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Please Stop Talking #23 - Solid Milk

Published on Jul 14, 2018 37,832 views

Just poop sock it.

The Grinch:

The Shark:

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  • Ch
    Ch 11 months ago (edited) Avery: "Did we have stories that were not related to the Gorilla Channel?" Mandy: "I have more grinch pictures."
  • Blizzic
    Blizzic 11 months ago (edited) "Mandy, give us a cop story." "Oh! The shark! " Mandy is my favorite
  • critical caleb _
    critical caleb _ 10 months ago 38:09
  • Eie_Nuf
    Eie_Nuf 11 months ago Avery and Ed deadass act like a married couple
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago i swear this is the only podcast, actually the only thing i ever watch that makes ad reads entertaining
  • Raven Mare 420
    Raven Mare 420 10 months ago you should listen to bill burr's podcast
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago thanks
  • Savior
    Savior 11 months ago droop god sorry didn’t see that. Nice name tho
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago nigga i already said i watch the official podcast and i know
  • Savior
    Savior 11 months ago Watch the official podcast it’s not as good as this but the ad reads are great.
  • DieselBudgie
    DieselBudgie 11 months ago droop god Yeah, much the same kind of humour I guess. If only podcasts didn't take up so much time I'd listen to them all
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago its cool how we watch the same youtubers, shammy, jacksfilms and penguinz0
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago they do it alright but still kinda boring imo so i just skip past them
  • DieselBudgie
    DieselBudgie 11 months ago Gyn2-3 Yeah... They had been discussing nightmares in the podcast, and a minute or so later, Andrew or Jackson asked, 'What were we talking about again?' Then Charlie, without skipping a beat, busted out the greatest segue I've ever heard. 'We were talking about nightmares. And mine's not getting fresh ingredients delivered to my door from Blue Apron.'
  • Gyn2-3
    Gyn2-3 11 months ago The Official bois do it pretty good too
  • Pi'erre
    Pi'erre 11 months ago yeah i watch him everyday, still not as entertaining
  • DieselBudgie
    DieselBudgie 11 months ago (edited) droop god Jacksfilms usually incorporates his spicy humour into his sponsor ads quite cleverly. Check him out if you haven't already. I mean, not just to see his ads, of course...he's a hilarious youtuber with a huge track record.
  • Dylan Adams
    Dylan Adams 11 months ago The intro keeps getting more and more elaborate and I love it
  • the medic doge
    the medic doge 11 months ago And phantom blood is the worst jojo
  • the medic doge
    the medic doge 11 months ago Dylan Adams speed wagon is unimportant
  • Dex
    Dex 11 months ago (edited) I love mandy's stories because they always have pithy titles. The treaty of Canem, The Shark, The Thod. ITS AMAZING Edit: The Reaper has a scoville of 2.3 million
  • Dex
    Dex 10 months ago The Evil of Horses, Evil Horses, Horse Whore, Loco and the Butterfly
  • ҉
    ҉ 11 months ago AveryTV of the famous shammy YouTube channel, known for his amazing Garry's mod videos.
  • Cynic Blaze
    Cynic Blaze 11 months ago Don't you mean world renowned famous youtuber "HIIMCAPSLOCK"?
  • Thomas Vance
    Thomas Vance 11 months ago Idk? No love for David Tremblay of the famous audio engineer persona SirMeow, known for his amazing audio work?
  • Zerky sigma
    Zerky sigma 11 months ago "That guy shoved a shark into the air duct. I'm not sniffing his vial"
  • MetalGearLMAO
    MetalGearLMAO 11 months ago I’m convinced Ed isn’t human
  • Mclaren P1
    Mclaren P1 11 months ago (edited) Lit love u shammy XD "I'd wish u'd drown with those shower door" lol
  • HolidayCat
    HolidayCat 5 months ago @the medic doge Not in this convo but I must ask you why you think it's okay to police someone over an emoji?
  • Mclaren P1
    Mclaren P1 11 months ago the medic doge ok
  • the medic doge
    the medic doge 11 months ago minh thu vu please stop XDing in 2018 please and thank you
  • Electric
    Electric 11 months ago is raycevick going to be on the criminal cast?
  • Caleb BaumTM
    Caleb BaumTM 3 months ago Pusher _13 Make a YouTube channel so good it isn’t even legal
  • Pusher _13
    Pusher _13 4 months ago Electric what did raycevick do?
  • Philip Bacher
    Philip Bacher 11 months ago Electronic_Gaming I'M GLAD YOU ASKED
  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago (edited) This ad story is getting intense, possible boss battle at the end?!
  • Mark Spencer
    Mark Spencer 11 months ago You guys just rock so much and never fail to make me laugh like a lunatic. Easily my favourite podcast!
  • TheSkellingtonGhost
    TheSkellingtonGhost 11 months ago I think David has a scat fetish...
  • cartoon freack
    cartoon freack 11 months ago TheSkellingtonGhost nice
  • Russen Zock
    Russen Zock 11 months ago I was waiting for the explanation for "Solid Milk" in the title, i got the explanation, i nearly fell out of my chair from laughing so hard, oh my god, that story, it will be known by all one day, and when someone says "Solid Milk!" they will know what it mean.
  • Black
    Black 11 months ago (edited) Local Texan hates cheese, Refuses to not eat
  • Arkasubhro
    Arkasubhro 1 week ago @Ewan McCrae PUNK DUCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
  • Ewan McCrae
    Ewan McCrae 8 months ago DID SOMEONE SAY CHEESE
  • Black
    Black 11 months ago Marcel Saldaña he lives in Texas Therefore Texan
  • Marcel Saldaña
    Marcel Saldaña 11 months ago He is Portuguese you uncultured lore-ignorant swiiine
  • Ares Gortex
    Ares Gortex 11 months ago Mandalore is my favorite.
  • Angry Yogbuscus
    Angry Yogbuscus 11 months ago THIS IS RURAL IOWA!
  • Mason Dawson
    Mason Dawson 11 months ago I’m Glad you asked...
  • Russen Zock
    Russen Zock 11 months ago Honestly it would be so cool to see that catch on.
  • Chris Wolfe
    Chris Wolfe 11 months ago I think Brendaniel and Lord Mandalore should always be on together.