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Diets from Hell | Tonic

Published on Feb 26, 2019 252,578 views

We're no longer eating to live, but living to eat. But what about those who won't eat? Diets from Hell investigates the diet-busting eating disorder that creeps up on people while they sleep, they expose a shocking cyber world encouraging young girls to starve themselves and document the dramatic rescue of a 60 stone man with a life-threatening diet.


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  • team name kim seokjin
    team name kim seokjin 2 months ago telling someone with an eating disorder/disordered eating to just 'get a hold of themselves' is a+ advice, really. wish i would've thought of that before! my ED is cured nice
  • that’s an egg
    that’s an egg 2 months ago r/thanksimcured
  • Emma Ehrenreich
    Emma Ehrenreich 2 months ago same I’m totally cured 😂 seriously though I wish people weren’t as ignorant.
  • Ber
    Ber 2 months ago Sounds like advice from my bossy cousin.
  • Madeline Clark
    Madeline Clark 1 month ago Holy crap! Why didn't I think of that?!
  • Helibellyjellybean Bräu
    Helibellyjellybean Bräu 1 month ago wanna know something? I fucking love you! amry needs to stick together lmao ok now serious, i think that your ed will cure, fight for your goals you’ll get through this. i also did/do
  • team name kim seokjin
    team name kim seokjin 1 month ago @Helibellyjellybean Bräu thank you, that's sweet! wishing you all the best!
  • Esra Demir
    Esra Demir 1 month ago team name kim seokjin world wide handsome
  • Amy and Dirty Pease
    Amy and Dirty Pease 1 month ago Right! I couldnt believe that!!! She seriously can NOT be getting paid on a results based scale!! I hope everything goes well for you and you are able to get healthy and overcome your ED.
  • Ani Listherchill
    Ani Listherchill 1 month ago Jiiiiiiiiin
  • Lah Deedah
    Lah Deedah 1 month ago team name kim seokjin lmaoo
  • Taureanfitness
    Taureanfitness 1 month ago If only telling someone w/ an Eating Disorder worked lol
  • nina, part of BTS' DNA *taekook*
    nina, part of BTS' DNA *taekook* 1 month ago @team name kim seokjin seeing that you are good now makes me belive i also can get better. Thank you 💜
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago Yeah, dumbass.. just be better already.
  • LivyLooLoo Loo
    LivyLooLoo Loo 1 month ago I thought the same! Lol. I did agree with her advice about doing things to keep her mind off of it. However, I think she needs to get a therapist. To teach her how to love herself. To help her through that.
  • Jonny Ace
    Jonny Ace 1 month ago Then die. I don't care. Lmao its your organs not mine
  • Spinning Sage
    Spinning Sage 1 month ago team name kim seokjin it really is about getting ahold of your life and habits. Simple words for advanced advice. Changes to every aspect of minds body spirit need to be implemented for healthier living.
  • Jared, 19
    Jared, 19 1 month ago I was the 666th like YEET
  • :o
    :o 5 days ago IKR 🤪
  • Tara Wright
    Tara Wright 1 day ago I can't recall.every wanting to reach through the screen to slap someone upside the head quite as desperately as when that stupid woman said that. Props to that poor lady she said it to for keeping her cool. Can't say I would have been able to, to be honest.
  • Daniela Staples
    Daniela Staples 1 month ago I cooked and ate in my sleep once. I was pretty freaked out when I woke up and saw that "someone" had cooked in my kitchen. I quickly realised that people don't break into people's apartments to make omelettes. LOL
  • Spinning Sage
    Spinning Sage 1 month ago Daniela Staples do you take anything rx?
  • Daniela Staples
    Daniela Staples 1 month ago Nothing. However, It was a pretty stressful time in my life.
  • ASMR - Aesthetic
    ASMR - Aesthetic 1 month ago I have to say, that’s quite impressive!
  • Hitsugix
    Hitsugix 1 month ago My former boyfriend used to drink hot or cold chocolate at night without realizing it. It was kind of creepy.
  • Mathilde Wesendonck
    Mathilde Wesendonck 1 month ago I did this when I took Ambien pills 💊 🙈
  • Unicorn Baby
    Unicorn Baby 1 month ago @Mathilde Wesendonck Same!
  • Mathilde Wesendonck
    Mathilde Wesendonck 1 month ago Unicorn Baby Really! 😱 Ambien is a hell of a drug...
  • Justice is blind
    Justice is blind 3 weeks ago (edited) Daniela Staples i once read a post on 4chan where someone said he broke in someones apartment so he could fart on his face while he was asleep.
  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha 3 weeks ago (edited) Daniela Staples I used to sleep cook and eat too.. I remembered bits of a dream in the morning of me cooking a bit but never eating anything. , Once I was in the kitchen with my friend and a whole load of spaghetti fell on her head . I'd boiled spaghetti in my sleep and somehow it had ended up on the ceiling ! Lord knows how! Thankfully I don't sleep cook and eat anymore . It just stopped! Dunno how or why it stopped or why I even did it!
  • Noel Dee
    Noel Dee 6 days ago Cherry Metha it’s so strange how do you know what you’re doing ? Maybe you think you’re dreaming ?
  • Maureen Seel
    Maureen Seel 2 months ago Yeah...that "nutritionist" was SUPER helpful. "You're not fat." "I still see myself as fat." "You have to get a hold of yourself." SMH
  • Jenny :
    Jenny : 2 months ago If it takes over her life, does that not make it an eating disorder? It’s literally preventing her from property social function, that would be ednos or osfed.
  • hall0w33nb0y
    hall0w33nb0y 2 months ago Yes
  • The Hair Of Slytherin
    The Hair Of Slytherin 2 months ago Yes, that's exactly what I thought too!
  • That Edgy Goat
    That Edgy Goat 2 months ago There’s no way to describe it than “eating disorder”
  • Sarah Louncke
    Sarah Louncke 2 months ago I was thinking it too. Her relationship with food and herstelf is not healthy, i wish she could get help.
  • Lisa
    Lisa 2 months ago Ya EDNOS fits so many eating disorders but any situation where your life becomes consumed by food and negatively effects your life and or health is an eating disorder
  • Ruj91
    Ruj91 1 month ago It's not eating disorders...more ednos. Hers is more obsessional
  • Katherine P
    Katherine P 1 month ago What's osfed
  • lollia dia
    lollia dia 4 weeks ago @Ruj91 stil an ED
  • Ruj91
    Ruj91 4 weeks ago @lollia dia okay love.
  • Ern Era
    Ern Era 1 week ago Katherine P, OSFED is Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder. It replaces EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) in the new DSM-V, and it is different from EDNOS only in that it provides the clarification of subtypes, which classify which disordered eating pattern the person falls in to. For example, OSFED: Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Purging Disorder, or Night Eating Syndrome.
  • Boop Loop
    Boop Loop 1 week ago Ruj91 you say it’s not an eating disorder, it’s ednos.... which literally stands for “eating disorder not otherwise specified”. ITS AN EATING DISORDER.
  • Ruj91
    Ruj91 1 week ago @Boop Loop   I'm not disputing that she has an eating issue. You clearly don't know that having an eating disorder diagnosis is hard but when it's unspecified and classed as EDNOS it's even harder because it could be any characteristic, any symptoms, any difficulty. If it's named it's in a way easier to formulate a treatment plan accordingly because we know what it is and have a better chance at successfully managing it . I have 5years experience with ED I know what I am talking about. Don't be a dickhead next time, ask for an explanation. I have plenty of info.
  • The Hated Madman podcast
    The Hated Madman podcast 1 month ago I don't think you added enough ads, add more please
  • Ssookawai
    Ssookawai 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👍
  • Rosina
    Rosina 1 month ago 👏👏😅
  • Marti Brown
    Marti Brown 1 month ago YouTube Red is worth the money!
  • Rob Shy
    Rob Shy 1 month ago @Marti Brown Adblock is free.
  • Marti Brown
    Marti Brown 1 month ago Rob Shy - Thank you so much Rob, but there are other perks I also really like with YTRedand Adblock didn't always work 100% on my iOS devices. I appreciate you taking the time to give out the advice though! 😊
  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio 2 weeks ago Just install Adblock.
  • Dandelion
    Dandelion 2 weeks ago I will watch this later on my laptop, i don't know how to get adblock on my ipad or phone lol
  • Noel Dee
    Noel Dee 6 days ago 😂😂😂
  • Tóth Kamilla
    Tóth Kamilla 2 months ago The serial dieter lady should ditch all the weird diets and just eat a certain amount of calories. I guarantee she would lose weight. I can't believe she hasn't figured that out in over 10 years
  • jim jim
    jim jim 1 month ago Dieting is addictive
  • Tóth Kamilla
    Tóth Kamilla 1 month ago @jim jim it would still be dieting, but it would actually work
  • baconfromhell666
    baconfromhell666 1 month ago Some people just want that quick fix or secret or shortcut or "I ate these 3 weird foods, you won't believe what happened next". Common sense is just so far from common for some people.
  • Mariel Quirós
    Mariel Quirós 1 month ago Just by doing excercise as well...I don't get where's the difficulty..
  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 1 month ago (edited) I agree Tóth banish the word diet and have a healthy eating life long plan which includes a tiny bit of EVERYTHING, avocado, mackerel, coleslaw, even a little cake. Eat every colour of the rainbow and only your allocated calorie intake. Preferably food that’s had little or nothing to do with human interference like processing, fried, baked etc. Right out the ground or straight from the tree is best.
  • Katie
    Katie 1 month ago I have 2 supervisors who are currently trying the blood type diet . One is easily 200lbs overweight , neither workout, both over eat junk and cant figure out WHY they're fat .
  • manictiger
    manictiger 1 month ago Less sugar and carbs, more monounsat fat, protein and veggies. Less calories, more excercise. It really isn't rocket science. Also, fasting has a myriad of health benefits. The whole "3 meals a day" and "breakfast is the most important" is bullshit designed to sell shit to stupid fat morons. It's not good advice.
  • kld9q8
    kld9q8 4 weeks ago They didn't talk about this but it's clear... She has an eating disorder. One like ednos or osfed where there's disordered eating behaviors but doesn't meet the full criteria of anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.
  • The Pronoun I
    The Pronoun I 4 weeks ago She could also start exercising.
  • Liora Sitelman
    Liora Sitelman 3 weeks ago Tóth Kamilla nope. I eat more calories now than I did when I was heavier. For me, cutting the carbs and sugar is what got the weight off, not cutting calories.
  • Mel C.
    Mel C. 3 weeks ago Liora Sitelman you’re probably more active now than when you were heavier or eating more filling foods that are less calories. Weight loss is the result of a caloric deficit always.
  • EvaRose Summerfield
    EvaRose Summerfield 2 weeks ago The concept of weight loss is simple: eat a balenced diet and consume less calories than you work off. However if it was that simple in practice then we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic. The emotional complications of overeating, the guilt Vs binge spiral and social pressures to immediately look a certain way cause people to be stuck in unhealthy eating patterns. I'm not saying it cannot be done, or giving people ready-made excuses, but 'just eat less' / 'just eat healthy' is pointless advice because everyone knows it.
  • Rat Queen Maddi
    Rat Queen Maddi 1 week ago Mel C. Exactly!
  • blep blep cat
    blep blep cat 2 months ago Lisa should just work out instead of dieting.
  • Mimi Dreams
    Mimi Dreams 2 months ago blep blep cat she looks perfectly healthy and fine
  • cassie -
    cassie - 1 month ago yall are extremely misinformed. diet is the main factor in terms of weight, exercise is not a fix all.
  • ketobi
    ketobi 1 month ago @cassie - true! Even if you exercise a lot but still eat tons of unhealthy food then your efforts will just put to waste.
  • cassie -
    cassie - 1 month ago @ketobi i watched some videos were people were able to maintain/lose weight doing that by still eating a normal range of calories just through junk food and even then those people who maintained or lost weight were still unhealthy. regardless the idea that someone should just work out instead of changing their diet is incorrect & oversimplifies the difficulties people go thru in trying to be healthy today in a world that prioritizes what your body looks like over how healthy you are.
  • Miku Miku
    Miku Miku 1 month ago @cassie - yeah but to be toned you should
  • Lucky Lucia
    Lucky Lucia 1 month ago weight loss is 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise
  • Katie P.
    Katie P. 1 week ago @cassie - v true. I've been a runner all my life and I didn't lose weight until I restricted calories.
  • Rida
    Rida 1 month ago She's worried about how big her bum is. Wait, what year is this?
  • Katarina Tumpa
    Katarina Tumpa 2 months ago Lisa needs to get real. Work out an hour every day and get a food plan. These diets are just fad
  • Psyker Leviant
    Psyker Leviant 1 month ago 100% agree with you.
  • Dana
    Dana 2 months ago (edited) Reagan is exactly why I have pets and not kids. By the third time he screamed no, I wanted to throat punch that child into the next week. (I'm joking obviously but I just don't have the patience for all that).
  • Ruoyang Zhao
    Ruoyang Zhao 2 months ago sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate kids soooooooooooooooooooooo much. They are absolutely evil.
  • Dana
    Dana 2 months ago @Ruoyang Zhao I wouldn't go that far. More like they're unnecessary constant irritations.
  • Ruoyang Zhao
    Ruoyang Zhao 2 months ago @Dana Sorry, I just get triggered by that boy's screaming. I know it's reasonable for kids to behave that way, because they are still kids, but personally I just cannot stand them.
  • Scribonius Thursday
    Scribonius Thursday 2 months ago Yeah I don't know how the mother hasn't backhanded that kid, the restraint...
  • Dana
    Dana 2 months ago @Scribonius Thursday Ikr! She should be declared a saint. At first I thought it was her fault and she'd just hadn't been strict enough with him... But when a kid won't eat anything for 4 days because you denied him the 2 kinds of sweets he likes- that's a bit beyond normal childhood rebellion. Somebody else mentioned they think he has AFRID (aka Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). I just watched a documentary on YouTube about it and it apparently super hard to treat, especially since its often seen in kids who lack the ability for deep introspection and the motivation to recover.
  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost 2 months ago Same here. I wouldn't throat punch him but if he started doing that attitude thing he would be get a choice: be respectful or get a spanking with the fly swatter. This kid is about to enter kindergarten. Imagine what he is going to put the teachers and other students through if his parents don't act fast.
  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost 2 months ago @Ruoyang Zhao It is not reasonable at all. He's not a baby anymore. By that age he should not be screaming and throwing tantrums every day. The mother isn't disciplining him and/or he has some sort of defiant disorder.
  • Scentgasms by Leila
    Scentgasms by Leila 1 month ago OMG yaaas. I have electively removed myself from the breeding game. No thank you. Not playing Russian Roulette with my DNA. I just know I'd end up with hellspawn.
  • Jane Lennox
    Jane Lennox 1 month ago My child is 3 and eats what I put in front of her.
  • spidertime
    spidertime 1 month ago @Jane Lennox because you're a good mom who doesn't tolerate those outbursts.
  • Tina Thiel
    Tina Thiel 1 month ago My kids don't act that way because it's called discipline. They need to spank him or put him in the corner or do something. My son used to try and pull that bullshit, we straightened him out. You either eat what I make or you don't eat at all. Parents are so afraid to discipline they think it's "abuse" and they're raising assholes. Kids turn into adults, you have to teach and guide yours how to be a part of society.
  • Raie VDV
    Raie VDV 1 month ago I had to fast forward through most of that clip.
  • Rozy Hamel
    Rozy Hamel 1 month ago I'll eat the scrambled eggs on toast!! I had a friend whose son would only eat french fries & mustard & oj.
  • daydreamer3
    daydreamer3 1 month ago I thought exactly the same thing when I was watching this! Reagan is cute with his little glasses but MY GOD what a little monster!! I seriously don't know how that mother manages to restrain herself from beating him!!
  • Alisa E
    Alisa E 1 month ago You realize that you get to RAISE your kids a certain way, right? They're not born that way, they're made that way by their parents.
  • Dana
    Dana 1 month ago @Alisa E What a truly profound statement. 😑 If you've spent anytime around kids at all, then you know every single bloody one is irritating sometimes. All kids throw tantrums & whine. Then they grow into obstinate teenagers who are annoying in a different way. Add in the sheer amount of time, money, & energy you have to commit to being a parent? Thanks but no thanks. I enjoy freedom, sleep, & silence way too much for that. Plus, does anyone really think more fucking people is what this planet really needs right now? We don't already have enough homo sapiens running around littering, polluting, & consuming?
  • Alisa E
    Alisa E 1 month ago (edited) @Dana oh wow, I feel truly and honestly sorry for you and the closed-minded view of the world you display in your statement. I do have children of my own and I work with children and so I know how incredibly important it is to have&raise children correctly, as the potential for making the world a better and more loving and respectful place lies inside this new generation. In that sense, I wish you a pleasent day and that you hopefully find something as equally fulfilling in your life.
  • WouWou
    WouWou 1 month ago (edited) Depends how you raise your kids. Just don't buy shit (=processed "food") in your home, let your kid be hungry as long as he/she agrees to eat whatever you tell him/her to eat. This works on pets as well, my cats are not picky because of this method. Eat what I offer or starve. You choose. Pain of hunger or not so tasty food.
  • dink dankdoo
    dink dankdoo 1 month ago Reagan is the name of the possessed bint in the exorcist
  • AMYP6
    AMYP6 1 month ago I have a 6 year old daughter who is picky and she does not throw tantrums- she just talks to me about the foods she likes and doesn't like. I hate when I see children out of control! Lack of discipline from the care givers.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Dana As a father, I can tell you, if you properly discipline and teach a child... they will not act like that. Kids do not create themselves. If your kid is fucking up... it's because you are fucking up.
  • MiragesMisteryGirl
    MiragesMisteryGirl 1 month ago Starve the kid until he eats a sandwich. That’s how they got my best friend to eat when she was still a kid.
  • MiragesMisteryGirl
    MiragesMisteryGirl 1 month ago Tina Thiel People have the same with their dogs. Alot of those tiny accessory dogs aren’t disciplined. I have thrown my dog IN THE TUB because she jumped out while washing her, because she was covered in mud after running through grass after a couple days of rain.. She now loves me and respects me. And with kids, don’t acknowledge their tantrums, just ignore it or put food in front of them. Don’t wanna eat it? Well, too bad, you’re not getting anything else.
  • adeline wurzer
    adeline wurzer 1 month ago saaaaaaame
  • *internal screaming*
    *internal screaming* 1 month ago the only kids i can stand are the ones who are actually decent and respectful, but everyone else, i fucking hate.
  • Dana
    Dana 1 month ago (edited) @Alisa E You feel sorry for me because I don't want children? And not wanting children makes me "closeminded?" What kind of stupid horse shit is that? I don't give a shit if you have kids or not. Do what you want. But I don't want them. Children would take all the things I like about my life and flush them down the toilet. And I am fulfilled, thanks. Next time, don't be a condescending bitch and then wish me a pleasant day. Its disingenous.
  • Ms. Chin BK
    Ms. Chin BK 1 month ago @Dana Just like pets. Children, for the most part, grow up and leave, at least.
  • Dana
    Dana 1 month ago @Ms. Chin BK Kids arent just like pets. My cat doesn't talk. Or scream all night. Or need to be sent to college. Or force me to watch goofy kids shows like Blue's Clues. Or require constant supervision. And she's fixed so I don't have to worry about her getting knocked up. Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • Ak je chilo Priyanka
    Ak je chilo Priyanka 1 month ago Ditto....
  • ardiana Toplica
    ardiana Toplica 1 month ago Dana I couldn't agree more 😂😂😂 I would beat his ass to death fucking mentally ill kid
  • Para Noia
    Para Noia 1 month ago (edited) Seems I am to self focused too. I dont got pets and Kids du to Lack of time through my fulltime Job..... Yes, such a really Strange Thing this Fulltime Job...😂
  • Julian Rosero
    Julian Rosero 1 month ago I agree with you but many people are easily irritable that even pets annoy them.
  • Shannon Austin
    Shannon Austin 1 month ago (edited) I mean, it's likely that he's autistic. They have sensory issues and often can't stand different textures. He may not understand how to communicate this to his parent and therefore, his response, instead, is to scream. This is not typical behavior and I think we should all take into account the possibility of learning difficulties before claiming that the parent is incapable or the child is evil.
  • Anima Libera
    Anima Libera 1 month ago Dana: Your child becomes what you raise him/her to be. The modern way of dealing with children is "laisser faire" (let them do what they want), and what you saw in the video is the result of it. The old school was: "If you don't want to eat, don't eat. End of story". When these spoiled brats get hungry enough, they WILL eat.
  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 1 month ago Ruoyang Zhao I hate kids. I knew when I was eight I wasn't gonna have any. I feel "blessed" I live in a time where I have that choice. I've been paranoid about pregnancy prevention and feel like I'm a rare female who's never been pregnant.
  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 1 month ago Lol throat punch
  • Zoe Hannah
    Zoe Hannah 1 month ago (edited) Exactly!😂 Because most of them are misbehaved, spoild brats!
  • The Pronoun I
    The Pronoun I 4 weeks ago Same. It's enough motivation to remain childless.
  • Julia Sinclair
    Julia Sinclair 4 weeks ago Same here! I like kids as long as someone else is/are the parent(s). I couldn’t take the screaming.
  • Wynn Gwynn
    Wynn Gwynn 4 weeks ago I wouldn't be joking. The kid would not be rewarded for screaming with a fucking cake.
  • Deflated Hypnotist
    Deflated Hypnotist 6 days ago @Cynthia K. you too? I was 5 ;)
  • Amy Emerson
    Amy Emerson 2 months ago (edited) When I was a child I wouldn’t eat anything except pasta. My mum stopped giving me it, she made me healthy meals and if I didn’t eat them I didn’t eat. I soon changed my mind
  • omida mama
    omida mama 2 months ago plain pasta?
  • PlumDutchess
    PlumDutchess 1 month ago @omida mama Nothing on it. Just pasta.
  • Jenine Urquhart
    Jenine Urquhart 1 month ago exactly. kids won't starve themselves to death.
  • Orion Hwll
    Orion Hwll 1 month ago It's been mentioned in the documentary that on more than one occasion they didn't give him the foods he eats for 3-4 days and he still wouldn't eat anything. Just because there was a somewhat easy fix to your problem it doesn't mean there's one to his.
  • Amy Emerson
    Amy Emerson 1 month ago Orion Hwll I wasn’t saying that there is, I was simply sharing my story, which I do still feel applies here
  • Chaos Burrito
    Chaos Burrito 1 month ago @Orion Hwll They should have done what my parents did. If I didn't eat what they made, I had to sit at the table with it getting cold until I did. ADHD vs. good parenting- my parents would almost always win in the end. The longest I ever sat there was 7 hours. Let me tell you, you only eat cold brussel sprouts once!
  • One paw at a Time
    One paw at a Time 1 month ago This kid had an actual psychiatric disorder, a severe aversion to food. If someone was absolutely terrified of spiders you wouldn’t dump a bucket of them on their head and tell them to get over it. It’s not a parenting problem, and no amount of discipline or waiting will fix it. Only psychiatric care and treatment.
  • Amy Emerson
    Amy Emerson 1 month ago One paw at a Time I think you’re taking what I’m saying too far. I didn’t suggest that they do this to him, I simply said I did something extremely similar to him and explained what happened to me. I also won’t hear that his mother is firm enough with him; he KNOWS that if he shouts he gets his own way.
  • Adeline
    Adeline 1 month ago @Amy Emerson Then you clearly didn't have the same problem as the kid in this video. You were just a typical picky eater who had a tantrum when she didn't get her way. This kid had both physical and psychiatric problems. You have nothing in common with him.
  • Amy Emerson
    Amy Emerson 1 month ago Adeline there’s no need to get aggressive. Obviously we both had limited foods we would eat, so that’s something in common. Not once have I suggested that this child had the same experience as me, as I’ve said before, I was just sharing what happened to me as a child because this video reminded me of it. Bold of you to assume I had no psychiatric problem. I’m doing my best to be patient, but it’s quite hard when you’re attacking me. Perhaps in the future, be a little more reasonable, thanks.
  • Dara •
    Dara • 2 weeks ago U have a good mum
  • Alisa E
    Alisa E 2 months ago Lisa, girl, get out of that disgusting brown sweat-suit and work out! you can eat 2000cals a day and still be really slim and toned! just get moving, babe :)
  • Jane Lennox
    Jane Lennox 1 month ago Alisa E she’s probably eating that at night alone. And she can’t work out all the time. She has to earn a living. I’d suggest she just stop eating during the day until she gets this under control
  • Alisa E
    Alisa E 1 month ago @Jane Lennox I have two kids and a husband in the army who only comes home on the weekends and I work full-time and I still manage to excercise every single day. Getting excercise in is NOT difficult and not as time-consuming as many people like to make themselves believe. And not liking what you see in the mirror should be motivation enough to put in a little effort.
  • Tina Thiel
    Tina Thiel 1 month ago Yes! You can work out at home even. You don't have to go out to a gym or anything if you don't want to
  • Ashley Hashimoto
    Ashley Hashimoto 1 month ago You'd have to burn alot of cals to keep up being slim with a 2000 cal diet and lots of people don't have the time she should just eat at least 500 cals under her bmr and she will lose easily.
  • Jacqueline Stephens
    Jacqueline Stephens 1 month ago There could be hormone/ thyroid, mental health issues, too. These shows never touch on that subject.
  • Alisa E
    Alisa E 1 month ago @Ashley Hashimoto if you lead an active lifestyle, you don't even really need added excercise to burn 2000cals per day. Ppl just usually try to make their day as "comfy" as possible and get incredibly lazy . That, added with eating junk like Refined sugar and dairy, will make you fat and unhealthy.
  • Milk Tea
    Milk Tea 1 month ago I don't know about 2000 calories (really only a suitable amount for a woman who's very active), but she should certainly be getting some exercise and counting calories.
  • Ezzabelle Palbas
    Ezzabelle Palbas 1 month ago She could stand to lose 2-3kg but she's not overweight. Her clothes make her look bigger than she actually is.
  • Ezzabelle Palbas
    Ezzabelle Palbas 1 month ago I agree. The sweat suit is disgusting- definitely doesn't suit her and makes her look bigger than she actually is. She could stand to lose 2-3kg but otherwise she's not overweight..
  • Kacey Martin
    Kacey Martin 1 month ago I think the poor thing is wearing it because she doesn’t feel like she deserves to dress nice unless she’s slimmer
  • Mrs. W
    Mrs. W 1 month ago Alisa E that’s not true. BMR is according to your weight and height. I am 150 pounds and 5ft 6 my BMR is 1490 cal and because I work out about 1700-1800 calories. I am average height and weight. If I ate 2000 calories a day, I would gain weight even with working out.
  • Marica Baranovič
    Marica Baranovič 1 month ago @Jane Lennox Oh come on... :) I have a household to maintain, a dog, I work a full time job, have lots of friends that I spend time whit regularly and I also manage to find the time to hit the gym 4 times a week (or do any other physical activity like swimming, biking etc.). Being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is simple math - exercise + balanced diet and no BS and excuses and not being lazy.. Not so hard eh? :)
  • Zoe Hannah
    Zoe Hannah 1 month ago @Marica Baranovič ajde ne kaki, ne stoji ti, eh? ;)
  • insert cool original name
    insert cool original name 1 week ago Ashley Hashimoto do you mean tdee? bmr is how many calories your body turns sustaining its most basic life functions, so kinda if you were to lay in bed all day not moving a single muscle— eating 500 calories below that would be really low
  • Elizabeth Dacosta
    Elizabeth Dacosta 2 months ago I don’t understand how being pregnant justifies eating crap and then when you aren’t you have to eat healthy? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Thankfully babies are resilient living on a diet of crisps, chocolate and fish and chips lol
  • Noel Dee
    Noel Dee 2 months ago Elizabeth Dacosta well I suppose it’s better than the chick that eats only fruit
  • Rose Leave
    Rose Leave 1 month ago Eating disorders aren’t that easy 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Faith Bartlett
    Faith Bartlett 1 month ago Yeah pregnant women actually only need 200 extra calories a day lol
  • Kcabid Islam
    Kcabid Islam 4 weeks ago You can't believe what pregnancy does to you...i am now pregnant with my 3rd child constantly craving french toast and i hate many stuff i used to be crazy about before... It's like there is a different brain inside me... it's not that we have an excuse but it's horrible to be swollen, nauseous (especially if hungry), tired and still refuse yourself something you obsess over... Now in my third trimester I battle insomnia and if i don't eat the thing i so much crave i will be thinking about it through the night and wake up only after sleeping 3-4 h... I can't afford being this sleep deprived as I have 2 older children... I'd rather eat and lose weight after delivery than do this to myself... it's torture....
  • l. Rud
    l. Rud 2 months ago I live with a sleep eater. I realized they hardly ate much in the day, but still put on weight until I caught them in the kitchen late night preparing food, eyes were half closed. it’s crazy how they can eat their food cold, pretty much the same as sleep walking.
  • Don’t get trapped In this shitty world
    Don’t get trapped In this shitty world 2 months ago That’s scary lol
  • Akane Sasu
    Akane Sasu 2 months ago Lesson of the story.. Sleep when you need to sleep and don't eat when you need to sleep😂
  • I Love Rikku!
    I Love Rikku! 2 months ago @Akane Sasu More like eat during the day so you won't eat during sleep.
  • ratata tatta
    ratata tatta 2 months ago That's actually an eating disorder
  • Trixie Mix
    Trixie Mix 2 months ago omg my dad does the same thing, but literally every night. When i tell him about it he doesn't believe me. :/
  • MagicalMusic34
    MagicalMusic34 2 months ago My Mum is a sweet sleep eater. Come out, get her sweets, goes back to bed. Doesn’t remember it in the morning. :/
  • evenstar04
    evenstar04 1 month ago @I Love Rikku! that's not how this disorder works... my cousin does this a lot. She eats plenty of food in the day, and she still sleep eats.
  • Ally Fairchild
    Ally Fairchild 1 month ago My grandma always did the same exact thing with chocolate ice cream. She would sleep walk/eat and never remember it. Rest her soul ❤️😞
  • Marti Brown
    Marti Brown 1 month ago I also suffer from this crazy eating while sleep's called NS-RED. Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder. I've done it since I was about 18, maybe before but that's the first time I was observed doing it. It was a bowl of cereal and bag of nacho cheese Doritos! 😆 Foods that will throw my Crohn's into a flare-up have to be hidden. I have woken up to some crazy things (wrappers, silverware, etc) in my bed or on my night stand. My psychiatrist explained that my body is needing something (vitamins or minerals) and that's why I do it. But 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
  • A Ru
    A Ru 1 month ago I would be worried about them choking
  • Monique Robledo
    Monique Robledo 1 month ago It does matter what you eat when you’re pregnant! Actually it’s even more important for your baby and your health!
  • Sci-Fi Angel
    Sci-Fi Angel 1 month ago (edited) Monique Robledo yeah exactly especially if you have gestational diabetes. Also some foods they say you shouldn't have in pregnancy which I didn't know about until my second pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes with my second child in pregnancy but was overweight. I actually lost weight in my second pregnancy but was healthy and baby was healthy
  • tina andersen
    tina andersen 1 month ago You are eating for two
  • Sci-Fi Angel
    Sci-Fi Angel 1 month ago Yes but they dont mean eat for two literally either. People take that to mean the double amount of food. What it really means is the double amount of nutrients. People use it as an excuse to eat poorly. And yes cravings are a part of that too. It's best to still eat the normal amount of food during pregnancy to avoid extra weight gain
  • Alex Freetime
    Alex Freetime 1 month ago I was thinking the same thing, I was like "what the hell she's talking about, she's got a baby in her belly that is gonna eat what she's having"
  • moni zeal
    moni zeal 1 month ago Apparently you only need about 300 calories more or so when pregnant.
  • Jen K
    Jen K 1 month ago Monique Robledo It’s incredibly selfish to just eat what you want when you’re pregnant. The food you eat, affects your unborn baby.
  • Rose Leave
    Rose Leave 1 month ago Yeah I think she knew that, but her thoughts let her eat! And that’s a good feeling
  • Zoe Dark
    Zoe Dark 1 month ago You are not eating for two,that's an excuse to pig out.You only need an extra 150 calories.
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago The mom with the 5 year old who rules her... Smfh. All she needs to do is say "ok, you don't have to eat this" But do NOT give him that crap. She's so easily played by him. He knows if he screams she'll give up & he'll get his way. I'd let him be hungry. He'd events get hungry enough he'd eat the actual food. The anorexia woman's story is so sad & tragic 😥
  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace 2 months ago Yeah but if a child has a fear of food (cant remember the actual name) they legit wont eat no matter how hungry they are. Like if you dont give them what they will eat then they will go days without eating. And they will starve themselves to death
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago @Amelia Grace If a child genuinely has a food phobia it would be absolutely cruel & torture to do what I said I'd do (with a child who doesn't have any food phobias). That would be a very concerning and sad thing, especially for a child but for anyone. It would be worse to have a parent who never even attempted to find out the root cause. If it's a mental health issue, I think that's entirely different. Thank you for your comment, you brought up a very good valid point to this discussion. May your day or night be wonderful.
  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace 2 months ago @Random Channel to be honest though its such a slippery slope, like the question parents in the situation must ask over and over again is, is this a geniune phobia or is it just my child ruling the roost. That would be such a terrible dilemma to be in
  • Tina
    Tina 2 months ago He went 4 days without eating when she did exactly that. I think the child has significant medical issues. Poor kid. His poor mother. BTW, I appreciated your sensible response to the comment - and I think your original idea would probably work with most children who are really just “picky eaters.”
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago @Amelia Grace I agree. I recently learned about a "new" (more like recently labeled) eating disorder, idk if it would include this problem or if it's only limited to healthy foods that are consumed where people end up cutting out virtually everything, obsessed over it. The Eating disorder association(can't remember the actual name) recognizes it but the dsm manual doesn't yet. I thought I read it includes people who will only limit themselves to one or two foods for fear of all others. So it is a possibility but I absolutely agree with you, definitely something to be taken seriously and to have a thorough examination and diagnosis if applicable. It would be detrimental to just label stubborn bratty kids Willy nilly with it.
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago @Tina I didn't catch that. Thank you. Also, no problem, I think the best way to approach most anyone or anything is with an open mind and humility. Being wrong, incorrect or questioned aren't bad things imo, it's how you react and what you do after that matters to me. Plus, I think just kind decency has been lost in my generation somewhere with many, hell, most people in general. I'm not perfect by any means nor would I want to be bc that means no more growing, no more learning. But I do try to hear people out, even if or especially if they bring up another aspect or different information that conflicts what I had known. I love to learn new, different perspectives as well and always try to put myself in another's shoes. Anyway, yeah. Common courtesy is what I was trying to say. Goes along way
  • Lauren Sullivan
    Lauren Sullivan 1 month ago (edited) @Amelia Grace you are right. I struggle with food to this day. I was made to sleep at the table because i couldnt eat the food. Slapped for chewing toó loud. Im 36. Im still conscious of why, how and when i eat. As An adult I learned I have a blood disorder. So the food I was being forced to eat were making me sick and that was my body telling me not to eat certain things. Still had detremental consequences on my phsycie.
  • K Shaw
    K Shaw 1 month ago This is a great thread, love the intelligent, respectful discussion here.
  • Bronx and Rosie
    Bronx and Rosie 1 month ago (edited) I always found that getting kids like this to be involved with cooking and preparing their own foods, works really well. Try to find a kid friendly cookbook and make it a fun activity, get them involved in a fun way. Get them their own little aprons & stuff, most people are afraid to have kids near the stove/boiling water. Hey, they’re just little people. They’re not stupid and understand that they can get burned. They enjoy getting to do big kid/adult stuff, and the success of making a meal. Just supervise closely, and it will be fine, or better yet have a trusted teenager they look up to come over and mentor them in this direction. Don’t let the kid out smart you!
  • Dawn Walker
    Dawn Walker 1 week ago That kid.... if his unruly little butt got hungry enough he would eat what you would give him.
  • caitlan Nicholson
    caitlan Nicholson 5 days ago I was like this as a child. Iwouldnt eat anything and I would only drink milk. I was so stubborn. I got hospitalized at 6 and wasnt allowed to leave till I ate and still refused and I then eventually did. As an adult know I've had food issues from dieting, restricting, binging and purging aswell. I've also been recently diagnosed with add so I don't if this has anything to do with anything as a child.
  • Modiule Lawson
    Modiule Lawson 2 months ago (edited) WHO is buying the food for Chris? He cant get out and get it himself, Mum, that is your fault and that is child abuse. Who is buying all the „Treats“ in his room. OMG he is 40 years old!! Mum move out!!
  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ 2 months ago Modiule Lawson If his mom moved out, he’d literally die. He can’t do anything without his mom, or any help
  • Modiule Lawson
    Modiule Lawson 2 months ago Are you serious with this comment. So just let mum stay and feed him to his death. There is a disorder called Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP). This should definately start to be investigated in these extreme cases. The mother „cant help herself“ by buying him massive amounts of food. He is unemployable and she too because she is getting money for being a „career“, sorry, but being a career for sick people is valid, but not purposely inducing a sickness to your child!!
  • GothicPanda55
    GothicPanda55 2 months ago @Modiule Lawson I agree its pretty much the mums fault he got that big.
  • Virginia P
    Virginia P 1 month ago I believe Chris was only 24 when he was rescued, not 40. And yes, sadly that mother has been responsible for his diet his entire life, especially when he was bedridden of course. Since she was also afraid of him and his aggression one wonders if one part of her was subconsciously trying to passively end it all for him (and relieve her stress). She HAD to have known her bedridden 800+ pound son was nearing death, and yet she didn't seek help??
  • ButterflyonStone
    ButterflyonStone 1 month ago @Modiule Lawson Not anymore there isn't in the UK this is no longer a diagnosis, it's just counted as abuse now because that's what it is.
  • Anima Libera
    Anima Libera 1 month ago (edited) Michelle: When there is no enabler, you fast. When you fast, you lose weight. In 1965, 27-year-old Angus fasted for 382 days (that is one year and 17 days). He ate no food at all, and lost 125 kilograms (19.7 stone). So, no, you don't die if you don't eat for a while. The guy in the video would most likely have had a pretty rough time but it might just have made him see what he has been doing to himself for so many years.
  • Lily A'u
    Lily A'u 1 month ago Modiule Lawson I agree but 1) People who are in his position sometimes are very rude with the people caring for them and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want and manipulate the people that care for them 2) the people caring for them like to have the caregiver position and like to feel needed. I know it’s hard and I agree I wish it was that easy but nothing will change unless that person wants to change. I don’t know the circumstances of this situation but thats what I’ve most commonly seen.
  • Morganna
    Morganna 3 weeks ago lmao I swear for a moment I thought the WHO at the beginning of your statement meant "World Health Organization", and I was like "wait whaaaat" XP
  • Jordan Storz
    Jordan Storz 2 weeks ago Enablers are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Such a terrible shame :/
  • Eilis Smith
    Eilis Smith 2 weeks ago ButterflyonStone the name has changed but the collection of signs and symptoms are the same. Now called Fabricated Induced Illness. ( F.I.I.)
  • lizzie love
    lizzie love 5 days ago If i was the mom id buy healthy foods and keep only those in the house. If hed complain id tell him sorry about your luck as long as im doing the shopping and paying for it this is what you get.
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 2 months ago (edited) Ive suffered from anorexia for 15 years and now have intestinal failure and cannot eat even if I wanted to. Id pay the same amount these women have on diet products just to be able to eat a slice of cake. Seriously, love the skin you're in because you have no idea when your healthy body will be taken away.
  • TheSilverist
    TheSilverist 2 months ago Lucie McAdams I hope you don't mind me asking how you eat?
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 2 months ago @TheSilverist TPN (Total parenteral nutrition)
  • Titts Mgee
    Titts Mgee 2 months ago ❤️
  • mustardseed jones
    mustardseed jones 2 months ago (edited) Praying for you. God loves you so much. Stay strong and trust in Jesus. ♡
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 2 months ago @mustardseed jones Thank you sweet lady x
  • Emma Ehrenreich
    Emma Ehrenreich 2 months ago I’ve only had anorexia for 2 years I can’t imagine what you’re going through:/ stay strong I wish you all the best 💕
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 2 months ago @Emma Ehrenreich Thanks lovely! Keep strong and fight hard, its worth it x
  • Clare Bolton
    Clare Bolton 1 month ago Lisa McAdams I've since 15 now 37 I was hospitalised 3times and still suffer today my metabolism is ruined but I need to recover for my kids just so hard xx
  • Emily Law
    Emily Law 1 month ago Hey, I often find comments such as what I'm about to post cringey and over the top but honestly, I've decided to recover after reading this. I've been starving myself on and off for 3 years now, and although the lack of a period appeals, my heart and my body in general are giving up on me day by day. I can see myself getting to a similar point as to where you are not too far down the line and it is a very disturbing thought. ED's are a slippery slope and I think I have to finally get my shit together and commit to gradual changes rather than chasing the high of being empty for days only to resort to the same disordered eating habits. Sorry that you got to yourself to that point. It really breaks my heart. No one should have to put up with something like that because of an eating disorder. Thank you for sharing a part of your story. Stay strong.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Emma Ehrenreich The way you word it, it sounds like you caught it from someone..... You should "own" it more. I'm not trying to give you a hard time. I did crystal meth for 10 years, used to drink a fifth of vodka a day, and smoke cigarettes. I was in and out of the legal system and forced to go to many AA/NA type of meetings. They preach that you are "powerless" and must "turn control over to a higher power"... which is total bullshit. YOU, and YOU alone have the power to conquer this. You know how "God" is going to help you? By giving you the brain that you need to use to take control of this and change. I quit all those drugs on my own, because I was "done". You can be "done" now too.
    DEATHPROOFBUM 01 1 month ago Is this a case of 'I've got bigger problems than you competition?' Everyone everywhere has some kind of problem, so brought on by the person themselves, to others that have them pushed onto them whether helping a friend to a family member with theirs, or catching a cold to developing cancer. Some circumstances can be avoided whereas others cannot, isn't that an obvious definition?
  • Myukur
    Myukur 1 month ago @TheCynicalDouche Mental disorders are not the same as addiction. The general concept is similar, yes, but just "quitting" an eating disorder? Any kind of disorder? I would certainly not tell a schizophrenic that they have the power within themselves to overcome their illness.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Myukur Whether you think you can... or can't.... you're right. Yes, eating disorders are problems with behavior. Behavior that YOU and YOU alone can control. If you play the victim over your own actions... you will NEVER change. Schizophrenia is nothing like it. That's a problem that you have no control over. The mental health industry throws around the "disease" word a little too liberally. Because they profit from everyone seeing themselves as victims who cannot help themselves. DUH. The mental health industry makes money from people being sick... and would love it if more people were considered sick and helpless... because money.
  • im a flower
    im a flower 1 month ago ​@TheCynicalDouche Self motivation is definitely a huge part of recovering from an addiction or an eating disorder; I can't disagree with you on that. Just because someone may be a "victim" does not mean that they are completely helpless to help themselves. If a person needs a little extra assistance, that's fine, but they ultimately need to make the choice themselves. The only additional thing I would want to bring up is that in the case of eating disorders, the inconsistent and poor nutrition really take a toll on the brain as well and can have severe negative affects your ability to think clearly and logically over time. That often times is why people have to be forced to get treatment, just so that they can get some nutrition so they can begin thinking well enough to be able to chose recovery.
  • LB
    LB 1 month ago seriously? You can not compare a mental illness to an addiction. I envy an addict. They can quit cold turkey and quite easily avoid situations in which they’d be around such things. An anorexic? They need their triggers to survive.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @LynaB21 It's the same damn thing: A behavior disorder. You didn't "catch" anorexia from the guy next to you on the bus. It's something that is TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.... unless you think it's not... then it's not. Up to you, bud.
  • LB
    LB 1 month ago Yeah, even though it’s the most fatal mental illness, really those people are just weak willed. The genetic link? Must be those weak willed genes. We all know anorexics woke up one day like “hmm, I should starve today” just like he decided to go out and find someone to sell him some meth. The way your brain works literally has changed, but just ChAnGe YoUr BeHaViOuR. What next? Going to tell people with depression to “just be happy”? Tell people with OCD to “just stop doing it”?
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @LynaB21 OCD is also a behavior disorder and can be controlled, yes. Listen, dipshit, you're talking to someone who did crystal meth for 10 years, binge drank vodka constantly, and smoked cigarettes. I quit them all, bitch... and it was ALL ME. I know the system. I was forced to go through BULLSHIT rehabs that taught you that you were powerless... BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING BUSINESS. If you are powerless over your addiction, there is nothing you can do... and you'll need more N/A-A/A or whatever bullshit "treatment" that doesn't do anything for you... because it's a business. Anorexia can be overcome.. just as I overcame. Now stfu and move on.. you don't know shit. As someone who comes from a long line of addicts... I know so much more about this than you.. I've actually lived it. You're just another dipshit who repeats whatever the DSM states... wait, you probably don't know what the DSM is. Go ahead and google it and then come back and act like you knew the whole time.
  • Adrien Alger
    Adrien Alger 1 month ago @LB hi, person with eating disorder here. Can confirm it is definitely a form of addiction.
  • Julian Rosero
    Julian Rosero 1 month ago It's sad how bad life decisions change your life forever
  • Anima Libera
    Anima Libera 1 month ago Powerful words, TheCynicalDouche! This is so true, and it doesn't matter what the "drug" of choice is. The medical establishment still hasn't figured out that childhood trauma (don't get me wrong, this is serious stuff that needs to be dealt with) is NOT what keeps you overeating/anorexic/boozing away/taking drugs ... (you name it). There comes a time when you have to look at yourself in the mirror and OWN what you are doing to yourself (or to anybody else for that matter) and it is the only way to get on top of it.
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 1 month ago @Emily Law Emily, Im so glad you've decided to recover! ED's have you under a false sense of security promising that 'one day' 'soon' you can/will recover and that you can easily escape its grasp. That tomorrow never comes. Time just slips away until you look back and realise you've lost your health/life/youth/pretty much everything. Theres no time like the present to fight back and regain everything you lost. You only get one life and yours is worth saving. Rooting for you x
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 1 month ago @TheCynicalDouche Childhood circumstances and genetics are the very reason I was anorexic for 15 years. I woke up to that. I decided not to let those circumstances dictate my future. Sure, ive been left with lifelong damage to my body, but today I wholly choose who I am without the restraints of my disorder.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Lucie McAdams Childhood trauma was mostly the reason I used to drink and use drugs to excess as well. The more I come to terms with my personal issues... the easier it becomes to not use these "coping mechanisms". A very large percentage of people's undesirable behavior stems from childhood trauma or issues. We will continue to repeat the cycle until we take responsibility and control back. I'm proud of you for choosing to move forward and deal with your issues. Everyone wants to be a "powerless victim"... for whatever reason. Well, mostly they've been brainwashed into this mentality... because this mentality keeps the AA/NA/Court ordered rehab/outpatient facility/etc. machine going. I had to go through those programs a few times. They never did anything for me... or anyone else. Too much money at stake to actually help people.
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago (edited) @Anima Libera "Personal responsibility" is like kryptonite to the forced rehab/forced drug program system. "No no no... you're a powerless victim... turn yourself over to a higher power".... So you can never get better... and we can continue to sell you these evil ideologies and profit off your suffering.
  • Lucie McAdams
    Lucie McAdams 1 month ago @TheCynicalDouche Amen! Heres to healing! x
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Emily Law Instead of starving yourself you should eat healthy and go to the gym. Being anorexic is not attractive anyway....
  • Emily Law
    Emily Law 1 month ago @TheCynicalDouche i did not request your opinion. Keep it to yourself. I guess it's in the name though.
  • Ira Neko
    Ira Neko 4 weeks ago @TheCynicalDouche lol you are afterall a douche. You're not cynical though. You're just a negative person no one wants around.
  • Winter Star
    Winter Star 3 weeks ago Bless you 💕💕 I wish you the best of luck 💕
  • Don’t get trapped In this shitty world
    Don’t get trapped In this shitty world 2 months ago I need to stop starving myself. I need to take care of myself.
  • Jakiazhhabzg Staruiszjjzg
    Jakiazhhabzg Staruiszjjzg 2 months ago Same
  • sunshine
    sunshine 2 months ago i believe in you!
  • gr04ce 8
    gr04ce 8 2 months ago yes🖤
  • twin cherry
    twin cherry 2 months ago Yes you do.
  • mommylemon
    mommylemon 2 months ago You deserve recovery- stay strong ❤️
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago Please do stop, you're depriving your body, organs etc from very crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients and it can have very serious to life threatening consequences long term. Saying this out of care, no judgement here.
  • Just a Person
    Just a Person 2 months ago Yes !
  • Cosmic Love
    Cosmic Love 2 months ago kinda same here, i genuinely don't know how to eat properly because I either binge eat or starve myself and it really sucks :/
  • death the kid death
    death the kid death 2 months ago @Cosmic Love same
  • Don’t get trapped In this shitty world
    Don’t get trapped In this shitty world 2 months ago Cosmic Love same! I starve then binge! And everyone, I am in therapy for my eating! I hope everyone with eating problems gets help! ❤️
  • Don’t get trapped In this shitty world
    Don’t get trapped In this shitty world 2 months ago Cosmic Love it does suck though. Like you just want to eat normal but every time you try you just get in the same cycle of binging and starving. I have a lot of emotional problems that make me either starve or binge. If my anxiety is super bad, I lose my appetite and then when I don’t eat I get in the mindset of “oh you’re getting skinny, keep going.” And then after days, I start binging and then feel super guilty and suicidal. I also binge when I’m really stressed or angry, etc. sucks. I wish you all the best. Please get help if you can!!
  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost 2 months ago Instead of saying "I need", start saying "I want". That way you are more likely to do it. You want to eat good food, be happy and enjoy your life and not worry so much about weight, you just don't know it yet! 🙂
  • Andrea Fränne
    Andrea Fränne 1 month ago @Cosmic Love Being caught in the cycle of starving then binging is bulimia, you need and deserve to get help. I know it can be hard to hear, but if it takes up your life then you've got an eating disorder. You don't have to throw up to have bulimia, starving or restricting are equal ways of compensating. Please seek help, it will turn your life around ❤️
  • Cosmic Love
    Cosmic Love 1 month ago @Andrea Fränne it's okay i've been going through therapy for a year and a half, it's just sometimes my eating issues change constantly from starving and binging (i was diagnosed a few months ago with atypical anorexia which is under the EDNOS category, so of course my eating habits are very unpredictable) but yeah thank you for being nice and caring about my situation, it means a lot.
  • sofia Eklund
    sofia Eklund 1 month ago I beat anorexia! I eat healthier now too, and I eat like I used to before anorexia, at my lowest weight I was about 42 kg and 167 cm💀💀. Now I do sorts and other fun stuff etc.😀 sending ❤❤❤ from Finland😊
  • Name Surname
    Name Surname 1 month ago my life is so much better after recovery. and I did it all on my own, so it's not impossible to do alone if you have no help.
  • Júlia Kercsmár
    Júlia Kercsmár 1 month ago I believe in you! My depressed ass started cleaning and decluttering my room yesterday and i feel so accomplished. I have like 6-7 20 gallon bags outside the door and i feel great. I now have space for the things I truely love. Who knows maybe from now on I'll shiwer more. I just woke up and I'm going to shower now. I'm a binger btw so I get all the eating/hygeine/will to move thing. Good luck! It's okay to feel confident! To nurture/pamper yourself. Good luck!😘
  • Mitch's Cheekbones
    Mitch's Cheekbones 1 month ago yes you do. And you definitely can
  • L Wolfe
    L Wolfe 1 month ago Same
  • Yellow Umbrella
    Yellow Umbrella 1 month ago Fuck i just purged like 10 minutes ago amd now i feel worse.. i hate it
  • TheCynicalDouche
    TheCynicalDouche 1 month ago @Because I can Eat a healthy diet and start going to the gym regularly. Starving yourself gives you a weak ass body that looks like shit.
  • coffee and sketchin
    coffee and sketchin 1 month ago Love yourself boo
  • Tally Scott
    Tally Scott 1 month ago Yes you do! Your life will be so much better! 😊
  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 1 month ago Because I can Yes please do, you absolutely deserve it. You only get 1 life and you’re depriving yourself of delicious nutritious goodies. Try things you’ve never tried. Learn to love food again and fill your blood with well needed minerals and vitamins. Stick to your your ideal calorie intake and enjoy every single second of it. It’s beautiful.
  • Heidi E
    Heidi E 1 month ago I believe in you!
  • Jacki Miller
    Jacki Miller 1 month ago @Random Channel being preachy doesn't help
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 1 month ago @Jacki Miller Not trying to be preachy. Just care.
  • Jacki Miller
    Jacki Miller 1 month ago @Random Channel I get it and apologize. It just hit a nerve for me and I over reacted... :-)
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 1 month ago @Jacki Miller you're absolutely fine. I completely understand. Alot of people are like that (preachy) & tone is difficult to get over text. I also agree that being that way towards people doesn't help at all. :) Have a great night or day
  • Jacki Miller
    Jacki Miller 1 month ago @Random Channel thx
  • Ann Cam
    Ann Cam 1 month ago What changes have you made?
  • Akasha
    Akasha 3 weeks ago To eat healthy means learning to love back both our bodies and healthy foods..... pick things that you enjoy eating that are good for you and indulge: salad, carrots, pears, raisins, almonds, anything natural, it's all good for you :) Wish the best of luck to you all! :)
  • Burning Bridges, Lighting Hearts
    Burning Bridges, Lighting Hearts 3 weeks ago Don’t get trapped In this shitty world I recommend eating ketogenic keeps you satiated and also is good for you. Running on fat builds muscle 💪
  • Sutekina Ojiisan
    Sutekina Ojiisan 2 months ago Lisa has trampoline she should make use of it
  • Jequa KP
    Jequa KP 1 week ago Sutekina Ojiisan the kids use it and they are fat?