leana 1 day ago lmao
  • •hello•
    •hello• 1 month ago reads description I’m under 18... But I wanna do it😂😂
  • Arroz Con Leche
    Arroz Con Leche 5 days ago ςєภคเץค how’d it go?🙃
  • synfvl clan
    synfvl clan 5 days ago @HyPeSeaSYT yooo same
  • no -gracias
    no -gracias 1 week ago I'm doing exercise then this shows up in my screen! Hmmm i wonder what my phone is telling me😶🤔
  • Kinsey UwU
    Kinsey UwU 1 week ago I’m 17 and I’m on day 5
  • ςєภคเץค
    ςєภคเץค 2 weeks ago I’m 14 I wanna do it and is going to do it, starting now :)
  • isaac
    isaac 2 weeks ago @Trinity Haubach today is my first day
  • Keisha Brown
    Keisha Brown 1 month ago lol im 16 and im on day 2
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago emily-sioux fasting isn’t unhealthy though. When fasting you can break whenever. I’m sorry that happened to you though
  • Mrs. Snach wig off queen
    Mrs. Snach wig off queen 1 month ago •hello• I’m 17 But I wanna do it lol
  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 1 month ago emily-sioux Straving and Water fasting are two different things
  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 1 month ago emily-sioux I’m sorry you had to go through that but water fast does not equal eating disorder.
  • HyPeSeaSYT
    HyPeSeaSYT 1 month ago emily-sioux same
  • emily-sioux
    emily-sioux 1 month ago Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. At all. This is from an ex anorexic who used to starve herself at 14
  • HyPeSeaSYT
    HyPeSeaSYT 1 month ago i’m 14 but fuccccc it imma do it 😤
  • Quality Memes
    Quality Memes 1 month ago Im 13 and I wanna do it
  • Mmaazziikkaa
    Mmaazziikkaa 3 months ago Me: is already sick “You’re immune system will be very low during these 7 days” Me: suicide?
  • banna and eggs
    banna and eggs 1 week ago Now do it 4 weeks lol
  • Juli Scherer
    Juli Scherer 1 month ago Lol Same
  • Rylan Freidhof
    Rylan Freidhof 1 month ago thats not true that's just an idea that popped into his head. Perfectly healthy for most people to do a 7 day fast.
  • Pun Jab I
    Pun Jab I 4 months ago Cannibalizing your own fat is the most beneficial aspect.
  • Massman121
    Massman121 4 days ago Cup Studios wtf are you talking about, fat is stored up energy and when your low on energy your body uses fat to get that energy and pretty much eats it in a way
  • banna and eggs
    banna and eggs 1 week ago Cup Studios detox is not real toxins are things that is too much too much water toxins too much vitamin c toxins etc the only real thing release too much shit and unwanted stuff is your poop and your liver and kidneys
  • Sr Oozma
    Sr Oozma 1 month ago Lol
  • Jojo Animated
    Jojo Animated 1 month ago Ummmmmmm....comforting wording
  • Jojo Animated
    Jojo Animated 1 month ago Cup Studios they probs are from the looks of this comment
  • Cup Studios
    Cup Studios 1 month ago Cannibalizing would mean your eating your own fat, which your not (at least I hope). Your body is just using up stored fat, which hold toxins ie. your body is cleansing itself
  • Arianna Heart
    Arianna Heart 1 month ago that word is just . . . i dont like it. 😂
  • firas hidar
    firas hidar 3 months ago Wow that's a creepy term to use....
  • special special
    special special 5 months ago (edited) Ive done 7 days water fast before. It was the best thing. I lost 6 kgs. I was dreaming more and i was more at peace with myself. I had bowel movements on day 2 and 5. It was like a fluro yellow colour and like water lol. I recommend doing 7 days. Its all mental. Goodluck people
  • Eleni panagiotopoulou
    Eleni panagiotopoulou 4 weeks ago @D e n n i s s s lol everyone understands kgs, except for like 3 countries in the whole world
  • ro nin
    ro nin 1 month ago @D e n n i s s s only retards
  • Haley Roth
    Haley Roth 1 month ago special special congrats the yellow is probably you destroying your internal bacterial ecosystem, have fun getting a shit transplant buddy, it’s all mental
  • Keisha Brown
    Keisha Brown 1 month ago D e n n i s s s lmao i think americans are the only ones
  • D e n n i s s s
    D e n n i s s s 1 month ago Please talk in lbs because no one understands kgs
  • Ace Things
    Ace Things 2 months ago @Jamel Best op dieded
  • Jamel Best
    Jamel Best 2 months ago @Johnny Rotundo Update?
  • ro nin
    ro nin 2 months ago @Selen Tofas just stop eating shit
  • SRose .fournillier
    SRose .fournillier 3 months ago Yess i was dreaming more. Lol
  • S Buscher
    S Buscher 3 months ago Johnny Rotundo be careful, because most humans can only live 2-3 weeks with out food and you could starve to death.
  • Ree Cat
    Ree Cat 3 months ago @Johnny Rotundo how much weight did you lose?
  • Dejuan Johnson
    Dejuan Johnson 4 months ago Tmi 3/15/19
  • Actar
    Actar 4 months ago @Johnny Rotundo alright, what did you eat today?
  • Selen Tofas
    Selen Tofas 4 months ago But what is with the jojo effect? I think one would gain the weights after stopping the fast or not
  • Johnny Rotundo
    Johnny Rotundo 4 months ago you're right it is all mental, i so wanted to give up on days 3 & 4, then my hunger went away on day 5. I extended the 7 days to 14. I am on day 10, and hope to make it all the way to 14. No promises though, one day at a time.....
  • moon 12
    moon 12 4 months ago with no food just water or what i dont want to die during this thing