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How I journal | Tips on how to start a journal

Published on Jun 9, 2019 79,399 views

This is how I journal and I gave some tips on how to start journaling. XoXo

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  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 2 weeks ago I need this free time in my life that you have
  • Tae's Tea
    Tae's Tea 1 week ago Well some ppl love it ! And make time for it
  • Brittany Curtis
    Brittany Curtis 1 week ago Same but I work 40 hours a week and have to clean mine and my boyfriends house every day.
  • Sarah Musich
    Sarah Musich 1 week ago What's her vsco
  • quinlan teague
    quinlan teague 1 week ago Jennifer Rose it’s summer for her rn. her mom also makes sure she prioritizes her channel since it’s her job and other kids don’t get to slack at their jobs.
  • Alyssa 72
    Alyssa 72 1 week ago She doesn’t have as much free time as you think. Her mom makes her clean a lot
  • Haley Molese
    Haley Molese 2 weeks ago Jennifer Rose facts
  • BooskiFam
  • Cadys Corner
    Cadys Corner 2 weeks ago BooskiFam LoL she’s great!
  • Riley Cowles
    Riley Cowles 1 week ago This is how many people wish they had Emma's handwriting ↓
  • kayla raye
    kayla raye 1 week ago (edited) Could you do a updated journal like maybe every month or something?
  • Lauren Ellis
    Lauren Ellis 6 days ago kayla raye I think that would be great idea for Emma
  • Aleja LeVert
    Aleja LeVert 1 week ago kayla raye that’s a good idea!
  • Gianna Pacas
    Gianna Pacas 2 weeks ago This is how many people love Emma❤️💕 👇👇👇
  • Sarah Musich
    Sarah Musich 1 week ago @Gianna Pacas thank you!
  • Gianna Pacas
    Gianna Pacas 1 week ago Sarah Musich @emnamarie (yes that is an “n” instead of a m)
  • The Unicorn
    The Unicorn 1 week ago Gianna Pacas woah aloy
  • Sarah Musich
    Sarah Musich 1 week ago What's her vsco
  • Sara
    Sara 2 weeks ago how to have a nice journal like emmas : 1. have a nice handwriting
  • Sara
    Sara 1 week ago @Chaeli Richards oh my god really?????
  • Chaeli Richards
    Chaeli Richards 1 week ago OR 1. Actually write in your journal
  • Hassan Mahone
    Hassan Mahone 2 weeks ago If this is Blue You’re An OG Emma Marie $ubscriber😜 👇You Can Be A OG Of Mine Today💯❤️
  • Daphne Ramirez
    Daphne Ramirez 2 weeks ago Ahhh! I love you soo much. Thank you so much for being and inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing girly!
  • Carlyn Aileen
    Carlyn Aileen 1 week ago (edited) Hi Daphne, have you ever considered starting a YouTube channel?
  • MayaMayaMayaMaya
    MayaMayaMayaMaya 2 weeks ago What’s your Pinterest for journaling??
  • maddie's volgs
    maddie's volgs 2 weeks ago Hi my name is Madelyn. I live watching your videos and I live in Ohio and you are my favorite YouTuber
  • Bella Bramley
    Bella Bramley 2 weeks ago I am obsessed with the aesthetic of your channel😩🤤🤩
  • Karlid Montilla
    Karlid Montilla 2 weeks ago “My fever for tiktok boys” same Emma,same.... 😂
  • Abby McDonald
    Abby McDonald 2 weeks ago Emma: it should be stress free. Me: gets stressed out making one.
  • Fitzgarled Eugene
    Fitzgarled Eugene 2 weeks ago I love you and I have been wanting to journal and this is gonna help me.!!! But where’s the room tour?
  • Ryleigh Kresse
    Ryleigh Kresse 2 weeks ago Hey Emma your a beautiful girl and I am in love with how ur vids are I love you stay beautiful!!!
  • Avery All Around
    Avery All Around 2 weeks ago Emma,Your so inspiring!Love youuuu
  • Sabrina Derrickson journaling adventures
    Sabrina Derrickson journaling adventures 2 weeks ago You should do some more journal videos! :) you made it so pretty! I journal alot and i keep all the journals that ive wrote in. So when i forget something i can look back and then ill remember. Just a journal full of memories rather its personal or not. I have good and bad memories in mine. keep up the journaling girl! :)
  • Dalal Ghanim
    Dalal Ghanim 2 weeks ago (edited) Can you make a video every week about your journal
  • Imaan Anwar
    Imaan Anwar 2 weeks ago Omg Emma you are sooo amazing and inspiring and unique and down to Earth Ilysm can you give me a few tips on becoming a YouTuber pls xx???😃❤️
  • Delaney Thomas
    Delaney Thomas 2 weeks ago Imaan Anwar yess! I would love to see a Video like that! I’m starting out and could really use some tips on creating unique and entertaining vids, which she is amazing at!
  • Madison Carreno
    Madison Carreno 2 weeks ago What's your pinterest?? 💕💕