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Death of a Game: Fallen Earth (Fallout-like MMORPG)

Published on Jun 26, 2018 126,674 views

Death of a post-apocalyptic game not named Fallout.

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  • Ftl
    Ftl 1 year ago Naming your studio Icarus is tempting fate so hard it’s ridiculous
  • spotthespy
    spotthespy 1 year ago Death of a channel: nerdSlayer "Things were looking good for nerdSlayer, that was until 2020, when the channel ran out of failed MMOs to make videos about."
  • 黄碧玺
    黄碧玺 1 week ago @Patrik Liba every game eventually will step on its death, just like every human.
  • Socrates
    Socrates 4 months ago @Dixie Normas Lmao true. 😂
  • Socrates
    Socrates 4 months ago @Scroom120 hahaha! I think I lost braincells reading his comment too. I couldn't even understand what he was saying. I don't think English is his first language.
  • Scroom120
    Scroom120 9 months ago (edited) Ratman  Reading your comment almost made me have an aneurysm. Please, I am begging you, read your comment and then post. The grammar used here is nothing short of embarrassing.
  • Scroom120
    Scroom120 9 months ago God Emperor Trump  Spoken like someone who is forgetting WoW Classic. Those servers are a smart play to draw in both people who want harder content and those who miss the community. Like it or not Blizzard dominated the MMO market because they were JUST THAT GOOD. Very few companies could kill them, and all of those would need to risk everything to make a game that good.
  • Scroom120
    Scroom120 9 months ago It's cute how you think he limited himself to MMO's. He named his series "Death of a Game" and not "Death of an MMO" for a reason idiot. So long as he doesn't resort to covering E.T. I think we're good.
  • Ratman
    Ratman 10 months ago nerdSlayer  your ego will be your own undoing, not much growth in a year, your ego and prick ways. Oh love the tabla rasa who you get your uncle your dad, to play stuff, Ha Ha this channel been bleeding subs you would of capped 100k subs last year if you were going up. Enjoy if your a blizzard shill or what games do you play in mmo's cant say. But should report you to the owners of Gamespy for IP theft even though gamespy is dead, I am sure there are companies that will love to sue you in the ground. Hey Youtube deplatform this guy please.
  • Darko Luketic
    Darko Luketic 10 months ago nerdSlayer the clickbaiting lair
  • VC Donovan
    VC Donovan 1 year ago nerdSlayer should do Death Of A Game: Uru: Ages Beyond Myst What a saga that was. Uru tried to be ahead of its time with some inventive ideas that just didn't pan out. Ubisoft dropped it in beta, it was released as single player, then gametap took it live for a brief time before shutting it down, and now it's still online, f2p and running on fan donations with open sourced content and multiple fan shards. I haven't checked back in on it for some time, but there's no other game that's been dead and resurrected as many times as Myst Online.
  • VC Donovan
    VC Donovan 1 year ago LOL Naw. The MMO Boom saw a virtual ton of failed MMOs. nerdSlayer will be in business for a looooong time :)
  • Apollox
    Apollox 1 year ago I like WoW, I've stepped away for years at a time but it's nice to come back and play
  • Trendydwarf
    Trendydwarf 1 year ago Your gonna be waiting a long time for wow to die, it ain't even close
  • Bea Ituralde
    Bea Ituralde 1 year ago Someday NerdSlayer will make a video about my beloved mmo...Tree of Savior. Ooff...
  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 1 year ago 2020 lmaoo after the explosion of WoW and all the clones that came from it, NS has this covered for a looong time. Not to mention new MMOs are failing, too.
  • Bruce Wanker, The Incredible Sulk
    Bruce Wanker, The Incredible Sulk 1 year ago Yeah - evolving by making content so easy that a baby can solo it while still running it on a super ugly engine. WoW will die, just not today. It has been bleeding for a long time now and it's not the giant it once was.
  • Justin Taylor - Deadguydave
    Justin Taylor - Deadguydave 1 year ago I hope that one day we will see WOW on here
  • N.S.
    N.S. 1 year ago More multiplayer and MMORPG games failing all the time.
  • Mark Keller
    Mark Keller 1 year ago (edited) Spent so much time in this game just building cars for people 10/10 game but 0/10 marketing and timing. Loved the mutations and the crafting
  • Not My real name
    Not My real name 10 months ago Mark Keller sounds like Bethesda stole everything you just mentioned from this game
  • Tao of Jester
    Tao of Jester 11 months ago It was a pretty good game. I did the beta testing and played right at the beginning. It was fun, but nothing to hold my interest for very long.
  • Frits C.
    Frits C. 1 year ago crafting in fe is one thing I still miss. Loved the leveling by crafting, just pick up everything, starting with small things to make, and with the upgrade material you could make something bigger. Did not like what you made, just destroy it and get some materials back.
  • Johnny Carcinogen
    Johnny Carcinogen 6 months ago "I'm not entirely convinced [Fallout 76] will satisfy..." Hoo-boy, how right you were!
  • TheDarkM
    TheDarkM 1 year ago "When you find yourself fighting against bugs it really detracts from the experience" Unless it's Hollow Knight.
  • Spearra
    Spearra 1 month ago @TheDarkM Not Battle Royal, but I'm pretty sure the Rougelike part is "Realm of the Mad God". A hellfire rougelike MMO. Dungeon raids, if I recall correctly, had easily over 50 people. Given that each character you made had permadeath, you'd probably need all 50+ of those people, because people dropped like flies given that it was a hellfire game.
  • Odd Luck
    Odd Luck 1 year ago Or Earth defense force
  • TheDarkM
    TheDarkM 1 year ago Or a Metroidvania MMORPG Battle Royale Roguelike?
  • Ray_Manta
    Ray_Manta 1 year ago What about a Metroidvania MMORPG Battle Royale ?
  • TheDarkM
    TheDarkM 1 year ago And speaking of Hollow Knight... Would a Metroidvania MMORPG work?
  • MarshmallowRampage
    MarshmallowRampage 1 year ago The main reason I stopped playing this game so long ago, as awesome as the premise was, the gameplay was horrible from a mechanics standpoint.
  • cmdraftbrn
    cmdraftbrn 1 year ago yep. nothing like waste bullets on something that isnt there.
  • Peter Lopez
    Peter Lopez 1 year ago Same. I jumped back into this game like 2 more times and I couldn't stand it.
  • Jacob Linao
    Jacob Linao 1 year ago Death of Game Vindictus or make Bless Online. Bless was a catastrophe oh my lord...
  • Dylan R. Cerezo
    Dylan R. Cerezo 11 months ago Vindictus still has my all time fav MMO combat and I swear I'd pay for a single player w some co op voice acted pay to play release gutted of the bs MMO systems.
  • Giant Dad
    Giant Dad 11 months ago Vindictus isn't dead yet.
  • Skyrilla
    Skyrilla 11 months ago Anarchanistic? LOL, he keeps making up these words like Bibliacal and Anarchanistic hahaha.
  • ElementTDG
    ElementTDG 1 year ago if nerdslayer decides to give bless online a chance, it could be part of the life of the game series. As for me... H A H A H A ... bless online ;)
  • FYM
    FYM 1 year ago Vindictus pretty much solely died due to slow updates and just how bad the grind was for newer players to catch up. Also the fact that other mmos like BDO featured similar action based combat but in an open world setting surely didn't help. Wouldn't make a very interesting video.
  • Jacob Linao
    Jacob Linao 1 year ago Nicolas Godbout Last time I played Vindictus, was 3 years ago. It still had a healthy population to do Boss raids with. Just about last month, I logged in and I was surprised at how low the player base has gotten. I couldn’t even do a boss raid without waiting more than 30mins. I played during peak time and only managed to do two boss raids
  • Harkavian Balvis
    Harkavian Balvis 1 year ago Wait. Vindictus died? I haven't followed it in years, but it was going strong when I left.
  • Jacob Linao
    Jacob Linao 1 year ago Beepman SteamCharts had Bless losing 1k+ players using the peak times as reference.
  • Nocturnal
    Nocturnal 1 year ago I am not sure why Vindictus failed, I am still playing and enjoys the heck out of it.
  • Fen Y
    Fen Y 1 year ago The Bless subreddit is hilarious. Reads like a cult forum. "Our great leader ISN'T failing, things are fine, the mothership will arrive tomorrow and usher an era of prosperity, you just know it!"
  • Beep
    Beep 1 year ago I knew about the disastrous launch but how do you know that bless is still dying? where are you getting your info about the player count which the game is "literally bleeding thousands of players per day"? just to be clear, I'm not defending bless. just want to know if what you're saying is indeed factual or not.
  • Willard TK
    Willard TK 1 year ago gotta give it a few more months before any respectable gumshoe can say Bless is dead
  • Gitami
    Gitami 1 year ago Look forward to it's 5th launch in S.America followed by a 6th launch in Africa, with all the same opening problems. It's the full experience.
  • wallycyder311
    wallycyder311 1 year ago you right
  • Jacob Linao
    Jacob Linao 1 year ago Yeah the changes they’ve made last patch are heading in the right direction but it doesn’t change the fact that the game had a MASSIVE exodus of players within its first couple weeks of release. It literally was bleeding thousands of players per day. Even with their changes, I don’t think they will regain a healthy player base. I’m sorry but, Bless Online is a prime candidate for this series.
  • wallycyder311
    wallycyder311 1 year ago thats why i said i dont believe
  • kyotheman69
    kyotheman69 1 year ago not going happen wally they launch the game 4 times, being 4th the NA version they just shady and going after cash grab
  • wallycyder311
    wallycyder311 1 year ago it was but i heard i forgot who said this but they trying to make the game better but i don't believe
  • AceDreamer
    AceDreamer 1 year ago Name 1 MMO that doesn't promise an "immersive world" or "player freedom" These words get thrown out so much they lost their meaning to the MMO market sadly :V
  • Planken
    Planken 10 months ago And everywvere
  • Zer0Hour17
    Zer0Hour17 1 year ago 1 year from now Death of a Game: Fallout 76
  • ubergammer00
    ubergammer00 1 month ago Zer0Hour17 I’m from the future . you were right
  • Kappi
    Kappi 4 months ago imaging thinking Bethesda will make good games again
  • mobiuszero
    mobiuszero 4 months ago @metalfaust19 if it will follow.
  • MOE
    MOE 4 months ago @Damion Dixon lmao how wrong you were
  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 months ago Not going to happen. Fallout 76 is gonna end up like ESO: vastly improved by the time the one year mark comes around, game starts to grow again and over the next few years, all you haters and whiners will be out of excuses to hate the game. I guarantee it.
  • Damion Dixon
    Damion Dixon 5 months ago @ColdWarHero I am very happy to say that comment aged like milk.
  • ColdWarHero
    ColdWarHero 5 months ago @Damion Dixon So how do you feel about this comment now? lol...
  • MilkPudding
    MilkPudding 5 months ago @Damion Dixon Tell that to Nokia, Kodak, Blackberry etc. No company is infallible. Make enough mistakes to waste your good will/reputation and watch the giants crumble like cookies.
  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 6 months ago @Dr. Froggle Of course it is. Mods and private servers can save that, but I think it's pretty clear by this point that Bethesda will never allow private servers or mod support because if they did, they'd stop making money on their stupid microtransactions. Like I said above, the only thing that can save Fallout 76 is the ability to run your own private server with modding capability. If Bethesda goes back on their statements and doesn't allow private modded servers, the game is permanently fucked.
  • Dr. Froggle
    Dr. Froggle 6 months ago @Jessica Slater It's already screwed. It's gigantic piece of shit. Bethesda has become a true trashbag asset flip developer. It's painful.
  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 6 months ago @Alistar D Not yet, but Bethesda did state that they intend to allow private servers with mod support down the road. Now, it's entirely possible that they'll go back on that statement, and if they do, FO76 is screwed, but the lack of modability won't be due to it being an online game, it'll be due to Bethesda refusing to support it.
  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 6 months ago @Denker Bosu You DO realize that there are online games that support mods, right? Online survival sandbox games, in fact, that support mods. SEVERAL OF THEM. I mean, given Bethesda's recent track record, I wouldn't be surprised if they never get synchronized mods working properly, but you're ignorant to think that being an online-only game somehow prevents modding.
  • Denker Bosu
    Denker Bosu 6 months ago @Jessica Slater yeah, tell me about the mods for the online only game. Tell me sweet little lies.
  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 7 months ago Fallout 76 will survive for the same reason all Bethesda games do: mods.
  • R_reup
    R_reup 7 months ago Oof
  • FattyWantsACookie
    FattyWantsACookie 7 months ago I burst out laughing when I saw your comment, but it maybe sooner than that year. Well....according to what I've heard
  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 9 months ago First, F76 isn't an mmo nor a part of the Fallout main franchise, it's a spinoff. Second, anyone that thinks Fallout 76 is going to spell the end of the franchise doesn't understand a thing about the industry and is just spewing salty nonsense. Whether you love 76, hate it, or don't care either way because it's not your kind of game (like me), there's eventually going to be a Fallout 5, and it's going to be single player...just like there will eventually be a single-player Elder Scrolls IV. Bethesda's single player sandbox RPGs are their biggest cash cows. They're not going to throw that away until one of them fails financially, and so far, none of them have.
  • Rasip
    Rasip 10 months ago We hope.
  • metalfaust19
    metalfaust19 11 months ago I doubt it. People said Elder Scrolls Online would fail but it's probably currently the best MMO option for the average gamer and it's actually had a ton of subscriber growth since it launched (at least on PC). I know it's not managed and wasn't developed by Bethesda but Zenimax has done very well with it, it's the first MMO that is proving to be a very successful WoW alternative IMO. I think Fallout 76 will follow in its footsteps.
  • Alexander Sjöberg
    Alexander Sjöberg 11 months ago More like "Death of a Franchise: Fallout". That video could of course have been made after Fallout 3 but i digress.
  • Pretentious Adonis
    Pretentious Adonis 1 year ago StrifeSoul990 Same deal with fallout 4
  • StrifeSoul990
    StrifeSoul990 1 year ago Damion Dixon they did. It's called Skyrim. But people see the cracks and the horrible design it just takes time for the polish to wear off.
  • Damion Dixon
    Damion Dixon 1 year ago Definitely unlikely. Bethesda could put their name on a turd and it would succeed.
  • Name And Address Withheld
    Name And Address Withheld 1 year ago Zer0Hour17 "it just works"