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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Full Interview before UFC 214 | UFC TONIGHT

Published on Jul 26, 2017 735,833 views

Watch Jones and Daniel Cormier join UFC Tonight ahead of their bout at UFC 214.

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  • Beverly Rose Boxing
    Beverly Rose Boxing 1 year ago DC looks like a traumatized care bear
  • hampy champ
    hampy champ 5 months ago And Jones looks baked af 😂
  • TonySton3R94 Number 1⃣
    TonySton3R94 Number 1⃣ 5 months ago Magic comment 😂😂😂😂👌👏
  • Ryan Carr
    Ryan Carr 5 months ago Beverly Rose Boxing & Ent Lol he does!
  • ForzaTerra89
    ForzaTerra89 8 months ago Beverly Rose Boxing & Ent best comment ever!
  • Bottled Water Mousasi
    Bottled Water Mousasi 9 months ago I would be traumatised if I went in the octagon with jon jones
    THE BEST ON MARS 1 year ago Post traumatic care disorder
  • Matt Strom
    Matt Strom 1 year ago and jones looks like a crackhead tweaker.
  • dinnerbone
    dinnerbone 1 year ago beverly rose he looks like daniel cormier
  • Jake
    Jake 1 year ago beverly rose He looks like Dr Robotnik. I was expecting him to rise up in a mechanical contraption as he left.
  • shrekislove1289
    shrekislove1289 1 year ago This comment xD
  • deano connors
    deano connors 1 year ago beverly rose intensive care bear.
  • Mark M
    Mark M 1 year ago +HearMeRora he literally did like a cartoon gulp.
  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 1 year ago DC looked scared af during the staredown
  • Davinjy Dorastin
    Davinjy Dorastin 1 year ago beverly rose w😂😂
  • simon cheng
    simon cheng 1 year ago beverly rose pleas take this W! 🤣😂🙌🏼
  • Starcrafty's channel
    Starcrafty's channel 1 year ago beverly rose weight cuts
  • wolf son
    wolf son 1 year ago He looks like that guy who killed the old black man on Facebook live
  • AtagonzA II
    AtagonzA II 1 year ago in this ocation, I think the DC will be the a big shot!
  • tay
    tay 1 year ago I think his daughter died in a car accident, def traumatized.
  • My Lord
    My Lord 1 year ago That question about Anderson Silva crushed his soul 😂
  • Ségvvülf .308
    Ségvvülf .308 1 year ago Hikidun M it's not struggling... have you ever cut weight? It makes you so tired and sometimes so confused
  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 1 year ago Hikidun M he struggling to keep the donuts at bay!
  • Hikidun M
    Hikidun M 1 year ago Struggling with the weight cut.
  • Goldsun King
    Goldsun King 1 year ago beverly rose since you say that. I can see the resemblance to the bear in toy story 3 ,Lots-so-huggin...🤔😂
  • M Kiefer
    M Kiefer 1 year ago GOAT COMMENT
  • Johnny Kool
    Johnny Kool 1 year ago beverly rose he's planning on surprising Jones with his carebeam xoxo
  • DE Operator
    DE Operator 1 year ago beverly rose lolol true 😂😂😂
  • Jews Rock
    Jews Rock 1 year ago tank can sing If only you were.
  • tank can sing
    tank can sing 1 year ago beverly rose im dead bruh 😂😂
  • bambam107
    bambam107 11 months ago in a different dimension they are best friends lol
  • Kherla DesBois
    Kherla DesBois 1 month ago @Ron2652he is bitter like Jon said.
  • Ron2652
    Ron2652 1 month ago Jones tried being friends with him after all this and even while the fights were happening lol. DC just had/has something against him for whatever reason. I'm sure it's just jealousy
  • Kherla DesBois
    Kherla DesBois 1 month ago I swear when DC retire they will 😂 Jon don't hate him and DC said after he got KO that if there is 2 wins there is no rivalry anymore.
  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha 2 months ago It's like Goku and Vegeta
  • SP FromNY914
    SP FromNY914 3 months ago @CoOl duDe exactly
  • Eric
    Eric 5 months ago Classic interview
    BERNIE 5 months ago In the end this is gonna be like foreman Ali
  • Patrick K
    Patrick K 5 months ago Why does this feel so true lol
  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez 6 months ago 5:33 jones-what will you say when i beat you jonesconsciences- what will you say to usada
  • CoOl duDe
    CoOl duDe 8 months ago IMO, on roids or off roids. Jones murks DC every and any time.
  • nn4mz
    nn4mz 9 months ago Plank - They will be no matter the circumstances.
  • bambam107
    bambam107 9 months ago nn4mz  if dc wins the third fight maybe
  • nn4mz
    nn4mz 9 months ago They will be.
  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud 9 months ago Plank I swear these should be good friends. They interact like frenemies.
  • Plexiun
    Plexiun 1 year ago "There's no nervousness, no butterflies." Man, I get butterflies watching UFC fights, that's crazy!
  • karim sayed
    karim sayed 1 month ago Plexiun i read " that's xrazy unconsciously with habib voice " .
  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 3 months ago Hes lying. Always nerves; how you handle it is what matters.
  • home sanitarium
    home sanitarium 7 months ago athletes are used to these kinda situations
  • home sanitarium
    home sanitarium 7 months ago @Todd Simone chael sonnen never watches his fights because it gives him anxiety and his hands start to sweat.
  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 8 months ago Y’all forgot Jones a psychopath , he probably gets excited to hurt mfs
  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica 8 months ago He’s lying bro. Every human being will feel butterflies and be somewhat scared.
  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 9 months ago They all get them. Maybe not at that moment, but best believe they feel the nerves. They're only humans
  • kris lo
    kris lo 1 year ago yeah man😓
  • Juanydd
    Juanydd 1 year ago Plexiun IKR
  • dexistence19
    dexistence19 1 year ago Plexiun For sure! I feel sick watching them
  • Walter Tupou
    Walter Tupou 1 year ago Verb plural Thanks Coach Edmond
  • Verb plural
    Verb plural 1 year ago I agree Plexiun, how they don't get butterflies is beyond me as well. Some fighters and athletes do though, the best of them at times, but they get over it in about 10 minutes.
  • Šimon K.
    Šimon K. 1 year ago Lol, just shows that you have empathy, thats a very human thing
  • Jose Landa
    Jose Landa 1 year ago he's just bullshitting
  • Animal exploitation is uncivilized
    Animal exploitation is uncivilized 1 year ago I totally know what you mean, i had it worst when I started watching MMA and now only get it with fighters I care about. But if not fighting is a 0 and fighting is a 10, then going from 0 to 10 would be nerve-wracking, but these guys are at (let's say) 8 sparring in the gym regularly. I guess that's why they don't get nervous about taking the last two steps.
  • Cesar Huerta 1915
    Cesar Huerta 1915 1 year ago nn4mz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏
  • TheFunnyBang
    TheFunnyBang 1 year ago It's probably true. When you have so much confidance in your abilities there's no need to be stressed or question yourself. When I play football I just do what I know I can do and never get butterflies.
  • nn4mz
    nn4mz 1 year ago Me too! That's why we are "sideline soldiers!"
  • Salvatore Geraci
    Salvatore Geraci 1 year ago theyre lying
  • Walter Tupou
    Walter Tupou 1 year ago "That's why no one will remember your name" lol -Achilles
  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 1 year ago Plexiun I thought I was the only one who gets nervous watching fights.
  • Harry Stallone
    Harry Stallone 1 year ago i would ko jon jones in 1
  • Arodx34x ATT
    Arodx34x ATT 1 year ago Plexiun every time I watch damien Maia my heart races and I know what's coming lol
  • af k7
    af k7 1 year ago Naw is BS, even Mike Fookn Tyson said he was nervous and afraid before fights
  • David Menjivar
    David Menjivar 1 year ago I'm glad I'm not the only one haha! Gonna have a lot of butterflies this Saturday cause of so many great match ups. Gonna be a good fight card top to bottom!
  • Tom-Tom Tom
    Tom-Tom Tom 1 year ago And jumping out of your chair screaming like mad at the monitor at 1am
  • Thanos Aldren
    Thanos Aldren 1 year ago Blair me too. Just as the guy I'm rooting for is walking out you can find me walking laps outside the bar. Its crazy!
  • McSpitfire
    McSpitfire 1 year ago Plexiun he's all talk. Of course he gets nervous... He's not going to announce that though is he? Jones is fake AF remember.
  • TheDonkeyFLOPPER
    TheDonkeyFLOPPER 1 year ago I only get nervous when I have money on the fight
  • Plexiun
    Plexiun 1 year ago EDD Fire True, at least they're well trained!
  • EDD
    EDD 1 year ago Plexiun Being on the sidelines can make you a lot more nervous than being the one doing it a lot of the times.
  • Plexiun
    Plexiun 1 year ago Nathan Rudd Yah same but watching 214 will be crazy cuz all the fights are amazing!
  • Nathan Rudd
    Nathan Rudd 1 year ago Plexiun I only get nervous before a fight when it's my favorite fighter or an extremely important fight
  • aj loves you
    aj loves you 1 year ago Plexiun ikr, them big irish balls lol
  • Plexiun
    Plexiun 1 year ago BlurryJay l-/ Imagine having Conor's confidence!
  • aj loves you
    aj loves you 1 year ago Plexiun imagine how much confidence they have, if they would donate half of their confidence there would be no social anxiety. haha
  • boneair
    boneair 1 year ago jon jones is a bad man... i see it being a super close fight though coz of the lay off
  • Daniel Crying Head Kick Cormier p4p Jon's Bitch
    Daniel Crying Head Kick Cormier p4p Jon's Bitch 1 year ago Bro I'm to hype for this ppv
  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna 1 year ago Plexiun same here haha
  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone 1 year ago For real man I get shaky sometimes
  • The Boss
    The Boss 1 year ago Nowadays I gotta act like Jon on coke so I don't be nervous during fights
  • Aditya Aswal
    Aditya Aswal 1 year ago same bro The UFC pr machine is insane
  • YoelRomeroUfc
    YoelRomeroUfc 1 year ago Yeah, it really get's out of controls sometimes.
  • Blair
    Blair 1 year ago Plexiun i get it a lot mostly when my favourite fighters are fighting and it's annoying
  • Plexiun
    Plexiun 1 year ago Blair Nah, I can't stand getting butterflies in my stomach when it's time for an important fight. I don't understand it!
  • Blair
    Blair 1 year ago Plexiun thought I was the only one that gets nervous watching fights
  • Garcia Torres
    Garcia Torres 1 year ago Plexiun right imagine walking out about to fight I’d be shitting bricks
  • RRR
    RRR 1 year ago I like what jones said about dana he a greedy pig.
  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 11 months ago RRR Dana is a greedy pig the sky is also blue
  • Fatherless Freddy
    Fatherless Freddy 11 months ago RRR guess who's fighting brock
  • nah mam
    nah mam 1 year ago RRR then dont watch it,Dana made the UFC nobody forces them to fight in the UFC,
  • Taha 420
    Taha 420 1 year ago 4:56 steroids steroids :P yea bones
  • Cheri
    Cheri 1 year ago RRR Not to mention a hater! #Cyborg
  • Nick R
    Nick R 1 year ago Yes cuz Dana should be loyal to a guy who pulls out of huge ppvs at the last minute. You're all idiots. And jon is an idiot as well.
  • Chuck D
    Chuck D 1 year ago Yeah it's almost like a business or something
  • Second Kings
    Second Kings 1 year ago And now he thinks another bloodsucker is his friend in Ari! LOL!
  • MrFreshFinger
    MrFreshFinger 1 year ago Lu rk grow up...
  • Evan Price
    Evan Price 1 year ago RRR yeah he is but the fighters are too, you have to be if you wanna make what you want...
  • angry carrot
    angry carrot 1 year ago RRR dude let me correct you its not dana white its "GAYna white"
  • bernt v Hansen
    bernt v Hansen 1 year ago i dont think so
  • dadondutta
    dadondutta 1 year ago part of conors charisma is the fact hes only lost once in the ufc and even then the ufc made sure to let everyone know it was to a fighter in a diff weight class.. if conor started to lose a couple fights hes stardom would fade
  • Whoomp thurr It Is !
    Whoomp thurr It Is ! 1 year ago @Supreme Clientele : Don't confuse charismatic with being an egotistical self absorbed nut.
  • Supreme Clientele
    Supreme Clientele 1 year ago Wonder if he would turn his back on Conor? But then again I dont see Conor's star power ever fully fading even through losses. He's just too charismatic
  • ADT2695
    ADT2695 1 year ago +Flintsy. Uh, they actually could pay him much more than he amasses in the 'UFC'. 'Bellator' has a parent company that is far more opulent and less frugal than Zuffa was (everyone should know this) ---- however, they are evidently cognizant of the fact that not everyone rostered on 'Bellator' deserves to be paid what they could actually distribute. As a matter of fact, 'Viacom' could allocate a very large amount resources towards 'Bellator', but they've decided to take a cautious approach to it, even at their grandest heights back in 2013-2014. So, it's that reason there. If you were under the impression that it would be due to competition... well, a case can't necessarily be made in regards to Jon Jones, seeing as he hasn't lost yet. Before you insinuate that I'm talking about 'Bellator' having more solidified competition in their light heavyweight division, I'm just simply saying that you really can't say that he or anyone would consider that facet anyways.
  • Valo P.
    Valo P. 1 year ago Flintsy I think you'd be surprised...
  • Flintsy
    Flintsy 1 year ago ADT2695 what other reason would there be ? He's a top fighter at a top level and I'm sure bellator isn't prepared to pay him what ufc does
  • ADT2695
    ADT2695 1 year ago +Flinsty. That wouldn't be the sole reason, dude. Come on now.
  • Flintsy
    Flintsy 1 year ago Ricky T.P.B he's already at the top in the top fighting organization he has no reason to leave to bellator
  • Ricky TPB
    Ricky TPB 1 year ago Jones should pull a POWER move and go to Bellator.... Bellator is signing top UFC talent left and right. Jon Jones could be the biggest acquisition to date.
  • Johnny Kool
    Johnny Kool 1 year ago RRR anyone who's barely noticed that has been hiding under rocks, he's always been hand in hand with the most marketable fighters
  • DE Operator
    DE Operator 1 year ago RRR he said tht? cool
  • Adam Gall
    Adam Gall 1 year ago RRR it was nice to see a fighter with some leverage calling Dana out for how he pimps these fighters.
  • Nathan O.K
    Nathan O.K 1 year ago Jon Jones is spot on about Dana White. Puts fighters on pedestals and makes money off them and then gives them the cold shoulder. See Ronda Rousey for reference.
  • whole27
    whole27 6 days ago That is true about everyone. It is human nature 101. People are out for themselves, selfish, superficial, hypocritical, rude, disrespectful, etc etc
  • RealDarkFilm
    RealDarkFilm 9 months ago Rousey ran away, why should he care about her
  • An Asshole.
    An Asshole. 11 months ago Dana “eskimo bro” rousey
  • Zak Man
    Zak Man 11 months ago that's what a. buisnessman does you little mental midget
  • nah mam
    nah mam 1 year ago Nathan O.K Dana made the UFC,your comment makes no sense they can always leave the UFC
  • Raging Kid
    Raging Kid 1 year ago You know nothing, Nathan Snow
  • Kill_Em+ALL!!!
    Kill_Em+ALL!!! 1 year ago well he's a fight promoter.. he can't promote fighters who are getting arrested every six months, Jones was impeding on his ability to do his job!
  • boalc
    boalc 1 year ago He's not their friend but their boss.thats kinda how that goes
  • TheBarret89
    TheBarret89 1 year ago Ronda was the worst example you could have picked.. How did she get the cold shoulder?
  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 1 year ago Wasn't it Ronda that just disappeared?
  • cr87129
    cr87129 1 year ago See Conor as a reference in a couple years.
  • O Soskic
    O Soskic 1 year ago 6:20 WOOOW Great job jon jones. This really deserves alot more credit the things he said on air. I just gained 10000x more respect for jon jones not many ufc fighters have the balls to say it this diretly and he is a huge star who actually get paid and gets good % for PPV and he still said it. Props jon jones your the freaking man!
  • bdegrds
    bdegrds 1 year ago Nathan O.K that's all bosses kid
  • Som Guy
    Som Guy 1 year ago That's Dana's job.
  • Dexter Van Ness
    Dexter Van Ness 1 year ago That comment made me even more of a fan of Bones.
  • Patrick
    Patrick 1 year ago Nathan O.K Is there a video where Ronda said that Dana turned his back on her??? He has no reason to. Ronda is cash cow for the company.
    MMA KiNG OF THE RiNG 1 year ago soo true
  • A Roger
    A Roger 1 year ago "Ladies, ladies." Hahaha
  • Simon A
    Simon A 1 year ago blue orange When Bisping asked Jon Jones what Anderson Silva said about Cormier, that was Bisping's comeback. You notice Cormier didn't thank Bisping at the end of the interview.
  • Poser Poser
    Poser Poser 1 year ago This got me laughing all day haha.
  • David Adams
    David Adams 1 year ago You guys reckon Bisping got triggered when DC said he was too comfortable? He prob froze up then found a way to get back at him and saved it for like 5min later.
  • Maximilian Sandri
    Maximilian Sandri 1 year ago LOL!!
  • mister b
    mister b 1 year ago ike you're right I totally agree
  • ike
    ike 1 year ago +mister b Yes mate I know it's quite common guy talk but still a bit sexist. Definitely not a good idea to be saying on TV knowing someone out there will be offended.
  • mister b
    mister b 1 year ago Cloopster generally when men are in some sport they sometimes joke with other athletes it's like water cooler talk for guys
  • Cloopster
    Cloopster 1 year ago mister b Locker room talk?!! TRIGGERED
  • mister b
    mister b 1 year ago ike that's how guys in sports talk its locker room talk
  • ike
    ike 1 year ago I'm surprised no one is triggered by that
  • Brianstorm
    Brianstorm 1 year ago gotta love bisping, lol
  • Mister Jester
    Mister Jester 1 year ago Slow down feminist are on their way
  • DE Operator
    DE Operator 1 year ago A Roger ladies ladies 😂😂😂I love this
  • Angel Romero Jr
    Angel Romero Jr 1 year ago I love what Jones said about Dana!
  • John Witling
    John Witling 10 months ago Nickolas Bruh lol keep believing joe rogan imbecile
  • Braxton Marshall
    Braxton Marshall 11 months ago Rotkiv yeah and steroids take weeks of working out on them to have results, Jones tested clean a couple days before the fight, then after the fight it was a failed test, Steroids do not work instantly
  • Rotkiv
    Rotkiv 11 months ago Nickolas Bruh lol thats an 8 month old comment you goof. And steroids will improve recovery and allow you to train longer, thus improving skill
  • Nickolas Bruh
    Nickolas Bruh 11 months ago (edited) you mean those steroids that was in his body, that wasnt enough to do anything to anyone? steroids dont boost skill son.
  • Serena Williams Loves Big White C0ck
    Serena Williams Loves Big White C0ck 1 year ago Did you love when he did steroids???
  • lil bigdawg245
    lil bigdawg245 1 year ago dont let this distract u from the fact tat bisping called them ladies in their face
  • MrOasis316
    MrOasis316 1 year ago Chuck Norris So dont act like it isn't something people say when people are arguing.
  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 1 year ago SuperBoxyBoy I'm British and I don't say that. Are you even British? Lol.
  • Matt Bertram
    Matt Bertram 1 year ago but are you really british of you dont say ladies when people are arguing
  • Generic Alias
    Generic Alias 1 year ago (edited) neejneejneej 5:54
  • CenCal Stang
    CenCal Stang 1 year ago kalani francis bitchping got all mad when dc told him he was getting too comfortable
  • Telescopicpanther Hey
    Telescopicpanther Hey 1 year ago kalani francis notice that lil cring moment when Daniel called out bisping and bisping just had no reaction
  • gamebred26
    gamebred26 1 year ago Savage....
  • neejneejneej
    neejneejneej 1 year ago when did he say that? I must have missed it
  • Accari Cuvell
    Accari Cuvell 1 year ago It was a joke dude
  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 1 year ago Dude, its Bisping
  • Chad Laine
    Chad Laine 1 year ago Yeah Bisbing was definitely joking haha there is a reason he has never challenged Cormier. DC or Jones would both wreck Bisbing.
  • MrOasis316
    MrOasis316 1 year ago The Wise Man also they new he was joking. Unlike a lot of people who watched the video.
  • The Wise Man
    The Wise Man 1 year ago goldenlungsmane technically it's not to their face, it's to the camera lol, but Bisping has always been known to be clown, they don't take it seriously cause they all know both DC and Jones would eat Bisping alive
  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 1 year ago Bisping's face after DC told him he was getting way too comfortable though lol
  • Kamaru Usman
    Kamaru Usman 1 year ago Like bisping or not, he definitely doesn't care about pissing people off.
  • Iyasu Smith
    Iyasu Smith 1 year ago Archduke Franz Ferdinand Exactly
  • MrOasis316
    MrOasis316 1 year ago kalani francis I mean he was clearly joking around Cus they were bickering like ladies. I was a joke
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand 1 year ago kalani francis in their face ? or via satellite?
  • goldenlungs
    goldenlungs 1 year ago I know even I was like tf
  • RaGeR ?
    RaGeR ? 1 year ago 0:27 D.C. "bisbing you looking way to comfortable up there way to comfortable" michael blank stare lmfao😂😂😂
  • Brian Hendricks
    Brian Hendricks 1 year ago carven2004eca Because thats DC's gig and Bisping aint defending his throne
  • carven2004eca
    carven2004eca 1 year ago Why did he tell him that? I didn't see what he did?
  • I. Salafi
    I. Salafi 1 year ago RaGeR ? - And then crosses his arms and gets uneasy 🤣🤣
  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky 1 year ago Ariel fed the Dana question to Bisping.
  • jj rickerson
    jj rickerson 9 months ago Get to work you lousy schlansky
  • David Adams
    David Adams 1 year ago Nice work on the handle
  • Denzel J
    Denzel J 1 year ago Jordan Schlansky I fed my 10 inch to momma schlansky
  • David Duarte
    David Duarte 1 year ago Jon Jones was cool, calm and collected until DC brought up steroids. That's his weak spot.
  • K K
    K K 1 week ago Well he said "what are you gonna say this time if I beat you". DC can say nothing. He needs to accept Jones as a better fighter, and he does.
  • Kubuhzz -LM
    Kubuhzz -LM 4 months ago David Duarte pictograms
  • Diego Nunez
    Diego Nunez 1 year ago Carlton Banks and Will Smith have no chill
  • jay619
    jay619 11 months ago That’s weak AF
  • Mike
    Mike 1 year ago bro, i had the same analogy genius.
  • Bob56565
    Bob56565 1 year ago Anderson Silva giving tips and tricks to Jon Jones, powerful.
  • Aldo Vallier
    Aldo Vallier 1 week ago @thefartist How he almost got DC with a body kick with just 6 days notice being an old man fighting one weight class above, casual boy.
  • Tyler Robbins
    Tyler Robbins 11 months ago How to take steriods and still have retards claiming youre the best? Must have worked.
  • Tai Lopez
    Tai Lopez 11 months ago thefartist he's the goat you're just a hater. He got clipped at 40 yrs of age
  • Siddhant Das
    Siddhant Das 1 year ago Bob56565 He is obviously bitter from losing to DC
  • nah mam
    nah mam 1 year ago thefartist weak leg genetics? Dude a straw weight kick would break your leg
  • nah mam
    nah mam 1 year ago Bob56565 Anderson is the goat, if it wouldn't be for the leg break he would still be mw champ
  • Your Nose
    Your Nose 1 year ago Bob56565 Including steroids
  • Mike
    Mike 1 year ago those weak leg genetics kicked DC into next week. hahahaha fool
  • D Based
    D Based 1 year ago I guarantee you jones will one of those by 40 if he is still fighting.
  • D Based
    D Based 1 year ago So, what's your point? Every great MMA fighter will face losing streaks near the end of they're careers or around that age, if they don't retire early.
  • thefartist
    thefartist 1 year ago jjays otag To get down on his knees and finish Weidman off properly. swallow pls
  • jjays otag
    jjays otag 1 year ago the dude has his legs broken while 40 what do you expect?
  • Ronnie eats the booty Like groceries
    Ronnie eats the booty Like groceries 1 year ago tag1out Anderson's an old for mama that is..... he's in his 40s he should have retired but he loved the sport too much to give it up.
  • thefartist
    thefartist 1 year ago Tip #1 How to Showboat and get KO'd Tip #2 Use your weak leg genetics to kick someone else leg and break you own shinbone!
  • hehe xd
    hehe xd 1 year ago "I beat you after a weekend of fried chicken and donuts" Daniel Cormier
  • Youssef Seleem
    Youssef Seleem 2 months ago Randy Morales are u dumb ??
  • Randy Morales
    Randy Morales 5 months ago Dc never wins.
  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor 8 months ago hehe xd 🤣🤣🤣
  • Harry Barron
    Harry Barron 1 year ago Anyone wish he didnt shave his head
  • Saucin-_-Dawson 2K
    Saucin-_-Dawson 2K 1 month ago He looks crazier
  • Justin Vlug
    Justin Vlug 1 year ago I was looking for this comment
  • II ScarBear II
    II ScarBear II 1 year ago Harry Barron Jones head hair is Cormiers beard
  • Yng Dizzle
    Yng Dizzle 1 year ago he looks tougher bald
  • ToPayIsToFail
    ToPayIsToFail 1 year ago Harry Barron not really
  • SWIFTzTrigger
    SWIFTzTrigger 11 months ago (edited) 5:27 Jon "I love that you blame steroids on me beating you but what are you gonna say when I beat you this time with USADA?" lol... the irony.
  • Username
    Username 1 year ago I dislike Jones but what he said about Dana White is facts
  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes 1 year ago Cormier looks drained.
  • Michael Jennings
    Michael Jennings 1 month ago he looks great now at heavyweight
  • Kubuhzz -LM
    Kubuhzz -LM 4 months ago Chris Hughes Cormier looks Daniel
  • Lourdes T.
    Lourdes T. 1 year ago benjamin whelan nah if you still feel the need to eat, and you stomache can handle it without vomiting, then youre naturally hw, in DC's case.
  • Kill_Em+ALL!!!
    Kill_Em+ALL!!! 1 year ago mentally drained? or just in general. .
  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes 1 year ago WildBlackRose eyes are sunken in
  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 1 year ago Chris Hughes Jones is a freak athlete.. Tko 2nd round you heard it here first
  • Šimon K.
    Šimon K. 1 year ago Austin Brown Yeah
  • WildBlackRose
    WildBlackRose 1 year ago Chris Hughes true ! He really looks pale !
  • Early Man
    Early Man 1 year ago This is fight week. He is cutting weight.
  • Austin  Brown
    Austin Brown 1 year ago Common Tarsier and chubby
  • Šimon K.
    Šimon K. 1 year ago Lol,he is cutting weight, its not easy when you are 40 years old
  • Ben G
    Ben G 1 year ago (edited) nah hes natural at eating bad food but he could easily make middleweight if he wanted to
  • burlhorse89
    burlhorse89 1 year ago he's a natural HW
  • Yoda
    Yoda 1 year ago Cutting weight..
  • Kevin Destin
    Kevin Destin 1 year ago He always looks like that during his weight cuts
  • Adah BombDon
    Adah BombDon 1 year ago Yes he does. His face lookin little ghostly.
  • Hikidun M
    Hikidun M 1 year ago Yep, eventhough he moved a professional nutritionist to live with him - he still looks to be struggling with the cut.
  • Bryan Benz
    Bryan Benz 1 year ago Chris Hughes nothing new bro, its weight cutting and hes a big dude
    MMA KiNG OF THE RiNG 1 year ago he always does
  • megatron
    megatron 1 year ago Two white guys talking
  • Jonathan schadenfreude
    Jonathan schadenfreude 6 months ago If I were blindfolded and listening to this conversation Ud think so.....absolutely
  • Michael Burger
    Michael Burger 1 year ago ADT2695 come on...don't make it like that...they sound SUBURBAN...fair enough ?
  • NerdMeech
    NerdMeech 1 year ago Come on dawg lol.
  • ADT2695
    ADT2695 1 year ago +Stash 1981. So, what are you?
  • C Kevlar
    C Kevlar 1 year ago just sounds a little bit more edjewmaykadid than the native toung,much respect to ppl who dont talk w a bunch of marbles in their mouth
  • Historical Stash TV
    Historical Stash TV 1 year ago ADT2695 I don't speak with an ebonic tongue but I sound like a black man
  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 1 year ago Darzo ur a loser
  • PS Homeboy
    PS Homeboy 1 year ago Can't forget Minnie Mouse
  • ADT2695
    ADT2695 1 year ago +Darzo. Because they don't speak with an Ebonic tongue...? I could close my eyes and deduce that their typical (in this case it's more so Jon Jones) baritone voices' - and twangs in their voice - that they are Black, if I had never encountered them on video, in my lifetime.
  • Ricky TPB
    Ricky TPB 1 year ago Tyron thinks they're racist
  • Kevin Dragon
    Kevin Dragon 1 year ago Darzo white girls
  • Scene Central
    Scene Central 1 year ago They're slowly starting to become friends
  • nn4mz
    nn4mz 9 months ago It’ll happen at the end of all of this.
  • Eddie VIII
    Eddie VIII 11 months ago Gurr it's a 5 minute segment. How intense could they possibly get?
  • Scene Central
    Scene Central 1 year ago On a serious level though. lol
  • Scene Central
    Scene Central 1 year ago Ive never heard that one before lol
  • Scene Central
    Scene Central 1 year ago It makes wonder the same thing. DC cried after he lost.
  • The Illuminati
    The Illuminati 1 year ago TheShakey99 thats too perfect
  • TheShakey99
    TheShakey99 1 year ago They're becoming Batman and the Joker
  • the22game
    the22game 1 year ago the seat and Bisping?
  • I. Salafi
    I. Salafi 1 year ago GREAT ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION - Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  • Gurr
    Gurr 1 year ago its kinda funny the trash talk is getting less intense haha
  • Anthony Galeano Sanabria
    Anthony Galeano Sanabria 1 year ago GREAT ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION yup lol
  • Mac Lethal
    Mac Lethal 1 year ago GREAT ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION you have to wonder if they're sick of it at this point. Just fight and move on.