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The Perfect Diet For Building Muscle| Meal To Meal| Cooking Included

Published on Aug 20, 2017 1,960,709 views

*DISCLAIMER* This is my personal diet and the macros that worked for me.
Here is the full diet and all items were purchased for under $100.00

MEAL # 1 - 3 whole eggs, 150 grams egg whites, 10 grams coconut oil, 1 pack quaker protein oatmeal, 8 grams peanut butter

MEAL # 2 - 4 ounce 85% ground beef, 250 grams of jasmine rice, 10 grams of coconut oil

MEAL # 3 - 4 ounces chicken, 120 grams jasmine rice, 80 grams black beans

MEAL # 4 - 4 ounce chicken, 250 grams jasmine rice, 10 grams coconut oil

MEAL # 5 - 2 Scoops protein powder, 1 whole banana, 12 grams coconut sugar, 15 grams peanut butter, 10 grams raw honey, *Optional* 10 grams creatine powder

MEAL # 6 - 4 ounces chicken, 250 grams sweet potato, 15 grams peanut butter, 50 grams almonds

267 grams PROTEIN
405 grams CARBS
136 grams FAT

  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 10 months ago Kevin heart really put on gains.
  • Vinny Prada
    Vinny Prada 4 days ago You guys do realize that kevin hart is actually fucking ripped, and in really good shape right? Lol and as far as im concerned the initial comment was a joke. R/woooosh
  • NkrumahTure
    NkrumahTure 6 days ago (edited) TCthaCrisis Cause Kevin Hart is the non threatening black they tolerate, that's why. This man looks nothing like Kevin Hart.
  • Jason Kehoe
    Jason Kehoe 1 week ago LOL ikr
  • E50Zackery
    E50Zackery 1 week ago @TCthaCrisis Do Black people think every White person look like *(Insert some dumb actor)*? Really...Your stupid as fuck bro.
  • Kenan Aragon
    Kenan Aragon 1 week ago @Arvelonis ah shit, here we go again
  • Mantra God
  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 2 weeks ago @Tom Adamo he actually developed a love for fitness in recent years right?
  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 2 weeks ago (edited) @Arvelonis ahhh shit here we go again... Me when reading comments to my joke.
  • ellis phaz
    ellis phaz 2 weeks ago @TCthaCrisis He could be black... lol
  • Tom Adamo
    Tom Adamo 1 month ago I don't know if you guys know or not but Kevin Hart is actually pretty cut. You probably learn a thing or two after taking so many movie roles with the Rock
  • adiamondsmile
    adiamondsmile 1 month ago He’s way way cuter than Kevin Hart. Please!
  • glockstradamus 10mm
    glockstradamus 10mm 2 months ago Damn bunch of salty peeps in here..he did make a kevin hart lookin face somewhere in the video lol
  • Arvelonis
    Arvelonis 2 months ago Really? That's clearly cj from GTA San andreas
  • Hitlary Cunton
    Hitlary Cunton 2 months ago TCthaCrisis I’m white this man looks nothing like Kevin hart
  • S Li
    S Li 6 months ago Wtf? He looks nothing like Kevin Hart
  • Jordan W
    Jordan W 7 months ago I love some people. "Oh damn he's black - let's make a kevin heart joke". Fuck man, there's more resemblance to Susan Boyle than Kevin heart
  • aligboyakasha
    aligboyakasha 9 months ago Strength Team bruh these people ain't right lol
  • smont mstep
    smont mstep 9 months ago He looks nothing like Kevin heart
  • C J
    C J 9 months ago 😁😁😁😁
  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 9 months ago Nah not really just commented because the first clip I saw a resemblance the other vids I see he looks way dif
  • My Getaway
    My Getaway 9 months ago (edited) @TCthaCrisis no, but what you just said is racist.
  • TCthaCrisis
    TCthaCrisis 9 months ago Do white people think every black person look like Kevin Hart? I see a "he looks like Kevin Hart" on every video.
  • My Getaway
    My Getaway 9 months ago So it wasn't just me.
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 10 months ago Hahahahahahah, You going to learn today lol
  • Omer yarka
    Omer yarka 1 week ago For people who don’t got patience, I wrote everything exactly the way he was explaining it (Meal #1 - 3whole eggs 150grams egg whites, 10 grams coconut oil, 1 pack Quaker oatmeal, 8 grams peanut butter natural jif) (Meal #2 4oz=113 grams grown beef 250 grams of jasmine rice 10 grams coconut oil) (Meal #3 (4oz=113grams) of chicken 120grams of jasmine rice 80grams of black beans/broccoli.) (Pre workout meal. 1 hour before gym Meal #4 - (4oz=113grams) of chicken, 250grams of jasmine rice, 10 grams coconut oil) Meal #5 (Right after gym, drink post workout. 1 medium banana, 10 grams raw honey,12 grams of coconut sugar, 15 grams of natural jif peanut butter, 2 servings of protein powder, you can also put 10 grams of creatine it’s *optional*) Meal #6 - 1 hour after workout (4oz=113grams) of chicken, 250 grams of sweet potatoes, 15 grams of natural jif peanut butter, 50grams of almonds.) Daily total= 267 grams protein, 405 grams carbs, 136 grams fat Chicken breast 25-30min on 400degrees, chicken needs to be at least 165degrees
  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez 3 days ago Omer yarka thank you bro very kind Of you.
  • HotSizzleTV
    HotSizzleTV 6 days ago Omer yarka how would you do the macros if your trying to get to 180lbs /175lbs with 10-8%BF ?
  • r011ing_thunder
    r011ing_thunder 6 days ago Omer yarka bro thank you. I was following along your comment with the video made it easier to stay in it so thx again omer
  • Adam Botello
    Adam Botello 6 days ago Ty bro
  • Ashyour Hole
    Ashyour Hole 6 days ago Lol I’ll take the slick jab in exchange for the list. Thank you my man fr
  • Makaveli 205
    Makaveli 205 6 days ago @Adan Flores same man nun but beer nd junk food now I'm actually trynna get in shape
  • Adan Flores
    Adan Flores 6 days ago I want to lose my Billy fat.. But I drink alot of beer.not as much.tho maybe why I got a Lil Billy cuz I use to drink alot
  • Makaveli 205
    Makaveli 205 6 days ago This is all in one day?
  • Mike Pierre-Toussint
    Mike Pierre-Toussint 6 days ago Omer yarka thanks
  • dagoodnessone
    dagoodnessone 6 days ago make sure you note that the ground beef is 85/15
  • Omer yarka
    Omer yarka 6 days ago 3,921 calories
  • TheSahil360
    TheSahil360 6 days ago How many calories total for the day?
  • Omer yarka
    Omer yarka 6 days ago Hoolio Da Silva you too brother, god bless everyone !
  • Hoolio Da Silva
    Hoolio Da Silva 6 days ago Bless you, master.
  • Yan Ying
    Yan Ying 2 months ago You definitely didnt skip leg day
  • newest bear
    newest bear 4 days ago I've driven manual my whole life but my primary side is right and my left leg is noticeably stronger.
  • Helmi Trabelsi
    Helmi Trabelsi 1 week ago Leg day? May be leg second ! !
  • The Silent Gamer
    The Silent Gamer 1 week ago @Bob Ross No, my legs are thick boys and I could defo break someone's back with em
  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 1 week ago @The Silent Gamer thats why you'll always have toothpick legs!!! Leg days the best day!
  • The Silent Gamer
    The Silent Gamer 2 weeks ago I skipped leg day today, and did Bicep/Tricep workouts and a little back workouts to get bigget back and traps
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 2 months ago Yan, I don't even know how to skip leg day hahahahahah.
  • Flame Cactus
    Flame Cactus 1 month ago CJ* Prepping food “ Ahhh shit here we go again “
  • Logan Mannke
    Logan Mannke 5 days ago Back on grove street
  • ThrasH HarD
    ThrasH HarD 1 week ago Mission Passed! Respect +
  • Raekwon Scott
    Raekwon Scott 1 week ago This comment underrated af
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 1 month ago Gain Certified
  • TranceHD
    TranceHD 2 months ago A lot of this is good information. But you’re forgetting veggies. Super important for your digestive health. Throwing in something simple, even if frozen bought into the microwave will help you meet your micronutrient goals.
  • Something Something
    Something Something 1 week ago gxwild5 bum... zilla
  • gxwild5
    gxwild5 2 weeks ago @bumzilla 85 You sure are a bum, bumzilla
  • bumzilla 85
    bumzilla 85 2 weeks ago Shut up ... and sniff my ass
  • Ricardo Trevino
    Ricardo Trevino 3 weeks ago TranceHD I c veggies as fillers, like stuff to make u feel more full
  • Derick Secrist
    Derick Secrist 2 months ago Jack MeHoff for god sakes!!! Keto diet!!!!
  • Jimmy Schmidt
    Jimmy Schmidt 2 months ago Fiber is super important. Broccoli is best
  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 2 months ago (edited) @Derick Secrist for the love of God! Shut him up!
  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 2 months ago Black beans
  • Derick Secrist
    Derick Secrist 2 months ago For fuck sakes... just shut up
  • Red
    Red 2 months ago Derick Secrist lol
  • Derick Secrist
    Derick Secrist 2 months ago Shut up...
  • TheRuler OfAll
    TheRuler OfAll 2 months ago I was thinking the same, with his chicken and rice.
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 2 months ago I completely agree
  • Siddharth Chopra
    Siddharth Chopra 3 months ago His ascertain personality and very confident attitude is why I listen to him. I want this.
  • port nut
    port nut 1 week ago First guy that I found on here i enjoy listening to, he sure worked for it. Good quads btw
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 3 months ago The fact that you want it, let's me know that you are willing to work for it. I know you are going to make some serious gains so keep me psoted
  • Elias Pedroza
    Elias Pedroza 2 months ago This dude is gonna turn me into a beast
  • Derek Vannice
    Derek Vannice 1 week ago You gotta turn yourself into a beast. I don't eat any of this shit except eggs and coconut oil. It's not rocket science. Eat clean, track your macros and beast out in the gym.
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 2 months ago You already know.. I got everything you need on this channel. So only you are stopping yourself... Let's goooooooooooooo
  • TheRuler OfAll
    TheRuler OfAll 2 months ago By far the best video. No BS, no pushing certain brands. Just the stuff us everyday people can buy eat and follow. Much Mahaloz. Aloha from Hawaii🤙🏽
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 2 months ago I always keep it real and just tell you facts. I am not even huge on supplements and think food is the most important
  • Father Time
    Father Time 6 days ago His cheat meal is healthier than my healthy meal...?🤷‍♂️
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 5 days ago Hahahh, I use to be extremely strict hahahahh
  • Musket 2018
    Musket 2018 3 months ago You inspired me to spread peanut butter on my cooked chicken...amazing 💪
  • mujjuman
    mujjuman 1 week ago i cook chicken with peanut butter all the time it tastes great
  • Sangui
    Sangui 1 week ago WHAT??!!?LOL Any good? Did you put the peanut butter on before or after you cooked it?
  • J The Conqueror
    J The Conqueror 3 weeks ago @Strength Team There is a regional Peruvian dish which consists of this, actually! Chicken with a peanut butter based sauce smothering it (and I mean, smothering it, you can't even see the chicken). It's good!
  • mujjuman
    mujjuman 2 months ago We spread peanut sauce on chicken
  • Junior diaz
    Junior diaz 2 months ago Musket 2018 🤣
  • Maxandré Designs
    Maxandré Designs 2 months ago That sounds like Indonesian food... Saté. It's basically peanut grinded and mixed with herbs. The ancestor of peanut butter. Delicious!
  • Gregory King
    Gregory King 2 months ago @Strength Team peanut butter & sweet potatoes is life!
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 3 months ago WhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Now I am curious and will have to try it hahahah. I love it in my sweet potatoes though
  • Hazzi izzaH
    Hazzi izzaH 1 month ago Finally I found someone bruh....everybody got that long ass video and never says anything bout the food, thank u dude u r the one that helped me
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 1 month ago So glad you came across this videos Hazzi. I have several videos like this and they all are great. I have diets to build muscle, maintain and lose and get shredded and I show everything. Welcome to the family Hazzi, we all are glad to have you with us. Now lets get these gains. #StrengthTeam
  • Takaroku
    Takaroku 2 months ago Sucks that I’m allergic to bananas and peanut butter 🤦🏾‍♂️. My genes man
  • T Grits
    T Grits 2 days ago I'm sorry to hear that...bananas and peanut butter are bomb.
  • Brittney McKnight
    Brittney McKnight 3 days ago @Gackt could b food INTOLERANT not food allergy.. if it still affects the person's body then shouldn't force it.
  • Brittney McKnight
    Brittney McKnight 3 days ago Bless ur heart.
  • Demetrius McCray
    Demetrius McCray 1 week ago Almond butter and potassium from other sources, you’re good
  • glockstradamus 10mm
    glockstradamus 10mm 1 month ago @xan Man thanks bro!
  • xan Man
    xan Man 1 month ago @glockstradamus 10mm You've got the dopest screen name Home
  • Creflo BILL
    Creflo BILL 1 month ago @spikeyfish bullshit
  • Creflo BILL
    Creflo BILL 1 month ago @Gackt Exactly
  • Cedric Verner
    Cedric Verner 2 months ago Dude I'm allergic to gluten 😂
  • SwoleRadroach
    SwoleRadroach 2 months ago @Yuugen Oh yeah? What is real milk?
  • glockstradamus 10mm
    glockstradamus 10mm 2 months ago Peanut butter is straight trash im gona have to throw a whole can of grape jelly on that bitch
  • lol huilo
    lol huilo 2 months ago @Gackt dude, go read sum basic Pathophysiology of immune system, especially 4 types of hypersensitivity before saying stupid shit like this
  • Tahkmed L. Akbar
    Tahkmed L. Akbar 2 months ago Gackt Yeah great idea, go detox and then you’ll have no more allergies. I’ll be sure to let you know how that works for me after I get over the fake anaphylactic shock.
  • The Beast
    The Beast 2 months ago I think I'm allergic to fruit, they always make my throat itchy
  • Yuugen
    Yuugen 2 months ago @spikeyfish Like they say lactose tolerant but never drank real milk
  • spikeyfish
    spikeyfish 2 months ago @Gackt People with nut allergies literally die if they eat them. No detox will fix that.
  • Gackt
    Gackt 2 months ago detox your fukking body there is no such thing like allergies
  • Jii L
    Jii L 2 months ago Bananas? What in the hell
  • karwonethomas1980
    karwonethomas1980 2 months ago I don't c how anyone can thumbs down a positive or a video about mentally and physically helping u b a better person ppl r losers keep doing ur thing bro #salute
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 2 months ago People will hate just to hate but it's all good. Salute
  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz 2 months ago Thank you so much CJ
  • CurdlingMacabre on SoundCloud I’m a POS I know
    CurdlingMacabre on SoundCloud I’m a POS I know 1 month ago That’s pretty racist tbh
  • Felix-Antoine Pigeon
    Felix-Antoine Pigeon 2 months ago Rodrigo Diaz ah we go again
  • Alberto Bustillo
    Alberto Bustillo 1 week ago I like this guy this is what I've been looking for, for so long. Straight up diet. With details and everything.
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 1 week ago You are welcome Alberto... now go and get them gains
  • David Womack
    David Womack 3 months ago Bruh you definitely earned yourself another sub today. You got straight to the point with this vid which I absolutely loved. I feel like I can learn a lot from you
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 3 months ago Welcome to the family David... Here are a lot of other great diet videos for you check out and they all are extremely effective
  • Brandon Logan
    Brandon Logan 2 months ago this is a great video, exactly what i was looking for! thanks
  • TheTyWay
    TheTyWay 9 hours ago (edited) Handsome. Cute accent. Nice teeth. Informative video. Subscribing. Pls, no more chicken on the counter though. 😁
  • Neurotic Ninjah
    Neurotic Ninjah 3 months ago Him: Hey let me show you this no nonsense approach to eating clean and gaining muscle Also him: also watch me eat this chicken 😂😂 love this
  • Strength Team
    Strength Team 3 months ago Hahhhahahahahahah…. eating was my favorite part hahahhaha
  • J S
    J S 1 week ago “It’s gon’ be a slow process, but it’s gon’ be a great process.” Hell yeah let’s GET IT. 💪🏽
  • Strength Team