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Couples Swap Diets For A Week

Published on Feb 28, 2019 570,094 views

"I don't know why she would eat this."


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  • Min Kim
    Min Kim 4 months ago (edited) I can't believe the amount and variety of free food you guys have in your offices. That is insane.
  • Katie Funderburk
    Katie Funderburk 1 month ago Min Kim omg right?? I was thinking the same!
  • Muffinpurpergurk
    Muffinpurpergurk 4 months ago (edited) Well I don't consider it free. It's a way of BuzzFeed (and other companys do it as Well) to make their hard working conditions and expectations more attractive AND the employee's wages can be lower that way. If they didn't get free food their loans could easily be (even) higher. "There is no free lunch": a quote I heard multiple times in my finance classes during college, meant in another way but it fits just well here
  • Antoinette Gross
    Antoinette Gross 4 months ago It's amazing right!
  • BlueDevilsFreak42
    BlueDevilsFreak42 4 months ago Buzzfeed also has such high demands of their employees that they're consistently working 10+ hours a day and have a very tight schedule.
  • Copper Raven
    Copper Raven 4 months ago I have no idea who the people on buzzfeed are anymore.
  • Me, Myself & I
    Me, Myself & I 4 months ago I know swasti And it's normal that you don't know her partner He doesn't work on buzzfeed The other girl Idk and her partner doesn't work their also So knowing 50% is good I think
  • Nicole Falvey
    Nicole Falvey 4 months ago Lol if me and my man swapped, we would just switch bags of chips
  • AnitaLisaTv
    AnitaLisaTv 1 month ago Nicole Falvey LMAOOO
  • kpop_boy_ group_trash_
    kpop_boy_ group_trash_ 4 months ago @Hello I'm Garbage hello A.R.M.Y or tata fan
  • Hello I'm Garbage
    Hello I'm Garbage 4 months ago Nicole Falvey If that ain’t couple goals
  • Piyush Garg
    Piyush Garg 1 month ago Nobody's going to mention that the other guy is cheap af😂😂😂
  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 4 months ago (edited) I love how that girl just ate for free😂 Buzzfeed is free food heaven😋
  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 4 months ago Pink Heart until you get laid off
  • Kate Haberl
    Kate Haberl 4 months ago Honestly I want to work at BuzzFeed solely for the snacks
  • Sonny Shin
    Sonny Shin 4 months ago Poo poo
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 4 months ago Then you wanna go work at tasty. You cook and get to eat
  • AnnieCanisLupus
    AnnieCanisLupus 4 months ago Video feels incredibly badly produced in comparison to the rest of BF's productions.Found the day of the week titles/noises irritating, poor audio and low quality
  • Nile Lang
    Nile Lang 4 months ago I came her to say the same thing. The narrative is murky and the video doesn't seem to make a point. This is hands down the worst buzzfeed video I have ever seen.
  • Lara Martin
    Lara Martin 4 months ago Yeah same.. the music in the backround is annoying AF
  • Rick Yao
    Rick Yao 4 months ago They fired a lot of people
  • Dusa
    Dusa 4 months ago I think this was something that was filmed and then scrapped but then they realized they needed a video this week and used it because it has been laying around. Why do I say this? There's a christmas tree in the background and it's March.
  • Actuallyemelie
    Actuallyemelie 4 months ago (edited) AnnieCanisLupus agreed guess that’s what happens when you lay off 15% of ur staff
  • shelbifavre
    shelbifavre 4 months ago Why did the other husband just drop off form the video?
  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 1 month ago Read more yup
  • Adrian Lindsey
    Adrian Lindsey 3 months ago He's in it when they go to panda express at the end
  • Read more
    Read more 4 months ago anomaly is Gay Doni
  • Jordаи RIP JAH
    Jordаи RIP JAH 4 months ago Which one
  • Melo & Mars
    Melo & Mars 4 months ago My girlfriend and I wouldn't even make a difference. We eat everything together lol😂😂
  • Hoodoo Queen Scorpio
    Hoodoo Queen Scorpio 1 month ago Lmao omg I would hate that I can’t have my hubby taking the last of my favs
  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 1 month ago Ikr same unless it's snacks
  • Kim Flores
    Kim Flores 4 months ago thats what im talking bout
  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 4 months ago Bet you do 😏
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago It would make no difference if I swapped diets with my wife, we always eat together 😂❤️
  • 4 months ago Come back to YouTube c:
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Dija Rah Awww and I missed commenting a bit (:
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Genesis Maldonado Scroll up to in these replied to find my comment explaining it. (Too long? My wife and I had a baby :))
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Pickled JellyBean Thank you (:
  • Dija Rah
    Dija Rah 4 months ago I missed your comments
  • Genesis Maldonado
    Genesis Maldonado 4 months ago Yo ! Where have you been ? !
  • Pickled JellyBean
    Pickled JellyBean 4 months ago Cute
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Bob Joe Wtf...
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Zuzka Malá Tune in next comment to see the next installment of my life 😂
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Rochelle Yeah, I'd feel like I'd struggle if my wife and I had to eat different things. We cook together and eat together 😊
  • Rochelle
    Rochelle 4 months ago Yeah I thought most people were like that and ate the same as their partner haha
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Meech Says the guy that feels the need to put down a total stranger in the comments section of YouTube, sure says a lot about you...
  • Meech
    Meech 4 months ago Cuck
  • Zuzka Malá
    Zuzka Malá 4 months ago With every comment we get more and more character building. You have a wife and a baby ? Im so excited to see your story unfold! 😄👏🏼
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Tohfe Beidas My wife and I had a baby a few years ago, and I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with the baby after he was born 😊
  • Tohfe Beidas
    Tohfe Beidas 4 months ago Why don’t u comment anymore ??
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Moira Maxwell I might leave a comment every now and then, but it's changed so much...
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @purplespray it's been awhile since I've commented that's why 😊
  • Moira Maxwell
    Moira Maxwell 4 months ago YOU’RE BACK
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Tohfe Beidas Well here's a reminder 😉
  • Graphic Design Guy
    Graphic Design Guy 4 months ago @Virasman I forgot how childish people can be be on here...
  • Virasman
    Virasman 4 months ago How can YOU eat a dick?
  • purplespray
    purplespray 4 months ago It's been a while since I saw a comment from you
  • Tohfe Beidas
    Tohfe Beidas 4 months ago Omg i forgot abt u
  • LootBox
    LootBox 4 months ago I thought 2 couples switch diets not 2 people?? I just started idk..
  • Midnight Cravings
    Midnight Cravings 4 months ago I will swap my lettuce for anyone's rib eye steak
  • [Insert Creative Name Here]
    [Insert Creative Name Here] 4 months ago (edited) I will gladly swap my rib steak for your lettuce
  • Marianne Wade
    Marianne Wade 4 months ago Here's what I can do for you. I haven't eaten steak (or any meat) in 26 years (longer for beef) so you may have ALL my share of the rib eye. So say a person budgets and eats three a week, that's 4,056 steaks coming your way. Plus of course however many more years I live. All I ask if you supply me with coffee.
  • Kyle Nguyen
    Kyle Nguyen 4 months ago 236 likes and no comments?!?
  • JustYourAverageGirl
    JustYourAverageGirl 4 months ago The dude is a body builder. That's why he eats so damn much.
  • sWatka bombonica
    sWatka bombonica 4 months ago The amount of food they eat daily...I would burst.
  • Hugo Camcam
    Hugo Camcam 4 months ago His diet is trash, his chicken breast intake is high like a body builder but a real body builder wouldn't eat so much fast food or drink that much soda.
  • ShapedSilver
    ShapedSilver 4 months ago While it's true that I'm a college student, and thus used to nothing but ramen and fast food, but I think I could happily live off of BuzzFeed's free snacks
  • heleen akrayee
    heleen akrayee 4 months ago was this sponsored by chobani and Panda Express?!?
  • Taylor Strayer
    Taylor Strayer 1 month ago and subway
  • Alexey Alb
    Alexey Alb 2 months ago Don’t forget McDonald’s
  • Jgallub
    Jgallub 4 months ago I feel Swasti’s pain. Eating crap always makes my body crave veggies.
  • sarah pennington
    sarah pennington 4 months ago I would starve if I did this. I'm vegetarian and my boyfriend practically lives on chicken
  • Rebecca Case
    Rebecca Case 4 months ago I can't eat meat dairy spice or acidic stuff like orange juice etc I live on noddle pasta spinach quorn sfc potatoes veg sour cream grain waves crisps pepper onion and garlic fajitas.... Still a decent diet all allergies aside
  • Olivia Cowie
    Olivia Cowie 4 months ago me too!!
  • Skenjin
    Skenjin 4 months ago That would just be a case of not committing to the diet swap, unless there is some dietary reason like being unable to digest meat proteins.
  • Kiera D
    Kiera D 4 months ago Im vegan and my boyfriend eats so much meat and junk food. I would starve too lol.
  • insertacoolnamehere
    insertacoolnamehere 4 months ago $15 for one meal? That’s too much.
  • Mehr Singh
    Mehr Singh 2 weeks ago It's on the cheaper side for NYC!
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 3 weeks ago Welcome to a big city. I think this video is from buzzfeed NYC and living in NYC is pricy
  • Patrick Crawford
    Patrick Crawford 4 months ago Don't u dare press it.!❤️ .. Your 2019 is now blessed Íiké this comment and śûbśćribé to activate.!..❗️
  • kpop_boy_ group_trash_
    kpop_boy_ group_trash_ 4 months ago What if i dont want to ?
  • Ryan Hubbard
    Ryan Hubbard 4 months ago I subbed
  • Alex _
    Alex _ 4 months ago Patrick Crawford hahhhhh GAYYYY
  • Levi :3
    Levi :3 4 months ago idc girl hE TRyNa hoLLa
  • Cody Van horbek
    Cody Van horbek 4 months ago Patrick Crawford luck please
  • Eathypeathy
    Eathypeathy 4 months ago Patrick Crawford what’s the point of gaining subs if you don’t post... how ‘bout you earn subs instead of tricking little kids into subbing to you.
  • Patrick Crawford
    Patrick Crawford 4 months ago @idc girl hi :)
  • Patrick Crawford
    Patrick Crawford 4 months ago go on ;)
  • Sweet Heart
    Sweet Heart 4 months ago Buzzfeed prob wouldn t need to lay off as many people if they didn t offer that many perks. Prob be enough for two peoples salaries
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 4 months ago I call bull on the lays offs They have like 6 channels with millions of subs. The ads alone could pay the saleries
  • Maria DeWulf
    Maria DeWulf 3 months ago I wonder how horribly messed up there sleep was. This changed their caffeine consumption a lot I believe and I'm just curious