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Empire Earth Review

Published on Jun 15, 2018 796,091 views

The Empire Earth Review covers the Gold Edition, which includes the main game and the Art of Conquest Expansion. I really wish Empire Earth HD could become a reality.
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  • MandaloreGaming
    MandaloreGaming 1 year ago (edited) THE LIST - Empire Earth on GOG - Did the final editing of the video with an ear infection, hence no question section this time around.
  • xxmienotaurusxx
    xxmienotaurusxx 7 months ago Age of Mythology Greek theme in the background.
  • nardo van haren
    nardo van haren 8 months ago I'm so grateful for the fix! Thanks
  • One-Soul-a-Time
    One-Soul-a-Time 9 months ago Do 3 please :)
  • Kell's Corner
    Kell's Corner 9 months ago EEE POKKK EEEE POK EE-POK...omg, hearing you say Epic Epic Epic jesus
  • Jokbon
    Jokbon 9 months ago gog wont work with multiplayer
  • Cross Londenson
    Cross Londenson 9 months ago If win 8 compatibility doesn't work, try Vista. The only thing vista has ever been good for is for some reason running titles in compatibility mode. example: max payne 1 w/ sound fixed.
  • Peer Svensson
    Peer Svensson 11 months ago Hey Manalore, another suggestion: "Hardwar: The Future Is Greedy" - it's a late 90's 3D 'space sim' in the vein of something like Elite, but it's set entirely on a planet.
  • CaptainWoody
    CaptainWoody 11 months ago You should add X3 Terran Conflict to the list
  • Дмитрий Богданов
    Дмитрий Богданов 11 months ago MandaloreGaming, за 1:54 отдельные спасибо
  • WhO0P4
    WhO0P4 1 year ago Hello Everyone, if you want to play EE online again, go to to download the NeoEE patch will allow you to play online like the old days. This patch also includes free download of both EE and EEAOC along with no CD requirements to launch the game. Google a CD key if you need one!!!!!
  • Alexander Murad Babaev
    Alexander Murad Babaev 1 year ago You should really do Max Payne review
  • firehelp
    firehelp 1 year ago can we see dune 2000 :D Old westwood classic
  • Cal.
  • Marius Schumacher
    Marius Schumacher 1 year ago Its beautiffle
  • Eranos Zrill
    Eranos Zrill 1 year ago Have you heard of the game "Desperados"?
  • YeetusChrist
    YeetusChrist 1 year ago Could you review Endless Space 2 or even the first one?
  • BananaKen
    BananaKen 1 year ago What’s up with the gloves?
  • Earthworm Jim
    Earthworm Jim 1 year ago Please do Call to Power! Your video on endless legend made me buy that game.
  • Stereo Flava
    Stereo Flava 1 year ago How is there no Witcher 1-3 on the list? that boggles my mind
  • AnEvilJoke
    AnEvilJoke 1 year ago If you still need Games to review try the Gothic Series
  • adaw2d3222
    adaw2d3222 1 year ago How about Max Payne 1 and 2?
  • Lo Go
    Lo Go 1 year ago Love your content ! A fine old game you could go for is AVP 2. no, not AVP classic 2000, the n°2. Its not on steam or GOG, in fact i'm not sure its anywhere, but you can find it for free if you dig for the multiplayer.
  • LondonLock
    LondonLock 1 year ago Personally a underrated game i'd love to see you cover is lobotomy corporation but the slow start and translation issues are a hurdle
  • MrZacharyWalters
    MrZacharyWalters 1 year ago Hey Mandy, just wanted to comment on how much I love your videos. I wish you nothing but the best.
  • lumpa1987
    lumpa1987 1 year ago One of your benefactors was Adolf Hitler. Please don't melt gold teeth to produce your videos. They were already good without stolen swiss gold.
  • Feruna Lutelou
    Feruna Lutelou 1 year ago (edited) Wtf is that vatnik meme doing in your video? "НА ЗАПАДЕ КРИЗИС, а у нас в России СТАБИЛЬНОСТЬ"
  • Sirbeares
    Sirbeares 1 year ago (edited) MandaloreGaming please do a review of "Throne of Darkness" by Sierra
  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live 1 year ago Please do Battle for Middle Earth 2
  • Daniel Geer
    Daniel Geer 1 year ago Please add Exile 3 its an amazing RPG from the 90's you might like.
  • Godoftheu
    Godoftheu 1 year ago You Didnt Mention the Stone Age Boat which Throws Rock that sound like Nukes Going off ...
  • Hljeb
    Hljeb 1 year ago Get well soon, Mandy.
  • Red_ Cannon_Fodder
    Red_ Cannon_Fodder 1 year ago I can't wait for you to do the Ace combat series, Nobody else has done a review on the big three.
  • James Georgi
    James Georgi 1 year ago The 2nd Novaya Russia mission on hard is masochism!
  • Tinyuvm
    Tinyuvm 1 year ago MandaloreGaming You should take a look at Trade Empires, a nice old game
  • SangerZonvolt
    SangerZonvolt 1 year ago Children of a dead earth. Metal Fatigue would be great too
  • Balder Knight
    Balder Knight 1 year ago I love that at Dawn of War 3 it just says fuck
  • Vadim Kaz
    Vadim Kaz 1 year ago MandaloreGaming I would really like to know bout those “reasons” not to use Redux. Overall it would be fitting to make a review somewhere before Exodus comes out.
  • Alaksandu the Exorkizein
    Alaksandu the Exorkizein 1 year ago Guess who tracked down a copy of Limbo of the Lost on ebay and bought it? I feel weird. Anywhooo how about putting Enclave on that list? You just briefly talked about it on the video of the former named game.
  • Luciano Padilla
    Luciano Padilla 1 year ago I can't believe Spelunky is not in that list :(
  • weirdo3116
    weirdo3116 1 year ago Hey could you do a review for a games called "Armies of Exigo"?
  • MIGG
    MIGG 1 year ago the dawn of war music at the end tho
  • SpecShadow
    SpecShadow 1 year ago (edited) My humle suggestions - Arx Fatalis, Boiling Point and Metal Fatigue. It might be my opinion but... more oldies, less indies. Just sayin... There is little to no active channels doing reviews of old games, and most of them fairly obscure. Indie? Plenty+let's plays.