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Asmongold Horde Mount Off! Second in the History of wow BFA!

Published on Oct 13, 2018 509,706 views

Asmongold has only done 2 Mount offs in wow bfa, and this is the second! More black proto drakes in one place than ever before! Asmongold was losing fate in the Horde but a few select players with a lot of mounts seems to have restored Asmongolds faith in the Horde being able to pull off a mount off! battle for azeroth mounts are getting pretty common, but do they have them all? wow bfa might not have the greatest content, but it sure got some pretty decent mounts!

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I had to edit some audio out cause the song at 20 minutes is blocked in all countries, it made the audio for that part a bit wierd, sorry for the inconvenience.