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X Ambassadors - The Devil You Know (Audio)

Published on Jun 8, 2017 3,637,663 views

Listen to the official audio for "The Devil You Know" by X Ambassadors

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Music video by X Ambassadors performing The Devil You Know. (C) 2017 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

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  • Oumaima Jdira
    Oumaima Jdira 1 year ago This song belong in a movie scene where the main characters execute a master plan like a robbery or something.
  • Andrés Jiménez
    Andrés Jiménez 1 year ago Oumaima yess hahahhhahha
  • SinisterShadow
    SinisterShadow 1 year ago Oumaima perfect image dude!! I can imagine some Ocean's Eleven heist planning stuff lol
  • Nick Nightingale
    Nick Nightingale 1 year ago Oumaima look at American made trailer ;-)
  • Cameron Bishop
    Cameron Bishop 1 year ago Oumaima It has Lucifer written all over it
  • deadships
    deadships 1 year ago or in wynnona earp
  • Sameed Irfan
    Sameed Irfan 1 year ago stole my words, it sure belongs in lucifer. hopefully in s3.
  • Oof oof
    Oof oof 1 year ago Or the main characters are drivin down a dry desert road to a secret hide out where they're gonna make a deal to kill someone or something
  • newton
    newton 1 year ago Beya a dry desert what desert do u know that are wet ffs haha
  • Acharya
    Acharya 1 year ago Nira Xo let me know about it
  • J Senra
    J Senra 1 year ago Keep that 666 likes forever. Good video to have 666 upvotes! ;)
  • Paul Evertsen
    Paul Evertsen 1 year ago Oumaima or a good movie opening scene
  • Jonas
    Jonas 1 year ago Do you know Lucifer? That would be a nice song for it.
  • Spicy
    Spicy 1 year ago Payday 2 :^)
  • All N
    All N 1 year ago @xd , my thoughts exactly
  • Bam Girlbeauty
    Bam Girlbeauty 1 year ago Oumaima omg ikr
  • isabella bula
    isabella bula 1 year ago MonkeyPigFace That is what I was thinking when I heard it the first time.
  • Wertical21
    Wertical21 1 year ago or at least a trailer for a movie or a game.
  • Hex Hex
    Hex Hex 1 year ago Nira Xo Link when you're done
  • Val
    Val 1 year ago or a sex scene
  • Bejalox Plays MC
    Bejalox Plays MC 1 year ago Oumaima i do agre but ypi already can do that with avici's. hard grinding ita all about hard work and the roberrys
  • Mistretu'
    Mistretu' 1 year ago peaky blinders
  • Wojciech Łysakowski
    Wojciech Łysakowski 1 year ago Perfect for Guy Ritchie movie
  • a.A. razaL
    a.A. razaL 1 year ago "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't " it's a line from the movie "Warrior" with Tom Hardy ...
  • uzielperez2002
    uzielperez2002 1 year ago PERFECT
  • Luka Milic
    Luka Milic 1 year ago It belongs to the Lucifer series.
  • John Macdonald
    John Macdonald 1 year ago it's in the trailer for "American Made" now, so apparently others thought the same.
  • Kelly Wright
    Kelly Wright 1 year ago This is such a car commercial background type of song. "What are you waiting for? Get you a truck fit for a MAN. Get you a Chevy." lmao Dope song regardless.
  • xDinox
    xDinox 1 year ago Funny cause this song is going to be in a Need For Speed game, which involves a story line where you steal a hyper car :/
  • Ali Brnsaid
    Ali Brnsaid 1 year ago Johans i'm here because of lucifer, AND it was a hold-up scene
  • Bad Fat Mad
    Bad Fat Mad 1 year ago (edited) Oumaima Like a getaway or something like that (Baby Driver XD)
  • Nick Norris
    Nick Norris 1 year ago Truu
  • Isura Kodituwakku
    Isura Kodituwakku 1 year ago totally support that :')
  • skyBRAKE dx70
    skyBRAKE dx70 1 year ago Oumaima Just like the mission in Need For Speed payback, to steal the two golden cars from the collector. 😉
  • Shawn Oswin
    Shawn Oswin 1 year ago This Song was in Lucifer a great tv show.
  • raidentheninja
    raidentheninja 1 year ago Need For Speed Payback ;)
  • Alessa Hoffmann
    Alessa Hoffmann 1 year ago Oumaima Jdira ooohhhh yesss I Hope in THE ORIGINALS
  • Melissa Grant
    Melissa Grant 1 year ago The Blacklist played this
  • Hedi Saidi
    Hedi Saidi 11 months ago I got what you mean - Money Heist (la casa de papel)
  • Alan Jones
    Alan Jones 11 months ago Lol nfs payback
  • Anders Hempel
    Anders Hempel 10 months ago The song is in a game though... Need for Speed Payback.
  • JusstzY
    JusstzY 10 months ago Oumaima Jdira this wouldve been perfect for baby driver.
  • harty bunny
    harty bunny 9 months ago Oumaima Jdira I think it was also in Lucifer
  • Adam Parker-Rich
    Adam Parker-Rich 7 months ago OMG THAT WOULD BE BADASS
  • Datmeme 123
    Datmeme 123 6 months ago NSF payback koenisegg hiest
  • Kiley Arrants
    Kiley Arrants 3 months ago Six of crows
  • Krazy Banshee
    Krazy Banshee 2 months ago I can see that, maybe a training montage or the set up for the heist
  • Nyx . Eden
    Nyx . Eden 2 months ago @Cameron Bishop Literally
  • Liam Laidler Laidler
    Liam Laidler Laidler 1 month ago This song is on lucifer
  • Danielle Isaacs
    Danielle Isaacs 1 month ago (edited) Or in a scene in a show about the devil where he's stealing an armored truck from the dude who just stole it and then leaves him in the middle of a desert? But at least thee bank robber knew him.
  • MrLilRajje
    MrLilRajje 1 month ago Like the bgm for The Concierge of Crime?
  • Gabriel Plenos
    Gabriel Plenos 1 day ago Need for speed payback too
  • Phoebe Grigor
    Phoebe Grigor 1 year ago I was halfway through getting dressed when I saw this notification so now I'm happily dancing around with my pants around my ankles
  • Sam Sand
    Sam Sand 1 year ago lol
  • faye suthern
    faye suthern 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor SAME RN OMG OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
  • KingOfAwesomeness41
    KingOfAwesomeness41 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor you had the time to comment but no time to pull your pants up... you must be proud
  • Dean Ckm
    Dean Ckm 1 year ago KingOfAwesomeness41 priorities dude. Dancing and writing > getting dressed
  • Phoebe Grigor
    Phoebe Grigor 1 year ago KingOfAwesomeness41 I never said I was a logical human 😅
  • ShaniBanali
    ShaniBanali 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor :D
  • †Dramatic soul†
    †Dramatic soul† 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor 😂😂
  • Godson Soans
    Godson Soans 1 year ago Pics or it didnt happen.
  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 1 year ago you are awesome
  • Seweryn Janora
    Seweryn Janora 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor by
  • Holden Miller
    Holden Miller 1 year ago Phoebe Grigor that's son funny 😆
  • Holden Miller
    Holden Miller 1 year ago That's so funny 😆
  • Poop Sixsixsix
    Poop Sixsixsix 1 year ago No you're not. You're commenting.
  • FlareRipple
    FlareRipple 7 months ago Poop Sixsixsix its stalker much 👁👄👁
  • Klea Gjona
    Klea Gjona 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Johnny Booi
    Johnny Booi 2 days ago @Godson Soans lol are u still waiting for pics?
  • Godson Soans
    Godson Soans 2 days ago @Johnny Booi Yes
  • Johnny Booi
    Johnny Booi 2 days ago @Godson Soans samez
  • Georgee 97
    Georgee 97 1 year ago I can already tell they're going to use this in Lucifer 😈🤘🏼🔥
  • Pepa Vašata
    Pepa Vašata 1 year ago I cried when they used Unsteady, so they better use this.
  • Hawa Konate
    Hawa Konate 1 year ago Lucifer is one of my favorite show and X Ambassadors one of my favorite band If they do this I'll be the most happier woman in the world
  • Kiara Gaylican
    Kiara Gaylican 1 year ago that's what i thought too! they better be innit
  • Sammy Grace03
    Sammy Grace03 1 year ago Hawa Konate same here
  • Six O'Clock
    Six O'Clock 1 year ago Georgee 97 Yes!!!
  • Zoe Cathie
    Zoe Cathie 1 year ago That's exactly what I thought when I saw the song name! Especially because they have used X Ambassadors' song Unsteady already :)
  • Mia Salvatore
  • Duckman896
    Duckman896 1 year ago Was just about to comment the same thing, can't wait to see it featured when the show comes back.
  • Su Koç
    Su Koç 1 year ago Georgee 97 haha true
  • MadeRcR
    MadeRcR 1 year ago This song will kick in when lucifer finally tries out his new wings ;)
  • Camila Micalski
    Camila Micalski 1 year ago YASSS! This exactly my first thought. Can't wait to hear it on Lucifer. It suits the show perfectly.
  • Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri
    Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri 1 year ago I guess yes!
  • fuck usernames
    fuck usernames 1 year ago Georgee 97 HOLY SHIT DEFINITELY
  • Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers 1 year ago could see it in suits or daredevil too
  • Aashna Ram
    Aashna Ram 1 year ago Dude, this song almost sounds like it was written for that show.
  • Tay Ferriera
    Tay Ferriera 1 year ago Yes!! No doubt about it
  • Jonathan Read
    Jonathan Read 1 year ago Georgee 97 I hope they do. Would be a great way to start the new season
  • Lifes Narrative
    Lifes Narrative 1 year ago and or daredevil
  • Aashna Ram
    Aashna Ram 1 year ago +Lifes Narrative It sounds a little too upbeat for Daredevil. Although, I do think we'll be seeing a bunch of fanvids for DD with this song.
  • Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers 1 year ago i could live with that
  • yagirl cindy
    yagirl cindy 1 year ago Georgee 97 Aye
  • Nathalya Reyes
    Nathalya Reyes 1 year ago That's exactly what I thought.
  • Emma Rodri
    Emma Rodri 1 year ago I love how lucifers soundtracks are so distinctive that we all know haha!
  • Captain
    Captain 1 year ago Georgee 97 read my damn mind.
  • Camille Emmanuelle Couronne
    Camille Emmanuelle Couronne 1 year ago Georgee 97 are totally right
  • Fiona Quiggles
    Fiona Quiggles 1 year ago Georgee 97 I clicked on it for that very reason! Great show, can't wait for the next season.
  • Amber
    Amber 1 year ago They definitely should! I can totally see it in some scene of that show, or rather hear it
  • AndreGG
    AndreGG 1 year ago I clicked on this video thinking about Lucifer
  • Dragon of Emrys
    Dragon of Emrys 1 year ago AndreGG Same! I can totally see this as in one of the episodes!
  • Mia 4ever
    Mia 4ever 1 year ago God create Lucifer at the begin and THEN this song ;)
  • Lisa Wang
    Lisa Wang 1 year ago Honestly, this is perfect for that show
  • Nouf
    Nouf 1 year ago omggg i was gonna say that
  • Running Boy
    Running Boy 1 year ago cannot wait for new season Lucifer with this song
  • Mia 4ever
    Mia 4ever 1 year ago expecially as continue with last scene
  • horajzyn
    horajzyn 1 year ago Georgee 97 YES.
  • Spanner & Clyde
    Spanner & Clyde 1 year ago Exactly the thought I had!!!
  • Wishing Iris
    Wishing Iris 1 year ago Georgee 97 Hell yeah!
  • citygirl2192
    citygirl2192 1 year ago Swear to God as soon as the first notes played my first thought was "Yeah, this is going to show up in Lucifer next season." Looking forward to it!
  • Mandy C
    Mandy C 1 year ago crossin my fingers for that! lucifer always has great music!
  • Gysbert Scholtz
    Gysbert Scholtz 1 year ago Oh yeas! I thought that the first time I heard it, suits Lucifer perfectly. XD Also, can't wait for the next season; who's waiting with me?
  • Mia 4ever
    Mia 4ever 1 year ago me absolutley
  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 1 year ago yesss
  • Macn Cheese
    Macn Cheese 1 year ago omg. me tooo
  • Aga Bonk
    Aga Bonk 1 year ago yeeees!
  • mike fathergill
    mike fathergill 1 year ago so true, this would be perfect for Lucifer.
  • Justine Parale
    Justine Parale 1 year ago YESSS. was bout to say that.
  • Khal El
    Khal El 1 year ago yeah, specially since the riff at 00:26 sounds similar to the intro of lucifer
  • derkuz
    derkuz 1 year ago Georgee 97 Hell Yea!
  • Aquaa xphantom
    Aquaa xphantom 1 year ago Georgee 97 i
    REBECCA MARINO 1 year ago Georgee 97 YEAAA BOYYYYY
  • shourya dahiya
    shourya dahiya 1 year ago Georgee 97 due to this comment I binge watched lucifer it's freakin amazing!!!
  • Arshak Hayrapetyan
    Arshak Hayrapetyan 1 year ago have they used jungle already? i dont remember )
  • efadfa3
    efadfa3 1 year ago Oh please, it has Wynonna Earp written on it.
  • Maggie
    Maggie 1 year ago Really though! I hope they use this at some point for Wynonna
  • shourya dahiya
    shourya dahiya 1 year ago CobaltLobo hannibal?? You serious??
  • uzielperez2002
    uzielperez2002 1 year ago Hell yeah!
  • EM
    EM 1 year ago ahah they better use this song
  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 1 year ago They did
  • Fraser S
    Fraser S 1 year ago were right
  • Algernon Wells
    Algernon Wells 1 year ago Turns out you were right :P
  • brekasz12
    brekasz12 1 year ago They did :D
  • IWI Undead
    IWI Undead 1 year ago They did
  • Tyler Whitehouse
    Tyler Whitehouse 1 year ago Very first song in the first episode of season 3
  • Francisca Vilaça
    Francisca Vilaça 1 year ago They did. First episode of season three. Best show ever
  • EM
    EM 1 year ago oooo I'm so ready it's on tonight at 8 for me
  • Francisca Vilaça
    Francisca Vilaça 1 year ago CashewSpammer right now for me ahahah
  • Pierre Charbonneau
    Pierre Charbonneau 1 year ago it's how the new season begins!!!
  • kamixedits
    kamixedits 1 year ago It's the first song in the premier 😂
  • Amber
    Amber 1 year ago And they did!! Tonights ep
  • Niaz Mehedi
    Niaz Mehedi 1 year ago bulls eye nigga
  • Wolfguardian47
    Wolfguardian47 1 year ago Georgee 97 wow three months later and your right first thing in episode 1 of season 3
  • wolf 227 Jack 133
    wolf 227 Jack 133 1 year ago Georgee 97 just was
  • Kelvin Kimutai
    Kelvin Kimutai 1 year ago Right on the Money!!!
  • Georgee 97
    Georgee 97 1 year ago Haha I fucking knew it 😂 pretty good episode 😈
  • raptor XIII
    raptor XIII 1 year ago now I want to know if they planned it all along or they remade the editing to add it, how's the timeline?
  • petrovaxmoonstone
  • Georgee 97
    Georgee 97 1 year ago petrovaxmoonstone haha thanks😈😈 As soon as I heard it playing I knew people would come back to comment on this video 😂
  • Waffle Studios
    Waffle Studios 1 year ago I think we all knew they were gonna use it when we heard this song tbh
  • Alex Maurice
    Alex Maurice 1 year ago THEY USED IT!
  • TheFirzen001
    TheFirzen001 1 year ago oooh holly Georgee, you were right :D
  • Kartal Köroğlu h
    Kartal Köroğlu h 1 year ago Georgee 97 damn bro you made it
  • Liviu Vasilache
    Liviu Vasilache 1 year ago And it is
  • Hawa Konate
    Hawa Konate 1 year ago They did it and at the first episode of season 3 !!!
  • Azad Dhaliwal
    Azad Dhaliwal 1 year ago You were Right Sir.
    N1GHTM4RE DR34M 1 year ago Georgee 97 That's literally how I got here
  • ameno
    ameno 1 year ago As Heisenberg said; "You're god damn right."
  • Andi's
    Andi's 1 year ago (edited) Haha , and right in the beginning :)
  • Wayward_clique
    Wayward_clique 1 year ago MrFlipperInvader782 yassss
  • Anthony The Great
    Anthony The Great 1 year ago They did.
  • Milan Babic
    Milan Babic 1 year ago You just saw the future. They DID! :D
  • Monse Corvus
    Monse Corvus 1 year ago It was lol
  • AmyLee Brooks
    AmyLee Brooks 1 year ago Georgee 97 I don't think u understand the song. May I suggest u read about these beautiful humans & listen 2 the song again 2 understand what they are TRULY saying. As the saying goes, "it's better 2 know ur enemies", they believe the Devil is the enemy. Research, read, listen, & YOU will "KNOW"!
  • Peter Ng`aru
    Peter Ng`aru 1 year ago they just did. episode 3
  • aesthetixshit
    aesthetixshit 1 year ago You mean Season 3 episode 1
  • Elvin Celis
    Elvin Celis 1 year ago Well, your dreams just came true mate! They used it on Season 3
  • westernskate11
    westernskate11 1 year ago i like the music ❤💜
  • Matthew Rivera
    Matthew Rivera 1 year ago Georgee 97 and they used it lol
  • SuperRedAlex 121
    SuperRedAlex 121 1 year ago Shit show is cancelled:D
  • Leianne May Briosos
    Leianne May Briosos 8 months ago They did!!!😆😆😆
    MAYOR 7 months ago they used it
  • Lethal 4th
    Lethal 4th 7 months ago Georgee 97 they did it.
  • Gold Army
    Gold Army 7 months ago Hahahahaha legend lucifer bro i love that
  • Mister Troll
    Mister Troll 5 months ago Is in :))
  • Terrence Rock
    Terrence Rock 5 months ago @SuperRedAlex 121 show is back on
  • Emrys Dream
    Emrys Dream 4 months ago Georgee 97 it’s so funny I only know this song from Lucifer I discovered so recently and I love the whole show I love LUCIFER
  • Magdalena Liwak
    Magdalena Liwak 3 months ago Oh yessss... Lucifan for life 😈😇😎🤩
  • Fuyot Yt
    Fuyot Yt 2 months ago Georgee 97 they have
  • Renee Barriere
    Renee Barriere 1 year ago Me: *clicks on song* Song: *hasn't started yet* Me: AMAZING 10/10 WOW
  • Erin R
    Erin R 1 year ago Renee Barriere saaaame
  • BadBoy7 DEDSEC
    BadBoy7 DEDSEC 1 year ago oh that bass
  • Maya Joy
    Maya Joy 1 year ago i was the 666th like iconic
  • Jessica Cellucci
    Jessica Cellucci 1 year ago (edited) Literally me. 😂
  • Marina Capaldi
    Marina Capaldi 1 year ago In Brazil we say QUE HINOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Phoebe
    Phoebe 1 year ago mds
  • André Pacheco
    André Pacheco 1 year ago Nobody say that shit in Brazil that girl is retarded :v
  • Rafael Dornelles
    Rafael Dornelles 1 year ago Brazil thinks you're retarded
  • Get Crafty!
    Get Crafty! 1 year ago I literally just said this!!!🤣🤣
  • Eman Mohammed
    Eman Mohammed 1 year ago Renee Barriere ..... oh me too !!!!!!
  • Lillian Doolittle
    Lillian Doolittle 1 year ago Sammmmme
  • mon
    mon 1 year ago me
  • Natalia Fusiarz
    Natalia Fusiarz 1 year ago TRUUU
  • revhans
    revhans 1 year ago Need For Speed Payback ;)
  • XxDUSTER78 xX
    XxDUSTER78 xX 7 months ago Jajajajajaj
  • MastiN
    MastiN 7 months ago Oh yeah
  • NumbHead
    NumbHead 5 months ago RevHans true
  • Ry Zen
    Ry Zen 1 month ago Oh yes baby
  • Marc Reginald
    Marc Reginald 1 year ago Any Lucifer fans? ahahha
  • Mia M
    Mia M 1 year ago Marc Reginald 😍😂❤ fuck yes
  • Nicol Universe
    Nicol Universe 1 year ago Hell yeah 👿
  • Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas Greenleaf 1 year ago Hell,yes.
  • SuperRedAlex 121
    SuperRedAlex 121 1 year ago Shit show is now cancelled
  • Deja
    Deja 11 months ago Marc Reginald i love jesus
  • Deja
    Deja 11 months ago Marc Reginald just trying to learn all of their music before they have another concert in dallas
  • Advanced Edition.
    Advanced Edition. 10 months ago Yea 😈
  • Who is Elza?
    Who is Elza? 8 months ago Ayyy
  • Sľ Z
    Sľ Z 7 months ago *lucifans
  • Kev Cruz
    Kev Cruz 2 months ago Marc Reginald me
  • king harlequin
    king harlequin 1 month ago Forever and always 😂