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Published on Mar 26, 2019 572,418 views

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How old are you? 19, my birthday is the 20th October
Where are you from? Beverley, East Yorkshire
What did you take at A level? English Lit, Media, Photography
What Course are you doing? I'm at Leeds Art University doing a Foundation Degree in Art and Design
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Molly xoxo

  • Sarah-Ife Odoe
    Sarah-Ife Odoe 5 months ago Why did i laugh when he said "im not a physcopath" in his accent
  • Koryn Kent
    Koryn Kent 5 months ago I laughed too😂
  • Zach xD
    Zach xD 5 months ago I didn’t
  • Jenna Roberts-Kent
    Jenna Roberts-Kent 5 months ago I laughed too
  • Alida Pearce
    Alida Pearce 4 months ago 😂😂
  • Faithy Daiiisy
    Faithy Daiiisy 5 months ago How did her brother cooperate with her😂 mine definitely wouldn't
  • Zach xD
    Zach xD 5 months ago Faithy Daiiisy same here😂😂
  • M L
    M L 5 months ago She will probably givehim money Xd
  • GviIty
    GviIty 5 months ago In the thumbnail here brother look like Morgraal
  • Bob741
    Bob741 5 months ago You look so pretty in your profile picture
  • Bri’s life Romo
    Bri’s life Romo 5 months ago Same😂
  • Savannah Hemmings
    Savannah Hemmings 4 months ago Faithy Daiiisy siblings always act different when that camera comes out😂 mine definitely does
  • May C.
    May C. 3 months ago Same
  • Lee-Ann Celestin
    Lee-Ann Celestin 2 months ago same
  • Aaliyah M.
    Aaliyah M. 5 months ago I was soo confused when they called a pickle something else
  • Iconic Sause
    Iconic Sause 5 months ago Aaliyah moore same lol
  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez 5 months ago Ikr I think they call them gerkins
  • Lantana Barakat
    Lantana Barakat 5 months ago A gercin is way diffrent to a pickle they look the same but don't taste the same trust me
  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith 5 months ago Aaliyah moore gherkins are different to pickles
  • Fleur Stiekema
    Fleur Stiekema 5 months ago I thought they did say “augurk” which is the dutch name. I was confused as well
    MIRANDA BARNHART 5 months ago omg ki was too lmao
  • bigAssGooseberrydich
    bigAssGooseberrydich 5 months ago @Lantana Barakat no they are the same exact thing just called gherkins by people from the uk and older australians
  • Squire _FN_
    Squire _FN_ 5 months ago They aren't pickles anyway they are gherkins
  • Sandra Mahuma
    Sandra Mahuma 5 months ago Pickles and gerkins are the same. Hated them as a kid but love them now...
  • Don't click me.
    Don't click me. 5 months ago Actually there is no such thing as a pickle , the proper name for this is a pickled gherkin people call this a pickle but in fact it is another vegetable that is pickled.
  • Ryder Murly
    Ryder Murly 5 months ago It's because here in England we call it gerkin
  • zar aï
    zar aï 5 months ago Fleur Stiekema dacht ik ook al 😂
  • Cooking with Carl
    Cooking with Carl 5 months ago oh my gosh SAMEEEEEE
  • Jhon Dover
    Jhon Dover 5 months ago They are girkings not pickles
  • b e l l a
    b e l l a 5 months ago Aaliyah moore Me too
  • b e l l a
    b e l l a 5 months ago Aaliyah moore Gherkins
  • Dayshia Reynolds
    Dayshia Reynolds 5 months ago Me too😭
  • Jasmine K
    Jasmine K 5 months ago British people call pickles gerkins
  • hElp
    hElp 4 months ago im british and we call pickles gherkins because pickle is anything you can like pickle but gherkins are just pickled cucumbers
  • 4 months ago @hElp that's so strange we call pickled cucumbers pickles and pickled anything else pickled _____
  • Clip Z
    Clip Z 4 months ago Gherkins are a kind of pickle
  • Ali N
    Ali N 4 months ago We call them gherkins in England 😂
  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy 4 months ago Our pickles are pickled onions rather than a pickled cucumber/gherkin which is what you have on burgers.
  • poppamint
    poppamint 4 months ago Everyone saying gherkins and pickles are different they are the same thing
  • Charlie Henderson
    Charlie Henderson 4 months ago Gerkins are what we British people call pickles , they are the same thing x
  • You're Basic Teen Gurl
    You're Basic Teen Gurl 3 months ago A gurkin is actually a type if pickle, it's just specific
  • Cupcake Trio
    Cupcake Trio 4 months ago She looks like Drew Barrymore or is it just me?
  • fallyn bb
    fallyn bb 4 months ago Cupcake Trio I was gonna comment that
  • Naomi French
    Naomi French 4 months ago Also slightly like Millie T
  • Art Viktoriya
    Art Viktoriya 5 months ago “Just woke up” with perfectly curled hair, a full face of makeup, hoops and jewellery! BIIIISH IF THAT WAS POSSIBLE I WOULD HAVE DONE IT BU NOW
  • *Sunshine *
    *Sunshine * 5 months ago Cinny wrote that before btw no hate
  • Art Viktoriya
    Art Viktoriya 5 months ago *Sunshine * it’s fine thanks for telling me
  • RoXe Gkgdrf
    RoXe Gkgdrf 5 months ago When did she say that lol been replaying the two morning scenes for a while and can’t fine her saying it😂😂
  • Lilly Munoz
    Lilly Munoz 5 months ago Lol
  • Iced Tea
    Iced Tea 4 months ago Just Viktoriya I am confusion, when did she say that?
  • Jodie Giselle
    Jodie Giselle 4 months ago @Iced Tea right at the start. At like 1:11
  • Jude Snyder
    Jude Snyder 5 months ago I mean duh the fries are cold you had to drive home and make your lunch.
  • Melissa Gutierrez
    Melissa Gutierrez 3 months ago They're called chips:)
  • Jude Snyder
    Jude Snyder 3 months ago Melissa Gutierrez i call them fries, it didn’t matter.
  • Leah Love
    Leah Love 3 months ago @Melissa Gutierrez Well and I usually call them "pommes" because I live in Germany. Things are called differently in different Places, you have to live with that.
  • kawthar rizki
    kawthar rizki 5 months ago " i literally just woke up" giiirrll you got a full face of makeup on😂
  • My name Is B.
    My name Is B. 4 months ago Riigght
  • - Blurryface -
    - Blurryface - 4 months ago It’s not that deep lol
  • Becca Richard
    Becca Richard 5 months ago Would love to see you try unjaded jades vegan diet!
  • Alexandra Hill
    Alexandra Hill 5 months ago And Jade's morning routine (early wake up, meditation/yoga etc)
  • Anna Van der Hoeven
    Anna Van der Hoeven 5 months ago “Ooh Harry is really fussy” , “i dont like sweet popcorn, chips, crisps” 😂😂
  • Beauty Spectrum
    Beauty Spectrum 5 months ago Fair point😂
  • Amanda Makes Stuff
    Amanda Makes Stuff 5 months ago Can you swap diets with erin? since she's vegan and all
  • Beauty Spectrum
    Beauty Spectrum 5 months ago Yesss I really want to do this!!
  • Felicity
    Felicity 5 months ago Amanda Makes Stuff Well not swap as Erin won’t eat non vegan stuff
  • Xx E r i n xX
    Xx E r i n xX 5 months ago I’m called Erin, swap diets with me! 😂😂😂
  • Gabija Stankute
    Gabija Stankute 5 months ago I don’t think that’s how veganism works x
  • Jem
    Jem 5 months ago Only person I know of who says they don’t like chips or crisps like ummm molly are you okay 😂
  • Beauty Spectrum
    Beauty Spectrum 5 months ago Omg I don’t even know I used to love both??
  • paulina tobola
    paulina tobola 5 months ago I don't like crisps or popcorn 😬😂
  • Shannonicole_12
    Shannonicole_12 5 months ago I hate crisps 😂
  • Kaitlin Jolly
    Kaitlin Jolly 5 months ago I prefer crisps to chocolate ahah
  • tarryn ankers
    tarryn ankers 5 months ago i dont like chips there horrible
  • Liberty Kelly
    Liberty Kelly 5 months ago You actually look so much like Drew Barrymore. It’s weird! Xx
  • Beauty Spectrum
    Beauty Spectrum 5 months ago Hahaha I get that a lot😭😂
  • Hannah Scanlon
    Hannah Scanlon 5 months ago Definitely agree 😊
  • Kfitzs
    Kfitzs 5 months ago Thanks for clarifying your brothers a teenager
  • CoconutThePeanut Coco
    CoconutThePeanut Coco 5 months ago 😅
  • Poppy Graham
    Poppy Graham 5 months ago Salted popcorn all the way. I’m actually eating it right now
  • RoadWarrior2006
    RoadWarrior2006 5 months ago Omg so am I and I never do!
  • River City Flag Company
    River City Flag Company 5 months ago I was your 100th like.. gimme a medal
  • mr juicy
    mr juicy 5 months ago No kettle corn
  • Sexual Fruitfly
    Sexual Fruitfly 4 months ago Yes !!! X
  • 04hope04
    04hope04 5 months ago I was so confused when they called a pickle a gerkin....
  • Bella Michael
    Bella Michael 5 months ago They’re both two different things.
  • Katie Vaughan
    Katie Vaughan 4 months ago they're the same thing
  • Muhammad Abdul-Haseeb
    Muhammad Abdul-Haseeb 4 months ago @Katie Vaughan no they're not A gherkin is a pickled slice of cucumber
  • 4 months ago @Muhammad Abdul-Haseeb you just described pickles cut or not it's the same thing
  • Carina 123
    Carina 123 4 months ago It’s the same
  • Me Lucy
    Me Lucy 4 months ago In McDonalds there gerkins
  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 4 months ago Muhammad Abdul-Haseeb a pickle is LITERALLY a pickled cucumber LMAOOO
  • Amber Galbraith
    Amber Galbraith 4 months ago I do the same
  • Millie Maye
    Millie Maye 5 months ago cranberry juice with lemonade and ice on a hot day is the one 😍🔥
  • jess b
    jess b 5 months ago Don’t forget the vodka
  • Olivia Lambeth
    Olivia Lambeth 5 months ago Swap diets with your dog
  • McKenzie Britton
    McKenzie Britton 5 months ago eww omg😂
  • AnIshAaAaAa AaAaA
  • Gourmet22
    Gourmet22 5 months ago I like gurkins in burgers.
  • Beauty Spectrum
    Beauty Spectrum 5 months ago Noooo😭😭😂
  • Kaitlin Jolly
    Kaitlin Jolly 5 months ago Yess same lol
  • McKenzie Britton
    McKenzie Britton 5 months ago what is that?
  • rebecca
    rebecca 5 months ago Pickles 😍😍
  • destiny's world
    destiny's world 3 months ago @McKenzie Britton pickles
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 5 months ago 😂😂 you said your brother is fussy 🤨 you literally said you didn't like anything he would eat. Don't like crisps, chips, gerkin, sweet popcorn, ketchup with the chicken burger and the chicken burger itself....🤔 lol
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 5 months ago (edited) Holly T ur comment ruins the video no offence, such a buzz kill
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 5 months ago @Danielle Saca in your opinion 😂 not mine 👍🏼
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 5 months ago (edited) Holly T it’s not an opinion it’s true u ruined the video u literally said everything that was in the video in ur comment
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 5 months ago (edited) @Danielle Saca again, that's your opinion 😂. You don't actually know me as a person so to say something like isn't very nice. I was stating a fact in my video, you're just stating your opinion. We can't all get along, have a great though 😊
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 5 months ago @Danielle Saca why you reading comments before watching the video 😂😂
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 5 months ago Holly T because I do
  • Pujitha Samudrala
    Pujitha Samudrala 4 months ago @Danielle Saca You are actually a “buzz kill” with your negative comments. They have such negative vibes 😒😒
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 4 months ago Pujitha Samudrala how is it negative
  • Pujitha Samudrala
    Pujitha Samudrala 4 months ago Also don’t expect not to find “spoilers” when you’re going to read the comments before the video🙄
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 4 months ago Pujitha Samudrala I commented on this ages ago why u even commenting?
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 4 months ago @Danielle Saca ok....Well, I'm not really sure I actually done much wrong and to be honest I don't really care. You're complanning about my comment while I have cancer so.....the perspectives on this situation are very different for us both. I apologise if I ruined the video for you.
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 4 months ago Holly T I didn’t know?? And apology accepted
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 4 months ago (edited) Pujitha Samudrala okay stop flooding my notifications. Ur gonna make my phone die
  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 4 months ago @Danielle Saca wow, this whole thing is just unreal lol. I'm kind of done now. You're not a very nice human being really. You've basically verbal bashed me just because I left a YouTube comment you didn't like, because you've decided to read the comments section before actually watching the video. Your fault entirely, not mine and yet I apologised 😂🙈 it's hilarious.
  • Danielle Saca
    Danielle Saca 4 months ago (edited) Holly T how am I not a nice human u don’t know me. Why u getting offended for? I didn’t say anything rude all I said was my phone gonna die if she don’t stop notifying my phone what’s bad bout that. Your too sensitive but okay. U decided to get angry so it’s not really my fault don’t take things to heart.
  • Misty_ Angel.
    Misty_ Angel. 5 months ago i feel like my brother would die if he ate what i ate for 24 hours bc i eat nothin but stange food combanations and i only eat 1 time a day🤤
  • Rare Themez
    Rare Themez 5 months ago Misty_ Angel. How do u live if u eat one time a day!?!
  • RNG 365
    RNG 365 5 months ago Can I get subs Without vids I do the same thing, usually just eat a sandwich and I’m good,, drink a lot of water so it’s almost like I’m fasting
  • loopy fruit
    loopy fruit 5 months ago I just don't eat 😑
  • Tiffany Cote
    Tiffany Cote 4 months ago (edited) I eat one meal too my girl thinks I’m odd
  • Nikayla Wright
    Nikayla Wright 3 months ago Same i dont like breakfast and eat it rarely i eat either before work or after work he eats at least 4 times a day he would starve