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After Hours - How 9/11 Changed 90s Sitcoms Forever (Friends, Seinfeld)

Published on Jun 19, 2017 1,107,538 views

Friends, Seinfeld, and the rest of NBC's Must-See TV sitcoms were the pinnacle of TV in the 90s, then 9/11 happened and changed everything... forever...

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How 9/11 Changed 90s Sitcoms Forever

  • Nater
    Nater 2 years ago Solid episode, I'd give it a 9/11.
  • robert mercuri
    robert mercuri 1 year ago are you proud of yourself?
  • Kayla Kosatka
    Kayla Kosatka 1 year ago Boooooo
  • Kevin Miedema
    Kevin Miedema 1 year ago that made me laugh ... even if its not really a joking matter even today
  • Samuel McGraw
    Samuel McGraw 1 year ago Too soon.
  • cherry sticcs
    cherry sticcs 1 year ago Clarissa Jones it's just the guys rating yO Also your name sounds like a fake name I'd make up for myself when I was 7 just saying
  • Clarissa Jones
    Clarissa Jones 1 year ago Yeah, no not funny although it may not have directly affected you, it was the first terrorist attack on the US and millions have died not just in the attack but those brave enough to fight for the US and it's people.
  • cherry sticcs
    cherry sticcs 1 year ago XDDD
  • Silas Kryger
    Silas Kryger 1 year ago Stop
  • Mr. Frack You Man!
    Mr. Frack You Man! 1 year ago Proud, still too soon. I think it won't be for another 30 years until it stops being too soon, like Pearl Harbor.
  • slender cream
    slender cream 1 year ago I enjoy this very much
  • J Egner
    J Egner 2 years ago There is a shit load of sarcasm on this thread....not any living in the past.
  • Dreth363
    Dreth363 2 years ago And Nader gets a thumbs up. All butthurt humorless "oh my god it still hurts even if I wasn't directly affected by it" people get thumbs down.
  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook 2 years ago danerook totally funny.
  • General Skunk
    General Skunk 2 years ago I like how Cracked like the ass kissing comments but not this one. Shame on you, Cracked
  • vids4u_
    vids4u_ 2 years ago danerook it's funny, get over it quit living in the past. never forget, but at the same time your can't be all up tight about it 16 years later
  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 2 years ago Nater Not funny
    FREE GEMS 2 years ago J Egner Not at all lmao
  • J Egner
    J Egner 2 years ago Nater awe too soon man
  • Dan Carter
    Dan Carter 2 years ago Dude that is the hardest I have laughed in ages
  • Loui P
    Loui P 2 years ago Nater boo
  • JAC 073
    JAC 073 2 years ago That reaction when two people who've watched Community realize they're in the same room together is the most realistic thing I've ever seen in my life
  • bheatz1
    bheatz1 2 years ago Scrubs takes place in an undisclosed California city, not Midwest.
  • jeric_ synergy
    jeric_ synergy 1 week ago Palm trees are kind of a big giveaway, for ONE thing.
  • MasterStepz9 •
    MasterStepz9 • 2 weeks ago Tj Scott That’s so true. That makes so much sense.
  • Tj Scott
    Tj Scott 2 weeks ago @MasterStepz9 • because of Grays Anatomy
  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 2 weeks ago @Nate DeLand you make it sound so obvious now. like why didnt i think of that? lol thanks
  • Nate DeLand
    Nate DeLand 2 weeks ago @TCt83067695 JD is kidnapped by queens and taken to Vegas, then turk comes and gets him like it isn't a big they drove, so best guess is cali.
  • MasterStepz9 •
    MasterStepz9 • 1 month ago Why did I always think it took place in Seatle?
  • bbfokc
    bbfokc 2 months ago Episode My Full Moon: Turk gets mad at JD because he went to Disneyland without him. So they must be in California or close.
  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival 3 months ago For some reason, I really did picture it as being somewhere in the middle of the country, maybe north midwest. Can't quite say why. Actually, I never realized they never said where they were located. Mind. Slightly rattled.
  • WillWilsonII
    WillWilsonII 3 months ago It was filmed at a closed down hostable in North Hollywood, California.
  • It’s James!!! The Nigger Hatin Dolphin!!!
    It’s James!!! The Nigger Hatin Dolphin!!! 5 months ago At one point Dr Cox mentioned that scientists at CalTech would be able to hear a patient’s screams while Turk performs surgery on a patient without anesthesia.
  • JAC 073
    JAC 073 5 months ago The only location I remember from Scrubs is that Elliot grew up in Connecticut
  • TheSphinx
    TheSphinx 6 months ago Elliott Johnson did you pull a muscle with that reach
  • Larkin Hancock
    Larkin Hancock 6 months ago @Elliott Johnson I dont know about that
  • Elliott Johnson
    Elliott Johnson 7 months ago last time i checked california is on the midwest coast
  • Flo T
    Flo T 8 months ago Well the Town has a beach and is, if im corret, not that far from vegas, you can drive ther by car.
  • Frank Irons
    Frank Irons 1 year ago That's not explicitly stated in the show, however, the cast and crew referred to the show's location as "San DiFrangeles", and Turk's area code is 916, which is what it is in Sacramento.
  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 1 year ago bheatz1 california? How so? How do you know?
  • JoeyTheRedKangaroo
    JoeyTheRedKangaroo 2 years ago Also funny how the shows became more multi-racial after they left freaking NYC.
  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus 10 months ago The Gum Under The Table the word you are looking for is token
  • Michae
    Michae 1 year ago JHowesitgoing123 Who are you talking to? =D I already said it above.
  • JFrog
    JFrog 1 year ago Not true at all, whites are like 75% of Americans wtf lol
  • Michae
    Michae 1 year ago False, as of 2015 survey white people make up 73,3% of American citizens. Black people are on the second place making up 12,6%. Obviously, percentages will change from state to state and New York for example has different white/non-white ratio. Still, ethnic groups tend to keep together so same race groups are more common than mixed race ones, so shows with all white cast aren't exactly that unrealistic.
  • bluescluessuperagent
    bluescluessuperagent 1 year ago Vicente Rubio doesn't mean there still don't exist groups of friends who are mainly 1 race.
  • Vicente Rubio
    Vicente Rubio 1 year ago The Gum Under The Table in USA half of the people are not white
  • The Gum Under The Table
    The Gum Under The Table 1 year ago I think that just has to do with the change in society where suddenly everything has to be multiracial even if you have to force some characters in there or else youre "racist"
  • Ryan Huelsmann
    Ryan Huelsmann 2 years ago JoeyTheRedKangaroo Being new York you expect those shows to be multiracial. Oh they were all racist. All except Seinfeld. they took on other races.
  • Bret Terry
    Bret Terry 1 year ago (edited) Scrubs is obviously in Southern California, probably near San Diego. From the states that they mention as out of state, we can rule out Texas and Florida, so what other state has such easy access to a beach and Sea World, and has a large enough Hispanic population that Carla is shocked and a little insulted that Eliot doesn't speak any Spanish? Has to be California, and since Sea World is in San Diego and Eliot never complains about the commute when she dates Sean who works there, boom. Has to be within 50 miles of San Diego. Other evidence: Eliot is afraid to admit she's Republican because of the heavily Democratic population, the ocean is cold, therefore must be the Pacific, not the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico, they make a road trip to Tacoma, Washington and get there within a day. The exact time is never specified, but according to Google, San Diego to Tacoma is a 19-hour drive, so doable in one day if you drive through the night, as they do. If you ever mention Scrubs in an episode, you can bet your hat I will leave a comment. I have watched and rewatched that show so many times I probably know it better than some of the people that worked on it.
  • Tobias Tolls
    Tobias Tolls 2 weeks ago you are my hero
  • Allyson Kirk
    Allyson Kirk 2 months ago Agreed. I always thought the location was in Southern California.
  • Dalton Slayton
    Dalton Slayton 4 months ago It's a great show.
  • Can Doodle
    Can Doodle 2 years ago I love after hours in a very deep intense way
  • Benjamin Kasson
    Benjamin Kasson 3 months ago It's funny that cracked liked this comment considering what they did to after hours.
  • Our holy Lord and savior
    Our holy Lord and savior 8 months ago Can Doodle we all did
  • Dangerz Own
    Dangerz Own 2 years ago Can Doodle Woah woah woah buddy, at least buy it dinner at the diner first haha!
  • john smith
    john smith 2 years ago it would have been funny if when mike said that they did another clip from agents of cracked were mike and dan kissed
  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 2 years ago Rogue-Spear-you sir, made me laugh out loud.
  • Rogue-Spear
    Rogue-Spear 2 years ago Can Doodle Me too when I fuck my gf, I close my eyes and imagine them
  • KuronoXD
    KuronoXD 2 years ago I bet Daniel was in the Cracked office like "Hey guys, I found a... thing, let's do an After Hours about it" "But Daniel, we already did one this month, and it's only just one poi-" "I SAID AFTER HOURS"
  • David Ullman
    David Ullman 1 year ago (edited) The shift from New York City to small towns in fiction has less to do with 9/11 than the fact that 95% of America lives in suburbs or small towns where you never meet people and nothing really happens ever. Making the kinds of friendships featured in Friends and Seinfeld is only possible in cities like New York. In suburban America, it is impossible to meet people, and you are forced to make friends with your coworkers, the only humans with whom you interact. Sometimes you might have friends you know from high school. And that's it. No crowds, no chance encounters, no background characters. Nowhere to go on Friday evenings. Just your workplace, your home, and the isolated drive between the two of them. This post-9/11 shift is indicative of America's urban planning crisis.
  • Leo Velli
    Leo Velli 1 week ago Something about this makes me really sad, or that life in small towns is really sad and I need to be in big cities
  • Chad Carraway
    Chad Carraway 3 months ago (edited) What about wings?... No 9/11 definitely changed the programming, Stations have always been cautious with their programming choices in relation to recent events, especially tragedies... In fact media in general is always like that, like how they quickly took the two towers web scene out of Spider-man...usually it involves postponing though...
  • Korben Heagerty
  • New Wave Nancy
    New Wave Nancy 5 months ago David Ullman Most Americans do not live in small towns anymore. We’re more urban than rural now.
  • falconsfan717
    falconsfan717 5 months ago David Ullman you’re so wrong
  • 4th
    4th 10 months ago spot on
  • Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill
    Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill 2 years ago I can't believe you mentioned My Name is Earl. I love that show. Ending still leaves me peeved.
  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson
    Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson 6 months ago I love My name is Earl too. Very much💜🌍🖖😎
  • Crystal
    Crystal 1 year ago (edited) wasn't the end of my name is earl supposed to mean his list will never be finished because he's done so many wrongs, it'll take his whole life to make them right?
  • Seraph Sephiroth
    Seraph Sephiroth 1 year ago Maddie Hayday The ending of how I met your mother?
  • teri lefevers
    teri lefevers 1 year ago (edited) Magic Skittles My Name Is Earl and Wings are my two favorite comedies ever. Of course I am a comedy snob. Scrubs was terrific also.
  • Mr. Perfect Cell
    Mr. Perfect Cell 2 years ago It also ended on another unresolved cliffhanger.
  • Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill
    Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill 2 years ago I know. They make references to My Name Is Earl a lot on that show. The last episode was still a cliffhanger and we didn't get to see Earl finish his list. We got a conclusion but we didn't get to see it happen.
  • Mike Richard
    Mike Richard 2 years ago Magic Skittles , it is implied off screen in a headline of "Raising hope" that he did finish his list.
  • Klaüs Smooth
    Klaüs Smooth 1 year ago That 70's show was based in Wisconsin, and it's a 90's sitcom.
  • Nolan Baldwin
    Nolan Baldwin 1 year ago It's a shame you didn't mention the fact that Frasier and Wings' creator died on American Airlines 11.
  • ThisIsLotso
    ThisIsLotso 3 months ago @Ya Boi Ayden Unfortunately, yes.
  • Ya Boi Ayden
    Ya Boi Ayden 4 months ago Nolan Baldwin wait seriously?
  • Hassaan Khalid
    Hassaan Khalid 1 year ago (edited) Frasier was in Seattle. It was in Seattle, not New York, so not the same bubble.
  • Angelica Palmore
    Angelica Palmore 1 year ago (edited) You guys should do an After Hours on why every book series set in a dystopian universe is essentially the same.
  • justin belt
    justin belt 1 year ago The same, how? I mean they are diffrent stories set in dystopian worlds. The dystopian part will always be the same, that's how term definitions work. Now irregardless of the story, at some point the protagonist will at least attempt to overthrow, or break free from his/her oppressors. I don't think dystopia can be just a casual background setting. Now, if you wanted to point out that most agrarian societies portrayed in cenima turn out to be truly dystopic I could see that as a very interesting episode. Or....or, the fact that people can't accept agraria and will imagine conflict and struggle, and in some cases create it, just to cope.
  • whateverlolawants
    whateverlolawants 4 months ago (edited) One of the most impactful things about 9/11, to me (then a HS sophomore) was that most victims died at work, with their coworkers (with notable exceptions, like the plane passengers.) What followed, culturally, was an emphasis on banding together and appreciating the simple things. Perhaps this is a subtle reason why workplace comedies became so popular. As I wrote in my blog 15 years later: "It’s hard to explain how that idea impacts me, but I suppose one way is that I believe work is an important part of one’s life, and if it’s bad, you should look for something else, because life could be short. And that you might die next to your coworkers (or they might save your life), and you should always honor them as fellow people. Life includes work and work includes YOU – you shouldn’t just turn in your personality and your happiness for 8 hours a day and become a robot. Perhaps this idea, subconscious or not, shaped how my generation now approaches their careers."
  • Liam Darcy
    Liam Darcy 2 years ago Great point. I would just add that the irony of it all is that 9/11 was an attack on NYC, and our cultural response was to turn our focus away from the City.
  • Liam Darcy
    Liam Darcy 2 years ago Aguila70 Yeah, that's probably a good portion of what happened. The new shows In NYC after 9/11 were largely police procedurals and dramas instead of comedies.
  • Águila701
    Águila701 2 years ago Liam Darcy The people didn't want to be reminded of the tragedy and wanted and use tv shows to escape politics and other such things. It probably hit a sour note to include international events in what is supposed to be a self contained bubble following a close group of friends living in a big city.
  • Charlie S
    Charlie S 2 years ago so?
  • japhygato
    japhygato 2 years ago Is this an actual conversation (that nose dived very quickly) about the impact NBC's Thursday night programming did or didn't have on 9/11? If so you all are woke as fuck.
  • A Subjugated Subject
    A Subjugated Subject 2 years ago MoeGreensLeftEye are you stupid?
  • MoeGreenesEye
    MoeGreenesEye 2 years ago The pentagon is in NYC?
  • Tony Orr
    Tony Orr 2 years ago Liam Darcy It was The Office UK that actually impacted sitcoms
  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 2 years ago (edited) Rahsaan Footman their point was only about NBC SHOWS, they only named NBC shows and only talked about one network NBC. what CBS and other networks do had nothing to do with this episode. but you were right about how cheap reality tv changed the early 2000"s tv schedule far more than 9/11
  • Krieger Time
    Krieger Time 2 years ago Rahsaan Footman I didnt really plan this argument out I just wanted to type Dubya
  • Rahsaan Footman
    Rahsaan Footman 2 years ago Point to you on FNL, but didn't Preacher air during the Obama years? So far that's 1 show out of dozens.
  • Krieger Time
    Krieger Time 2 years ago Rahsaan Footman I guess Friday Night Lights and Preacher?
  • Rahsaan Footman
    Rahsaan Footman 2 years ago I don't quiet follow, That W allowed 9/11 to happen? Or he controlled Hollywood to leave NYC and set more shows in Texas? What shows are set in Texas aside from that reboot of Dallas?
  • Krieger Time
    Krieger Time 2 years ago Rahsaan Footman what about Dubya?
  • Rahsaan Footman
    Rahsaan Footman 2 years ago I disagree. After all Law & Order, still spawned half a dozen spinoffs set in the City. How I Met Your Mother (a spiritual successor to Friends) focused in NYC. $$$ did more to change TV at the time than 9/11. Cheaper to produce reality shows like Survivor, the Amazing Race and even the Apprentice kicked in the teeth of a lot of old standards, 'Must see TV' included.
  • Krieger Time
    Krieger Time 2 years ago Liam Darcy Dubya did it so we would focus less on NY and more on Texas
  • Nathan K
    Nathan K 1 year ago I would so love Roger to just appear in an After Hours show and just be like "wtf are you kids doing"
  • Cory the Norm
    Cory the Norm 2 years ago Season 4? All of Community was in Greendale, Colorado.
  • Bryan Procaccini
    Bryan Procaccini 2 years ago SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCRUBS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor 2 years ago Mad About You doesn't get enough love. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Friends, but you know, share the love.
  • TheLovelyLuna
    TheLovelyLuna 1 year ago How I Met Your Mother was made after 9/11 and it had a laugh track
  • Chad Carraway
    Chad Carraway 3 months ago I had a theory.... Confirmed It started pre 9/11 and the ratings spiked the previous year, episodes already made, they probably didnt want to mess with a winning formula..
  • Thanatos
    Thanatos 4 months ago So do most shows on CBS
  • Maya Alexandra
    Maya Alexandra 5 months ago @falconsfan717 That's rude of you to say. Not all of us know or notice on which channel it's aired, because we just watched it online. We're not all from the U.S. also.
  • falconsfan717
    falconsfan717 5 months ago TheLovelyLuna that wasn’t nbc assface. Maybe remove your head from your ass before you just spout stupid bullshit.
  • Keller Corrield
    Keller Corrield 6 months ago that was on CBS not NBC
  • Bigolddragon
    Bigolddragon 7 months ago We all have our flaws