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PLAN WITH ME! ✏️📅 | June 2019 Bullet Journal Setup (7 Rings Ariana Grande themed)

Published on Jun 7, 2019 165,719 views

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  • Adelaines Camera Roll
    Adelaines Camera Roll 2 weeks ago What's your fav Ari song? Let me know in the comments and I'll be responding!💛💛
  • Tiff
    Tiff 5 days ago My favorite Ari song is “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” 😍😭
  • Natalia F
    Natalia F 5 days ago Needy
  • Jillian Weitz
    Jillian Weitz 6 days ago Makeup or successful
  • Ranyaah Moin
    Ranyaah Moin 1 week ago Adelaines Camera Roll they say which one I say nah I want all em(even tho I don’t need them) lol #bigaristan
  • Tiffany Stoughton
    Tiffany Stoughton 1 week ago Imagine
  • Vasilios Agoros
    Vasilios Agoros 1 week ago (edited) they say which one, i say nah i want all of ‘em
  • Keylin Bedrosian
    Keylin Bedrosian 1 week ago imagine
  • Amanda Potok
    Amanda Potok 1 week ago NASA
  • Abby Martinez The Skinny Legend
    Abby Martinez The Skinny Legend 1 week ago Best mistake or Needy
  • Nadia AlNaamani
    Nadia AlNaamani 1 week ago In my head
  • Katherine George
    Katherine George 1 week ago Adelaines Camera Roll where did you get your blue light glasses??? I need some for college lol
  • And I oop
    And I oop 1 week ago Leave Me Lonely and the Light Is Coming (annnnnd ghostin aNd tun LoL)
  • ariana gb
    ariana gb 1 week ago i cant pick like no
  • Imelda :3
    Imelda :3 1 week ago Fake smile
  • Chloe Buckley
    Chloe Buckley 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll every song I love her soooooo much😍😍😍 and u 😊
  • Olivia Collins
    Olivia Collins 2 weeks ago 7 rings all the way
  • Blush 28
    Blush 28 2 weeks ago Side to side 😹😹❤❤❤❤
  • Stephanie xoxo
    Stephanie xoxo 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll Ghostin💞
  • Bernadette Severson
    Bernadette Severson 2 weeks ago Thank u, next and One Last Time and Problem...OK ALL OF THEM😂💖
  • Elite Maxus
    Elite Maxus 2 weeks ago 7 Rings by far, thanks to this song I started LOVING Ari Top 4: 1. 7 Rings 2. Touch it 3. Side to side 4. Focus
  • The Jasmine Moore Channel
    The Jasmine Moore Channel 2 weeks ago Break up with girlfriend i'm bored, and make up.
  • Sheila Gruda
    Sheila Gruda 2 weeks ago I love 7 rings and break up with your girlfriend i’m bored also where did u get the little printer where u printed the pictures
  • Cherish Tube
    Cherish Tube 2 weeks ago Thank you next, into you , needy, 7 rings
  • Chastity Handy
    Chastity Handy 2 weeks ago 7 rings
  • Chelsea Marie
    Chelsea Marie 2 weeks ago Rule the world 😍
  • Blinking Grande
    Blinking Grande 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll all of her songs omg😂🤯 LOVE YOU ADELAINE❤️❤️
  • Estelle
    Estelle 2 weeks ago Good night n go and touch it
  • Its Baibua
    Its Baibua 2 weeks ago Dangerouse women!💖
  • Mary Arteaga
    Mary Arteaga 2 weeks ago Needy is my literal life song 💛💛
  • valentina mccully
    valentina mccully 2 weeks ago make up + my everything hehe
  • Wafa's World
    Wafa's World 2 weeks ago 7 rings 💎
  • Hi how are ya?
    Hi how are ya? 2 weeks ago They say which one I say nah i wan ' all of them😂ly Adelaineeeee❤
  • char xox
    char xox 2 weeks ago ghostin
  • Almonie Frank
    Almonie Frank 2 weeks ago Im so into you and dangerous women ..
  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 2 weeks ago Sweetner
  • Eli Morales
    Eli Morales 2 weeks ago Adelaines 7 Rings (all)❤️❤️❤️
  • Crazycurls1982
    Crazycurls1982 2 weeks ago 7 rings!!
  • Curly Raye
    Curly Raye 2 weeks ago NASA ✨
  • Its Ariyana
    Its Ariyana 2 weeks ago What did you use to print the photos? Please answerrrrrrrrrrr
  • Rehana Hayrula
    Rehana Hayrula 2 weeks ago In my head and monopoly
  • So Girlygirl
    So Girlygirl 2 weeks ago Gosh!...So hard to pick... Love Needy, In My Head, and NASA but I truly love them all!💗
  • Maria Suleman
    Maria Suleman 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll one last time and 7 rings
  • Noor Elahi
    Noor Elahi 2 weeks ago All of them, but if I have to choose one it might be monopoly
  • unknown_queen
    unknown_queen 2 weeks ago Thank you, next
  • Chaniqua Possingham
    Chaniqua Possingham 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll thank you next is definitely my favourite
  • H Cawth
    H Cawth 2 weeks ago R.E.M.
  • grande obsessed
    grande obsessed 2 weeks ago i love u so much & get well soon 🖤🌫
  • Tristan Kiley
    Tristan Kiley 2 weeks ago hmmm... needy makeup in my head thing bout you almost is never enough baby loves blazed successful sometimes be my baby... i have alot😂💞
  • rachael geddes
    rachael geddes 2 weeks ago Ghostin ❤️
  • Remmi-may Sison
    Remmi-may Sison 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll all of them!!!🖤🌫😊💛
  • shrimoyee Mitra
    shrimoyee Mitra 2 weeks ago Thank you next and 7 rings .
  • Marissa Ortega
    Marissa Ortega 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll 7rings !! And fake smile !
  • Perla Olmeda Avilés
    Perla Olmeda Avilés 2 weeks ago NASA
  • Perla Olmeda Avilés
    Perla Olmeda Avilés 2 weeks ago Blood line
  • Ladyperson969 LasybuHhhHzjzjj
    Ladyperson969 LasybuHhhHzjzjj 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll hi 👋 can you like my comment I love you girl
  • Laurengutang
    Laurengutang 2 weeks ago NASA is soooooooo good love you adelaine 😘😘😘😘
  • Amaya Rahman
    Amaya Rahman 2 weeks ago 7 ring
  • 7rings_thankyounexties babies19
    7rings_thankyounexties babies19 2 weeks ago unreleased song ridiculous
  • Drew
    Drew 2 weeks ago Moonlight
  • sugar grande
    sugar grande 2 weeks ago monopoly!! whats ur opinion?
  • Olivia Michelle
    Olivia Michelle 2 weeks ago Monopoly
  • Lydia Duren
    Lydia Duren 2 weeks ago I love NASA. It’s such a fun song!
  • Quoia The piggy
    Quoia The piggy 2 weeks ago Honestly I don’t love ari soooooooo...... idk
  • Emma Wolski
    Emma Wolski 2 weeks ago Fake smile,7 rings,n a s a,and needy!And all of them!
  • Kellen Reese
    Kellen Reese 2 weeks ago break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored😻
  • The Delaney Show a.k.a Glam potato
    The Delaney Show a.k.a Glam potato 2 weeks ago I LOVE make up
  • chefgraciegrace channel
    chefgraciegrace channel 2 weeks ago (edited) Adeline my favourite song from Ari is probably 7rings or monopoly . And for her older songs I think ... Piano or Baby I . (: and goodnight n go
  • Rachel and Lauren
    Rachel and Lauren 2 weeks ago All songs let’s be real😂
  • Rachel and Lauren
    Rachel and Lauren 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll when a notification pops up that u liked my recent edit while watching your new video...beep bop❤️
  • Raegan B
    Raegan B 2 weeks ago Literally all of them 💛🖤😍
  • Melanie Estrada
    Melanie Estrada 2 weeks ago GOD IS A WOMAAAAAN
  • tabz z
    tabz z 2 weeks ago 7 rings 💛💛
  • CON Don
    CON Don 2 weeks ago I love imagin and 7 rings btw love you!!!!
  • H I
    H I 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll goodnight n go☁️
  • imisi vlogs
    imisi vlogs 2 weeks ago 7 rings and thank u next
  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts 2 weeks ago MY FAVORITE ARI SONG IS GRAND PIANO!!!!
  • Katherine Figueroa
    Katherine Figueroa 2 weeks ago best mistake or ghostin’
  • Kim Huang
    Kim Huang 2 weeks ago Ghosting and monopoly are my favourites
  • haileymits
    haileymits 2 weeks ago Those Ariana edits from the video were stolen ideas from me @blue.boop.morin on ig
  • Sofia 1
    Sofia 1 2 weeks ago NaSA!!
  • Trinity Henley
    Trinity Henley 2 weeks ago All of em 😂
  • Alina D
  • Breanna Rachelle
    Breanna Rachelle 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll I lovvvve 7 Rings!!!!! Also totally started crying when I saw that you liked my comments!!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛🌻🌻🌻🌻lysm!
  • Abby Brodziak
    Abby Brodziak 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll 7 rings
  • Anna Davies
    Anna Davies 2 weeks ago Definitely nasa I just love it💛🍋🌼🌻
  • Isabel Chávez
    Isabel Chávez 2 weeks ago Daydreamin n honey🌙 Ave are my all time faves 4sure
  • Mujeres Soñadoras
    Mujeres Soñadoras 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll nasa and thank u next
  • Kirstin Land
    Kirstin Land 2 weeks ago 7 rings lol😂
  • Just Me Gabby
    Just Me Gabby 2 weeks ago Needy,leave me lonely,Bloodline,Sweetner,Goodnight and go,Fake smile,Everyday,Rule the world
  • Tatiana Velasco
    Tatiana Velasco 2 weeks ago Breathin, Thank You Next, and also the Everyday.
  • Saskia Fuller
    Saskia Fuller 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll you should make journals for Merch 💛💛💛
  • abyssiniani
    abyssiniani 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll well atm is sometimes!! And right there and also (again oof) break your heart right back!
  • Faith in HD
    Faith in HD 2 weeks ago 7 rings
    HAYHAY MADONNAHUE 2 weeks ago I literally love all of ari's songs...
  • Mint Husky
    Mint Husky 2 weeks ago Monopoly or in my head☁️💛
  • Lex Case
    Lex Case 2 weeks ago Thank u next and 7 rings
  • Uni 1002
    Uni 1002 2 weeks ago um.... ALL OF THEM!!! <3
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    Kenia Blancarte 2 weeks ago One last time
  • Emma
    Emma 2 weeks ago Make up 100%
  • Abigail Sabas
    Abigail Sabas 2 weeks ago NASA
  • Milly Cardenas
    Milly Cardenas 2 weeks ago ALL OF THEM😂💛
  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 weeks ago (edited) 7 RINGS LETS GO ARI AND ADELAINE LYSM!!!
  • Lucy Redfern
    Lucy Redfern 2 weeks ago Adelaines Camera Roll what bulett journal 📓 do you use ?? Xx
  • Shahad Alazemi
    Shahad Alazemi 2 weeks ago if your watching this on your bed like Lol love you
  • im a pineapple
    im a pineapple 6 days ago Meeeeeee
  • crystal weaver
    crystal weaver 1 week ago I definately am xx
  • Evalily Marlacrewe
    Evalily Marlacrewe 2 weeks ago Saaaaaaaame
  • Michelle xo
  • Μαριεττα Που
    Μαριεττα Που 2 weeks ago Here is one merch idea.. Why don't you make a bullet Journey for 2020? I think it would be great
  • Taneka Pearce
    Taneka Pearce 2 weeks ago Your bullet journals are amazing they always look good. love you Adelaine
  • Simmi Mimmi
    Simmi Mimmi 2 weeks ago I love you so much if u agree make this blue ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️💛💛💛💛💛
  • Emily Coronel
    Emily Coronel 2 weeks ago Picasso who?!? Girl you are an artist!!!!!! 🎨 👑 ❤️
  • LifeWithLyric
    LifeWithLyric 2 weeks ago (edited) OMG I DID ONE OF THESE VIDEOS TOO AND I’VE BEEN HOPING ADELAINE WOULD DO ONE TOO!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
  • sandy p
    sandy p 2 weeks ago She’s done them at least 10 times 😂
  • Emily Hsu
    Emily Hsu 2 weeks ago *Adelaine
  • Kaitlin Free
    Kaitlin Free 2 weeks ago i REALLY want to start bullet journaling and i have my notebook but don’t know what supplies to get can you PLEASE help a girl out. btw i love you sooo much adelaine💛💛
  • thprblmchld
    thprblmchld 1 week ago Get crayola super tips !! They’re cheap but amazing for lettering and doodles !
  • Madeleine Whitney
    Madeleine Whitney 2 weeks ago Kaitlin Free all you really need is a black pen, colored markers and a ruler. the mini printer adelaine uses is an hp sprocket
    IDK ITS EMILY 2 weeks ago Who else always scrolls straight to the comments 😂 ps small youtuber 😊
  • ellainemarie21
    ellainemarie21 2 weeks ago Support for support? 💛
  • Mia Giaimo
    Mia Giaimo 2 weeks ago Yess I love when you bullet journal they always look so good💛
  • keyla ramirez
    keyla ramirez 2 weeks ago If u get ur period you will have major cramps LOL
  • aesthetic qween
    aesthetic qween 2 weeks ago oh my gosh I need one of these in my life!! your such a good drawer! i love you so much Adelaine!! 💖
  • Sky U
    Sky U 2 weeks ago yayyy! i missed your bullet journaling 💛
  • Ruth Anne Nicholson
    Ruth Anne Nicholson 2 weeks ago She protec She attac But most importantly gets McDonald’s as a snac Love you Adelaine 🌻💛
  • Simmi Mimmi
    Simmi Mimmi 2 weeks ago If u love her and Ariana then like this ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 2 weeks ago Top TIP—if u are sad watch adelaines videos AND BOOOooM your happy
  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 2 weeks ago Omg thanks so much Adelain for responding !!! It’s true the happiest place on the internet 💛💛💛💛
  • Breanna Rachelle
    Breanna Rachelle 2 weeks ago Was just watching your vids and then I saw this!!! Omg lysm!!!! You are such a girl boss!!!
  • Meredith Cordero
    Meredith Cordero 2 weeks ago To me it’s not the universe😂I believe God takes care of that! 😏
  • Hessa AlDhaheri
    Hessa AlDhaheri 2 weeks ago How many times Adelaine said ''I'm so f*cking grateful'' ⬇️ (My fave ari song rn is bad idea)