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Published on Oct 9, 2018 1,183,781 views

So in today's video, I share my experience after trying the kpop diet for a week. I didn't do the extreme diets that these kpop stars did, but instead I made a few modifications to it so that I was eating sufficient and well. I actually did this diet more than 3 weeks ago now and i did it for a duration of a week.

There was a lot of footage filmed over a week and a lot of commentary I had to condense so just to iterate the main point of this video is that extreme kpop diets are DANGEROUS. You do not need to go to extreme measures to lose weight. If you watch the video to the end, you can see the weight I loss even though I ate in much higher quantities than them, but yet was still able to lose weight, and on top of that, I didn't risk damaging my metabolism or going into a yoyo diet effect after it ended. Going to extreme measures in extreme kpop diets will do your body more harm than good.

I lost more than 1kg in 2 days because of of all the water weight disappearing during the first couple of days, then after that it was a little bit more water weight and fat.

I highly recommend anyone who's having trouble or have questions with dieting to see a dietitian as it's important to get professional help. I don't think these kpop diets like the IU diet, SNSD diet, or Jimin diet are sustainable and are extremely risky to your body.

Do watch on to see my before and after weight in and results, and leave a comment below on what you think.

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  • amna ali
    amna ali 9 months ago I swear you're not getting enough credit for all the hard work that you put into your videos you're killing it ❤❤❤love you
  • • loser •
    • loser • 1 month ago amna ali Ikr
  • Jenni Kaasinen
    Jenni Kaasinen 8 months ago So yeah she does get credit. And people seem to love her content. So she’s doing great
  • Jenni Kaasinen
    Jenni Kaasinen 8 months ago amna ali what do you mean? She has 241K views and I made music videos with a lot of time and effort and got 30 views
  • Markus VM
    Markus VM 9 months ago amna ali honestly you eat more in a day in a Kpop diet .that I do in a day
  • stan bap
    stan bap 9 months ago agreed
  • Michelle fit uk
    Michelle fit uk 9 months ago Please go in to detail with exercises, rep range etc, how much weight, how much hiit and cardio xxxxx
  • Michelle fit uk
    Michelle fit uk 9 months ago @Chloe Ting omg I can't wait! X
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago @Pugs, poptarts & pushups also thank you SO MUCH!❤❤
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago @Pugs, poptarts & pushups I have a video all about that coming up on the weekend! (Sat around 11pm aest) :)
  • Michelle fit uk
    Michelle fit uk 9 months ago @Chloe Ting I agree and your physique is fantastic. Whats your work out schedule like? How much gym weights, cardio & hiit etc xx
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago I LOVE YOU HONEY! I'm glad you noticed!
  • sidneybwii
    sidneybwii 5 months ago Chloe: I don’t recommend this Diet Me: no ones gonna sTOP ME Tomorrow Also me: nah my body’s fine, I don’t need those diet /eats
  • c j
    c j 2 weeks ago none of these diets are healthy and could lead to eds,, please no one do them
  • Britany Romero
    Britany Romero 1 month ago 😂
  • Metha kook
    Metha kook 1 month ago How do you know what I think 😂
  • Hobixy 16
    Hobixy 16 2 months ago Sameeeeeee hahaha
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    PeachyCakeu. ¡! 2 months ago same
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    Leslie Zavala 3 months ago Exactly me
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    Shomaponi Chowdhury 3 months ago Me
  • carlisha hyatte
    carlisha hyatte 4 months ago Ha me
  • Galaxykitty103
    Galaxykitty103 4 months ago Chloe:I don’t recommend dis .-. Me:I DO WHAT I DO! Next day Me:nope I don’t wanna be the sexy kpop gurls After Me:I WANNA BE THOSE SLENDER KPOP GURLS
  • yomini x
    yomini x 4 months ago More like: i like food idc about diet. Gimme my yummy food.
  • Luz _bts
    Luz _bts 4 months ago Same lol
  • x amy x
    x amy x 5 months ago same
  • quack quack
    quack quack 5 months ago So me lmao
  • GATcha Gals
    GATcha Gals 6 months ago 2 cabbage leaves!? Like gurl I would eat the whole damn cabbage
  • Jungkooks Christian Friend
    Jungkooks Christian Friend 3 weeks ago Lol
  • Yaoqi G
    Yaoqi G 1 month ago And still won’t make huge difference to the calories intake.. I mean it’s cabbage.. it basically has no energy.
  • little Donut
    little Donut 1 month ago Ive never even triee cabbage before😂😂
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    Amy Emily Betty Bunnies 3 months ago Same
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    awsome xander 4 months ago Me too i love cabbage
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    YES. It is I. 4 months ago 😂😂😂same, then i'd be looking for another one to devour
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    Sugakookie K 5 months ago 😂😂😂same
  • Roxanne Marques
    Roxanne Marques 5 months ago 😂😂😂 I burst into laughter
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 6 months ago Lol same!
  • monte carlo
    monte carlo 7 months ago i swear she sounds just like wengie the youtuber girl
  • Its_MaddieTheUnicorn
    Its_MaddieTheUnicorn 1 week ago True
  • agape oh
    agape oh 2 weeks ago omg sæm hshshshs
  • RE
    RE 2 weeks ago They both live in Australia
  • Giang Nguyen Thu
    Giang Nguyen Thu 2 weeks ago They also kinda have similar appearance imo
  • Emily Sanchez
    Emily Sanchez 1 month ago monte carlo that was my exact reaction
  • army bts
    army bts 1 month ago Ikr😯
  • little Donut
    little Donut 1 month ago Ik
  • Smol Mung Beans 12
    Smol Mung Beans 12 2 months ago YAS
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    Indie 3 months ago @Chloe Ting ahahahah😂
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    Kerone Harrison 3 months ago Chloe Ting lmao 😂❤
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    C D 3 months ago @Chloe Ting hehehe funny you 🤣
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    Livia Van Der Jeught 3 months ago @Chloe Ting lmao for a minute I actually believed you😂😂
  • •jamjdeer gacha•
    •jamjdeer gacha• 3 months ago ikr
  • Ailish Nixon
    Ailish Nixon 4 months ago I was legit gonna say they look and sound basically the same.
  • rosezzli
    rosezzli 4 months ago wengie, but better.
  • لاف ليف ! (Love Live ! (Game
    لاف ليف ! (Love Live ! (Game 4 months ago IKR !!!
  • Vkook is true kekekek
    Vkook is true kekekek 5 months ago I thought the same
  • Monsta Music
    Monsta Music 5 months ago @monte carlo oh 😂
  • monte carlo
    monte carlo 5 months ago @Monsta Music no she's not, she was just being sarcastic 😂
  • Monsta Music
    Monsta Music 5 months ago @Chloe Ting are u wengie ??
  • Monsta Music
    Monsta Music 5 months ago What
  • Luz _bts
    Luz _bts 6 months ago Monika McLellan IKR
  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava 6 months ago Monika McLellan IFKT
  • Molly Zhou
    Molly Zhou 6 months ago Kind of...
  • Catarina Bento
    Catarina Bento 6 months ago @Maddy_Playz there's something called sarcasm..
  • yashna nawosah
    yashna nawosah 7 months ago @Maddy_Playz she is just joking
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 7 months ago that's my other account, we're the same person
  • Cara Wang
    Cara Wang 9 months ago These diets are insane. As a kpop fan, I really hope kpop artists develop a healthy way of eating. I could barely imagine how stressful their work is, such an intense diet would only make things worse. They’re humans too and “fans” should not just judge them on how skinny they look
  • Saori
    Saori 1 month ago Especially cause they do hardcore excersice with their dancing. This is not healthy at all it's actually a huge issue
  • candy girl
    candy girl 1 month ago yeah and they should not fatshame them
  • •VBIL Savvy•
    •VBIL Savvy• 4 months ago Cara Wang Some of them eat healthy, yet do intense exercise. For example, Lisa & Rosé from Blackpink eat whatever they want, they just do intense exercise to balance it out.
  • Pusheen’s Monsta X Biscuits Me
    Pusheen’s Monsta X Biscuits Me 5 months ago It’s about the music they make and who they are inside not how skinny they are! Your so right!
  • Painting Pistachios
    Painting Pistachios 6 months ago @Aditi Kumar1.It's the company's money not the actual groups money because each company has multiple kpop groups like jyp. 2. I never said other people don't have money for food? I'm saying some groups get the privilege to each food but they use their own money not the company's money to buy food. It's sick in EVERY country to starve anyone or let others starve when you have enough money to share. But not all people have the money to share but do their best to provide for their family.
  • Aditi Kumar
    Aditi Kumar 6 months ago @Painting Pistachios That is INSANE and AGAINST humanity . In many countries there are millions of people who are undernourished since they can't afford enough food for themselves and their families and K-pop management is doing the same despite of the fact that they have way more money than an average person .
  • Painting Pistachios
    Painting Pistachios 6 months ago @Aditi Kumar they just don't want their idols to starve themselves. I forgot which group but one kpop group was so hungry/starving that they had to barge into their manager's room to seek food
  • Aditi Kumar
    Aditi Kumar 6 months ago The people judging them have no right to call themselves fans.
  • Painting Pistachios
    Painting Pistachios 6 months ago I will say, Kpop artists do eat a lot but if they have the body shape that shows fat, they go on diets to be skinny. Stray Kids season one is a good example of eating a lot.
  • ღyoonjoonieღ affirmations
    ღyoonjoonieღ affirmations 6 months ago True 😭
  • Olivia O
    Olivia O 6 months ago Ummm
  • Olivia O
    Olivia O 6 months ago Do they drink water
  • Olivia O
    Olivia O 6 months ago Me too
  • puru buru
    puru buru 6 months ago Your diet food looks more delicious than my every day food
  • puru buru
    puru buru 6 months ago They would
  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 6 months ago (edited) @nekori666 True, but it's dangerous.
  • nekori666
    nekori666 6 months ago It is also a thing of cultural difference you don't wanna forget
  • Victoria C
    Victoria C 6 months ago @Shannon Goins yeah but idols in big companies don't normally get those nutrients like seulgi from red velvet who only drank a glass of soy milk 3x a day in replacement for meals. The caloric count for their foods compared to their training is actually very malnourishing as they can train from early morning to early morning the next day, barely sleeping as well which damages the immune system. Don't forget that Chloe combined the diets of 3 idols, meaning that she ate what 3 different idols did in a dieting day.
  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 6 months ago Usually, kpop idols are under a company that pushes them to be skinny. I'm a kpop fan too and when I look at some kpop idols, I get a bit sad and worried. I feel like most companies think that if their idols aren't skinny and don't fit the Korean beauty standards, they won't get a lot of money. I think that's mostly it. They want their idols to be skinny just so they can get more money. It's really sad and awful.
  • Arpad Farkas
    Arpad Farkas 8 months ago Tbh there are kpop groups that doesn't seem like being forced to be skinny. I stan Monsta X, and I don't think they are forced to diet.. Like, Shownu has some weight, and Wonho has some gains, but the others look healthy aswell.
  • Odi Lol
    Odi Lol 8 months ago Cara Wang I know right
  • Sanctus Baal
    Sanctus Baal 9 months ago But otherwise I'm just going to ride a bicycle and do not much sport
  • Sanctus Baal
    Sanctus Baal 9 months ago my metabolisim is so bad that I noe begin a diet where i eat an apple (B) a sandwish (B-L) a salad (L) i lost <2kg in a week
  • Shannon Goins
    Shannon Goins 9 months ago Looks pretty healthy to me. You got your meats, starches, and vegetables.
    MAYRA 9 months ago (edited) @Rosiana Teriitanoa it's actually part fans, antis, standards and the company in total of what makes them to lose weight and if the company isn't that much strict then the idols take a part too in the decision of dieting (from a lot of cases I've seen)
  • Rosiana Teriitanoa
    Rosiana Teriitanoa 9 months ago It's not the fans, it's the management that forces them to be a certain weight.
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago yeah i really do hope so as well!
  • keemi kim
    keemi kim 9 months ago Rosé from blackpink eats a lot and she said she didnt refuse salty food everyday. This was confirmed by other blackpink members. They said she eats a lot.. and she exercise a lot as well. Boxing, weight training, pillates and never escape her aerobic exercise everyday. and she was blessed with genes as well. Her mum is skinny and slim according to her high school friend.. They just didnt gain weight easily..
  • bri
    bri 1 week ago @baby innienever said they do we don't know for sure just telling the person just because we have small waist doesn't mean we starve
  • baby innie
    baby innie 1 week ago you really think they eat like what they show in their shows? it's all for a show. they do diets most of the time.
  • bri
    bri 2 weeks ago And I eat like a man not much healthy food cause veggies are nasty😖
  • bri
    bri 2 weeks ago My waist size is 22in and I don't starve myself?
  • Attack on bangtan sonyeondan URIGA NUGU
    Attack on bangtan sonyeondan URIGA NUGU 1 month ago @AnD sPriTe rose especially she looks like shes starving 24/7
  • AnD sPriTe
    AnD sPriTe 1 month ago They have a 20-21 inch waists..... thats not healthy. Im naturally skinny as well but my waist is at least 25 on good days. They starve themselves and only eat in front of the camera. Dont lie to yourself. Their manager would never let them eat whatever they want.
  • Attack on bangtan sonyeondan URIGA NUGU
    Attack on bangtan sonyeondan URIGA NUGU 1 month ago Damn lucky ass people with good genes... fuck them all 😭😭😭
  • J GA
    J GA 1 month ago My brother was very skinny even though he was eating a lot before working overseas.. his genes failed him because of his habits and the change of environment.. rose and other bp are in a control environment.. i bet they need to extremely diet if the management or themselves are not satisfied with their weight, size, and appearance..
  • Lana
    Lana 1 month ago I’m pretty sure Rosé doesn’t do boxing, Lisa does though.
  • Alpha Chan
    Alpha Chan 1 month ago Yeah lisa and rosé eat a lot
  • FLOORSÉ is my ultimate ship
    FLOORSÉ is my ultimate ship 2 months ago Yasmeen Hani yg’s personal trainer explained that rosé loves boxing and weightlifting as well
  • fitra manchunian
    fitra manchunian 3 months ago Nope... Her expression in this vid shows me on my wife's cheat day
  • TaxiKit
    TaxiKit 3 months ago keemi kim I’m not sure maybe she did the diet in the beginning
  • Galaxykitty103
    Galaxykitty103 4 months ago Same I eat a whole bunch of crazy food XD don’t exercise much tho still very skinny and slender my friends say yes I agree but it gets to the point for you can feel the bone very easily w
  • MimiMeiMizE PlayZ
    MimiMeiMizE PlayZ 4 months ago (edited) Many people have high metabolism (Don't know if I spelled it right xd) because of that even how much you eat You won't gain weight. And also many people have low metabolism that causes you to gain weight easily.. Rosé doesn't eat a lot I think she just eats healthy food and exercises a lot that makes her not to gain weight. I think she eats less calorie food as well. Mostly healthy foods have less calories.. Junk foods have too much calories. Even it tastes good.. So, technically Rosé eats less calorie food and exercises a lot or has a high metabolism. It can be both. Edit: This is just what I think. I can be wrong tho. So yeah.
  • Naz MJ
    Naz MJ 5 months ago keemi kim I don’t consider her nice slim. To me she looks extremely skinny but she isn’t unhealthy. She doesn’t come across as weak to me. I’ve noticed Jennie in between was weaker that’s when she seemed skinnier also and now she seems healthy therefore more active. That’s how they are. Jennie and jisso are the healthiest in that group according to me but rose is natural I think.
  • az zahra
    az zahra 6 months ago @Lena ure wrong there is magical genes, my cousin has it, she eats instant noodles 2 packs for 2-3 times a week, eats 2 portion of rice every time she eat, well basically she ate everything with large portion but she is still skinny but not underweight either, her body is just balanced and im jealous of her
  • Preanna Aguilar
    Preanna Aguilar 6 months ago I only gain weight only on my stomach, I’m skinny on the rest of my body..but my thighs are pretty normal..I’ve tried to motivate myself to excercise more than 30 minutes..but I can’t do it because I’m lazy..and I eat a lot and I tried skipping breakfast and have smaller 2 meals for the rest of the day..(lunch & dinner) and doing 10-20 minutes excercise..I also tend to bloat easily if I eat a lot. And I’m lightweight for my age..
  • RioCxy
    RioCxy 6 months ago Ikr I am as skinny as her and eat a lot
  • sunshinetae
    sunshinetae 6 months ago @Susoioi Yeah same with my friend
  • Hyeri MSP
    Hyeri MSP 6 months ago I can’t gain weight sadly and I’m like 5kg :/ but my mom says it’s okay because of my height I guess (I’m really short lol)
  • trisha
    trisha 7 months ago she has fast metabolism ig
  • namjoon_hates_onions on ig uwu
    namjoon_hates_onions on ig uwu 7 months ago @Susoioi they have a high metabolism
  • Amina A
    Amina A 7 months ago heart beat No one asked
  • Idc
    Idc 7 months ago Right? Like I hated that she used rose of all Kpop stars in the beginning
  • Lucille Kohtz
    Lucille Kohtz 8 months ago yeah rosé was a ton 😂 but she works out a ton to maintain and keep her figure. blackpink house really revealed their eating habits and workout habits.
  • Alyssa Francisco
    Alyssa Francisco 8 months ago
  • bangtaelligent
    bangtaelligent 8 months ago heart beat im a living proof of that 😂😂😂. And my whole family too.
  • Dino
    Dino 8 months ago @Lena mmm there's also metabolism. Calories in and calories out doesn't matter if you have a high metabolism that constantly burns fat. My little sister eats everything but she stays slim without exercise. She's also really short. Sometimes people have better genes. Another example is my older sister, who's naturally fat and has pcos, but keeps her weight down through taking birth control and exercise. Calories in vs calories out is actually a harmful way to think about weight loss and weight gain. There's way more to it than just having 1200 calories a day.
  • Pinky Promise
    Pinky Promise 8 months ago She dosen't eat THAT much, most of the foods she and the other 3 eat are on the healthy side, they do eat unhealthy food too but from what i saw in shows and all i could eat these 4 girls entire meals for a day in one sitting and i wish i was joking
  • Yasmeen Hani
    Yasmeen Hani 8 months ago only lisa does boxing, rose does acrobats pilates and flexibility exercises
  • Susoioi
    Susoioi 9 months ago Lena I asked her what she ate at home, but she wouldn’t tell me, but I do know for a fact that she does not exercise.
  • Lena
    Lena 9 months ago Not enough information for me to explain, actually height alone adds to her daily calories limit by some! If i were 6inches taller my body would on it's own require ~100 more calories just to function. How active is she? Does she have muscle mass? How does she eat AT HOME as opposed to in social circles? Don't take me as a hater please, when i was really young I had the very same thoughts! I couldn't understand why my best friend, with same school schedule, same school heavy snacking and seemingly general lifestyle had a good 12Kg less than me! I just thought, well .. she has good metabolism and I'm just unlucky. As I got older and actually researched and tried my own weight loss paths I realized things that escaped my young eyes. Yes, she ate quite some snacks with me but when she went home she'd have her mother's home made healthy veggies breakfast/dinners. She also went out to exercise quite regularly by walking her dogs and had a 5km walk between bus and home to do twice a day to and from school. Unless a health condition is ongoing (hopefully not!) then your friend is simply just consuming more than she eats, either by eating little/healthy on the side or by being very active!
  • Susoioi
    Susoioi 9 months ago Some people are naturally thin though, for example my friend is like 6 inches taller than me, but 15 pounds lighter and she eats snacks all day (ice cream, cookies, doritos, etc)
  • Lena
    Lena 9 months ago She does not eat "a lot". She eats pretty healthy foods in normal quantities and exercises a lot. Gaining or losing weight is a matter of calories in/calories out and exercise, there's no magical gene that will keep you from gaining weight if you eat calorie heavy food regularly.
  • Hina Yu
    Hina Yu 9 months ago Being a Korean myself I couldn't relate more. I've tried several diets from kpop idols and gave up on A LOT of them because they were all so fricking hard. Being a kpop idol is HELLA. HARD. You have to STARVE YOURSELF to keep yourself thin. When your diet is successful, knetizens praise you. When you carry the diet further, knetizens degrade you for being too thin. On top of that, you're not allowed to talk about your eating disorders because of knetizens. It's gotten a bit better now, but it is still hard. I applaud you for challenging yourself to diet like a kpop idol. Love you so much :)
  • Sasha O'Leary
    Sasha O'Leary 2 weeks ago wow
  • Armybts 19
    Armybts 19 4 months ago @jichuya 😂😂
  • jichuya
    jichuya 4 months ago koreaboo in your area
  • Lee Taeyong Marry Me
    Lee Taeyong Marry Me 9 months ago True! Red Velvet’s Wendy is one victim
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago Thanks, and thanks for sharing in your comment as well. I learnt a lot of the Kpop industry from Korean friends and I think most people outside of Korea don't realise how harsh the environment is over there. Glad to hear it's gotten better over the years but hopefully it keeps getting better.
  • 도영박
    도영박 9 months ago (edited) Seriously I tried the IU one for 8 days and I literally lost about 3kg ( about 4-5 pounds??? ) I didn’t feel that exhausted and hungry but HOLY JESUS THE CRAVE TO EAT OR JUST MUNCH ON SOMETHING IS INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And I even skipped breakfast because I always over slept my whole summer. Instead, I saved the apple for snacking in between lunch and dinner. That way you will feel less “dying” I guess ? Edit : Idk why I received so many likes for this but just a quick update cuz why not —> I didn’t gain much weight back ( about 0.3kg I think? ) but I suggest working out after this diet to gain some muscle and maintain your weight since you’ll lose muscles because of the diet
  • Human with zero talents
    Human with zero talents 3 weeks ago Where do you found sweet potatoes xD
  • J GA
    J GA 1 month ago Being depressed and broken hearted a year ago, i was only eating 1-2 tbsp of rice with diff meat in afternoon and dinner.. no breakfast.. i've lost 5kg in 5 days.. no cravings, no appetite.. About the top comment, maybe the IU/Suzy/PSH are only dieting for a certain time and eat normal afterwards.. no one can survive those diet for a month, they will be skeleton..
  • ii France
    ii France 1 month ago Good job ♥
  • Fan Pet
    Fan Pet 3 months ago This is just a bad idea
  • chocomilk
    chocomilk 4 months ago @charls law XD you're welcome
  • charls law XD
    charls law XD 4 months ago @chocomilk thanks for the replies
  • chocomilk
    chocomilk 4 months ago @charls law XD I did but not too much
  • charls law XD
    charls law XD 4 months ago @chocomilk you didn't feel any dizziness at all when u tried it?
  • chocomilk
    chocomilk 4 months ago @charls law XD yeah. I've seen some vids about it and apparently it's healthy since you don't only lose fat but also detox your body. I tried it once but lasted just 24 hours bc I love food way too much xD
  • charls law XD
    charls law XD 4 months ago @chocomilk srsly?!
  • chocomilk
    chocomilk 4 months ago @charls law XD you eat nothing just drink water
  • charls law XD
    charls law XD 4 months ago @artemis chen how is it done?
  • artemis chen
    artemis chen 4 months ago (edited) 도영박 I always wonder why can't everyone just try water fasting for a day or two. You'll have more energy and you'll loose a lot of fat. You also won't be craving, isn't it a triple win?
  • charls law XD
    charls law XD 4 months ago @Marigold Smithson what is it?
  • its Sam Oh boy
    its Sam Oh boy 4 months ago I did the IU diet as well. Lost 6 pounds. Gained my original weight back when I bit an oreo
  • Wenther Plays
    Wenther Plays 5 months ago I wanted to bite me sister 😂
  • Angy Btw
    Angy Btw 6 months ago That about 6 pounds or 5
  • X_mxxnlxxht _X
    X_mxxnlxxht _X 6 months ago My mom would kill me if I made a diet like IU haha...sad
  • gorilla
    gorilla 6 months ago i will keep this in mind!
  • Angela Woo
    Angela Woo 6 months ago I mean but the K-POP idols exercise like hell and they dance and have schedules where they have to wake up at like 2 AM or something.
  • Artist Flare
    Artist Flare 6 months ago did u do vigoruous exercise too? imagine kpop idols they do exercise and dance practice
  • Min Genius
    Min Genius 6 months ago lord ive tried a kpop diet and i just craved food like chocolate or chicken
  • Nusayba Ahmed
    Nusayba Ahmed 6 months ago (edited) Omg I needed this thanks so much Ps:did you see a physical difference
  • Zillie 03
    Zillie 03 7 months ago (edited) Did you exercise with that diet??
  • Zara Noori
    Zara Noori 7 months ago @Marigold Smithson yh i should try that..
  • Marigold Smithson
    Marigold Smithson 7 months ago There’s a diet in England which is a crazy good. You get 15 syns a day (Each syn is 20 calories) so you could have like wine or some chocolate, and then the rest of food like fruits, vegetables, rice, etc are free! You can eat as much as you want. A man in my group lost 12 pounds in the first week of doing it! I lost 6 💓
  • duck
    duck 7 months ago I'm gonna try it today oof.
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 7 months ago *said
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 7 months ago Shiro Kookie :3 same here. My mum was angry and sad that I need to stop after 4 or 5 days bc she saw how tired and exhausted I was.
  • 도영박
    도영박 7 months ago Melissa Jones My parents made me stop too. The diet wasn’t healthy anyway and I didn’t think I would be able to go any further so I stopped.
  • 도영박
    도영박 7 months ago B bitch boi Yeah I lost it it a week
  • Fuzzers
    Fuzzers 7 months ago Shiro Kookie :3 3 kg is like 6-7 pounds
  • fan girl
    fan girl 8 months ago I think you need to exercise more... just saying
  • Amorevolous
    Amorevolous 8 months ago @I stalk Korean babies On instagram I have no shame wow thats crazy! I want to try this but i dont want to gain it all back once i stop. Did you gain all or most of it back?? (Please answer)
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 8 months ago I stalk Korean babies On instagram I have no shame How did you do this for two weeks o.O it‘s really hard and did you gain everything back again?
  • I stalk Korean babies On instagram I have no shame
    I stalk Korean babies On instagram I have no shame 8 months ago I did it for 2 weeks I lost about 16-17kg
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 9 months ago laura ' ⬆️
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 9 months ago taetae xx a little bit not all. I gained 3kg again and lost 2kg. But I don’t recommend this diet at all. It’s crazy. I was hungry all the time and couldn’t focus on anything except my next meal, it wasn’t even a meal only one apple in the morning, one sweet potato for lunch and one protein shake for dinner. 300 calories per day!! But k idols do this insane short diet for their comebacks to be skinny and then they gain everything back.
  • laura '
    laura ' 9 months ago @mina uwu wow thats insane, but whats with the jojo effect?
  • I love books
    I love books 9 months ago @mina uwu did you gain it back ?
  • mina uwu
    mina uwu 9 months ago same, i tried it too and lost around 5kg in a week but the diet is insane
  • Kim H.J
    Kim H.J 9 months ago I tried it too and i lost 5kg in 1 week
  • Ve Nus
    Ve Nus 9 months ago In a week you lost that or?
  • Solia Jeong
    Solia Jeong 8 months ago I think when you are only 47 kg you dont need to lose weight
  • Gacha_gamerlife
    Gacha_gamerlife 3 days ago am 34kg am 10 is that good for me and my age pluse am 4.10 feet
  • pregnant'nt'nt -trapdesu
    pregnant'nt'nt -trapdesu 6 days ago My friend is 5ft 8 and is 43 kg we call him stick
  • Pup Love
    Pup Love 1 month ago I’m 14 and 54 kilograms. I feel fat now
  • Shaina Maldo
    Shaina Maldo 2 months ago (edited) Im 50 or 52. But im only 15 and my height is 5flat so i need to do this
  • Games Time
    Games Time 2 months ago @Zoof I am around 60kg😭😭😭
  • Purple Army
    Purple Army 2 months ago Omg we're same but it gets lower actually every year
  • Jéssica Pinheiro Nunes
    Jéssica Pinheiro Nunes 4 months ago She said in the start that she didn't need to diet 😒
  • amy Kmusic
    amy Kmusic 5 months ago i know people 5ft 43kg and they still look healthy
  • S H O O T I E
    S H O O T I E 6 months ago @Solia Jeong it's her choice
  • Solia Jeong
    Solia Jeong 6 months ago @Ruby Heartfillia Oh ok but that already is slim enough i think but she decides
  • Ruby Heartfillia
    Ruby Heartfillia 6 months ago @Solia Jeong She's 5"1 so 47kg is healthy for her
  • Solia Jeong
    Solia Jeong 7 months ago @Taehyung’s Duality Yeah but shes probaldy not that short
  • Taehyung’s Duality
    Taehyung’s Duality 7 months ago Depends on her height tbh
  • Kat TheHuman
    Kat TheHuman 4 months ago (edited) Every like I will do a sit up and every comment I will do a burpee. Let’s see what will happen... xD
  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 17 hours ago *hums* Let’s just make you do... 358 sit ups and 41 burpees... *hums*
  • Sinja Adhikari
    Sinja Adhikari 3 days ago s u f f e r~
  • julie pelletier
    julie pelletier 1 week ago Good luck!
  • leyla
    leyla 2 weeks ago 38 BURPEEEEES😂
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    Sevenyeondan slays 3 weeks ago welp enjoy 😂✊
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    Natalie Truong 1 month ago Burpee!
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    101 Skully 1 month ago Kpop Mashupjams I like and comment.
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    hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon 1 month ago Feel sorry man
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    ちゃんダ二 1 month ago Let’s gooooo
  • qnɥɔ sqnɥɔ
    qnɥɔ sqnɥɔ 1 month ago 𝓢 𝓾 𝓯 𝓯 𝓮 𝓻
  • hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon
    hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon 1 month ago Bro
  • hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon
    hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon 1 month ago Good luck
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    hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon 1 month ago *likes
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  • hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon
    hatersgonnahate.playersgonnaplay. -Namjoon 1 month ago I wish i could give you more limes
  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 1 month ago I’m not sorry
  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 1 month ago Im sorry jkjk
  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 1 month ago Jokes on you
  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 1 month ago Pow
  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 1 month ago Work it bish
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    Aarya Kanwale 2 months ago Do a burpee. I command you.
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    Fae Tigre 2 months ago Do all the burpees :p
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    Zoe Green 2 months ago @Kpop Mashupjams burpee
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    Zoe Green 2 months ago @Kpop Mashupjams burpee
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    Zoe Green 2 months ago Burpee
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    Forest Wild flower 2 months ago Good luck😂
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    Pearl Lilly 2 months ago You only have 12 sit ups tho!!
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    SmolParkMochi 3 months ago 11 Burpees!! Good luck!
  • Shraddha Singha
    Shraddha Singha 3 months ago 74 sit ups and 9 burpees all the best!🤣
  • Pastel storm
    Pastel storm 3 months ago I will help you suffer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yeeunji •
    Yeeunji • 3 months ago Burpeeeeeeees
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    Dolores Hernandez 3 months ago lEtS jUsT aDd oN tO tHe bUrpEes
    UNI CORNN 3 months ago I SUPPORT!!
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    AngelxBTSxLove_ 21 3 months ago More burpees!!
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    Dyysfunctional Draws 3 months ago s u f f e r
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    Lucy Aneke 3 months ago thREE BURPEES
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    Himika 4 months ago Why not two burpees
  • Kpop Mashupjams
    Kpop Mashupjams 4 months ago do one burpee😂
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago (edited) *DO NOT TRY THE KPOP DIET AS IT CAN BE DANGEROUS* Although I made changes to it, I can't stress enough that you shouldn't follow any diet blindly until you speak to a dietitian. I put together my plan as an experiment, for my body, and everyone's body is different. ❤❤❤❤❤ Also the workout i showed in this video was from this workout:
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago @Венелина Христовa I uploaded the video two weeks ago.
  • Zed Xahu
    Zed Xahu 9 months ago Chloe Ting urgh i love how you care ❤️❤️
  • Венелина Христова
    Венелина Христова 9 months ago can u upload the workout which u do in video where is it in 9th minute?
  • Xenatia
    Xenatia 9 months ago These Kpop stars are so irresponsible talking about their diets. They're essentially promoting starvation diets and then young girls who idolize them try the diets too. Thank goodness you modified it Chloe. These Kpop stars must be soooo depressed on these diets.
  • Martina Odei
    Martina Odei 2 months ago It's not their fault its their managers who force them to go on these extreme diets and sometimes they don't even eat all for the sake of looking skinny & sexy. I just hope they will at least get better diets that will full them & give them the nutrients they need
  • Reena
    Reena 4 months ago @Jacky Star it is lmao
  • Reena
    Reena 4 months ago @Jenny Lopez Korea's society,,
  • amy Kmusic
    amy Kmusic 5 months ago i don’t think it’s really on them, they are asked and they answer. they also talk about how unhealthy they felt during it and how they switch to a healthier diet.
  • Jinyoung's peach is JB's favorite thing.
    Jinyoung's peach is JB's favorite thing. 5 months ago Yep 👏🏻👏🏻
  • nochu
    nochu 5 months ago Jennie Suzuki I don’t believe that at all. One, your grammar proves it, two you aren’t allowed to have social media, and three, companies do make you starve.
  • løvely
    løvely 5 months ago Xenatia They are forced to eat like that so.. yeah..
  • kittengin
    kittengin 6 months ago I’ve been training in an big entertainment company this is all bullshit yes we exorcise we don’t starve
  • snuddles
    snuddles 6 months ago ​@Jacky Star they could refuse to talk about it, but they're going to get hate. If they refuse a question to an interviewer some people even see it as them being rude. Usually the idols will dodge the question by answering vaguely or answering with something of a different topic. Refusing a question completely isn't really common, because as I said earlier peeps see it as possibly rude lol
  • Ebalina Xiong
    Ebalina Xiong 6 months ago Xenatia Well you wouldn’t say irresponsible to them, it’s mostly their company’s fault. They all our forced to stay a perfect image for their fans. It’s not their fault. It’s the company’s fault for pressuring and forcing them into these kinds of diets ect.
  • Jacky Star
    Jacky Star 7 months ago @Nastassia it's not hard to refuse to talk about it
  • Nastassia
    Nastassia 7 months ago They talk about it because they get asked about it. What are they supposed to say? If they lie and say they're naturally that thin they get huge amounts of hate lol
  • Kaireen Mae
    Kaireen Mae 9 months ago Xenatia yes, their managers guard what they eat even if they are in a variety shows and some mcs are giving or treating them food, managers do always intimidate them, causing them to stop eating what is given to them, for example, wendy of red velvet.
  • Xenatia
    Xenatia 9 months ago @Jenny Lopez I know! It's just crazy isn't it!
  • Xenatia
    Xenatia 9 months ago @Chloe Ting Yeah me too. From I've heard about the Kpop industry, I don't think they have much say in it. I have no idea how they have the energy to sing, dance, promote, while eating such little food.
  • Xenatia
    Xenatia 9 months ago @大可王 So true, which is really sad. I don't think they have much of a choice either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard their company micromanages them, so I wouldn't be surprised if that included what they ate as well considering Kpop has such a strong visual aspect to it. Poor kids!
  • Jenny Lopez
    Jenny Lopez 9 months ago Also, when they talk about it, the people are impressed by it. Like, the hosts in a variety show.
  • 大可王
    大可王 9 months ago And worse, these kpop stars are mostly teenagers themselves☹️
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago yeah i do feel bad for them. ahh
  • Đt hl
    Đt hl 9 months ago You can make a video about "How to slim Calves" plzzz
  • Slayin Girl
    Slayin Girl 5 days ago Try doing Leg stretches they automatically slim down your legs and you aslo get flexible Oh yeah and your Legs also Get toned💜
  • sadie2melw
    sadie2melw 2 months ago You can't 'spot burn' fat. Doctors say this all of the time. It is impossible. You can build calf muscle, but you can't just decide to burn calf muscle and make it happen. The body doesn't work like that.
  • •jamjdeer gacha•
    •jamjdeer gacha• 3 months ago i like my athletic thighs uwu
  • Celeste
    Celeste 4 months ago ...maybe arms too? Lol
  • _ _mvgical
    _ _mvgical 6 months ago Will it make my legs weaker? Because I love running and I want to run for A LONG TIME.
  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 8 months ago Oh okay thank you so much!!
  • Sprispri
    Sprispri 8 months ago Kimberly she has a workout on burning thigh fat it really works them 👌🏽
  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 9 months ago And thighs please
  • Jam Saulo
    Jam Saulo 9 months ago I agree
  • CuteAmanda00
    CuteAmanda00 8 months ago Eating chocolate while watching this 😂
  • Trish Chanyeol Park
    Trish Chanyeol Park 1 month ago still pretty tho
  • Naya Army
    Naya Army 3 months ago I'm eating pizza😂😂😂😂 at 10.53pm
    MHJBN X 4 months ago same, but at 2am lmao.
  • ღyoonjoonieღ affirmations
    ღyoonjoonieღ affirmations 6 months ago Lucky :(
  • fluffycloud28
    fluffycloud28 6 months ago Her voice was like wengie and for a second I was like omg
  • Stardust `3`
    Stardust `3` 7 months ago Same😂🤤
  • sadboys
    sadboys 6 months ago (edited) when her modified diet is way more than what you normally eat
  • jyh
    jyh 1 week ago @Hannah Davis she does a LOT of exercise so it's normal for her to eat that much
  • Dis Bish
    Dis Bish 1 month ago @Krešimir Fligić jede led
  • FireBreathingPhoenix
    FireBreathingPhoenix 2 months ago Geez how much do you weigh/how tall are you
  • sadboys
    sadboys 5 months ago @Krešimir Fligić i don't eat breakfast or lunch normally since I wake up late and prefer working through lunch at school. Although, I do eat a quick snack after school and then a 500-700 calorie dinner. I can see that i eat a lot less than what i'm supposed to but also i don't need a lot of energy since i'm not very active throughout the day. She seems much more active like a bodybuider, in which they need to eat a lot more. My only shock was when she included her modified diet in saying "i do not recommend anyone to try any of these diets including my modified one."
  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis 6 months ago this is SO MUCH more food than what i, or frankly most people i know, eat i’m really confused
  • Krešimir Fligić
    Krešimir Fligić 6 months ago what do you eat in a day then?
  • Super64
    Super64 9 months ago Maybe it’s just me but this feels like a lot of food I don’t think I could finish all of those plates in a single day.
  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 4 months ago Thank god I'm not the only one XD
  • KaiChannel
    KaiChannel 4 months ago Same I will probably eat half or less and still will be overfull
  • Tenzing Choeyang
    Tenzing Choeyang 5 months ago I feel like 2 of those plate would be enough for me because the chicken is actually bigger than I thought. But if u think about it, salad barely fills u up and she exercises also making her hungrier right?
  • Ying H
    Ying H 6 months ago I think this is an appropriate amount of food since her workouts are pretty intense. Plus the food here is pretty low fat so it's not as many calories as one would think.
  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 6 months ago same
  • Artist Flare
    Artist Flare 6 months ago i agree like i felt it was too much
  • dontfeedmeplz
    dontfeedmeplz 6 months ago Ellie X that’s so less! you should try to go for atleast 900 even if you are trying to lose weight.
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 6 months ago KookieSubliminals pfft idk maybe like 500-700?
  • Zara Noori
    Zara Noori 7 months ago @First Name Last Name same.. but i still dont lose much weight.. i guess its because im just a naturally lazy person
  • dontfeedmeplz
    dontfeedmeplz 8 months ago Ellie X wow how many calories do you eat a day?
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 8 months ago IKR! I don’t even eat half of this in a day.
  • dontfeedmeplz
    dontfeedmeplz 8 months ago Then you must not eat a lot since this would be restricting a lot for me
  • Often Unsaid
    Often Unsaid 9 months ago Super64 When you are eating healthy it doesn’t fill you up!! I swear! You’ll get hungry really fast too because some of the healthy foods doesn’t have grease and all the extra fattening so when you’re eating like her best believe you are going to feel like you haven’t ate enough food.
  • Karina Xiong
    Karina Xiong 9 months ago Same... Meat is super filling- especially if it's for breakfast. But I'm also super short and petite. Not to mention I don't work out that much. It all just depends on your height and activity level.
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago I wasn't over feeding myself. That's just the amount I ate to feel full. I didn't want to restrict quantity since I was already restricting to clean eating.
  • SHT
    SHT 9 months ago Are u obsessed with kpop after coming back from korea😂😂😂😂
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago hahaa yeah a little! Especially with their food! Oh my god! 😂😂
  • kookies & tae
    kookies & tae 6 months ago why is her diet more than i eat normally 😂😭😭
  • Rasen Dori
    Rasen Dori 21 hours ago kookies & tae She also exercises a lot so she needs to eat more to have enough energy 👍
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 6 months ago I eat loads of vegetables normally and I have a big appetite!!
  • Urtė Sireikaitė
    Urtė Sireikaitė 9 months ago Jeez ,with the quality of your videos and content you deserve like 5 million subs ,seriously ,what does youtube think and why are you not trending ?Seriously I am sad and mad at people ,because your vids are so proffecional
  • Mia Asora
    Mia Asora 9 months ago @Urtė Sireikaitė Ah, now i get it, thanks, language barrier.
  • Urtė Sireikaitė
    Urtė Sireikaitė 9 months ago jesus christ himself what I meant was that PewDiePie wasn't the first person to do gaming ,yet he is the most successfull YouTuber on ,well ,YouTube
  • Mia Asora
    Mia Asora 9 months ago @Urtė Sireikaitė Im sorry i don't really understand what you mean by that.
  • Urtė Sireikaitė
    Urtė Sireikaitė 9 months ago jesus christ himself well yeah ,but maybe PewDiePie invented gaming ,we really can't judge by that :)
  • Mia Asora
    Mia Asora 9 months ago This isnt her original content even, other people did it first, No hate tho.
  • Urtė Sireikaitė
    Urtė Sireikaitė 9 months ago 123 Banana yeah ,Chloe slays the game !
  • 123 Banana
    123 Banana 9 months ago I have been doing her workouts for 2 years now and she really helped me build a little bit of muscle. I have a toned my stomach a lot ❤️
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago Aww thank you so much! Really really appreciate that you like my content!
  • Maria Triss
    Maria Triss 9 months ago Pritariu xx
  • ana maria
    ana maria 9 months ago You do eat quite well Chlo 😂 I love that about you cuz I can relate ! I love that u don't eat like 3 chickpeas and a slice of Apple and call that a meal like what I see some ppl promoting literally starvation lol..Keep it up girl you look great and radiate 😍💞 I loved this video so much u put so much effort in your videos you deserve like 15m subscribers u 💗
  • Chloe Ting
    Chloe Ting 9 months ago Thanks so much! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗