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smash bros in 4 minutes dx

Published on Nov 10, 2014 1,769,496 views

Sorry to be uploading the same video twice, but yeah, the first one was rushed. Here's an updaed version with the master fortress included and some other jokes I didn't have time for.
And subtitles.
Most changes are in the last third.
Also, yes, I've seen the video about Smash bros and Autism, thanks. Pretty neat.

  • slashermaster28
    slashermaster28 4 years ago This actually makes perfect sense.
  • Connor Burnham
    Connor Burnham 1 year ago It's official! Play smash 64!
  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 1 year ago Connor Burnham Tobu isnt in ssbN64
    ACE SAMM 1 year ago Except the melee part cause it only says no and there’s no yes
  • DioGames T
    DioGames T 1 year ago Well, it's a combination of all of them. If you couldn't tell from Crazy Hand, Tabuu, AND MASTER FREAKING CORE!
  • DioGames T
    DioGames T 1 year ago slashermaster28 Except the part where Tabuu was holding Master Hand. I thought that the mom was Crazy Hand.
  • Melissa Jover
    Melissa Jover 1 month ago -_-
  • Adora Delosreyes
    Adora Delosreyes 1 month ago .jtp7cuv9j9d5fp.iz
  • The Egg
    The Egg 1 day ago Oscar Gonzalez isn’t
  • Kind Kutter
    Kind Kutter 4 years ago Maybe I should re-think about buying those amiibos.
  • Tina Berg
    Tina Berg 1 year ago Kind Karl Lol
  • Tom Docouto
    Tom Docouto 1 year ago Kind Karl this is just a video
  • MilkShake TM
    MilkShake TM 7 months ago @Tom Docouto the joke Your head
  • RavenZeal - Smash & More
    RavenZeal - Smash & More 4 months ago @Tom Docoutowhooosh -----------> The joke Your head
  • Presley Family
    Presley Family 2 months ago Kind Kutter I got a Ridley yesterday
  • Cesar O. Arauz
    Cesar O. Arauz 2 months ago Haha Lol
  • Kyle Garrison
    Kyle Garrison 2 years ago this is a great video but it's missing one thing ice climbers
  • The Rare Wubbox
    The Rare Wubbox 2 years ago I know and it had snake
  • MagentaSky 234
    MagentaSky 234 1 year ago Kyle Garrison And Lucas
  • Kevin Bittle
    Kevin Bittle 1 year ago Lets just say the kid broke them or the army destroyed them
  • PikaZ 96
    PikaZ 96 11 months ago YouTube couldn’t handle the ice climbers
  • Jeremix Bagan
    Jeremix Bagan 8 months ago But what about Wa- Inkling? Inkling joined Smash Bros. Ultimate..
  • Milky Milly
    Milky Milly 8 months ago @Jeremix Bagan splatoon was in 2015 and this was wayyyy before that
  • eat_ childhood
    eat_ childhood 8 months ago Hell no
  • Jeremix Bagan
    Jeremix Bagan 8 months ago Agree, BUT WHAT ABOUT SPLATOON 2? HUH? OCTO EXPANSION! (& Knuckles)
  • Fire Phoenix RD 8
    Fire Phoenix RD 8 8 months ago Jeremix I love Splatoon 2 but this video was made in 2014 but why sonic in the game if you got the real fighter knuckles, meh oh well at least the inklings are going to ultimate
  • Fire Phoenix RD 8
    Fire Phoenix RD 8 8 months ago Top 3 Honorable assist trophies that did not become a fighter for ultimate: Waluigi, Knuckles, BomberMan
  • KAROLINA Zasiadczyk
    KAROLINA Zasiadczyk 8 months ago It does now
  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer 8 months ago AND LITTLE MAC
  • Connor Young
    Connor Young 7 months ago ICE CLIMBERS!
  • Denis Gorojanin
    Denis Gorojanin 5 months ago @Kevin Bittle or they destroy his self when child buy hims
  • brandon buendia
    brandon buendia 5 months ago But,there was no ice.
  • Eric Gruber
    Eric Gruber 4 months ago Ridly
  • The J Team
    The J Team 3 months ago What what about King k. roll. Ridley. Inkling girkling boy. Villager. Dark pit.Isabell. piranha plant. Dark Samus.Ruy and ken. Picture. Me too. Pokemon trainer. Falco. Pac-Man.
  • Gia Krisko
    Gia Krisko 2 months ago (edited) they missed: inklings, isabelle, villager, bowser jr, duck hunt, walluigi, goku and schreek
  • MalaysiaBall
    MalaysiaBall 2 months ago Villager :(
  • IDontKnowAName oof
    IDontKnowAName oof 2 months ago But the ice climbers are 2 people
  • Tyler Marrinez
    Tyler Marrinez 1 month ago Also Fox's hiya
  • Peashooter Gaming
    Peashooter Gaming 1 month ago Who likes ice climbers I dont
  • BryceB252
    BryceB252 4 years ago Better than the Game Theory.
  • Super Nitro Z64
    Super Nitro Z64 2 years ago BryceB252 I know right? The Game Theory is full of long facts and other boring types of shit
  • CliffTurbo
    CliffTurbo 1 year ago Super Nitro Z64 but that's the point. They want the the facts and the theories to be very interesting and not make any distractions, so that we Can learn and concentrate on What they want to say.
  • Black Mage Supremacy
    Black Mage Supremacy 1 year ago I dislike U! Fite me.!
  • Colin GZ // Gamer Boy
    Colin GZ // Gamer Boy 8 months ago Super Nitro Z64 it’s educational stuff about games and that’s interesting
  • Rebound UwU
    Rebound UwU 2 months ago Guys stop getting mad with Super Nitro Z64 He's just expressing his own opinion about the channel (And I dint really mean that you were mad I'm just saying)
  • Retario Swedish Idiot
    Retario Swedish Idiot 3 years ago 3:06 Lol snake eater i see what you did there
  • Lenny Google
    Lenny Google 1 month ago Jack the Hedgehog Vs GoonCartoons Guy
  • More Kevin savage
    More Kevin savage 3 weeks ago Snake wasn't in smash 4
  • Renigami
    Renigami 4 years ago Oh dear, when amiibos attack...
  • MmmBruger
    MmmBruger 4 years ago Link.. Fox... Amiibo turn arounds slowly
  • Black Ace Roy
  • MmmBruger
    MmmBruger 4 years ago I'm getting Razor Hedgehog and Kid with a knife
  • L R
    L R 3 years ago @ExphyL you mean sonic and pit
  • MmmBruger
    MmmBruger 3 years ago Sanic and Villager (I think)  I have Sanic. He rammed his spines into my moms neck.
  • L R
    L R 3 years ago please people stop calling sonic sanic
  • Black Ace Roy
    Black Ace Roy 3 years ago GEEET OVVVEEEER EEETTT. 
  • L R
    L R 3 years ago no
  • Black Ace Roy
    Black Ace Roy 3 years ago k, I guess we just like calling Sonic "Sanic"
  • L R
    L R 3 years ago some people don't call him but people who do make a youtube video that involves them calling sonic sanic I instantly thumbs down the video
  • me mybusiness
    me mybusiness 3 years ago +lesly rollins u have no humor
  • Swinelias the Gamer
  • ShiitakeWarrior
    ShiitakeWarrior 1 year ago Singular: amiibo Plural: amiibo
  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic 11 months ago ShiitakeWarrior Correction: singular = Amiibo plural: Amiibos
  • ShiitakeWarrior
    ShiitakeWarrior 11 months ago Hyper Sonic Wrong, wrong, absolutely WRONG! The official plural for "amiibo" is "amiibo", NOT "amiibos". Also, the official style of how the word is written/typed is all lower case.
  • Brandon1629ESUHSD
    Brandon1629ESUHSD 6 months ago Toy Story: Amiibo edition
  • NiysterGaming
    NiysterGaming 2 years ago 2:05 sonic is the only reason the toys were able to take over the world
  • how to make an account Cancer edition
    how to make an account Cancer edition 1 year ago NiysterGaming Sonic is the reason for SSB4
  • Manuel kfc
    Manuel kfc 1 year ago Sonic is the reason why i bought Brawl when i was a kid.
  • Tina Berg
    Tina Berg 1 year ago sonic:oh so you think you can take my “friends” Tabuu:yes Sonic:ha now you can’t take em
  • adult gotenks
    adult gotenks 1 year ago NiysterGaming sure dat
  • haide secretario
    haide secretario 7 months ago Sonic.exe???????
  • adult gotenks
    adult gotenks 7 months ago @haide secretario not cannon
  • brandon buendia
    brandon buendia 5 months ago @Manuel kfc you would've got super smash bros melee if they were able to get sonic in time.
  • kofi Media
    kofi Media 4 months ago Agreed
  • Withered Freddy
    Withered Freddy 4 months ago Sonic is the only reason I wanted a switch. YET I HAVE TO UNLOCK HIM IN SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE. Wait. I have him.
  • seba 8537
    seba 8537 4 months ago @haide secretario idiot
  • Super Terrarian Zack
    Super Terrarian Zack 2 months ago Tofest4me
  • Garyn Gaming
    Garyn Gaming 2 months ago @Withered Freddy lol first thing I did in smash ultimate was I went through classic mode as Mario so I could unlock sonic
  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 2 months ago Sonic is the reason I want brawl
  • Calham64
    Calham64 4 years ago After seeing this, I can bet you that The Game Theorists will make a Game Theory episode about if the Smash universe is just a child's imagination playing with toys. XD
  • CubedPotatoesHD
    CubedPotatoesHD 4 years ago Nah, i doubt it after GTheory posted a link to someone elses video about it on facebook
  • reklem2
    reklem2 4 years ago Umm... That was the concept from the beginning...
  • Aegix Drakan
    Aegix Drakan 4 years ago Dude, that was the game from the very get-go.  Did you not see the opening animations of Smash 64 and Melee?  XD
  • Calham64
    Calham64 4 years ago I was never aware about it up until now. XD What a cool concept, though!
    CH3COON 4 years ago (edited) cough A Game Theory video about that was recently released.
  • Aegix Drakan
    Aegix Drakan 4 years ago @CH3COON This comment was a month before the GT on it.  XD
    CH3COON 4 years ago ik
  • ventfan benfan
    ventfan benfan 4 years ago It happind
  • BlitzNexus
    BlitzNexus 4 years ago This guy is a time traveler
  • Dung Tran
    Dung Tran 4 years ago What The Heck Is That??
  • Farhan Yuda putra
    Farhan Yuda putra 4 years ago Like in the lego movie
  • Drybones 02ZD
    Drybones 02ZD 3 years ago @Calham64 welp, you predicted just that but he just copied gnoggin's theory and says that the child was actually Sakurai in younger days, other that that not much different
  • Yosadac Jerez
    Yosadac Jerez 2 years ago Drybones 02ZD
  • Trashy N 's cringey content
    Trashy N 's cringey content 2 years ago (edited) Calham64 the Fact That You are Telling the true. is Awsome.
  • HiddenPotential 900
    HiddenPotential 900 2 years ago Calham64 actually if you know the lore behind the game it is just a kid playing with toys
  • The Waffle
    The Waffle 2 years ago Calham64 they already did in smash 64 version
  • Jennifer Cutshall
    Jennifer Cutshall 1 year ago THEY DID FUCK
  • Pokesii
    Pokesii 1 year ago Calham64 I
  • Aware Cybro gaming
    Aware Cybro gaming 1 year ago Calham64 i
  • MegaMax600
    MegaMax600 1 year ago Imagine if they showed something like in a SSB game
  • Dray1923
    Dray1923 1 year ago noggin did that
    ACE SAMM 1 year ago Watch Connor the waffle
  • I loaf Ticci toby
    I loaf Ticci toby 1 year ago FREAKING FORSHAWDOWING
  • Iris Huisman
    Iris Huisman 1 year ago Calham64 Gnoggin already did that
  • Chuy DHM
    Chuy DHM 11 months ago Funny thing Hey already did it lol
  • I loaf Ticci toby
    I loaf Ticci toby 11 months ago And that’s how calham64 became a very great predictionist
  • Colin GZ // Gamer Boy
    Colin GZ // Gamer Boy 8 months ago Calham64 if you have seen smash 64 you know it’s true
  • domin plush E4
    domin plush E4 5 months ago Calham64 he did
  • Miguel Ibarra
    Miguel Ibarra 4 months ago They did
  • Sean Kerry
    Sean Kerry 3 years ago yoshi: punches master core repatally
  • Tina Berg
    Tina Berg 1 year ago Yoshis buffed
  • Ziron of Time
    Ziron of Time 8 months ago Nerf Yoshi
  • Dyzair Nelson
    Dyzair Nelson 7 months ago Yoshi: punches master core repeatedly like an idiot
  • mrm64
    mrm64 4 years ago Why in ALL goodness does this not have 1M views!?
  • The Leafeon
    The Leafeon 3 years ago It's an animation people have short attention spans so people don't know when the next video is out So others who release videos daily get all the views-_- Cough cough pewdiepie cough cough
  • NomadSpeed
    NomadSpeed 1 year ago mrm64 This is so amazing. WHY IN THE NAME OF ANIMATIONS DOES THIS NOT HAVE 1 MILLION VIEWS????!!!! HE WORKED HARD ON THIS!
  • GabeTimes1
    GabeTimes1 1 year ago I'm pretty sure more views are coming
  • Isabella Dunn
    Isabella Dunn 1 year ago Timmy's Mom got arrested?
  • Isabella Dunn
    Isabella Dunn 1 year ago STOP MAKING KIRBY mad!
  • Meme Speaker
    Meme Speaker 1 year ago mrm64 because your comment was the first now it has over 800k
  • Social Justice Shaggy
    Social Justice Shaggy 1 year ago mrm64 it dosnt
  • datsal
    datsal 1 year ago So close
  • Apiwit Wanichakunpituk
    Apiwit Wanichakunpituk 1 year ago Lol
  • Joshi Boiii
    Joshi Boiii 11 months ago mrm64 I
  • MasterOFlame
    MasterOFlame 11 months ago It does have 1 mill tho
  • HarmonyBunny
    HarmonyBunny 11 months ago Not yet.
  • Acm240
    Acm240 9 months ago It has 1 million views now.
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    Theoreocommenter 9 months ago Just did
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    Miles Monaco 8 months ago F
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    Salty Boi 8 months ago It does now
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    Radical Gamer 8 months ago It does now
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    Dedenne 8 months ago it does now
  • KAROLINA Zasiadczyk
    KAROLINA Zasiadczyk 8 months ago GAME!!!
  • No se -Elias-
    No se -Elias- 8 months ago GAME!!!
  • Dummer Inkling XD
    Dummer Inkling XD 8 months ago IT have
  • dog man awesome Gamin GAMING
    dog man awesome Gamin GAMING 8 months ago I agree this do needs to have 1000k views and 1000k subscribers this dude deserves it
  • AngeloG
    AngeloG 8 months ago It does now
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    xXxmaxfortnitexXx 8 months ago mrm64 well it does now
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    Cosmic Sans Dremurr 8 months ago Que
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    XgameS93 8 months ago Now it does have 1 000 000 Views
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    Owi Game 7 months ago Now you have it!
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    Aacro X 6 months ago mrm64 yay it does now
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    Rock Candy 6 months ago You have predicted the future
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    ReallyRick 6 months ago mrm64 it does bish
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    CoolAkramTV 6 months ago Thankfully it does.
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    Raph the blue squid SFM FR/ENG 4 months ago Yo
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    Pikavee Mania 4 months ago You mean 5M? It already has 1M!
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    veronica Garcia 4 months ago Yep the 1M views are here
  • Telefonito productions
    Telefonito productions 4 months ago Top 10 of best history games
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    Harry Johnston-Smith 4 months ago mrm64 ur right It has 1.4 M!
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    Kirby Star Waddle dee 11 months ago Sonic looks creepy like a ball
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    kerbi henry 4 months ago Yep
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    Seaslol 2 months ago Yep
  • Mohamed Elmegharbel
    Mohamed Elmegharbel 2 months ago But he saved the others from getting from sprits
  • Seaslol
    Seaslol 2 months ago Yep
  • Amal Edwards
    Amal Edwards 2 months ago How
  • Mectro15
    Mectro15 4 years ago Perfect XD
  • Luis Dasalla
    Luis Dasalla 1 year ago Mectro15 yes it perfect
  • obama
    obama 11 months ago Anti Rex 3000 its the opening theme from melee (brawl version)
  • David Pal
    David Pal 5 months ago Hi
  • Game Hunter
    Game Hunter 2 years ago Sonic saved everybody and yet nobody is grateful ;-;
    ACE SAMM 1 year ago Game Hunter I’m grateful
  • undericegaming
    undericegaming 1 year ago I am
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    Gigi Nekita 2 months ago i am
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    P0koxi 2 months ago I am
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    Ismaelaito Ochoa 2 months ago Game Hunter same
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    Reece The Gamer 2 months ago I am
  • Rey Goh
    Rey Goh 1 month ago Well sonic does have a lot of mediocre games these days (curse you, fanbase)
  • ProfessorNova123
    ProfessorNova123 2 years ago Better than game theory nuff said
  • gamerlover798
    gamerlover798 1 year ago ProfessorNova123 Surprising how it's been 8 months, and yet you still have not received any hate comments.
  • Drakey Wakey
    Drakey Wakey 1 year ago gamerlover798 9 m8
  • Finlay TM
    Finlay TM 2 years ago 0:42 mum Michael Jackson
  • Matt Jeff
    Matt Jeff 8 months ago Smooth Criminel
  • Izaak Myers
    Izaak Myers 3 years ago 0:32 mario didn't tech those
  • Swoofty
    Swoofty 3 years ago +Izaak Myers He could still DI
  • metalblurx
    metalblurx 3 years ago +SweftyClouds NOOOO DIIIII
  • Eddy Olu
    Eddy Olu 2 years ago LMAO
  • DioGames T
    DioGames T 1 year ago Yeah... he definitely didn't technology those.
  • 68, spongebob
    68, spongebob 8 months ago 1:23 Imao
  • Diet Soda
    Diet Soda 8 months ago It must have been a noob Mario main that doesn't know how to tech or DI.
  • Husk
    Husk 4 years ago Amiibos
  • NamE
    NamE 3 years ago @John Egbert In a nutshell
  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi 3 years ago and before the we're a thing
  • Husk
    Husk 3 years ago directed by michael bay
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    Refugio Ocon 1 year ago Husk
  • the guyman
    the guyman 2 years ago timmy- master hand timmy's mom-crazy hand police-taboo army-mastercore
  • C Austin
    C Austin 3 months ago It's Tabuu.
  • Ursula Terry
    Ursula Terry 4 years ago When amiibos attack.... THE. MOVIE coming in Jaunuary 26 in 3D
  • ShadowDragon23
    ShadowDragon23 4 years ago That should be a thing!
  • Tina Berg
    Tina Berg 1 year ago Ursula Terry ha
  • Nydia Cruz
    Nydia Cruz 1 year ago In 2d
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    Ethan Constantinescu 11 months ago Coming to a theater not near you
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    Bridgette Perkins 8 months ago 👓🍿🍶🍫
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    BENICIO 999 5 months ago now with an exclusive dvd pre order bonus: pirahna plant!
  • BandanaBomber -starry
    BandanaBomber -starry 3 weeks ago i mean if nintendo characters ruled the world i wouldn't mind
  • The TrueDragon345
    The TrueDragon345 1 year ago How could he have predicted the Master Core's forms?
  • Johnny Boi
    Johnny Boi 1 year ago Champion Red Because I think this was made after Smash 4’s release.
  • Osax 67
    Osax 67 1 year ago OMG RED!
  • Osax 67
    Osax 67 1 year ago YOU ARE MY FAN
  • xXJoaquinProHackerMinecraftiano777Xx
    xXJoaquinProHackerMinecraftiano777Xx 9 months ago Johnny Boi No it was 5 years ago,he really fucking do it
  • Evanator Extreme
    Evanator Extreme 8 months ago Because the 50+ facts thing came out before this,which revealed Master Core’s forms.
  • Jesus
    Jesus 8 months ago Evanator Extreme that’s right.
  • HiddenPotential 900
    HiddenPotential 900 8 months ago It was made just before the release of smash 4
  • KAROLINA Zasiadczyk
    KAROLINA Zasiadczyk 8 months ago Champion Red r
  • OfficialNoah
    OfficialNoah 5 months ago or the 3ds version (i’m probably going to get wooooooshed)
  • Johnny Boi
    Johnny Boi 4 months ago @xXJoaquinProHackerMinecraftiano777Xx Ah ok
  • KirbyMaster
    KirbyMaster 4 months ago He says he added it to this reupload.