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10 Actors Who Thought They Were Playing Other Comic Book Villains

Published on Jun 27, 2017 2,535,414 views

You don't always need to copy the Joker and Green Goblin.

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  • Melodramatic JerBear
    Melodramatic JerBear 1 year ago This isn't an actor issue, it's a writing issue.
    TYRESE LV ROBLOX 2 months ago Yea it’s both
  • Askari rezwi
    Askari rezwi 2 months ago We know he said that
  • duckvader54
    duckvader54 2 months ago @Nicholas Win why are you replying to everyone?
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago duckvader54 and I most certainly agree
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Matthew Wagner you got that right
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Bill The Bull Gates Jared Leto possibly isn’t the joker I expected to see
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Ramone DeCurta yes I agree with that though if Michelle Tractchenberg did play Harley Quinn that would be impressive
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago mitchtherevolution bah that actor wasn’t quite the lex luthor we expected
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago TopDog Stargazer directing issue is right
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago mitchtherevolution you might be right about that
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Melodramatic JerBear that may be but if I did play Batman then again I would have to be written in a way that fans could have me
  • duckvader54
    duckvader54 2 months ago @1000000man1 you know directors tell actors if they are interested in playing this character
  • Matthew Wagner
    Matthew Wagner 7 months ago Sometime's it's neither. The movies are based on comics, not always taken and adapted 1 for 1. So it's okay for the writers to condense roles. You can have 1 role that is the culmination of 2 different characters and portrays both characters interests/motivations.
  • Matthew Stanley
    Matthew Stanley 7 months ago Melodramatic JerBear actor
  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 7 months ago Jared Leto was an actor issue.
  • D. Lewis
    D. Lewis 7 months ago Well he did say that at 2:29
  • Shawn Bechard
    Shawn Bechard 7 months ago @Rahul Mathew I agree. He is a good actor, but needs to be properly placed. Yet Clancy Brown Does an excellent job on voicing Lex Luthor, which makes me wonder why they didn't just shave Clansy's head and call it a day.
  • Rahul Mathew
    Rahul Mathew 7 months ago Only Luthor in smallville tv show can pull of the animated version of serious business minded luthor , fb cant pull of this character but he is an excellent ridler .
  • jexzy
    jexzy 9 months ago and direction
  • Shawn Bechard
    Shawn Bechard 9 months ago The cast selection was terrible for Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex. He doesn't have the commanding voice or the look, to suit the role. Type casting was needed in this case.
  • William Collis
    William Collis 9 months ago @Gurglyturtle No not really. Whether or not the actor/actress researches their role, the screenplay and the directors dictate the actor/actress to act in a specific way.
  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 9 months ago Sam Thorn : You talk as if actors don’t have brains. They are very smart, and the top ones are given latitude in terms of changing the writing, etc. Jesse Eisenberg completely blew it. As soon as he heard that they were going to “Zuckerberg” the role of Lex Luthor, he should have either dropped out or fought to stay true to the character. Billy Zane is the prototype Lex Luthor, just like Angelina Jolie is the perfect Catwoman (Michelle Pfeifer was excellent, though), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl - Georgina) is the quintessential Harley Quinn. I don’t know why these casting directors, writers and producers overthink the process the way they do, but they tend to shit the bed. Stay true to the comics!!!
  • Sam Thorn
    Sam Thorn 9 months ago Yeah, but the title suggests it's primarily the actors fault. Most problems came from script and direction.
  • Christina Nightraven
    Christina Nightraven 9 months ago At 2:30 in the video, they literally point that fact out.
  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 9 months ago (edited) Melodramatic JerBear : It’s both.
  • mitchtherevolution
    mitchtherevolution 9 months ago No amount of direction, or acting can make Jesse Eisenberg a concinving Lex Luthor.
  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 9 months ago BVS: Ultimate Edition rules!
  • TopDog Stargazer
    TopDog Stargazer 9 months ago It's also a directing issue
  • mitchtherevolution
    mitchtherevolution 9 months ago It's primarily a casting issue for some of these.
  • Hershey11
    Hershey11 10 months ago Thanks for pointing out the obvious since they DID say that in the video....
  • 1000000man1
    1000000man1 10 months ago Depends In some cases it's the writing, like the lizard. But with two face in batman forever, that's his performance not matching and maybe even how he was directed. You know Tommy Lee Jones told Jim Carrey that he can't sanction Jim's "bafoonary" But just look at how he acts in that film. He can't talk. Haha
  • Gurglyturtle
    Gurglyturtle 1 year ago it's both
  • Simone Roberto
    Simone Roberto 9 months ago Jared Leto as Suicide Squad's Joker. Sadistic, knife-obsessed, muscular, with a trend of marking his body with designs that fit his theme as a villain. He wasn't playing the Joker. He was playing Zsasz.
  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 3 weeks ago We can't forget how much they cut from the movie. Leto said there was enough footage cut from the movie to make a whole joker movie! He was pissed
  • Dwebly II
    Dwebly II 1 month ago That explains EVERYTHING! Also, why did that Joker own a nightclub? It seemed strange to me.
  • Sazzad Al WaHeD
    Sazzad Al WaHeD 2 months ago @AzRaeL me too... ground level version
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Apple Juice hmm I would see something about that actor impression lex Luthor is quite a villain to Superman unlike his partnership with the joker in the animated batman superman film that is
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago P.Z. Arnott yeah but if he did play the riddler that would be awesome
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Bill The Bull Gates and he should appear in a batman film
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Drew Davis Jared Leto eh? Well I don’t know how he pulled it off as joker though the costume is quite impressive
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Rahul Mathew yeah that can be way past tense for a storyline like that
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Simone Roberto hmm you might be right about that
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Shelton Matthews that is true though I wish he were in The Batman films
  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 2 months ago Simone Roberto well that is quite an odd mix of a character
  • Diogenes Rex
    Diogenes Rex 4 months ago Some tweaks to costume designs and, yeah. You're bang-fucking-on.
  • D. Jenkins
    D. Jenkins 5 months ago Drew I don't think he looks like a good joker at alll...he looks like a pimp....HE HAS A FRICKING GRILL AND TATTOOS.....don't like it
  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 7 months ago @P.Z. Arnott That's because Mark Zuckerberg is the closest thing to Lex we have in real life lol. ( Well until Elon musk shaves his head and reveals his evil intentions).
  • P.Z. Arnott
    P.Z. Arnott 7 months ago I thought,he was a good choice. There's a scene in The Social Network, in which if you look up "The Social Network it's raining", he's more of a Lex Luthor there than in BvS
  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 7 months ago I like the gotham zsasz
  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 7 months ago i agree he could do a Zsasz
  • Drew Davis
    Drew Davis 7 months ago Jared Leto is visually the perfect joker (if not a little too muscular but he really isn't that huge). And he's fantastic at playing a madman. Like he really knows how to act insane. And him being a crime lord/somewhat gangster is realistic as hell and a really cool idea. They just write his character terribly and he's just... zsasz. It's not jared's fault and I think he's still a really good casting choice but the writers just have no idea what they're doing
  • Rahul Mathew
    Rahul Mathew 7 months ago Honka Honka , things u get when non dc writes and directs dc movies. Shitty story and shitty villains and horrendous cgi massacre.
  • Simone Roberto
    Simone Roberto 8 months ago Shelton Matthews  He definitely has a great presence within the show's context, although it's a version of the character that has almost nothing in common with the comics.
  • Shelton Matthews
    Shelton Matthews 8 months ago Zsasz is one of my favorite characters from Gotham He comes in, guns blazing...jumps on table "nobody has to die if you give us Jim Gordon"
  • Venger
    Venger 9 months ago Simone Roberto... Thank you. He is absolutely my top of the list choice for worst performance of such a major character. The Joker... there's many ways to play him. But that wasn't one of them.
  • xSportacus
    xSportacus 1 year ago I actually liked Jesse Eisenberg as a villain, but he wasn't exactly a good Lex Luthor
  • nevercatchwind
    nevercatchwind 1 month ago He would be perfect Enigma
  • Brad Woods
    Brad Woods 1 month ago Whoever cast Eisenberg as Luthor should be in jail 😂😂😂
  • James Parker
    James Parker 2 months ago Yeah. Who knows maybe Jesse will get better at being Lex, that is if we see him again
  • Geoff T.D.I
    Geoff T.D.I 2 months ago As the Riddle he's prob the best
  • Filip Jeglic
    Filip Jeglic 5 months ago Kinda late, but it would be interesting/possible that in the end of the movie the real Lex would show up and Jesse Eisenberg's character was his son or something like that.
  • Steven Lewis
    Steven Lewis 5 months ago He actually comes offer mpre of a riddles than a lex luthor in the film tbh just a cheaper jim Carrey copy
  • Josh Milligan
    Josh Milligan 7 months ago @AzRaeL No, bad direction from the director.
  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 7 months ago @Kaijufan31 you mean script?
  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 7 months ago He's a good actor byt lex is Just not his role
  • Samuel Grant
    Samuel Grant 7 months ago I totally called Jessie Eisenberg as Riddler shortly after it came out. When I saw the thumbnail to this "No way!" :D
  • Obnoxious Kool-Aid
    Obnoxious Kool-Aid 7 months ago He was more of a riddler
  • Mostly Important
    Mostly Important 9 months ago He wasn't playing Lex Luthor
  • Kaijufan31
    Kaijufan31 9 months ago I think he was just given bad direction.
  • Alex Landa
    Alex Landa 9 months ago He would’ve been an absolutely 100% perfect riddler
  • Z0MB13Redfield
    Z0MB13Redfield 9 months ago I think he's a damn good actor but lex is not a good role for him.
  • Amon Santos
    Amon Santos 1 year ago I think Jim Carrey was also trying to be the joker in batman forever.
    IMAFUGYOSHIZUP 1 week ago (edited) @Apple Juice yeah i love when peoples opinions are so strong they cant believe theyre not leading the bandwagon... Liar Liar is a great jim carrey vehicle...
  • Gabriel_005gamer
    Gabriel_005gamer 1 month ago I thought Jim Carrey was playing mad hatter but no he was the riddler😂
  • Luke M
    Luke M 2 months ago @Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given It was a COMEDY. Lighten up. Liar Liar is a classic
  • MoLetalis
    MoLetalis 3 months ago @Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given dude, Liar Liar is one of his best films. Carrey at the peak of his career.
  • PhillyDjHook
    PhillyDjHook 4 months ago LOL
  • ironfist33
    ironfist33 5 months ago ...Or the Riddler from 60's Batman
  • D. Jenkins
    D. Jenkins 5 months ago General r/whoooosh
  • General Cupquakes
    General Cupquakes 5 months ago @Sarah Otto what...huh? He never played the joker. He played the riddler. Jim Carrey would have made a great joker but HE NEVER played Joker.
  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 7 months ago How does Liar, Liar fail miserably? You are literally the only person in the world who doesn't like it.
  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 7 months ago @Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given Liar Liar broke 300 mill in the box office and is rated 81% on rotten tomatoes. You might not like it. But Liar Liar is a great movie.
  • Ryan Alexander Bloom
    Ryan Alexander Bloom 7 months ago You mean he was trying to play himself? That’s just him.
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 7 months ago Nah. That was just Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey.
  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 8 months ago riddler is very similar to joker in the first place
  • Marshall Bishop
    Marshall Bishop 9 months ago Amon Santos I think he was just being Jim Carrey
  • Roger Fountaine
    Roger Fountaine 9 months ago so true
  • Avatariuz
    Avatariuz 9 months ago They're basically acting like the villains in the old Batman series from the 60's.
  • Barrie D.
    Barrie D. 10 months ago Charlie L. Robin Williams?
  • Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given
    Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given 10 months ago I thought it was a good script and a neat little fantasy, but Carey's over the top antics didn't really fit the film, especially in the final court room scene. Everyone is playing their roles believably but Carey. If a real lawyer were to act in that manner, they would not have lasted long in a real court room, but it's just my view. He is funny, but I think a different actor would have been better for that particular film.
  • Barrie D.
    Barrie D. 10 months ago Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given I liked Liar Liar :/
  • Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given
    Comics: Let's Talk! Kevin Given 10 months ago I think Jim Carey is pretty much always Jim Carey mugging for the camera, a performance that sometimes works (The Mask) and sometimes fails miserably (Liar Liar.) Here he almost gets it right, but in the end, his over the top performance as the Riddler takes away some poignant moments in the film that would have been better with a better actor.
  • Barrie D.
    Barrie D. 11 months ago Agreed!
  • Sarah Otto
    Sarah Otto 1 year ago I honestly think Jim Carey played the best Joker ever. It was just too bad he was supposed to be the Riddler.
  • Bobby Johnny
    Bobby Johnny 1 year ago Jesse Eisenberg has the physical likeness and personalityof the Riddler. It's a shame they didn't use him for that character.
  • magnum3088
    magnum3088 3 months ago Yea, also he didn't mention this in the vid, but, Lex Luthor at one point says "Riddle me this"...
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 7 months ago Which would make some sense as he'd have the intellect necessary to pit the two of them against each other, but no real motive.
  • Marcel Zachary
    Marcel Zachary 9 months ago I agree have jared leto play Riddler and have Leonardo Dicaprio play both Characers
  • Joseph Leonard
    Joseph Leonard 9 months ago i guess this has all to do with us identifying jesse eisenberg as one of the four horsemen.
  • Maze
    Maze 1 year ago well they may reset the character by making flashpoint
  • Dylan Vaughan
    Dylan Vaughan 1 year ago I still hold on to that hope.
  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez 1 year ago i thought he was playing luthors son at first...
  • lil.koko_xo
    lil.koko_xo 1 year ago (edited) Nathan Elroy Maybe. He'd have to capture that creepy fixation with Alice, which I think Jesse could pull off.
  • Nathan Elroy
    Nathan Elroy 1 year ago He would make a better madhatter
  • Joni Lind
    Joni Lind 1 year ago Now that would be pretty good twist... Luthor goes to meet a visitor, we hear angry voice say "Riddle me this you little riddler, how did you fail?" BOOM they show us how "Luthor" was really the Riddler and real Luthor is played by Bryan Cranston.
  • lil.koko_xo
    lil.koko_xo 1 year ago I agree
  • Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios
    Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios 1 year ago Jesse Eisenberg was, hands down, the worst casting to date in ANY comic book based movie. I love Jesse Eisenberg, he can play a badass, see American Ultra. First just too young and young looking. Lex is older than Superman. When Lex Luthor enters a room, he commands attention by his presence alone. He is a big guy, buffed, but not oversized, supremely confident in his own abilities, mind, ability to manipulate people, and of course the recourses at his finger tips. Jesse and Lex Luthor are just polar opposites, no two ways about it. It made a shaky movie feel completely unhinged, because that's how he played Lex Luthor. Such a waste.
  • starwars starwarsfacts
    starwars starwarsfacts 2 months ago Like kingpin
  • Kim Kalve
    Kim Kalve 5 months ago @Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios but they killed doomsday, which had the origin of most versions of bizzarro superman.
  • stanz3x
    stanz3x 5 months ago @Fetty Krill wished back once again yeah but topher was before, you'd think Peps would learn and not be like "hold my beer" I can do better
  • The Man With No Name
    The Man With No Name 5 months ago @PP Hyjynx It can't be Lex Luthor Jr. What happened to Lex Luthor SR? Secondly that would mean that he is the son of Lois Lane and Le Luthor which would make it impossible for him to be the antagonist of that movie. The main continuity Lex Luthor also goes by "Jr" as well so that's just an excuse for a terribly played character
  • SuperfanGirl86
    SuperfanGirl86 9 months ago @Michael Arnold so? Anyone whos bought the ultimate superman collective has superman 4
  • A-List Stylist
    A-List Stylist 9 months ago Dwayne could have nailed that role.
  • Lairdriver
    Lairdriver 9 months ago Or Jennifer Garner as Elektra, or Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider, or Hally Berry as Catwoman?
  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 9 months ago Wrong! He's a great choice for crazy Lex.
  • Dash Rendar
    Dash Rendar 9 months ago (edited) @Oliver Bingham nope, as aldeady stated, the directors and actors already confirmed that is incorrect. Just because you want to believe it, doesn't make it fact Edit: double checked. Only websites that mention him as Jr. are theorizing, nothing official states he is, but they officially say he isn't.
  • Andre Moya
    Andre Moya 10 months ago @Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios You know there are several versions of comic characters right? Lex in Supes vs bats... made one comic counterpart and was pretty good
  • Oliver Bingham
    Oliver Bingham 1 year ago Lex Luther is dead in BvS Eisenberg played his son Lex Jr. This is why you don't get the character (although he is still annoying).