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The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Fitness (That Nobody Is Talking About)

Published on Jul 11, 2019 351 views

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If your diet and workout plan is on point, and you're making strength gains in the gym, but you're STILL not seeing results, it's likely you're not getting enough sleep. Sleep is the most overlooked aspect of fitness, and is massively important for muscle growth and preservation. In this video, I go over studies that show how important sleep is for building muscle, and how to fall asleep faster and how to stay asleep for longer.
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Cole Hastings is a vegan bodybuilder/influencer whose passion is to educate people on how to become a successful plant based athlete, and help them become their best versions.

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  • Cole Hastings
    Cole Hastings 4 days ago More intro skits?
  • iBB0
    iBB0 3 days ago What is the optimal time to workout? Awsome vid btw will deffo try this stuff
  • Cole Hastings
    Cole Hastings 3 days ago And thanks!
  • Cole Hastings
    Cole Hastings 3 days ago Personally I workout after my first meal of the day but pretty much any time that's 3-5 hours before bed probably won't affect your sleep
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    The Rise Of Rookee 4 days ago Just watched your video 👌 Please have a look at our videos. We have a free app featuring over 250+ athlete workout and nutrition programs. Cheers!
  • DIY Fitness
    DIY Fitness 3 days ago I'm happy you brought this up..sleep is something most of us could use more of :)
  • Cole Hastings
    Cole Hastings 1 day ago Definitely now that it's harder to fall asleep these days
  • Zanshin64
    Zanshin64 4 days ago i like it 6 Mag ich Beste Grüße. 👍🥋🙋‍♂️🔔✌
  • Cole Hastings
    Cole Hastings 3 days ago Thank you