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How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

Published on Jan 15, 2019 499,343 views

Wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe explains the difference between the regular keto and dirty keto diets. Then, Dr. Oz addresses concerns about some of the unhealthy foods that can be consumed on the dirty keto diet.

  • Nedsped0
    Nedsped0 4 months ago (edited) You have to follow the right people, I follow Dr. Berg's healthy keto which made more sense to me, he suggests 6 to 10 cups of leafy greens, keep the meat clean, and stay away from sugar, also there are other sources of fats like wild caught salmon, sardines, lamb, dont eat the hog every day, main thing is you want to cook the foods with coconut oil or grass fed butter, and olive oil for your salads, mct oil for matcha tea or coffee, hopefully this can help someone....
  • sheila evans
    sheila evans 4 months ago Nedsped0 I eat lamb but I live in Scotland where they roam the highlands, I don’t see any of my keto subs on YouTube in America eating lamb tho. X
  • Nedsped0
    Nedsped0 4 months ago @sheila evans if i lived there I'd be living in the highlands then, because i love lamb chops
  • sheila evans
    sheila evans 4 months ago @Nedsped0 try rolled lamb breast it's amazing x
  • maxgotsmart
    maxgotsmart 4 months ago @sheila evans vegetable police was doing a lot of lamb on carnivore diet
  • Sweet Tee
    Sweet Tee 1 month ago Thank you 👍
  • ThePeacemaker848
    ThePeacemaker848 1 month ago (edited) Dr. Berg is ok, but his potassium numbers are way off, He didn't produce the source of that 4700 potassium. I can't find where he got that number from or how that number was calculated. But anyway, the leafy greens are still great for you so his meal plan is perfectly fine.
    TANNIS 3 weeks ago Love Dr Berg he also got a slap in the face by Dr oz there's a video on YouTube about it
  • ax k
    ax k 1 week ago thank God you mentioned how to cook the foods, that is the oils to cook the foods. thank you.
  • Keto Diet Recipes
    Keto Diet Recipes 11 hours ago Nice video
  • Black Silverchair
    Black Silverchair 4 months ago Hey Dr OZ, you once stole Dr. Berg's content. I think you need to invite him to the show to educate the people, but first, issue a public apology to him for stealing his content in the past and giving it to a quack Dr. to present.
  • Office Admin
    Office Admin 4 months ago Black Silverchair I agree
  • Steve WK
    Steve WK 4 months ago I like Berg.....but honestly, he's a Chiropractor and not a 'real' doctor....;/
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 4 months ago He also makes crap up and contradicts himself
  • 2Kaleb (፪ካሌብ)
    2Kaleb (፪ካሌብ) 4 months ago @Darth Keto how so
  • Judy Carter
    Judy Carter 4 months ago @Steve WK yes, however, he does heavily research his topics; and draws from his clinical experience more than your local MD, who blithely prescribes drugs rather than locating and curing the source of the symptom. In my opinion Dr Berg shows as good or better understanding of the mechanics and bio-mechanics, the internal chemistry and the mind-body relationship than any MD I have ever seen.
  • Mrs. Adriann
    Mrs. Adriann 4 months ago @Judy Carter I agree! What I've learned from Dr. Berg and even Dr. Axe is get to know your body. Both have helped me to understand food and my body and I've not had a cold or flu in over a year. My husband is sick every other month because he can't break old habits. To me there's a lot to be said about that Dr. Berg provides good content.
  • Patrick McGinnes
    Patrick McGinnes 4 months ago Dr Berg is too anti psychotic and conspiracy laden. Ken berry MD over Berg any day of the week. You can fix some mental health with keto for sure but all schizophrenia? Most doctors are wrongly informed not evil greedy commission workers.
  • Austin Yipeo
    Austin Yipeo 4 months ago Black Silverchair he covered up Charlie sheens cure for aids, he’s not gonna apologize🤣
  • Black Silverchair
    Black Silverchair 4 months ago @Steve WK ok, so because he's a chiropractor, his advice/education should not be taken huh? Lol. See your reasoning?
  • Lilia Shevchenko
    Lilia Shevchenko 4 months ago I agree
  • Erika Dagel
    Erika Dagel 3 months ago Agree
  • Dora Talamantes
    Dora Talamantes 3 months ago I agree he should
  • Angel heart
    Angel heart 3 months ago Agree👍
  • Jatoch Neetoch
    Jatoch Neetoch 3 months ago Quick fact: Berg did never have a doctorate degree. Pls search. 👍
  • Cosmic Wishbone
    Cosmic Wishbone 2 months ago Dang. I haven't heard about this. I watch Dr. Berg all the time. What content of his did Dr. Oz take?
  • Nagaraja Gaikwad
    Nagaraja Gaikwad 2 months ago Dr Oz is a businessman.. that's it.
  • Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts 2 months ago Black Silverchair you’re right this dude said beans and other legumes 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Buncher Kev
    Buncher Kev 1 month ago Steve WK I have yet to meet a doctor that even realizes they’re giving out the wrong nutritional advice, let’s start there👊👊
  • TheAfteryesterday
    TheAfteryesterday 4 weeks ago Black Silverchair that’s like saying only one astronomer should be permitted to educate us about the Universe, or only one broadcaster able to tell us the news.
    TANNIS 3 weeks ago I thank you this is so true and so wrong to do that to Dr. BERG he puts his whole heart into all that research to be dumped on like that. Shame on you Dr. Oz
  • J Swan
    J Swan 1 day ago @Steve WK He is a DC, and while I am not a Doc of anything, I will take my advice from Berg before my MD. I am down 40 lbs, feel great and have a whole new lifestyle. Getting my Lipids checked in a few days and I think my HDL/LDL will be fine, but even if LDL is high, will NEVER take that STATIN drug again.
  • Catherine Fontenot
    Catherine Fontenot 4 months ago Beans aren’t Keto... they are a starchy food
  • xox_SaltySiren
    xox_SaltySiren 3 months ago Catherine Fontenot the only reason I didn’t stick with it. Can’t live without my beans.
    LIARLYNN REID 1 month ago In moderation lol
  • Jurgen P
    Jurgen P 4 months ago did he really just say legumes and beans... on keto, lol fail
  • Teeej316
    Teeej316 4 months ago He needs to have a real Keto expert on like Dr. Berg
    FREE TO FAMILY 4 months ago HAH!!!! I was thinking the same thing and came to the comments to see if I was the only one! LOL
  • Jay Rev
    Jay Rev 4 months ago Its doable but thats why there are portion sizes that allow for it as long as you don't go over your carb limit. It's excellent for muscle building and fat loss
  • Wende Cellucci
    Wende Cellucci 4 months ago Haha. I heard him say "beans and lugemes (lentils). But actually i would eat them but fit into macros ... Small amount for low carb.
  • FlexFasting
    FlexFasting 4 months ago You can incorporate anything on keto if you measure. Lentils, a quarter cup, would actually go well with a keto diet. Keto doesn’t mean no carb. It just means figuring out how many carbs you need before kicking yourself out of ketosis. If you’re someone who practices IF you can get by with more carbs per day the longer you spread out your meals. I can tolerate 75g carbs a day and still bleed ketones the next day if I eat OMAD.
  • Cedric Frazier
    Cedric Frazier 4 months ago Beans have 8g carbs on keto u should not exceed 30g
  • Christia Akers
    Christia Akers 4 months ago Yngish Bro actually, they’re a carb that’s resistant to digestion and absolutely amazing for maintaining healthy intestinal bacteria. As long as you’re considerate of your carb macros, you’re in the green.
  • jim s
    jim s 4 months ago Exactly! I was going to respond with same level of concern. Does he really know Keto then? Or did he misspoke? I gave up bean which is my fav thing on the planet. Except for real ice cream lol so he better get it right especially if he’s an author. Yeah FAIL I’d agree!
    FREE TO FAMILY 4 months ago yea, everybody is different...beans will kick me out immediately. I guess the issue was that he was dissing butter, bacon and cheese and singing the praises of beans and legumes...which is odd.
  • Iridescence93
    Iridescence93 4 months ago small amount of peanuts maybe. I would not touch beans on keto.
  • FlexFasting
    FlexFasting 4 months ago Cedric Frazier lol nonsense! You can eat as many carbs as your body allows. Some people tolerate more carbs and can stay in keto. I feel bad for the people that can’t eat more than 30g carbs :(
  • Nakia Guy [Student]
    Nakia Guy [Student] 4 months ago Teeej316 Dr. Berg even said you can fit beans into your macros if you have met your weight loss goal. It is in one of his “Can I have...on keto” videos.
  • Melissa Lewis
    Melissa Lewis 4 months ago Oh goodness I thought the same but I don't what to act like the keto police!
  • FlexFasting
    FlexFasting 4 months ago Melissa Lewis 🤪
  • Phathompath h
    Phathompath h 4 months ago Beans are high in fiber so eating them is fine , 1/2 cup of black beans has roughly 20 GR carbohydrates , 8 to 9 GR fiber so your net carbs would be 11 to 12 grams . Everyone is different but most people stay in ketosis with total net carbs between 20 and 40, total carbohydrates can be higher as long as half those carbs are from fiber , I eat about 60 total grams of carbs a day and have no problem with staying in ketosis.
  • April Hilliard
    April Hilliard 4 months ago It probably was a slip geez what they are saying makes sense Dr. Berg does not advise eating 20 slices of bacon everyday
  • GAIL Edwards
    GAIL Edwards 3 months ago Jurgen Sutrisno q
  • Erika Dagel
    Erika Dagel 3 months ago And keto flu is because u eat to much bacon? Wtf ? n this clown is a doctor 😂
  • Freddie Galladande
    Freddie Galladande 3 months ago it works if it matches the macros but keto for me is about lowering inflammation ......... Bean and legumes are inflammatory!
  • JR Green
    JR Green 3 months ago Erika Dagel aw
  • envyandgreed15
    envyandgreed15 3 months ago u can at like 1/16th a severing .so like 1/2 tsp
  • snejok888
    snejok888 3 months ago i'm adding 50 gr of black bean in 3L of bone broth//its like 2-3 gr of carb per portion. BUT 100gr black beans has 1500 mg of potassium . it is a king of potassium
  • MsLady Edwards
    MsLady Edwards 3 months ago Lol. I was thinking, “LEGUMES AND BEANS?????
  • Kristina Starck
    Kristina Starck 3 months ago That was exactly my first thought!
  • cyndi williams
    cyndi williams 3 months ago I caught that too.
  • larogy
    larogy 1 month ago Yeah, I was like what did he just say?!?!!! Legumes and beans!!! Lol
  • shykita edgerton
    shykita edgerton 1 month ago Just wrong
  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher 1 month ago Mayo - No carbs Eggs - No carbs Pistachios - low carbs Cheddar cheese - very low carbs Avocado - Low carbs Veal, Steak, ham, etc - Low carbs. Fish - Cod, tuna, salmon, shrimp - low to no carbs Peanut Butter - low carb (even the processed one) Don't dowse it all in oil, drink water and ICE juices. If you love seafood, its literally the seafood diet. Also given the options listed, you'll do fine. The average person has at tops, 5 different types of foods in their diet. Its all about adjusting.
  • Justice 4All
    Justice 4All 2 weeks ago FREE TO FAMILY me too!
  • Sabrina Mae
    Sabrina Mae 2 weeks ago Dirty keto here. “Dirty” just means I look past tract amounts of added starch or sugars in certain foods, and add them to my macros accordingly. Ex: the added to shredded cheese. True keto omits anything that contains “forbidden” ingredients, due to inflammatory response. Dirty keto does not mean I eat random junk and nothing but bacon and cheese. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • ChryssyChrys
    ChryssyChrys 4 months ago (edited) Bring Dr. Berg on the show!!!!! Stop dancing around him! He is the most knowledgeable about Keto. No disrespect to Dr. Axe. (Watch him occasionally) But when I need the skinny on Keto, It's Dr. Berg. He is the obvious choice. After reading some of the comments, it's pretty clear that anyone but Dr. Axe isn't the obvious choice. Stop ignoring the experts and report the facts.
  • Buncher Kev
    Buncher Kev 1 month ago I like burg for sure but the real keto guru is and will always be Thomas delauer👊👊 check him out.
  • Adam Parkar
    Adam Parkar 1 month ago but why dr axe walks like this???
  • Shaon Sarkar
    Shaon Sarkar 3 weeks ago Dr. Axe And Jordon Rubin anytime, anyday 🤚, the duo has changed my life🙏
  • Quinada Howard
    Quinada Howard 6 days ago Yes I agree I follow Dr. Berg 💪💪♥️♥️
  • J Swan
    J Swan 1 day ago @Buncher Kev His name is Berg.
  • Marcus Welby
    Marcus Welby 4 months ago Need Dr. Berg on their Dr. Oz.
  • Culinary Lion
    Culinary Lion 4 months ago Marcus Welby he was invited on a few years ago, took all his knowledge and then bumped him off. Not cool.
  • Marcus Welby
    Marcus Welby 4 months ago @Culinary Lion dang that's messed up.
  • mrsparex
    mrsparex 4 months ago @Culinary Lion They cancelled him after he spent a week prepping... used his topic with another doc and screwed it up BAD!
  • Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt 4 months ago @Culinary Lion Dr. Oz was afraid he would be made to look bad.
  • Richard Bruzzi
    Richard Bruzzi 4 months ago YESZZ!!!
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 4 months ago Berg is just as clueless about keto as Oz is. He's a snake oil salesman. Dr Berry is MUCH better
  • Austin Yipeo
    Austin Yipeo 4 months ago Marcus Welby he was but they copied his content and put a different doctor on giving false information
  • Sindy Quintero
    Sindy Quintero 4 months ago Darth Keto who is he ? Can u paste a link for him pleaseeeeeeeeee thanks :)
  • just Don't Let Daddy wait to Long
    just Don't Let Daddy wait to Long 4 months ago (edited) @Darth Keto How is Dr.Berg clueless when he Gives great content...
  • Austin Yipeo
    Austin Yipeo 4 months ago Sindy Quintero he has 2.2 million subscribers
  • Angel heart
    Angel heart 3 months ago @Darth Keto Dr Berry restate whatever Dr Berg says. I ve never heard something new from Dr Berry
  • Right Wing Radio
    Right Wing Radio 3 months ago Dr berg is not an actual doctor. That's why they cancelled his fraud ass.
  • Iridescence93
    Iridescence93 4 months ago Listen to Dr. Ken Berry instead of this guy. Avoiding processed food is good advice but you don't need all this fancy expensive grass fed wild caught stuff unless you are rich enough for it. Just eat real food and keep net carbs below 20g and fats high. Keto does not have to be super complicated or expensive. Many people want to sell you stuff.
  • Lam rof
    Lam rof 2 months ago fried cheese is not real food.
  • itsonlymyopinion ok
    itsonlymyopinion ok 2 months ago my thing is .. do people really weigh the cucumber they are gonna put in their salad.. do they weigh the lettuce too? .. i'm so f'n frustrated with all of it.. i'm gonna go for a drive and have a damn donut soon and just live my life.. not like I wear bikinis and need to flaunt around.. I just hate my stomach fat.. and want to lose a number of pounds.. i don't know man. sigh.
  • Iridescence93
    Iridescence93 2 months ago @itsonlymyopinion ok I think it's fine to estimate with green vegetables, a little extra broccoli or cucumber isn't going to knock you out of ketosis. Higher carb vegetables and fruits should be weighed out though.
  • Maddison by the Sea
    Maddison by the Sea 1 month ago Agree Dr. Ken Berry is fantastic!
  • Åsa Persson
    Åsa Persson 1 week ago @itsonlymyopinion ok i weigh my veggies lol
  • Anita Aubert
    Anita Aubert 4 months ago Where is Dr Berg ?
  • Danae Goliath
    Danae Goliath 4 months ago A wonderful doctor who’s been promoting keto on YouTube for a while.
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 4 months ago Hardly. He's clueless about keto. Dr Berry is MUCH better
  • Danae Goliath
    Danae Goliath 4 months ago (edited) Darth Keto He’s good too, but Oz stole from Dr Berg, not Dr Berry.
  • Lam rof
    Lam rof 2 months ago (edited) He is eating his 10 cups of leaf like a goat.
  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee 2 months ago Dr. Atkins did it for quite some time before
  • B Melt
    B Melt 4 months ago Beans are not keto. And even if you eat grass fed beef and wild salmon, you still have as much chance of getting the keto flu as someone doing dirty keto. Keto flu is an electrolyte issue, it's not about eating butter, cheese, and bacon. If anything these foods might help because of the higher salt content. Also too many keto desserts can stall weight loss. Many Americans can't afford grass fed beef or wild salmon. You don't have to have those to do keto. Dr. Westman has talked about this. Dr. Oz has been talking alot about keto on his show lately. But alot of his information is confusing. He's obviously doing this for ratings and not really doing his own in depth studies or applying it to his own life. I'm not impressed.
  • Thomas Keets
    Thomas Keets 4 months ago B Melt, It’s true. When I first started keto I got the “keto flu” and I was eating whole clean foods. It’s not avoidable sometimes. I believe it has to do with the body switching fuel sources from burning glucose to using ketones.
  • brianq103
    brianq103 4 months ago @Wayne Herron cream of tartar for the potassium. I'm not a genius; just watched the video 2 minutes ago.
  • Erika Dagel
    Erika Dagel 3 months ago Totally agree
  • envyandgreed15
    envyandgreed15 3 months ago i just looked to see how many sat fats my breakfast had of an open weave bacon sandwich . 3 strips of bacon ,2 eggs fried in coconut oil and 2 slice of american cheese. it had 13 all together. now obviously i wouldn't go eat 3 of those day . but i can still have spinach with seasoning and brocolli and then my wild caught pink salmon and have like 2 .
  • Lam rof
    Lam rof 2 months ago Beans are food and they are good. There is not much food out there non Keto except sugar, grains and starches. In moderation ever food is Keto.
  • Danae Goliath
    Danae Goliath 4 months ago You need to apologize to Dr Berg. I’ve lost so much respect for what you did to him.
  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 4 months ago Axe made a rookie mistake promoting beans and legumes for Keto protein.
  • ChryssyChrys
    ChryssyChrys 4 months ago That is because his channel is focused on healing the body with foods..He is NOT the obvious choice for KETO. Dr. Berg is clearly the choice!
  • Corinna Shaw
    Corinna Shaw 3 months ago I don't trust him. Too much pseudoscience on his blogs.
  • Lam rof
    Lam rof 2 months ago legumes and beans are good. Stop acting like a cult. A cup of beans will be good for you, neither will it take you out of Ketosis.
  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 2 months ago Lam rof Beans brand the magical fruit right??.... ever wonder why so many people have digestive issues with beans? They even make OTC medicine to counter the NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS from beans. Research Kidney bean toxicity - it’s a real thing. Good luck to you.
  • Jay ParaOz
    Jay ParaOz 2 months ago (edited) Lam Rof not all beans are good, the key to keto - look at sugar and carb content keep it super low.
  • Wendy Witchner
    Wendy Witchner 2 months ago (edited) No beans😳how did the Mexicans survive🤔
  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 2 months ago Not easily. Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico, according to the World Health Organization. @Wendy Witchner
  • Wendy Witchner
    Wendy Witchner 2 months ago I am what I am 🤔Beans are a diabetes super food. The American Diabetes Association advises people with diabetes to add dried beans or no-sodium canned beans to several meals each week. They are low on the glycemic index and can help manage blood sugar levels better than many other starchy foods.
  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 2 months ago @Wendy Witchner We're talking about being in ketosis which means you need to have less than 40 grams of carbs per day (preferably as low as 20 for weight loss) with at least 70% of caloric intake as healthy fats. Just 1 cup of black beans contains 46 grams of carbs and zero fat. That's opposite of Keto friendly . Also the ADA is wrong and not effective becasue it they did any good, America wouldn't have 80 million people walking around prediabetic. It's not that beans are bad, but they're not good on a Keto diet. They're certainly not a super-food either. Some of the most dangerous allergic reactions in the world are caused by wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. Look up the "big 8" which are the top 8 foods most commonly associated with food allergies. The seed family makes up 50% of this list....
  • Sharon Prouse
    Sharon Prouse 5 days ago Popeye needs to eat more spinich
  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 5 days ago @Sharon Prouse Toot Toot ;)
  • Fernanda Kokubo
    Fernanda Kokubo 4 months ago They should have called Dr. Berg or Dr Eric Westman.
  • KETO Diamond Channel
    KETO Diamond Channel 2 months ago I love keto! 122 pounds down! No more meds! I teach it to everyone who needs me! I vlog my food and journey everyday!
  • Jerry Singer
    Jerry Singer 1 month ago Hi I want to start the keto diet but I don't know what to do how long did you have to be on the keto diet to lose 122 lb could you please tell me
  • KETO Diamond Channel
    KETO Diamond Channel 1 month ago @Jerry Singer I've been keto 19 months. The 1st 100 came off in a year. Click my name and it'll take you to my chan. I got how to playlists and my email is in the description of each vid
  • Andrea Carrizal
    Andrea Carrizal 4 months ago Dr. Axe sold out to Dr. Oz. Dirty keto? All I know with Dr. Eric Berg is clean keto.
  • Andrea Carrizal
    Andrea Carrizal 4 months ago Intermittent fasting!?
  • graceaware
    graceaware 4 months ago You lost me on legumes. They are too high in carbs to move you towards ketogenic adaptation. Dr. Axe doesn't know
  • Nakia Guy [Student]
    Nakia Guy [Student] 4 months ago graceaware Dr. Berg even said you can fit beans into your macros if you have met your weight loss goal. It is in one of his “Can I have...on keto” videos. You can have them after you’ve adapted.
  • Bid Now
    Bid Now 4 months ago @Nakia Guy [Student] "Some people" may be able to have beans and their higher carb count (and remain in ketosis,) but not most. Dr. Volek confirmed that people who have had T2D or were severely obese for a while, may never be able to have over about 35g of carbs a day and remain in nutritional ketosis. That is really not a lot of wiggle room for beans, as most of that carb allowance is best allocated to "clean" vegetables and perhaps a bit of fruit. If Dr. Berg means that some may choose to move away from keto after achieving their weight goal and increase their carb intake afterwards (aka Atkins method) then that is true.
  • Steve WK
    Steve WK 4 months ago Lentils are pretty low carb/low glycemic for a legume......
  • joemann7971
    joemann7971 3 months ago Well, technically, peanuts are legumes and they are keto friendly, but that's probably the only legume that would be OK. Even lentils would be too high in carbs.
  • Lam rof
    Lam rof 2 months ago people think putting one piece of bean in their mouth will put them out of Ketosis. lol. Beans are good for you. eat them in moderation, watch the carbs and sugar. That is it.
  • jennifer wellman
    jennifer wellman 4 months ago I've been doing keto for over 15 weeks, and I've lost 33 pounds and kept it off. It's the only diet ( healthy weight loss lifestyle ) that's worked for me.
  • Katherine
    Katherine 4 months ago DR. Berg is the Best!!
  • Erin Richardson
    Erin Richardson 2 months ago Everyone has little weight loss hacks they use. Mine is the keto booster from
  • Well Favoured
    Well Favoured 2 months ago @@Erin Richardson please, are those testimonies from real? Please i need sincere answer. Again, can they ship to Nigeria? Thanks
  • diana k
    diana k 1 month ago @Well Favoured they are just selling stuff, more than likely it's not real. There is no shortcuts (tablets etc) that have been proven to work, if there were, nobody would be fat because everyone would be taking them, so don't waste your money.
  • Well Favoured
    Well Favoured 1 month ago @diana k really? One has to be careful. Thank you.
  • Product reviewer uk
    Product reviewer uk 3 weeks ago Keto pills are a scam
  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 4 months ago Whole foods with minimal processing is always the healthy way to go
  • Darth Keto
    Darth Keto 4 months ago Meat is the way to go
  • Jill Hollon
    Jill Hollon 4 months ago @Darth Keto ...straight to the Emergency Room
  • A - A - RON
    A - A - RON 4 months ago @Jill Hollon lol, "what the health" is propaganda.
  • A - A - RON
    A - A - RON 4 months ago @Jill Hollon lol, "what the health" is propaganda.