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What 2000 Calories Look Like on Most Popular Diets

Published on Jan 31, 2019 1,332,023 views

What 2000 Calories Look Like on four of the Most Popular Diets - Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Fast Food. We show not only the calories but also popular recipes and a brief breakdown on what the diets do, their benefits and their potential drawbacks.

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  • David Montoya
    David Montoya 3 months ago Man looking at the size of 2,000 calories ,I must be eating like 5,000 😅
  • Metalhead Hippie
    Metalhead Hippie 3 months ago Same
  • Hugo Fraga
    Hugo Fraga 3 months ago 😂😂
  • Alina Nicoleta
    Alina Nicoleta 3 months ago Or just avoid fried meat/food, unlike in the video. Grill the meat or use the oven. Use rapeseed oil when cook. :D
  • Magnum Infinitum
    Magnum Infinitum 3 months ago To be fair they used pretty much oil
  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 3 months ago This is for the average human though. It doesn't account for active lifestyles
  • Naraku1987
    Naraku1987 3 months ago @Alina Nicoleta So true. I think the amount of meat used there for one day lasts me 3 days ^^
  • Cris Lopez
    Cris Lopez 3 months ago Alina Nicoleta DO NOT USE CANOLA OIL it’s rancid and super inflammatory, watch how it’s made please I beg you!
  • Rasmus Lindved
    Rasmus Lindved 3 months ago @Alina Nicoleta olive oil is better since it produces less trans fat
  • Josh Johnston
    Josh Johnston 3 months ago @Rasmus Lindved sorry man. Olive oil sucks for cooking. Smoke point is too low. You cannot properly sautee or stir fry with it. It's a finishing oil, not a cooking oil.
  • Emily Slaton
    Emily Slaton 3 months ago I’m a nutrition student and all my nutrition professors (with PhDs in nutrition) have said time and again that keto and paleo are most definitely not healthy diets!! Vegan diets are healthy as long as they are well balanced and so is the Mediterranean diet.
  • Novusod
    Novusod 3 months ago The body won't absorb all the calories it takes in especially if your diet is high in fiber. The fiber will flush out the calories before they can be absorbed. People can eat 3000 to 4000 calories if it is balanced with the right amount of fiber. Also certain genetics will prevent the absorption of excess calories though usually at a health cost. The genes that prevent the absorption of calories also cause diseases such as Chrone's disease and IBS.
  • Rasmus Lindved
    Rasmus Lindved 3 months ago @Novusod so true, I was out traveling and only ate 1 meal a day, didn't have any waste in my system, so it took 4 days before i needed to hit the toilet
  • Subb
    Subb 3 months ago ​@Emily Slaton Maybe you should share WHY they think so instead of just their opinions. There are well-educated people on both sides of the aisle.