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Published on Jan 11, 2018 5,057,667 views

The young lady who jumped to the abandoned shack before the savage brother, removed the shed and reorganized the camp, and made a delicious meal!

  • 野人bushcraft
    野人bushcraft 4 weeks ago 我们的微信公众号是:野人野趣
  • KBT19X
    KBT19X 7 months ago Wow. The hate in the comments. This is just a lady who wants to try Bushcraft. Don't feel so threatened just because a pretty lady is doing what she loves. Nitpicking every single details. Let her do her thing.
  • 野人bushcraft
    野人bushcraft 7 months ago Thanks very much
  • Morgan Parrish
    Morgan Parrish 7 months ago KBT19X pop corn sutton
  • Becky Callihan
    Becky Callihan 7 months ago KBT19X Oi
  • Radner Bearman
    Radner Bearman 7 months ago the people who are nit picking, are all  very fat overweight  lazy useless people who are unhappy with their own lives and so they try and put down someone who is active and is following her dream and doing something positive.
  • Richard Quinones
    Richard Quinones 6 months ago You know why so many haters because she's got mad skills that's why and she's good-looking and smart
  • Cheryl Campbell
    Cheryl Campbell 6 months ago (edited) I thumbs down b/c you are using her prettiness to make money. Do you pay her for this, or do you keep all the money?
  • kate daniel
    kate daniel 6 months ago @Radner Bearman bwahahah you are right..
  • kate daniel
    kate daniel 6 months ago @56 426 225 maybe she just tried it and just want to upload in YouTube. ☺️
  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 6 months ago Stop yelling at me 😐😐😐
  • Miss Me
    Miss Me 6 months ago It’s a lie
  • Miss Me
    Miss Me 6 months ago It’s for YouTube she does my nails lol
  • Char and Becky Fan
    Char and Becky Fan 6 months ago @Miss Me To me this looks likw a racist joke
  • manu ochenta
    manu ochenta 6 months ago Well to me shes not ugly but not pretty and why even mention her looks to click and bait I assume.
  • Immaneuel Tejada
    Immaneuel Tejada 6 months ago 56 426 225 maybe your pertaining to yourself how to backpack ey jacking yourself on the wood lol
  • Dave Phelps
    Dave Phelps 6 months ago Dude you're watching the wrong video because that skanky b** is definitely not pretty damn
  • Dave Phelps
    Dave Phelps 6 months ago Okay I made a mistake she's not ugly but this whole thing is fake she works in a massage parlor. And she stayed at the motel after she messed around at that campsite don't be so damn stupid
  • Alice Li
    Alice Li 6 months ago KBT19X Is
  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 6 months ago Cheryl Campbell I would like to take advantage of u! If your real photograph rings true.....
  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 6 months ago 56 426 225 u talk shit. Try her methods. Not yours. See..... it works too ok! Everyone unto their own. U know what. Pending the weather etc. she’ll survive. Anyway I’m sure she’ll adapt to weather conditions.....
  • I am never was & never will be
    I am never was & never will be 6 months ago 野人bushcraft the lady in this video is so beautiful, my wife in my next life please give her this 🌷💜
  • pieter bezuidenhout
    pieter bezuidenhout 6 months ago @Cheryl Campbell jealousy makes one nasty don't you think?
  • M.A. Enriquez
    M.A. Enriquez 4 months ago (edited) 56 426 225 why don’t you tell us what she is doing wrong? We all learn from different sources. What is so life threatening about how she is camping? I don’t think anyone assumes she is going to be out there for days in end. Some People do camp just for a day, with no overnight. It’s obvious there is no sleeping bag. And some campers make “set ups” to return repeatedly to so that excuse does not matter.
  • Emilia Reyes
    Emilia Reyes 4 months ago By being a White Knight shining armor to her, she still won't fuck you.
  • pieter bezuidenhout
    pieter bezuidenhout 4 months ago @Emilia Reyes is that all that registers on your mind ? What a pity.
  • N T
    N T 4 months ago @56 426 225 I agree that this is a setup as no one goes to the bush wearing makeup!
  • N T
    N T 4 months ago @56 426 225 Who made this video made money. She's just an actress!
  • Emilia Reyes
    Emilia Reyes 4 months ago pieter bezuidenhout You Estrogen cunt. just jack off to midget porn.
  • NeoSoulRising
    NeoSoulRising 2 months ago @野人bushcraft Thank you for enjoying what you do and showing ir to us.
  • Hanna Liu
    Hanna Liu 3 weeks ago 说得对哈哈
  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 2 months ago Muito bom, Só a faca que não ajudou muito 😂 Mas está de parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 TMJ💪🇧🇷🔰
  • quercus
    quercus 4 months ago Be careful about putting cooked meat back on your plate where you had raw meat. Great video, Thank you.
  • G3NOLLA -
    G3NOLLA - 1 day ago Nice bushcraft videos. Nothing like a beautiful day in the woods and getting away from the pressures of modern civilization.
  • TS Knle
    TS Knle 2 days ago It's good to cook and eat in the jungle with friends,families and enjoy walking between the trees and grass ,listening to bird chirping And most of all it taste better in the jungle .
  • Richard Ingle
    Richard Ingle 9 months ago Just found your channel....I love the way everything is slow ...taking your time ....enjoying the whole experience. is so fast paced it's easy to forget to slow down and enjoy nature ...thank you for a great video 😊👍
  • 野人bushcraft
    野人bushcraft 9 months ago thank you
  • faizal bankrakyat
    faizal bankrakyat 8 hours ago Setakat nak view boleh je memang ler berani...xkan ada nya pempuan nk macam ni hahahah
  • Marley Johnson
    Marley Johnson 6 months ago Great Job! My husband and I love to camp out and cook, best food in the world is cooked out on an open fire, especially breakfast with biscuits cooked in an iron skillet.... Enjoy your time.... Much Respect, Marley from Kansas
  • Perktube1
    Perktube1 4 months ago And bacon and hot cakes and sorghum molasses and honey and butter to go between the biscuits.
  • Marley Johnson
    Marley Johnson 4 months ago @Perktube1 .... Sounds Awesome!
  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh 3 months ago Hii Marley
  • Marley Johnson
    Marley Johnson 3 months ago @Rakesh Singh Hello Rajesh....I hope your day was a Lovely One!
  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh 3 months ago You are on facebook and twitter
  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh 3 months ago Have a good day miss Marley Johnson .Nice job
  • Salmon Ardiansah
    Salmon Ardiansah 3 months ago Marley Johnson absolutely correct!!, enjoying an out of home cooking with camping and burning trees branches give us a special pleasure,....sometimes many people get bored with their daily life activities...
  • Farm Dj LLC Inc Tech
    Farm Dj LLC Inc Tech 3 months ago Happy wife happy life, greetings from Texas!
  • onlyomega1
    onlyomega1 3 months ago I totally agree. The best pot of jambalaya I ever cooked was over a camp fire.
  • juan alt
    juan alt 2 months ago Marley Johnson, I cook mine in a open refrigerator.
  • Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan 1 month ago Ur hasband is sleeping only 😉
  • Marley Johnson
    Marley Johnson 1 month ago @Salmon Ardiansah .... Oh yes Salmon, a Beautiful Fire, Wonderful Food and that Special Someone that makes the Everday Boring Life Disappear! Cheers! Marley from Kansas
  • gold hello
    gold hello 6 months ago I need go with you hhhhhhhhh
  • Ansel Chin
    Ansel Chin 6 months ago Wow, and here I thought all this time you had to have a beard and dress like a hobo to have any outdoor skills at all.
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago Those who can.. do.. those who can't.. sit at home posting negative critique of those who can.....LMAO!!!
  • Aric Robinson
    Aric Robinson 7 months ago awesome video
  • wamblue
    wamblue 7 months ago Or lazy fucks that post ANY
  • Patricia Hunkin
    Patricia Hunkin 7 months ago Albert Johnson lol you tell me about it
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago where is the word "backpack" used ?
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago I'm just not being as anal as you are.. have a nice day.. and don't forget the TP....
  • Albert Johnson
  • TM Adventures
    TM Adventures 7 months ago Excellent reply to all doubters 🙈
  • Jack Van Berg
    Jack Van Berg 7 months ago Albert the perfect response to the typing tough guys.
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago Yep.. boring me to sleep.. LOL!!
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago (edited) Not at all.. you're still coming off as an anal retentive "I know more than anyone else" asshole. And the truth is never lame.... This video doesn't say it's an "expert backpacking and survival course video".. it's some chick in the woods having some fun.. in the NON-ANAL world.. we call it something like... "an entertainment video with a point" to it... and for that.. it's ok.... she does handle a knife edge pretty well.. knows "batoning" too.. hmm So what do I see?? I see a person who parked the car.. walked a short way into the woods.. to spend a night out in nature..... Don't think she's doing the Appalachian or Ozark trail with that set up.... GEE-ZUS... talk about someone NOT "keeping it real".... Now ...As to your apparently using a "crystal ball" ( no other way you could know) to determine what people you don't know, know.. well.... YOU'RE KILLIN ME!!! LMAO!! Keep up the great comedic work!!
  • Albert Johnson
    Albert Johnson 7 months ago (edited) Try "Corporals Corner".... or Joe Robinet... or Dave Canterbury depending on just how deep you want to go into the subject...( and many more on YT) etc etc if you want SERIOUS stuff...
  • 7th Seal
    7th Seal 7 months ago I love this comment..
  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag
    I Showed him my dick and called him a fag 7 months ago @Albert Johnson u still come off as a retard tho. As soon as she put up the video her ass was open to being criticized but for some reason u think nobody should. Why is that?
  • Jeffrey Leung
    Jeffrey Leung 7 months ago Albert Johnson was
  • Γεώργος Χαιρόπουλς
    Γεώργος Χαιρόπουλς 6 months ago @56 426 225 t
  • Jessica LT
    Jessica LT 6 months ago Albert Johnson I have watched joe Robinet and like his videos a lot. Being a woman it’s nice to watch a woman do some of this camping stuff too since I know nothing.
  • LOVE _DZ_
    LOVE _DZ_ 6 months ago Tooop
  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 6 months ago A truism !!!
  • Pablo Navarro
    Pablo Navarro 3 hours ago yo con gusto te Asia compañía mamasita
  • Rusty Gunn 7
    Rusty Gunn 7 3 months ago This lady did a lot more crafting the a lot of YT "bushcrafters". Just saying.
  • 1974post
    1974post 6 months ago Slow life
  • Maks Petrov
    Maks Petrov 6 months ago Столько сил зря потрачено, чтобы сварить суп и поджарить мясо!!!
  • ALEX 633
    ALEX 633 2 months ago Самый лучший способ экономить силы это лежать на диване. И заплыть жиром как свинья.
  • قناة العلوم والمعرفه /الجيولوجيه
    قناة العلوم والمعرفه /الجيولوجيه 1 month ago شاهد طريقة اختبار العقيق اليمني ......
  • jairo jairo
    jairo jairo 2 months ago Você é muito especial e única! 👍👏
  • 陳abbon
    陳abbon 2 weeks ago 能幹就好,就怕不能幹
  • Koji 888
    Koji 888 3 days ago I want to be there with her sooo much. ☺️