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Published on May 8, 2019 68,778 views

Thank you all so so much for all of your support! It means the world to me and I can never thank you enough for the amazing opportunities you all have given me! The journey is only just beginning…

Lots of love

Talia xoxo


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  • Talia Maizels
    Talia Maizels 2 months ago RIGHT I just wanna clear something up😂 the reason why I cut off so much of the strawberries is because they were going off and the tops were starting to go grey. Obvs I wasn’t gonna give like the gross bit so can the strawberry police plz stop coming for me 🙃 ALSO whilst ur here you may as well subscribe to my vlog channel...
  • Tashy J
    Tashy J 2 months ago Talia Maizels I do the same thing! I don’t understand all the comments 😂
  • Amber Shepherd
    Amber Shepherd 2 months ago She was in her dressing gown for the whole video I mean mood😂
  • Eve Ogilvie
    Eve Ogilvie 2 months ago (edited) I swear you and your boyfriend are such a cute couple like if you agree x
  • Georgia Hadley
    Georgia Hadley 2 months ago (edited) This is the second time I've watched you. you so pretty and your videos are so good x
  • Talia Maizels
    Talia Maizels 2 months ago Aww thanks!! X
  • LozzaLips_xo
    LozzaLips_xo 2 months ago I’m literally so happy that someone shares the same love for iced mochas as me. Because honestly THEY ARE THE BEST THING TO EXSIST 😂😍
  • LozzaLips_xo
    LozzaLips_xo 2 months ago I usually go to costa or Starbucks. But when I’m on a budget I usually make them at home I used YouTube to help me make it 😂
  • Alexa Marie
    Alexa Marie 2 months ago LozzaLips_xo where do u get them?!?
  • Rosie Lockwood
    Rosie Lockwood 2 months ago Honestly you seem like the most genuine down to earth girl! Love youuuu and your content x
  • Talia Maizels
    Talia Maizels 2 months ago Omg thank you so much!! X
  • George Gasper
    George Gasper 2 months ago I love all your videos, especially your 24 hour challenges and drive with me's 😁 xx
  • Belle Booth
    Belle Booth 2 months ago The way Luke stares into the camera unnerves me 😂😂😂
  • Cassidy Cotterill
    Cassidy Cotterill 2 months ago How have you not got more subscribe.your a really good channel which deserves way way way more.subscribers some of these "big" ( which are not good) have over millions of subscribers and you don't have the amount as you should but I love your channel no matter what thx for making me laugh through hard days keep up the good work - from Cassidy
  • Talia Maizels
    Talia Maizels 2 months ago Aww thank you so much Cassidy!! Means a lot🥰
  • Eireann Sov
    Eireann Sov 2 months ago Do an “eating whatever I fancy in for 24hrs”
  • Meagyn Graham
    Meagyn Graham 2 months ago OMG I loved this!! Can’t deal with the fact this is me just watching it😖 you offended me when u said you didn’t like Cadbury caramel!😂xxx
  • Tyla X
    Tyla X 2 months ago Your so pretty omg and I love your videos so much❤️❤️
  • jessica louise
    jessica louise 2 months ago Could you do 'trying discontinued British foods' you can buy quite a lot of them off Amazon still! I mean most come in bulk but still 🤷😂
  • Zoe Leigh
    Zoe Leigh 2 months ago Talia! This is amazing, thank youuu❤️
  • Amy Hurdle
    Amy Hurdle 2 months ago Your face when he says you are having half an Easter egg, you looked so happy and was like yeah I could do that 😂
  • Sienna Staite-Loveridge
    Sienna Staite-Loveridge 2 months ago U r beaut hope ur ok ur vids r amazing ly so much xx
  • Courtney Shannon
    Courtney Shannon 2 months ago How did you make that iced mocha at home? 😍 love your channel by the way! Xx
  • amcg12
    amcg12 2 months ago Your so pretty I watch your videos all the time love your videos so much
  • Isobella x
    Isobella x 2 months ago please do a meet and great❤️I’ll come!
  • itz chloe
    itz chloe 2 months ago You are so cute and so pretty❤️