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Compelling Hero or Mundane Mary Sue? How do women really feel about Rey?

Published on Sep 10, 2018 184,966 views

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  • Reimagining Star Wars
    Reimagining Star Wars 10 months ago (edited) I want to thank Thor Skywalker again for being so generous. He once again he is giving Vega a voice. If you are interested in Star Wars Fan Fiction and Mandalorians check out this cool story:
  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 6 months ago Lucas needs to be president of the company to help them make Star Wars great once again. everything about Solo was bad except for the beginning of it. now I'll be honest that not all Jedi need to fail. but Rey needed training because it would allow her to develop the power of the force. I wont say Jedi do not need flaws. learning about the dark side can help padawan learners to rise above going down a dark path. Luke almost went over to the dark side on the second Death Star. the Emperor could have trained a new apprentice. Leia had visions before learning about the force which she develops over time we love her. Han learned there is more to life than money. I wanted a lot more scenes in the trilogy and see more of the worlds. Leia can be a role moddle for women of all ages. I want more female Jedi in movies plus more action in them. now Disney can take notes get tips from Lucus on what script to write out.