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After Hours - Why Time Travel Wouldn’t Work For Everyone

Published on Aug 14, 2017 1,323,006 views

Time-traveling might be a great idea on paper but, upon closer examination, it's probably best to stick to your own space-time continuum where you can make a BLT without being burned at the stake for being a witch.

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  • Bryzantine
    Bryzantine 1 year ago Go to the 90s. Buy apple stock. Or Google
  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu 2 months ago Yeah I'd go straight into investing into that weird fruit company.
  • nexus1g
    nexus1g 3 months ago the 90's to buy Apple stock? How young are you?
  • Mureithi Kivuti
    Mureithi Kivuti 4 months ago @Harry Tsang How do you know that's what he did?????
  • ThatCoolKidYouKnow
    ThatCoolKidYouKnow 5 months ago Buying the stock could change the entire reality...
  • Fin
    Fin 5 months ago @ROADMASTER 97 You'd be dead long before then. The gold rush was around 164 years ago.
  • EnchantedPencil Comics
    EnchantedPencil Comics 5 months ago This was my answer too
  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern 5 months ago Both, and write every hit song between 1990 and now.
  • SavageGreywolf
    SavageGreywolf 5 months ago (edited) @James Esparza no one cares what happens in between. You buy as much stock as you can as early as you can and hang onto it and it splits a grillion times and then you own 15% of the company in 2018.
  • Jebu911
    Jebu911 6 months ago Yeah but then you are morally obliged to stop 9/11 all all the school shootings and i dont want all that extra work.
  • Larry Carl
    Larry Carl 7 months ago Bryzantine or Microsoft
  • Goosey Girl
    Goosey Girl 7 months ago Yaaaaass
  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo 10 months ago no MAKE apple and google
  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist 1 year ago Google didn't float until 2004.
  • Adam Jefferson
    Adam Jefferson 1 year ago Bryzantine how bout both
  • Michael Adesina
    Michael Adesina 1 year ago assuming you can carry money with you back in time or else the first answer is with what money?
  • This Post Was Made By Monopoly GANG
    This Post Was Made By Monopoly GANG 1 year ago I was just about to comment THAT!
  • GM Walker
    GM Walker 1 year ago Bryzantine EXACTLY
  • LUAL HE416
    LUAL HE416 1 year ago I was about to write that
  • Matthew Bullock
    Matthew Bullock 1 year ago you would have to know every detail so you could stop it this situation involves you going back in time knowing only what you know you wouldn't have time to look up the details.
  • Maverick56
    Maverick56 1 year ago I would probably just end up A: giving the person who was in charge of the UN's nukes, some strong shit. That I could buy leagally. Or B: figure out the code and just launch them myself. BECAUSE FUCK IT.
  • The Retard
    The Retard 1 year ago Haven't you watched Family Guy? Stopping 9/11 would be terrible.
  • ILuvKonata
    ILuvKonata 1 year ago I was gonna say that, too.
  • tcot0663
    tcot0663 1 year ago Shawn West you wouldn't be able to sail all the way to America in a ship from the Edo era
  • shawn west
    shawn west 1 year ago why don't before edo perdo in japan and discover usa
  • Ada Thomas
    Ada Thomas 1 year ago Arе уou looking for hоt dates in your neighbоurhoоd? Thеy hеrе ➤➤
  • MrStephenRGilman
    MrStephenRGilman 1 year ago Go back one week. Buy a lottery ticket.
  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 1 year ago (edited) Actually, Apple IPOed in Dec 1980. Where are you going to get enough bills that are marked pre-1981 to make a substantial investment? In July of 2015, it was estimated that if you invested $990 after Apple IPOed, that investment would be worth $313,740. Also, how will you get an ID with a social security number. How can you prove to the bank you are who you are when you open an account? Assuming you can't travel back, what are you going to do with all that time while waiting for your money to grow? You'll need to pay rent, get a job and wait...
  • Mr. W
    Mr. W 1 year ago With what money?
  • Pea K
    Pea K 1 year ago Go back six years and buy bitcoin. 4000 fold increase from $1 to $4000.
  • Aaron Spade
    Aaron Spade 1 year ago Bryzantine and amazon
  • WeTube
    WeTube 1 year ago One Love
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats 1 year ago Connor Collins Family Guy pointed out stopping 9/11 could be bad. Bush loses re-election and starts a civil war 😂
  • Patrick Azzarella
    Patrick Azzarella 1 year ago Bryzantine I'm not liberal but history has been shitty to women but women need to see what they got in this day and age especially in the west and stop thinking they're in a oppressed
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 1 year ago Fuck the stocks, why not just create Google yourself? You've got time to learn apparently. While you're at it create YouTube and Facebook.
  • jacob lester
    jacob lester 1 year ago Bryzantine 1999 and buy Amazon stock. Was six bucks a share
  • Jason Goatcher
    Jason Goatcher 1 year ago You'd need more than a time machine to preempt pewdiepie. You'd need actual talent.
  • Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe
    Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe 1 year ago Bryzantine you'd be to late in the 90s for apple stock. You want to buy that in 1980 when they went public and where at their lowest price. Or work for them in any capacity in the 70s and get it as payment for your labor. Hell their janitorial staff was paid in stock in the beginning.
  • Ethan Murray
    Ethan Murray 1 year ago Bryzantine or both!
  • Gabreya Bradley
    Gabreya Bradley 1 year ago +Bryzantine Same here!
  • ethanpet113
    ethanpet113 1 year ago Already done
  • JrC
    JrC 1 year ago Don't forget Amazon.
  • dodopod
    dodopod 1 year ago Brett PGH ...uh, yes it does. 1 BitCoin is worth over $4000 right now. You just need to exchange it for whatever currency your country uses.
  • The K
    The K 1 year ago James Esparza quantum fluctuations could actually make it so those go bust
  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 1 year ago (edited) Probably would have been a good time to buy Apple as their stock wasn't doing well then, but Google would have been tough. Their IPO wasn't until 2004. Assuming you were old enough, it would make more sense to have your younger self do the investing as it would simplify things (assuming multiverse theory isn't the answer and you can change history).
  • Brett PGH
    Brett PGH 1 year ago Bitcoin has no value. As of yet it is still not an accepted currency. 70 billion bitcoins won't buy you a McDonald's hamburger.
    ANGELO 1 year ago I'd buy Microsoft stock. richer faster.
  • aaron brooks
    aaron brooks 1 year ago Bryzantine idiot.. Bitcoin is worth só much more
  • The Bonesaw ..
    The Bonesaw .. 1 year ago Shraka -- the thing you want to do though, is invest early, not just wait for the big day. You want to buy every stock you can afford and then use all the profits to buy more stock and hopefully have the stock split a few times. Buying 10,000 shares the day before doesn't do much.
  • Chesterson Jack
    Chesterson Jack 1 year ago shraka Thanks