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What 2000 Calories Look Like on Most Popular Diets

Published on Jan 31, 2019 1,512,053 views

What 2000 Calories Look Like on four of the Most Popular Diets - Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Fast Food. We show not only the calories but also popular recipes and a brief breakdown on what the diets do, their benefits and their potential drawbacks.

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  • Bakusen
    Bakusen 2 months ago I follow the money diet. Eat what I can afford :(
  • Ar Nu
    Ar Nu 2 days ago super
  • Mason K. Wilson
    Mason K. Wilson 4 days ago I follow that too, but that doesn't mean fast food. You can get healthy food for cheap. I drink alot of smoothies, eggs (that I raise), vegetables (both store bought, and what we raise) and meat. We hunt for most of our meat. I also go fishing alot. Gonna raise meat chickens soon too.
  • Myzka
    Myzka 1 week ago Emmanuel Goldstein i grew up pretty shitty in america. just because we are in the richest country doesnt mean we all are wel off. I couldnt afford milk or eggs growing up, so for breakfast we would use food stamps to get a box of cereal and used koolaid instead. Koolaid was 68cents per gallon while milk was 3 dollars per gallon. People struggle and yall just dont understand because you grew up well off.
  • Ming Lu
    Ming Lu 2 weeks ago The most hilarious comment😂😂
  • Saddy
    Saddy 1 month ago Just do what's best for you
  • Eve Lyn
    Eve Lyn 1 month ago @1000000 subscribes with TWO Videos Computers and internet aren't that expensive. A lot of people have extended family members who give them computers and internet and if you're on a bursary at school or university they'll give you one to use connection by me is like R500 a month for uncapped data which is not a lot of in dollars trust me my currency is shit. It's essential for school work so it's something you can put ahead of having luxurious foods.
    BLOOD RED BLOOD 1 month ago @Femme Handsome The only reason they are considered poor in america is because they have less money than everyone else IN AMERICA. Even the poor in america are living better than 99% of people in every third world country. The only ones that are actually poor by a global standard are homeless people.
  • Gagan Singh
    Gagan Singh 1 month ago When i have money i find nothing interesting to eat but when i ran out of money everything is tempting. 😂😂
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    Emmanuel Goldstein 1 month ago @Femme Handsome Of course there are, genious. But if can't spend a few dollars a month to buy eggs, potato, rice, beans and basic callories thenyou're not poor, you're homeless or a drug addict. With $50 dollars, you can have food third world country people dream of. In my country, a supermarket trolley full of food would cost almost a thousand of our currency, while it would only be 150/200 dollars max in the States. Food there is inexpensive, make use of it, not everyone has that luxury. if you don't have 100 dollars to spend a month to prepare your food, something is very wrong with your life
  • Ina Kreka
    Ina Kreka 1 month ago Same
  • Femme Handsome
    Femme Handsome 1 month ago yes there are no poor ppl in America 🙄🙄🙄🙄 /sarcasm And you cant own a computer/smartphone that MOST PPL NEED IN ORDER TO WORK and also have the tightest budget? You guys clearly dont know what poverty looks like =_=
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    Emmanuel Goldstein 1 month ago You live in one of the richest countries on earth. Food in America is so damn cheap it's a joke. Stop making excuses and prepare your food
  • Get_Shanked
    Get_Shanked 1 month ago Bakusen so prolonged fasting?
  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata 2 months ago (edited) iifmw if it fits my wallet so do i, from studenthood, till now. its the best way to avoid liquidity deficit👍. one should not shed ones future investments. ....... ah..... why were we trying to use up our calorie investments again? jokes aside, one can only do what one can. do what you can, for the rest, lets see what life might bring new, who knows. no need to add useless stress to lifes mixer.
  • MrCervantesent
    MrCervantesent 2 months ago @1000000 subscribes with TWO Videos You know there are apartment complexes that have computers with internet connection for the tenants, right? They're crap and slow, but it's better than nothing when you're on a budget.. lol
  • Miranda Osmelak
    Miranda Osmelak 2 months ago And all sorts of seasonal produce and frozen goods, green peas, frozen berries, frozen spinach etc.
  • Miranda Osmelak
    Miranda Osmelak 2 months ago Aaa and all sorts of dried beans and lentils, also pretty cheap in bulk.
  • Miranda Osmelak
    Miranda Osmelak 2 months ago Keep up, don't spend your energy on dwelling on your bad diet, think of ways to improve your situation and do not waste energy on people who clearly do not understand:) yes, buying a loaf of cheap toast bread and a tin of pate is a lot cheaper than a salad, 100% agreed. Cheap healthier alternatives you may want to check out: Organ meat like livers and heart Oatmeal purchased in bulk Tinned fish like pilchards, tinned salmon or mackerel Root veggies like carrots, parsnips, potateos Linseed purchased in bulk is actually really cheap and is one of the best from nuts/seeds category Keep up and all the best for you:*!
  • Bakusen
    Bakusen 2 months ago @Lonewolf 718 bruh with the money for a salad I can buy a whole bead and a can of pate. That will last me at least 3 meals
  • Lonewolf 718
    Lonewolf 718 2 months ago @Bakusen veggies n oatmeal aren't expensive. Poverty isn't an excuse for eating incorrectly
  • Bakusen
    Bakusen 2 months ago @1000000 subscribes with TWO Videos or just use a public pc with internet...
  • 1000000 subscribes with TWO Videos
    1000000 subscribes with TWO Videos 2 months ago Yet you have a computer and an internet connection
  • Dindu
    Dindu 2 months ago In which case you'll want to avoid fast foods. You can afford WEEKS worth of grains for the price of a fast food meal.
  • Im too tanky
    Im too tanky 3 months ago "only foods that were available during paleo times", proceeds to eat almond flour pancakes with maple syrup and fried chicken, LMAO WHAT??!!
  • J Donner
    J Donner 1 day ago @Miranda Nascimento evidently you. A lot.
  • Miranda Nascimento
    Miranda Nascimento 1 week ago who the fuck cares you piece of shit?
  • Luís Henriques
    Luís Henriques 2 weeks ago @glasslinger He is not, man. If you believe in God, you surely believe He/She gave us the power to understand Nature. Science is all God's work. But we digress :D
  • Saphire Tiger
    Saphire Tiger 3 weeks ago @Luke Schafer what di you mean there were jo mass sources of almonds to make flours,maple syrup LMAO but the fried chicken was ok
  • Emperor NiteByte
    Emperor NiteByte 1 month ago @wen u see fresh meme wat
  • Emperor NiteByte
    Emperor NiteByte 1 month ago @Christian Lamprecht I'm Christian and it's much longer than 10,000 years friend
  • J T
    J T 1 month ago @Luke Schafer your an idiot. The whole idea is avoiding processed foods... so how the fuck is almond flour that has been bleached, Turkey bacon which is processed Paleo..
  • China Rodriguez
    China Rodriguez 1 month ago This was paleo INGREDIENTS with a modern day dish STYLE to it.
  • 11Dubs30
    11Dubs30 1 month ago Yeah just a total shit video from start to finish
  • Hersho Barazi
    Hersho Barazi 1 month ago @Christian Lamprecht quotes the bible yet talks about "making sense" LMAO
  • Mariana Vasylkova
    Mariana Vasylkova 1 month ago Also wine
  • hal lourious
    hal lourious 1 month ago And mushrooms with wine ;)
  • Giovanni Jackson
    Giovanni Jackson 1 month ago I’m like they had sugar back then
  • glasslinger
    glasslinger 2 months ago @Christian Lamprecht You are brainwashed. Follow god not religion.
  • Inimitaxble x
    Inimitaxble x 2 months ago Luke Schafer you know, i’m pretty sure to make bread u use only paleo ingredients. Im just sayin
  • Varinz
    Varinz 2 months ago @Christian Lamprecht I'm so sorry, I REALLY wanted to give you a laugh react for that comment, but Youtube hasn't evolved to that point yet xD
  • KichaChildx
    KichaChildx 2 months ago Luke Schafer r/wooosh
  • wen u see fresh meme
    wen u see fresh meme 2 months ago @Christian Lamprecht you are a dog
  • Luke Schafer
    Luke Schafer 2 months ago @Christian Lamprecht it's not assumptions, it's empirical evidence that you choose to ignore
  • Christian Lamprecht
    Christian Lamprecht 2 months ago Paleo makes the least sense of all the diets since God already told us what to eat and we dont need to rely on assumptions of what we think we used to eat "10000" years ago since God already told us in his Word how old the earth really is and yet people choose to ignore Him and His Son that was sent to atone for our sins and the forgiveness and salvation He offers by faith through the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Luke Schafer
    Luke Schafer 2 months ago @c00t999 again, you can make or buy bacon using only "paleo" ingredients. The point isn't to emulate a pre-agriculture diet, it is to eat a diet consisting of only, or mostly, nutritionally dense foods, while minimising foods with negative health effects. Disclaimer, I don't consider myself 'paleo' (by definition I am not, but I learned a lot and am way healthier based on learning from it
  • c00t999
    c00t999 2 months ago The bacon is processed...not Paleo in the slightest.. lazy work man
  • Lore Lange
    Lore Lange 2 months ago @Luke Schafer omg chill, open your mind, it was not that serious 😒
  • Luke Schafer
    Luke Schafer 2 months ago Don't be so friggin narrow minded. The ingredients were paleo, not the preparation. NOTE: While I think Paleo is healthier than most alternative diets, this comment isn't meant to support it, just pointing out how stupid some people can be when it comes to interpreting this stuff
  • Jacob Alvarez
    Jacob Alvarez 2 months ago ***and Turkey bacon....
  • NoMy
    NoMy 2 months ago hahaha :D
  • This statement is false:
    This statement is false: 4 months ago My diet is a combination of all these four diets. Basically I eat fries.
  • 타라 Tara
    타라 Tara 2 weeks ago Is it me or do I hate processed, greasy and sugary foods. Just me ok.
  • legendddhgf
    legendddhgf 4 weeks ago That's not keto friendly
  • Saddy
    Saddy 1 month ago You can't eat fries on keto
  • Didi Osuji
    Didi Osuji 1 month ago me when i was vegan lol
  • CommandoJenkins
    CommandoJenkins 1 month ago You can actually lose a ton of weight eating baked potatoes for 2 weeks straight. Go watch the Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith podcast where Kevin Smith talks about his diet after having a heart attack.
  • Deborah O.
    Deborah O. 2 months ago This statement is false: VEGAN! 😄🍟
  • Clio Lasht
    Clio Lasht 3 months ago No potatoes or beans in Keto. :[ I think I'll be healthy swapping all of the diets up
  • Cris KP
    Cris KP 3 months ago Ah yes...the fries from the paleo era were delicious!
  • Rock Heiland
    Rock Heiland 3 months ago Fries are not keto friendly 😉
  • Donna Morrow
    Donna Morrow 3 months ago @Uym O - Well bummer! I forgot about that. LOL!!
  • Uym O
    Uym O 3 months ago (edited) @Donna Morrowmost chocolates in the market have milk
  • Ididnthearyou what
    Ididnthearyou what 3 months ago Zucchini fries tho?
  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams 3 months ago That's probably the safest, and has the least risk of having some mystery ingredient. I like fries too.
  • Donna Morrow
    Donna Morrow 3 months ago @This statement is false: Fries and chocolate. 100% plant based diet. Yuppers. :) :) :)
  • Domina Luxxie
    Domina Luxxie 4 months ago Lol
  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon 5 months ago 90% of the comments are about how he made vegan food look bad
  • Dino
    Dino 4 days ago @Ted Tran thank you so much for this. Like being vegan isn't about sitting with fancy fucking boxed Mac and cheese and going to resteraunts that sucker people for money. Hell the junk food vegan food is not even vegan. Want to trade animal abuse with child labor? That's how you do it. These fancy vegan products are capitalist bullshit, this guy made actual vegan food that will sustain someone without supporting capitalist bullshit and keep you healthy. Vegan isn't a lifestyle anymore, it's an Instagram fad.
  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox 1 week ago Countess D All of these ignorant Mexican Americans trying to represent Mexico as if they were ambassadors, all they do is follow the stereotypes and think that’s “being Mexican”.
  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox 1 week ago JD Perez Lol “as a Mexican”, what does being Mexican have to do with diet?
  • K S
    K S 3 weeks ago (edited) Lol I see a lot of triggered non vegans on here saying how triggered vegans are, who cares what foods other people eat ? Eat what you enjoy and remember it’s only food, it’s a fuel to give us energy to live our lives, it’s not our lives.
  • Helmholtz
    Helmholtz 3 weeks ago @M.B. Vegetarian food ONLY makes people angry and frustrated. You're the proof of that:)
  • Brian Ferry
    Brian Ferry 4 weeks ago Idk I thought he made all if the diets look pretty tasty lol. Minus the fast food, it always looks the same going in as it does coming out.
  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 1 month ago @Eddie Mckay What a waste of time.
  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 1 month ago That's because he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, so why not teach someone so they know better? :-) No harm done.
  • Yanuario Arias
    Yanuario Arias 1 month ago you don't have to try to make vegan food bad it is band and its also bad for you.
  • I have a small dick but,
    I have a small dick but, 1 month ago @PoutineProductions Same, I hope one day I have the will-power to become vegetarian. I don't really mind dairy as long as it brings no harm to the livestock, but we should try to fight for a world where animals don't have to die when we have an alternative
  • PoutineProductions
    PoutineProductions 1 month ago I would do vegan if I didn't hate basically all non-dairy products and fruit. Some vegan dishes are really good but for it depends on the seasoning. I love flavors. Salty & spicy stuff.
  • I have a small dick but,
    I have a small dick but, 1 month ago JD Perez And for the rest of us we’d prefer not eating your sloppy greasy shit
  • Bel Sheahan
    Bel Sheahan 1 month ago loadz03 name one food a healthy vegan diet is deficient in.
  • Bel Sheahan
    Bel Sheahan 1 month ago Hell o oh god no. Plain vegetables won’t get you all your nutrients. Legumes, seeds and fruits are all good but we don’t just eat raw food, at least normal vegans. Bread, rice, pasta and tofu are a must for most. Vegan butters, plant milks and meat substitutes too, for me.
  • glasslinger
    glasslinger 2 months ago @JD Perez And a big plate of beef fajitas to go along with them! Yummy! He, he, he!
  • Defeqel
    Defeqel 2 months ago I thought the foods looked great, and I'm not a vegan or vegetarian. The concerns brought up were valid, and very good information for vegans who are unaware.
  • Shane Taft
    Shane Taft 2 months ago Serina_makeup _mama cause he’s flabby AF buff dudes my ass
  • Hell o
    Hell o 2 months ago @Ovidiu Kilingher usually vegans don't eat that kind of processed food, they enjoy vegetables by themselves
  • Billy Von Der Burg
    Billy Von Der Burg 2 months ago @loadz03 ignorant
  • Helena_NOR
    Helena_NOR 2 months ago (edited) @nicolle n. I want to fry and eat that bunny in your picture. Tasty meat