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🎨 Getting Back To Arting- Journal With Me 🎨

Published on Jun 11, 2019 951 views

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  • ana sherman
    ana sherman 1 week ago I can watch you create allll day! So inspiring...I may need to sign up for one of your classes I want to be able to create like this. You make it look soo fun and easy
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks so much Ana! So sweet!
  • Moira OReilly
    Moira OReilly 1 week ago I just love watching you paint and play in your art journals Irit xo
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks Moira!!
  • Jill S
    Jill S 1 week ago Love these type of videos Irit. Please do more like this really looking forward to your review of the gouache paints. Love your girls Jill
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks so much Jill! So sweet!
  • Marsha Adams
    Marsha Adams 1 week ago Love the chatty video. I try to do a little art every day otherwise I seem to lose that creative feeling. Other artists I know say the same thing. Love your asymmetrical gals. None of us is perfect. That's what makes us unique.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thank you Marsha! You're so right, daily is the best way to go. I try to do the same, but sometimes the days just gets away from me!
  • Meaghan Russo
    Meaghan Russo 1 week ago Literally just blew my mind talking about how that's the way it came out of your hand, and you paint the right eye this way and the left eye that way... FREAKING LOVE IT. dang.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Haha that's what I'm here for !!!
  • Samantha Mann
    Samantha Mann 1 week ago Aw! Welcome back to getting arty! So glad you’re able to flex those muscles again! You seriously make art journaling look so effortless! I love these, and all of the β€˜so called imperfections β€˜!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks so much Samantha!! Always the sweetest!
  • Tracie Kiger
    Tracie Kiger 1 week ago Loved:):) you make it look so easy... I’m still working on trying to make my faces look human lol πŸ˜‚ TFS always enjoy!!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks so much Tracie! Faces are super challenging, but also very satisfying when we get them (or even just some features) to look the way we imagine!
    INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART 1 week ago They are sooooo colorful. LOVE THEM. I'm not going to buy gouache, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not..... : ) I have a shameful amount of hoarded paint. Going back to my workbook. I'm currently doing "Water Color Work Shop" by Sasha Prood. It's excellent for those of us with little skill or imagination. LOL OOXXOO Linda
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Haha they are not a must, watercolors for the win!! The book sounds great, thanks for sharing! xo xo
  • denise mulkey
    denise mulkey 1 week ago Pretty!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thank you Denise!
  • Kelly Janes
    Kelly Janes 1 week ago YAY! I was so happy to see this video! I could watch you paint these faces all day! I'm definitely interested in your full review of these Gouache paints. I've been wanting to buy a set, but I didn't want to spend a bunch of money so I think the Arteza brand would be great. Like you, I'd prefer to have them out in front of me in a tin rather than have to mess with the tubes each time, so I'm really interested in how these do after they've been in your tin for awhile. Gorgeous work, as always, Irit!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 1 week ago Thanks so much Kelly! As for the paint, well, I can't say anything bad about the Arteza set, on the contrary. Colors are beautiful and great value for money. BUT, if you want something super easy to use, non threatening and ready to go, I am LOVING this set- It has a lot less colors, obviously, but they stay moist or easily rehydrated with a spray of water. I just find it so inviting and fun to use, I think it's a great start for playing around with gouache and seeing how you like the medium :)