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Mad Maxine: Life is Tumblr

Published on Nov 25, 2015 1,616,127 views

"Square is basically the only publisher who didn't want to change anything about the game," Dontnod Creative Director Jean-Maxime Moris said. "We had other publishers telling us to make it a male lead character, and Square didn't even question that once."


English captions by Zelda Octo:

That track at 21:28: Lost DJ featuring Klaudia M. - Walking On Sunshine (Dj Sequence 'Candy' Remix)

  • Swooce God
    Swooce God 1 year ago Life is short: Chloe controls the gun and becomes a hella school shooter
  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex 1 week ago That would be hilarious 😂
  • Nate Manning
    Nate Manning 1 week ago (edited) AnIrishMusician As she was being taken away she was screaming about why men shouldn’t have rights and should all be executed and started trying to attack the officer that was arresting her.
  • *Steel Beam*
    *Steel Beam* 2 weeks ago LITERALLY
  • Walnut 1
    Walnut 1 3 months ago MAX-imum damage
  • Captain Weng
    Captain Weng 5 months ago (edited) HELLA!
  • Dead Children Playing
    Dead Children Playing 6 months ago best
  • LastLoneWolf FTW
    LastLoneWolf FTW 9 months ago Omfg I'm dying
  • AnIrishMusician
    AnIrishMusician 9 months ago CNN reports the news. Headline reads: Steampunk totally hella rips through the haters with a STOOPID GUHN!
  • cosmicnerd
    cosmicnerd 10 months ago HELLA cool
  • Rory Fan
  • JakeSpacePirate E
    JakeSpacePirate E 1 year ago Stupid gun! Ban em all!
  • Detalixip
    Detalixip 1 year ago WHAT A RAGER!!
  • Raprot Gaming2
    Raprot Gaming2 8 months ago Life is Strange 2 is even worse. They went political.
  • CadaverJunky
    CadaverJunky 19 hours ago I like when people complain about "going political" only when it's politics they don't agree with. Then rush to watch political reviews on youtube and jack off furiously to that.
  • Fernando Giubilei
    Fernando Giubilei 3 days ago ThEy MaDe It PoLiTiCaL Because they protagonists are brown now, and you find a couple of racists.
  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex 1 week ago Crap
  • Matias Luukkanen
    Matias Luukkanen 2 weeks ago BenkethePirate It is as if we should listen Hitler's speeches to see what fanatical beliefs are made of instead of choosing to shun everything that is deemed wrong. Understanding why people supported Hitler is understanding human nature itself. And this was point E;R was maybe trying to make... Gems are after all quite nazi-like if not worse...
  • darklordster
    darklordster 2 weeks ago @BenkethePirate cringe and cuckpilled
  • Dan Griffin
    Dan Griffin 3 weeks ago @Mad Cyborg 2552 Reviews I enjoyed Vampyr though. it certainly wasn't perfect but it was enjoyable (And we never get enough vampire games).
  • thejobloshow
    thejobloshow 3 weeks ago THE STORY IS ONE BIG METAKNIGHT FOR TRAMP.
  • Disappointed spøøky
    Disappointed spøøky 3 weeks ago Was gonna watch a play through, thanks for saving me from the cringe
  • Matt Trulock
    Matt Trulock 1 month ago You missed some details that makes it worse. They steal from a convenience store, but it’s fine because the owner handcuffs them in the back office then goes on a racist rant about “muh wall”, then you find out he’s a retired police officer. They steal a puppy that was written in to die, the journalist says verbatim “EVERYTHING is political”, pays for a hotel room, the younger brother has psychic powers and shonen no jutsu’s whenever he doesn’t get his way, and if you keep his powers a secret it randomly leads to an autistic kid getting hit by a car
  • Goon Slime
    Goon Slime 1 month ago I'm pretty sure that was just the chronicles prequel
  • WaddleThisWay
    WaddleThisWay 1 month ago @BenkethePirate I know this comment is 5 months old now, but that "Far Right" joke is the best thing I've ever heard
  • Wapinobody
    Wapinobody 1 month ago Oh no
  • Pferd Schild
    Pferd Schild 1 month ago +Raprot Gaming2 E;R better make a review of it.
  • Richard Noggin
    Richard Noggin 1 month ago "ORANGE MAN BAD"
  • Linked2 Dio2
    Linked2 Dio2 1 month ago @BenkethePirate whatda tweest
  • Sacred Supreme
    Sacred Supreme 2 months ago @Carlos Augusto anyone that doesnt agree with me is a far right or a sjw....there are no betweens for you people
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle 2 months ago Oh no....
  • Tsan
    Tsan 2 months ago How is it political?
  • Throw communists out of helicopters
    Throw communists out of helicopters 2 months ago Raprot Gaming2 I didn't even know they made a second one
  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 2 months ago Please tell me your joking
  • benjamin whitaker
    benjamin whitaker 2 months ago @MaxxVII Legally, yes. Essentially..... No. In all honesty it takes three generations for a person to integrate fully.... Atleast as far as white European people go. Other races take longer or never fully integrate at all. This isn't a number pulled out of a hat but is based off longitudinal studies of immigrants descendants and thier habits and beliefs. The immigrants usually speak thier language more and feel a stronger connection to thier Homeland. Thier children will speak more English but will have inherited thier parents fondness for the Homeland and an idealized sense of belonging. Thier children usually will speak predominantly English and feel more of a connection to America than the "old world" of thier grand parents. This is why we NEED to do away with birthright citizenship and allow natural integration to take it's course.
  • audrey horne
    audrey horne 2 months ago "They went political! Waaaah!" Boo-fucking-hoo 🎻😭
  • Courier 76
    Courier 76 3 months ago What about Vampyr?
  • MaxxVII
    MaxxVII 3 months ago benjamin whitaker So the son of a mexican is a native american of he born there?
  • Alex K
    Alex K 3 months ago Life is Trump 2.
  • Bandos
    Bandos 3 months ago GET WOKE GO BROKE
  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 3 months ago @IDyce88 fair enough
  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago (edited) @Eat Me look if u want my honest answer to that..."like" is down to perception...what i might like you might yeah...i mean i'm not overly fussy on games unless it involves online...then i hate games. i like TWD games too...and The Last of Us...and Until Dawn...most story based games really. games that make people feel things...that are relatable...but again relatable is won't be relatable to that a fair answer?
  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 3 months ago @IDyce88 Oh. I despise LIS. I think it has some of the most unrelatable garbage characters in fiction. Sean is a very okay charcter. He's jist better than Max imo. I despise Max and Chloe. Their personalities are about as complex and interesting as brick wall with a frowny face on it. You want a well-written character? Arthur Morgan Joel Ellie Lee Everett Kenny Dutch Van Der Linde John Marston Bigby Wolf Rhys Fiona But I'm curious. Why do you like LIS characters? No sarcasm or anything. Genuine question.
  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago @Eat Me Max, Rachel and Chloe not only got more detail in their design but they had 9 episodes to flesh out their story; they each had zodiacs, spirit animals, favourite gimmicks (photography or tagging walls) and a whole lot more. I'm not saying Sean and the others aren't awesome too...cause they are but ATM LIS 2 is only 6 Episodes long (including Captain Spirit which counts as part of Season 2 according to the official timeline). So i'm just saying it has less episodes there for less time to develop the characters. All we really know about Sean is: mexican, likes to draw, skater, associated with wolves (wolf spirit animal maybe). anyway look i'm someone who loves ALL of LIS so you don't need to tell me how good a certain part of it is XD
  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 3 months ago @IDyce88 Yes. That's an interesting fact. Doesn't make them good characters. Sean is a relatavle character with a defined goal - to protect Daniel and get to his homeland. Max had none of that. Characters don't NEED corresponding star signs. Its just a cool addition. Charcters NEED defined goals, motives and relationships. Max did not have a defined goal till the very end. It's a shifting goal post. Sometimes its this. Sometimes its that. Sean is pretty barebones, but he's leagues beyond Maxine Caufield.
  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago @Eat Me i feel Max was better designed as a character...did u know that Max, Rachel and Chloe were all based off Zodiac signs when designed...Sean, Lyla and Daniel...they had no such detail to their concept. Max was based of Virgo (analytical, concerned with people, caring) Chloe was Pisces (moody, felt detached from the world, colour blue, always living in fantasy) Rachel was Leo/ Cancer (fire, creative, tends to be the centre of attention)
  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 3 months ago At least the story is coherent. I quite like Sean. At least he's better than Maxine.
  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago @benjamin whitaker done talking to you Trump Troll
  • benjamin whitaker
    benjamin whitaker 3 months ago @IDyce88 To qoute Commander Rockwell (a real person) " They tell us the black man's Homeland is Africa, and so it should be, and the yellow man's Homeland is Asia and that's correct as well. The brown man's Homeland is south and central America and should be and the to the Jews Isreal as they say God intends it. For the white man they make no such claims. America and Europe they say is for everyone. Anyone who gains a foothold by hook or by crook is now an American or European if they wish it to be. It's a trick, a con. To cheapen America and Europe and to leave whites as the only race without a Homeland so, as they desire it, in time the white man and he only will perish to be. After all without a Homeland no people will long endure and that is precisely the ends this lie aims to accomplish. It's a lie from a serpents tongue. Plain and simple."
  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago (edited) ​@benjamin whitaker so how do you think North America was founded dumbass...because before we british arrived and the spanish came it was just native are you saying Trump is descended from a native-american...didn't think so. besides Trump is a racist asshole, he is rude and vulgar to his own family (not even going to go into what he said to his own daughter), he thinks mental disabilities are either made up or irrelevant and deserve no appreciation (i know celebrities more charitable...i can name like twenty) and he can't reason with people...things have to be doen his you really want someone liek that running a country...facts are facts...and he'll take himself down...end of story. oh and lets not forget he had the audacity to come over to our country and try to tell our prime minister how to do things...who the fu$£ does he think he is!
  • benjamin whitaker
    benjamin whitaker 3 months ago @IDyce88 native [ney-tiv] SYNONYMS|EXAMPLES|WORD ORIGIN SEE MORE SYNONYMS FOR native ON THESAURUS.COM adjective being the place or environment in which a person was born or a thingcame into being:one's native land.
  • benjamin whitaker
    benjamin whitaker 3 months ago @IDyce88 He didn't block all middle eastern countries, man. Only those with DIRECT LINKS to terrorist organizations according to both Interpol and the DOJ. State of Emergency is still the presidential discretion according to the law... Not you. Do your opinion on what qualifies doesn't matter. Presidents have declared them 47 times in the past 50 years for everything from rain water shortages to oil ptice gouging..... Weird no one cared untill Trump did it to stop illegals..... The United States first census identified the population as 88.9% native born. Granted this didn't count slaves but slaves weren't citizens at the time.
  • benjamin whitaker
    benjamin whitaker 3 months ago @IDyce88 im·mi·grant Dictionary result for immigrant /ˈiməɡrənt/ Learn to pronounce noun a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. "they found it difficult to expel illegal immigrants" synonyms:newcomer, settler, incomer, new arrival, migrant, emigrant; More BIOLOGY an animal or plant living or growing in a region to which it has migrated