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The Suffering Painfully Doomed Shadow Show 1&2 (2006)

Published on Jan 1, 2018 30,559 views

Sonic and Mario at the london olympics run into technical issues and my next new parody is still a few weeks from completion, so here's another re-upload request. My most popular collab with Alex.
Didn't age very well with the pop culture references and Emo humor. Especially since Shadow wasn't so much Emo as more Edgey. Oh well... Still there's a decent "Shadow the Hedgehog in 10 minutes" hidden underneath the more random Evil Doc Humor.

  • minigunexo
    minigunexo 1 year ago I remember this one, ancient gold right here.
  • AE Double
    AE Double 1 year ago This sure takes me back.
  • Takashi Kurisagi
    Takashi Kurisagi 1 year ago Frob Man ikr
  • XelchanTheBrave
    XelchanTheBrave 1 year ago (edited) Your description did remind me this cartoon came out pretty much at the start of the emo craze in Europe. The memories! Still, even if it's tied to its time, it' still pretty darn funny imo, and a good parody.
  • gary merasty
    gary merasty 2 months ago Really eh. Tell me all about it when you remember it's name
  • hedgehogsonic11
    hedgehogsonic11 1 year ago THE BLOB STILL EATS US
  • haroon cookiez
    haroon cookiez 1 year ago hedgehogsonic11 yeah
  • Cyaned
    Cyaned 1 year ago This is definitely a classic.
  • Alex Sung
    Alex Sung 1 year ago 18:47 I like the reference you made of the mistranslation from the original Japanese dialogues.
  • RarefoilB
    RarefoilB 1 year ago Oh thank God you re-uploaded this. The original uploads were like watching animated polluted scummy water today, and it was such a startling revelation to watch it on Newgrounds in high quality I was considering recording and uploading it to YouTube myself just to do this fairly funny animation justice. Now I don't have to.
  • Cool Kid95
    Cool Kid95 1 year ago First 2018 video I've seen
  • Cool Kid95
    Cool Kid95 1 year ago TripleJump the video I saw in 2018
  • TripleJump
    TripleJump 1 year ago Cool Kid95 No. It's a 2006 video.
  • Mr ChrisSir
    Mr ChrisSir 1 year ago Holy cow, I remember watching this a decade ago!! oh memories. :')
  • Dood Claw
    Dood Claw 1 year ago Thanks for fulfilling the request, happy 2018~! It has aged but some scenes, like the"I won't be a Luigi anymore" speech, are still hilarious.
  • Angel
    Angel 1 year ago The Part with Amy were so funny!
  • Hun Lepto
    Hun Lepto 1 year ago I always love how in Sonic stories, you can always point out some plotholes and make fun of them. I mean seriously, do the writers reread their stories before submitting them? If I do a story, I try my hardest to not make a plothole in it, not leave them out, because I think everyone is dumb enough to not see them.
  • Hun Lepto
    Hun Lepto 1 year ago (edited) Time traveling in Sonic stories is never explained fully and are sometimes badly executed, which is why I think Sonic games shouldn't have those. I never said minor plotholes are bad, they can be usually explained, but when a major plothole affects the main story, that's no good. Atleast SA games cared with all of the characters, even with Big the Cat. Even 06 cared with the characters as much as with Sonic. Well, maybe Knuckles had like 6 lines in the game that was in the cutscenes, but it didn't really affect the story, because the story wasn't about him. That's why I want a new 06 type of game with a better story that doesn't have time traveling and doesn't look like a fanfic.
  • Rainpooper
    Rainpooper 1 year ago Hun Lepto I doubt that you‘d be able to always successfully catch and avoid every single plothole within your work. But you don’t have to, minor plotholes aren’t too bad, you won’t even be able to avoid them when you’re f.e. writing a time travel story. As long as they fall under the category of Fridge Logic, meaning that things still make enough sense(no obvious contradictions/inconsistencies, etc.) and that there’s enough stuff going on to distract from them so the audience will most likely not notice the holes until they think about it afterwards, you should be fine. As the Nostalgia Critic once said: „Don’t complain that you could see the puppeteer during the puppet show, instead criticize that you focused more on him than you did on the puppet.“ That’s what in my eyes makes the plotholes in something like the SA games a lot more excusable than the ones from this one or the Sonic Rush games that definitely needed a proof read. But I guess there were just too many stories in ShTH to have enough time to make all of them logically tie into each other. Just like with time travel, I think with a concept like this is bound to have at least some plotholes in it.
  • Hun Lepto
    Hun Lepto 1 year ago It's the same for movies too sometimes. Still, a writer is hired to write a good story, he or she has no other job than just writing. Okay, maybe sometimes they can have multijobs, but still if they want their job right, they have to imagine the story they wrote, question themselves about everything that seems out of place and fix it. Atleast Shadow the Hedgehog game had the other characters with you, they even helped you out, but in Forces, it's "Sonic, help me!" "Sonic, we are in danger!", they basically act like they can't fight for themselves or solve their problems themselves. Look how coward Tails became lately. I know it's Sonic's franchise and all, but look at MLP:FiM for an example. They have six main characters, but they focus on the side characters too, they even gave the side and background characters an episode, where the main characters are totally pushed away. I just say that a rushed story with bad characterizing is always a bad story.
  • Roger van der Weide
    Roger van der Weide 1 year ago I suppose a problem with videogame stories is that they want to set up the conflict as quickly as possible to go to the next level, so they can't afford to worry about the small details.
  • Katie Baily
    Katie Baily 1 year ago Looking back at Shadow’s game, it easy to see that this was Sega jumping on the “edgy” bandwagon games were on at the time. It would’ve been cool if the game had been like this video and been a parody (see Conker) but that would involve clever writing. Something Sega can’t do for shit. Seriously with Sega it’s ridiculous melodrama or grade school humor and no in between.
  • imthinkinwacky
    imthinkinwacky 1 year ago Guess Sega saw how much cash Capcom was making off of Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3 and decided, "HEY! THEY'RE PRODUCING SMASH HITS FILLED WITH EDGE! LET'S RIDE ON THEIR SUCCESS!"
  • Rhett 8
    Rhett 8 1 year ago (edited) I tell you, for as odd/bad as the 4kids cast could be, they were the PERFECT voice actors to deliver this narrative the way it deserved (which is not to say it was the way it wanted to). I loved how of the wall goofy the story came across in its EARNEST attempts to be dark and edgy. Add that with Jason Griffith and pal's usual tonedeaf though passionate delivery, and you have the one redeeming factor of to come out of this game's mess of a tale.
  • Cosmic Fall
    Cosmic Fall 1 year ago Aaaah my favourite of your parodies! Loved this one! Thanks so much for re-uploading it! Any chance of you making another Shadow the Hedgehog in minutes at any point?
  • Cosmic Fall
    Cosmic Fall 1 year ago I'm looking forward to the Forces and Mania parodies :). I know I'd love to see another Shadow parody, I'd be interested to see how different it would be from these ones, given it's now over 10 years old and a collab. And of course, it's my favourite Sonic game.  Btw, is Evildoc still a thing? Or have you gone separate ways now?
  • Roger van der Weide
    Roger van der Weide 1 year ago Possible. For now I got my hands full on Forces and Mania, but I'd love to go back to Shadow.
  • Imageflexion Meowskivich Cartoons
    Imageflexion Meowskivich Cartoons 1 year ago not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite of your older stuff.
  • Lizard Life
    Lizard Life 1 year ago I'm still so mysterious! Time to cut myself!
  • Chris L
    Chris L 1 year ago 7:04 Someone invented the 🤔 back in the days.
  • Hun Lepto
    Hun Lepto 1 year ago I love how this one is almost 24 minutes long. A video can never be long enough if it has your animation style and humor:D
  • Genos Kun
    Genos Kun 1 year ago Never saw this before. What the burns weeds you take Roger Van?
  • Genos Kun
    Genos Kun 1 year ago Holy bananas, I don't expected you answer my ask. Nobody usually don't asnwer me. Thanks
  • Genos Kun
    Genos Kun 1 year ago Roger van der Weide I don't knew this fact and YouTube should enjoy more yours videos. Save from Portugal
  • Roger van der Weide
    Roger van der Weide 1 year ago I'm autistic, I don't need weed.