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Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)

Published on Apr 11, 2015 5,568,023 views

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 years ago (edited) I feel like Fort Minor is referring to Eminem in this one...
  • Jengo Fett
    Jengo Fett 1 year ago Anonymous User there's a small reference to NWA's "Gangsta Gangsta" in "not about the salary all about reality"
  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 1 year ago Just an Illegal sellin oranges also a KRS One reference “It’s not about the Salary it’s all about reality”
  • Jake The fox
    Jake The fox 9 months ago @Jengo Fett So... perhaps he's referring to Dre with this? "whether it's with the beat or the mic," "not about the salary all about reality," and "it's not about the salary it's all about reality"
  • Ansell Angelus
    Ansell Angelus 6 months ago Actually. If I remember correctly, each time a member starts singing about "him" they're in fact each referring to him*self* in the third person.
  • Atomic Sponge bob
    Atomic Sponge bob 5 months ago Anonymous User the beat make me think of lose yourself
  • Theodor
    Theodor 3 weeks ago @Ansell Angelus True