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I ate my son's diet for a day

Published on Feb 17, 2019 4,825,083 views

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I ate my son's diet for a day...

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    SpynaMC 2 months ago MattDoesFitness what hoodie/T-shirt are you wearing on 13:01 ? I’m interested on that hoodie. lol
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    Dina Mehmeti 2 months ago @Ronan Burns do u support Liverpool I saw ur profile
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    givmespace 2 months ago "excellent mate...thanks for clearing that one up" LOOL
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    ivy Thomas 3 months ago I love yur son's accent oh dyiin....
  • ivy Thomas
    ivy Thomas 3 months ago Are Yu from UK
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    Zakir Shah 3 months ago Yuo are the best video am af fa n
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    James’s Vids 3 months ago Luca is very smart
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    Harry O’Connor 3 months ago F U
  • qwervqwe vqwevqwev
    qwervqwe vqwevqwev 3 months ago Your son is going to be overweight if you keep feeding him like that. He is already chubby.
    ELITE DESTROYER 4 months ago The food actually looks nice tho
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    The fast Kides 4 months ago MattDoesFitness I subscribe
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    Gamer Jake 4 months ago MattDoesFitness I'm new I just subbed sick vids tho
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    Patricemx 4 months ago I'm new and this is the first video I'm seeing from you and you are very funny , your son's manners is amazing and I just love this channel now, this video was nice 😆
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    Olivia Treppens 4 months ago Your son is absolutely adorable 😊
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    nigher inforcer 4 months ago MattDoesFitness THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS EPIC
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    PARCE93 4 months ago MattDoesFitness Blessings for you & your family, brother.
  • Ayanna Marielle
    Ayanna Marielle 4 months ago his little voice is so cuteee
  • Chris martin
    Chris martin 4 months ago lol @5:45 did he copy you by saying(hes mugging me off) if so what a legend
  • Lana Delrey
    Lana Delrey 4 months ago (edited) You didn't ruin the video. Your wife is very annoying. And how she eats.. yikes. Licking her fingers, bad posture. Constantly attacking you, invalidating what you have accomplished that day at the end of the day. Looking for your soft spots. You investing your energy to defend yourself. Laughing it off but feeling bad underneath it. Have you checked her on the narcissistic scale or is she a energy thief. Or is she just trying to have the upper hand. Or maybe she is just insecure. You are holding up great.
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    Maysa Hazife 4 months ago Lol that was so cute. I’m still subscribing 😂
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    Marli Brynn M 4 months ago Blend
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    Dhanveer Kaur 4 months ago I loved the intro and omg your son is so cuteee
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    jamie draws 4 months ago I love the short skit at the start soo funny
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    Candle Fanatic 4 months ago MattDoesFitness pfft...I ate my sons diet for a day....😒😒😒 Sooooooo??????
  • Yuki A.
    Yuki A. 4 months ago "Sucker~" the cutest thing ever 😂
  • FacheChanteDeux
    FacheChanteDeux 4 months ago What a little sweetheart your little boy is. Oh man I feel strict now. My little boy eats quinoa, roasted chicken and salad on the regular. It is his favorite meal. Sometimes he eats lentil and red potato salad instead of the chicken. I love to cook and I make sure to get him on the healthy train from the start. I hate it when kids eat chicken nuggets and pizza four times a week.
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  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 4 months ago "It's not bad like breathing air is not bad." You should think of people who live in polluted cities or who have lung disease. For that matter, think of people who would view two Wheatabix as a feast. Check your privilege.
  • playingGames
    playingGames 4 months ago @Hanna Curlee stop fakeing
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    I Love Food 4 months ago Omg Luca is the cutest baby ever 😍😍😍
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    Rob Donovan 4 months ago MattDoesFitness 😚🤑😌
  • How to Lose Weight Fast & ASMR Videos
    How to Lose Weight Fast & ASMR Videos 4 months ago (edited) This was so precious. Who doesn't love to see a dad spending time with his child? Love the English accents and the editing skillz.
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    Hanna Curlee 4 months ago MattDoesFitness hey mate
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    nbd_assassin XD 4 months ago He is so cute
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    bråñdøn 4 months ago WTF
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    Hanna Curlee 4 months ago I’m new
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    REETER Skeeter 5 months ago Your son at one point sounds like Daffy Duck
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    karan pkatarki 5 months ago I struggle with good leg muscles
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    Gaming Boy 5 months ago MattDoesFitness i did its my first time watching you
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    Anna Lou 5 months ago Such a adorable family. Love your videos
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    A 5 months ago MattDoesFitness great quality and nice range of fitness plans, very useful, thanks Matt
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    Vi Vi 5 months ago I did
  • uhavemooface
    uhavemooface 5 months ago (edited) This was hilarious trying to coax your son into putting something on his wheat cereal. You tried didn't you to get him to put something else on his bland food lol. The background song while you were doing your work out it sounded like she was saying I want to eat breakfast.
  • jking link
    jking link 5 months ago Your son does not need a diet
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    Jake_vlogs and more 5 months ago #bestintrosever
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    meaty sausage916 5 months ago I know where you live , you live in Hythe outside the football pitch by the Hythe impiral
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    Ailandas Vaidziulis 5 months ago Your son is so cute
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    The Couch 5 months ago MattDoesFitness intro was so funny! 😂
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    Intelligent_ Izzy10 5 months ago MattDoesFitness I love Luca ascent it’s soo cute
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    *Pure Alolan* *Water* 5 months ago Harvey Bailey why
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    anime _XL 5 months ago Yore son is so😫😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀🐈🐱cute
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    Thatoneguy 123412 5 months ago Do u cycle btw really nice video
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    Grace Oof 5 months ago MattDoesFitness u don’t seem like U like lusa
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    Dan Best 5 months ago @MattDoesFitness how do you get so ripped
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    Ágúst Logi Garðarsson 5 months ago Best intro in the world
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    LovinThe Prank 5 months ago How is he so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😅
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    Donalyn PH 5 months ago More videos With Luca Please? I love his voice sooooo much!
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    jazzyishere123 5 months ago Being a kid I say that when u say cool and not care we know
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    J Quinn 5 months ago Is it better to focus on upper body only or legs only . Or do full body workouts
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    Michael Harty 5 months ago MattDoesFitness I love your vids so much
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    Andrew Aston 5 months ago This kid is so funny, he should have his own channel 😂😂😂
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    Bummer Drummer 5 months ago Awww Luca is so cute🤭
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    BRICE 777 5 months ago MattDoesFitness your kid is the cutes’t i have ever seen
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    Dexter Hunt 5 months ago Let Luca choose your diet for a day
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    40gramsofProtein 5 months ago nice family and nice home! Well played bro
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    Ted doan 5 months ago Hi Matt, where did you get that pullover? I tried to find it on Gymshark but they just didn't have the same color. Thanks. Love your video by the way
  • Zachary Waxman
    Zachary Waxman 5 months ago What headphones are you using man? And your son is going to be a comedian when he gets older! Hahahaha
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    David pranks 5 months ago u pranked me 14:30 lol
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    Ronan Burns 5 months ago MattDoesFitness I did I love Luca he’s so cute
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    MattDoesFitness 5 months ago Harvey Bailey 2 mate
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    Oliver Mincher 5 months ago Sick intro 😂😂
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    Harvey Bailey 5 months ago MattDoesFitness how old is Luca is very smart
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    Master Yololeis 5 months ago Best intros ever love you both
  • Ice Beam
    Ice Beam 4 months ago “How many do u want? Be realistic” silence “2 and a half” “That’s not realistic”
  • The guy from Outer space
    The guy from Outer space 1 week ago He said 10 and a half
    Phoebe KIPPENBERGER 4 months ago I literally just read that and then that part came on
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    Dalton Steam 4 months ago ahahahaah
  • MLGG DuhGoat
    MLGG DuhGoat 4 months ago haha im saying im like 2 is realistic but not 2 and a half but it turned to 3 but i guess its ok for them
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    SealplayzHD 4 months ago He probably ate 15 burgers and 20 turkeys after this
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    Rozer Gogna 19 hours ago JEEZ YOU HUNGREY MATE
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    Olivia Bell 2 days ago fucken cunt hahahahha
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    Olivia Bell 2 days ago lunden69 bitch* calm down little bro, you watch collins key so dont even think about saying that 🤣
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    lunden69 3 days ago SealplayzHD bich shut the fuck up
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    Michelle&Kellie 5 days ago Ye
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    Jason1boss 3 months ago SealplayzHD 😂. Turkeys
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    Guidaツ 4 months ago (edited) I stopped reading the thumbnail at son. You ate your son.
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    SPARK_LeftOv3rs 15 hours ago Tasty
    GS AGENT 3 weeks ago Guidaツ hahahahah
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    Cadence James 1 month ago Guidaツ Doesn’t everybody?
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    Guidaツ 3 months ago Genius Girl exactly.
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    memesarewhatkeepmesane 4 months ago Not that funnt but ok i liked
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    Ayan Haq 15 hours ago This is how many people will want to watch Luca yawning for 10 hours straight 👇🏼
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    pewdiepie tseries 3 months ago No one: Luca: more weetabix
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    Caffeine Addict 5 months ago YOU HAVE THE CUTEST SON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OMG😭😭
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    CanineMagic 4 days ago agreed
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    Rashanda Tiapani 5 days ago Caffeine Addict your so right
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    David ABRAHAM 4 weeks ago @69 Savage I liked it too
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    Arda G 1 month ago Thats what evreyone says
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    Leyla Vlogs 5 months ago @69 Savage Your just pure rude. Your probably so jealous or you just don't have ANY love in your life.
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    Leyla Vlogs 5 months ago I agree
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    Charzie XD 5 months ago FACTS
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    Z ZERO freez 5 months ago Ik
  • Torin
    Torin 5 months ago (edited) Idaho here. At 12:00 where can I get one of those hoodies you put on. Nice. link or for sale here ??? GOSH, Even the food looks better then in the US.. In the US the fast food chains and some restaurants serve horrible food. I stopped hitting FFshops years ago. Thanks for sharing
  • Kyle Mancuso
    Kyle Mancuso 5 months ago You are very very right caffeine Addict
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    Ashraf uAsh 5 months ago Those cheeks omagawd
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    Itz Logan 5 months ago @cFearful he right now he is when has his song he probably wont be anymore
  • cFearful
    cFearful 5 months ago (edited) Caffeine Addict if we were to have a son then what is he to u;(
  • Mr J the DJ
    Mr J the DJ 4 months ago Kid: I’ll see you at home Dad: we are at home Kid: WHAT!?
  • im in the litty commity
    im in the litty commity 2 days ago Youve never played tuber simulator
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    Teddy Meep 5 days ago Stop raging he probably doesn’t know his name or never seen one of his videos until now
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    Yessica Vilorio 1 week ago Use the name stupid
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    Master Gamer 2 weeks ago @TheMarblePenguin fuck off dont get upset
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    TheMarblePenguin 3 weeks ago Luca has a name use it!!!
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    Jasmine YT 1 month ago He's got a name Use it!
  • Zuzanna Miedzybrodzki
    Zuzanna Miedzybrodzki 1 month ago Dad: don’t touch anything! Son: ok. Dad: leaves. Son: SUCKER (drives away)
  • JoshTheVlogger 48
    JoshTheVlogger 48 3 months ago Matt: How many wheat bix would you like and be realistic.. Luca: TWO AND A HALF! Matt: 😐 That's not realistic Luca: 👽
  • Yousif Gazala
    Yousif Gazala 4 months ago respect the fact u didn't pretend to complete that challenge
  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago little kids w british accents are my new favorite thing
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    Nanishiteruno何してるの 3 weeks ago Pedophile
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    Sarah Monroe 4 weeks ago Ikr 😭😍
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    xdfl 2 months ago Is FBI your favourite thing too
  • SnowGemini
    SnowGemini 2 months ago u kinda sound like a pedo LOL just popped up xD
  • Amber McCann
    Amber McCann 2 months ago Krystin Grant every British child turns American when playing with dolls/toys. Think we have it worse! 🤦🏻‍♀️😖
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    Julianna Martinez 3 months ago Nikki Nixon I know like Luca is pretty cute
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    Imran Salahuddin 3 months ago D
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    Oliver Jacobs 3 months ago Nikki Nixon me tooooo
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    Bijuu Naruto the OG 3 months ago Obviously never played the old Fable on xbox..
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    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago cameron martin on it
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    cameron martin 4 months ago U should watch the Grimwade Family! I love them🤗
  • Esme Gi Gi Genevieve Squalor
  • Tufael Kalam
    Tufael Kalam 4 months ago @Nikki Nixon you're welcome
  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago Zan omw
  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago Tufael Kalam thank you!
  • Zan
    Zan 4 months ago It's so strange, if you come to the UK, we've got a lot of those
  • Ash J
    Ash J 4 months ago Fabuleux hbvgvhhggggfdedghv UF
  • Tufael Kalam
    Tufael Kalam 4 months ago @Nikki Nixon you are very good looking
  • Peter Barclay
    Peter Barclay 4 months ago Its English, NOT British
  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago Vivek Mathur ? 😂
  • xytolean
    xytolean 4 months ago (edited) FBI OPEN UP
  • Xenyx
    Xenyx 4 months ago @Fabuleux Yes
  • Fabuleux
    Fabuleux 4 months ago Xenyx the only type of kids that are allowed to be bullied 😂😂
  • secretive Mathur
    secretive Mathur 4 months ago Fbi, open up.
  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 4 months ago (edited) Krystin Grant props pig strikes again edit: peppa
  • Krystin Grant
    Krystin Grant 4 months ago @Mûʂɫā115IVIIO . 1 it's hilarious,😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣
  • Duffy Marie
    Duffy Marie 4 months ago My mom used to work at a preschool that had a British boy who was developing a southern accent along with his British one and it was so cute!!!!!!
  • Mûʂɫā115IVIIO . 1
    Mûʂɫā115IVIIO . 1 4 months ago @Krystin Grant o rip 😂😂
  • Krystin Grant
    Krystin Grant 4 months ago (edited) My son has one he's American thanks Peppa pig🙄😒
  • Jessie
    Jessie 4 months ago Its amazing! Thought it was great on grown men but wow way way to cute!!
  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 4 months ago @SickMiner Yeah. They are cunts.
  • Xenyx
    Xenyx 4 months ago (edited) @SickMiner these kids are my favorite because i can bully them hahaha
  • SickMiner
    SickMiner 4 months ago Unless you meet the COD/Fortnite/Minecraft kind, those kind are salty.
  • Nick P
    Nick P 4 months ago next challange "my son eats my diet for a day"
  • Kameron Williams
    Kameron Williams 3 weeks ago owen snudden true😂
  • owen snudden
    owen snudden 1 month ago Luca would end up dying from that😂💀
  • Chloe Dose Stuff
    Chloe Dose Stuff 3 months ago (edited) Matt: What do you have to wear on the bike Luca? Luca: Coat. Matt: Just coat? Luca: And shoes. Me: When did he say helmet. ???????????.
  • Jakib_ Playz
    Jakib_ Playz 2 days ago Title I ate my son’s diet for today Takeout the diet
  • Maddy La Fay
    Maddy La Fay 6 days ago i always quote him for the “a sandwich please” because its so cute
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago Luca's accent is soooooooo good that it almost sounds fake.Wish I had a British accent!
    S.W.A.G SOMERVILLE 3 weeks ago Mate I got North London accent boy be dropping f bombs in comment section
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 3 months ago @Luca Stott you're a legend!
  • Antonia Larkin
    Antonia Larkin 3 months ago Joe O'Connor being from Manchester I actually agree but our accent isn’t as bad as a Birmingham accent
  • Fluffkin
    Fluffkin 4 months ago I’m not british im American, but I find it odd how people gush over accents . Also the way you say it’s sooo good.. yeah it’s good because its real. It sounds fake because kids usually mimic what they hear from their parents.
  • conexos2007
    conexos2007 4 months ago Kids that watch pepa pig sound all like that
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 4 months ago Tristan Feinauer I’m british😁
  • Julie Ann
    Julie Ann 4 months ago @Arthur Shelby Is he supposed to narrow it down to the region in the UK? 😂 No one does that when referring to accents. You say English (British) accent, Canadian accent, American accent, etc. Yes within that accents are very different based on region but it's a generalization.
  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago Lily Briggs no you don’t
  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago Not_Haxonlyskillz RBLX there isn’t
  • Richard M
    Richard M 4 months ago @Josh ENGLISH!!!!
  • Fortnite Savage
    Fortnite Savage 4 months ago My Cousin Has The SAME Accent! And I’m Not Even British!!!
  • Soha019
    Soha019 4 months ago @Emily Doble not only Americans. I am French and I love your accent (more difficult to learn that the American one though). It's so melodious and classy. +++ The Australian accent is also really really pretty.
  • Ignorant or Arrogant
    Ignorant or Arrogant 4 months ago Pip pip Cheerio! Brexit and all that lad! There you have it😑😒
  • Laura White
    Laura White 4 months ago so many variations on the British accent. Different regions. Scouse, Manky, Lanky, Cockney, Geordie, Country, Birmingham, South Wales, North Wales and others
  • Emily Doble
    Emily Doble 4 months ago I don't get why americans love my/our british accent I'd say we don't have one just chavs
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 4 months ago @KikiSlays _ if I had any English accent I'd feel like a King.
  • Rolex04
    Rolex04 4 months ago Welp.. I have a glasweigan accent!
  • Finn
    Finn 4 months ago I was only joking
  • Littleboy123 Hello there
    Littleboy123 Hello there 4 months ago Arthur Shelby quite ignorant of you to assume that he is an American foreigner.
  • Ethan Callaghan
    Ethan Callaghan 4 months ago I'm British lol
  • Oliver Brook
    Oliver Brook 4 months ago Tristan Feinauer yes you do
  • Duoch Irkz Nemesis IV
    Duoch Irkz Nemesis IV 4 months ago @SGSnake2X The origin of English is from GREAT BRITAIN
  • I am Patton and my son is le Munchy
    I am Patton and my son is le Munchy 5 months ago Ugh I always sound so posh and it's annoyingggggģg
  • ShadyL
    ShadyL 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer if George from peppa pig could talk or peppa was a baby I think he would sound like that or she 😂
    〈NOSTROMO〉 5 months ago ever been to liverpool? if not your opinion will change
  • lPuRe Clan
    lPuRe Clan 5 months ago I have one 😊
  • Clip Crew
    Clip Crew 5 months ago Not all our accents sound that good
  • hayWBK
    hayWBK 5 months ago @Tristan Feinauer ok
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @hayWBK nah I'm South African.
  • Cerys Devin
    Cerys Devin 5 months ago Lol I am British
  • TGI Dan
    TGI Dan 5 months ago TheRunningSloth it’s the same
  • TGI Dan
    TGI Dan 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer here’s an idea just leave British accents to people like me: British lads u cheeky bugger
  • Zoe Chung
    Zoe Chung 5 months ago Lol I'm British 😂😂😂
  • Akash3d
    Akash3d 5 months ago British accent is using 'o' sounds in every word
  • hayWBK
    hayWBK 5 months ago Are you american
  • Shaun Woulfe gamez
    Shaun Woulfe gamez 5 months ago I have a British/Irish accent
  • Benjamin Connolly
    Benjamin Connolly 5 months ago Yeh it gets old fast
  • Blake adams
    Blake adams 5 months ago im almost 50% british so i have one people tell me to stop using it but its hard cause its hard to sound american even my family says to stop but lol
  • Monae xxx
    Monae xxx 5 months ago I have a british accent 😏😏 born
  • A
    A 5 months ago So many absent minded Brits here. British accents do exist. Same way British people exist. But there’s distinction to be made because of many different types there are. Stop bitching about being called British by non British when you are BRITISH
  • makayla
    makayla 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer ikr
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Mattheiu PlaysRoblox are you sure?
  • Mattheiu PlaysRoblox
    Mattheiu PlaysRoblox 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer *Lucas’
  • The weird Side of the internet
    The weird Side of the internet 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer it’s not even offensive lmao he’s just an arrogant prick
  • yami
    yami 5 months ago its really not that special 🤣
  • bigpink baguette
    bigpink baguette 5 months ago @Abi Lewis same
  • bigpink baguette
    bigpink baguette 5 months ago Ah ha I found the non british
  • KikiSlays _
    KikiSlays _ 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer i wish I had a New York from the bronx accent yet I’m stuck with a British one peak times...
  • A Blay
    A Blay 5 months ago I hate my British accent
  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer ikr, a British accent does exist it’s when your parents are from different places in England
  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 5 months ago Arthur Shelby yes it does, it’s when your parents are from different countries in Britain, I have a british accent
  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 5 months ago Josh yeah there is, I have one cuz mine is a mix between welsh and English cuz my parents are from different countries
  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer I can send you a video of my accent if you want😂 jk jk I won’t
  • Dang it
    Dang it 5 months ago Trust me someone will imitate you
  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 5 months ago I can do American accents Australian accents Russian accents Indian kinda but I’m not that good at Indian but yeah 😂 ok and British but that makes sense cuz I’m british
  • FBI
    FBI 5 months ago I like Irish accents best
  • Leyla Vlogs
    Leyla Vlogs 5 months ago Omg yes I totally agree
  • dAiNiEl CoHn DoEsNt PhOtOsHoP -
    dAiNiEl CoHn DoEsNt PhOtOsHoP - 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer Oh please! You don’t.
  • i love cats
    i love cats 5 months ago I have an British accent 🇬🇧
  • Ava Mcglynn-brown
    Ava Mcglynn-brown 5 months ago Not all accent sound like that 😂
  • Tottenham For life
    Tottenham For life 5 months ago It’s an English accent by the way
  • Fluffy Sun
    Fluffy Sun 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer I don’t have a British accent and I live in Britain. The answer for that is because my parents are from Albania 🇦🇱 not England
    SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer I’m British but I don’t sound like that
  • uwu
    uwu 5 months ago @Arthur Shelby omg who cares, just as long as you know what the person's talking about. They're obviously talking about the accent in this video so take a seat and stop being so sensitive.
  • nothaxonlyskillz ye i changed my name
    nothaxonlyskillz ye i changed my name 5 months ago @Josh they is
  • engi
    engi 5 months ago In Britain you can basically cross the road and the accent will change
  • niamh 5013
    niamh 5013 5 months ago Even though I'm British I am obsessed with some of the other accents
  • Riley Rushlo
    Riley Rushlo 5 months ago r/woosh
  • Pineapple Jim
    Pineapple Jim 5 months ago @Arthur Shelby well yes but they meant English
  • OpticCentaur552
    OpticCentaur552 5 months ago im british and americans think were all posh like no mate
  • Albert Whalley
    Albert Whalley 5 months ago Joe O'Connor ay the Manchester accent is gd I like it
  • Vlogger 2000
    Vlogger 2000 5 months ago I’m British look at my vid
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Ninja no way best accent in the world.
  • John Cena
    John Cena 5 months ago Arthur Shelby you tried and got embarrassed. Hold this L
  • Wade L.
    Wade L. 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer ikr
  • mugs-n-shoes 1
    mugs-n-shoes 1 5 months ago @Tristan Feinauer and welsh
  • mugs-n-shoes 1
    mugs-n-shoes 1 5 months ago @Tristan Feinauer I'm british
  • Alyssia
    Alyssia 5 months ago I have a British accent, its Yorkshire
  • Nokia Brick
    Nokia Brick 5 months ago @Joe O'Connor I'm from Manchester it's not that bad 😂
  • Nokia Brick
    Nokia Brick 5 months ago @Grace Gay I know I wish I had an American one
  • Amy Rebecca
    Amy Rebecca 5 months ago SGSnake2X how’s that wrong, people from England have an English accent just like people from Canada have a Canadian accent
  • Nokia Brick
    Nokia Brick 5 months ago I WISH I HAD AN AMERICAN ACCENT 😢😢😢
  • Oxohs
    Oxohs 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer no you don’t trust me
  • Abi Lewis
    Abi Lewis 5 months ago I'm British
  • Qmeu _
    Qmeu _ 5 months ago Arthur Shelby “Boohoo so many people tearing up in the comments, get over yourselves children” are you fucking dumb or what? Literally a couple comments ago you were bitching about an accent error now your playing victim. Get over yourself, posh cunt😂
  • Jayden Deakin._.
    Jayden Deakin._. 5 months ago Aha
  • Grace Gay
    Grace Gay 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer haha I guess you got a big point 😂😂
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 5 months ago TheRunningSloth thats wrong as well, English is a worldwide language and if you're saying it's an accent is wrong since there are many countries with the fluent English knowledge like Nigeria, Canada, Australia, South Africa etc. Maybe the closest to the accent they're referring to is British English accent.
  • Matty2x
    Matty2x 5 months ago There Aussies
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Mike Bridges thanks bro I know I was being a bit vague but i didnt know that it was that offensive I'll try to be more specific next time.
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Joe O'Connor nah bro idgaf where you're from when people from England speak I'm automatically impressed.
  • mushy p
    mushy p 5 months ago Josh exactlyyyy
  • Brometheus
    Brometheus 5 months ago @Arthur Shelbyyou care about this far more than most of us Brits. You're just a little bitch looking for an excuse to get offended
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Mike Bridges thanks bro.
  • Mike Bridges
    Mike Bridges 5 months ago @Tristan Feinauer don't mind him Tristan, there always has to be at least 1, spoiling things for everyone else. A polite discussion on accents, just had to be trampled on by a prat.
  • Joe O'Connor
    Joe O'Connor 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer depends where in Britain if you come from Manchester the accent is disgusting basically like me
  • Mike Bridges
    Mike Bridges 5 months ago @Arthur Shelby and you are a piss poor ambassador for the speak of their ignorance, whilst displaying your arrogance....bloody good show. You could have nicely said, there are British accents and, most Brits who try an American accent ALWAYS go for the Southern, American accent. It amazes me how polite and kind Matt is and, in the meantime has some pretty arrogant, muppet British fans (who should take a cue from their fellow Brit).
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Arthur Shelby hilarious bro I'm actually not American
  • Arthur Shelby
    Arthur Shelby 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer - because you’re just another ignorant foreigner most likely American from what you’re saying :)
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago Funny how people get angry over a little error like this its actually hilarious.
  • TheRunningSloth
    TheRunningSloth 5 months ago Don't you mean an English accent?
  • Arthur Shelby
    Arthur Shelby 5 months ago (edited) A “British accent” doesn’t exist, be more specific and not narrow minded.
  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 5 months ago I was just thinking that!
  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago Tristan Feinauer there’s no such thing as a “British Accent”
  • autistic dalek
    autistic dalek 5 months ago yes
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago (edited) @KOJohnson nah my attempt at a British accent is trash.
  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 5 months ago @Grace Gay i looooove British accents.Love the content on this channel,but probably wouldn't watch it as often as I do if Matt wasn't British.
  • Grace Gay
    Grace Gay 5 months ago Haha really trust we it’s not all that good 😂😂👍
  • KOJohnson
    KOJohnson 5 months ago Aouw, yew kin owize fike it!
  • Foxy Snow
    Foxy Snow 1 month ago (edited) When Luca said “A sandwich please” it was so cute
  • Sis no
    Sis no 3 months ago (edited) Matt: I'm not actually gonna fini- Luca: bReAkFaSt
  • SoloRobloxGamer .-.
    SoloRobloxGamer .-. 3 months ago That bit killed me 😂😂😂
  • Ingy
    Ingy 1 day ago (edited) When Matt asked luka what else did luka want and Luka said Wheat Bisks Matt’s face was like dis dude agen